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(dramatic music)

- It's like hard to talk (bleep) on this sort of thing.

I wanna come in here hating it, but you know.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

- I'm ready for it, so go ham on the comment section.

(dramatic music)

I feel like when it comes to pancakes,

the uglier the better, right?

- Ooh, this one's very fluffy and kinda spongy,

but nice and golden.

Very porous.

Look at that structure.

- So yeah, let's dive in.

I'm gonna do the sniff test again.

Might get a real sniff for this sniff test actually,

'cause I feel like I just made that up, right?

- [Man] Yeah. (laughs)

(dramatic music)

- Okay yeah, classic.

This soaks up syrup really nicely though.

- Pretty good pancake.

I mean, tastes like syrup.

So I mean, I like syrup. (laughs)

- This one feels like a slightly sweetened makeup sponge.

- Nice and fluffy, kinda melts in your mouth a little bit.

- I mean, like it's a normal pancake.

I don't think there's anything

particularly special about it.

- Smells like boxed cake mix

that's gotten stuck on the box that it came in,

and then you took a bite

of the (laughs) box and the powder together.

(dramatic music)

- Oh, the fork? - Yes, it drives me nuts.

- Very buttery.

Kind of has a taste of cream floating off,

but it's salty when it hits your mouth.

So it kinda has like a savory, sweet,

combination going on there.

- This pancake is not,

doesn't feel like a traditional pancake at all.

- This is sweeter, which I like.

It feels more cakey.

- It's pretty moist.

It's very soft though.

- Oh, this one's much sweeter.

This tastes like a sugar pancake.

(dramatic music)

- I think I gotta give this one for the win.

This tastes like real food to me.

- Yeah, it's got more flavor,

which would expect from Gordon Ramsay.

These were beautiful, the flavor was lively.

So fluffy, just melted in my mouth.

Good job, Gordon.

Keep at it.

Don't give up, follow your dreams.

- Number one, definitely number one.

Yeah, who's number one?

Derek Jeter.

- Oh this sucks, 'cause it's going against what I said,

but I like the handsome pancake better.

- Really? - Yeah.

- I'm gonna say this is the Gordon Ramsay one.

- [Man] Is that the one you'd pick flavor wise?

- Yeah. - Yeah, the flavor wise one.

This one is way better. - Yeah, is that correct?

- [Woman] Yes.

- This is actually good.

I mean, I would expect the chef

to have a better pancake than the sports jock.

(dramatic music) (camera shutter clicking)

- Be nice in the comment section.


I'm actually gonna finish this 'cause it's really good.

(dramatic music)

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Make and decorate colorful garden ideas | Garden Ideas - Duration: 10:14.

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Butch Makes Amends w/ Tyler & His Sister | Teen Mom OG | MTV - Duration: 2:42.

- [Catelynn] It's our last day in Austin

and I'm glad I came out to support Tyler.

Especially since he was there for me

while I was in treatment.

Tyler's still not sure if he's ready to forgive Butch,

so they're sitting down with his counselor

to go over the amends process as a family.

- So, we just wanted to try to get an idea from you

about your experience with the amends process.

- I thought it went good.

- I thought it went good, too.

- Yeah, what do you think?

How do you think it went?

- Son, let me tell you.


- So it seems like there were a couple things

that your dad had failed to mention.

- Right.

- And that's the whole purpose of you guys being there

to be able to honestly tell him,

yeah there are some other things that you haven't seen.

- I can't believe how I can forget,

not forget, but just how far I pushed it down about

what, you're suicide attempt.

It just blew me away.

I remember your mother telling me

and kind of upset with myself,

how I could forget something that dramatic

of my own child.

It makes me feel (bleep) up, bad.

Not no kind of way, (bleep) way, a terrible way.

To see you explain the event to me,

how far I pushed it down and just kind of like,

forgot about that.

And how far, there's probably so much junk

still left down in there.

- That's probably why we do this

- [Butch] And this process is awesome.

- [Tyler] It's like Tim was like very adamant,

he was very much like you know, just be honest.

So I figured I'd point it out.

- This is the beginning of new communication

and hopefully that will just continue to improve.

- Which I think it will.

I've seen some improvement this time

since last time we've seen you.

- [Tyler] Even since last time, yeah.

- So what do you need to see moving forward then?

- Consistency, honestly connection though,

like reaching out, like don't be so.

- [Amber] Acting like you care, showing you care.

I think you have all these sensitive feelings

because you know how to do it.

- They're gonna think I'm using, or whatever.

Just connect, just reach out.

Don't be afraid.

- We've got you.


- I know, I know that.

- [Amber] You just gotta have us.

That's all the feeling I need.

- I do, I need you in my life, very much so.

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Are These Halloween Costumes Too Controversial To Wear? | Megyn Kelly TODAY - Duration: 11:21.

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"¿Solo le quedan flechas?" Putin bromea sobre el águila del escudo de EE.UU. - Duration: 0:49.

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Black Voters In Georgia Being Purged By Republican Candidate - Duration: 3:34.

There's a voter crisis taking place right now in the state of Georgia with Georgia's

Republican Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, purging eligible voters from the voting rolls

left and right.

Brian Kemp, in case you're not aware, not only is he the Republican Secretary of State

in charge of purging all these eligible voters, he also happens to be running for governor

under the Republican banner.

He's running against African American Stacey Abrams who, if she wins, would be the first

African American female governor in the history of the United States.

It is a very close race right now, neck and neck, and it's all going to come out or come

down basically to voter turnout.

That's why Brian Kemp right now, as Secretary of State, is engaging in this massive, possibly

illegal, voter purge in the state.

Almost 80% of the 340,000 people that have so far been purged from the rolls this year,

80% roughly, African American voters who all tend to lean Democratic in the state and,

obviously, could be enough to push Stacey Abrams over the top and make her the next

governor of the state of Georgia.

Right now, lawsuits have been filed against Kemp, Secretary of State, for these voter


Investigative journalist, Greg Palast, is actually leading that charge.

He has been on top of this since day one.

He's actually reported that it's not just the 340,000 that he's purged this year.

Over the last two years, we've seen more than half a million voters purged from the Georgia


The reason that at least for the 340,000 is because Kemp is claiming that these people

no longer live at the addresses that are listed on their voter registration.

That's not true for most of the voters.

Yes, this is an illegal voter purge, but Kemp, like so many other Republicans across the

country, believes that the only way he can win this election is by cheating.

That is exactly what's taking place here.

As the Secretary of State, he has the authority to purge people from the voting rolls.

As a candidate for governor, he should have recused himself from his entire office's activities

in terms of voters, let someone else handle it, investigate it, look into it, otherwise

you're looking at a massive conflict of interest.

Even if Kemp wins at this point, it's obviously going to be seen as a massively flawed election

and Kemp will be viewed as an illegitimate governor in the state of Georgia.

This is not unique to Georgia.

This is actually happening all over the country right now.

It just happens to be the most intense in the state of Georgia.

It also happens to be the only state where the guy doing the voting purges also happens

to have a stake in the particular election, which, going on in the state of Georgia right

now, is nothing short of criminal.

It is voter suppression.

It is minority voter suppression because the Republicans are so desperate to hold on to

that state that they're willing to do anything, even if it's illegal, to make sure that they


That is exactly what is happening in Georgia today.

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Anja Kicken - Finish More Music Case Study - Do you cringe when friends ask about your music? - Duration: 5:49.

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Coloring 8 vegetables | Painting for toddlers and drawing for kids - Duration: 8:33.

Coloring 8 vegetables

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Why every Indian brand MUST have a Multilingual Digital Strategy and Vernacular Communication - Duration: 5:14.

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WE4X448 - Replacing Your GE Dryer's Flame Detector - AP2042635, PS268031 - Duration: 11:55.

Hi my name is Bill and today I will be showing you how to replace the flame

detector in your dryer. The reason why you might have to do this is because

your dryer isn't heating at all.

For this repair we'll be using a Philips head

screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver and our friend the shorts Philips head


Warning before doing any repairs, please disconnect your power source.

So this is the appliance that we'll be using in

this demonstration. It's a GE, keep in mind yours at home

might look a little bit different than what we've got here, but the same

techniques should still apply. Make sure you turn your gas off.

So we're going to

start by turning our dryer around. So what we'll need to do is remove these screws

up here in order to get the control panel off.

So now that we've got the back

unscrewed, we can just slide the control panel

over and we're going to lift it up and we're going to put it back in this space right here.

Now we're going to open up our dryer door and on either side there

are two screws going straight up, so we need to remove those screws now. And

we're going to be using a Philips head screwdriver to

take these screws out

Now that we've got those screws out we can take the top off. All we have to do

is just lift up and pull back slightly on the top, and we'll set that off to the side.

So now that I've got these screws out I want to close up our front

dryer door. Now I've got two more screws that screw into the front panel and I'm

just going to remove those as well.

And when you remove them just make sure that when you get close to having them

come out, you catch some because you don't want to fall down into the dryer.

There you go.

Now that we've got those screws out we can tilt the front panel

forward and once we've got it tilted forward and separated from the drum, we

can lift it up over the tabs on the bottom and just turn it like so because

we've got some wires attached to it as well. So now we're going to do is I'm

going to detach some of these wires here. The first one I want to detach is this black

one that's connected right over here, and to do that I'm just going to use a flathead

screwdriver and I want to pry up.

There we go.

Now I've got this plastic part that's in my way a little bit so what I

want to do is just pull it slightly out like that so it's removed from the frame,

and now I can move it out of my way. Again just don't move it too far, you

don't want to break it. Move it just enough so that I can use my screwdriver

and pry these wires off.

There's one

And we just need to unplug our white wire and we'll

just pull that straight out there. So now I'm just going to remove this last wire

here and once again just pull that straight out.

So right on top of the drum

here we've got this piece, which is our belt there so in order to get it off I'm

going to reach inside of our dryer here, and I've got to get my arm in that little

hole. We're going to have to push up on the lever to release the tension and reach

in with our other hand and now we can just take that right off.

So now that we've removed the belt from the pulley, we can lift up on the belt.

That'll help us pick up the drum

So right here is our flame detector. In order to get it up, we're going to have to remove these

wires and then the screw. These wires should pull straight off and if you need

to you can also use a flathead screwdriver to help you pry it off.

And now we're going to use our shorter screwdriver with the Philips head

attachment on it in order to loosen up the screw here.

And now that we've got that screw out, you just need to angle it slightly and there's a tab you're going to

slide at the bottom there that we just need to remove just like that. now you

now you can grab your new OEM replacement flame detector if you don't have one already

you can find it on our online store.

So on the bottom of our flame detector we

have that tab right there sticking out, and that'll go into a slot right at the

bottom of our burner tube here

and we'll slide that in and then line up where our

screw goes in. Now I'll get that started by hand, and finish tightening it with our short screwdriver again

And now we can plug our wires back in here.

So you'll see on the back of your drum here there's a small shaft, and when you put

the drum back in you're going to want to make sure that shaft goes into that hole

right there.

There we go.

So it's a little bit hard to line it up

when you can't really see it back there, but you can do the best you can and it

might take a couple of tries to get it exactly in place.

There we go.

After a couple of tries you should be able to get it in there

and you'll see that the rim of the drum is inside the frame of the dryer there.

Now to put the drum back on, we're going to take the belt

and we're going to go on the other side of the wheel here just like this and we'll lift

it up, keeping this all together, and then loop the belt around the shaft here.

And make sure everything on straight, there we go, and then everything should be able

to spin freely now, just like that. We're going to reattach that to the middle.

This is a white wire that goes up along the edge of the door and goes to the light.

So that's plugged in now. And now with this last one,

attach it right there

Now I want to put this plastic piece back into place so

right into that slot right there, and we'll plug our last wire in.

And you're just going to make sure that these slight bumps there line up with the holes

outside. That fits in nicely, and now we'll put the front panel back on.

So now we're

going to line up our front panel with the tabs on the bottom. We're going to

set those into those tabs and stand the door up as we do that we're also going

to line up with the drum, and the inside of that plastic piece on the washer is

going in the drum. We've also got these metal tabs on

the side, they're going into the slots on the frame. So once those are all lined up

and the panel is flush, we can screw it back on. So now we're going to get our

screw started in this hole here, and then after we get it started,

screw it down nice and tight.

Same thing on this side.

Start our screw by hand and use our Philips head screwdriver to finish the


Now when I put the top back on and you'll see there are two tabs sticking

out from the top. There are going to be two slots that correspond with them so I

want to line all those up.

So after I lined those up, I want to make sure that the

tabs go into slots just like that, and there's a couple on the front as well, so

now we can screw that back in. So we'll put in our screw and with that little

tiny hole at the top you should be able to line up the screw with the hole that

it belongs to there. Once you've got that started a little bit, finish screwing it in.

Now we're going to put our lint filter back into place since that came out a

little while ago. Now we can close our dryer door, and now we can line our control

panel back up and slide that back over and set that back into place. now we can

Now we can screw it back in.

Now we can turn our dryer back around and then once we do

that, we'll plug everything back in and your repair is complete.

Now we can turn

our gas back on. Finally don't forget to plug in your appliance.

If you need to replace any parts for your appliances, you can find an OEM replacement part on

our website Thanks for watching and please don't

forget to like, comment, and share our video. Also don't forget to subscribe to

our channel. Your support helps us make more videos just like these for you to

watch for free

For more infomation >> WE4X448 - Replacing Your GE Dryer's Flame Detector - AP2042635, PS268031 - Duration: 11:55.


Washington Boulevard, Kingston, Jamaica - Duration: 17:31.

Driving east on Mandela Highway

Spanish Town Road >>>

Three Miles

Washington Boulevard begins

<<< Duhaney Drive - Bob Marley Boulevard >>>

<<< Waterhouse Drive

<<< Daytona Drive

<<< Patrick Drive

<<< Ken Hill Drive

<< Fernbrook Avenue

<<< Denver Crescent - Headley Avenue >>>

<<< Molynes Road >>>

<<< Renfield Avenue

<<< Hendon Drive

<< Savannah Avenue

Hugh Miller Avenue >>>

Aldene Drive >>>

<<< To Red Hills

Washington Boulevard ends

Dunrobin Avenue Begins

For more infomation >> Washington Boulevard, Kingston, Jamaica - Duration: 17:31.


5 Foods To Help Regenerate Your Liver And Help You Lose Weight In 30 Days | Healthy Liver Diet - Duration: 3:38.

to lose weight properly we have to care for and detoxify our liver regularly

since it's responsible for digesting and removing excess fat today's video will

discuss five foods to help regenerate your liver and help you lose weight in

30 days before you watch this video please take a moment to subscribe our

YouTube channel by clicking the subscribe button then tap the bell icon

so you will be the first to know when we post new videos daily as curious as it

may be your liver is an important organ for weight loss your stomach is

responsible for digesting fats however you can't forget that in order for it to

function well you need the help of your liver and gallbladder which make the

bile that's needed to do it today we suggest a small plan to help you we

encourage you to try and include these five foods in your diet so that little

by little you can start to regenerate your liver 1 a clove of garlic before

breakfast eating a clove of garlic on an empty stomach is possibly the most

classic remedy in natural medicine now we all know that it's not easy to do

it's not a pleasant taste and often will leave you with bad breath to avoid bad

breath we recommend chewing a bit of fresh mint

despite this small drawback if you want to optimize the function of your liver

and lose weight we recommend that each morning you eat a clove of garlic on an

empty stomach 2:1 organic grapefruit today grapefruit

is a fabulous fruit for healthy liver its high vitamin C content and

antioxidants help the natural cleansing functions of the liver we recommend that

you always include some freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with your breakfast

you're immune and digestive systems will thank you for it 3 coffee or green tea

at breakfast you can add these two fabulous suggestions however make sure

to always watching the type of sweetener that you add the best is honey or stevia

and refined sugar both team coffee are very rich in antioxidants such as

catechins and polyphenols these are fantastic for taking care of your liver

however remember not to drink too much moderation is key for say yes to

avocados avocados are the food that we most recommend here

they contain a high level of omega-3 fatty acids which is great for your

heart in addition they encourage your liver to produce glutathione a compound

that helps destroy fats and toxins five buckwheat you'll find buckwheat in

natural food stores or in the specialized section of your local

supermarket with it you can make bread desserts it might interest you to know

that buckwheat regulates the metabolism of fat thanks to inositol a compound

that acts as a liver protector to help process certain hormones it also helps

to purge toxins from drugs and glucose furthermore it's one of the most

nutritious grains rich in proteins and essential amino acids which help you to

have more energy how you lose weight fast let me know in our comment section

below if you like this video give it a thumbs up and share with your friends

for more daily tips subscribe to our channel below thank you

For more infomation >> 5 Foods To Help Regenerate Your Liver And Help You Lose Weight In 30 Days | Healthy Liver Diet - Duration: 3:38.


Max's Minute: The Age of Software - Duration: 5:11.

>> MAX: Today I'm going to talk about the future of technology in higher education.

>> TITLE: Max's Minute: The Future of Technology in Higher Ed: Part 4: The Age of Software

>> MAX:

Hi, this is Max-Davis Johnson, Boise State University Office of Information Technology.

Today is part 4 of a series of Max's Minutes about the Future of Technology in Higher Ed.

And today I'm going to talk about what I consider that we're at what I call the beginning

of the age of software.

A good example I got from Tim Anderson, a computer science faculty here, is a Ford F150.

A 1972 Ford F150 had zero lines of software code.

A 2019 F150 Ford pickup literally has millions of lines of software in it.

Software is driving everything we do as we move forward.

Another thing that I think is driving this age of software is that the Internet will

become like electricity, less visible, but more embedded into everything we do.

The power of our devices is becoming huge.

I'm an old guy, I worked on mainframes that literally filled rooms.

There's more processing power in this thing I hold in my hand than any of the largest

mainframes I worked on many years ago.

We're also seeing the emergence of what's called mixed reality, augmented reality, virtual

reality is becoming more common.

And Pokemon Go is an excellent example of augmented reality.

What you're starting to see too, and I'm going to be a winner in this, in that voice

and gestures, will become the interfaces of the future.

Data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, will all drive

the personalization of our daily lives and of our educational experiences.

The merging of data and machines will also become easier.

We'll see these rich experiences in the entertainment, business, and education.

And certainly this information sharing will become effortless making us smarter, safer,

and hopefully more efficient.

Then from a society standpoint, there's a big potential for an even bigger gap between

the haves and the have nots.

The people that understand technology, that use technology, that have digital skills,

and those that do not.

But this really creates some real opportunities for higher ed.

We'll be developing training and education programs to train for these jobs of the future.

And not only education in the technical areas, but also in helping humans and organizations

to adapt and move forward in this new complex world interactions between data and software,

machines, data, and software.

We're already starting to do this as part of our technology curriculums here on campus.

We obviously have a lot of courses in software development, machine learning, hardware design,

networking, big data is becoming an even bigger part of our curriculum as we move forward.

But at the same time though, it's going to create these opportunities for, on the

societal impacts too, we need to study and learn and research so again we can help facilitate


Also in the future too, we'll be leveraging more of the predictive analytics and understanding

when somebody is potentially, we are doing that now, but it will become even more so,

that we'll understand when somebody is struggling in a class, that we can intervene and help

their whole experience and enhance their learning.

And with the addition of the mixed reality, the ability to be immersed in an environment,

and learn from that, and that whole educational experience will only be enhanced as we move


Really, the future of technology is so bright, that I'm going to have to wear shades.

Until next time, thank you.

>> TITLE: Max's Minute is produced by the Office of Information Technology at Boise

State Univeristy.

(208) 426-4357 (HELP) or

For more infomation >> Max's Minute: The Age of Software - Duration: 5:11.


FCL Tuesday October 23rd Jamcity Halloween - Duration: 1:11.

For more infomation >> FCL Tuesday October 23rd Jamcity Halloween - Duration: 1:11.


How to block unwanted or spam emails in Gmail - Duration: 0:38.

In case if you are receiving unwanted emails from a gmail address and if you want to block

it then open Gmail.

Suppose this is the address from which I am receiving emails and if I want to block it

then I will tap on this more option here and then select block this particular address.

Now you won't be able to receive the emails from this particular email address.

For more infomation >> How to block unwanted or spam emails in Gmail - Duration: 0:38.


বিয়ে করতে চলেছেন জনপ্রিয় অভিনেত্রী শ্রীতমা ভট্টাচার্য ! | Actress Sreetoma Bhattacharya Get Married - Duration: 2:15.

For more infomation >> বিয়ে করতে চলেছেন জনপ্রিয় অভিনেত্রী শ্রীতমা ভট্টাচার্য ! | Actress Sreetoma Bhattacharya Get Married - Duration: 2:15.


Your Wealth Building Plan | Dewijanti - Duration: 0:57.

Hi guys! I'm Dewi,

Plenty of people do their routines,

day and night to gather their wealth.

But when their physical strength started decreasing,

sick, or nearing retirement, they started worrying.

If I stop, where am I getting income from?

It means they're rich, but not wealthy.

Well, being rich and being wealthy is not the same.

Richness is measured by money, but wealth is measured by time.

How long can we live the same lifestyle,

If tomorrow, the breadwinner stops working?

Wealth is a sustainable richness,

that originated from our assets that continuously creates income.

I will share with you in my webminar,

how we can start building our assets,

with an amazing program.

So don't miss it, guys!

Until next time. Bye!

For more infomation >> Your Wealth Building Plan | Dewijanti - Duration: 0:57.


Chicco Nalli in lacrime confessa: 'Tina Cipollari? Sono ancora… | Wind Zuiden - Duration: 4:37.

For more infomation >> Chicco Nalli in lacrime confessa: 'Tina Cipollari? Sono ancora… | Wind Zuiden - Duration: 4:37.


Kindergarten for adults - Duration: 7:56.

A kindergarten for adults has opened in Novosibirsk! It turns out that people are nostalgic not only for kindergarten food, but in general for the state of carefree and calm existence that everyone has left in remote childhood. Especially, probably, now (in a crisis). Especially people who are busy making money. The programmer Yevgeny Pyatkovsky opened this kindergarten (he is also the creator of the anti-collector application that was once acclaimed in his time). The idea may have spied in America - a similar kindergarten opened there a year ago: There, adults once a week gather in a cluttered two-room apartment in Brooklyn, dress up, fool around, do applied arts, have a little snack and sleep a little. The course of stay in an American kindergarten for adults lasts one month and costs from 333 to 999 dollars (depending on the program chosen by each kindergarten student). But these "kids" gather only once a week and only in the evenings. And by the way, This garden has attracted a lot of creative professional elite in New York: from photographers, writers to lawyers. Everyone comes here for the opportunity to forget their stress, to feel relaxed child and, perhaps, to get a new portion of inspiration. Our entrepreneur went a little different way. He decided to create his kindergarten on the basis of the beloved and not yet forgotten Soviet kindergarten (when the teachers were kind, the food was delicious, and the work was simple and straightforward). I rented a room of 120 square meters on the ground floor of this lovely building in Zeleny Bor village, Novosibirsk. I found the former heads of kindergartens of the Soviet times, so that they would tell how everything was in reality: what the children ate while they spent their days and so on. I learned recipes of traditional kindergarten dishes: porridge, casseroles, borscht, etc. Designed a kindergarten group in the spirit of the Soviet kindergarten. Developed game programs for future kindergarteners (which should correspond to them). Hired teaching staff from existing kindergartens. And he began to take the first customers. First, surprisingly, came the employees of Novosibirsk banks. They, apparently, most of all suffer from daily routine work and need urgent innocent emancipation. In the program of stay of over-age kids - breakfast, lunch and snack. and even daytime sleep! As well as games, handicraft activities (you can then take your own needlework with you). Kindergartners are prohibited from using gadgets. But then they get exceptional treatment with themselves, like a child. It is such a pleasure - 3,000 rubles per person (per day in a kindergarten). Daily recruited group - no more than 10 people (you can read more on the website of the kindergarten for adults - This is not the kindergarten to go to every day. This is a one-day session. Therefore, at least once any adult can afford to go to this kindergarten. Personally, I do not know if I would decide to go to this place (shyly, like that). But the fact that sometimes you want to go into the wide arms of a stronger and more intelligent participant in the game called "life" is yes, it happens. I, too, like many other participants in this game, too abruptly and irrevocably thrown out at one time from the parental nest. We flew out, but did not find any other support. Until now, we fly and rush in search of our fortress, where you can feel yourself like behind a stone wall (and it is no longer there). Although for someone then another return to the past means meeting with oneself as a child, when everything seemed possible, and transferring a new free state into today's reality. This opens up new horizons for man. As the creator of the kindergarten for adults noted, one day of a session at a kindergarten is like a reception by a psychologist. This is a return to a certain point of support, which can give a person new strength. And therefore it is very important in the further development of man. That is why his kindergarten is not just a new entertainment for adults. This is team building, massive stress relief and new self-discovery. And that is why companies go to it. And thanks to this (including) it can become a successful project. Its creator has no doubts about this and therefore it offers everyone to other cities from other cities a franchise. Business economics According to the calculations (and practice) of Evgeny Pyatkovsky, the cost of a client's stay in kindergarten is 1000 rubles. Margin - 2000 rubles. With the recruitment of only 10 groups per month, the project pays off in a month (that is, a garden needs only 10 days to work out of 30). With a full load (full group every day), it will bring a profit of 600 thousand rubles per month. And since this is a new thing, it has no competitors and there will be heightened attention from the media (both federal and local). The lump sum fee (currently) is 200 thousand rubles. It includes the purchase of the necessary materials (from collapsible furniture to carpet and toys) and instructions (from food recipes to the method of organizing comfortable sleep for pets). Monthly payment for advertising - 5% of revenue (but not less than 10 thousand rubles). A preliminary assessment of the profitability of a business is 400 thousand rubles a month. For more information on the franchise, contact Evgeny Pyatkovsky in a personal - - or on his page dedicated to the franchise - (but so far there is no detailed information). Novosibirsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg are already busy. The rest of the cities are FREE! (while free) P.S. Before I could tell the world about the Novosibirsk kindergarten for adults, a wave of reports appeared on the Internet that a similar garden had opened in the Kazakh city of Aktau (152,000 inhabitants). He started working so far only on weekends, and in the first days of work 20 people signed up for it! You look, soon similar gardens will open in each Russian city!

For more infomation >> Kindergarten for adults - Duration: 7:56.


Purslane: 10 Properties of This Medicinal Plant|HFE♪ - Duration: 7:22.

Purslane: 10 Properties of This Medicinal Plant

Many consider purslane a superfood thanks to its excellent nutritional values.

 Find out about the amazing medicinal properties of this wild plant in this article!.

Have you heard about purslane? In Ancient Greece and in Chinese medicine it has already been consumed because of its diuretic and laxative properties, as well as to purify the body.

Learn more about it in this article! Purslane is supposedly a weed Until a few years ago, purslane (Portulaca oleracea) was popularly known as a weed that could grow anywhere.

Purslane may even appear in a crack in th sidewalk.

Farmers don't like to see it appear among their crops, as it can harm them.

However, this plant with yellow or pink flowers stands out for its great resistance and excellent nutritional values.

Nowadays, we finally recognize it as acheap and accessible super food that we can eat like any other vegetable which helps with many health conditions.

The components of purslane Purslane is rich in vitamins A, group B, and C, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and selenium, among many others.

In addition, it's one of the plants that's most rich in essential omega 3 acids, which are found in its seeds.

This plant also contains good amounts of mucilage (fiber), flavonoid antioxidants, phytoestrogens and organic acids such as citrus or malic acid. A special feature of purslane is that its components include melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep and the waking cycle.

Health benefits Below, we'll highlight 10 very beneficial properties of purslane for your health: It's anti-inflammatory. Purslane has powerful anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its mucilages, omega 3 acids and minerals.

Purslane can treat different types of pain and discomfort, especially those that affect your urinary and digestive system.

It's an antioxidant. Few plants are as rich in antioxidants as purslane. Its vitamins C and E, flavonoids, alkaloids, beta-carotenes and glutathione all help fight free radicals and prevent aging.

Purslane is very nutritious. Its nutrients, as well as its high omega 3 content, make it a plant that nourishes us deeply from the inside.

This way, it improves the health of the skin, hair, nails, joints, etc.

It's antiseptic: It has very effective antimicrobial properties.

Purslane benefits your cardiovascular health. Its essential omega 3acids can also improve cardiovascular health.

These nutrients improve circulation, regulate blood pressure, prevent arrhythmias, etc.

It helps with your digestion.

Thanks to its mucilage content, purslane produces an emollient effect in the body.

This means it calms and softens your digestive system and urinary tract to avoid the most frequent illnesses.

In addition, it fights constipation thanks to its high fiber content and prevents intestinal parasites.

It's diuretic. Purslane acts as an excellent natural remedy to eliminate excess fluid that we retain in our body.

This means that it can help reduce swelling and fight against obesity.

It has anti-ulcer properties. The mucilage found in purslane also protect the walls of your organs and prevent gastritis and ulcers that appear in the digestive tract.

Purslane lowers fevers.

This incredible plant even reduces fevers naturally.

It's hypoglycemic.

Purslane helps to naturally reduce blood sugar levels.

This means that it can prevent illnesses such as diabetes, obesity or insulin resistance.

How can it be eaten? Although purslane is a super food, today it's still not classified as a go-to remedy for all these disorders.

This means that although more and more research is being done, it is difficult to find it in different forms.

We recommend that you grow it or pick it up from places that are free of contamination so that you can consume it like a vegetable.

You can cook purslane in sauteed foods, salads, soups, creams or stews in the same way that you would consume watercress or spinach.

  Purslane can add creaminess to dishes thanks to its mucilage.

Using purslane for creaminess means that you can even avoid adding other less healthy ingredients such as cream or cheese.

Youtube daily Oct 23 2018

In case if you want the Google Play Store to forcefully check if there is an update

available then open Play store.

Tap on the more option.

Go to "Settings".

Scroll down and go to "play store version" and tap here.

If there is an update available Google play store will automatically find the update and

update to the latest version.

So, this is how you can force google play store to check

for the update.

For more infomation >> How to update play store forcefully - Duration: 0:41.


Install Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi or Tor ~ 2018 - Duration: 10:03.

Hello everyone, everything good? Welcome to the GearLiveTec channel, I'm Rafael Santana and in this video I'll show you how

install the most used browsers currently

and with a bonus browser, TOR heavily used to navigate the deep web or dark web

But it's title just curious if you do not have experience and knowledge

using this browser does not advise you to install it. Help the channel by leaving your like on the video and if it is not registered

sign up to receive many more informative tips and videos in various areas. The first browser to be installed will be google Chrome

open your current internet browser and search for google Chrome, make it according to the video to install it

Note that at the end of the installation google Chrome will offer the option to make it the default browser or in case

which will open in any browser window.

You can do as the video or later change the free choice and can be changed at any time.

Personal all the links of the programs used in this video and the open pages are in the description of the video.

The next browser is Firefox.

Do the same download and installation search procedure as the video illustrates.

Next we will install the most used browser for gamers

the opera, is most commonly used for online gaming because it allows for more easily certain keystrokes and speed.

Other browsers also allow, but are more difficult to configure

During the installation you can already choose to make it the internet browser

default or not, you only need to enter the installation options and select or clear the check box.

When you finish the installation, the browser will open automatically and you should note that it already comes with several tools and suggestions

preconfigured as well-known stores of how this also communication like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

The next of this list is Vivaldi a very versatile version among those mentioned above, to proceed

just do as others do research, download and installation

Note to the personal part I'm using a virtual machine because I already have all these browsers installed on the computer

then use the virtual machine to show a clean install

starting from zero.

Even though you have already installed removed any of these you can install again whenever you need to.

During installation select the advanced option and change the browser language it supports all major languages.

After finishing the installation you can see that Vivaldi comes with features similar to Opera.

Now if you prefer to change your default browser I'll quickly show you how to do the following

Go to: settings and search for default apps by clicking the option in the next screen at the bottom

you can select which default browser you want to use

Left you like in the video help the channel and share this video with your friends too

And now for personal bonus we will install the main TOR browser used to navigate DeepWeb or dark web

Again, staff is just curious.

Enter tor project website and logo at the entrance click download in the download options

remember to choose the Portuguese language version

and then download it normally

After installation as shown in the video

When opening the browser you will see that it provides several tips on how to navigate as safe as possible

And that's it folks, we came to the end of another tutorial

If you have been in doubt at any stage of the video please leave your comment that I will be responding to.

If you have suggestions please pass me along so I can further improve the channel and help you in the best way possible in the future

Many thanks and until the next video

For more infomation >> Install Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi or Tor ~ 2018 - Duration: 10:03.


How to DISCOVER your NATURAL GIFTS and take advantage of them - Duration: 3:39.

For more infomation >> How to DISCOVER your NATURAL GIFTS and take advantage of them - Duration: 3:39.


Wie funktioniert eine Suchmaschine? | Frag Fred – SRF mySchool - Duration: 5:16.

For more infomation >> Wie funktioniert eine Suchmaschine? | Frag Fred – SRF mySchool - Duration: 5:16.


RM 'seoul' Lyric Video - Duration: 4:34.

With the cold air of the dawn

I secretly open my eyes

This city's harmony

It's so familiar to me

The days of my youth seem so far away

And now it's full of buildings and cars

But this is my home now (Seoul, Seoul)

Why do you sound like 'soul'

What kind of soul is it that you have

What holds me back by your side like this

I don't even have anything to reminisce about you

I'm so sick of you now

The same old ashy face of yours everyday

No no I'm afraid of myself

'Cause I already have become a part of you

If love and hate are the same words

I love you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I hate you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I love you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I hate you Seoul


Buses with changing landscapes even when I'm sitting still

And similar buildings actually varying a little

Scent of life that could be disgusting or not

And the cold parks pretending to be warm

People who always have to wander

And the Han Rivers that bear too much Han

And the swings that can't look at the sky on their own

And the kids all grown up and me who's a little late

My friends often say that they'll leave

I'm nodding but I can't smile

I so hate to admit it but

I already love even your fumes and the nastiness

Love the fishy smell of Cheonggyecheon

Love the lonesomeness of Seonyudo

'It's a nice place to live if you have money'

Even that sigh of some taxi driver

I love ya'll

If love and hate are the same words

I love you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I hate you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I love you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I hate you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I love you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I hate you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I love you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I hate you Seoul

I'm leavin' you

I'm livin' you

I'm leavin' you

I'm livin' you

I'm leavin' you

I'm livin' you

I'm leavin' you

I'm livin' you

I'm leavin' you

I'm livin' you

If love and hate are the same words

I love you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I hate you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I love you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I hate you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I love you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I hate you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I love you Seoul

If love and hate are the same words

I hate you Seoul


I love you Seoul

I hate you Seoul

I love you Seoul

I hate you Seoul

For more infomation >> RM 'seoul' Lyric Video - Duration: 4:34.


Inside The Lives Of Youtube's Most Successful Young Stars | TODAY - Duration: 5:11.

For more infomation >> Inside The Lives Of Youtube's Most Successful Young Stars | TODAY - Duration: 5:11.


How These Lottery Winners Won Big And Kept Good Fortune | TODAY - Duration: 3:01.

For more infomation >> How These Lottery Winners Won Big And Kept Good Fortune | TODAY - Duration: 3:01.


Spooky Halloween DIY Crafts: Make Slime, Erasers, Chalkboard Pillowcases | Megyn Kelly TODAY - Duration: 3:29.

For more infomation >> Spooky Halloween DIY Crafts: Make Slime, Erasers, Chalkboard Pillowcases | Megyn Kelly TODAY - Duration: 3:29.


America's Exercise Dilemma: Are Mixed Messages Causing Fatigue? | TODAY - Duration: 5:04.

For more infomation >> America's Exercise Dilemma: Are Mixed Messages Causing Fatigue? | TODAY - Duration: 5:04.


How to Draw a Fantasy Landscape With Charcoal and Graphite - Duration: 3:30.

Hello my friends and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial!

I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we will draw a fantasy landscape

with a castle, hills and a magician.

We begin by making two vertical lines for the tower of the castle

then some short horizontal ones to divided it into sections.

It has a nice pointed roof with a tiny triangular flag on top.

Some balconies, holes to look out a tilted roof and some smaller towers.

Let's make one square.

Why not?

I'm getting inspired for this on a beautiful castle from Germany.

I'm not doing this very precise, I'm using a slightly dull lead,

because this palace is going to be far at the distance.

And it will be at the border of a cliff.

Then we can make another hill.

We push more to make it a little bit darker

and maybe a big mountain even farther away.

It is so light, we can hardly see it.

Then another hill which is closer to us.

I have been using a big Kaweco lead holder which I really enjoy.

And a soft graphite lead in it.

The list of materials is in the information below the video.

The closer the hills and the objects are, the darker I am drawing them

to create the sensation of depth.

And now I switch to a charcoal pencil because I want this first layer really dark.

And we draw her a little magician or a person [laughter] looking at the castle.

His hair and coat blowing in the air

he has a big pole and we draw the ground.

Very good!


And back to the graphite to finish the hills.

As you see, I left pretty light what is right behind the magician, so that he

doesn't get lost.

That's one trick you can use when one thing ends up right

in front of another one and together they can get lost.

I give the last touches to the hills and I will darken even a little bit more

with another layer this first one.

Let's make a few more trees over here…

and then very so lightly some clouds over there.

I am not even sure if you can see them, they are so light!

And its ready!

If you enjoyed it please give it a LIKE! share it to your friends

and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips.

And I will see you on Tuesday ;)

Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

For more infomation >> How to Draw a Fantasy Landscape With Charcoal and Graphite - Duration: 3:30.


10 Without Makeup Pics Of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Will Shock You And Prove The Power Of Makeup - Duration: 7:10.

30 Without Makeup Pics Of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Will Shock You

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DIY Costumes You Can Still Pull Off In Time For Halloween | Megyn Kelly TODAY - Duration: 4:38.

For more infomation >> DIY Costumes You Can Still Pull Off In Time For Halloween | Megyn Kelly TODAY - Duration: 4:38.


Entrepreneurs Share Pro Tips for Launching Your Startup - Duration: 1:49.

For more infomation >> Entrepreneurs Share Pro Tips for Launching Your Startup - Duration: 1:49.


Caravan Controversy: President Donald Trump Doubles On Immigration At Houston Rally | TODAY - Duration: 2:52.

For more infomation >> Caravan Controversy: President Donald Trump Doubles On Immigration At Houston Rally | TODAY - Duration: 2:52.


Así fueron los ensayos de los Latin American Music Awards | Un Nuevo Día | Telemundo - Duration: 4:12.

For more infomation >> Así fueron los ensayos de los Latin American Music Awards | Un Nuevo Día | Telemundo - Duration: 4:12.


4 가지 오트밀 요리법➤# 1 트 렌딩✅ - Duration: 9:44.

오늘의 레시피를 꼭 시도해보자! 체중, 콜레스테롤, 당뇨병을 조절해주는 오트밀 물 더 많은 것을 읽으십시오 »

For more infomation >> 4 가지 오트밀 요리법➤# 1 트 렌딩✅ - Duration: 9:44.


Who wants to join? - Duration: 1:01.

i love to do Cover of Songs

Now the Rules they are simple to follow

if you want to join then read the DESC

i will wait until Tomorrow

For more infomation >> Who wants to join? - Duration: 1:01.


Macadamia-Ricotta – Rohkost - Duration: 2:34.

For more infomation >> Macadamia-Ricotta – Rohkost - Duration: 2:34.


Jeux de voiture, Camion de pompier, La souris dessin animé - Duration: 13:47.

For more infomation >> Jeux de voiture, Camion de pompier, La souris dessin animé - Duration: 13:47.


일상 생활을 즐겁게하는 3 가지 건강 음료➤# 1 트 렌딩✅ - Duration: 9:39.

더 많은 것을 읽으십시오 » 이 건강 음료....

Youtube daily Oct 23 2018

- Hello everyone, my name is Nick Bonitatibus

and I'm the Marketing Manager for

Hurricane Marketing Enterprises.

One thing you should know about me

is I am obsessed with learning,

more specifically, I'm obsessed with learning

about the digital marketing world.

At the Tampa boot camp coming up, this November 8th an 9th,

I'm going to be talking about all things digital marketing.

I'm also gonna be the MC so you're gonna be seeing

a lot of me on stage, getting your energy up,

getting you ready so we can maximize your learning.

Some of the things that I'm gonna be talking about

are social media, how to create video

for your home care business, different tracking techniques

so you can track your online inquiries.

I'm also gonna be talking about

how to get more Google reviews.

Steve's gonna be talking about

all things direct referral marketing and operations.

So you can get that one, two, punch

for everything you need to blow away the competition.

For more infomation >> The One-Two Punch!! Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Google Reviews and More!! - Duration: 0:59.


The Haunting of Tiny House - Duration: 1:50.

- [Narrator] They dreamt of living off the grid.

Of leaving the material world behind.

Of starting a new, tiny life

with a new, tiny family.

But you can't see through the skylights

without letting the outside see in.

There's nowhere to run

when you can touch both walls at once.

(spooky music)

This house is not a home,

it's a closet

that used to be a bus.

(spooky music)

To live in a house this tiny

you need



Say goodbye to comfort,

to privacy

to shitting without anyone hearing.

Find out what it's like to live in a place so tiny

it's like being buried alive in your own home.

In a tiny house,

everyone can hear you scream.


This Halloween,

the wheels on the bus



(spooky music)

For more infomation >> The Haunting of Tiny House - Duration: 1:50.


Tiny House for Outdoor ideas | Garden Outdoor - Duration: 7:15.

For more infomation >> Tiny House for Outdoor ideas | Garden Outdoor - Duration: 7:15.


Great Estates: A Dallas Castle | Southern Living - Duration: 4:08.

Everything's bigger in Texas

Including dramatic turrets

So, this time we've got a historic Dallas castle.

And it has a name, it's the Chateau des Grotteaux

which means house of the caves.

It was built in 1929 and about 4300 square feet

for a cool 2.8 million.

I wouldn't mind living in a house of caves

if it looked like this one.


I mean that's dreamy.

Mm hmm


You don't like it!

I love it! I don't dislike it at all.

I just don't think it's, like my house. You know?

Well based on the price tag lord, I know its not my house.

It's more serious than I think I can be.

But it is beautiful. I mean the landscaping is nice.

Some height and some movement.

I think this isn't my dream house anymore but rewind

10, 12 years, and it would be my dream house

[Betsy] Privacy gates, privacy walls.

Could you imagine having to add time ,

like I'm always running late

anyways. And then I'd have to take an extra five minute

so I can make sure I can get out of my driveway.

(Betsy laughs)

Like, I need to be able to peel out and go.

But nice, I guess. Privacy's nice.

(Both Laugh)

That sorta thing, is cool.


So your gonna tell me that you don't like this anymore.

Looking at it from above

you could be in the French country side maybe

That's true.

And that sounds really nice

That does sound nice

I feel like it would feel like

an escape from your regular life

I mean, the turret.

The turret is so intense.

The Texas turret it is a lot

I would feel kinda ridiculous being like

"hello, welcome to my home, let me show you my turret"

Wow, okay i love-

Could you imagine dusting those things

Oh, okay, could you just let me love it?

I'm like "wow pretty expensive beams

I love it too

I could see in the winter being curled up

in that room with a book.

I'm kinda waiting on Gaston to bust in

and be like " I found desinence"

Nothing about this room looks like the stuff

I would normally like

But it just feels right

It feels right

In the Chateau des Grotteaux

It does. A round dining room.

Very inclusive, love that

So what's you Hot Take on the round dining room table

versus the long rectangular dining room table

I think it all depends on the space.

And then maybe your hosting style, too.

I think they're both good.

I spy with my little eye a giraffe

If I were an animal

You think you would be a giraffe

I'm not sure I want a fake giraffe

in my house.

Oh, That's very concerning, maybe it is not fake.

I was hoping it was left over from the ToysRUs closure.

Free mascots for everyone.

Yeah that'd be nice. Okay lets just imagine

that that's what it is.

One acre out and all but two of the statues

are remaining on the property.

I personally would love to loose them all.

Yeah you can just bottom up and take em

Are you into a cherub or a pipe playing nymph.

Because were picturing all of these heroic Greek looking

sculptures, or like that's what I was picturing.

What if you got there and it was just a bunch of gnomes.

Even better, sign me up

The romantic grotto,

I wonder if those statues are the ones that would stay or go

I don't know

Better not get too attached

Your very own trevy fountain

That's the bomb.

Yeah I'm totally into the pool situation.

The second oldest pool in Dallas

Oh, that's awesome

That needs citrus

That thing needs a citrus tree, yellow orange

I would be so happy sunning by that pool

I'd get my sunburn on

When in Texas why not?

Why not? I love it.

I never thought I was one for this kinda-

Well who's kidding, I knew I was born for this kinda drama.

It's true.

I need this house.

For more infomation >> Great Estates: A Dallas Castle | Southern Living - Duration: 4:08.


Om Nom Stories: Mysterious House | Cut the Rope: Magic | Season 4 Episode 1 | Cartoon For Kids - Duration: 2:33.

Om Nom Stories: Mysterious House Cut The Rope Magic

For more infomation >> Om Nom Stories: Mysterious House | Cut the Rope: Magic | Season 4 Episode 1 | Cartoon For Kids - Duration: 2:33.


Golden Chance to Settlement in Venezuela Visa Requirements 2018 - Duration: 7:23.

Subscribe Now

Subscribe Now

For more infomation >> Golden Chance to Settlement in Venezuela Visa Requirements 2018 - Duration: 7:23.


Best Siri Shortcuts iOS 12 - Duration: 2:36.

Hey friends!

I'm Tasia and these are my favorite Siri Shortcuts.

iOS 12 has rebranded the old Workflow app, into the new Shortcuts app.

You can even enable some of these shortcuts to activate via Siri using custom commands.

Now setting up these shortcuts can be time consuming, so I'm including quick links

below, so from a mobile device just click on a link to install.

Without further adieu, here's my top 6 Shortcuts.

Number 1: Search Amazon

This shortcut uses your camera to scan a product barcode and then pulls it up on Amazon.

It's a super easy way to price check an item and see if it's cheaper on Amazon than

another store.

Number 2 is another Amazon goodie, and that's the Amazon Price History shortcut.

If you find yourself scrolling through Amazon and see an item you like, just click on the

share button under the item listing.

Then, tap on the 'shortcuts' share option, then tap on the Amazon Price History shortcut

and boom, you get a price history graph for that item.

Number 3: Convert Photos to GIF

This shortcut allows you to select multiple photos and convert them into a GIF.

Super cute.

Number 4: If you still can't get enough of GIFs, use the Shoot a GIF shortcut!

This one works much the same as the last, except you can shoot a series of photos and

then it'll automatically string together a GIF for you.

Number 5 is for my countdown lovers!

The Days Until shortcut.

If you want to quickly know how many days are left until, say a family reunion, all

you need to do is input the start date and end date and the shortcut will quickly tell

you how many days are left.

Number 6 on my list is the Calculate Tip shortcut.

As advertised, this shortcut will ask for the bill total, then prompt you with tip percentage

options before instantly calculating your tip total.

Once you have a bunch of shortcuts installed, you can just swipe right on the home screen

to quickly access your shortcuts.

Well those are my favorites.

Let me know in the comments below, some of your favorite shortcuts.

You can click right here to subscribe to my channel and right up here to watch another


As always, thank you guys so much for watching.

If you liked this video, I want to know so give it a like, a share or leave a comment


See ya next time!

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9 Secrets To Get More Fruit From Your Garden | Garden Ideas - Duration: 5:08.

For more infomation >> 9 Secrets To Get More Fruit From Your Garden | Garden Ideas - Duration: 5:08.


MALABARES - Colaborativo Contrastes Velocidade - Speed Contrasts Juggling Collab - Duration: 7:33.

This was the collaborative of speed contrasts

Even if some videos are not exactly in the proposal

I wanted to include everyone because it is much cooler with more people participating

so comment below the minut of the trick that you liked best

its time in the video

and remember to buy a new T-shirt at the Malabarize-se Shop

now we have the Abduction T-shirt

which was created in partnership with Milena from Querida Clementina

and they are very cool

there is this image of the juggler being abducted by the clave, it's very cool!

there are posters in there too!


Thanks for the support,

I am Lucas Abduch.

and I'll see you soon!

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How to Use Todoist Filters | Workshop - Duration: 11:14.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Keep Productive YouTube channel, my name is Francesco D'Alessio and welcome back to another video

So guys today's video. We're uncovering Todoist filters

We're going to be giving you a masterclass on how to create Todoist filters also

diving into applying them to my own account

I'm going to be opening up my personal Todoist account and

Making a view to do this filters as well as sharing the ones I've already created and then we're gonna leave you with a few

recommended resources to dive into so run the introduction

So guys in today's video we are diving into todoist filters as mentioned

This week is a full week of Todoist and Twist

They are run obviously by a company called

Doist do have kindly sponsored this full week here on the Keep Productive YouTube channel

So it's good to have some exclusive videos all about to do some Twist and how to advance your use of them

So be prepared this week. It's gonna be quite an exciting week for that

I have been a longtime user of todoist

So filters have been an area where has taken me a lot of time to dive into I've only created some really

basics ones at the moment

But what I wanted to do in this video is create a few for myself

Demonstrate on how to use them and also uncover some of the more advanced setups that you could have

This is going to be a useful tutorial for you to really get started with your filters

So guys, I'm really excited for today's video. Let's jump over to laptop and dive into to do his filters first

I want to show you some other filters that I create and also I'm going to show them up on the screen

What career is I have with them so that I can give you an outline of?

the ones that I use in my daily routine


Then going to be diving into how to create a filter from scratch as well as all the query elements that you may need to

Get started. So here are a few filters in my situation. This might give you some basic

Outline of what I go for when I'm using filters so filters down here for me resigned in these three areas

It's the first one is called plan highlight and that's really simply a way for me to plan in

my most important tasks across a week

So if I click plan highlight I can see the upcoming most important that I have for the next three days

I tried to only have one highlight per day

this is actually from a book called make time which I

Stole the idea and applied it to todoist and it's actually become a very helpful way of

Being a bit more cleaner in my approach to my tasks once I complete my highlight

I feel much more productive to a lot of extents. So in the next one I do have is

schedule week

Schedule week is allows me at the end of as I mentioned in morning notion plus todoist featuring I did on Thursday

P.m. Afternoon, I tend to sit down and review my full week

What I do is I get this one out and plan the week next

So that I have a full outline of what I have here

and that's just very simply a query for next week, which I'll demonstrate and finally a


Folder that allows me to complete emails mainly the ones on my tag

in that low priority folder with a

P3 are all email based so that helps me that so you probably wondering what are the queries behind that if I click Edit filter?

That's ten days

so the next ten days and act highlight anything with a highlight in it as a label very simple and we'll talk about

Through this in a minute and when we dive into the filters area if I here edit here

It's next ten days for my scheduled week. I don't even have to click the next it doesn't have ten days and

Emails to send are in the project tasks with p3 as a priority

So that's how I mainly set up the three filters that I have right now. Let's dive into how to create filters

So let's give you a little outline of how you can create a filter

All you have to do is open up this filters tab on this left-hand panel and hit add filter now

let's decide we want to choose anything that's priority one for today or actually

Let's say tomorrow. So p1 for tomorrow

Let's say is the title

So that we can be a bit clearer and we'll add a red icon so you can give a color to any of the filters

you have

For creating the theater query

all you have to do is press P 1 which is Priority One if you wanted priority 2 or 3, for example

You'd put p2

but in this case

We're having p1 and we're gonna put hand

tomorrow as

The do day so you can add pretty much anything to your query you can add in the most popular ones aren't due dates

Priority projects and labels, you can add a project really easily

so for example

If I wanted to choose only ones from my tasks inbox and I have then I'd use

Hashtag tasks to be able to organize that if I have a project within that project

All I'd have to do is add another hashtag and find that name there if it was underneath another one

So that's if you've got any sub projects going

Now if I wanted to I can add a due date too

If I wanted to add the next five days, for example, that could be the one that you select there

You could also have a Jew before. So for example if I wanted to put

Jew before

let's say the

20th of October instead of this tomorrow due date

then I could do that quite easily and as you can see here any

Priority one tasks to do before to twenty of October in this case that's already gone

But if I put 30th, for example, it would come up all inside of this one now

You can also put assigned to two if you want to as a way to

Indicate if tasks are given to other people and you can also have and you can create your own symbols

So for example in this demonstration, we put and and literally means and as a symbol

But if you wanted to put or you can do this very simply and put a it's almost like a line

I don't actually know the technical term for it

But I will add it below and if you want to include not anything that does not include anything

It's gonna an exclamation mark. So for example, let's say I change this one anything do before the 30th of October

Let's say I've got a holiday coming up and that's gonna be one of the demonstrations. Will you later?

We'll call it p1 30 as you can see here. All of those priority ones Ljuba Thor the 30th of October

Aren't created there now

if I wanted to create two lists inside this it would be really simple if I click Edit and I put a

Comma between it that's creating two lists, essentially

So if I wanted it my own view with these two different areas or filters running

Let's say I wanted that p1 for tomorrow or p2 for tomorrow

Then all I had to do is hit save and as you can see here a separate one is created just below it

So comments do help to break it out and you can have multiple of those going on which is quite helpful

So that's a really basic way of setting up your own filters. Now, let's put this into practice with my own setup

I've got three or four filters that I want to create here

I'm going to put the queries on the screen for you to go away and maybe apply

so what I need to do and what I want to do is I want to create a

Priority one for today in case I have any really important tasks that need to get done during the day so priority

today and give it a bit of a

big red one here

and that would just be simply p1 and

Today you can put Tod if you want to and if I hit add filter you'll see I actually don't have any

Priorities today now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna drag this to the top because I'm going to prioritize it in this

Filters box. Now. I also have an idea that for example, I've got a little vacation jus I tripped a bath let's say

but you could apply this to any holiday you want and for example

you could say any tasks that I created at a p1 and

Anjou before


26th of October and if I click Add you'll see all of those tasks appear

These are the ones pretty much during the week that I need to complete

This is useful because for example with your heading for a vacation

Which I am and I don't want any work on this weekend. Then these are the major tasks

I actually need to complete before I go away

So that's kind of helpful one

If you're very vey keishon orientated and you want to really get away

Now if I want to I can actually see the tasks that I created

Yesterday and that's something I do want to start seeing so I'm gonna put tasks

Yesterday I'm gonna give it a nice now


If I click Add filter you can actually see the tasks on I created yesterday

I only added the additional shopping list to yesterday's items

So it gives you a good idea of the tasks that you've already implemented from the day before

Now I need a task with actually anything below 30 minutes that I can do at during the week

So for example, let's say I want to put 30 minutes or less as a task title. I'll give it a nice like brownie

Look and enough. I add five minutes

Because these are all the five minute tasks

And I put or at 10 minutes or at 20 minutes

these are all the tasks in labels that I have that are below that so these that's what's gonna appear because I only have

One that has a five minute label right now. So that's a helpful one if I need to do that

so when this left-hand panel

I've almost got a rainbow of

Filters and I can get started with a priority today a trip to bath and that's can be related to any holiday

One that I can see all of my most important tasks for the week a schedule of my full week

emails that I need to send tasks that I completed uncrated yesterday and

Anything that will take 30 minutes or less and I can start applying this label to more of them

And of course, it will start populating that which is very helpful

Now what I recommend to go away from this video and check out is the Mike Vardy video

We did Mike Vardy combines his day themes with his labels and day views

He has a really advanced methodology method methodology around

Filters and I definitely recommend checking out I recommend checking out. Dandy wood lens

He has an ultimate going to do this filters, which is a perfect outline. So it's definitely worth checking out now

The one thing that I would answer this is if you get a filter that you truly truly, enjoy

Let's say I'm standing to use this one a lot more

You can hit me add to favorites and that can pin quite nicely at the top. I know guys

Hopefully you found some value in this feature today

so feel free to pop some to do is filter questions below and I'll happily answer them or

Recommend a few resources that you can go away into detail. Again. It's something that I need to dive into more

But this is a really basic outline of the deduced filters function if you are not subscribed yet

They hit the subscription button and a big THANK YOU to Doist for sponsoring this week here on the keep productive YouTube channel

Thank you very much guys, and I'll see you guys in a future video Cheers

For more infomation >> How to Use Todoist Filters | Workshop - Duration: 11:14.


VO BOSS: Ep 57 - Information Overload - Duration: 19:49.

Announcer: Today's voice over talent is more than just a pretty voice. Today's voiceover

talent has to be a boss, a VO BOSS. Set yourself up with business owner strategies and success

with you host Anne Ganguzza along with some of the strongest voices in our industry. Rock

your business like a boss, a VO BOSS.

Anne: So Gabby.

Gabby: [cute voice] Yeah?

Anne: [laughs] What is one of my favorite things to wear in the studio?

Gabby: Ummm…

Anne: [laughs]

Gabby: [stutters] Hmm…umm…

Anne: [laughs] I'll tell you what, Gabby, it's BOSS-branded.

Gabby: Is it your BOSS undies?

Anne: [laughs] We have the most amazing BOSS undies! It is, Gabby, it is! The BOSS undies!

You need to get yourself into the frame of mind that is going to heighten your performance,

just make you feel confident, and a, just like a BOSS.

Gabby: Every day you have an opportunity to put on your big BOSS panties or your big BOSS

boxers, and I think --

Anne: There you go.

Gabby: -- that that is how you start an amazing day as an entrepreneur.

Anne: Take a look at them on Welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I'm your host, Anne

Ganguzza, along with my amazing, information-overloaded cohost, Gabby Nistico.

[both laugh]

Gabby: Hi!

Anne: Gabby! Yay, me too, I should say.

Gabby: Yeah.

Anne: Both of us, information overload. I am – my head right now, Gabby, it's just

too much. There's too much. I thought it would be a great time to talk about how we

deal with all of this information.

Gabby: Find me anybody in voiceover right now who's not like "oh my God!" There's

so many avenues, there's so many outlets, there's so much to read on the Internet,

there's so many – it just –

Anne: Social media alone is like –

Gabby: Overwhelming!

Anne: Oh my God. Social media, and websites, and casting sites, and – oh my gosh, it's,

there's, it's almost like it's too much, and you don't even know what to do. I mean

even myself, a tech girl, even I am like "oh my God, I need to step back," because it's

all just too much all the time, and my brain I think is starting to feel the same was as

like all of my social media channels, which is like completely overloaded. Gabby, what

do we do?

Gabby: I went down a bunny hole that is Reddit the other day.

Anne: Oh yeah. [laughs]

Gabby: Oh my God! I was like, "please, dear God, no, ot another social media. I can't

do this."

Anne: Yeah, that is a, that is a rabbit hole.

Gabby: Yeah. Oh man. Alright [laughs] so cutting through all of it. Right? Cut through the

clutter. Let's, let's look at it that way.

Anne: Yup.

Gabby: We got clutter. We gotta clear it. How're we going to handle this?

Anne: I think, Gabby, the first thing you've gotta ask yourself is "what are you using

this information for," and I think we're pretty much talking about digital information.

Right? When we sit at our computer, right? What is the, what is the purpose for us sitting

in front of that computer? Are we trying to market our businesses? Are we being social?

Are we advertising our businesses on social? What is it that we're doing? I think we

need to have a clear –

Gabby: Are we trying to learn something new? Right.

Anne: Right. I think we have to have a clear idea and a clear mind going into it, understanding

what it is that we're using the medium for. And I think that may be, may be a good first

step in trying to declutter.

Gabby: It is, and I feel like what you're trying to talk about is kind of like BOSS

feng shui.

Anne: Oooo! [laughs]

Gabby: Because I know that you know a decent about the shui. So --

Anne: I took classes. I did, mm-hmm.

Gabby: I know, so can you kind of like overlap these two ideas a little bit? Like what are

the principles?

Anne: Well first of all, clutter, any kind of clutter. Clutter in your house, right,

this is feng shui, clutter in your house means clutter in your head. Um so I'm gonna say

clutter on your computer, number one, and that includes not just your organization on

a computer. That includes like what you're looking at on the computer. So clutter in

what you're looking at, what you're digesting in your life, um in your digital life absolutely

means clutter in your brain. And I think that it's, it's something for you to at least

sit down and recognize that it exists, and then really have a clear cut idea as to how

you want to use that medium, because I myself, as I mentioned, have even experienced it in

the past, I would say, six months where I need to maybe step back from some of those

channels and only visit them certain times of the day to avoid my brain getting cluttered.

And literally, Gabby, how many times have we done a Zoom where you've looked at the

amount of tabs that I have on my Google Chrome? I want everybody out there to admit, if you

have more than 10 tabs open, you're in with me. [laughs]

Gabby: I have always prided myself on being a -- something of a minimalist. I don't

like clutter. I don't like – which is funny being a rock collector, like I'm very

particular about the way I will collect, because I do not want to be a hoarder. If you're

not displaying --

Anne: [gasps] Digital hoarder!

Gabby: If you're not aware, I think what's happening now is we're becoming digital

hoarders. We have so much information, so many files, so many photos, like, it's getting

to be crazy. With voiceover, I think the, the fastest way for me anyway to streamline

is to force myself to go, "who's the source?" That's my journalism background in action.

Like I go literally right to that place of who's the source of the material? I have to

make a very quick judgment. If the source of the material is someone whose career I

emulate, or who for, lack of a better way to put it, has what I want, then I'm going

to listen to them, and that's the pathway I'll follow. But if that person doesn't have

what I'm looking for in a career, or is doing something else that I really don't have a

big interest in, I'm going to kind of shut that off, because it's just stuff.

Anne: I also think though you need to allow yourself some playtime, the playtime to explore.

Gabby: Yeah.

Anne: Because yes, I totally agree that there has to be like who you're giving attention

to, who you're following, who you're believing in terms of "is this information valid or

not," but I also think there needs to be a time for research, a time for play that

can help you discover new people to follow, new sources, and new resources.

Gabby: Yes. It's saying, "OK, well, I found this thing, this person, this resource,"

whatever it might be. It could be another podcast. It could be a book. It could be,

you know, a, a workshop somebody's having, and you go, "let me look at them. Look at

who's offering this." I know Scott Brick is a master when it comes to audiobooks, and

he's incredibly well-respected, and I'll refer people to him all day every day, but

me personally, I don't do a lot of poking into Scott Brick's work or his teachings because

I don't want to do audiobooks. So...

Anne: Good point.

Gabby: Why clutter my head with stuff that's not really applicable to what I want to do?

Anne: Well, I think also it, it makes sense to, as I mentioned, sit down and have a plan.

Have a plan for your digital time.

Gabby: But how you do that? How do you even…?

Anne: Well, I think that there has to be various times during the day that you allow yourself

on social media. I will have times where I literally have to force myself to get out

of Facebook, to get out of Instagram, to get out of Twitter, right, and only have open

those applications that I am working on at the time. OK, you know Scott Brick is a professional,

but therefore you don't necessarily need to be researching audiobooks, because that's

not what you do, or that's not what you want to do. That's not where you want to be with

your business. I think that, again, if you sit down in front of your computer with a

clear goal of what you need to accomplish during the day, for your business, and then

set aside the time and the places that you're going to visit for just those goals, I think

it would really help to have like a day, a daily plan. "OK, from 8:00 to 9:00, I'm

going to be looking at my email. From 9:00 to 11:00 I'm going to be Googling or researching

new potential clients." A lot of times you might have to check your email, like frequently,

so therefore you turn your notifications on. So if somebody's contacting you, like a client,

you need to respond to that. If you get an audition in that, from your agent, that you

need to, you know, hop off and do that audition, I think that's one thing that you would say,

"OK. I need to check all of my email from this time to this time but also have my notifications

on, so if anything comes in from my agent, anything that comes in from a potential client,

that I'm going to be able to see it in a flash, make that decision to then divide my time

up, right, to pay attention to that task at hand." But I think having a good plan in

the morning when you sit down is going to benefit you.

Gabby: I like this. I'm going to suggest something because I think -- I'm even guilty of it,

and it would probably benefit me. If you feel like you're going down a digital rabbit

hole --

Anne: Rabbit hole.

Gabby: Yeah, and you're following the bunny trail because let's -- we have all been

there. It's way too easy to do. I go into YouTube holes sometimes that I don't come

out of for hours -- to avoid that time suck or avoid the inevitable overload that that

creates, go ahead and use your phone and pull up the stopwatch app or the timer app and

set yourself a limit. So that there's like an alarm that goes off. So maybe it's half

an hour, or 45 minutes, or an hour, and you go, "that's it. I'm going to stop at that

point and move on to something else." And Anne, as an educator, you know this. There's

literally a limit to how long we can be exposed to something to where we stop absorbing, we

stop --

Anne: Oh absolutely.

Gabby: -- learning.

Anne: Yeah, we were always taught never to lecture more than 45 minutes. Even then --

Gabby: Oooo.

Anne: And that was years ago. So I think today's – the attention span is, what are they saying,

seven minutes?

Gabby: Oh God, yeah. That's terrible.

Anne: It's horrible. I mean --

Gabby: It used to be 22, and the reason it was 22 is because that was the length between

commercial breaks on TV. And now, yeah, it's just getting smaller and smaller. But you

have to know that about yourself, because sometimes I get people who come to me, or

they ask me for advice, and I can see it. Like they are so confused. They are so overwhelmed.

And they're like, "and then I was on this blog, and then I saw this thing on Facebook.

And then I –

Anne: I get it. Yeah.

Gabby: Yeah. And, and I have to look at them, and I go, "there's, you're being too hard

on yourself. You can't possibly absorb all of this. You can't possibly know all of this."

Anne: I have a lot of students who will say, "yeah, and then I listened to this podcast,

and then, you know, and then I attended this workshop. And then I, and then I worked out

here. And then I was reading on, you know, the web here." And it's funny because you're

right, sometimes you can get so sucked into it all that it then becomes something that

holds you back from progressing. You know, I, I really believe that. And I have had multiple

students get kind of sucked down that rabbit hole, where they will spend years, and they

are still not necessarily making a dent in, in progressing forward with their businesses

or getting work, because they continue to umm read more information, take more classes,

um do more workouts. And it's almost like they're afraid to start. And I, I think we've

been through this before in our podcast where you have to start. You have to give yourself

permission to start somewhere.

Gabby: They're overloading themselves. They are, they are literally confusing themselves

by, by continually doing that. And the other is the expectation that they're putting

on themselves. No one knows everything. No one knows it all. You will never be a 100%

complete walking knowledge of everything there is to know about voiceover ever.

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Gabby: It's not going to happen. So if you're -- stop striving for that, because I think

that's what a lot of it stems from. People think, "I've got to know more. I have

to know more. I have to know more." Mmm, no.

Anne: And they perform that way with their businesses. "I have to be able to do all

of the voiceovers so I can get hired, you know, make this a career." And it really

becomes, it really becomes very much in parallel to what we consider to be um great marketing,

and it's always about target marketing. I think you need to think about your business

and your consumption of digital, right, of digital material resources and in that targeted

market kind of a focus.

Gabby: I think that, that makes a lot of sense. And some of it too, and this I think runs

into what you're saying, the more entertaining piece, the social piece is, think about like

the course of your life, how many TV shows or how many movies you're watched or you've

seen, purely for entertainment? You know what? We forget a lot of them. It sort of just falls

out of our brain. It's important until maybe you know it's, it's on, it's rerunning

on television. And you're like, "oh yeah. I forgot all about this movie." Not everything

that you're going to absorb or read about voiceover is dire to your career or all-important.

Let some of it just kind of ebb and flow and come and go.

Anne: And I'd like to make a suggestion, and I need to take it myself is I have my

phone with me everywhere. I would like to know how many people out there feel uncomfortable

if they don't have their phone with them, their smartphone. Right? I even take it to

the couch when I am done with work at the end of the day, and I am the first to admit

this. Right? I take it to the couch, and what do I do during the commercial breaks? I am

on Instagram, I'm like reading Facebook, whatever I am doing, that is my social hour

because I've got the smartphone there, and I am checking Facebook. I think this is just

going to happen. There is going to be all of society kind of stepping back a little

bit, I hope, to get back like -- remember when we used to go outside to play?

Gabby: [laughs]

Anne: And we didn't have our phones and that kind of thing? And I know that I am as guilty

as, you know, the rest of society in terms of being addicted to my phone. And I think

that it has gotten to the point where, at some point, we're going to be like, OK,

we need to step back a little bit. And I'm not sure when that's happening, but I think

it's, you know, I think we're close to it.

Gabby: Families are starting to do it with kids more and more. I've heard --

Anne: I think that's important.

Gabby: I've heard about some really great steps that families are now implementing,

where, you know, it's dinnertime. Everybody's phone goes in a basket, and the basket gets

put away.

Anne: Yup.

Gabby: Because it's family mealtime. That's what we're doing right now, and the phones

can come back out later. That's beautiful. For those of us without children, we have

to kind of force ourselves to do that too.

Anne: I agree.

Gabby: It's not just about teaching someone else these values. It's about allowing those

values to benefit us.

Anne: I'm that way when we go out to dinner, you know, when we're out, when we're out

with company, that, that I think it's just rude to have the phone at the table. So hopefully,

I'm thinking, that there's going to be more instances like that, where it's going to

be considered rude to be either looking at your phone, or that would be a nice, kind

of refreshing -- I think it would let us all off the hook. I personally feel like I'm on

the hook all the time because, "oh, we're entrepreneurs are we have to check our email

the time, and therefore I need to remain connected." And that is my, that is what I say first and

foremost, but yet again, there's a fine line between that and addiction, which --

Gabby: Yeah.

Anne: -- you know, I'm, I'm, I'm guilty of.

Gabby: We all are. I think the big thing is understanding that this, this information,

there's only going to be more and more and more of it, so we have to learn how to balance

it. We've got to learn a way to navigate it sooner rather than later.

Anne: I'm going to say, I want to make a pact, Gabby, with you and our audience, right, that

I am going to leave my phone -- normally I'm with my phone just about -- unless I'm sleeping,

right, I've got my phone by my side like 24/7. I'm going to make a pact with you that

I'm going to leave my phone -- I'm going to start it during, I don't know, dinner hour,

how's that? I'm going to leave my phone away from me. I'm going to keep my phone away

from me for two hours, two hours a day.

Gabby: Oo, I will do that with you.

Anne: Right?

Gabby: I think that's a great idea.

Anne: I think so too. I think it's gonna give me a break like mentally, and I think

that that's going to be really helpful for our businesses and our creativity. It's

going to give us like a, kind of a refresh, a reboot, so that we don't -- we're not

completely, "oh my God, I'm thinking, I must answer this. Wait, do I have to post

to here?" Whatever it is, we need to give ourselves a break so that we can creatively

reboot ourselves and our businesses.

Gabby: Very smart. I like that.

Anne: All right, guys. So I want you to do it along with us. Who's with us? [laughs]

Gabby: Let us know. Email us, get in touch with us through social media, ironically.

[laughs] Let us know.

Anne: Let us know after our two-hour window. [laughs]

Gabby: We'll call it, we'll call it a BOSS Break, because that's what it is. It's

a BOSS Break.

Anne: Oh yeah. Everybody take a BOSS Break with us. And, but listen to the BOSS episodes

first, and then take a BOSS Break and let us know, let us know how you're trying to

help yourself detach a little bit and keep yourself from the digital chaos and information

overload. Big shoutout to our sponsor, You too can sound amazing and have wonderful

technology to record with by going to

Gabby: And even though we're asking you to detach a little bit from social media time,

from information time, digital, I do want to remind you --

Anne: When you come back.

Gabby: Yeah, when you come back to it, we're here. We got Facebook, and Instagram, and

Twitter, and YouTube, and of course our website,

Anne: [laughs] You guys have a great week and rock your business like a BOSS.

Announcer: Join us next week for another edition of VO BOSS with your hosts Anne Ganguzza and

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1 Gabby: [lip buzzing]

Anne: So, Gabby.

Gabby: [snoring sounds]

2 Anne: Happy Holidays, Gabby. Happy Holidays

in 2018.

Gabby: No, no, it's too soon.

Anne: We hope your holiday season is a happy one.

Gabby: Too soon, no.

Anne: Have a peaceful and prosperous new year.

Gabby: No.

Anne: Please remember to drive safely during this holiday season.

Gabby: AAHH!

Anne: Thanks for making us a part of your holiday season. [laughs]

Gabby: Can you record my Christmas? Can you just --

Anne: Have a joyful holiday and a happy new year.

Gabby: I'm telling you, I'm going to pay you to record all of my holiday greetings this

year so I don't have to talk to anybody.

Anne: Gabby --

Gabby: I can just play them you, and you will wish them well for me and --

Anne: A bright and delightful holiday season.

Gabby: Yes.

Anne: I am wishing you a bright and delightful, not a -- a delightful holiday season. That's

so not conversational, Gabby.

Gabby: No.

Anne: Gabby, I wish you a delightful holiday season.

3 Anne: My Alexa's out there complaining. I

can hear her outside the booth.

Gabby: Tell her to shut up.

Anne: Oh my God, hang on a minute. Oh, Alexa, stop!

4 Gabby: I'm gonna cry.

>> I just wanna make you proud, Anne Ganguzza.

Anne: Aww. You have. No worries.

Gabby: I'm gonna cry. I just heard all of that.

Anne: Right? I know. [laughs]

Gabby: Imma cry, Imma cry.

Anne: I know.

5 Gabby: Let's record something.

Anne: OK.

Gabby: We got to try to get some episodes done.

Anne: OK. Here we go. Welcome -- uhhh -- a-hwelcome, a-hwelcome to --

Gabby: A-hwelcome --

Anne: I'm like Elvis over here. [laughs] [sighs] Here we go.

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