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Youtube daily Feb 1 2018

I have great expectations for Team Red.

- I scolded them a lot. / - I see.

I gave them a lot of bitter-pill advice.

(Team Red consists of)


(Viva of Good Day,)

(Hyosun of H.U.B,)

(and Nari of Wassup.)

(They're the heroines of "Crazy",)

(who dominated the stage.)

(Mint, Viva of Good Day,)

(Hyosun of H.U.B, and Nari of Wassup)

They're powerful and strong.

We're not just pretty. We're are more like cool.

I didn't even imagine.

I didn't see this coming too.

(Lee Suji has shown cute and cheerful performances.)

Then there was your name. Oh my gosh.

We are friends. It's hard to believe, isn't it?

I look older than my age,

but she is...


Please look forward to seeing us together.

- Look forward to it. / - Look forward to it.

(A loud and playful girl comes in.)

There are a lot.


(She's a cheerful girl, Anne.)

(She keeps eye contact with the camera.)

(She even makes a funny face.)

(Sometimes she laughs alone.)

(I'm a fool. It's okay.)

(She's so excited that she can't stay still.)

(How would the charismatic and feminine girls)

(perform in harmony?)

Let's share the opinions about the performance.

(They look at one another)

(trying to read each other's thought.)

I've never produced a song.

The agency always did that job for me.

We have just copied

the original songs so far,

but we have to arrange it on our own this time.

So, I didn't know what to do.

(Nari shows "Run the World" by Beyonce.)

This is the highlight. They're duplicated.

I think arranging

"Run the World" is not enough.

I think it won't make a strong impact.

- Do you want to change the song? / - Well...

Rather than sing that song,

it would be more impactful

to sing one of the BTS songs no matter what.

- And have the new theme? / - Yes.

I think it would be more helpful to our team.

I don't know. It doesn't seem to be attractive.

We should try our best now.

Raise your hand if you're good at copying dances.

Everyone is good, right?

- Are we copying dances? / - I...

- What? / - Are we copying dances?

Don't we have to create all the choreography?

We have to create it for the 50 seconds,

but we don't have to for the rest of it.

I thought we have to create all of it.

I will

let you know the choreography tomorrow.

(The next day)


Shall we vacuum-clean first before we start?

Okay. Since it's morning.

- Look at the vacuum cleaners. / - Let's clean up.

Did it click?

What are you doing?

(Team Red led by Hyosun)

(starts to clean the practice room first.)

(They clean up every nook and corner,)

(so that they can practice in a speckless room.)

(They learned the choreography)

(of "Run the World" perfectly.)

- Good job. / - Thank you.

(Interim evaluation)

Hello, everyone.

(How will Rain comment on that?)

I want to ask this first.

Aren't they supposed to create the choreography too?

But this is almost a cover.

It is just Beyonce's choreography.

It's because we should prepare for the occasions

when some of us are eliminated.

Did you expect that some of you will be eliminated,

and made the choreography like that?

Well, I mean...

That's not exactly what I mean.

The dance performed by many people is so different

from the one performed by a smaller number of people.

Almost 70 to 80 percent of the dance I saw

was Beyonce's original choreography.

I'm a little disappointed in you.

In fact, I had high expectations about Team Red.

But you may get an unexpected result now.

Your performance vanished from my memory,

but theirs still lingers in my heart.

It may sound cruel to you.

It'll hurt your pride a lot.

I'm doing this because I expected a lot from you.

But it was too obvious.

I almost cried indeed.

I felt so hot in my eyes and ears.

I think he said that because

he had high expectations and cared a lot about us.

We should decide what it should be like.

We have to choose the theme.

Let's decide on the theme.

(Pondering a lot)

What about a girl whose boyfriend

stabbed her in the back?

A story about betrayal?

Right. Sort of that story.

So she captivates men later,

- and take revenge. / - Good.

- She was dumped. / - It's like a drama.

She was upset

because her boyfriend cheated on her.

Okay. Our theme is revenge.

- Great. / - Yes.

We thought we needed a story in our performance.

We chose the theme of revenge,

and divided us into the roles of men and women.

There should be a leading male character.

The male character should be

you, of course.

- You should do that. / - Why don't you do that?

(It looked natural for Hyosun)

(to take the role for them.)

One should be the beauty.

What about Suji for that role?

- That sounds great. / - Good.

Oh, my gosh.

I was thinking of her too.

That is the most important character

in our story of the song.

(Feeling pressure)

I thought it was a character

that makes me feel pressured,

but they trusted me and let me take that role.

So, I will enjoy it.

(They start to practice again.)

The secret weapon of our team

is the story of the performance.

The story is well-plotted,

so I think that is the factor

that makes the audience more interested.

I hope everyone cannot help

but acknowledge our performance.

- Go, Team Red. / - Go.

(Go, Team Red.)

(The Performance Team uses pre-recordings.)

("Partition" and "Run the World" by Nari, Mint, Viva,)

(Anne, Lee Suji, Lee Juhyun, and Hyosun)

They directed the act.

- She's an outcast. / - There is a story.

- She is ostracized, right? / - Yes.

Hyosun. Nari.

(Hyosun of H.U.B)

(Anne of S.I.S)

(Lee Suji)

(Viva of Good Day)

(Nari of Wassup)

(Lee Juhyun)


- Good job. / - Good job.


- Nari. / - Great job.

I was worried that I might fail

to put the clothes on you.

I was so worried.

- I was worried too. / - Why are you crying?


Don't cry. Everyone did a great job.

- We'll win. / - Thank you.

- We've been through a lot. Thanks. / - Thank you.

I appreciate it.

- Don't cry. / - Okay.

(The performances of the female teams are over.)

I'll talk about Team Red, first.

I want to compliment you a lot.

You changed a lot of things I asked you

to do during the interim evaluation.

So it was really good.

For example, those in hot pants represented girls,

and those in long pants represented boys.

That was a great plot.

I want to praise a lot for that.

Anyway, I want to appreciate the efforts

from both of the teams.

Please show the result of the match

between Team Black and Team Red.

(The result of women's performances)

(Team Black dominated the stage)

(with their sensual and sexy look.)

(Team Red's performance was like a musical)

(with a great plot.)

What will the result be?

(Which female team will be the winner?)

(337 for Team Black versus 298 for Team Red)

(Team Black led by Serri won.)

Team Black got 337 votes, and Team Red got 298 votes.

- So, Team Black won. / - Right.


I'm still surprised.

I think we kind of turned the table,

so I'm so proud.

(The personal rank in Team Black goes)

(Euijin, ZN, Lee Hyunjoo,)

(Lee Bolim, Haein, Dana, Park Jiwon, Yena, Serri.)

(The personal rank in Team Red goes Hyosun, Nari,)

(Lee Suji, Anne, Viva, Mint, Lee Juhyun.)

The members of the next team to perform

are not only good-looking

but also, great vocalists.

The all-around idol singers who are good at everything

have gathered together.


It's time for male idol singers' rap and vocals.

Here are the two teams that are rivals.

Please come on out to the stage.


(Jun of U-Kiss)


Kanto places first, right?

I think he is the best among the male rappers

and matchless now.

(Kanto's rap is very articulate.)

I can understand it easily.

Kanto is the best now,

but I think someone should threaten him.

What about Jun?

I think Jun might do that.

(Jun of U-Kiss has his own swagger.)

(Male rappers and vocalists, Jungha, Jun Q, Donghyun,)

(Kanto, Lee Jungha, Marco, and Chan)

(versus Giseok, Jungha, Gunwoo, Casper,)

(Jun, Raehwan, Heedo, and Suwoong)

First, Suwoong of Team Orange.

Come on. Show your charms

that will beat Team Blue.

Team Blue, if you run away now,

we'll forgive you.

- You'll forgive us? / - Forgive us?

Forgive us, and we'll set you on fire.

(We'll set you on fire.)

(They have an intense desire.)

We'll burn you up.

(They have an intense desire.)

Team Blue's stage setting

suits both their song

and the members.

It was visually wonderful.

(Their stage setting looks harmonious.)

Team Blue, please come on up to the stage.

(I love you, Jun Q.)

(Team Blue will perform first.)

Don't worry about the rap. You have me.

(Don't worry about the rap. You have me.)

- My goodness. / - I'll beat you.

All right.

I write my own rap.

I feel confident.

(Other than the most competent Kanto,)

(there is also Marco of HBY.)

(He is a rapper with extraordinary looks,)

(and reggae swagger.)

(Jun Q is a captivating rapper with a low voice.)

(He is so charismatic on stage.)

(Jungha's fashion style is eye-catching,)

(and he is so handsome.)

- Look over here. / - Okay. I like it.

(Jungha is a good-looking rapper.)

(Unlike his looks, he plays jokes a lot.)

Hold on.

(He is funny and ready for the variety shows.)

(That's cool.)

(Producers of variety shows should cast him soon.)

I'll do my best. Let's go.

I think this is a hip-hop group.

(There is a vocalist too.)

(Donghyun, a skillful lead vocalist)

(with seven years of experience)

(Chan, a sincere voice from A.C.E)

- Let's decide the leader. / - The leader?

Firstly, let's decide the leader

- because it is very important / - Okay.

- to the team. / - Right.

Actually, I wanted to be the leader

in the last mission so badly.


(his dream collapsed so easily.)

I wanted to make a Team Jun Q

but it turned out to be Sungjun's.

I was confident that I would be the leader.

I'll recommend someone right away.

(He looks nervous.)

Donghyun's team has always placed first

when he was a leader.

- Right. / - Right.

That makes me feel so pressured.

You don't need to.

Please raise your hand if you agree to that.

- I totally agree. / - Since we can win.

I agree if we can place first.

- Okay. / - I totally agree.

(He reluctantly agrees.)

(He failed again.)

- We decided right away. / - He's the leader.

- Okay. / - Great.

Thank you.


I should have got that badge.

I even want to steal it from him.

- Vocalists, raise your hand. / - Vocalists.

(Are there only three vocalists?)

There are four.

(There are four including the timid vocalist.)

- Raise it higher. / - Are the rest

all rappers?

There are only four vocalists then.

There are so many rappers here.

(There are many more rappers)

(than vocalists in Team Blue.)

I thought there were too many rappers.

I was worried about how to balance it.

We need a strong beat that stands out too.

I think what to sing is the most crucial matter.

Considering the ratio of the vocalist and the rappers,

I thought of a song.

There is a song called "MIC Drop" by BTS.

I feel that style of a song

will suit us very well.

There are vocals, but also plenty of rap in that song.

We can show our vocal skills too.

We can show our every side.

It might become a little boring though.

I feel like it can be a little awkward in fact.

Our strongest point is

the fact that we have seven rappers.

I want to sing a wonderful hip-hop song

with those rappers.

There is an old song I still remember.

It's "Swagga Like Us" by T.I.

I think that style will be great.

Then vocalists will be helpless.

As I'm a vocalist,

I wanted to make the performance

to show great vocal skills.

But the rappers seem to have their own ideas.

You guys said that rappers write the rap,

and that you can change the theme on your own too.

But once we choose a song,

vocalists can't help but follow the original theme.

I think it would be nice

to decide a song for vocalists.

In that case, the rappers can adjust yourselves

to the song.

What do you think about "Uptown Funk"?

- Beyonce sang that song... / - I see.

- You're right. / - in Super Bowl.

(This is exciting.)

"Uptown Funk" will be great.

This is it. It's perfect.

- My gosh. / - This is awesome.

This is the perfect song for us.

- I totally agree. / - Me too.

I like it.

- This is the best. / - It is.

Let's applaud.

(They chose "Uptown Funk".)

- All is up to us now. / - Yes.

(The intense discussion is over.)

(Donghyun comes back to his room with the score sheet.)

(I'll practice before I go to bed.)

(At the same time)

(the rappers are still in the practice room.)

(What is going on?)

I suddenly started to think that "Uptown Funk"

may end up just like "Her".

- You can say that again. / - You're right.

That's why I was not satisfied.

We have many cool rappers on our team,

but I thought we were not

taking enough advantage of that.

There is a song titled "Black Skinhead" by Kanye West.

I was wondering how it would be

to go with that cool song.

We should appeal to Donghyun.

- Jun. / - Right.

If we're to choose that song,

we have to come up with good reasons.

- We should sound reasonable. / - Right.

Or shall we discuss the theme on our own now?

It has to be hip-hop since there are seven rappers.


(The rappers are discussing to persuade the others.)

- Bye. / - Bye.

- Good night. / - Good night.

(Training camp, day two)

Should we try out what we discussed earlier?

- What is that? / - It's something I came up with.

Yesterday, I spoke to a few of the guys.

We do have a lot of rappers.

I think a song like this will help with the synergy

and accentuate our strong points.

It's a Kanye West song.

We can go full rap.

(What do you all think?)

I'm concerned that it might get boring.

It's for certain won't be bland with rapping involved.

You think so?

It won't matter with all rappers,

but we had vocalists too.

The uncertainty made it hard to settle on something.

The other team has everything

all composed and arranged.

We keep switching

and returning to the first song.

I felt like we were lost and in a dilemma.

(Rain and Jo Hyunah appear at the site.)

(Who did we see just now?)

(Kanto's frozen.)

(Team Blue struggles to pick a song.)



- Gosh. Hello. / - Hello.


- Hello. / - Hi, guys.

- Guys. / - Yes?

- Take a seat. / - All right.

(Feeling bewildered)

- Hey, Jungha. / - Yes?

What are you doing right now?

Try giving the presentation.

Sure. Here's the concept that we're going for.

We all have strong identities

as individuals.

We decided to go with a gritty,

dark, and masculine image.

- His tone of voice changed a bit. / - Jungha?

He speaks with more assurance.

(Jungha has changed.)

Hey, Marco.

This is my personal opinion.

How about changing your hairstyle?

I've honestly thought about it.

To work with our current concept,

I think I should put the dreadlocks down to the side.

Do you disagree?

(Rain is helpless in front of Marco's smiling eyes.)

- What's he saying? / - "Do you disagree?"

- Hey, Marco. / - Yes?

- Do you think you're good-looking? / - No.

I think you've got the looks.


- Thank you. / - I think a switch to a more

natural hairstyle will be quite a shocker.

People will think, "Gosh. That's Marco?"

(Looking serious)

Kanto, you should rather adopt the dreadlocks.

(Kanto should adopt the reggae-look?)

That's too big of a change.

(What do you think? Can they rock the looks?)

- You're rap and vocals, right? / - Yes.

We're emphasizing on rap.

But you have Kanto.

I trust Kanto without a sliver of doubt.

(It's a huge compliment.)

- Thank you. / - Be in charge of the rapping

and put it together well.

Let's put our hands together.

- One, two, three. Let's go. / - Let's go.

- Thank you. / - Thank you.

Thank you.

(Team Blue is encouraged by their visit.)

It seemed like he knew each of us individually.

It was very touching.

That's how I felt.

The whole day just felt like

a long roller coaster ride.

The pressure and difficulty were driving me insane.

That's how I still kind of feel now.

We need to fill in the details now.

We have to just select something.

(They can no longer afford to delay choosing a song.)

- It's almost the same. / - The intro begins

- with "Red Sun". / - Okay.

That's when the rapping will start.

We'll insert our song.

- We can do "Bermuda Triangle". / - Right.

(It's a "Red Sun" mashup with "Bermuda Triangle".)

- Good idea. It's a great idea. / - Isn't it perfect?

I have the picture in my mind.

I have a good feeling.

(Blue Team finally makes their selection.)

I was happy to receive the self-production mission.

Instead being limited to a single concept,

we can work together to make something new.

I think it'll feel new and be very fun.


We'll assign sub-leaders,

Kanto for rapping and Chan for dancing.

(He's not only a great vocalist,)

(but an equally great dancer.)

(Chan is the jack of all trades.)

I kept getting new ideas

on which direction to take the song.

(Ever since the first meeting,)

(he kept getting new ideas.)

(Chan breathed new life)

(into the "Red Sun" choreography.)

It's honestly the hardest task.

But I am so grateful to him for doing so well.

(Seyong from the performance team came to observe.)


- Chan, the choreography is amazing. / - That's right.

(Chan is even acknowledged by Seyong,)

(who is an accomplished dancer.)

To be honest, Marco is most crucial to our group.

He's in charge of stage set design,

outfits, hairstyles, and makeup.

(Marco is the stage and visuals director.)

It felt a bit of responsibility.

It's been a while to feel like this.

Impressive. It'll be impressive. We'll show you.

(Marco has gotten serious.)

You only have one shot at this.

I'm half worried and half full of expectations.

I thought about it a lot.

(They have a meeting with the professional stylist.)

(Marco approaches.)

I have something here.

Go on ahead.

- A cartoon? / - It draws from animation concepts.

(Feeling flustered)

(He's dead serious.)

- It'll capture the mood. / - I see.

(His meeting with them continues.)

(What will Team Blue end up wearing?)


(That night)

(Marco shows up at the empty practice room.)

(He's busier than anyone)

(because of the preparation for the presentation.)

(That's when Lee Jungha appears.)

- Did the others call it a night? / - Yes.

- You're working alone? / - Yes.

It's currently 6:20 a.m.

One, two, three. Okay.

It'll feel like we've appeared in front of the camera.

That's how it'll feel. Okay.

If all my thoughts work out in place,

then it'll be a great performance.

(Day of the progress evaluation)

- 9, 10, / - That's right.

- and 11, 12... / - What's up?

- Hello. / - What is up?

Hello. Hello.

- Hello. / - Sit down.

- There's no need to stand, sit. / - Okay.

This room smells like men.

(We're sorry.)

Have any of you guys fought yet?

What's that?

There are no fights yet? No fist fights?

- We're nice. / - It seems so.

I like your pens, man.

It's Wi-Fi.


People like Casper always create good vibes.

I like people like that.

- I like you too. / - Okay.

(Oh goodness)

Can we begin then?

- The song that we chose is / - Okay?

a mashup between "Red Sun"

and "Bermuda Triangle".

- A mash-up? / - Yes.

The first lines have verses like,

"A Rolex on my wrist, it's now boring"

or "Our song overtakes the streets"

But none of us own Rolexes.

I also doubt that any of our songs

ever overtook a street.

By mashing the song with "Red Sun",

we want to make ourselves believe

that we're the best on stage.

If we show viewers something real,

we'll be able to convince ourselves.

That's the kind of theme

that we'd like to display.

That's a great idea.

(Feeling proud)

Have you thought about the outfits and set design?

That's being handled by Marco.

- Marco. / - Hi.

What if everyone ends up with your hair?

- No? / - We discussed that already.

(Team Blue presents on their song's organization.)

The first prop is a chandelier.

That looks too expensive.

(Marco sure knows how to break expectations.)

We need a real chandelier.

As long as it hangs in the middle of the stage,

even a plastic one will be fun.

If a big one isn't allowed,

we'll take a few small ones.

Maybe about seven total?

It would be nice to include the wall

in the back of the photo.

If not, then it's okay.

That's how it'll feel.

And pillars of fire.

(We need to include pillars of fire at least.)

- That's too much. / - It's too strong.

That's the Super Bowl.

We won't even be visible.

You'll make a hole in the ceiling of KBS.

Then each of us

will do this.

Then, one of us can pop out.

It's very elaborate.

But if you mess up,

it can seem messy.

If there's too much, people might get confused.

It can get messy, so people can lose focus.

It doesn't have to continue through.

Can we see

each of your parts?

(Kanto, Team Blue's reputable rapper)

(Jun Q and Jungha, Team Blue's baritones.)

(Marco, the rapper with a personality)

(Team Orange is nervous about Team Blue's lineup.)


(The first to jump into the evaluation is Jungha.)

I have four short verses.

(Feeling nervous)

They have to hit home if they're short.

Jun Q.

(It's Jun Q and his baritone voice.)

"You're not as loud as the clamor of my heart"

Are words like that ever used in daily speech?

I don't think it's ever used that way.

The rappers want to give off a whole different vibe.

I'm not sure how this will all turn out in the end.

(Team Blue's rappers)

(received harsh criticism from San E.)

(They practice again with Kanto taking the lead.)

(Will they able to build a relatable song)

(with impactful performance?)

Kanto, take a look over this for me.

(Jungha asks Kanto for advice.)

I think this is very good.

(He explains thoroughly.)

The flow here is a lot better than yesterday's.

(Jun Q ambitiously receives)

(a lesson from Kanto as well.)

"I'll begin my Gulliver's trip"

It's a bit odd.

It's better to rap with higher notes.

I'm not sure if this part is all there.

It kind of halts everything at the front.

(The worrying continues)

(along with practice.)

(Rapping reputations are on the line.)

(How will Team Blue perform?)

("Bermuda Triangle" and "Red Sun" by Donghyun,)

(Marco, Lee Jungha, Jun Q, Chan, and Kanto)

He's a handsome fellow.


(Lee Jungha)


(Jun Q)




I got hurt.

- What happened? / - I couldn't see the cape

- and slipped on it. / - Good work, everyone.

- I fell. / - Good work.

- We failed because of me. / - It's okay.

(Lee Jungha fell.)

My ankle got twisted and I fell.

I got right back up dancing in surprise.

But I feel like I've marred a beautiful picture.

I'm so sorry. My heart just felt heavy.

- I'm sorry. / - Really?

- What are you sorry about? / - You did well.

Actually, I'm the first one.

Team Blue created an impressive stage set.

- That's right. / - The outfits were on point too.

- There was a lot of eye candy. / - Right.

Now, Team Orange will be performing.

What will their message be?

What is the emotion they're trying to express?


(What happened to them?)

(Team Orange, Jun, Heedo, Ungjae, Giseok,)

(Raehwan, Gunwoo, Junghoon, Sejun, Suwoong, and Casper)

- Nice to meet you. / - Nice to meet you.

(Team Orange's first meeting.)

I'm Jun, U-Kiss' youngest member.

Nice to meet you.

(He raps)

(and sings very well.)

(He's also a proficient winker.)

(He's very outgoing as well.)

(Suwoong on top, Jun at the bottom)

(He acts like a baby in front of his seniors.)

Don't get between us.

- Hey, guess who? / - Hello.

(He's even friendly with the competing team.)

(He's the friendliest guy in The Unit.)

Hi, I'm Suwoong from Boys Republic.

(His charisma is explosive.)

(I'll forgive you)

Hi, I'm Heedo, B.I.G's rapper.


(Heedo's bass voice is dead-low.)

- Nice to meet you. / - Nice to meet you.

Is that your regular voice?

Yes, it's on the low side.

- It's so cool. / - It is.

When Heedo speaks, it feels like I'm in a cave.

Let's go over personal hopes.

I'd like to choose our song

- by the end of tonight. / - That would be the best.

First, I think the song is the most important.

There's nothing pre-selected.

We have to compose it ourselves.

Originally, I thought about an American song.

What's that song with the lyrics

that go, "Let's Get It Started"?

It's Wiz Khalifa.

- "See You Again". / - I see.

It's kind of situationally appropriate.

I'd rather stick to a Korean song.

From a viewer's perspective,

something popular is better.

When I listen to the lyrics of an American song,

I can't really understand the meaning.

I'm not good in English.

(They try singing "See You Again".)

(Blanking out)

I'm not good in English.

I'm good at picking out what's popular.

I'm thinking about it

from a mass-appeal standpoint.

(What will Suwoong choose instead?)

("Butterfly" by BTS)

- It's good. / - It's cool.

I think this one's good.

- Should we do this? / - Sure, why not?

Most of you liked it without a specific reason.

Yes, I just like it.

(This ballad song)

(compares youth to a butterfly flying away.)

- Do you like it? / - I like it a lot.

- Then, let's do it. / - Sure, why not.

- It's good. / - Sure.

I consider myself the voice of popularity.

(Jun leaves the practice room after choosing a song.)


(He visits Team Yellow's practice room.)

(Creeping up)

Is this fully composed?

- I think so. / - Already?

Junhyeok did it.

(He naturally gathers intelligence on the other teams.)

(Peeping in)

- Oh, hello. / - Hi.

(This time, he visits Team Green.)

(Lee Geon is busy writing something down.)

(He naturally takes a seat next to him.)

(Quickly scanning)

- Okay. / - I mistook him for a fellow team member.

Nice lyrics.

Hey, he saw it.

(Spying on Team Green, success)

They're like short tours.

Tours of the enemy base.

(Slightly opening the door)

(He even spies on Team Blue, their direct rival.)

Hey, be gone.

He's preparing with me.

(Ironclad defense)

(It's a failure.)

(The friendliest guy in the Unit is dangerous.)

(He sits down naturally next to the leader.)

If this part is okay,

then it'll fit.

- Want to just join our team? / - Sure.

Give me this part.

We're actually preparing two songs.

Isn't that awesome?

- Really? / - We're going to pick one.

(He gets uneasy over the leaking information.)

Do they keep sending you to spy on us?

- No. / - Then, why are you here?

- Why are you coming? / - Want to visit us?

They're sending you

- to spy, right? / - No, Casper is sleeping.

He's sleeping?

(Team Blue relaxes over the news.)

(Picking out a song was tiring.)

(After scouting out the enemy,)

(he charts out the choreography.)

(He designs the bigger picture with water bottles.)

I didn't have to chart out the choreography.

But something made me feel anxious.

That's why I did it.

(He remains alone to plot out the positions.)


(a friend visits.)

(Marco, from Team Blue, their rivals)

- What are you up to? / - What are you doing?

How does this look?

- Isn't it impressive? / - It is.

Good job.


Your words had zero enthusiasm.

You did so well.

So, is your team doing "Bermuda Triangle"?

(Jun asks Marco.)


- Right? / - Yes.

I've heard that you were doing something else too.

"Bermuda Triangle"


- "Red Sun". / - Yes, "Red Sun".

It'll be like a remix.


(Rolling his tongue)

You're not doing that.

- We might. / - You're doing "Red Sun".

- All right. Okay. / - Your lies got caught.

You got caught red-handed.

Get out.

You kept visiting our room.

- You're here to spy on us, right? / - Of course not.

(He came to get spied on.)

Our original intention for the bridge was to go up.

But I think we'll have to cut it down.

With eight or more lines,

it'll feel like a verse.

(Lee Jungha's friend,)

(Ungjae is)

(good at playing the piano.)

(He's also a good rapper.)

(This talented fellow is even good at production.)

Each rapper will take four lines each.

You'll go in pairs. But here...

He was good at producing.

This mission suited him well. He had a lot of ideas.

He used a lot of difficult words too.

Is he an expert?

- Won't you improvise here? / - I will.

Then, a rapper can just unleash here.

Ungjae and I seem to be sharing the same idea

regarding the direction of the song.

It's like something I had in mind.

His words fell right into the team's vision.

It's a task that I'm confident with.

Sure, I did want to show people what I can do.

However, 126 people must be able to relate.

This mission will cause people to be eliminated.

Some will stay.

Even if we can't continue on here,

I want to be able

to see them again on stage in the future.

That's the message that I want this song to convey.

(Ungjae rehearses the newly arranged version)

(of "Butterfly".)

- That's amazing. / - That's good.

- It's impressive. / - It's nice and clean.

- It's just good. / - I like it.

(Afterwards, the rappers get together to write lyrics.)

We have to let out our personal feelings a bit.

- It'll be good for everyone. / - I agree.

We all came together here with the same dream.

I want to continue building on that idea.

Some will feel desperate.

There will be quite a few people.

I want a song

that can help bring comfort to such fears.

- That's good. / - That's the direction I'd prefer.

For me,

I wondered if to my company,

we were just a bunch of disposable cards.

Actually, from the title song of our album

to all the accompanying tunes, I composed them all.

The album release got pushed again.

The future became more obscured.

I wondered if there would be another performance

after one ended.

That's how I felt.

That was so difficult for me.

I would compose the songs,

but none of them would do well.

- I felt so sorry. / - No, it's not that.

- This is such a tear-jerker. / - It's so...

It hits more because the failure applies to me.

I would see all these music programs on TV.

But it would feel so weird.

They're singers just like me.

But it felt like they had totally different careers.

To most people,

I was just that kid who sang decently...

(That kid who sings decently)

And acts here and there.

That's how most people might continue to see me.

But that's very unfortunate.

I made my start as U-Kiss' Jun.

But even as U-Kiss' Jun,

I was relatively unknown.

If it wasn't for U-Kiss,

I probably wouldn't be here now.

U-Kiss is essentially the most precious thing I have.

I have something kind of unrelated

that was personally hard for me.

We debuted together

and were active around the same time.

Our progress was stagnated.

But we could see the others progressing onwards.

That happened to me too.

I remembered my parents

who supported me for five long years.

(After sharing personal stories)


- What? / - Why are you crying?

- I'm not crying. / - You're crying.

- I'm not crying. / - You looked like it.

- I'm not crying. / - What's wrong?

- What's wrong? / - But I think

I can compose this well this time.

- Don't cry. / - I'm not.

- Don't cry. / - I'm not.

(The crybabies get together to compose the rap lines.)

(They check over each other's lyrics.)

It's not bad.

I don't like hearing that.

I want to write it well. You know? Better?

- Hello, we are / - Hello, we are

- Team Orange. / - Team Orange.

The theme of our group is the word, "dream".

Are you acting out "Love Actually"?

(They present with a sketchbook.)

Please forgive the bad handwriting.

Overall, our objective is

to present ourselves

as a group sprinting toward our dreams.

Our song is

"Butterfly" by BTS.

We wanted to sketch ourselves on stage

as butterflies waiting to fly

as we wait eagerly for spring.

Our success will depend

on whether or not our rappers

will be able to convey our honesty on stage.

We'd like to put up

the lyrics behind the stage

- so viewers can read along. / - That's very important.

We wanted to bring comfort and encouragement

to the 126 friends struggling here with us.

We usually strive to write deep lyrics

that are philosophical and revealing about life.

But lyrics that hit home naturally

are most empathized with.

That makes the best rap.

I'm looking forward to this.

I think it'll be very fun.

We are currently on-route running to our dreams.

There were a lot of painful and exhausting moments

along the way.

In my case, I'm a child trying not to lose his dream

despite the pain,

a struggling child.

It's for my friends who are on the same path.

It's a message for everyone

who dreams of a career in music.

It's basically what I want to tell myself right now.

Let's keep going without giving up.

I believe that everyone has a place

where they can shine.

That opportunity comes for everyone.

At least here,

it's just a case of someone shining brighter than you.

You just happen to be less bright.

But I want to remind everyone

that they're special too.

(I looked up at the ceiling far too long.)

(Let's run to the end.)

("Butterfly" by Gunwoo, Giseok, Raehwan,)

(Suwoong, Ungjae, Jun, Casper, and Heedo)

(Suwoong of Boys Republic)

(Ungjae of Imfact)

My gosh, I just got goosebumps.

What just happened?

- They did well. / - They were good.

(They can't stop feeling emotional)

(even after lights are turned on.)

(Jun of U-Kiss has a hard time)

(keeping his feelings in check.)

(He sheds tears as he doesn't want to leave the stage.)

(He can't hold his tears even behind the stage.)

My gosh. I can't stop crying.

- Why are you crying? / - Jun, are you okay?

- Jun. / - Don't cry, Jun.

- Why are you crying? / - You did a good job.

- Great job. / - Jun.

- Hey, Jun. / - My gosh.

- I can't say anything. He's crying. / - Me neither.

- Jun is crying. / - My goodness.

(He's letting the older performers to comfort him.)

(On the other side of the stage)

Stop crying, punk.

(These two crybabies)

(are comforting each other.)

- Stop crying. / - Why are you crying?

- Be quiet. Hey. / - Who is it?

You're making us cry too.

One Junn was sitting like this.

On the front of the second floor,

one of the members of my group, One Junn,

was sitting there.

He had his hands clasped together.

He gathered his hands while hoping

that I wouldn't make a mistake.

So I kept singing the song for One Junn.

Right now, One Junn and I

share similar thoughts,

so I wanted to connect with him. That's why

I looked at One Junn when I was singing.

(After the performance)

- Hello. / - Hi.

- Great job. / - Hello.

- Teams for rappers and vocalists. / - Okay.

(It's time to reveal the result.)

This is what I would like to know.

I saw that Jun cried a lot on the screen.

Why did you cry?

I wrote the lyrics as I thought about

the members of U-Kiss.

My gosh. I'm so sorry.

- No, no. Don't be nervous. / - I'm sorry.

Men must not cry.

(Casper comforts him while he breaks the mood.)

You know what sadness means, right?

Yes, my name sounds similar.

My name sounds similar. "I'm extremely sad."

- "I'm extremely sad." / - "I'm extremely sad."

(My gosh, Casper. You're unstoppable.)

- We'll reveal the ranking now. / - All right.

(The personal rank in Team Orange)

My gosh, Casper.

I felt it.

I saw you guys on the screen. Every one of you

- are getting more good looking. / - Right.

He kept saying you guys looked handsome.

Right, I said that.

When I saw Casper,

- I said he was handsome. / - Really?

I always thought that you were handsome

whenever I saw you.

- I mean it. I'm serious. / - Thank you.

- He has good social skills. / - Casper.

- Please reveal / - The second place.

- the second place. / - Will it be Suwoong?

(The personal rank in Team Orange goes Jun, Suwoong,)

(Casper, Ungjae, Raehwan, Heedo, Gunwoo, and Giseok.)

I think he should buy lotteries.

He said to buy lotteries.

Please reveal us the ranking for Team Blue.

(Individual Standings, seventh place, Lee Jungha)

It's Lee Jungha.

(Seventh place of Team Blue, Lee Jungha)

Lee Jungha.

You know that you looked quite sloppy on stage, right?

Yes, I'm aware.

But then why didn't you practice?

I think I should have worked harder.

Looking sloppy on stage

will not be tolerated anymore.

(Sixth place, Kanto, fifth place, Marco,)

(fourth place, Jun Q, and third place, Donghyun)

- Donghyun. / - My gosh.

(Third place, Donghyun)

Chan and Jungha remain.

- Jungha, / - Yes?

which one do you wish takes first place?

Right now, I'm so shocked.

I was never ranked

either first or second place on the show.

Were you never in the upper ranks?

I was mostly in lower ranks. I only got one boot too.

I never realized how handsome you are.

- I was so surprised. / - I was too.

- Thank you. / - Your eyes.

(He's a good-looking rapper.)

Will it be Jungha or Chan?

(Which one will take the first place?)

(First place, Jungha, second place, Chan)

- My gosh! / - Goodness.

(First place, Jungha)

- Isn't this your first time? / - Yes.

I've never won first place before.

First off, I'm very grateful.

I won the first place because

everyone around me helped me a lot.

I think I benefited a lot from my colleagues.

- Okay. Congratulations. / - Take your seat.

I wonder which team won

the rival match.

Will it be Team Orange or Team Blue?

(Team Blue showed a cool)

(and intense hip-hop performance.)

(Team Orange aroused the sincere feelings)

(of the audience.)

(What will the final result be?)

(Team Orange, 291 votes Team Blue, 282 votes)

(Team Orange wins by nine votes.)

- They won by nine votes. / - Seriously.

To be honest, we had a hard time choosing the song.

I'm so relieved that a favorable result came out.

- Thank you, guys. I love you. / - Go for it.

The third mission of The Unit

was Self-Producing Mission.

Every team has delivered their performances.

Seeing the condition you are in,

everyone must sleep for three days.

- I completely agree. / - You look beat.

They prepared some amazing performances.

I agree. Everyone worked so hard.

We are going to reveal the ranking of each team

which the team's pride is at stake.

Three performers with the highest votes

in the winning team

will be exempted from disqualification.

Now, I will announce the winning team of Unit G.

(Team Black proceeded)

(as they beat Team Red, their rival.)

The winning team will be Team Black.

I think my team will win this time.

(Team Orange owned Team Blue)

(with their perfect performance.)

To be honest, I want it.

I want to be exempted from getting eliminated.

We have to be first.

(Team Yellow came on top with explosive singing.)

Our team must be first.

We'll be sure to be exempted from disqualification.

In first place for Unit G


(Which Unit G team will take the winning glory?)

Team Orange.

(Team Orange seizes victory in Unit G.)

(Euna Kim secures elimination immunity.)

(Semmi secures elimination immunity.)

(Somyi secures elimination immunity.)

Now, it's the male teams' turn.

I can only say that it's a miracle.

In first place for Unit B

(Team Yellow came on top)

(with overflowing emotional singing.)

Today, we shall win.

I've been hoping for a win.

(Team Black seized the performance victory)

(from Team Red.)

I think we're more than enough to take the win.

(Dreamy Team Orange)

(overcame Team Blue in perfect harmony.)

Securing first place is the objective.

Our team must secure elimination exemption.

(Which team will secure elimination immunity?)

Team Yellow.

(Team Yellow seizes victory in Unit B.)

(Im Junhyeok secures elimination immunity.)

(Dongmyeong secures elimination immunity.)

(Rock Hyeon secures elimination immunity.)

It's nice being in first place.

But I even earned immunity.

I felt like flying.

For the first time in my life, I'm in first place.

(Sungjun, 37th place)

(Heedo, 28th place)

(Hangyul, 19th place)

(Ji Hansol, tenth place)

(What will the results be)

(for Unit B's second Voting Round?)

(Dana, 37th place)

(Ann, 28th place)

(Yujeong, 19th place)

(Lee Suji, 10th place)

(What will the results be)

(for Unit G's second Voting Round?)

For more infomation >> The Unit | 더 유닛 - Ep.18 : Emotional Roller Coaster [ENG/2018.02.01] - Duration: 1:03:55.


The Unit | 더 유닛 - Ep.17 : Ideas Make the Stage [ENG/2018.01.31] - Duration: 46:58.

(A battle of rivals, Self-producing Mission)

(They personally planned and staged)

(the whole performance.)

(The legendary performances)

(The war of rivals isn't over yet.)

(The legendary performances will continue!)


(what do his tears mean?)

It's a competition between the best singers.

It's a competition between female idol vocalists.

I will now invite two teams to the stage.

On the stage, come on.

- Let's do this. / - Hello.

(They can't wait to see the competition.)

(It's a competition)

(between Team Yellow and Team Green.)


(Heejin, Lucky)


- Hello everyone. / - Hello everyone.

- We are Green Light. / - We are Green Light.

- Hello everyone. / - Hello everyone.

- We are Bamm. / - We are Bamm.

(Happy Birthday, Hyeyeon.)

NC.A and Heejin are

- They are very similar. / - very similar.

(NC.A versus Heejin of Good Day)

(Even though she has a small body,)

(she has a strong voice.)

(Heejin has an emotional voice.)

When they are on the same team...

- They should be competing. / - Right.

That's why they should not be on the same team.

(Female Vocalists, Hayoon, Yebin, Gaeul, Yujeong,)

(NC.A, Haena, Eun E, Lucky, and Minhee)

(versus Hyeyeon, Yeoeun, Heejin, Jihoon, and Woohee)

It's time for Team Green's stage.

The Unit.

(The team has a combination)

(of the best vocalists, NC.A,)


(and Kang Minhee.)

(KBS Human Resources Development Institute)

(Warming up before the meeting)

(This is how well a trot singer can dance.)

- My gosh. / - My goodness.

(Who is playing the piano?)

Hey, excuse me.

I've heard this song on TV.

(This is how well an idol singer can play the piano.)

Look at her.

Let's get back to our work.

-That's right. / - Let's get back to our work.

Let's talk about the songs that each of us has in mind.

I thought about our team members' strength.

When we think of Team Yellow,

they put their vocal skills first.

Our strength is...

- Our tones. / - We can talk about our tones.

We have a wider range of vocal styles.

This is the reason that they put us together as a team.

(The vocalists who have a clear)

(and refreshing voice are Yujeong,)


(and Yebin.)

(And here is the vocalist who has the best voice.)

(She is the future queen of trot, Seol Hayoon.)

I think the reason that they put us

together as a team is

to see how our voices will work together.

They wanted to see it for themselves.

(I am amazed by their ideas.)

We all knew what other teams were up to.

But as we don't know what they are up to,

I feel nervous.


Where is Team Yellow?

They are right next to our room.

(She's stuck to the wall.)

Which song are they singing?

They are preparing something cool.

Something totally cool.

How about us?


That's what I heard.

(Yebin of DIA brought a helpful information.)

- Hold on. Quiet. / - Quiet.

(Let's go.)


(What are they singing?)

(I am so curious.)

(I am curious too.)

- I think... / - Hey.

Jihoon is playing the piano.

Jihoon is playing the piano.

I think the rest is singing.

I was so curious about Team Yellow.

When I heard something, I ran.

I listened to them.

Anyway, it's a competition against the other team.

If I compare Team Yellow with ballads,

Team Green has

a bit of cuteness compared to Team Yellow.

- We are girlish. / - Yes. It will be also nice

if we could show the girlish side of us too.

- Yes. / - I was thinking earlier

that it's very important to choose

the proper concept for vocalists.

- You are right. / - I think we can sing a carol.

I got goosebumps.

(They started singing a carol together.)

(And I)


How about "Hug" by TVXQ?

(I want to be your bed)


We can rather sing this song.


- My gosh. Right. / - That's the song.


What's the name of the song?

- "Love in the Ice". / - "Love in the Ice".

I loved this song.

I listened to this all the time.

It was so good when I was younger.

It was the best song when we were younger.

It was.

("Love in the Ice" has a beautiful harmonization.)

I loved the song.

The first part of the song and the harmonization

create a perfect vibe.

"Love in the Ice"?

It was my first time hearing the song.

What are you doing?

- You're making a big mistake. / - What?

Who is left out?

- Hello. / - It's Hayoon.

You forgot about Hayoon.

I am Hayoon.


Are you all having fun?

- Hello. / - Louder!

Do you guys feel hot?

There should be a kick.


- I am Seol Hayoon. / - I am Hayoon.

Nice to meet you all.

(Hayoon makes the younger members happy.)

I am relaxing my throat.

Let's all relax our throat like

- Hayoon. / - Let's do it.

Everyone, hello.

- I am Seol Hayoon. / - I am Seol Hayoon.

(They begin practicing.)

Shall we divide the parts roughly?

(Eun E of S.E.T tries first.)

(Yujeong of Laboum tries.)

(Yebin of DIA tries.)

- You are so good. / - Make some noise!

She's good.

(They practice until dawn.)



(Lucky, Lucky.)

She never wakes up.

Come and have a look.

(We have to take a photo.)


(Why did they burst out laughing?)

(Since she is so tired, she sleeps with her eyes open.)




She is so cute.

(Thanks to the youngest member,)

(they don't feel tired anymore.)


She doesn't know anything at all.

This show is about Lucky's top of her head.

If you look at my hair part...

- Dirty. / - I have soft hair.

NC.A, show us your head.

First, we need some base here.

It's a bit uneven.

It's okay. It can be uneven.

Hayoon, show us your hair part.


This is my awesome face.

(I will smell your hair.)

What are you doing?

(She is startled.)

How does my head smell?

(We will always end the video)

(with our favorite pose.)

(Lucky's top of her head show will continue next time.)


We have to discuss how we will

do our presentation.

I've written some stuff down.

We can just put keywords only

- and do out presentations about them. / - Sure.

- Gosh. / - Amazing.

- Amazing. / - It's so useful.

(They are surprised by Lucky's professional skills.)

- That's good enough. / - She is talented.

- Like this. / - This is amazing.

This is unbelievable.

I think we are the only ones

who prepare our presentations like this.

Have you ever made PowerPoints before?

When I was in the elementary school,

I went to extra classes after school.

I attended computer classes.

They were so surprised seeing me making PowerPoints.

I felt so great.

Yes. I did it!

(Team Yellow and Team Green are gathered)

(for the Interim Evaluation.)

(Who will be checking on those vocalists?)

- Hello. / - Hello.

(Jo Hyunah)

- Hello. / - Hello.

I heard that you guys have presentations to do.

- Let's do it. / - Okay.

Hello. This is a worldwide show, The Unit.

Their presentation looks so professional.

The title of the song is "Love in the Ice".

We focused on winter and snow.

To bring out the feeling of winter,

we are thinking of putting white trees on the stage.

To avoid giving off a cold vibe,

we thought about adding in bright lights.

Let me explain about the outfits.

We plan to wear white dresses or skirts.

Shall we take a look at the photo first?


(They are impressed by her smooth presentation skill.)

- She's so good. / - You're doing so well!

I'll buy it!

Don't you think that this fits perfectly

with our team concept?

- You thought this through. / - We did.

Well, this is the end of our presentation.

(Thank you! Lucky made the last page herself.)

- This was for Green Light! / - My gosh.

- Thank you. / - This was for Green Light!

(She checks their singing right away.)

It was silent for five seconds.

I thought a ghost was passing by.

I am not so sure if this is

a good song for you.

Why do I feel like

there's no balance among everyone's parts?

Starting that moment, I was so nervous.

I was scared too.

I thought if this wasn't a good song for us.

I thought we might lose.

What she said is kind of bothering me.

She told us that she didn't think

it was a good song for us.

It was the first thing she said after hearing us.

It's the same with the audience

that they will only see us once.

I thought that perhaps, many of the audience

might think the same.

The thought that we might need

another song crossed my mind.

Gosh. It's hard. I thought that

dancing would be the hardest,

but being part of the vocalists is the hardest.

There are so many things we must decide ourselves.

(They go back to square one by choosing another song.)

- My stomach hurts. / - Where should we...

- Did you take the medicine? / - Yes.

I guess it hasn't kicked in yet.

- What should I do? It hurts a lot. / - Jiwon?

You got the cold sweats.

I'm about to have a panic attack.

- Hayoon. / - What's going on?

She has a bad stomachache.

- What should we do? / - What should we do?

- What's wrong? / - Did she take the medicine?

- What should we do? / - What are we going to do?

She's breaking out in a cold sweat.

It still hurts even after she took the medicine.

What should we do?

(She has shortness of breath.)

(It looks it's quite serious.)

- Hold on. / - Oh, no. What should we do?

(Hayoon collapses in the end.)

- Hold on a second. / - What should we do?

It's all right. Nothing happened.

- You'll be okay. / - You're all right.

Gosh, is it the same, warm hand

that held mine a while ago?

Where did it go?

Are you Ms. Seol Hayoon?

Seol Hayoon!

(The girls try to calm Hayoon down.)

- Excuse me. Let us through. / - You'll be fine.

(She is transported to the emergency room)

(for recovery.)

She was on a diet and was stressed out from the show.

I think it must have been the pressure

she felt from the show.

Poor Hayoon.

(They changed their song,)

(and Hayoon is absent from the group.)

(Can they finish their performance well?)

You can do it, Haena!

- You can do it, / - You can do it, Minhee!

You can do it, NC.A!

("Last Dance" by Gaeul, Minhee, Lucky, Hayoon, NC.A,)

(Yujeong of Laboum, Yebin, Eun E, and Haena)

(Haena's high notes make their jaws drop.)

(Performers in the waiting room are moved)

(by Team Green's performance.)

(They were so good.)

(Haena's great performance)

(makes a member of her group cry.)

(Yujeong of Laboum)

(Haena of Matilda)

(Kang Minhee)

(Gaeul of S.I.S)

(Eun E of S.E.T)

(Seol Hayoon)

(Lucky of Good Day)

(Yebin of DIA)


You're so pretty, NC.A!

We have Team Green and Team Yellow,

but the latter has only five people.

(Team Yellow has the least number of performers.)

- I'm worried. / - First off...

- It's not that. / - This is what I told them.

To beat the moving performance,

I told them that they must sing

an upbeat song well and put on a powerful performance.

Truthfully, you cannot overlook

the atmosphere of the show.

- That's true. / - MPs are important.

Moving performances. Why are you shortening them?

- Why do you do that? / - Recently,

I've been hanging out with my nephews and nieces.

I sort of picked up on that.

Do you know the term, "MC"?

- What is that? / - Mom's credit card.

I didn't know that. What about "FC"?

- Do you know "BC"? / - What's "BC"?

Bus card.

- I didn't know that. Seriously. / - Let's vote.

(I must hang out with them again this week.)

I wanted to work with Heejin.

They did such a great job putting together our team.

I like it.

The first place goes to the team...

(Team Green took first place)

(in their last, Restart Mission.)

(Heejin was the main vocalist of Team Green.)

(Her singing ability impressed everyone.)

I wanted to make a team with Yeoeun because

she always does a fantastic job for every performance.

(She's a talented vocalist)

(who proved herself on a music show.)

(Yeoeun has a powerful voice)

(and can reach the high notes.)

(How will the performance)

(with two powerful singers sound like?)

(They've been training for three months.)

(The room is filled with chatters.)

- I am Suji. / - I am Viva.

- Let's do this! / - Let's do this!

(They are bubbly.)

(They are playful.)

(This isn't on mute. This room is especially quiet.)

(Hyeyeon, the main vocalist of Bestie)

(Shin Jihoon)

(Woohee, the vocalist of Dalshabet)

The odd thing about our team is

that when one of us feels down,

the rest of us sort of calm down too.

When people felt a little better,

they became overly excited.

And we become depressed together a bit later on.

We were just staying quiet.

We were not upset or anything.

We were just staying quiet.

I am very hyperactive.

But I get influenced by the environment.

That's why I feel very happy when others are happy.

When others are unhappy, I get very sad too.


(Since they are vocalists,)

(they start singing with the piano.)

- It's hard to change the turns. / - I agree.

It's hard to change everyone's turns.

(They sing any songs that they can think of.)

(It's their depressing time again.)

We should choose the right song.

But there aren't any songs that catch our ears.

It is very hard to choose a song.

(Their discussion on choosing a song continues.)

(I don't want to cry)

(This room is full of sadness.)

- Are we all feeling depressed now? / - No.

I don't know how much time has passed.

(The team the next door finished choosing a song.)

It's so funny. We are so different from them.

- I am sad. / - If we choose to sing a song

with some performances,

we will look more energetic and positive.

I think so too.

How about we sing "Jackpot"?


(I like it.)

("Jackpot" by Block B is an electro swing music.)

I like this song.

- I like the song. / - We should go with this one.

Let's practice now.

We have to decide when we are happy.


IU's "The Red Shoes" has a symbolic meaning.

We also have to come up with a symbol.

- How about the trophy? / - Trophy?

I asked them to prepare...

We were going to put piano accompaniment.

With that idea, we can just...

(She stands up.)

(She stood up.)

(Let's explain about her.)

(She always stays on the floor.)

(No matter the situation,)

(she always sits on the floor.)

(Even when she dances, she is sitting in a chair.)

(She dances time to time.)

(She loves lying on the floor too.)

With that, we can just...

(She finally stood up.)

We come back like this.

Or we can just dance like dolls.


Or we can just dance like dolls.

(A stiff doll)

Gosh, Yeoeun.


(Is it not right?)

Let me just go back to my seat then.

(Let me just go back to my seat then.)

I always performed with a sexy image.

That's all I have done.

I wanted to show different sides of me

through The Unit.

I wanted to try so many different things too.

But I haven't sung any ballads.

People think of me

as a sexy idol of Dalshabet.

I think it is a great opportunity

to show people my singing skills too.

(Woohee of Dalshabet makes the dance moves easily.)

And bring your legs up when we sing this part.

We sing like this in this part.

(With Woohee's ideas, the dance moves are made.)

Woohee, could you show me

the part where we walk?

Walk with your hips out

with your shoulders too.

Like this.

(She is teaching sexy dance moves.)


We could do something like this.

I told Jihoon to dance like this.

(She shows off her sexy side.)

I didn't mean to teach her that.

The dance moves look different when you dance.

(Woohee's lesson continued the whole night.)

(Interim evaluation of self-producing)

- Let's go. / - Okay.

The song that we chose

is called "Jackpot".

The reason we chose the song

- is a twist. / - It is a twist.

Because I made a team with vocalists.

And you guys chose to sing a hip-hop song.

A homeless guy spends his entire money

on the most expensive suit and wear the suit.

And with the suit, he gains confidence back.

In the end, he becomes a millionaire.

Our Team Yellow think of

The Unit as our most expensive suits we can buy.

And we will make the jackpot on the stage.

That's why we chose the song.

You are so good at telling the story.

The props we are going to use are...

Are Chiyeul and Rain

your props?

(Do you need us?)

The prop we are going to use

is the trophy.

It means we want to be acknowledged by many audiences.

Since we do not own many trophies,

we were thinking of borrowing a few from Rain.

He has so many trophies.

We will make sure to win the trophies.

- Let's do this. / - Let's do this.

(Team Yellow's jackpot is the trophy.)

I can't wait.

(It's like a musical.)

(Yeoeun of Melody Day)

(Hyeyeon of Bestie)


- They are so good. / - They are good.

How can you guys sing with such amazing voices?

I am amazed.

- Great. / - Exactly.

(Shaking her head)

When I heard them practicing,

they did not practice that song.

But they were good.

I felt a little threatened.

Actually, there is something else.

When we heard that the interim evaluation

will be with Team Green,

we decided quickly

that we won't show more.

- Hello. / - Hello.

(Before the interim evaluation, they met Team Green.)

I think we are doing the interim evaluation with them.

- We are doing it together. / - Are we?

We gave each other signs with our eyes straight away.

We were saying "Let's not show them."

We talked to each other with our eyes.

What is it?

We will sing Rain's "La Song".

(The song that you know)

(How are they going to sing the song?)

How about we add in his song a little?

(It was Heejin of Good Day's idea.)

- In the middle or at the end? / - Let's try to add it.

- I like it. / - Let's add that too.

- It will be fun. / - Let's do that too.

We can sing the song.

(They try singing it.)

(The combination of "Jackpot")

(and "La Song" sounds perfect.)

It's good.

(Everyone loves her idea.)

There is another twist.

What are you?

(Team Yellow did not take a rest for the competition.)

(Will Team Yellow be able)

(to hit the jackpot on the stage?)

- We are the first, bamm. / - We are the first, bamm.

Bamm Bamm.

Let's do this.

(Team Yellow goes on the stage.)

("Jackpot" by Jihoon, Yeoeun,)

(Woohee, Hyeyeon, and Heejin)

(This is exciting.)

- Let's sing together. / - Let's sing together.

(He laughs at the unexpected moment.)

- Let's sing together. / - Let's sing together.

(Shin Jihoon)

(Yeoeun of Melody Day)

(Hyeyeon of Bestie)

(Woohee of Dalshabet)

(Heejin of Good Day)


(Super dance singer, Hansol)

(Everyone in the waiting room claps their hands.)

They were amazing.

- Yeoeun was so good. / - She is so good.

- They were so good. / - I hope our performance

still remains in your heart.

I hope you cried with us.

They did it so well.

I was so surprised that I got goosebumps.

Me too.

- Heejin of Good Day did / - Right.

an amazing job for the bridge.

- Yes. / - She did it so well.

Yeoeun knows

when to sing louder.

They sang a little bit of my song in the middle.

That was very...

I am not complimenting them because of my song.

I just think it is important

that they came up with an idea like that.

Let's reveal the results now.

(Team Yellow caught attention)

(with their refreshing voices.)

(Team Green had powerful vocalists.)

(Team Green versus Team Yellow)

(Team Yellow wins.)

- They won. / - Good job.

(Team Green feels disappointed.)

We did it.

(Team Yellow won the battle between the vocalists.)

(Team Yellow. The rank goes Heejin, Yeoeun,)

(Woohee, Hyeyeon, and Shin Jihoon)

(Team Green. The rank goes NC.A, Haena, Yebin,)

(Yujeong, Lucky, Minhee, Hayoon, Eun E, and Gaeul)

The next stage is

a battle between the two teams for performances.

Please welcome both teams.

(Team Red versus Team Black)

If we put the powerful dancer like Juhyun, Mint,

and Hyosun together, they will be a powerful team.

- They will be a strong team. / - That's right.

They are so strong that they look like

they are about to explode.

They will be a strong team.

What are you guilty of?

(They watch the idol singers' self-promotion videos.)

I am guilty of

luring the guys with my charming eyes.

(They love it.)

I love it when there are

- creative candidates. / - I love it too.

When given the same mission,

They can be eye-catching.

it is very important to be noticeable.

She already has all the strengths.

You are right.

Jiwon is very noticeable

because of her perfect dance skills.

After listening to his opinion,

we can put the girls

who look beautiful when they dance, as a team.

We can do that.

(Female performance battle)

(Team Black)

It's here.

Welcome, guys.

I like the place.

(They are happy to be given the new mission.)

- It's big enough for us. / - I like this place.


We have so many on our team.

Shall we start by introducing ourselves?

Shall we start by introducing ourselves?

(This is how they will introduce themselves.)

- I am Hyunjoo and 20 years old. / - Okay.


I am Euijin and 22 years old.

I was out of the beat.

I am Euijin and 22 years old.

I am Haein and 23 years old.

I am ZN and 24 years old.

I am Serri and 28 years old.

You are still young.

- You are still young. / - You are still young.

- You are still young. / - You are still young.

(Cheer up.)

I am Yena and 18 years old.

- Yena. / - She is 18 years old.

(Yena of G-reyish is 18 years old.)

(This is how much Yena loves)

(to be caught on the cameras.)

(Let me look pretty on the cameras.)

(They always put pretty faces for the camera.)

(Heart pounding)

(Their cuteness is a bonus.)

(Heart pounding)

I think Team Red will put on

a really powerful performance.

- I think so too. / - We can do it too.

I think we can rather focus on

the vibe or we should look fancy on the stage.

Shall we start our discussion?

Does any of you guys have any ideas for the mission?

- I don't. / - I have one.

I thought of something like a high school musical.

It will be fun and nice.

- I will write that down for now. / - Okay.

I also thought of the mission.

I think it is boring to show our cuteness and sexiness.

I think we should dance in an attractive way.

The musical, "Chicago"...

(It's a famous jail scene from the musical, "Chicago".)

And the first scene in the movie, "La La Land".

The scene where people dance in the car at one-take.

(The street flash mob scene from "La La Land")

I think the flash mob can be seen

very fancy.

I thought Euijin would be more of an easy-going person.

But she was rather more meticulous.

I always wanted to try stage management.

I love putting things in order

and putting ideas together.

(They are making up the dance moves)

(for the introduction part.)

Shall we start our performance like this?

Show us.

This is good. Let's do this.

(Euijin adds more ideas to it.)

If we sing like this...

Like this?

Turn like this.

That was quick.

Let's do this.


We finished making the dance moves for the intro.

Have a look at this. This will be our intro.

- This will be our intro. / - Already?

I like it.

I like it.

I like it.

I could see why they became singers.

I could see why people said

they were talented dancers too.

Euijin is

very good at making dance moves.

I was so thankful to be on the same team with her.

I felt relieved.

(They aren't dancing randomly.)

(They are making the dance moves.)

How are we going to dance for this part?


To dance with more impact,

we can dance like this together.

- It's not bad. / - To draw people's attention,

we could dance like this.

We could turn our heads like this.

(Touching their legs down is an important move.)

(She is in love with her ideas.)

- From here... / - Haein loves sexy dance moves.

She is so happy right now.

I am so happy that I could do whatever I want.

I am thinking of doing everything I can.


Sit down like this with your arms straight.

One, two, three, four.

Put your leg down like this.

One. And turn your head back.

One. And turn your head back.

It will look funny if you stand up like this.

When you do this, turn your hip to the side.

Imagine you were turning your hip to that side.

Stand up like this.

Shall we try it again? Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

Can you all dance to the music now? Shall we try it?


(The intro part of the dance is finally done.)

(The important part of the dance)

(They concentrate on the key dance moves.)

Like this. One, two.

(They practiced the whole night.)

(Team Red and Black are gathered)

(for the Interim Evaluation.)

I can't wait to see this team's performance.

There are Nari, Hyosun,

Juhyun, and Anne in this team.

This team has talented dancers.




I thought, "Don't we have"

"any talented dancers on our team?"

I felt a little sad.

(Team Black shows their dance moves.)


- Thank you. / - Thank you.

Is this dance move part of the original dance moves?

- We came up / - We came up with it.

with this dance move.


It was so good.

- My goodness! / - Really?

(Team Black is deeply moved.)

Who choreographed the dance?

Haein did it.

This is the point. It catches people's eyes.

Haein did a good job with the choreography.

The other members helped me a lot.

It was really good.

I was surprised to see something

that I didn't expect at all.

I think you did a very good job.


Make sure to enjoy your performance more.

When you dance,

you should think that you are

the sexiest one in the world.

Glare at the audience.

Stare at them sharply and it's done.

There's nothing else you should do.

- Thank you. / - Thank you.

I have a nosebleed.

I have a nosebleed.

- My gosh. / - What? Is she bleeding?

- Are you all right? / - Do you have some tissue?

We just drove away bad luck.

We should go to the restroom.

- Come with me. This way. / - Toilet. Toilet.

Here. Here.

- Bolim needs to pee too. / - No way.

What was that?

- Gosh, what's wrong? / - I don't know.

I was startled.

You startled me.

I was surprised too.

I was really surprised.

I'm not sick. I'm just tired.

Euijin has worked so hard.

- I'm all right. / - So, she had a nosebleed.

(She laughs bravely.)

I was just surprised.

Excuse me.


We shouldn't laugh that much.

I was going to close your nostril using my finger.

When I'm tired,

I often have a nosebleed while blowing my nose.

But it was my first time

to bleed from the nose just by standing still.

I was a little embarrassed, but it was funny.

What situation was that?

- Hyunjoo, are you the sexy part? / - Yes.

You keep smiling, but you have kind of relaxed eyes.

- Look. She's sexy. / - I know. That's what I'm saying.

You should surprise people this time.

- Why are you blushing? / - She's cute.

Your face is all red.

She's blushing now.

What if her face turns red while she dances?

(It's hot.)

(Hyunjoo is cute and cheerful.)

My mom said I could be sexy.

She said, "People can be sexy."

But I'm worried. I want to call Mom right now.

Lie down this way.

(Park Jiwon and Haein are working on the choreography.)

- Double eyelid? / - Go this way...

(Should I try?)

Do it again.

- It is hard to follow. / - Watch your head...


I know how it feels.

(I don't know anything about being sexy.)

I finally know how it feels.

My knees hurt.


Move your chest more.

More. A little more.


(Practicing hard)

(My arms hurt.)

I was so embarrassed.

(Would this cute girl be sexy?)

(Performance teams use pre-recorded files.)

("Problem" by Dana, Park Jiwon, Serri, Yena,)

(Euijin, Lee Bolim, Hyunjoo, ZN, and Haein)

We're good at this.

(Queen Euijin)

(Dana of Matilda)

(ZN of Laboum)

(Lee Bolim)

(Haein of Laboum)

(Yena of G-reyish)

(Park Jiwon)

(Serri of Dalshabet)

(Lee Hyunjoo of April)

(Euijin of Sonamoo)

I have great expectations for Team Red.

- I scolded them a lot. / - I see.

I gave them a lot of bitter-pill advice.

(Would Team Red fulfill Rain's expectations?)

For more infomation >> The Unit | 더 유닛 - Ep.17 : Ideas Make the Stage [ENG/2018.01.31] - Duration: 46:58.


Carter G. Woodson USA Google Doodle - Duration: 2:06.

Carter G. Woodson is shown in USA Google homepage in USA today.

Here We will Look at the famous Carter G. Woodson Quotes:

Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which

comes from the teaching of biography and history.

When you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.

The mere imparting of information is not education.

I am ready to act, if I can find brave men to help me.

If the Negro in the ghetto must eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into the

ghetto, he will never become strong enough to get out of the ghetto.

In the long run, there is not much discrimination against superior talent.

The large majority of the Negroes who have put on the finishing touches of our best colleges

are all but worthless in the development of their people.

In fact, the confidence of the people is worth more than money.

If Liberia has failed, then, it is no evidence of the failure of the Negro in government.

It is merely evidence of the failure of slavery.

In our so-called democracy we are accustomed to give the majority what they want rather

than educate them to understand what is best for them.

Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson was a distinguished Black author, editor, publisher, and historian

, who was born in December 1875 and died in April 1950.

Carter G. Woodson believed that Blacks should know their past in order to participate intelligently

in the affairs in their country.

He strongly believed that Black history – which others have tried so diligently to erase – is

a firm foundation for young Black Americans to build on in order to become productive

citizens of our society.

Carter G. Woodson is recognized as "The Father of Black History Month", He obtained

his BA from the University of Chicago.

In 1912, he received his PhD from Harvard University.

Carter G. Woodson died on April 3rd 1950 at the age of 74 in Washington, D.C.

For more infomation >> Carter G. Woodson USA Google Doodle - Duration: 2:06.


Criminal Minds - Secret Secrets - Duration: 2:41.

For more infomation >> Criminal Minds - Secret Secrets - Duration: 2:41.


Señora Acero 4 | Capítulo 63 | Telemundo Novelas - Duration: 15:27.

Who is he? A friend?


Yes, we're friends and I wanted to meet you.

What have you done?

Erick Quintanilla, you're under arrest for attempted murder,

conspiring with the drug trade, and gun trafficking.

Come on, help me!

You're heavy!

Help me out. Hurry.

Listen up, fool.

From now on, you'll have to sleep with one eye open.

Remember my history with Frida Cuevas?


If the results come back positive,

we might also have a future together.


Could you answer some questions, please?


Hey! Leave them alone!

This was just what we needed!

Rooster's in jail! What are we going to do?

I'm going to the station to make sure this isn't a mistake.

I don't think it is.

You said even Heriberto Roca withdrew his support.

We're screwed now.

Don't say that.

If Salvador and Vicenta got out of prison,

my dad will get out too, right?

Please don't let my son die in prison.

Mrs. Victoria, your son's fine. He's not in prison.

-I want to go with you. -You can't.

You can't all come with me to the police station.

But I'm his mother!

Ma'am, your son isn't in jail. Rooster is.

No, you're just trying to confuse me!

Who's Rooster?

Felipito, take Mrs. Victoria to her room.

Keep your radio close in case I have an update on Rooster.


Good. Excuse me.

Come along, Chayo.

I've had enough of this charade.

Have them release Rooster so we can negotiate.

It's a win-win.

You think I'm doing this for money, ma'am?


Your husband is used to always getting his way with everyone.

He won't with me.

This man is somehow connected with Vicenta

and I don't know why he's been arrested.

I don't know what trouble I've gotten myself into.

You aren't in trouble.

He has nothing to do with Aida's case or the suit

-against the governor. -What if I get dragged in?

What if people find out I'm helping someone close to him?

He's accused of murder,

gun and human trafficking, money laundering...

If anyone finds out I asked a coyote

to smuggle Aida back to the US, I'll be disbarred!


We're the only ones who know about that.

No one will say anything.


-What are you going to do? -What I should've done long ago.

Take care of the reporters, Bebote.

Talk to them so they won't make a mess of things.

Be careful. Come here.

-You okay? -Yeah.

-What's going on with Rooster? -What can I say, sis?

That bastard Triple R is accusing him of murder.

He claims he has evidence against him,

but I haven't seen it.

That's not all.

President Roca withdrew his support of Rooster's campaign.

-I already know that. -Well, I don't get it.

Why now?

Don't worry about it, Chayo.

No, Daniel seizes one of Indio Amaro's shipments

and the next day Rooster lands in prison.

This is about revenge.


<i> Aida, I know we agreed</i> <i> I wouldn't call,</i>

<i> but we need to talk.</i>

<i>When we met you said you didn't</i> <i> want to live with Vicenta</i>

<i> because everyone at her house</i> <i> was a criminal.</i>

<i> What crimes has</i> <i> that family committed?</i>

Oh, no! I'm sorry, ma'am.

I was angry with Vicenta and I said things I shouldn't have.

Her family has done nothing but help me.

They've been great with my son and me.

I don't believe you.

Rooster Quintanilla was just arrested

on charges of attempted murder.

I need to know if Vicenta is involved with drug trade.

Why are you asking me that?

Is it because you're jealous of Vicenta?

I know you and Daniel dated once.

Oh, please! I'm a professional.

That hasn't affected my performance in your case.

I don't want to work with criminals,

so I think I should drop your case.

<i> No, no!</i> <i> You can't do that!</i>

<i>Listen, I have a lot of footage</i> <i> of what happens at the ranch.</i>

I have the evidence you need.

I'll have my visa soon enough. Please don't abandon me now.


What is it?

<i> Aida!</i>

I'm so glad you're here, Aida!

We need to talk. Let's talk.

<i> Settle down, Greg.</i>

<i> You'll make</i> <i> everything worse.</i>

Kiss me.


This is why we can't drop her case.

Damn that gringo!

Reach out to the DEA and ask them about the initials 'MR.'

-Maybe they know something! -I already did.

-Calm down, Daniel. -I am calm, Mendiola.

We've been chasing after Indio Amaro

and the Tijuana Cartel for many years.

Okay, okay! That's not what worries me.

I just need to know if I'm the father of Frida's son.

How's the test coming along?

Good, but does Frida know you're having a DNA test done?

No, she doesn't.

-What about Vicenta? -Vicenta knows.

She asked me to have the test done, okay?


She's an angel.

If you don't marry her, I will.

What is it, Chava?

You killed me, Mom.

You managed to drive me away.

Everything I did, I did to protect you.

Keep telling yourself that.

In any case, it won't help anything.

Be quiet or they'll catch us.


Is something wrong, ma'am?

I thought I saw the trashcan move.

The trashcan moved?

There are roaches and rats inside.

Feel free to call my supervisor.

Speaking of which, I've never seen you here before

and I wasn't warned there'd be a change in staff.

That's not my problem.

Call my supervisor if you want.

Can I go now?

The garbage truck is waiting outside.

Hey! Stop!

Take out all the trash.

Fine. I'm just doing my job.

I order you to take out all the trash!

Yes, yes. Don't get mad.

What's going on, Varela?

That woman has someone in there.

Is that so?

She's crazy.

I thought I saw the trashcan move.

-You saw it move? -Uh-huh.

There's no one in there, Varela.

It's just trash.

Next time you make me do this, I'll fire you.


Go right ahead, ma'am.

We were this close to winning the election.

That damn beanpole did it to us good.

For starters you need to get yourself a good lawyer,

one you trust. Do you have one?

What if we call...?

No, girl.

This is a delicate matter that involves the family.

Who are you talking about?

I warned you a long time ago.

I told you you'd make a better candidate.

Had you listened to me, none of this would've happened.

I'm not a traitor.

It's my duty to support my husband

and I'll do anything to get him out of this hole.

Remember my face, you bastards.

I'll get out of here, I'll become the next mayor

and you'll be left managing traffic.

Just so you know, I'll die before I beg for help.

Shut up, Roberta! Don't say another word!

I can't go in now! The press is there!

If Romero finds out I'm here, I'm done for.


You can't see? What do you mean?

Come, sit here.

I'll be right in.

I'm going to finish what I started.

Carmencita... come back.

Hold on. Don't die on me.

Hey, talk to me.

Don't forget me. I won't forget you.

But I'm going to recall the Jose Angel I knew...

before I found out everything.

Leave her alone! Respect her!

Shut up, idiot! I'm saving her.

Now quit your whining before they catch us.

Don't move.

Carmencita, are you okay?

It's not working. What did you do to her?

Are you okay?

That's it, just breathe.


Hey, you okay?


Get going.

Sorry, honey.

Boss, the trash has been picked up.

You'll see, Azuceno.

Indira's the bullet with which I'm going to kill

that gringo Phillips.

May I have everyone's cooperation?

No more pictures or videos.

What happened?

Nothing, just dealing with the press.

None of you can be here.

It's a restricted area, and no cameras are permitted.

If you don't want them taken from you, please leave.

You heard the man.

Please go.

Spare yourselves any trouble. Thanks.

Let's go.

No press allowed.

Please remain outside.

What's up?

I'm going to see Chava.

What's up?

Anything new with Rooster?

-Did you get to see him? -No, nothing yet.

Are you going to keep behaving this way?

You going to stay mad at me?

Honey, I told you I did what I did to avoid more problems.

I also said I don't want any more secrets between us.

Okay. Thank you.

What happened? Were you able to speak to him?

That's right. The lawyer said he's on his way.

But if we want to get Rooster out of this,

we'll need a badass attorney.

I hope this dude knows what he's doing.

Everything's going to be fine.

You're very drunk.

Please leave.


<i> Ma'am, are you still there?</i>

Yes, I saw everything,

and it's the perfect evidence to accuse Gregory Jones

of sexual assault and rape.

No, please don't do that.

The thing is, Greg's not like that.

He's just drunk and acting stupid.

Please, I'm begging you, don't do anything to hurt him.

<i> The thing is,</i> <i> we have him recorded,</i>

<i> and I need to present this</i> <i> at your trial.</i>

<i> That's why I was hired.</i>

Now decide what you want to do.

I met Diego.

I was with him, and if what they say

about familial connections is true,

then yes, I have a feeling that kid is mine.

Whoa, hold on.

None of this "you have a feeling" crap.

When will we be 100% sure? I'm tired of living in suspense.

I'm having the paternity test done.

We'll know the truth when we get the results.

It's only a matter of time.

I just wanted you to know.


For more infomation >> Señora Acero 4 | Capítulo 63 | Telemundo Novelas - Duration: 15:27.


RED BALLOON vs ZOMBIES #5 cartoon game for kids and toddlers OBNOXIOUS RED BALL red ball 4 - Duration: 10:20.

For more infomation >> RED BALLOON vs ZOMBIES #5 cartoon game for kids and toddlers OBNOXIOUS RED BALL red ball 4 - Duration: 10:20.


José José | Capítulo 13 | Telemundo - Duration: 14:35.

You'll know the wrath of the Herrera Calles family.

-Are you threatening me? -Absolutely.

The owner's real short on cash.

I'm even helping her for free.

The longer I stay, the more money I can get.

-I don't want to worry you more. -What is it?

I think they got to Minerva.

Don't make me beg. Do it for me.

Brandy and cola.

Chumo's an alcoholic.

I have to put him on a plane to Mexico

to meet with Pedro.

I wish you were here.

Want me to meet you in Panama?

Mr. Jose Jose, we have orders to take you away.

Tell me what I've done!

Why won't you tell me what's going on?

Let me go! Let go!

Let go.

Jose Jose!

Welcome to Panama, and my home.

General Torrijos.

Forgive me for bringing you this way,

but we military folk are funny that way.

You've no idea what an honor it is to have you in my home.

The honor's all mine.

-My wife. -Pleasure.


I know all your songs by heart.

Thank you. - GRACIAS.

So you see we know what you like.

Thank you.

My wife and I have spent many a night listening to your music.

Once we knew you were here, we couldn't miss the chance

to have the honor of meeting you.

The honor is mine, General.

We'd so love it if we could hear you sing.

Of course. What would you like to hear?

"Agua con Sal," please.

Of course.

It's my pleasure. This is for you.

I see you were prepared.

-An honor, sir. -Maestro.

Whenever you're ready.








What are you doing?

-Where are you going? -It was so stupid to come here!

I can't believe I thought I'd have a good time.

How could you disappear like that?

-Please let me explain! -You'd better have

a good explanation.

-Hello, son. -Hey, Mom.

-Is breakfast ready? -Mine made it.

-Did you put your clothes here? -I did.

Oh, son. What are you up to?

-Gonzalo! -What is it, Mom?

-Please come. -Why?

Just for a minute.

What is it?

What's this?

This is some prostitute's card.

It's not mine. Must belong to somebody at work.

I'm not into that.

I don't buy it.

You'd better fly straight with Mine.

I don't want you taking after your father.

What a story that was!

Kidnapped by a president?

Was there no telephone at the presidential palace?

-Yes, but I couldn't call... -Shut up already.

I'm going back to Mexico. This is pointless.

What do you mean by that?

You're already regretting being with me?

I've never regretted a thing in my life.

I love you, Jose.

I know I'm much older than you. I've been around.

And my gut is telling me this isn't going anywhere.

Please, Kiki.

I didn't call because I sang the whole time there!

Please understand!

I left it all to come to Panama, even my sons.

I knew you were devastated by Chumo.

But what did you do? Destroy me!

I don't deserve that.

Come in!

Please take this.

Forgive me, but it's over.

I deserve better.

What's up, novi?

What'd you call me?

Novi, like novice.

I heard you didn't make it to nun.

Why's that?

I think you were caught gossiping.

Listen, I may be a lot of things,

but I'm not a liar.


So you're denying

you badmouthed me to my mother-in-law?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, please.

You know, I like you.

Even though you're so square and religious, I dig you.

So what's all this about, then?

Are you going to deny you told my mother-in-law

you were worried about my friends?

No, I'll tell you to your face.

I spoke to Mrs. Margarita because I'm worried about you.

Those guys are shady.

You're so sweet.

But I'll ask a favor of you.

Don't worry about me.

I've always managed alone.

Just like your God, I also know how to forgive.

But just once.

I won't be so polite next time.

You're better than them, Minerva.

Now you know. Don't forget.

-Hello? -How are you, Mom?

<i> Hi, son. </i> A little worried.

Is the rumor true?

Which one?

There are so many, I can't keep track.

About that Natalia, or Kiki. What kind of name is that?

<i> Is she your girlfriend?</i>

I don't know, Mom.

If you don't know, then I certainly don't.

It's complicated. Even I don't know.

But I guess so.

Son, I know you're young and very busy,

but you need to know what you're getting into.

What do you mean? What am I getting into?

This woman's older.

I'll keep my opinion on her to myself.

But she's also got three sons, and that worries me.

What about that worries you?

Have you thought whether or not

you want to be their stepfather at your age?

Stepfather sounds ugly.

It sounds like what it is.

That woman's older, probably older than you think.

<i> Are you sure you want to mess</i> <i> with that nonsense?</i>

Gonzalo... get your feet off the table!

You're worse than my mom!

I'm worried.


Have you noticed Mine's been acting weird lately?

Weird how?

I don't know...

how well do you know her environment?

Quit talking like a nun, coz.

Mine said you were badmouthing her and you two had a fight.

Why do women start fights over dumb stuff?

We didn't fight, we had an argument.

I don't like her hanging out with those ruffians.

Who? The Crocodiles?


That's old news.

Really? I saw them together.


They came to the cafeteria and made a scene the other day.

Those guys are going down the wrong path.


No, Jose.


You're right. Of course you deserve the best.

You deserve it all.

Sorry for buying it duty-free,

but there wasn't time to go elsewhere.

Natalia Herrera Calles...

I love you. Will you marry me?


-Anel! -Who's shouting?

Dear Lord!


What's with all the noise?

I can't rehearse like this!

-You have to see this. -Not now.

No, you should see it.

It's important.

"Jose Jose and Kiki Herrera Plan Wedding"

<i> Jose Jose, Mexico's finest</i> <i> romantic balladeer,</i>

<i> is getting married!</i>

<i> That's right.</i>

<i> In a full-on </i> <i> display of romance,</i>

<i> he got down on one knee in the</i> <i> middle of the Tocumen airport.</i>

<i> Before all gathered around,</i> <i> he proposed to his girlfriend,</i>

<i> none other than actress</i> <i> and socialite,</i>

<i> Natalia Herrera Calles.</i>

What was that?

I don't know. I heard a noise.

I'll go check.

Where are you going?

No, son, no.

What's wrong, ma'am?

Are you dizzy?

A bit.

Here, sit. Come.

You see?

You cook and cook, but you never eat well!

No, it's not that.

Then? What happened?

It's about Pepe.

What happened?

He's tied a noose around his neck.

-How? -I hope I'm wrong,

but it's something that'll change his life

and probably not for the better.

For more infomation >> José José | Capítulo 13 | Telemundo - Duration: 14:35.


Criminal Minds - Out of Sight - Duration: 2:47.

For more infomation >> Criminal Minds - Out of Sight - Duration: 2:47.


Gold Mario Amiibo Unboxing | #Nintendo | Spin-A-jSALEj #0 - Duration: 0:49.

j SALE j

Ruby Rock LOVES You!

"Thanks for watching episode zero"

For more infomation >> Gold Mario Amiibo Unboxing | #Nintendo | Spin-A-jSALEj #0 - Duration: 0:49.


Sangre de mi Tierra | Episode 45 | Telemundo English - Duration: 14:29.

I had it cleaned twice,

as was requested by the person who booked the room.

Are you sure you disinfected everything?


That person came in and cleaned everything

the way you wanted.

What's this?

The same lady who reserved the room for you

brought everything.

Sara Casagrande.

Well... need anything else?

Thank you.

So... are hormone injections painful?

They're uncomfortable and complicated.

The hormones bring unexpected changes.

Mood swings in particular.

Those shoes are so cool!

Let's go inside!

You know what's painful about being a woman?


Walking in stilettos like these.

They're gorgeous, though, aren't they?

They're nice, but with my feet...

I don't think so.

Don't be so insecure.

We all have big feet. So what?

Dream big, Leonora.

Imagine how gorgeous you'll look walking in these someday.


I can imagine coming into this store and buying

anything I want.

I can be myself, and be free. I can imagine it...

but I can also imagine all the rejection

and that terrifies me.

Hi, Leo!

Are you going to buy high heels?

No, obviously not.

Who were those airheads?

Sofi's friends.

They caught me.

Ignore them.

Aurora, what are you doing?

I'm sure making sure everything is locked.

Didn't you do that before dinner?

Yes, but I want to be sure.

Want me to call Ernesto so he'll spend the night?

He's off.

He's crazy about you, isn't he?

Do you like him?

He's not bad.

He can even be charming sometimes,

but he's too much of a cop.

I can call him.

No, that's fine.


Hey, relax. We have a direct line

to the police.

If anything happens, they'll catch him in an instant.

Don't worry.

You're right. Thanks.

Sere, hey.

Yeah, I'm here with her.

She's fine.

A little nervous.


She's checking if the door is locked again.

Paloma, want us to...

Shut up! Let her talk.

Now that she's gone, I can tell you.

My sister is super anxious.

She gets panic attacks and starts shaking like a leaf.

Why don't you see a psychiatrist?

Maybe they'll send her sedatives.

No way! She just needs to feel safe.

-Want us to go over? -No! No one invited us.

If Aurora wanted that, she would've asked.


So tell us how it went when Robert left, Paloma.

Dinner is served.

Ta da!

Pasta all'Amatriciana.

Fresh, of course. I made it myself.

And I won't tell you what's for dessert

because it's a surprise.


Thank you.

Thank you, Sara.

You're a great cook and a great friend.

Sorry to meddle, Roberto, but why do you insist on staying

in this run-down motel?

You're better than this.

I've offered you my beach apartment.

Why don't you go there?

Because the beach is too far.

My job is here in Napa.

Why do you insist on continuing to work

with the Castañedas after what happened?

I don't get it.

They probably want nothing to do with you.

Look... I totally understand how you feel

and I'm with you.

I know you had a reason for everything you did,

but you also need to understand

that they are that woman's parents.

If they haven't fired you yet,

they will any moment now.

They can't. I'm a shareholder.

However, I doubt I'll get a warm welcome when I return.


So Aurora is out...

and the bastard who almost strangled her,

dragged her by the hair,

and held a gun to her head gets to stay.

Do you think that's right?

Aurora isn't working at the winery

because she didn't want to come back.

Secondly, Roberto is a shareholder

and vice president.

There it is!

After everything that bastard did to her!

How could you?

I find it sinful of you to allow him to keep being

a shareholder and vice president!

Look, Meche, I think I made myself clear.

How I run my business is my problem.

Don't meddle in my work. Got that?

-Is that so? -Yes, it is.


Do whatever the ---- you want at your winery.

I wasn't asking

-for your permission. -Well, you should!

This is my house!

I call the shots here!

It's my problem!

That bastard is never coming back here again!

I want my keys back, too. Got that?

You barely ate. Did you not like it?

No, that's not it.

I just have a lot on my mind.

I have to go. It's late.

No, don't go, Sara. Stay a little longer.

Please don't leave me alone in this crappy motel.

I can't.

I really can't.

My mother isn't doing well.

I left her with a caretaker and it's pretty expensive.

Don't worry, though.

Just call me if you need anything.

Sleep well, honey.

Everything will be fine.



You're finally up.

Look, I'm running late for work.

Can you watch Emilito?

He already ate.

You just need to dress him

and take him to Doris'.

I already spoke to Sofia. She's expecting him.


Hey, do you have tampons? I just got my period.

There should be some in the drawer.

If not, then I forgot to buy some

because I've been going crazy lately.

So you haven't gotten yours.

That's strange. You always get it before me.

I also left you some breakfast.

Wash the dishes when you finish please.


Don't forget that the locksmith is coming today.

You're right.

Honey, how do you feel?


Pass the cereal please.


I didn't want to say anything yesterday

because you were upset,

but I think you should speak to Leonardo.

I don't want to talk about it, Mom.

I know you feel deceived, but just imagine him.

He's probably worse.

I'm going to trust in your intelligence and kindness.

I know you'll get over this eventually.

You'll fall in love again. I'm sure of it, sweetie.

Your phone has been going off all morning.

You've gotten a million messages.

What's up? Are you okay?

My friends were just asking about tomorrow's test.

Okay. I'm off to the academy.

Promise you'll think about what I told you.

Pinky promise?

Pinky promise.

I love you... my beautiful princess.

Bye, honey!



Cut it out already.

Please stop making memes about Leo.

I know I started it, but stop, please.

This is too much.

Diana, please don't be like this!

No, you're the idiot!

What's up, Rafa?

<i> Where are you, Leo?</i>

At the winery.

My dad asked me to take care of everything

Roberto used to do, but I'm clueless.

What's up?

<i> Haven't you heard yet?</i>

About what?

-Did you get it? -I can't talk, Rafa.

Call you later.

No, Dad, Roberto has tighter security on his computer

than they do at the Pentagon.

Son of a bitch.

Look around.

He must've written the passwords down somewhere.

I did.

There's nothing.

Put that crap away and pay attention to me.

All my invoicing is backed up right now.

I'm not a magician.

I can't do anything without those passwords.

Then call Roberto and tell him you need them.

Today! Hurry up!


<i> Roberto, it's Leonardo.</i>

I need the passwords to the winery's database.

What do you want the passwords for?

My dad asked me to get them.

I'm replacing you here at the winery.

<i> Are you going to give them</i> <i> to me or not?</i>

Here you go. Thanks a lot.

-Hey. -What's up?

I changed the locks.

Here's your copy.

I just had quite the scare.

I saw an ambulance outside and I thought it was here.

An ambulance? I didn't hear anything.

I think it went to the neighbor's,

you know, that nosy one.

Maybe something happened to her.

Is your mother okay?

I'm taking her to the hospital, aren't I?

I'm here if you need anything.

Actually, I don't need anything from you.

For more infomation >> Sangre de mi Tierra | Episode 45 | Telemundo English - Duration: 14:29.




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Neymar comenta cenas quentes de Bruna Marquezine em novela: 'Está complicado' | FBN Hot News - Duration: 3:49.

For more infomation >> Neymar comenta cenas quentes de Bruna Marquezine em novela: 'Está complicado' | FBN Hot News - Duration: 3:49.


Popular Animated Kids Series | OWL (മൂങ്ങ) – Big Block – Episode 14 | Shemaroo Kids Malayalam - Duration: 2:18.

Peak, Peak, Peekaboo, a boo boo boobity boo

I see you

Do you see me

Of course you don't. I'm behind a tree

Peek, Peek, Peekaboo, A boo boo boobity boo

Look over there, over there on my right

It's a cardboard box

It arrived last night

I'm curious, so I'm peaking in the box

Peekaboo! It's a fox

Peek, Peek, Peekaboo, A boo boo boobity boo

Blending in

That's my skill

Check it out while I stay incredibly still

And I close my eyes while I'm up in a tree


You can't see me

Peek, Peek, Peekaboo, a boo boo boobity boo, Peekaboo

Awe yeah

This is where I slow down

And this is where I speed up

No one denies the size of my eyes

They're the size of pies

I always look surprised

but I don't need a disguise I realize that I'm unique that's why I peek

Peek, Peek, Peekaboo, A boo boo boobity boo, Peekaboo

How about you? Do you want to play

Do you want to play peekaboo?

Why not today

You can do it any style you can do it any way

Come on, check it out, what do you say

You can peekaboo while you're at the zoo

You can peekaboo while you're in a canoe

You can peekaboo like a kangaroo

Everybody's gonna peekaboo

Peek, Peek, Peekaboo, a boo boo boobity boo. Peekaboo


That's what I do

For more infomation >> Popular Animated Kids Series | OWL (മൂങ്ങ) – Big Block – Episode 14 | Shemaroo Kids Malayalam - Duration: 2:18.


Owner of troubled Lodi Parachute Center speaks out - Duration: 1:55.

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Man turns self in after hitting woman, child in Sac crash - Duration: 1:30.

For more infomation >> Man turns self in after hitting woman, child in Sac crash - Duration: 1:30.


Vlog #9 | Message From #Space | Hosted by Ruby Rock - Duration: 1:01.

Hi SÞin

j SALE j


j SALE j

♪ [Vlog #9]

j SALE j

👽 [Telepathic Communication]

For more infomation >> Vlog #9 | Message From #Space | Hosted by Ruby Rock - Duration: 1:01.


Bruna Marquezine faz selfie durante tratamento facial e Neymar ironiza: 'Linda' | FBN Hot News - Duration: 3:43.

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maha shivaratri muggulu | simple kolam designs | maha shivaratri rangoli designs - Duration: 2:01.

easy rangoli designs

For more infomation >> maha shivaratri muggulu | simple kolam designs | maha shivaratri rangoli designs - Duration: 2:01.


Aloo methi bhujia | आलू मेथी रेसिपी | Fenugreek Potato Recipe | Methi Aloo Recipe - Duration: 4:32.

Hello friends! Welcome to

Today I am making Fenugreek Potato recipe

Methi(Fenugreek leaves) are available in cold...

and goes well with roti, naan, paratha

For Fenugreek potato bhurji we need

Fenugreek leaves 500 grams washed thoroughly and chopped

Potato: 2 (make pieces of 2 inches)

Green chilli: 2 (Finely chopped)

Ginger: 1 inch(grated)

Garlic cloves: 6-7, Onion: 1(chopped)

Red chilli powder: 1/2 tsp

Salt: 1/2 tsp

Turmeric powder: 1/2 tsp, Coriander powder: 1 tsp

Cumin seeds: 1 tsp

Asafoetida: 1-2 pinch

Wok is preheated , add 2 tbsp oil

This is mustard oil

You can use oil of your choice

Oil is heated, add cumin seeds


Cumin seeds turned brown, now add ginger




Keep gas on low flame

Turmeric powder


Green chilli

add fenugreek leaves

Red chilli powder

Mix it

Cover it and cook for 10-15 minutes on low flame

Check it once after 5 minutes

I did not add water as it has already moisture

Cook it for 5-6 minutes more on low flame

10-15 minutes are over

Sabji is ready

Coriander powder

Mix it

turn off the burner

Potato and fenugreen leaves sabji is ready

Now you try it... Give a like if you like this video

Do subscribe to my channel, thank you!