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Youtube daily Jun 30 2018

For Complex News, I'm Hanuman Welch

We now have more details about Google's rumored gaming venture.

Kotaku published a report Thursday in which five sources confirmed that the tech company

was developing a video game streaming service similar to GeForce Now.

Though there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the undertaking, insiders

told the publication that the platform would include some type of hardware that could rival

PlayStation and Xbox.

Sources also claim Google will attempt to join forces with game developers either through

aggressive recruiting or even major acquisitions.

The web giant is said to have met with a number of big-time gaming companies in recent months;

however, Google has not made an official announcement about the platform codenamed Yeti.

Kotaku also points to the ongoing issues with video game streaming, specifically the effects

of slow internet speed that make it difficult to download large chunks of gaming data.

Google's rumored platform may solve this problem by allowing the cloud "to pull the


This would also allow Google to offer a much more affordable, low-end console without sacrificing

the quality of the gaming experience.

There are also whispers that the service will be integrated with YouTube to assist those

who get stuck during a game.

Imagine you're playing a game and you run into a tricky boss or don't know how to

solve a puzzle.

Instead of opening up your laptop or checking your phone for a guide, you could press a

button to activate an overlay on your screen that cues up a YouTube walkthrough of the

game you're playing.

Rumors still, but worth keeping an eye on all the same.

That's all for now, for everything else subscribe to Complex on YouTube for Complex News, I'm

Hanuman Welch.

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Tessa Thompson Opens Up About Her Sexuality for the First Time - Duration: 1:36.

Hey guys for Complex News, I'm Natasha Martinez.

///// Tessa Thompson opened up about her sexuality for the first time during a discussion with


The star of Westworld and the upcoming movie 'Sorry to Bother You' has had rumors circulating

about her and Janelle Monae for a while, but those rumors heightened when she starred as

Janelle's love interest in the emotion picture for 'Dirty Computer.'

Tessa told the publication,

I'm attracted to men and also to women.

If I bring a woman home, [or] a man, we don't even have to have the discussion.

That was something I was conscientious of in terms of this declaration around Janelle

and myself.

I want everyone else to have that freedom and support that I have from my loved ones

Thompson recognizes that her family being supportive of her sexual orientation is a


It's for that reason that she says she struggles with wanting to have privacy of their relationship

but also wanting to use their situation as platforms.

Janelle also had the same message during an interview that coincided with her cover for

Rolling Stone.

She said she dedicated to her newest album Dirty Computer to,

young girls, young boys, nonbinary, gay, straight, queer people who are having a hard time dealing

with their sexuality, dealing with feeling ostracized or bullied for just being their

unique selves.

Monae had repeatedly avoided mentioning Thompson directly in interviews, but Thompson did explicitly

name Monáe in the Net-a-Porter talk, even if she didn't outright define their relationship.

We love each other deeply, we're so close.

We vibrate on the same frequency.

If people want to speculate about what we are, that's okay.

It doesn't bother me.

The full interview is up on Net-a-Porter.

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For Complex News, I'm Natasha Martinez.

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Tandoori Jackfruit Bao (Pao) | Vegan/Vegetarian Recipe - Duration: 11:00.

For more infomation >> Tandoori Jackfruit Bao (Pao) | Vegan/Vegetarian Recipe - Duration: 11:00.


Alma: «Roger Federer ist überbewertet» | Festivalsommer 2018 - Duration: 1:52.

For more infomation >> Alma: «Roger Federer ist überbewertet» | Festivalsommer 2018 - Duration: 1:52.


The home of KING KONG!! | TAM COC, NINH BINH - Vietnam - Duration: 13:14.

So, we've been in Ninh Binh for two days now and we haven't really done much

because, well there's not much you can do in this weather.

This weather is


It's not very cold. It's not rainy.

It's just boring.

It's the most boring weather I've seen in a long time and

it's actually been like this on an off the whole time we've been in Northern


It's cloudy, misty, foggy.

The visibility is not good so you can't

really get that nice shots

and well let me show you

This is what the

weather looks like.

So it's beautiful here in Tam Coc.

We just arrived here

We stayed in Ninh Binh in the city itself.

We've moved now to Tam Coc to stay here

We're not going to do the boat rides.

The reviews on these boat rides aren't


It is so touristy.

And not pricey but they push you for tips and food and

It doesn't sound like something I want to do.

You can see it looks very

beautiful but...

Just in the distance you can see it's, it's not clear weather and

with weather like this

there's not much you can do.

There's almost nothing you can do.

Well there is one thing you can do.

Maybe there's two things you can do but I can show you one of them.

And this is what it

looks like

Unique way of paddling with your feet

So, there you have it.

Even with bad weather it still looks beautiful.

Everybody's enjoying it.

So nice to walk around here.

You can actually rent a

bicycle and just cycle around or a scooter.

We're gonna try and do the

bicycle thing with the kids on the back.

The whole family on bicycles and we're

gonna go explore.

Megan, Kayla. Don't go into her

Are you going to follow me?

You're going to ride into me

Kayla, are you alright?

She ended up there in the bushes.

Well done, you jumped off

Are you still good to go?


We're back at the same spot

with bicycles

and it's quite nerve-wracking

Off the road twice.

Once in the paddy fields, other time in the bushes.

We've made it.

In one piece.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna go with daddy

because we tested, it feels a

little bit not lovely.

Oh! A big pig!

That's what you call a pig

That is so disgusting!

And it's quite noisy

Hello Piggles

Don't touch it!


Balancing and filming.

It can be disasterous

Everybody stress.

Daddy on a bicycle

Something I haven't done in a long time

But just look at this beauty.

It is absolutely beautiful.

There seems

to be a surprise here in front.

Maybe a viewpoint?

I don't know.

Just look here




No! I'm getting off of this thing!


Two hands help

The places we get to cycle!


Doesn't it make you jealous?

Get me off of this thing!

I can't stop

Oh I have no brakes

So the other side's quite interesting.

We have a


that goes through these like

swamps I don't know what do you call it.

But you

can see the line but it's connected.

So it's actually quite nice.

And here's the rowers again

And just around this corner

they go into a cave

Yes, this river is

very arrogant.

It doesn't go around the mountain it goes through the mountain!

Us again on this narrow road on a bicycle

trying to film

and that's how

the backside looks like

And I must focus on the front

So I can't look at you guys

Right, back.

No serious issues.

Just bumpy and rocky that's all.

Daddy, I really want my bike because daddy rides like a hooligan

Do I?

I ride so nicely.

No, you're riding like a hooligan.

I feel like an old man on this bike because I'm driving too slowly and too


Are you enjoying it at the back of the bicycle?

Yeah, because one plus one is two. Two plus two is four

That's a nice place to do

your math

Right on the back.

I know ten plus ten is twenty.

So we just got back from the bike trip and now

we're gonna go to eat and then we're gonna go to bed. The day after that I

mean tomorrow then we're gonna ride the bike. Then the day after that we're gonna

ride the bikes the bicycles again.

Now we are off to the restaurant and don't

forget to Like and subscribe

Our first night here at Tam Coc. We're gonna see what's out there.

Where we can go and eat

Melanie has found wine.

So after nine months of only drinking beer, a bottle of wine

would be fabulous.

It's almost like a alcoholic vinegar.

The last

glass of wine we had here.

But none the less. It's something else other than beer

There are a couple of restaurants.

A lot of them actually.

From what we've

been used to this is a good variety

But we have one in mind.

One specific one.

It's called The Sunflower restaurant.

Good reviews on TripAdvisor

So Tam Coc, very lively and nice at night.



Here's our restaurant. There's nobody here

This is what we are after

This lady played in the Kong movie.

She was one of the Village People I


And our little girls look like monkeys

And we are having beer. A beer and tea

What tea is this?

Tea Vietnam

Green tea

It's good for the health

Makes you sleep

Beer and tea

And we're having it with this gentleman

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Hunting Half Dollars 2 Boxes, 2 Hunts! - Duration: 7:00.

Hey everyone, it's Rob with Rob finds treasure once again and we got our two boxes of

half's from the grocery store Bank and it looks like it's gonna be the

harrisburg rolls the NF String and sons so that's good you know I've had a struggle

with them in the beginning then they got hot for me now they're you know hit and

miss but I'll tell you I prefer the Loomis olive-colored

rolls the most and then these are my second favorite now I haven't looked at

the end of yet because I haven't opened them believe it or not I actually got

him in my car and didn't open him in my car I figured I would just drive home

and do it the old-fashioned way so that being said let's go ahead and

crack into this first one the box is kind of beat up here so hoping then we

got an ender but if not you know what hopefully got some burnt coins or

something that says it might be something kind of fun in here slide this

under the light hmm could just be the lighting yeah it's just the lighting I

don't see off the bat any Enders on this one to tell you the truth and so we'll

flip them around and see something that looks suspicious on the other end so

nothing screaming silver on this end a couple of odd colored ones but and I

marked up one but I don't see anything that says I'm solar for sure so we'll go

ahead and put this box back together and we'll check the second box see if we see

anything suspicious on the ends of that one get this one open now open it

towards me see if that turns the luck around

maybe glue on these sometimes it's just so much fun there we go alright few

marked coins we got the big T's up there and I've seen those around quite a bit

well I don't see anything that says I'm silver so let me flip these rolls around

and see if anything shows its face on the other side

well no obvious Enders we do have a stack of burnt coins up here which I like

seeing in these rolls and this one is a little suspicious not quite it has some

like white powdery stuff on it as well but man it it's the best possibility of

the bunch we're gonna leave it as it is alright guys that's the Box I like seeing

the burnt coins don't see any Enders what we'll do now is we'll start with

this roll and we'll loop you in if we find something or showing well

unfortunately that first box of halfs didn't contain any silver you know it wasn't

without without some finds though we did find five NIFC's and a couple more

bad shape 74 d double die obverses and it's crazy I find a lot of these and just to

remind everyone when you put it under the microscope here you're looking for

the doubling on the RUS and T and you can clearly see it here on the are you

also can find it on this this vertical line or this horizontal line on the four

right where it intersects the vertical line there's a double Seraph right there

and then the bottom of this T is doubled then you can see it in the s as well as

well as the u it's just in such bad shape but it's definitely a 74 DDO

just like the other one I'm just waiting to find that one that's in AUshape or

better and then I can send it in for grading outside of that we're gonna have

the second box and hope we can get some silver in that one well we just cracked

open the first roll of that box guys and you can tell by the edge right here it

was gonna be a proof or nifc and I just caught a little

glimpse of it now we've got a 73 s proof it's got some pretty good dings on it

doesn't it but it's a proof nonetheless and it puts us on the board with the

find I decided to wipe it down with a lint-free cloth guys and it actually is

pretty good it's got some scratches but those were dings those were just marks

rub marks so a lot better than I thought it was just wanted to point that out

yeah we'll put it back and get back to the hood very next roll roll number two

and I'm pretty certain leave another proof I have not looked yet figured I

would look with you guys but that's gotta be one it is not holy cow it's got

some scratches and it's not the best condition but holy cow that was uh

that's hardly been around at all all right we'll keep looking

well we're on the 35th roll guys and it looks like we finally got some silver

and it barely looks silver but it definitely looks different and it looks

more silver now 1968 denver awesome put that next to the proof that one from the

discard bin finish up the roll I'll tell you this roll looks tall guys I think

this roll and it's heavy I think this roll has one extra coin

it's definitely at least a coin taller than the rest so we're checking that out

shortly here yeah alright guys I'm on that tall roll before I open it I just

wanted to show you that a normal Harrisburg roll weighs about 226 look

at this rule 238 so average coin is about eleven point three grams so I

think it has an extra coin in it open it up see if there's any silver and if not

I'll count the coins and I'll let you know what I find out

I open it up there is no silver but if you count them there's twenty-one coins

so guess what we made 50 cents alright well we finished that second

box of halves and you know what it wasn't a skunking we got three finds it's kind

of a poor man's trifecta if you will got a 73 proof not in the best shape but not

in terrible shape either a 68 Denver Silver 40% and a 2007 nifc

3 finds I'll take them it's not a skunkin hopefully you enjoyed the hunt with me

guys if you did please give me a thumbs up and as always happy hunting and

thanks for watching

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Cómoda - Luis Lay ft. El Bredda - Duration: 3:35.

For more infomation >> Cómoda - Luis Lay ft. El Bredda - Duration: 3:35.


لا تفشل ◆ ابحث عن التغيير ◆ كلام لايقدر بثمن للدكتور ابراهيم الفقي - Duration: 15:41.

For more infomation >> لا تفشل ◆ ابحث عن التغيير ◆ كلام لايقدر بثمن للدكتور ابراهيم الفقي - Duration: 15:41.


[🔴LIVE] Next Stop, RAGE! (Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion #1) - Duration: 4:12:46.

For more infomation >> [🔴LIVE] Next Stop, RAGE! (Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion #1) - Duration: 4:12:46.


Obama Warns Democrats Expecting a 'Blue Wave' in November - Duration: 4:26.

Obama Warns Democrats Expecting a 'Blue Wave' in November.

During a fundraiser in Beverly Hills, former President Barack Obama warned Democrats not

to think Congress will turn blue just because they wish it so.

Obama spoke at a $2,700-per-person fundraising event on Thursday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Although most of the event was closed to the media, reporters were allowed to hear a political

discussion between Obama and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez.

"I would caution us from extrapolating too much from a bunch of special elections and

starting to think that, 'OK, this will take care of itself.'

Because it won't," Obama said, characterizing the Republican approach to winning votes as

one based upon fear.

It would be a mistake, he added, to "go back to business as usual" or assume momentum

from those races will carry Democrats through November.

Traditionally, the midterm elections that come two years after a president is elected

result in a loss of seats for the president's governing party.

That has led Democrats and pollsters to predict a number of "blue wave" scenarios including

Democratic majorities in the House or Senate, both of which are under GOP control.

However, as the elections begin to appear on the radar screen of average Americans,

and not just political insiders, that view is evolving.

"Well, I think if you looked six months ago, you would say it was doomsday for the

Republicans with the Republican down in the 30s, showing a double-digit lead for Democrats,"

said Real Clear Politics senior elections analyst Sean Trende this week on "Fox and


"But that's just not the world we're in today.

The president is up into the low to mid 40s, and his job approval, the generic ballot has

closed to a four-point lead for the Democrats, so I think we've gone from Democrats being

heavy favorites to take the House to something of a dead heat and maybe a thumb on the scale

for the Republicans," he said, according to Real Clear Politics.

Trende said GOP success, even in traditionally blue states such as California, is "a real

concern for the Democrats."

"They have this top two primary system where everyone runs in the same race, and the top

two make it to the election.

There's a lot of Democrats running, they could divide the democratic vote, and you

could end up with two Republicans in the general election shutting the Democrats out, which

is sort of a nightmare scenario for Democrats," he said.

However, two years after polls were resoundingly off in their predictions, one voice said it

is too early to make accurate guesses.

"Let's pour a little water on the hot takes.

The generic House ballot seems to have improved for the Republicans … although this average

is driven largely by a few polls that have been bouncing around a lot," said Patrick

Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, according to Vox.

A generic ballot is one in which voters are asked to compare an unnamed Democrat running

for office with an unnamed Republican.

"In reality, the generic ballot has been pretty stable since March but is significantly

worse for Democrats than where it was at the start of the year," he said.

"The Democrats are not in the same enviable position they were five months ago, but that

doesn't mean we have any idea what the next five months will bring."

President Donald Trump has publicly scoffed at the "blue wave" theory.

"We must elect more Republicans, we have to do that.

And the problem is in the Senate, we have 51.

We don't have enough," Trump said in North Dakota on Wednesday, citing Tuesday's primary

elections, according to The Daily Caller.

"Their blue wave is really sputtering pretty badly.

The red wave is happening — just look what happened last night."

In his pep talk to Democrats, Obama noted one fundamental political truth.

"I'm giving you the executive summary: Vote.


Get involved," he said.

"And do not wait for the perfect message, and don't want to feel a tingle in your

spine because you're expecting politicians to be so inspiring and poetic and moving.

Politics, like life, is imperfect.

But there is better and there is worse."

What do you think about this?

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Restaurant manager fired after refusing to serve customer wearing MAGA hat - Duration: 2:17.

Restaurant manager fired after refusing to serve customer wearing MAGA hat.

The manager of a popular restaurant in Vancouver, Canada, was fired after he told a customer

to remove his "Make America Great Again" cap or he would refuse to serve him.

Darin Hodge, the former manager of the Teahouse in Stanley Park, told Global News he stood

by his decision to ask the man to take off the cap saying the hat represented "racism,

bigotry, Islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, (and) homophobia."

"As a person with a strong moral backbone, I had to take a stand against this guest's

choice of headwear while in my former place of work.

Absolutely no regrets," he said in a written statement to Global News.

The hats were made popular during Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Eva Gates, of the Sequoia Group which owns the Stanley Park Tea House, confirmed to Global

News that the incident happened on Tuesday.

"A gentleman came in wearing a hat that was a 'Make America Great Again' hat,

and our manager went up to the gentleman and asked him to take off his hat, that he wouldn't

serve him with that hat on," she said.

"And the gentleman said that he had a right to wear that hat.

And [the manager] refused to serve him if he wouldn't take off his hat, and so the

customer had to leave," she continued.

The company called Hodge a "good person with a big heart and a right to his personal

beliefs," but he was terminated for "violating the company's philosophy of tolerance."

The staff told CBC News that Hodge was employed with the restaurant for about 18 months.

Last week, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her family were booted from the

Red Hen in Lexington, Va., after the owner of the establishment told her to leave because

she worked for President Trump.

"Her actions say far more about her than about me," she tweeted.

"I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will

continue to do so."

What do you think about this?

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Working X-RAY Scanner APP for Android !! **Turn on CC** - Duration: 1:06.

The Free Version of the Android App Can only scan the palm and not full hand.

"App seems to be working fine"

The premium version of app is capable to scan an image even through a screen

because x-rays are also photons of particular wavelength, so it just works through screen :P

Oh NOOooo !!!!

Just Subscribe !!! :D

and Like too : )

Youtube daily Jun 30 2018

in a recent interview Evangeline Lilly who of course plays hope Van Dyne the

wasp in a man the wasp spoke about how she was working with brie Larson of

course this is significant because brie Larson plays Captain Marvel to give the

context of this interview she was asked to see whether she would be excited in

her own Marvel female-led solo movie or team up movie which then got her talking

about the good relationship that she had with brie Larson while working on

Avengers 4 so the important part about this is firstly that it confirms that

the wasp is in Avengers 4 and secondly that the wasp is going to be working

with brie Larson who is Captain Marvel which means they're gonna be having

scenes together and this also lines up with what Kevin Feige said in that ml

and the wasp are gonna have a very important function in Avengers 4 and the

reason for this of course is due to the quantum realm it must also be noted that

last year in an interview Marvel consultant and physicist Spiros Misha

Lucas said that the quantum realm will play a role in Captain Marvel and how it

will give us a better understanding of Carol Danvers and a place in the MCU

further going on to say this is exciting for the future there are different ways

that some of these ideas appear on screen in the next few years talking

about the quantum realm not just for ant-man but also for Captain Marvel and

all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so could it be that Captain Marvel is in

the quantum realm I think it's unlikely but perhaps she will have some kind of a

connection to the quantum realm and certainly it's gonna be awesome to see

Carol Danvers Captain Marvel fighting alongside the wasp and this is all very

exciting because physicist mr. Lucas further goes on to say when I was

looking to inject elements of modern physics into the script I brought up the

idea that when ant-man goes into the Microverse he doesn't just go to a

smaller space like Fantastic Voyage he goes to a step beyond Proteus this is a

place where the nature of reality changes around you and so when you enter

the quantum realm it's a different set of laws that take hold and when the

question was posed who would win in a fight between ant-man and Superman if

they were to go head-to-head Misha Lucas said that ant-man would

actually win because the Kryptonian would have to work within the Earth's

limitations while ant-man does not because he is able to tap into the

Microverse of the quantum realm which ultimately gives him greater strength

now of course I don't agree with the sky but it makes for interesting reading

of course the wasp will also be tapping into their power and as a fun fact did

you know that Janet Van Dyne the original was actually became Captain

Marvel at some point this was in the age of Ultron storyline she was a member of

the defenders which isn't the defenders on Netflix obviously and it was created

by Tony Stark to defend the world from the threat of Morgan la Fey anyway that

was the earth to six triple one version of Janet Van Dyne so are you excited to

see Captain Marvel in the wasp and who do you think would win the fight between

ant-man and Superman it's discussed in the comments I hope you enjoyed this

video if you did please like it and then share it and please subscribe to crafty

media to make sure that you don't miss out on any of our new Marvel and DC

content thanks for watching chess for now

For more infomation >> The Wasp & Captain Marvel Avengers 4 Team Up Explained! Quantum Realm Powers!? - Duration: 2:52.


Trump on Democrats calling to abolish ICE: "I love that issue" - Duration: 2:51.

Trump on Democrats calling to abolish ICE: "I love that issue".

President Trump said he hopes that Democrats who are calling to abolish U.S. Immigration

and Customs Enforcement (ICE) "keep thinking about it."

"Because they're going to get beaten so badly," he said.

Mr. Trump made the comments to Fox News' Maria Bartiromo in an interview that will air on

Fox News Channel's "Sunday Morning Features" with Maria Bartiromo at 10 a.m.

"You know ICE, these are the guys that go in and take MS-13, and they take them out,"

Mr. Trump said.

"Because they're much tougher than MS-13, like by a factor of 10.

And these are the ones – you get rid of ICE you're going to have a country that you're

going to be afraid to walk out of your house.

I love that issue if they're going to actually do that."

Mr. Trump also tweeted Saturday morning from New Jersey that the elimination of ICE will

"never happen."

Sens. Kristen Gillibrand of New York and Kamala Harris of California have suggested the agency

responsible for enforcing immigration laws be eliminated.

On CNN Thursday, Gillibrand said ICE has "become a deportation force" and said, "you should

get rid of it, start over, reimagine it and build something that actually works."

Harris said on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday that the nation's immigration enforcement

should "start from scratch" by eliminating ICE.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old former bartender who suddenly rose to prominence

after defeating Rep. Joe Crowley in a New York Democratic congressional primary last

week, started the calls to abolish ICE.

Democrats who have suggested abolishing the agency have yet to propose what agency or

strategy might replace it.

The president's approach to immigration has come under renewed scrutiny since the revelation

that the administration's "zero-tolerance" policy involved the separation of families

at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mr. Trump signed an executive order to end those separations, but many children still

remain apart from their parents.

The Trump administration has asked a federal judge to allow the government to detain families

together for longer than the current 20-day legal limit.

A Republican push for a comprehensive immigration bill that would have, among other things,

addressed the family separation issue failed on Wednesday, with more than 100 Republicans

voting against the measure.

Mr. Trump has tweeted that Republicans are "wasting their time on immigration" and should

wait until after the midterm elections to find a legislative fix.

What do you think about this?

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For more infomation >> Trump on Democrats calling to abolish ICE: "I love that issue" - Duration: 2:51.


10 FASTEST Denzel Curry Verses - Duration: 12:11.

So after a long ass time, and a whole lot of requests, a video on Denzel Curry is finally

here, and today we're gonna be covering his fastest verses.

Real quick, I do wanna give a huge shoutout to the Denzel Curry subreddit, who helped

me find a large amount of the verses in this video.

As a way of thanking them, their community will be linked in the description.

So let's get right into this, this is CDTVProductions, you can join my Amino also linked below to

discuss hip hop with me and other music lovers like yourself, and let's look at the 10

Fastest Denzel Curry Verses.

12 - Narcotics (Verse 1) - 6.9 SPS

This is the one that surprised me the most, because when I first heard it I thought it

was an 8 SPS verse for sure.

I'm not sure what makes it slower than it sounds, but I've counted it repeatedly and

over 10 seconds this is the speed it hits.

Amazing verse though.

11 - Parents (Verse 1) - 7 SPS

A lot of Denzel's Nostalgic 64 project has a very gritty sound to it, and don't get

me wrong that sound is still present here especially with the story Denzel is telling,

but Denzel's lyrics sound kinda tongue in cheek and it adds a nice humorous layer to

the track which helps make it slightly less dark.

Not to mention, he's laying down some facts on this one.

10 - Dark Tournament (Verse 2) - 7 SPS

This track is still pretty damn nice, but you can tell Denzel has came a hell of a long

way since this released.

The fast rapping part is nice, but you can tell it's a little bit more shaky here than

it is nowadays.

There's still great wordplay on it though, and it apparently samples it's instrumental

from an Anime show theme.

I really don't like anime so I have no clue, but if you are a fan of Yu Yu Hakusho, then

I'm sure this track will grab your interest.

9 - The Federation (Verse 2) - 7.1 SPS

I hadn't heard this song until I did research for this video, but I honestly think it contains

one of my favourite Denzel verses.

Every single flow he uses on this track is entertaining and all are somewhat rapid whilst

switching it really often.

I actually had to count like 5 different sections of this song because he keeps the pace up

on almost every section of it, it's just great.

It's cool to hear Denzel on such a laid back track as well, as most of his catalogue

is fairly dark in terms of tone.

8 - Lord Vader Kush II (Verse 1) - 7.1 SPS

And here we have the only track on this list from 32 Zel, a project which definitely showcases

Denzel taking on more of a trap influence.

I really love the sound on this project, and this song really encapsulates it's sound.

Spacy melodies, forceful drums and Denzel jumping all over it with his cadences, it's

a combo that I really do love.

Interestingly, I didn't think this track would be faster than songs like Envy Me or

Ultimate, which came from the same project, but by my measurements, this is the fastest

one from the EP.

7 - Flying Nimbus (Verse 3) - 7.2 SPS

The transition from the second verse, which is performed by Lofty305, into the third verse

which you just heard is so good on this track.

We shift gears insanely quickly from Lofty's confident mid tempo flow, to Denzel's rapid

and turbulent flow in the drop of a hat, and the way it shifts is so great.

He absolutely kills it here, and brings a hell of a lot of energy and excitement into

the song.

He does say the word *thot* (whisper) here though, so we might have to copystrike Denzel

for that one.

6 - Always With Me (Verse 2) - 7.2 SPS

Now as you can imagine, Ronny J's production is always a bit hit and miss for me, with

me being the old distortion hating Boi that I am, but when he doesn't use distorted

bass he can make some beats that I absolutely love.

And that is the case with this song.

If there's one thing I can say, it's that he programs his 808s like a master.

On top of this, Aaron Rose comes through with a really great verse on here, and you already

know Curry came through and slaughtered it.

Check this one out if you haven't heard it, it's worth it.

5 - Bloodshed (Verse 1) - 7.2 SPS

This is pretty much the song I can credit with getting me back into Denzel's music,

one day I just decided to listen to the 13 EP, absolutely loved it and then went through

every single other project Denzel has made.

And this song was at the very start of that EP.

It pulled me in right away, that dark, booming bass produced by Eric Dingus (which is a great

name) and Denzel's rapid fire rapping with his frenetic flow really got me intrigued

in what he was gonna do, and he didn't disappoint.

The whole 13 EP is pretty amazing from start to finish in my opinion, but Bloodshed remains

as my top track from the short project.

4 - Unmask (Verse 1) - 7.6 SPS

Here we have a great collab between Denzel Curry, Craig Xen and Ski Mask the Slump God,

who I have also done 2 Fastest verses videos on, and those will be linked in the description


I can definitely see why this one is faster than a lot of the other tracks on here.

On pretty much every bar, Denzel crams as many syllables in as he can, and it makes

sure his verse here always has this kinda velocity to it, it just keeps moving forward.

Everyone on here kills it, brings their own style to the song, and it makes for a brilliant


(Although I won't lie.

Craig Xen kinda terrified me the first time I heard this song.)

3 - Talk That Shit (Verse 1) - 7.7 SPS

Here we have what is probably the most trap flavoured track on the N64 album, with a brash

sound to the instrumental and Curry matches this with his lyrics and vocals.

Interestingly, the hook on this track is actually Denzel quoting and essentially sampling one

of his earlier songs titled Strictly For My Raiderz, which is a song I can recommend if

you haven't heard some of Denzel's really early material.

Lyrically this is a pretty interesting track too, with some of the earlier bars having

a somewhat spiritual vibe to them, and there's also a couple references to other rap songs

thrown in there too.

It's a nice track, and probably one of the hardest ones on N64.

2 - Drogas (Verse 1) - 7.8 SPS

I thought this one would've been number 1 for sure, but it did miss out on that spot

by a small margin.

But goddamn does he come right out with the pace at the very start of his verse.

It's seriously impressive.

This is also probably the most unique track that we have on this list, the beat has a

pretty strange sound to it, and Denzel's vocals are mixed pretty deep into the beat.

It creates a very cool sound.

I'm not gonna lie though, I laughed my ass off when Lofty305 was singing about pussy,

that part of the song was hilarious.

There's like 3 or 4 different rappers on this track that aren't Denzel as well, so

I'd recommend checking this out if you wanna be introduced to some artists you might not

have heard before.

1 - Gettin' Rich (Verse 2) - 8.1 SPS

Here we have yet another track that features both Denzel Curry and Mike Dece (pronounced

Mike Dee-Cee), and I think I've decided I love it whenever these guys collaborate.

The other collab they did was also on this list, that being our number 9 song The Federation,

and I loved that too.

Not to mention, they both were on the previous song Drogas as well.

I think it's just cool hearing Denzel over these more light hearted and airy beats.

He absolutely breezes through it with his flow, and raps fast enough to get him his

first verse that peaks at over 8 syllables per second.

And there you have it, Gettin Rich contains the fastest Denzel Curry verse that he has

laid down

so far.


For more infomation >> 10 FASTEST Denzel Curry Verses - Duration: 12:11.


Growing Lemon Trees From Seed - 12 Months Old Update - Duration: 5:05.

hey everyone its Rob the backyard gardenerr here and yeah I owe you an

apology I have not updated you on my lemon or my

orange trees growing from seed series in so long and I'll be very honest with you

I was postponing the lemon series because in the last video my large lemon

seedling almost died it lost most of its leaves if you remember it had that leaf

curl and it lost most of its leaves and took me months of letting the soil dry

out putting it in the direct sunlight in the backyard to even get it to start to

come back and then it's taken several more months for it to even look

presentable the good news is both that lemon trees survived, the large one looks

a lot better now than it did before and the small one after losing every leaf

every leaf has finally started to come back as well so it looks like we might

be through the worst of it they're practically at this point I

believe just over a year old now they're not gonna look that great because for a

year old they should be a lot bigger but I'll let you know I'm learning a lot as

I grow these and this is the first time I've grown citrus from seed so let me

flip the camera around show you the lemon trees that I've grown from seed

and talk to you about what I've learned alright guys so here are the two

lemon trees that I've grown from seed the surviving two you can see this guy

he had severe leaf curl last time he lost most of his leaves you'll see a lot

of bare spots where a lot of the Leafs fell off him and he literally was in a

state of comatose if you will for about three or four months not even moving

it wasn't until March April where he started to break buds again and put on

leaves and he's really doing well now and I'll tell you this is the key to

citrus that I've learned you need to make sure that their soil is almost

bone-dry and I mean like you need to let the soil dry out completely

between waterings then thoroughly flush the the soil out let it get

saturated and let it fully drain out and don't water it again until it's bone-dry

again also I didn't know this and I knew they liked full Sun but these guys these

all the citrus and I'll show you my orange series this weekend

they love the heat and they love the Sun just baking on them I mean it's crazy I've

put them in the shade and they do worse and when soon as I put them in the Sun

they do better so the learnings on the citrus is let the soil dry out

completely then give them a thorough watering make sure it drains completely

and let them be in the Sun you remember in my last video - with my oranges I had

buried some of the pots in the soil thinking that the pots would get too hot

and then it was a good thing to keep them with some shade it doesn't matter

guys they love the heat at least what I found

out this one has struggled as well he's in a smaller pot and maybe that's

because his pot gets hot but his leaves get a little bit weak so I'm thinking

about not keeping him exposed to direct sunlight

since the pot, I mean this pots already hot right now and what happens is he, his

leaves look good at night and then in the middle of the day they're a little bit

sad looking I know he loves the Sun though but I think the pots just getting

a little too hot for this guy either way you could see how much

foliage he has lost and he's just starting to come back

he was the weaker of the two you remember the last video I had the big

one and I had the second one he was the weaker of the two but he is coming back

pretty nicely anyway not that big of a plant for a year old as you can see not

that big of a plant but I'm pretty happy with the progress citrus is slow growing

anyway and I think from the first year having all kinds of leaf curl problems

nutrient problems over watering being indoors I think he finally is going to

take off and I think this next 12 months we should put on some really good size

on this lemon tree this one I don't know we'll keep working on them

so there you have it everyone that's my lemon trees grown from seed update just

over a year old about a year and a half a month few weeks past the year let me

know what you guys think are you growing citrus from seed as well are you

experiencing any difficulties is there any tips or tricks that you can

recommend to me or the viewers of the channel to help them get along with

their citrus I'd love to hear them below anyway everyone hope you enjoyed this

update sorry that it's been a long time if you did please give the video a

thumbs up and as always happy gardening and thanks for watching

For more infomation >> Growing Lemon Trees From Seed - 12 Months Old Update - Duration: 5:05.



Hello guys, this is kodi best build back with you again with another great video

So what you guys doing?

we're having a great time with your family and friends and

anyone and I wish you a great week if you watching me from your xbox one or

Computer or mobile phone iPhone or Samsung or Android or any other phone or any device?

I wish you the best that wish you having a great time and

Enjoying your life for sure the first guys don't forget to subscribe to my channel

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Don't forget also to visit my website for more informations about kodi

If you missed any video

You will find it on my channel check the previous videos guys in the community section and videos section

So if you want more

informations about kodi go to my website

So guys today, we're gonna review an amazing kodi build from the singleton

entertainment kodi wizard

so to install the single tongue cody bill go right here to settings and then

Go to system settings

Check your atoms as you can see right here. If you allow the announced sources, press on it and then press yes and

then gas press back and

Here on file manager click on it

So we got profile directory and add source if your Cody is new you don't have anything install it here to your cody

If you use to install builds and stuff

You will get your list of sources right here. Double click on add source

press none and

Here you got to copy and paste the address right here to not miss anything

Press ok


Here you got

Singleton entertainment here. You can name it whatever you want

singleton or any

name you can put it right here, press ok, and

Here, press back and back one more time to the homepage. So

here dear friends scroll down to add-ons press on add-ons and

here press on this little box right here in the top and

Click on install from zip file. So here choose your file

So press spawn new wizard

Here we got plug-in program pro plugin program single tell single song entertainment wizard, press on it

As you can see the wizard is gonna be added and install it to your kodi crab town any version

17 if you got any version of Kodi crap town 17, you can get this great bill install it

So after installing the single town entertainment cody wizard

Go right here to it and press on it. So open it

Here we got builds. You got maintenance. You got save data you got contact you got settings press on builds

As you can see right here if you use

cody 18 on xbox you

Can get this great build right here get it for Cody 18

The one this one right here

Single tone Silvo as you can see right here

It works on Cody 18 if you're watching me and you have cody 18

Press on this one. If you're watching me and you have cody crap-ton


scroll down and press on single

single tone build right here

for Cody crap down and


It's just being updated

You can subscribe to singleton

Entertainment channel on YouTube doing a great job

one of the best

Developers and one of the best Cody builds if you have a previous build already install it to your kodi

You got a lot of problems. You got a lot of dmg files

You got a lot of issues with streaming with a lot of movies are not working. You gotta empty

links, so

press on fresh install to fix that and you will be it's gonna be

You will have to D new you will have everything you and your kodi

So here standard install if you don't have anything install it

Yet to your kodi. You just came across to my video and you're watching me

So press on standard install if your Kodi is new

So right here guys as you can see and then press on yes

So you you'll get the download process going so do not press on anything

Do not press on cancel

Or press on this empty space right here

If you do that, you have to restart the download from 0

So just be patient and hold on and wait until everything is done right without any

Problem and then you can run this great build and watch the World Cup watch movies watch TV show

What's anything you want and you got a Plex account for free?


I'm gonna back after the download process is done. Then we're gonna review together this great build

So here we got the download process done and now it's installing your files

So as I told you

Do not press right here in this empty space or press on Council if you do that

You have to restart everything from 0

To start the demo process from zero and then wait until it's installed in your files

then you can restart cody and

Use this great bill and watch movies and anything

So right here you got everything done right without any problem

Now first close Cody and restart it again. Enjoy this great bill working

Well without any problem if you have Amazon fire stick Nvidia shield Android box or any other box

Just force close and restart your Kodi to get this great bill

Working well without any problem

So after installing this great bill you got this amazing home page

So here we got the urban TV pro

As you can see right here. We got a lot of great urban TV shelves

So here we can pick any

urban TV show to watch it with your friends your family your

Girlfriend wife or anyone as you can see you got a lot of great TV shelves right here. We can check them and watch them

So here we got the Regal Cinemas

you got a lot great place right here to watch all

The greatest stuff available right now as you can see right here. We got Avengers

You got a lot of great movies

You can pick any movie as you can see click on it and you get a rhino's Kodi

add-on is

Extracting your links to watch this great

Movie in your Amazon fire stick or Nvidia shield or any other box?

So right here as you can see you get a lot of links

You can pick any link to watch this great movie in your device

For a better experience, I suggest you guys to get a VPN to not get banned or to not get a lot of

streaming problems

Sometimes the is plea ISP is blocking your IP from watching stuff on things for free

They want you to pay for that so

Using a VPN gonna make your life easy and safe

So right here, you got it working as you can see you can keep watching on it without any problem

So here it will get a lot of great

Movies you can watch any movie you want. It's a great library

great store

Working well without any problem


Here you got the tool the toddler child

You got some great


Corner right here. We can enjoy your family time with your kids for sure and watch this great section as you can see

Got you as a Disney Junior

You got a lot of great stuff


Here got kids. So in this kids section you get a lot of movies for kids

Got a tough dogs purpose. You got a lot of great stuff

You can enjoy any

movie right here for your kids and enjoy your family time right here as you can see you got a lot of

Great movies got a huge library for your kids

You can pick any one to them and enjoy your time or week or anything with your kids

Right here. We got Plex account as you can see in the Plex account. You got a lot of great stuff

We got movies. You got a great things

Here as you can see you got


Account for plex right here we can access to it

we can access to the first one or the second one as

You can see you got a plex server

It's a great from the developer many thanks to this great guy

giving you a lot of

Movies you can watch them right here. So

You can pick any one as you can see you can pick any movie right here to watch it as you can

See you can pick this one

the catcher was a spy and

You can watch it in your box as you can see right here

It works without any problem

You got also a lot of great movies right here 13 minutes

You got a lot of great stuff. You got me young lady

You got a lot of great things you can have or add subtitles

So this Plex account is really working well and safe without any problem. I

Think this is a great the only built that have a flex account working. Well without any problem, so

Right here

You got real tea bread as you can see you got a real lip read movies

You got a lot of great movies right here

You can serve all of them and watch any movie you want to with your friends or your family or?


Pick any movie right here and watch it with your teammates. It's really working well and great and safe

so right here we got movies as you can see you got all the greatest movies in the store and

All of these movies are working safe and well without any problem

Here, we got a lot of great movies. You got a huge library of movies

You can watch any movie you want. I got a lot of great movies

Monster Mash because so you got a lot of great things

So here guys you got American Dad get some animations you got a lot of great stuff right here

We can pick this

Section and find anything you want

You guys got retro TV. You got some classic movies and classic stuff right here

So if you love watching classic movies, you will get them right here

Here got the TV shelves and the TV show section. You got the great and amazing TV shows available right now

Again, a lot of huge stuff from Exodus so you can pick the 100

you got a lot of

seasons so you can pick

last season and

Here, we got a lot of great episodes. You can pick anyone to watch this great movie great TV show

And don't forget guys to subscribe to my channel and share the video with your friends family or anyone. I'm happy

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I'm here only to help you guys


Thanks for your support and you should support me and share my videos with your friends. I'll leave your comments and like

Thanks a lot for doing that great stuff, so

Here we got the links. You can pick any link towards this great TV show

with your friends family or any more

So as you can see right here it works it works well without any problem, I'm just

Gonna stop that to not get any copyright strike right here guys. You got Marvel IPTV and

This is really the great

surprise for this great build you get a Marvel IP TV account for free so

Thankful. Thanks to the great developer of this great build

So you guys got movies on demand as you can see right here. You got a lot of great you got pay-per-view

Replace you a lot of green stuff

So you guys get all?

As you can see you got a lot of great stuff. We got bright movie. We got Marvel

We got a great things. You can't find it by yourself right here and you can watch also

live TV on this Marvel


As you can see right here. We got a lot of great stuff. We got a lot of great movies

You can't pick any movie to watch it

So it's back and here we got live TV

As you can see in live TV, you got a lot of great things you get movies and pay-per-view channels

American oh

You got pay-per-view, even you got being sports you got local news. You got a lot of things

get some Canadian channels as

You can see right here. You can run any Canadian channel to watch it

with your friends family

You got a paid


Really great and thanks to the great

Developer of this great build as you can see right here

You got all the channels working well and safe without any problem. So you got some Arabic ones

As you can see right here

So if you are from Morocco

You live in the United States, Canada or whatever you are. You can watch this great amazing

Channels so you got a lot of great channels right here. It's really amazing job and

Love this great

Section of live TV here. We got as you can see you got

us channels

Got some HBO

So all of them are working well and safe without any problem

You can watch the IPTV right here on Marvel

IPTV you have a free account for free once you download this bill and you install it

We got a free account in this gray section

You guys got the live TV the free one so we can pick the other ones right here

Air-gap news as you can see you got a lot of news channels a lot of things

This is supercharged cody build

really great and safe

Here got crime. And here we have ladies night

You got the man cave as you can see got a lot of great things God be in sports

NBA a lot of things and here we got moto

you got the Formula One you get a lot of great things also and here we got great as

You can see right here. It's super

charger Cody build

Here we got the jukebox. We got up

sound music

You got some hip-hop right here

You got a great music gap YouTube also

So you got some car with karaoke chart stuff you got Beyonce yeah a lot of great things

Got comedy house you got or you?

Got a lot of great things. This is the only page that you need to install

I think it's really great and super charger

We got Fitness right here. If you workout your body, you can work out your body right here in straight section and

Here we got



You can see you got

educational things the commentaries and great things

So here

Can learn anything you want?

You guys got documentary as you can see

so this build is really


It's really great and amazing and working. Well without any problem

You can install this build in your Amazon fire stick Nvidia shield, Xbox one or any device and get this great


So we got as you can see you get the demo IPTV right here



IPTV if you're interested to it

Just contact this great

person on email to

get your subscription, but it works really great without any problem only demo if you get

The premium you're one you will enjoy it more

So this is the single tone entertainment Kodi build

Thanks for watching me

and don't forget to like the video share it with your friends and leave me your comment down in the comment sections and

See you tomorrow for another cody bill



2018 FIFA World Cup Best Goals | Top 20 Amazing goals - Duration: 7:00.

World Cop 2018 Best Goals

For more infomation >> 2018 FIFA World Cup Best Goals | Top 20 Amazing goals - Duration: 7:00.



What's up guys it's Everything Kodi back with another video

so many of you are looking for a build with lot of different add-ons

and lot of different sources for content then you might want to check the INFUSION BUILD KODI

I've also tested on my fire TV and two other fire sticks the build works great

You will enjoy this kodi build on your amazon fire stick or nvidia shield or android tv box

now I'm gonna give you guys an overview of what it has to offer

offer if you like it I can show you how you can get it installed on your device.

Now if you haven't already go ahead and hit the subscribe button

and make sure you click the little bell icon right next to subscribe so you don't miss any of my posts

so let's go ahead and jump into the overview of the build.

Now once you install it the first section you're gonna run into is the movies section

so you have the widget here at the top

you can scroll through find a movie and tv shows you like.

Don't forget to subscribe and click the bell icon to stay informed.

For more infomation >> BEST FAST & NEW BUILD 🔥 FOR KODI 17.6 JULY 2018 🔥 INFUSION BUILD KODI 🔥 FROM CELLARDOOR TV WIZARD - Duration: 16:30.


Disney Comics That Will Ruin Your Childhood - Episode #1 - Duration: 4:10.

Disney Comics Series - Episode #1

Youtube daily Jun 30 2018

Yes, but the fundamentals of the company are still very, very strong

- despite the events in Monaco. - Yes, of course.

- The AP wants a quote. - Don't tell him. Fax them...

Where is he?

- He doesn't want to be disturbed. - He's downstairs.

- ... what happened in Monaco? - Yes, but...

But his continuing erratic behaviour

may lead many people to ask themselves,

"Can this man still protect us?"

Iron Man never stopped protecting us. The events in Monaco proved that.

Query complete, sir. Anton Vanko was a Soviet physicist

who defected to the United States in 1963.

However, he was accused of espionage and was deported in 1967.

His son, lvan, who is also a physicist,

was convicted of selling Soviet-era weapons-grade plutonium to Pakistan,

and served 15 years in Kopeisk prison.

No further records exist.

Tony, you gotta get upstairs

and get on top of this situation right now.

Listen. I've been on the phone with the National Guard all day,

trying to talk them out of rolling tanks up the PCH,

knocking down your front door and taking these.

They're gonna take your suits, Tony, okay?

They're sick of the games.

You said nobody else would possess this technology for 20 years.

Well, guess what? Somebody else had it yesterday.

It's not theoretical any more.

Are you listening to me?

- Are you okay? - Let's go.

Hey, man. Hey, hey!

- You all right? - Yeah, I should get to my desk.

- See that cigar box? - Yeah.

It's palladium.

Is that supposed to be smoking?

If you must know, it's neutron damage. It's from the reactor wall.

You had this in your body?

And how about the high-tech crossword puzzle on your neck?

Road rash.

Thank you.

- What are you looking at? - I'm looking at you.

You wanna do this whole lone gunslinger act

and it's unnecessary. You don't have to do this alone.

You know, I wish I could believe that. I really do.

But you've gotta trust me.

Contrary to popular belief, I know exactly what I'm doing.

For more infomation >> "Can This Man Still Protect Us?" Scene - Iron Man 2 (2010) HD - Duration: 3:09.


Rosenstein Cops Attitude During Testimony, So Gowdy Smokes Him - Duration: 3:18.

Rosenstein Cops Attitude During Testimony, So Gowdy Smokes Him.

Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina may have announced his retirement from the House,

but that didn't stop him from taking a few parting shots at the so-called "deep state"

on Thursday.

During a high-strung Capitol Hill hearing that pitted frustrated Republican lawmakers

against FBI director Christopher Wray, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Gowdy

unleashed his legendary indignation against the two bureaucrats for perceived bias in

the Trump-Russia probe, that has dragged on for over a year.

Showing clear frustration for month after month of the probe into unproven collusion

between Trump, and Russia during the 2016 campaign, the outspoken lawmaker had a clear

message for Rosenstein and his compatriots: Wrap it up, or we'll do it for you.

"We've seen the bias, we need to see the evidence," Gowdy scolded the two officials

during the House Judiciary Committee meeting.

"If you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign, present it to

the damn grand jury," Gowdy continued, his patience wearing thin.

Gowdy isn't one to mince words, and he got straight to the point in his quintessential

blunt style.

"If you have evidence that this president acted inappropriately, present it to the American

people … Whatever you got, finish it the hell up.

Right now this country is being torn apart," the Republican declared.

Rosenstein is the man who appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate

alleged, but vague wrongdoing on the part of Trump's team during the race for the

White House.

While the investigation has yielded precious little evidence against Trump, it has ironically

revealed a treasure trove of evidence against the Department of Justice and the FBI.

For example, there are now pages and pages of publicly-released text message transcripts

documenting clear bias within the FBI against Trump, and in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Agents routinely referred to Clinton as "the president" before the election occurred,

and expressed their disdain for both Trump and his supporters.

FBI officials including Peter Strzok also declared that they would work to "stop"

the new president, with the ends apparently justifying any means.

In response to Gowdy's grilling, Rosenstein — a career un-elected bureaucrat — had

mostly excuses.

Taking on the role of the bullied victim, the public servant complained that his staff

was doing their best despite months of having no answers.

"As with most things in Washington, the real work is not done on television and it

is not all done by me," Rosenstein said.

"Trump administration officials are meeting and talking to your staffs every day, to accommodate

requests and produce relevant information to this committee, other committees, and several

Senate committees," he continued, essentially complaining that having oversight was an inconvenience.

This is what Gowdy does best: Take the outrage of the American people and focus it where

it belongs, directed at the sanctimonious paper-pushers who need a reminder of who they

work for.

Sometimes, that's exactly what we need.

What do you think about this?

Please share this news and scroll down to Comment below and don't forget to subscribe

top stories today.

For more infomation >> Rosenstein Cops Attitude During Testimony, So Gowdy Smokes Him - Duration: 3:18.


Ivan Vanko 'I Want My Bird' Scene - Iron Man 2 (2010) HD - Duration: 4:00.

Hey, there he is.

There he is.

What an absolute pleasure. Welcome.

Oh, goodness gracious.

Can we get the handcuffs off my friend here?

Forgive me, I'm sorry. I'm such a huge fan of yours.

I didn't want to make a first impression like this.

He's not an animal. Come on.

He's a human being. Thank you.

We're fine.

My name is Justin Hammer.

I'd like to do some business with you. Please sit.

Dig in. What do we have today, Jack?

- We have some salmon carpaccio. - Salmon carpaccio.

Anything you want here, we got it.

I like my dessert first. I had this flown in from San Francisco.

It's Italian, though.

Organic ice cream.

I got a sweet tooth. Apparently you do, too, for Tony Stark.

What I saw you do to Tony Stark on that track,

how you stepped up to him in front of God and everybody,

that was... Wow!

You spoke to me with what you did.

And I know that you knew that I'd be listening.

This is why I couldn't bear to have you shipped off

to God knows where. It would have been such a waste of talent.

But if I might make a suggestion,

you know, you don't just go and try and kill the guy.

I think, if I may, you go after his legacy.

That's what you kill.

You and me, we are a lot alike in a lot of ways.

The only difference between you and I is that I have resources.

I think, if I may,

you need my resources.

Someone behind you, a benefactor.

I'd like to be that guy.

Okay. Do you speak English? Because I can get a translator.

I don't know. Have you been understanding everything I'm saying?

Very good, man.

- Very good, man. - Very good, man.


- Hey. - Yes?

I want my bird.

- A bird? You want a bird? - I want my bird.

I can get you a bird. I can get you 10 birds.

I want my bird.

Well, okay. Nothing's impossible. I could...

Are we talking about... Is this a bird back in Russia?

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How To Make Money Online with Youtube Channel Art Banner 2018 in Urdu/Hindi - Duration: 6:50.

Hello & Assalam O Alekum Friends!

Do you know that.. By designing a Youtube Channel Art

You can Earn Money Online.

You just have to design a simple cover,.

Whether you call it Youtube Cover or Youtube Banner.

You just simply design it and sell out

in the Online Market to your customers.

Besides selling it online..

you can also sell covers offline by dealing with individuals

In this video, I will provide guidance about

How to create Youtube Cannel Art

& How to sell it in Online Market.

First of all, I may show you some proofs that

whether people are actually earning by using

this method in the Online Market or not?

and How much do they earn from it..?

For this purpose, Lets open the browser

and I'll show you a website.

here, in the search bar, I will type "Youtube"



Then I'll press enter.

Now it will show us some examples

of the gigs belonging to different persons.

How they are working and how many orders they have comleted

Here we already have some Top-Rated Sellers*

Who sell theses services

They create simple covers & sell them. Its just simple designing

It is not too hard just simple designing which they sell for..

20$ per banner.

25$ , 30$

As you can see, these are all simple designing..

Nothing too hard or complicated.

Simple designing is being sold here in the Online Market.

I may show you some of these seller's designs.

This person is from Romania

He started his account in 2013

His average response rate is about 3 hours

& he has completed his last order about 2 hours ago

You can see that his covers are simple

and he sells them in the online market

for a price of 25$.

He delivers the orders under 2 days

Now I will tell how to design a coveror

or create a youtube channel art & sell it in the Online Market

First, open any Photoshop version

that you have installed

To create a youtube channel cover just keep in mind

the size you should work on.

The size of youtube channel art.

You may note it down or

save it somewhere.

1546 pixels (Width)

423 pixels (Heigt)


This is the proper size for youtube channel art for official use.

Which we work about

and do our designing.

So, you can change

or add colors in it.. like

I am

adding black color.

Now I will type something here.

When the customers gives you order

for creating channel art

they will provide you their own text or logo.

You will have to use them instead.

So friends, exactly this same way You can also create

attractive and unique covers & sell them in the online market.

Which ever buyer provides you order

He will provide you instructions that

about what logo and what texts you have to use

& you will complete the order according to their instructions and then sell it.

Just like this, you can also contact different youtubers

to design covers for them and sell them.

or if you want to just re-edit this design then I will

provide you this exact design in the description

of this video in .psd file format.

You may download it from

the description below

and re-edit it or

change it according to the needs of your customers

Do you know that, By typing a simple article

You can earn money online

This account belongs to Minahil Ahmed

who's operating from Pakistan.

She created this account in 2016

She can charge a maximum fee

of about 195$ per article.

To solve Math's problems and questions

Just download the PhotoMath app

Scan the Math's problem

and you will get the answer within seconds

along with step by step instructions

These are amazing features.

For more infomation >> How To Make Money Online with Youtube Channel Art Banner 2018 in Urdu/Hindi - Duration: 6:50.


Excel Fonts (2018) |New Video| - Duration: 10:50.

Hmm I want to change the way it looks

I don't like it this way

See we have some options here in the ribbon from home tab

Alright! and this is our font group

Look at this

You can use bold italic etc from here

Similarly you can change the font colors

cell colors font size hmm

font style. However from here you cannot apply superscript and subscript

click on the right mouse button

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and compassionate

May peace be upon you

My name is Abdul Haseeb and today we are here

with our fourth session

Today we are going to start our fourth session and this is the first tutorial of fourth session

Topic of this tutorial is Excel Fonts (Please watch the complete video till the end. It will benefit you I guranteed Inn Shaa Allah)

Let me tell you first that our fourth session

will be about the formatting

Alright! we learn few things about formatting in our previous tutorials

because few of those things about formatting

were needed at that time. But now we will understand

formatting in detail

and without wasting any time

let's begin but before we start

I want to aplogize because I was not uploading tutorials

from a long time

and we take too much time in launching our fourth session

before that I was uploading on regular basis


actually I was very busy

and because of that

I was unable to make and upload new tutorials

but now I am back so Inn Shaa Allah

I will try my best to upload regularly

and I will confirm my new schedule

of uploading related to tutorials very soon Inn Shaa Allah

and we hope that you will cooperate

with us. So let's begin

Ok so you guys may be familliar with this data

those who watch our previous tutorials must have knowledge that we use this data once before

but today the purpose of this data is not the same

look what actually happens sometime

as we have all this data today

what we wanna do is that

we want to increase the size of some values or text from this data so that it becomes more visible

For example the names of the months here and this average

and all these totals

I want these to be more visible and bit large in size

so we have different things

or may be I want to change its font

basically what I wanna say is that

I hmmm

want to change its look

I want to see it in some other way. I don't like it in this way

so here we have some options from the ribbon in home tab

and this is our font group. Alright

We have some options here like we have this font option

Calibri this font is selected by default

okay now here we open fonts

and the amazing thing is

sorry I am sick today

that's why I am facing difficulties while speaking

hmm the fonts we have

this is an amazing feature of excel that whenever we move the cursor on different fonts

It shows us the preview behind the fonts list

It shows us that what our text will look like by selecting that particular font

softwares with such feature are very useful

there are many other softwares that don't give you a preview

and it can create many issues

such softwares waste lot's of time. But we don't have such problems with excel

You can see we have too many different fonts here

if you are doing something related to buisness

then this font Times New Roman might be the best fit for you.

Now what I say don't change the font let it be as it is

because font...hmm

for example I am not getting what I want from changing the font

as I want it to look big a little bit and its not happening by changing the font

so we also have solutions for that

here is the font size

font size is mentioned on the right side of fonts. Click on it

You can see that it is showing us the preview of font sizes as well

from here I can increase its size according to my needs. Okay I make it too big and it is looking awkward

let it be like this

looks better now. Now text is so thin

I want it to be a bit thick. So what I do now there are different ways to do that

there is B written right here for bold

and if we hold the cursor on it excel will also show us its hot key

we click on it and the text is bold now

similarly by clicking this button again we turn it back the way it was before. You can also do this by using its hotkey ctrl+b

so we can bold the values like this

okay let's understand this one thing

you may have observe

that whenever we bold the text in excel

It takes more horizontal space

for example we select these cells like this

you see the border of the cell that is created when we select the cells

the letter E of average is almost at the center of this border

but if we make it bold then it completely penetrates the border

when we bold the text in excel

it takes more of the horizontal space mostly

we don't give value to such things but it is important for us to understand this factor



if you select the numbers from here instead of text and then we make them bold

so you see they don't take any extra space

if you bold the numbers instead of text

then numbers will remain on the same place they were before but if you bold the text in excel

then text takes more horizontal space

so this is one thing. Moreover

changing these fonts or make the

text bold there are different ways to do that.

I show one of them

Other than that there is a button in font group called

Dialogue Box Button


if you click on it there are many different


you may have not all these fonts I download many of them

how to download and install these fonts I will tell you about that

later on Inn Shaa Allah

there are different fonts okay

and you can change the font from here

like you do before from the ribbon

you can also bold it from here

easily or let it be regular as it is rightnow

you can change the font size from here

you can do such things from here also

these are two or three different ways to do that.


there is one more important thing to understand that

for example

a very common formula of H2O is mentioned here

we read it

so how do we write this H2O like this

for example if I write H2O here

and press the enter key

It will look like this and its not happening

so what I will do to make it like that one over there

I will turn it to edit mode

I already told all the ways to turn a cell into edit mode in my previous tutorials

here I am using one out of three

which is to double click on a cell and it will turn the cell into edit mode

now what I do here

press the right mouse button click on Format Cells

and from Format Cells select subscript

we select the number 2 so that the excel apply subscript feature

on number 2 only from H2O

so you see that you can perform this task from Format Cells also

and if for example

its not

compulsory in every situation to use font group from above

if for example you want to bold these values

then select them and press the right mouse button

and it will open the Mini Toolbar

We discuss mini toolbar in our previous tutorials

and now you will learn more of its uses here today

you can bold these from here

and you can make them italic etc

you can change the font color

cell color, font size hmmm

you can change font style

you can change font themes

you can do many such things

but you cannot apply

subscript and superscript from here

but what you can do is that press right mouse button go to Format Cells

from here you can use strikethrough etc but you can't perform these tasks from mini toolbar

and here it is

its done. Ctrl Z undo

go again

you can do subscript or superscript as well

so all these things are included

in font formatting I hope

that now you understand formatting

that is related to fonts

and I am sure that you will like the video Inn Shaa Allah

and as I told you earlier that I am sick rightnow

and facing difficulties while speaking

but still I hope that you understand it all well

so if you like today's video then click on the like button and also subscribe to our channel

and please don't forget to share our videos

also please click on the notification bell icon so that whenever we upload a new video then you will get the notification

and Inn Shaa Allah we try to upload quickly from now on

and please remember us in your prayers because if you don't pray for us

then we can't achieve our goals


right now its our


session and you will learn many new things in this session also Inn Shaa Allah

and those who are new with us

and they are confused about things like formulas etc etc

so they can

watch our previous tutorials

because as I mentioned earlier that we

are not going to repeat and repeat the same things over and over again

that is why we discussed all these things in detail to clear the concept

and please make sure that you do comments on our videos

and take care of your selves Inn Shaa Allah we

will meet you in the next tutorial

Allah Hafiz!

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حظك اليوم الاحد 01-07-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 6:21.

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Cómo cambiar la bieletas de suspensión en VW GOLF 5 [INSTRUCCIÓN AUTODOC] - Duration: 3:12.

Remove the rear wheels.

Use an end bit №5 and an open-end wrench №17. Unscrew the stabilizer rod fasteners.

Remove the link from the stabilizer.

Install a new rod, tighten the fasteners. Use an end bit №5 and an open-end wrench №17.

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[#2] INTRO PARA By irving | HAGO INTROS GRATIS 3D [Por 亲Rainbow GFX] - Duration: 1:31.

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Best Fails 2018 🔔 Funny Montage Videos 🍓 Funny Fails Compilation - Duration: 1:00:04.

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