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Youtube daily May 31 2018

Stormy Daniels In Serious Trouble After Her Own Lawyer Betrays Her.

The media circus surrounding adult film star Stormy Daniels shows, just how far our country's

journalists have fallen.

The hate-filled liberal media is consumed with taking the President down, even if it

means reporting lies instead of facts, and gossip instead of truth.

Now that the Russia collusion story isn't panning out, the media have inexplicably placed

all of their hopes on a porn star's shaky tale of a decade old affair.

Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has gotten billions of dollars worth of airtime on mainstream

media, obviously taking advantage of the situation.

He clearly craves the spotlight just as much as Daniels does, and now it is turning into

their downfall and Trump's victory.

Those endless interviews are costing Avenatti his claim to fame, and are costing Daniels

her attorney.

From The Hill:

Michael Avenatti has withdrawn his request to represent adult-film star Stormy Daniels

in the case centered, on the FBI raid of President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen.

Shortly after a conference hearing Wednesday in a federal district court in Manhattan,

Avenatti withdrew his request to weigh in on the case.

Avenatti reportedly faced tough questions during the hearing from federal District Judge

Kimba Wood, who told him in court on Wednesday he would have to stop his "publicity tour"

if he wanted to participate in the case.

Judge Wood cited a particularly damning moment in one of Avenatti's many interviews.

The New York lawyer illegally released alleged financial records of Michael Cohen's, on

national television and implied that Cohen was somehow receiving payments through inactive


"You cannot declare your opinion as to Mr. Cohen's guilt, which you did.

You would not be able to give publicity to documents.

You're entitled to publicity.

I can't stop you unless you're participating in a matter before me.," Judge Wood stated.

Just last week, we questioned Avenatti's credibility after it was uncovered that his

firm was hit with a $10 million injunction, from Bankruptcy Court over its failure to

pay a lawyer for his services.

It seems this was the beginning of the end for the ill-fated attorney.

But now that Avenatti's off the case, he can devote all of his energy to getting on

television, which is what he really wanted all along.

What do you think about this?

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Liberals Freak As Rudy Giuliani Humiliates Maxine Waters With Embarrassing Secret - Duration: 4:20.

Liberals Freak As Rudy Giuliani Humiliates Maxine Waters With Embarrassing Secret.

Liberals are freaking out after President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani dropped

a nasty truth bomb, on California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

You won't want to miss this.

Maxine Waters (D-CA) is one of the biggest scam artists in Congress, and yet she continues

to be re-elected by the constituents in her voting district.

Waters is usually known best for embarrassing the Democratic Party with her imbecilic behavior

and most notably her calls for the impeachment of our President without cause.

During a recent interview with Fox News' talk show host Sean Hannity, Trump attorney

Rudy Giuliani had some brutal words for the California Democrat that are too good not

to share.

Giuliani talked first about why some people have attacked him and the way in which he's

going about defending our President.

"Some people have criticized my strategy, which is the President's, of to some extent

playing to the American people.

If this were a regular case, I wouldn't be doing it.

But the people who will decide this are the people of the United States in the 2018 election,"

Giuliani said.

I could not agree more with Trump's attorney.

The midterm elections will likely control the outcome of the Democrats' scheme to

commence impeachment proceedings despite the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever

to support or warrant such action by Congress.

Giuliani nailed Democrats for their wishy-washy tactics and pointed out that while many of

them called for Trump's impeachment early on, they have backed off of this tactic because

they realize how much harm it has done to their party's midterm campaigns.

"They are switching fast, and the Democrats are running for cover.

You don't hear them say the word impeachment anymore," Giuliani said.

Then Giuliani went after Waters who is known for her hysterical behavior and calls for


"I challenge Maxine Waters to say impeachment.

Say it.

Say impeachment, sweetheart.

Just say it.

And you know what's going to happen?

You're going to go down.

Not maybe you because they vote for you.

I don't know why, but they vote for you," he continued.

I could not agree more with Rudy Giuliani.

Maxine Waters has done nothing but embarrass and damage her party's cause with her obsessive

calls for impeachment.

Slimy politicians like Waters only further ruin the character of our government, and

it's good to see Giuliani calling her out for what has been months of incessant whining.

There's no question that most Americans see Waters the way that Giuliani does — as

a spectacle and a fool.

The truth of the matter is that Waters is a relic of the Democratic Party.

In my opinion, her attempt to stay relevant by demanding President Donald Trump's impeachment

only drives more people to reconsider the agenda being peddled by the left.

Giuliani continued to hammer the Democrats with the ugly truth and then hit adult film

star Stormy Daniel's attorney Michael Avenatti.

"But, your colleagues are going to go down and this is the change we brought about by

engaging and not letting them get away with the unethical behavior that has now outraged

Judge Ellis, Judge Wood — you know what she did?

She threw Avenatti, the television star of the leftwing CNN and MSNBC, she threw him

out of court.

He doesn't belong in a New York court.

He's not ethical enough.

You know why?

He's a big liar and he wanted to debate me.

Like heck, he's going to debate me," Giuliani added.

In regard to Giuliani's strategy, it's spot on.

Notably, Giuliani stated that Trump shares his strategy in appealing to the American

people because they know that the true power rests in the hands of the voters.

In my opinion, that is the true value of having a government run by Trump.

Instead of constantly scheming to undermine the will of the American people as Barack

Obama did, Trump gets his support from delivering results and relying on those results to grow

his voting base and the strength of his party.

What do you think about this?

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IT'S OFFICIAL: Stormy Daniels Just Lost Her Lawyer - Duration: 2:48.

IT'S OFFICIAL: Stormy Daniels Just Lost Her Lawyer.

Pornstar Stormy Daniels just suffered another HUGE BLOW in her case against President Trump

and his attorney Micheal Cohen.

Her sleazy lawyer Michael Avenatti just took a huge beating in court yesterday and has

now withdrawn from representing Stormy in the case against Michael Cohen.

From The Hill

Michael Avenatti has withdrawn his request to represent adult-film star Stormy Daniels

in the case centered on the FBI raid of President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen.

Shortly after a conference hearing Wednesday in a federal district court in Manhattan,

Avenatti withdrew his request to weigh in on the case.

Cohen is reportedly being investigated, among other things, for the $130,000 he paid Daniels

ahead of the 2016 presidential election to keep quiet about the affair she says she had

with Trump.

Avenatti reportedly faced tough questions during the hearing from federal District Judge

Kimba Wood, who told him in court on Wednesday he would have to stop his "publicity tour"

if he wanted to participate in the case.

Cohen's attorneys fought hard to keep Avenatti from joining the case, arguing in court filings

that he's has created a "carnival atmosphere" by making public statements and doing national

TV appearances in which he's shared nonpublic information and made misrepresentations about


Earlier this month, Avenatti released bank records leaked to him that showed several

companies had paid Cohen through a shell company for consulting services.

Wood reprimanded Avenatti in court, according to multiple media reports.

"You cannot declare your opinion as to Mr. Cohen's guilt, which you did.

You would not be able to give publicity to documents," Wood said, according to the

New York Daily News.

"You're entitled to publicity.

I can't stop you — unless you're participating in a matter before me."

Wednesday's court conference was scheduled, in part, to discuss the issue of what materials

seized from Cohen are protected under attorney–client privilege.

Wood has assigned a special master in the case to review the documents that were seized

to determine what's privileged.

The judge said in court Wednesday that the review must be completed by June 15 and any

remaining material would be turned over to a government "taint-team," the New York

Daily News reported.

In the document Avenatti filed in court Wednesday, he said he is withdrawing his request to intervene

and will re-file it, if necessary, at a later time.

what do you think about this?

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Darwinian Evolution Junk Science (#1) - Duration: 4:12.

[Translated by Google Translate]

[Tsiyon Truth Point]

[Narrator]: Darwinian Evolution

Junk Science

[Introduction to Darwinian Evolution, Evil Relic of Elitist Folly]

[A Humane Perspective]

[A Humane Perspective by: Eliyahu ben David]

[Eliyahu]: What I understand about evolution is that it is so

fundamental, in the time in which we live.

It is part of the worldview to such an extent

that it really is an everyday part of our lives, sometimes in ways that we do not even know about.

So, I thought I would go into this more deeply, about evolution.

I want to look at it as to where it really came from, what it's origin is


I think when you see where it really came from

you are going to see why we are completely justified to totally

just flush this whole evolution idea down the toilet.

It is not a scientific idea, it is really a very evil idea.

Now, I do want to tell you that when I talk about

where this came from,

I am going to have to talk about some really ugly things,

and some ugly comments and statements that have been made by so-called scientist.

I think you will find some of these statements shocking

and racist and elitist.

These are not our opinions.

So as I am reading this, I do not want you to get the thought,

"Well, he is reading that because that is what he thinks." No, it is not what I think.

I think very different than that but you know, people can always take out a snippet of something

you said or re-edit it, you know like they do on the news with Donal Trump.

That kind of thing.

So I just want to make this statement up front.

Because we want to make the case about this so that we can really understand what evolution is all about.

You know, usually when people talk about evolution they talk about the scientific claims of evolution.

If they are against evolution, they want to disprove those scientific claims.

That is not my main interest tonight.

I am interested in where

did evolution come from and what is it really all about?

Only secondarily interested in scientific claims about it.

[You have been watching Introduction to Darwinian Evolution Evil Relic of Elitist Folly]

[You have been watching A Human Perspective by Eliyahu ben David]

[Has science overstepped its bounds?]

[Does some science seem]


[Unscientific perhaps?]

[Join us for our next video]

[Science as Religion]

[Thanks for watching!]

[Abby]: Was this video informative? Click the like button below to help spread the word to others.

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from Eliyahu ben David.

[Fair Use Notice]

[Copyright 2018]

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This Democrat Prefers Osama Bin Laden Over President Trump - Duration: 2:04.

This Democrat Prefers Osama Bin Laden Over President Trump.

Democrats are so overcome with "Trump Derangement Syndrome" that they've lost all ability

to speak rationally or use common sense.

They feel compelled to say the most outrageous and outlandish things, like calling President

Trump "literally Hitler," and saying his presidency is akin to the Holocaust.

It's just nonsense, and proves how sheltered these loons are, and is so disrespectful to

people who have really suffered throughout history.

That's precisely what Democrat candidate Dan Helmer, who is running for Congress, did

when he issued an ad stating President Trump is more "threatening" than Osama Bin Laden

who was responsible for killing thousands of Americans and other people worldwide.

That's how vile and disrespectful these progressives are.

From Daily Caller

Democratic congressional candidate Dan Helmer compared President Donald Trump to Osama bin

Laden in an ad released Wednesday.

"After 9/11, the greatest threat to our democracy lived in a cave.

Today, he lives in the White House," Helmer said in the ad posted to YouTube.

Pictures of deceased al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and Trump flashed across the screen

during the voiceover.

"No one, even the president is above the law," Helmer continued.

This isn't the first time Helmer has run into controversy.

The candidate posted a video of himself buying an assault rifle at a gun show "to find

out how easy it is to buy" in April.

Helmer is running against incumbent Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock in Virginia's 10th


Comstock "is a rubber stamp for the racist, sexist and xenophobic agenda" of Trump and

House Speaker Paul Ryan, Helmer tweeted in February.

what do you think about this?

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Youtube daily May 31 2018

- What's up, I'm Gabby Wilson for MTV news,

and I'm here with The Internet.

What's up guys?

- Hello.

- What's good.

- That's Syd, Steve Lacy, Chris Smith, Patrick Page II,

and Matt Martians.

- Ooh.

- You guys are getting back together

after Ego Death came out, what, 2015?

And you each had solo projects.

Why did you guys want to get back into the studio together

and make something new?

- Uh, we never broke up.

When we first started working on this album,

we were all on different pages musically.

So we were trying to make stuff.

We were havin' fun making stuff,

but it just wasn't it, you know what I mean?

So we realized, cause Steve was already working

on a solo album, Patrick had already put out a solo EP.

We were like, let's just, you know, let's go on

do our things, and then after that we'll get back to work.

- Yeah, and what, did you guys have a conversation

at some point when you decided to get back together?

- No, it was just like,

"Yo, I'm 'bout to get a studio for us."


No, matter fact, cause the first time we worked

I think was in London.

We had two weeks in London.

We had a show and then we did some press or something.

And during those two weeks we decided to get a studio

just to see, just to vibe out, you know?

See what happens.

And that's where we made the first few instrumentals

for the album.

- [Gabby] What was that session like?

Like how did it go?

- It was fun, it was chill.

I think I came late, 'cause I had something.

Oh yeah, I went to see my aunt or something.

But yeah, when I got there they had already started vibing

on the first track on the album, actually.

That's where we started that one.

- Is that "Roll", or no, okay.

So, album doesn't start with " Roll".

- [Syd] No, it doesn't, it doesn't.


- [Patrick] It's real early on though.

Roll is early on in there.

♪ Listen to your heart ♪

♪ Listen to your heart ♪

- Well "Roll" is the first single off this album

and it's dope.

I'm so excited.

It's just very striking, and very upbeat

versus the kind of more mellow vibe of Ego Death

the last time that you guys all got together.

Talk to me about how that song came together.

Where were you guys?

- Burbank.

- [Patrick] We were in Burbank.


- I read in the liner notes that you were in an Airbnb?

- We wrote it in an Airbnb.

- You wrote it in an Airbnb?

We wrote the lyrics in an Airbnb--

- Okay, set that scene for me.

- In Agora Hills.

Yeah, we did half studio, half Airbnb.

It was a beautiful house, oh my God.

There was a grape vineyard in the backyard.

- They had grapes and figs and stuff.

And bunnies in the backyard.

- Or bunnies.

It was amazing.

I set up, like I have a portable studio

that me and Matt invested in.

I set it up on their dining room table basically.

It's like an open concept

Very Moroccan, bohemian decor in the house.

I really love interior design.

And set it up in the dining room area

and we were just, we spent, what, like five days there?

- It was like five days.

- Yeah, about five days.

- Yeah, I think it was like the last day or something.

'Cause the first few days we didn't do anything

but play laser tag.

- Yo, the laser tag was crazy.


- Yeah, we played laser tag,

Earl came through for a couple days,

Amina came through for a day.

We were just hanging out for the most part.

And then the last two days or something

was when we really started nailing down melodies

and lyrics and stuff.

- Is that typically how your writing

and recording process goes?

You kind of like, vibe for awhile

and then the last couple of whatever segment of time

you guys have, then you like pop out?

- Yeah, we don't force anything.

- I think it all varies.

- You guys sample "Sing Sing,"

which is like a beloved hip hop sample.

How did that find its way onto the track?

- It was in a, it was like,

I have this whole folder that I got from another friend

who shall remain nameless



- And that was just one of the ones.

Like, sometimes you know you just go through different

drum loops and I was like, "Ooh, this is hard."

("Sing Sing" by Gaz)

And I started playin' bass over it

and then I was like, that was one of my main concerns,

too, from the beginning.

I was like, damn.

- Yeah, he was like, "Are we good on this?"

- I was like, "Shit, we probably not gonna clear this."

- Are we gonna be able to clear it?

- [Patrick] Yeah.

- [Syd] I was like, it'll be alright.

- Well I love the video, too.

It's really exciting.

What were initial conversations about that treatment like?

'Cause it's pretty interesting.

You start not really seeing any of you,

and then there's a reveal.

- [Syd] Did we even have a treatment?

I don't think we even had a treatment.

- [Steve] We didn't have a technical treatment.

I was inspired by the Jackson 5

"Blame it on the Boogie" video

and how simple it was,

and how it really focused just on the band

and the people in the song.

- [Syd] And "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

- [Steve] Yeah, so I think, and of course Jamiroquai

is a huge influence on us

but they didn't directly influence any imagery,

but just, I just always loved how free they were

in their videos.

And how, like, it was just about the music and him

or the band, so.

A lot of the stuff, the blanked out faces,

was stuff that was added last second.

- [Syd] The director's idea.

- [Steve] Yeah.

- [Gabby] Got it, 'cause I wondered if it was intentional.

'Cause I remember, I think that like

some of the first reactions to the video were surprise

that Steve was the lead on the track

'cause it's like,

oh, the longest time since The Internet put out a track

and instead of it being a Syd led track, it's Steve.

I didn't know if that was intentional.

- It just happened.

It's just, that's just what sounded better.

He came up with that melody,

so the initial reference song version is just him going,

"Listen to your heart."


And I was like, listen to your heart.

Yeah, sing that.


- Translating.

- Right, right.

I heard you, I heard you.

- I would say I think it's cool that we can do that.

To have songs that,

You know, we could have songs

where Patrick is rapping or singing.

And I think that's the beauty of our band

is like, anybody could be that person on any given song.

Now most of the album is definitely Syd,

but there's little glimmers of, you know, you've got people.

Like I said, Patrick's rapping on the album

and he's never rapped on any album before.

- [Gabby] Yeah, does everybody get to the mic on this album?

- Matt does, everybody but Chris.

- [Gabby] Why, come on, we love Loud.

- He's doing more production on this album for sure.

He's handling a lot more production and writing

on this album than he has before.

I think we all just exploring new things

and trying to, you know, definitely doing the solo albums

is definitely giving us a lot more confidence to step out,

you know, into those realms within the band.

So, yeah.

- [Gabby] Right, since doing solo projects of your own,

how do you think the dynamic shifted

within your creative process as a band?

- People are more sure of themselves when they submit ideas

as opposed to being like,

"Ah, like, I don't know if this is gonna be good."

Cause when you put out a solo album

and you get, you know, it's scary

because you think it's gonna suck

'cause you don't have your band to back you up.

You know what I'm saying?

You don't have the excuse of, "Well it's not just me."

You know what I'm saying?


But when it's you, it's like, if it's trash, you're trash.

So it's like, you know, the fact I think we put solo albums

and they were received very well,

I think it gave us some sort of confidence to be like,

okay, maybe this idea isn't so crazy

because it's worked before, so yeah.

- What are some specific examples for you guys.

Like, Chris was there a moment that you felt like,

"Oh maybe, like, two years ago I wouldn't have spoken up

in this way but."

- Oh yeah, I didn't speak up

during the writing process of Ego Death.

I just did what I normally do,

and was like sitting back and was like,

alright, that's y'all job.


- [Gabby] And then how did that change for this one?

- Well, you know, I mean with that,

with doing the solo projects it was just like,

I didn't have, I didn't ask nobody to help me write.

So I just started just shooting off ideas,

and whatever sticks, sticks.

And you leave it at that.

And if it don't stick, it don't stick.

That's cool.

- So it sounds like the creative process

for making this album took you guys kind of like

all over the place.

It doesn't have roots in any one particular place.

Talk to me a little bit about that creative process

and how you tie all those different strings together.

- We were kind of traveling a lot

in the beginning when we were working on it,

and so, matter of fact,

we made like three new songs in Australia

our last time in Australia.

We were missing a vibe from the album.

We didn't know what, but we booked a few days

at this beautiful studio down there called Golden Retriever

and we just was kickin' it and jammin'.

Yeah, we made three new songs there.

But, you know, it was just natural.

Like, we kind of just, we were traveling,

but we had to work on the album

'cause we knew we wanted it out around the summertime.

Just 'cause it feels like that kind of vibe.

It's very like this.

- Yeah, it's very upbeat.

I've only listened to like,

"Come Over", "La Di Da", and "It Gets Better".

But what I've been able to glean from just those tracks

is that it seems like it's gonna be much more upbeat

than maybe like something that we've heard from you guys

in like the recent past.

Would you say that that's true for the rest of the album?

- We think so.

I don't know if the world will agree,

but for us, it feels more energetic.

- Definitely.

- Yeah, intentionally we tried to like,

that was Matt's main thing, was speeding up the tempo.

- Why is that?

- 'Cause I would go to festivals,

and I would notice the certain tempos that casual fans

would be more drawn to.

'Cause I don't think it's necessarily

compromising the sound.

I think it's a certain tempo that you can hit that

if somebody's walking by your stage,

they hear that tempo, and if the beat's okay

they're a little more attracted to it than the normal BPMs.

Our other songs, like you said, they're a lot more vibey,

a lot more groovy.

I say this album has a lot more attitude with tempo.

I'd say those two things mixed.

So yeah, we just wanted to speed it up

'cause we wanted our shows to have a lot more energy

than they did.

- [Gabby] Is that something that excites you about

being able to perform, too?

- I think as a performer, you have to be able to perform

as if no one's there.

'Cause it's your music.

You have to enjoy it, you know?

So we try to enjoy performing our music, regardless.

Just enjoy it with ourselves.

We be in rehearsal like, "Ah."

Eyes closed.

- How would you guys describe the sound

of this album in particular?

- First thing that comes to my mind, personally,

I say funk.

- Funk, yeah.

- Yeah.

- It is a little funkier.

It's funkier than Ego Death, for sure.

- It's more mature.

I think it's more mature than Ego Death.

I'd say this, I won't even say subject matter,

but just all around it just feels a lot more grown.

- What ways were you challenging yourselves on this album?

I know that you've talked a little bit about the funk sound

and bringing different things from the solo projects,

but what, in what ways do you feel like you grew

individually from this project?

- I'd say no features.

I think that's how we've grown.

I think, we didn't necessarily depend on features ever

but I think we would, to be safe, kind of,

sort of a safety net get people that people

are familiar from to draw to a band

that we felt like people weren't that familiar with before.

And I feel like with this album,

the challenge was doing it ourselves.

So, I think that's the biggest challenge

was really just doing it ourselves

and trusting that we didn't need extra people

to really make people pay attention.

- I mean, you have five solo artists.

- Exactly.


That's what we were going for.

- Well thank you guys so much for coming through.

I can't wait to listen to the whole album.

- Thanks for havin' us.

Appreciate it.

(vibe music)

For more infomation >> The Internet On 'Hive Mind' & Their Recording Process | MTV News - Duration: 12:00.


Wish You Could Ask For A Raise? How To Be A 'Gutsy Girl' And Get It! | TODAY - Duration: 5:59.

For more infomation >> Wish You Could Ask For A Raise? How To Be A 'Gutsy Girl' And Get It! | TODAY - Duration: 5:59.


X-Men Opening Theme (Scene) | X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) Movie Clip 4K - Duration: 2:58.

The future.

A dark, desolate world.

A world of war, suffering, loss...

on both sides.

Mutants and the humans who dared to help them.

Fighting an enemy we cannot defeat.

Are we destined down this path?

Destined to destroy ourselves like so many species before us?

Or can we evolve fast enough to change ourselves?

Change our fate?

Is the future truly set?

For more infomation >> X-Men Opening Theme (Scene) | X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) Movie Clip 4K - Duration: 2:58.


Xerox VersaLink Quick Tip: Using Intelligent Search - Duration: 0:36.

Here's a quick tip

for increased productivity with your Xerox Versalink Printer

or multi-function printer.

Did you know your Versalink MFP has intelligent search

just like your mobile device?

To use it, open an app like email

and begin to type an email address.

You can scroll through those to make a selection.

Here's a hint.

The more letters you type, the narrower the search becomes.


For more infomation >> Xerox VersaLink Quick Tip: Using Intelligent Search - Duration: 0:36.


The 5 Best Health Benefits Of Olive Oil You Should Now - Duration: 4:39.

The 5 Best Health Benefits Of Olive Oil You Should Now

For more infomation >> The 5 Best Health Benefits Of Olive Oil You Should Now - Duration: 4:39.


The Incredible Meryl Streep Evolution - Duration: 5:47.

For more infomation >> The Incredible Meryl Streep Evolution - Duration: 5:47.


A Bayer/Monsato Consumer Eating Monstrosity - Duration: 4:11.

Bayer was won approval for its plan to purchase agricultural giant, Monsanto, and it is a


The company agreed to sell off close to $9 billion in assets to make way for a $62.5

billion merger.

Bayer's sell off of assets will be the largest divestiture ever in the United States.

Shares in Bayer have jumped close to 3% following the announcement.

For more on this, we're joined tonight by host of America's Lawyer, Mike Papantonio.

Mike, always a pleasure.

Great to have you with us tonight.

You have done excellent documentation on Monsanto.

They have not been a good player to the environment.

What does this deal mean?

Well, actually, I've been toe-to-toe with Bayer and Monsanto with just about the same


Look, this is a disaster for consumers.

It's great for Wall Street.

They need to be having ... breaking out the champagne on Wall Street.

Together, these two companies have been sued probably more than any two other companies

with the exception of Dow and DuPont who did their merger together recently.

These two companies in the past have been charged with price fixing, negligence, environment

destruction, contamination.

In the 1980s, I handled the ... Well, I handled the case actually into the '90s where Bayer

was actually sending blood tainted with AIDS virus to African countries.

After they took it off the market in the United States, they went ahead and sent it to hemophiliacs

over in Africa, Asia, and South America knowing.

It was called Factor VIII.

But it gives you a sense of what these companies are about.

There's no question in my mind that this corporate merger is really just two massively corrupt

companies joining to rip off American consumers.

That's what's going to happen.

So, this is just a major lobbying effort to make sure it happens.

Why would the United States government allow this to go forward if they've been such bad


Well, I mean, the truth is, when it comes to decisions like this, consumer issues don't

matter anymore.

This is an extension of NAFTA and CAFTA and what would have been TPP if Hillary Clinton

had been elected.

For example, the Justice Department is making Bayer, for example, sell off their seed and

herbicide holdings.

It doesn't mean anything.

It sounds great, but it doesn't mean anything.

Both of those businesses are going to be sold to a German company called BASF, so there

isn't going to be any additional competition or variety available in the market.

The DOJ knows this.

I mean, it's not just me talking.

They have enough sense to understand this.

There's still going to be about five companies, five companies, across the globe that control

more than 90 to 95% of all the seed market.

They want to own what we eat.

They want to own every aspect of what we eat.

Just like some of the companies that are going in and buying all of our water, they're coming

in and buying all of our seeds.

This is a train wreck.

The DOJ can dress it up however they want.

Say, "You know, we really looked at this."

They didn't look at a thing.

All they looked at was is Wall Street happy about this?

We're going to see more cases come out of this and they just become such a giant that

it makes it difficult.

We've been going toe-to-toe with Monsanto and Bayer for decades, case after case.

It's not going to change what we do.

But out there, the consumers are going to be more and more of a victim as we see these

types of mergers take place like DuPont and Dow, and now Bayer and Monsanto.

Quickly, moving forward, with Bayer this powerful, do you expect their culture to change at all

or get worse?

No, it's going to get worse.

I mean, the truth is, when you look at the ... The advantage I have, Ed, is I actually

read the documents.

When I take a deposition or try a case, I actually get to see the documents.

I get to see the mindset of this culture.

I got to tell you, the mindset of this culture is frightening to begin with.

Individually, Bayer and Monsanto, it's frightening individually.

But you put those two minds together, and something ugly is going to happen to consumers

all across the globe.

Mike Papantonio with us tonight.

Thanks, Mike, host of America's Lawyer, here on RT America.

For more infomation >> A Bayer/Monsato Consumer Eating Monstrosity - Duration: 4:11.


NextCon: Attendee Testimonials - Duration: 1:00.

- Tell me,

what has the experience been so far for you at NextCon?

- It's been absolutely educational.

- My experience at NextCon so far

has been motivating and exciting.

- [Male Attendee] Our experience

at NextCon has been fantastic.

- I've been able to meet with a lot of my partners

that I've only talked to or emailed through.

- Nextiva coined the phrase Amazing,

so we'd have to move into phenomenal, now.

- Nextiva's approach to building

that relationship with their partners,

it's very thoughtful, mindful, forward-thinking.

- Norman, what were your takeaways from NextOS?

- Today, it's obvious that they've taken

the additional time, which definitely looks

like it's been worth waiting for.

- The features of NextOS are

really going to help us as partners.

I'm really excited about it, I like

the features, it's all in one place.

- Really what makes a difference is the people,

and that's definitely the thing

that stood out to me the most.

- I think Nextiva's going to be the blue ribbon

for other providers to try to be like.

For more infomation >> NextCon: Attendee Testimonials - Duration: 1:00.



For more infomation >> SORTEIO DE 30.000 XPCOIN - APROVEITE ESSA OPORTUNIDADE - Duration: 6:23.


حظك اليوم الجمعة 01-06-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 8:37.

For more infomation >> حظك اليوم الجمعة 01-06-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 8:37.


Roseanne's Co-Star Has Jaw-Dropping Message For Her 24 Hrs After Losing His Job - Duration: 5:50.

Roseanne's Co-Star Has Jaw-Dropping Message For Her 24 Hrs After Losing His Job.

Although Roseanne Barr apologized for her offensive tweet, the number one sitcom in

America is now off the air.

As you all know by now almost immediately after the tweet, ABC Entertainment President

Channing Dungey made the decision to pull the plug on the show, calling the tweets "abhorrent,

repugnant and inconsistent with our values."

There is clearly a double standard here.

ABC or Disney clearly has an agenda, and when Roseanne apologized this should have been

the end of it since to date no one has ever apologized to President Trump, or us, his

supporters for all the nasty and evil things that have been said about him, and us.

Since it's a known fact that you get to know a person's character best when they

are put to the test, although most of her younger costars came out immediately against

Roseanne, her most important co-star, John Goodman, who is beyond a doubt the best actor

on the show, decided to remain silent on the mess.

According to Fox News Goodman said in an interview, "I'd rather say nothing than to cause

more trouble, I don't know anything about it.

I don't read it."

This followed a very gracious tweet by Barr:

Roseanne continued by apologizing to those who had lost their jobs because of her comment.

That included John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf, as she also condemned cast members who threw

her under the bus.

Funny how the ones who condemned her, without naming names are the ones who haven't been

heard up, since the last time Roseanne was on the air back in 1997, except for Sarah

Gilbert who was last seen on a couple of episodes, on the largely popular far-left tv show "The

Big Bang Theory" years ago.

Roseanne added, "I'm not a racist, I never was & I never will be," she wrote Wednesday.

"One stupid joke in a lifetime of fighting 4 civil rights 4 all minorities, against networks,

studios, at the expense of my nervous system/family/wealth will NEVER be taken from me."

This is what Hollywood agrees with, and this list is tame since it's only from the Oscars:

President Donald Trump was the primary target for leftist Hollywood celebrities during the

Oscars, as he, his family, or his administration was mentioned negatively fifteen times during

the ceremony.

Show host Jimmy Kimmel noted the Oscars broadcast was being watched "by more than 225 countries

that now hate us," thanks to Trump.

Kimmel thanked Trump for bringing Hollywood together, "Remember last year when it seemed

like the Oscars were racist?" he asked.

"That's gone, thanks to him."

Kimmel welcomed Isabelle Huppert, a French actress who was nominated for best actress:

"I'm glad Homeland Security let you in tonight.

I really am," he joked.

Kimmel referred to Trump's calling actress Meryl Streep "overrated", after her anti-Trump

speech during the Golden Globe and led the audience in a standing ovation for the actress.

"Nice dress, by the way.

Is that an Ivanka?"

Kimmel asked Streep.

Kimmel joked that Donald Trump tweets on the toilet.

"Some of you will get to come up on this stage tonight and give a speech, that the

President of the United States will tweet about in all caps during his 5 a.m. bowel

movement tomorrow," he told the actors.

"And I think that's pretty darn excellent, if you ask me."

Kimmel referred to Trump's repeated attacks on "fake news", and added a joke about

Trump's fake tan: "If there's anyone here from CNN, or the LA Times or New York

Times if you work for anything with the word Times" in it, even Medieval Times I'd

like to ask you to leave the building right now," he said.

"We have no tolerance for fake news.

Fake tans, we love."

"And now, for something that is very rare nowadays: a president who believes in both

arts and sciences," Kimmel joked as he introduced Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs.

Kimmel's stunts included live-tweeting to Trump twice during the Oscars."U up?"

he asked, as it was clear that Trump had not tweeted yet.

He also tweeted the hashtag "hashtag MerylSaysHi" to the president.

"We're so sorry about what happened in Sweden last week," Kimmel said, joking about

Trump's mention of attacks in the country.

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal criticized Trump's promise to build a wall.

"As a Mexican, as a Latin American, as a migrant worker, as a human being, I am against

any form of wall that wants to separate us," he said.

Kimmel joked that Dr. Strange was also nominated as secretary of Housing and Urban Development,

making fun of Trump's pick of Dr. Ben Carson to lead that agency.

Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs alluded to Trump's campaign promise to secure the

borders: "Tonight is proof that art has no borders, art has no single language, and

art does not belong to a single faith," she said.

Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi protested Donald Trump's travel ban by not attending

the Oscars.

"My absence is out of respect for the people of my country and those of the other six nations,

who have been disrespected by the inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants to the U.S.,"

he said in a statement that was read during the ceremony.

Barry Jenkins, the director of the film Moonlight, which won Best Picture, promised to help people

suffering during Trump's presidency: "All you people out there who feel like there's

no mirror for you, that your life is not reflected, the Academy has your back; the ACLU has your

back; we have your back; and for the next four years, we will not leave you alone.

We will not forget you," he said.

What do you think about this?

Please share this news and scroll down to Comment below and don't forget to subscribe

top stories today.

For more infomation >> Roseanne's Co-Star Has Jaw-Dropping Message For Her 24 Hrs After Losing His Job - Duration: 5:50.


IT'S ON: CNN Just Declared WAR on EVERY SINGLE PERSON Who Voted For Trump - Duration: 4:27.

IT'S ON: CNN Just Declared WAR on EVERY SINGLE PERSON Who Voted For Trump

This is a new low, even for CNN, who is basically in the gutter, at this point.

After Roseanne Barr tweeted out an attack on a former Obama top aide, CNN wasted no

time attacking President Trump and all of his supporters.

Now, in order to really push home their "racism" narrative, CNN is going to war on Trump supporters,

and bringing on guests who claim that every single person who voted for President Trump

is "racist."

From News Busters

Most of the people who appear on CNN are, unsurprisingly, liberals.

However, every so often, a guest veers so far to the left that even the hosts are surprised

by what that person says.

That was the case on CNN's Wednesday morning show New Day, when Michaela Angela Davis responded

to a question posed by new co-host John Berman.

He asked if Roseanne Barr "felt empowered" by President Donald Trump to make the racist

remarks that led to the cancellation of her ABC sitcom.

"Absolutely," the culture critic responded before going so far as to claim that everyone

who voted for the Republican during the 2016 presidential campaign is a racist.

Berman's question seemed reasonable enough for someone on CNN, as he continued:

The argument that some people are making, that Roseanne Barr maybe felt empowered to

talk like this because of President Trump….I mean, look, she's got a history of saying

things like this completely on her own that have gone back before this administration.

How do you counter that with the "rapid-ish" response from ABC?

"Well," Davis replied, "they made a connection together….when Trump…touted

her ratings, almost took credit for them" as the president and the comedian "made

their relationship clear."

The guest then claimed that the Republican occupant of the White House "made it more

popular, I think, to be openly racist."

As if that wasn't liberal enough, she added: "I think it's important that we don't

make Trump seem this untouchable thing, you know, that no one gets to be Trump but Trump.

Tens of millions of people voted for him after he showed his cards for years."

Obviously caught off guard by the comment, Berman gave the guest a chance to walk back

her remark: "But are you suggesting that they're racist?"

Davis nevertheless replied: "Absolutely, yes."

All of the people that voted for Donald Trump are racist?" the co-host asked again.

"Yes," she stated.

"They may not all be violently racist," but Trump is "very clear and strategic"

in his use of the "anti-blackness" that "has been the foundation" of his political


"We have to grapple with the idea that…you heard someone at their rallies say 'Build

the wall and kill them all.'"

"Listen," fellow co-host Alisyn Camerota interrupted, "you know that people interpret

this differently, and to paint with as broad a brush as you are, saying that everybody

who voted for him is racist, you know how people operate."

"They'll compartmentalize, and they'll say that people had compartmentalized during

Bill Clinton," Camerota added, "and you overlook the things that you're uncomfortable

with because you like the policy, so you can't paint with that broad a brush."

Davis still refused to back down, asserting: "Racism isn't broad, so what you're

not hearing is there's so many different levels of racism and how it works itself out."

As NewsBusters previously reported, this isn't the first time Davis startled her CNN hosts.

In September of 2016, the Black Lives Matter sympathizer responded on CNN to the fatal

shooting by police officers in North Carolina of an armed black man by bemoaning white "brutality"

and defending violent protesters as "burning down the plantation."

When choosing people to be guests or panelists on CNN, the network usually makes safe selections

of people who are fellow travelers on the left side of the road.

However, it is certainly refreshing when one of those visitors forces the hosts to walk

back something even they can't deny is too liberal for the viewers of that cable channel.

what do you think about this?

Please Share this news and Scroll down to comment below and don't forget to subscribe

USA facts today.

For more infomation >> IT'S ON: CNN Just Declared WAR on EVERY SINGLE PERSON Who Voted For Trump - Duration: 4:27.


How to Find Industry Blogs Using Advanced Search Operators - Duration: 8:57.

- Hey, everyone.

Jason Case here with another video

and today I'm going to show you how to find industry blogs

using advanced search operators.

The purpose of doing this is to identify blogs

in your industry that are already getting a ton

of website traffic.

Most likely their audiences directly align

with your target market.

This creates great opportunity to build brand awareness,

possibly get products that you have featured

on their blogs and have them review it,

and this also will help with your overall SEO

and link building strategies so you can share content

that you posted on your website with these blogs

and build relationships with them,

possible collaboration opportunities, and so forth.

I'm going to show you directly how to do this today.

I'm going to share my screen with you right now

and show you the stuff to do so.

All right, we've got Google pulled up here

and what I'm going to do is use Google,

or a advanced search operator here to find this.

We're just going to use fitness for example.

Whatever your keyword is,

just replace that keyword or keywords

with the word fitness here and it will work the same way.

Inurl: is the advanced search operator

and then right after that, we'll put blog.

What this does, it will bring up any blog,

or any URL that has blog in the URL,

with the keyword fitness in it.

The top result here is Anytime Fitness.

Now, Anytime Fitness,

I know this is kind of a corporate brand

and it will probably be harder to get a link from it.

I'm going to skip that for now.

It might work for you,

but in my mind, probably not the best opportunity.

Let's look at Nerd Fitness here.

All right, so it seems like a legit blog.

They've got some courses, training, free resources.

It looks like they got quite a bit of blog content on here.

What I want to do is take this URL and put it in SEMrush

and do an analysis of it real quick to see a rough amount

of traffic that they're getting to this blog.

Look at this, 483,000 organic search reach, that's huge.

Now, this is a rough estimate.

It's definitely not the exact number,

but it will give us a good idea

and that's all we really care about.

What I'm going to do is add the URL

to this website right here

and then we're going to put the organic reach right here

in a Google Spreadsheet so we can document this.

Now, we'll want to find the email or contact for this blog

to do outreach to them as well.

I have another tab pulled up here that's an email hunter. is the web address and what you can do,

you can do so many searches per month

with this tool for free and then after that,

you have to pay a fee, I believe.

Either way, it's a great tool

and then you can just put your domain name in here.

Five email addresses.

This will pull up different emails here for the blog.

I'm going to take a look here.

Maybe I want to use Steve's email, he's the Operator,

or the Moderator.

Maybe that's the person we want to outreach to.

For this purpose,

let's just use Steve.

I'm going to add Steve's name here.

And we will put Steve's email here.

All right, and I've got a column for phone if you want

and then any notes that you want to add about this blog,

and so forth.

I suggest researching the blog,

finding out more about what they do

before you start doing the outreach,

and make sure that your pitch aligns with their content.

It's also a good idea if they have comments on the blog

to start interacting with the blog

and start building kind of an awareness of yourself

before you do outreach.

These high-traffic blogs get a lot of pitches,

a lot of times, so don't just stop at one pitch.

Keep going for multiple followups

to try to get them to respond.

Either way, what you can do is then repeat this process

and go down the board.

I'm going down a little bit here

and just take a domain

and just see if we can find one

that doesn't have much search traffic.

That's getting a decent amount.

What you're gong to want to look for is any sites

that aren't getting that much traffic.

You don't want, I mean, it's 15,000,

that's still pretty good,

but if you find any domains

that are only getting like a 100 or so organic reach

or even like maybe just 1,000,

I wouldn't really worry about adding them

to your Google Spreadsheet because this is kind

of a waste of your time.

It's not going to get much exposure, reach,

and you probably won't have much luck with it.

Go after higher traffic blogs that directly closely align

with your product or services that really don't overlap,

maybe it's a competitor.

Because if they're a direct competitor,

they're not going to probably collaborate with you necessarily.

There might be opportunity, but probably not.

Either way, that's just one advanced operator.

You can also put blogs here,

so this could bring up a whole list of people

that have already researched these top fitness blogs

or whatever your keyword is, blogs in your industry.

Then, you can go through each of these

and do that same process and see if they align with it,

and if they do and they're getting high traffic,

then add them to the Google Spreadsheet

and their contact information.

Now, once you have created a whole list of blogs here

with contact information and so forth,

then you can start your outreach efforts.

Now, that's just one example of an advanced search operator.

There's a ton of different advanced search operators

that you can use for this purpose.

I'm not going to go through all that stuff

and bore you in this video,

but I do have a list of them if you want to download this PDF

that I already have.

I'll add a link in the comment of this video post

that you can go grab it and download it.

If you have any questions about this,

please let me know,

but this is a great way to find blogs in your industry

that are not necessarily competitors,

but do a lot of content and blog about it,

about products and reviews, and so forth,

and they have a huge following that probably closely aligns

with your target market.

Again, this creates great opportunity for outreach

and to make a great impact and a big impact,

and a great way if you can get your website

or your products featured here.

Either way, that's it for today's video.

If you need help with any of this,

please feel free to reach out.

This is what we do.

We would be happy to help you do this as well

if you're too busy running your business,

that's what we can do.

We can work as an extension to your team.

That way you can stay focused on what you do best

and we can help do what we do best

and that's grow your business.

Take care, everyone, and we'll talk tomorrow.

Youtube daily May 31 2018

I wear a hat every day. A hat gives you a great deal of confidence.

Hats stand for the empowerment of women.

And when a women is about to take care of business...

she puts on her hat.

I'm Reverend Georgiette Morgan-Thomas, and I'm the proud owner of American Hats.

I grew up during the Civil Rights Movement...

and so all the women that I knew when they marched...

they put on their hats.

During the Women's Suffrage Movement, women wore hats.

For many, many, years I've worked as a social worker, a pastor and a community leader.

Two years ago, I was thinking about retirement.

I learned that the legendary S&S Hats factory in Philadelphia was closing.

People were going to lose their jobs and the art form of hat making was going to be jeopardized.

So, I bought the factory.

This was something way outside of the things that I've usually done.

But I felt that I can do the impossible.

In the beginning the transition was really tough.

I had to get up at 3:30 in the morning and get on the train and go to Philadelphia.

I knew nothing about manufacturing,

so that was extremely risky.

The factory had a customer base that was strictly dress hats.

And so what we had to do survive, was to develop hats that were more casual...

and that would be more appealing to a younger and broader base.

I began to understand that there was this tool that can be used on the computer to boost our sales.

Now we're finding that we're doing about 45 percent of our business online.

We have a lot of new customers who are finding us.

The struggle is starting to be joy because the company is seeing a profit.

One of my ambitions for this place in my life...

is to become the most outstanding manufacturer of hats in the world.

What's most important is that we have left our impact upon others...

and especially those who love us.

Because, that's how our story continues on.

For more infomation >> Rev. Morgan-Thomas: Preserving an artform - Duration: 2:37.


The Move That BROKE Pokemon! | The SCIENCE... of Pokemon Pay Day - Duration: 18:42.

Dear Nintendo, hi, it's me, Austin

And I'm here once again to take your cute lovin franchise adored by millions

And twist it until it's barely

Recognizable for both my own amusement and for the amusement of other cynical jerks out there like me

Recently matpat deduced that being a pokemon trainer

Was the worst career move you could possibly make and you know, what?

He's totally right the boring old workaday trainer job is not only grueling

It's just not freakin worth it

amazingly though in my own journey into the Pokemon universe

I discovered something that Matt missed something that honestly

I think we all missed I didn't see a single comment in that video about this

There is a secret

Loophole that if you're willing to forego the normal path of wearing holes in the bottom of your shoes walking miles

Down routes 1 through 17 in your quest to become the literal best

Pokemon trainer in the universe only to be rewarded with enough

Change to buy yourself a victory dinner and a cheap hotel room for the night

you can become the richest person in the entire world in practically no time at all and

destroy entire

Nations in the process and in order to do that. You're gonna have to do one

Simple thing get yourself a pokemon that knows the move payday

Matt gets a pass from missing this move because well for one thing it kind of misses the spirit of the Pokemon games

and the anime which is to go on an adventure and

Enslave sentient creatures and force them to fight each other to the death for your amusement and profit but I actually discovered this

Completely by accident. You see my original goal. The original video I was going to do was to figure out of all

728 Pokemon moves which was the most dangerous and

Damaging of them and I got all the way down the list to move

to the six move six six entries in and I'm already

Distracted I'm trying to figure things out give the people the blood gore and horror that they want out of the game meant for children

And Here I am

distracted by the jingling car keys of boy

I just gotta know how much money you can make from payday for the purposes of this video

We're gonna use the figure Matt Pat uses

We're a hundred poka dollars is thirty nine cents in US currency

Which I did double check and seems to be on the level anyway on with the show. How much money can you make?

using the move


For those of you who don't know payday is a move learned almost

exclusively by the Pokemon Meowth or their evolutionary forms

It's a physical normal type move where your Pokemon attacks your opponent's by


Throwing money at them as a nice bonus at the end of the battle you get to pick up all the money from the ground

And keep it providing you wipe the blood and fur of the murder victim off of it first

The way the amount is calculated is pretty simple

It's the level of your Pokemon times five per use if you use it, three times the level five Meowth

That's 75 smackers use it once with the level 100 Meowth the boom five hundo right in the pocket all for the low low price

of a little bit of Pokemon PTSD

So basically on that little bit of information right there

you can see that the goal to making a buck would be to simply have the highest level Pokemon use payday the most in a

short amount of time right and for the sake of simplicity and to save room for later because I have a lot of info to

Get through today. Let's run through it like this

You take a level 100 Meowth through a high level like Pony gauntlet and start running in circles

Let's say that you have the ability

illuminate active which doubles your encounter rate and let's say you were even smarter and equipped an amulet coin to double the money you earn

At the end of the battle take it into account that each step takes exactly a fifth of a second

That means it'll be approximately one point zero seven seven seconds on average until you encounter a wild Pokemon

Which will be around level 1555

Boom you to shot at using payday the Pokemon dies bug getting a chance to ride home to his family since your level 100 you

use payday twice that's two thousand big ones right there or

$7.80 and then you rinse and repeat this over and over and over again given that the average battle would last

Approximately forty two point eight three seconds plus the average of one point zero seven seven seconds in between battles

This means that you're earning a cool forty five point five four polka dollars or eighteen cents per second

That is a whopping ten dollars and sixty six cents per minutes or six hundred and thirty nine

Dollars and forty nine cents per hour that is over twenty eight times

The average hourly wage in the United States according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

That means if you work 8 hours a day

Nine-to-five murder Jenna citing helpless Pokemon five days a week for a whole year. You'll make a salary of get this over

1.3 million

dollars a year boom

Suck on that elite floor instead of being the very best that no one ever was it's gonna sit around in luxurious

Capitalist fashion and reap the fruits of my cute little cats labor every day before going home to my glorious

McMansion like between being a nomad with aching feet and being a millionaire entrepreneur

no, which I would pick but it doesn't stop there because

A business is not a business if it cannot be scaled up. So how do we scale this up?

well for that we're gonna have to turn to youtuber verily verily

Very very lucify ver lucify ver Lisi feeis the third I don't see it

anyway, you forget away to twist and exploit the world of Pokemon for his own personal gain in a

Truly magnificent fashion using a combination of the pokemons near goal who can learn a move called sketch which allows him to copy any move

he wants in the SOS mechanic from ultra Sun and ultra moon allows you to build a pokemon with the moveset roost paid a

Happy hour and false swipe happy hour doubles the amount of reward money that you receive from a battle which combined with the amulet coin

Leads to a four times money payout now we're cooking with gas. Whereas these combined skills

Allow you to maximize your payouts roost and fall swipe allow you to essentially prolong a battle for an eternity

Forcing your opponent to call for help every turn while you mercilessly Pelt them with money turning the game from acute

visualization of cartoonish dogfighting into a sort of meat grinder simulator you drop Pokemon in one end and pick

blood-soaked money out the other


You reach a maximum payout of a hundred thousand polka dollars or three hundred ninety bucks and the battle collector winnings and start the process

all over again

Now we know that these battles happen in real time because time in the Pokemon world

Progresses at the exact same rate as our world and amazingly this

Streamlined process bumps your salary from a still pretty impressive six hundred and thirty nine dollars and forty nine cents per hour to one

thousand two hundred and seventeen dollars and 64 cents per hour or

2.4 million dollars a year, that is quite the freaking stack of cash a

Suspiciously high stack of cash which brings us back to what I mentioned earlier

and destroy entire

nations in the process those of you who know a thing or two about

Economics know that money doesn't come from nowhere

As far as I see it the move payday a move that remember involves throwing a literal ballad

Spendable currency at your opponent acquires its money in one of two ways

Either a it's a glorified printing press where whoever uses it is essentially pooping out fresh money on the fly

Which means you're really gonna have to invest in some

money laundering

Or be it's teleporting valid currency from somewhere in the world into your pokemons hands essentially

Glorified theft which hikes now

I'm gonna be honest

According to my calculations one person doing this would not negatively impact the economy one way or the other by all that much

Oh, no, I'm sure you would definitely raise some eyebrows over at the IRS

But if the chaotic windfall of bitcoins has taught us anything

Where there's easy money to be made short-sighted people will come rushing from all corners of the globe

There's a

100% chance if this money-making scheme were discovered. It would not remain a secret and in order to figure out the

economic impact of this move

We're gonna have to figure out how many people are using it across the entire world of Pokemon

Now it's hard to tell exactly how many people would catch wise

But we can build an approximation from the very video that outlines this method as of this moment the money making guide Biver

Lucify has 19 hundred likes on it, which is probably the closest estimate

We'll get for folk who are playing Ultra Sun and Moon that are using this method now

Hold on to your butts because we're gonna use this one number

1900 and music to blow your electrode

So considering that at least 1900 people are presumably using this method to get rich in ultra Sun and Moon

We need to figure out a few things the population of the various Pokemon regions their gross domestic product or GDP

Which is economic shorthand for how much money this country is worth

Although that's a bit reductive and it's incredibly difficult to know for certain how much money is in the world?

This is the closest thing to a real number we can use to estimate how big the giant pool of Boka dollars is the pokemon

Cannon is comprised of seven major regions Kanto Johto

Hoenn Sinnoh Innova que lo santa lola all of which are based off of real world locations almost the exact layout

Kanto is the Kanto region of Japan Toto's Kansai region Hoenn is the Kyushu

Encino is the Hokkaido region while Innova is New York and New Jersey and Kalos France and Aloha, of course is Iceland

I mean white using the maps we have available. I overlaid them with the various regions in a real world

They're based on the get estimates of their area, which we can use in conjunction with population densities to get an estimated population

Nova was the most difficult since the Hudson hack and saw and the East aren't perfectly aligned with a Nova while Lola was the easiest

In second dose copy and paste everything given the approximate population densities of each region

The Pokemon ones are based on and their square miles and kilometers

I determined that Kanto has a population of seven hundred and thirty eight thousand roto eight hundred ninety four thousand Hoenn nine hundred and eighty

seven thousand Sinnoh 1.3 million, Innova

8.7 million Kalos five hundred forty-seven thousand and Aloha eight hundred ninety seven thousand or a total population of fourteen point one seven million in

all the mainstay Pokemon games since nineteen hundred people is exactly

0.21% of the population of Lola and I'm presuming for the sake of simplicity that this percentage of users remains consistent across region means that

In total, there's approximately twenty nine thousand nine hundred ninety, three people using the paid a happy hour amulet Pokemon genocide method of money-making

But we're somewhat done yet because while this is incredibly helpful in figuring out how much money is being created

It doesn't give us a sense for what the economic impact would be for that

We need to multiply that GDP per capita out of the gross domestic product per person for each person in each region

According to the GDP of the respective countries with the United States having the highest GDP PC of fifty seven thousand fifteen dollars and sixty

Six cents followed by Japan with thirty eight thousand eight hundred eighty nine dollars and seventy six cents and finally France at thirty six thousand

Eight hundred forty six dollars and four cents, which would multiply propria

Give us a total Pokemon GDP of one point eight trillion poka dollars or seven hundred twenty four billion real-world dollars

Okay, got all that

Need a glass of water. I'm sure as L do all right

Our giant pool of money for the sake of this video is seven hundred and twenty four billion dollars

But we've got almost thirty thousand people or 0.2 one percent of the population

Working eight hours a day five days a week to make the most money. They possibly can which interestingly if estimated that approximately

0.33 percent of the population is chasing bitcoins. So this number holds up. So let me kick you a scenario

You're the first person to discover this polka dollar printing, press method. You start making your thousands every day in one day

Someone is like hey, you seem so rich all of a sudden and you know, she's your best friend

So you decide what's the harm and telling one person?

So you give her the details and keep on going with your business effectively

Printing your own money and all the while the online forums dedicated to polka dollar mining are starting to stir creepy

Scammy companies are starting to form

Suddenly one year later

Everyone's joining the Hodel gang your secret is out

And now thirty thousand people are murdering sai ducks on the daily to increase their Pokemon bank account size so they can creep ever

Closer to that elusive polka lambo presuming that this method prints money instead of say stealing it from all ladies allah

Teleportation but this is me

Inflation with this many people printing this much money

You've grown from infusing the market with a mere two million four hundred and thirty five

thousand two hundred and seventy one dollars and ninety cents a year to a

terrifyingly high

Seventy five billion nine hundred and sixty four million one hundred and eighty five thousand

And eight dollars and 20 cents per year creating

Get this an annual inflation rate of ten point four eight percent

which is not

great a little inflation is a good thing the United States Federal Reserve tries to keep it hovering at about three percent each year because

It encourages spending and growth ten point four eight percent though would have a pretty negative impact on the economy

People would want to save money or even borrow money because a hundred dollars that they have in

January would be worth eighty nine dollars and fifty cents in December

We know for a fact that inflation like this is bad because it's the rate that our country hovered at during several bad

Economic crisis --is in the past fifty years while it likely wouldn't kill people unemployment rates would rise and the government would start

investigating why inflation had creeped so high without their input what markets are unmonitored and unregulated, they'd be asking

And boom suddenly you and your firm of 30,000 people are before a congressional

Ethics Board sanctions are being imposed and blam payday grinding is outlawed

not the greatest outcome, but it's also by far not the worst the worst thing that happens here is you

Yourself become the Bernie Madoff or Martin shkreli of the Pokemon world

They'd write about you in textbooks for business 101 courses about the dangers of arbitrage chasing. It's not great

but at least you're still alive and maybe if you get a killer book deal out of it the same, however

Cannot be said if payday instead of acting as a printing press straight-up

steals money from somewhere and honestly knowing the way the Pokemon world works this seems far more likely I mean

How is a cat or whatever the hell smear coal is a bob. Rossi and dog


How are they capable of straight-up making money out of nowhere the logistics alone of keeping that much metal stored in their bodies for spontaneous

Synthesis is troubling whereas pokeballs and other Pokemon like abracadabra

alakazam have proven that

Teleportation and casual quantum entanglement abuse is a regular thing in this universe

it makes much more sense that those pokémon are teleporting money out of local cash registers saves banks and

Mattresses into their hands to throw at their enemies and holy crap. If this is the case the whole freaking world is screwed

Sure at first

Everything's hunky-dory

But after a few weeks of 30 thousand people effectively stealing money from others the world economy would start to collapse

I mean just for a reference the top point to 1% of the wealthy in America

control a little over 11 percent of the wealth in the country and

Conservatively it took them like at least some years to get that wealth probably decades

It would take the point to 1 percent of Pokemon trainers using these moves

282 days just 10 months to be at the same level and it would just go up from there

I mean, whatever your political leanings look out your window look on Twitter things are you know?

Not great right now people are angry

Some people want to protect their wealth other people want to redistribute the wealth and we're just here you're right here

We're the top point to 1% controls 11.37 percent of the wealth

Can you imagine what it would be like if the 0.21% controlled? I don't know a quarter of the wealth

Well less than two years into our scenario

That's where we are the Pokemon universe

half the wealth less than three and a half years by the end of a five year period of this pattern

Continued to the top point to 1% of the wealthy in the Pokemon world would control almost

3/4 of all the money in existence there would be an


uprising probably long before

This point political inclination would hardly matter because everyone's on the same page when you're starving left wing right wing

They'd all unite under the banner of cutting your freaking head off so they can afford to eat

Redistribution of wealth wouldn't even be a political policy issue and be the meaning between life and death for ninety

Nine point seven nine percent of the world population and what's thirty thousand heads rolled third?

Undoubtedly be bloody civil Wars as masses of hungry desperate people with different life

Experiences and ideologies fought over how to distribute this money back to the people

It would be a war with death unlike we've ever

seen it would be devastating spent entire continents and cost the lives of millions of innocents all because you

didn't want to work for an honest living so


maybe Pokemon training isn't the best living but it's a hell of a lot better than

Spending your life in prison or millions of people cheering as your head is chopped off. Be safe be responsible

do not use payday and

apparently don't be a pokemon trainer either just like

Be one of those dudes who owns a shop selling pokeballs to ten-year-olds. It's so much safer

sincerely, Austin

For more infomation >> The Move That BROKE Pokemon! | The SCIENCE... of Pokemon Pay Day - Duration: 18:42.


Trump Is STILL Whining That ABC President Hasn't Apologized To Him - Duration: 2:58.

Donald Trump is too immature to be the president of the United States.

For at least the last 24 hours, he has been nonstop tweeting, whining tweeting about the

fact that Bob Iger, the president of ABC, has not yet called him to apologize for, I

guess, the network's negative coverage of him.

As most people know, Bob Iger did call Valerie Jarrett, the woman who was made fun of with

that horrible comment by Roseanne Barr.

He called her and apologized to her, said, "That doesn't represent what this network

stands for.

I'm very sorry.

We got rid of Roseanne."

Donald Trump, as he does with every other issue there is, made it all about him and

wanted to know why Iger is not calling him, blowing his phone up, giving him an apology

for god knows what because that's the thing.

There is no instance whatsoever of anyone on ABC using any kind of racial slur to attack

the president of the United States, which is what Roseanne did to attack Valerie Jarrett.

What is Trump wanting an apology for?

Is he wanting an apology for the network talking about some of the horrible things he's done,

for talking about the Michael Cohen-Stormy Daniels scandal or the Robert Mueller investigation

or his low approval ratings or the constant lies that come out of his mouth?

What does Trump want an apology for?

Here's the answer to that question because it's pretty obvious.

He knows that Iger has nothing to apologize to him for, but he feels like he should be

apologized to.


Because it hurts his ego when they go out there and say this negative but true things

about him.

When they point out the fact that he's lost the support of the majority of the public,

when they point out the fact that these investigations are getting closer to home for him and could

eventually insnare him personally, when they talk about how crazy and stupid Rudy Giuliani

is every time he gives an interview.

That's not slander.

That's just telling people what happened that particular day and it hurts your ego.

It may even hurt your feelings.

I don't know if you have those but that's what you want an apology for, not because

they've done anything to damage your reputation, but because they hurt your fragile, little


Trump is going to continue to whine about it.

He's going to stay on Twitter and demand apologies for his imagined slights because he lives

in his own reality.

In his own personal world, anytime you say something that's true about him but also negative,

that's a personal attack.

It's fake news.

It's not real but to the rest of us in this real world of America, we understand that

these things are true, they are real and nobody needs to apologize for holding the president

accountable for some of the crazy things he says and some of the horrible policies that

he enacts.

For more infomation >> Trump Is STILL Whining That ABC President Hasn't Apologized To Him - Duration: 2:58.


Mitosis vs. Meiosis: Side by Side Comparison - Duration: 6:35.

Captions are on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off.

You can find us on Twitter (@AmoebaSisters) and Facebook!

In biology, there are often vocabulary terms that sound pretty similar.

Chromosome. Chromatid. Chromatin.

Transcription. Translation.

Mitosis. Meiosis.

You probably have encountered this.

When I was first learning about mitosis and meiosis, I learned them both separately first.

And then I tried to figure out what was the same about them, what was different, why did

they both matter?

I would try to compare the stages by flipping through images.

You know what would have helped me?

A side by side comparison.

And that's what this video is.

We assume you already have a background of mitosis and meiosis---if not take a look at

our videos on them---but this video is a side by side comparison.

Presented in a split screen.

Mitosis on the left.

Meiosis on the right.

Both of these processes, along with the cytokinesis that follows them to split the cytoplasm,

are involved in making new cells.

Mitosis results in body cells.

Meiosis results in sperm and egg cells, otherwise knows as the fancy term, gametes.

Before we start mitosis and meiosis, let's look at what you start with.

Your starting cell in both mitosis and meiosis is diploid, written here as 2n.

That means it has 2 sets of chromosomes---in humans, that's including one set of 23 chromosomes

from mom and one set of 23 chromosomes from dad.

46 chromosomes total in humans.

During interphase, the cell duplicates the chromosomes.

When you duplicate 46 chromosomes, you still say there are 46 chromosomes as the newly

duplicated portion is still attached at the centromere region---but there are actually

92 chromatids.

Interphase isn't part of mitosis or meiosis, but it's a really important phase because

it duplicates chromosomes before we get started.

Just to point out, it's really hard to draw 46 chromosomes which is how many humans have.

We're going to use 6 chromosomes in our diagrams when we illustrate what's happening

because it's much easier to draw and visualize.

Oh and just a fun fact: some insects have 6 chromosomes.

Like mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of mosquitoes.

But mosquitoes do mitosis and meiosis too.

When learning the stages, we give the acronym PMAT which is helpful for understanding the


Both mitosis and meiosis go through these stages, but meiosis goes through them twice

and therefore has a number next to each PMAT stage.

We're going to show some basic events for each PMAT stage, but please know there is

way more detail to explore than what we can include in this quick video.

Prophase in mitosis.

Remember that "pro" can mean "before" and this stage comes before the others.

The chromosomes are visible; in fact, we say they're condensing which means they are


Prophase I in meiosis.

Happening here too, but the chromosomes are actually going to match up with their homologous


The word homologous means that the chromosomes are approximately the same size and that they

contain the same types of genes in the same locations.

With each pair, one came from mom and one came from dad.

In this formation, chromosomes can transfer their genetic information and exchange it

between each other.

It's called crossing over!

It can make for what we call recombinant chromosomes.

Metaphase in mitosis.

The nuclear envelope which had surrounded the nucleus was already disassembled before

metaphase started.

For metaphase, I like to remember the M for middle because in this stage the chromosomes

line up in the middle of the cell in a single file line.

Metaphase I in meiosis.

The chromosomes are in the middle as well, but they're still going to be in pairs in

the middle of the cell so it's not a single file line.

Anaphase in mitosis.

I like to think as the A is for "away."

The chromatids are pulled away by the work of the spindles.

They are moving to the opposite sides of the cell.

Anaphase I in meiosis.

Same thing but in this case, it's the chromosomes- not chromatids- being pulled away to opposite

sides of the cell.

Telophase in mitosis and telophase I in meiosis.

The chromosomes are at the complete opposite ends and new nuclei are forming on each side

to make these two new cells.

And they are starting to surround the chromosomes on both sides as this will eventually form

2 cells.

Cytokinesis follows to split the cytoplasm to complete the actual dividing

of the cell.

So at the end of mitosis and cytokinesis, we end with two identical, diploid cells.

In humans, they would both have 46 chromosomes.

This is great for organism growth---growing requires making more cells after all---or

replacing damaged cells.

After completing meiosis I and cytokinesis, we have two haploid cells, and they're not

identical because of that crossing over during prophase I. Meiosis is also not done.

Meiosis must go on.

On to meiosis II!

Prophase II.

Chromosomes condensing in both cells.

It's not going to be as eventful as it was in prophase I because they are not going to

have homologous pairs and crossing over.

Metaphase II.

M for middle, but this time, the chromosomes are in a single file line.

Similar to how metaphase looked in mitosis.

Anaphase II.

Think A for away.

This time, though, it's actually the chromatids that are getting pulled away.

Telophase II.

Chromosomes are at the complete opposite ends and new nuclei are forming on each side to

make new cells.

Cytokinesis will follow meiosis II to completely split the cytoplasm.

We are now finished with meiosis: and we end with four non-identical cells.


Males makes sperm cells in meiosis and females make egg cells in meiosis.

These gametes are haploid, meaning they have half the number of chromosomes as the original

starting cell.

In the case of humans, the resulting cells would each have 23 chromosomes.

By the way, when a sperm and egg cell combine, it results into a diploid cell, a fertilized

egg otherwise known as a zygote, which will then start a series of divisions using mitosis

to give rise to a brand new organism.

Well, that's it for the Amoeba Sisters, and we remind you to stay curious!

For more infomation >> Mitosis vs. Meiosis: Side by Side Comparison - Duration: 6:35.


Melania Just Made First Appearance in 2 Weeks, And Got Brutally Attacked For What She Said To Her H. - Duration: 4:39.

Melania Just Made First Appearance in 2 Weeks, And Got Brutally Attacked For What She Said

To Her Haters.

Melania Trump has been recovering from a surgical procedure, she received at the Walter Reed

Medical Center to help her with a kidney issue.

President Donald Trump spent many days visiting his wife.

She finally returned home to the White House, and her critics and fans alike have wondered

where she's been.

Since she just had a surgical procedure, it's likely that she was simply resting and having

some downtime.

Perhaps she's uncomfortable and relaxing.

Perhaps she's busy working on something important.

Regardless, the critics have gone after her from the moment she returned from the medical

center, and they keep going after her now.

People want to know why they haven't seen Melania Trump in a few weeks.

Those same people probably have friends or family who they haven't seen in weeks either.

However, since the first lady hasn't felt like spending every moment in front of the

mainstream media, the media now assume there's something going on, and they begin speculating

all sorts of weird conspiracies.

While some people craft their story about where Melania has been, there are others who

have broken down her Tweets and now believe Donald was Tweeting for her.

Either people have absolutely nothing better to do, or they were just mad about what Melania


Perhaps people were so bothered, and bitter over Melania's Tweet that they wish Donald

had said it.

Not so fast.

A simple Tweet was sent after Melania caught wind of the mainstream media's obsession

with where she was, and this Tweet caused the southern side of the afterlife to freeze

over faster than a freeze-pop in Antartica.

This Tweet sent the critics into an uproar accusing Melania of letting Donald post on

her account.

People were losing their minds over one single Tweet, because she used the word "overtime"

just like Donald once used.

There's a lot of words we all use, but that doesn't mean we're all the same person.

Either way, the social media critics would have their fun and criticize her.

They soon received a bit of payback though, it seems like Melania didn't care what they


She posted a nice update to let people know she's well and working, but of course, that's

not ever good enough for the people who simply hate her existence in the White House.

You know what they say about haters, right?

Mirror wrote this: "Melania Trump has finally acknowledged her 'disappearance', after

weeks out of the public eye with a tweet, but questions are already being asked over

who actually wrote it.

The First Lady was last seen 21 days ago, when she joined her husband to meet American

hostages coming home from North Korea.

Since then she's been treated at a medical centre for a kidney condition, with the president

tweeting his heartfelt congratulations to his wife on her recovery on May 19.

Although he managed to call her Melanie instead of Melania, it was at least an acknowledgment

she appeared to be on the mend.

Yesterday, some eleven days later, a message was posted on Mrs Trump's Twitter profile.

Although in recent days she had also posted messages about Memorial Day and America's

military, this was the first time she appeared to directly address the speculation on her


However, the tone and phrasing of the message seemed out of character with many questioning

whether she actually wrote it.

A number of the phrases in the tweet not only sound like the sort of thing her husband would

say, they actually appeared in previous tweets of his.

"Working overtime" is a common Trump phrase, as is his endless obsession with how the media

reports on him and his family.

It didn't take long for people on social media to turn the post into a running joke,

with many referencing the fact the message was put up, on the same day Kim Kardashian

turned up at the White House."

Can't they all find something better to do?

Does every Tweet by the President and his wife need to be analyzed, and turned into

conspiracy theories?

Wasn't it enough to take the message at face value, be happy she's doing well, and

hope that she's working on something amazing?

Social media has turned our world into a babbling brigade of blithering critics, just spending

way too much time overanalyzing things and looking for trash to throw on the Trump family.

What do you think about this?

Please share this news and scroll down to Comment below and don't forget to subscribe

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For more infomation >> Melania Just Made First Appearance in 2 Weeks, And Got Brutally Attacked For What She Said To Her H. - Duration: 4:39.


Donald Trump to Pardon Conservative Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza - Duration: 1:56.

Donald Trump to Pardon Conservative Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza.

President Donald J. Trump announced Thursday he will pardon conservative author and filmmaker

Dinesh D'Souza, who was convicted of breaking campaign finance laws in 2014.

"Will be giving a Full Pardon to Dinesh D'Souza today.

He was treated very unfairly by our government!"

President Trump tweeted: In 2014, D'Souza pleaded guilty after reimbursing

two straw donors who contributed to Wendy Long's 2012 campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney of the Southern District of New York who was fired by President

Trump, released a statement of the conviction.

"Dinesh D'Souza attempted to illegally contribute over $10,000 to a Senate campaign,

wilfully undermining the integrity of the campaign finance process," Bharara wrote.

"Like many others before him, of all political stripes, he has had to answer for this crime

– here with a felony conviction."

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) welcomed the news, tweeting "Bravo! @realDonaldTrump Dinesh was the

subject of a political prosecution, brazenly targeted by the Obama administration bc of

his political views.

And he's a powerful voice for freedom, systematically dismantling the lies of the Left—which is

why they hate him."

"This is Justice," Cruz declared:

An official petition for the White House to pardon D'Souza was launched April 14 and

garnered 12,145 signatures:

The conservative pundit's pardon is the fifth of Donald Trump's presidency.

what do you think about this?

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For more infomation >> Donald Trump to Pardon Conservative Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza - Duration: 1:56.


Noticias Telemundo Mediodía, 31 de mayo de 2018 | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 21:36.

For more infomation >> Noticias Telemundo Mediodía, 31 de mayo de 2018 | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 21:36.


How To Claim Your Business On Facebook (2018) - Duration: 5:32.

Wondering how to claim your Facebook business page or claim your business on

Facebook? This is so easy to do but so important for the reputation of your

business. Let me show you how right now

What's up busy people - welcome to Five Minute Social Media. If you are a

business owner who has had "figure out my social media" on your to do list for who

knows how long but you just keep shoving it down because you're busy or because

you're overwhelmed and you don't know where to start, you're in a great place

right now because every week we put out a quick video showing you how to master

a different piece of your digital marketing. So if that sounds like

something you could use take a second hit subscribe. My name is Jerry Potter -

you can connect with me online @mrjerrypotter, and today I'm gonna show

you how to claim your business on Facebook. Frst of all I want to tell you

how important this is - even if you already have a Facebook page you may

have another Facebook page for your business that you don't know about! And

it's sitting out there unclaimed. I see this with clients at the agency I work

for all the time. Basically if somebody tries to check in to your business and

they don't see an official page, Facebook will just create one for them. Some of

these have been sitting there for years getting reviews and complaints and all

sorts of stuff and they all go unanswered

So if you haven't done this in the last six months, go onto Facebook, search for

your business name and see if any other pages come up just to be sure. If they do

come up though I'll show you how you can claim them right now. So the first thing

we're gonna do is find a page that needs to be claimed on Facebook. So just pull

up Facebook and then type in the name of your business. Now I'm gonna put one in

that I know is already has an unclaimed page because whenever I try to show

somebody, "Oh, can you show me an example of an unclaimed page?", sometimes it takes

a long time. So I pre-searched this one. But on the flip side I see unclaimed pages

all the time, especially when I'm onboarding a new client. So I happen to know

this restaurant chain has this single page here that is unclaimed. As you will

see it's says "unofficial page - is this your business?" Now if you look here you will

see that they have all of these reviews and recommendations that people have

left and even if they're negatives like this is a one-star review, this is a

two-star review, and I bet they would like to address

these customers and see if they could make it right, but because they haven't

claimed this page they don't even know they're there nor do they have the

ability to reply as their brand. This page has 415 ratings and it's an

unclaimed page, so, whether you have a page or not, search and make sure there aren't

any unclaimed pages out there. So you're going to want to click here on "Is this

your business?", and it'll bring up a couple of different options here. "Do you

already have a verified page for this business? You can merge this unofficial

page into it. If you don't have a verified page, you can claim this one and

verify it." So those are your two choices. We'll go through each one here. If you

already have a page and you want to merge this one into it you're gonna

click the merge button, hit continue, then from this drop-down you're gonna find

the page that you already own, and then go to submit it. If the two pages have

the same or a similar name, same address, phone number, website listed, all of that,

in that case you should have no problem just merging these - shouldn't take long

to approve at all If they're different you might have to go through a few extra

steps with Facebook to verify that you do indeed own that business. Now the

other option is to say, "Claim and verify with a phone call or documents. "So if I

click that one, click continue, the first option here is they will call you with

an automated call and give you a four digit verification code. So I click call

now the phone call would come in. Hopefully this is your business number

that you have access to - and then they give you the four digit code, you put it

in. That's pretty much the end of the process. Now if you can't do it over the

phone or that's inconvenient, down here at the bottom you can click, "Verify this

page with documents instead," and then it will give you a bunch of different

options. You can basically upload this to Facebook - a utility bill, phone bill,

business license, some official document that has the address on it or the name

of the business, something legit looking, and then they'll go

through. I've seen this take as little as a day and I've seen it take a couple of

weeks. I think it just depends on how backed up Facebook is. So do that, hit

submit and then you should have no problem getting it verified that way. If

there is any issue Facebook will contact you to let you know what's going

on. Now a third option if you don't have the ability to claim this page in any

way whatsoever, you can click "Suggest Edits" right here and go through and add

certain things, including down here at the bottom. If there is another page you

can click "Add Duplicate URL." Click on that and then put the other Facebook

page that this is affiliated with in here. Then you select it and it will go

ahead. Like I don't own this page at all but I can go ahead and suggest that they

should merge it with this other page. Now if there are no Facebook pages out there

and you want to know how to build one, I've got a video for that and you can

get that down in the description of this video - it'll take you through all the steps on

how to build a Facebook business page. Takes less than five minutes for the

initial setup. If you got some value out of this video take a second give it a

like and then hit subscribe - Would love to have you back for more videos

and we'll have a new one next week. Thank you for watching Five Minute Social Media

You're not only supporting me but also my two tiny superheroes at home

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Assault on Swietajano (Real Warfare 2 Northern Crusades) - Duration: 25:55.

Hello everybody, n welcome back to Real Warfare 2 northern Crusades. Today we

are going to see 17th battle in the campaign mode of this game. Do you remember

the movie kingdom of heaven? when in the last siege Saladin attacks the

Jerusalem; something like that happened here. The only difference is, in that

movie weaker troops civilians, irregulars, they were inside the castle;

defending it from the Saladin. This time the weaker troops that means

player troops, they are outside the castle and we are assaulting it. So let's

see what we have! We have almost twenty troops starting from mounted sergeants

{sergeants, foot sergeants}

archers {marksman Crossbowman Crossbowman} pikemen, then{ pikemen} yes, we have

two companies of pikemen {Horseman} Horseman and our Commander {Commanding Officer} and we are still using or

using our irregular archers, but one of the team {archers}

we are using second tire Archer. They are probably Russian. Along with the siege

we have got four free trebuchets, maybe they are from our allied factions and we

also bought one mangonel. This Mangonel looks better like ballista. Every siege

unit in this game is carried by nine footmen, Be it Tower or Trebuchet or it can

be a catapult or anything. let's see what we have in enemy here. All

our troops, half our troops are irregulars, first rank that is lowest rank and

other 10 troops are mix. We are having almost 20 troops and the enemy is having

young retinue's swordsman, that is third tire infantry. They are having three

units of third our infantry and many units of second tire infantry swordsman.

and one two three four five

six seven eight nine ten, they're having ten units of second tire

archers. These archers are enough to wipe out our entire army. Then at the rear gate

we are having one, third tire cavalry, mounted pikemen, and third tire cavalry archers.

And at the front gate

we are having one cavalry archer unit and two mounted pikemen, that is third

tier cavalry. So let's begin the game {to combat}

The hardest part of this game is first five minutes.

Cavalry at the gate, they are having some purpose, lets see.

The left flank is under attack by this cavalry and the right flank,

Cavalry from the rear gate, they are moving to engage us. So we have to

divide our army between two flanks. you have to use archers, one pikemen on

left flank, one pikemen & archers and some other infantry on right flank. and

in-between some archers and our trebuchets and our mangonel.

I tried many times, but whenever I missed something, these cavalry always maneuvered

around my troops and try to get behind them. sometimes I used my cavalry my

Knights to encounter them but when they attack each other front to front these

Lancers the give us huge damage. 50% of our Cavalry can die in one stroke. So

this time I used the archers to lure this cavalry towards my pike man.

I kept the archers in front of them.

and this time they came straight towards my pikemen

and m using my other infantry units to support these pikemen.

and the archers behind them. They will fire on this cavalry..

but to cavalry archers.., m engaging them only with archers.

Similarly on right flank you can see this in detail.

the cavalry archer and the cavalry both are coming.

Archers are in the front, pikemen behind, Two-Handed Axeman, 2nd tier infantry, they

are behind Pikemen to support them.

The archers will take first fire from the cavalry archers and also they will lure

the cavalry to attack them. my cavalry from left flank is now here to support

right flank.

if this cavalry tries to maneuver against me, around me

I'll use these militiamen to block their path. Every time I try that still some of the cavalry manages

to sleep away that's why I'm keeping my other cavalry Knights on the right side

They will take care of those loose cavalry..

then there are these cavalry archers, just in time

You can use the trebuchets and mangonel to attack these cavalry units.

But beware, do not destroy or open these walls until this cavalry is dealt with.

because you will have to fight both armies. the infantry, archers

and this cavalry units otherwise...

Do not rush towards the cavalry archers to..., they are the worst

enemy of your cavalry or units, even your knights. Engage them only with archers

Cavalry archers are one of the most expensive and most dangerous units in this game.

So we are using three archers on right flank to attack the cavalry Archers and

four archers on left flank to attack this cavalry archers.

Also out of my 2...4 trebuchets, I'm keeping 2 of them reserved & 2 of

them to attack these cavalry archers. They are not very accurate but we will try some of them.

Mangonel still reserved.

whatever they try; they try to pass your troops, or come near them..

but do not engage with your infantry. But remember in first video I said, this is the

game of human soldiers. when your soldiers see the enemy dying, they get inspired,

they get excited and they attack on their own. That's what happened here.

two handed pikemen, they saw it that {Cavalry} archers are taking damage

and they raced towards them in happiness. and

in the meantime, they lost 15 soldiers just by reaching them, when reaching them.

so I had to send my sergeants, to help them.

some times while evading, the cavalry archers get stuck. then they can be easily

killed, but that happens rarely.

or by some glitch.

now it is time

to attack these walls. let's move our army our infantry our archers in position.

the siege units, they all can move, they all got wheels & 9 drivers.

but they can not run. Their speed will be normal.

in the meantime, I don't know why these archers are on the ground not on

the walls, that's a good benefit to us. But AI must have some other plan for them.

see the infantry, archers, the overall infantry units

they all are very stronger than our current army.

what AI is doing for them? or planning for them?

lets see how they look like..


3rd tier...

young retinue's swordsman.

They all are moving towards the wall.

and they are all gathering at one place. Watch their flags.

they kept some units here,

then they are gathering towards something.

Hmm.. they see we are damaging their wall.

right now we are planning to destroy wall near this tower. I will put our,

mount our archers on these walls. but let's see

if everything goes like our plan or something different.

also we are talking about the 'kingdom of Heaven'. In that movie when the wall was breached

by trebuchets,

the defensive units inside, citizens they hold that hole for long time.

Now the enemy inside is overconfident. Let's see what they do..

if they hold that wall, then we are in danger. If they sally out,

we might get them trapped

we might create a Trap for them.

the T rebuchets are moving in place. We are taking forth Mangonel...

{militiamen marksman crossbowman}

{militiamen, foot Knights} when I click troops from Polish or Teutonic faction

they give me some confirmation message {foot sergeants} When I click units from Russian

or Prussian they may or may not give the message. Like see I have this Russian pikemen.

before Russia became our enemy I use.., I got anyhow their pikes, some of their

footmen, then I upgraded them into pikemen.

We are moving our units near the wall, so as soon as its breached

We'll try to scale these walls.

but wait, whats happening here? the wall is breached...

the enemy units they are very close to that hole.

the archers are moving forward.

if we try to rush our infantry now...

these archers are very close

they can kill us, wipe us even before we scale these walls. So we have to go for a new plan.

what do we have here?

See whats in these trebuchets..

second this one has lost all of its ammo

whiling firing at the cavalry archers. Good thing we reserved ammo of 2 trebuchets.

they still firing at the enemy, the broken enemy. We'll try to attack these

archers with our trebuchets and mangonel if our arrows and our stones can

parabolically go beyond these walls then we can use this crowd and kill many of

them in few shots. That will be going to panic them for sure.

sometimes in Replay, your units do not behave as they should or

as they actually behave in battle. especially the siege units. Sometimes might behave


if things are going slow let's accelerate the game time

Acceleration started.

lets change deployment.

Whenever siege units move, they push aside units.

They need more space to move.

Now we are trying to use our mangonel to attack these archers.

lets try to get it in position.

acceleration stopped. Our trebuchet is also in position.

In actual game they attack these

walls and the units and that.., the units beyond it because of that,

so all these archers will be damaged and these are archers behind they also got damaged.

what I did was to use trebuchets, see their limit, the range is

use different trebuchet. See the range. and ask it to fire

at the longest range. so the stones will not hit the wall; it will go beyond them

and for once it did. Otherwise the rush.., many stones

They all were just crushed on this wall, smashed! we can say.

after that what we did, we also attacked this wall again to make this passage little

larger. So mangonel can shoot some arrows here. but in Replay it may not be

showing. Since the wall passage was cut in two sections at least here it's only

in one section

we can see the 5 archers, 15 archers..., 5 archers they have lost.

And these units, swordsman, they have also lost few soldiers.

that because of that stone & Mangonel Damage. See the dead bodies here.

that's a mangonel arrow.

This time they really lost 15 archers.

that is surely going to panic them. Because of

that they may try to charge out, Sally out, and that will be benefit for us. If they do

that then instead of moving in, we will create a trap for them

we're still trying to get our some of our infantry..., trebuchets....

and mangonel... let's accelerate again

acceleration stopped.

See even small hills can block your arrows.

that's happened with.. that's what happened with my mangonel

So instead of that, I will move this mangonel forward, This wall section was not there.

It was already removed.

And Now our Mangonel was actually firing on these archers.

that's why they are panicked.

they have lost more than half of them.

And as expected,

the swordsman and archers, they are ready to sally out.

archers are holding here

swordsman trying to come out.

We also have to move our archers and army, prepare for the reaction.

see they are flashing green. it means they are seeing the dying enemy and they are excited.

I don't like this at first. but they're human soldiers.

see the arrows are focusing at one passage that's good for us.

one of the enemy archers moving forward.

swordsman they are trying to charge here

I moved my, some of my infantry to left flank, trying to create a semi-circle around this passage

{marksman crossbowman} See my archers are moving, {foot Knights}

foot knights, "what are you doing there?" there position was actually here.

See these swordsman, when they were coming out, all of our archers attacked them, and they started evading like

a broken troop, but our militia, we were hiding them from archer fire, they got in their way.

so we are trying to move our infantry little aside so that running enemy will have some space to run.

Otherwise they will fight to death. and that is not good for us.

See our troops are flashing green, that means they are exciting.. they are getting


When they are excited or when they are scared, in both conditions they fail to

obey orders properly. Oops, most of the infantry was o n left flank,

we are going to engage them there.

right flank... ooh

enemy have 4th tier infantry, old retinue's two handed axeman,

On our right flank our archers are in evasion mode, they ran back

And we have kept two infantry units to give them support here.

they are engaging melee units

also cavalry, we are using on right flank to support

this 3rd tier infantry tried to attack our archers

but they got hit by arrows

and our cavalry & infantry braked them.

see this, this is interesting.

they were evading, they were not retreating, and they were no t broken.

so when they got out of the damage area they came back,

& they are again trying to get our archers. while our most of the troops are engaged on left flank

& on this passage. The passage we are keeping under constant fire.

because of that, anything that tries to come out of that passage..gets obliterated.

Now enemy infantry is totally obliterated.

so we are sending in our cavalry to take out these 7... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 archers

It is very difficult job for them but they must do it.

we are also trying to send our infantry units inside but they are currently engaged on


keep this infantry units under fire or they will come back. Even while running

them, if some of our archers get in their path, they will be damaged,

both our archers and the enemy infantry.

I sent my sergeants towards right, and {mounted swordsman} swordsman to left

and m using my Knights to alterntely attack both sides.

see these archers and the trees

This is not a good spot for cavalry.

Always remember to engage every archer

otherwise they will fire over knights.

Check these sergeants. mounted sergeants {mounted sergeants} We had 50 mounted sergeants.

we lost more than 20, just in attacking these archers.

so u can imagine how dangerous these archer are.

sergeants are 3rd tier cavalry, and these archers are 2nd tier archers.

still they killed so many of sergeants.

so remember, engage every archer in melee with your cavalry.

when u switch attacking units, some of the cavalry will keep engaging the first unit

and others will go to second unit.

This is the castle of Swietajano (Prussia)

and with overconfidence they sallied out, and gave us our victory.

That's all for today friends. This is how you win the first siege

in Real Warfare 2 Northern Crusades.

Enjoy the game, it is available on Steam & Gamersgate.

Thank you for today.

{foot pikemen}

Trebuchets bye-bye!