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Youtube daily Oct 21 2018

If this dog dies,

I wouldn't be able to live with myself

Good job

Who should I give to first?

The dog was diagnosed with rectal cancer

The dog is one of my close friends

This dog encourages me to be healthy, and gives me strength and joy

But there's nothing I could give in return

We'll meet again in the next lifetime

I love you, Mimi

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BonsaiHP/Cách làm đôn kê chậu bonsai NTN-VN ai làm chưa nhỉ? - Duration: 12:41.

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Gott ist größer als deine Gefühle (1) − Joyce Meyer − Mit Jesus den Alltag meistern - Duration: 26:06.

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PAW Patrol 'Ultimate Rescue: Police Pups' - Chase (Speedpaint/ Timelapse) - Duration: 5:54.

Hello there everyone and welcome to another video!

In this video we have Chase, in his Ultimate Rescue Police Uniform.


Hope you enjoyed the video.

Thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next video!

Stay-Pawsome! (Awesome!)

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Fiesta de calabaza Halloween 🐷 Pepa la cerdita en Español ⭐️ Videos De Juguetes Peppa Pig (Parte 44) - Duration: 2:18.

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5 simple braids that will make you look gorgeous|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:00.

5 simple braids that will make you look gorgeous

Braids are still in style.

It doesn't matter if you have short or long hair; these styles will give you a beautiful new look.

Braids that will make you look gorgeous and save you time.

After you see these braids, you're going to want to wear a new one every day.

Especially since they don't take any more than five minutes of your time and go great for any occasion — even a night in.

They're also perfect with accessories like those headbands and hats you've been you're dying to wear.

 Braid styles vary quite a bit, and the overall how they look do too.

 They range from a care-free side braid to a sophisticated fishtail wound up into a beautiful bun.

Braids are such a good way to freshen up your appearance and look stylish without having to cut your hair.

Without further ado, here are 5 simple braids that you'll see are both gorgeous and easy to do. They won't take up much time and we promise you don't need to be an expert to do them!.

5 simple braids. Ponytail braid.

Brush your hair well until it's completely untangled.

Put it up into a ponytail on the back of your hair, but leave a section out. Braid the section then wrap it around your ponytail, covering up the hair tie.

Add a little hair accessory to make it look even prettier if you like!.

Waterfall braid.

Brush your hair well until it's completely untangled.

Make a deep section, and on the side with more hair separate it into three pieces. Braid the three pieces, adding a bit of hair each time from the rest of your hair.

As you do, make sure the hair is going around your head, almost diagonally.

Don't drop your hands during the process.

Once you've gotten as far as you'd like to go, finish with a regular braid and tie it off.

Double braids.

This style goes really well with a pretty headband or hat, and it's ready in only 3 minutes.

Part your hair and braid each half, going to about half the length before ending it with a ponytail. The result will be two loose, relaxed braids that will make your hair look beautiful.

Elegant braid bun.

Brush your hair well until it's completely untangled. Put all but one small piece up into a high ponytail. Twist the ponytail up around the hair tie, forming a bun.

Use bobby pins to keep it in place.

Then braid the piece you left out and wrap it around the base of the bun.

Braid updo.

There are a lot of ways to do this one.

 For example, when you're in a rush, you can just braid two small pieces and then pull them up with the rest of your hair.

If you have a bit more time, braid half the length of your hair and then pull it up with the two pieces you already have braided.

If you want to wear it for a special occasion, you could also add a braided crown.

Tips to take into consideration.

Change your look.

A problem of people who cut their hair have is thinking they are not being able to braid it anymore.

Most people just end up leaving it straightened and, frankly, boring.

Look beautiful.

Change it up and give yourself gorgeous, unique braids that will make you stand out.

It doesn't matter if your hair is short or long; there are braids for all types of hair.

For short hair.

If you have short hair and don't know any kind of braid that will go good with your hair, you're in the right place! Just pull half your hair up into a braid.

 Put it in a some curls in the half that you leave down, and you're set.

Did you know?.

Braids weren't just common in medieval times but they were an elegant hair style in the Romantic era as well.

Big designers of yesterday used them to show off their new collections.

Today's designers love them too, and maybe that's why they're still fashionable.

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Baozi vs Funny Buddy | China Town WEAPONS | Kick The Buddy - Duration: 8:03.

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Thank you very much

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মুসলিমরা কেন কাবা শরীফের পূজা করে | Ask Dr Zakir Naik (Bangla) - Duration: 4:13.

AK Computer Network

Have Done This Video

Youtube daily Oct 21 2018

Fox News host Laura Ingraham is still having trouble getting advertisers to come to get

program almost 10 months after she attacked David Hogg, the Parkland shooting survivor.

Now, in case you're not familiar, at the time, Laura Ingraham made fun of David Hogg.

And then later on, a couple weeks, maybe a couple of months later, she went on and made

comments about the children in cages on the southern border and said it was basically

a summer camp.

Well, both of those things, mainly the attacking the Parkland survivors, caused a massive advertiser

boycott for Laura Ingraham and she lost a ton of advertisers.

She went from about 229 different brands advertising on her program to 71.

The network itself lost about 30% of their revenue from that program according to a new

report in Politico.

And the advertisers aren't coming back, which is actually what's quite remarkable about


Because even Fox News' ad executives have kind of been scratching their heads in recent

weeks wondering why the advertisers aren't coming back.

One woman, her name is Marianne Gambelli, she's the head of ad sales for Fox News, said

that usually they'd go quiet and come back, but that hasn't happened right now.

And the real kicker is that Laura Ingraham pulls in an average of about 2.7 million viewers

a night.

She is the fourth most watched cable news talk show host in the United States, behind

Hannity, Tucker, Maddow, and then it's Ingraham.

And she's only got about 80 advertisers right now.

According to the report, these are what they call the bottom-of-the-barrel bottom feeders

who are willing to advertise on her show.

Because they understand it's toxic, but by God, they don't care where their ads show

up, they just need the exposure.

So you're getting all these crappy companies with crappy morals advertising on this crappy

show that for some reason, a couple million people every night decide to tune in to.

But the big-money advertisers are gone.

The big-money advertisers are not coming back, and that is starting to freak out Fox News.

They assumed that all the advertisers would've come back, probably, by the end of the summer.

Well, we're halfway through October right now, heading in to November, and they're not

coming back.

So at this point, if money is what matters to this network, they're going to be faced

with a really tough decision pretty soon.

Yeah, Laura Ingraham's hugely popular, but she's also hugely toxic.

And if you're starting to lose money on her program, might be time to cut her loose and

replace her with somebody who may not be as offensive and disgusting for advertisers to

want to come back to your network.

Until then, good luck pushing these pillars of hatred on the United States.

Because the next time they come out there and they have some vile, horrible comment

to make about somebody who's gone through one of the worst experiences anyone could

imagine, we'll be right back there with another advertiser boycott to cost you viewers, and

your network even more money.

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LIVE MORE AND BETTER. With Dr. Miquel Porta. - Duration: 44:26.

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How to Lose 8 Pounds in 10 Days|HFE♪ - Duration: 9:15.

How to Lose 8 Pounds in 10 Days

To lose 8 kilos in 10 days, it's essential to avoid refined foods and combine your diet with physical activity to accelerate your metabolism and promote the burning of fat.

Weight loss is a process that depends on factors such as age, metabolism activity and lifestyle habits.

Despite this, many seek methods to achieve a slim and healthy figure in a short time. In this article, you'll learn how to lose 4 kilos in 10 days.

It is true, that it is ideal is to combat obesity gradually, adopting healthy habits such as a balanced diet and exercise; however, there are some weight-loss plans that can be useful to achieve interesting results in a matter of days.

In this article, we want to share a series of menus and recommendations that can help you lose up to 4 kilos in 10 days.

It is a balanced diet proposal that, unlike hypocaloric plans, does not put your health at risk.

Do you dare to put it into practice? Get ready!.

Diet to lose 4 kilos in 10 days.

This eating plan to lose 4 kilos in 10 days is recommended for those people who are fighting against obesity.

To perform it, it is essential to have a relatively good health status, since it is not recommended in case of having a chronic disease or digestive system issues.

The proposed foods allow to create balanced dishes, that is, they help to meet the nutritional requirements of the body without restrictions.

The basic idea is to completely eliminate the sources of saturated fats, sugars and processed foods, which tend to be the biggest obstacles when it comes to losing weight.

Although they are very healthy meals, their practice should not be extended for longer than recommended, as it may be counter-productive.

Once the proposed 10 days have elapsed, it is best to start eating healthier to maintain the results.

Visit this article: 5 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight.


Alcoholic drinks Sugary or light sodas Soft drinks Drinks that come in powder Refined sugar Processed meats Refined flour.


Water and infusions of plants Warm water with lemon.

Menus to lose 4 kilos in 10 days.

To achieve the objective in the estimated time, several menus with 4 or 5 food options are suggested, for 5 small meals a day, as recommended for a balanced diet.

It is a simple diet to carry out, whose meals can be varied with each recommendation, so that it will not be boring to adopt it for 10 days.


First option: a glass of low-fat yogurt, a ham and cheese sandwich without fat and an apple.

Second option: a cup of vegetable milk, 4 whole-grain crackers spread with low-fat cheese and an orange.

Third option: a cup of herbal tea, 2 pieces of whole-grain toast with low-fat cheese and an apple.

Fourth option: a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a slice of whole wheat bread with ham or turkey and a fruit (to taste).


First option: half a plate of white and purple cabbage salad dressed with olive oil, a small portion of tuna and 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Second option: a bowl with mixed fruit salad and a portion of roasted chicken breast.

Third option: a portion of boiled pumpkin with natural tomato sauce, slices of cheese and spices.

Fourth option: a portion of 150 grams of grilled fish and mixed salad with tomato, lettuce, and onion.

Snacks for morning and afternoon.

First option: a glass of low-fat yogurt and a teaspoon of chia seed.

Second option: a cupcake type cake and a cup of tea.

Third option: a serving of fruit salad and a glass of skim or vegetable milk.

Fourth option: a glass of skim or vegetable milk and a slice of whole wheat bread with light jam.

Do you want to know more? For a Healthy Diet: the Key Ingredient is Dinner.


First option: a portion of grilled chicken breast, 4 slices of boiled pumpkin and half of a chopped tomato.

Second option: a small portion of lean red meat and a plate of mixed salad.

Third option: an omelet with sautéed mushrooms and onions.

Fourth option: diced chicken breast without dressings and a small portion of brown rice.

Fifth option: a cup of chicken broth or vegetables.

Final considerations.

To get better results with this eating plan, it is important to exercise every day, for at least 30 minutes.

Cardiovascular activities are the most appropriate for burning fat.

Also, it is recommended to combine a cardio session with strength training.

 These help strengthen muscle mass and optimize metabolic functions.

Try to follow all the recommendations and discover that you can lose weight in a short time without falling into nutritional deficiencies.

If you feel anxiety, supplement the diet with a small handful of nuts or seeds.

For more infomation >> How to Lose 8 Pounds in 10 Days|HFE♪ - Duration: 9:15.


How to Control Child Rebellion|HFE♪ - Duration: 7:44.

How to Control Child Rebellion

Rebellion is a normal behavior of children between 2 and 6 years of age, as well as in adolescents.

It is important to understand the child, listen to them, offer them love… but also to correct them with the necessary firmness.

Child rebellion usually manifests itself in different ways, depending on their age.

As they grow, many changes arise, many motivated by the definition of their identity.

There are two classic stages of rebellion in children, between 2 and 6 years of age, and when they reach adolescence. In these stages, the child or adolescent wants to exercise and impose their own will.

There are other periods of rebellion, for example, when children suffer from changes in their environment, making it difficult to relate to parents.

This suffering can be translated into rebellion.

This behavior, rebellion, is considered normal, so we should not be too alarmed. These stages of rebellion are to some extent necessary, since in these stages, the child forges their personality, their identity, and their individuality.

Given this, it is essential that you accept and understand the rebellion of your child, but also that you know what to do, as the case may be.

Your challenge as a parent is to handle their rebelliousness in such a way that they forge their identity, without engaging in bad behavior.

Strategies to control the rebellion of your child You may have heard that during these stages you should teach them discipline with love. Even if they are small, they are able to relate what they do to what they were asked to do.

You must gather all of your patience, responding to tantrums with calm and control.

Also, it is essential that you regulate your behavior by applying certain strategies, such as: 1.

Establish clear rules and consequences If your child knows the family rules and the consequences that they would face if they fail to meet them, they will find it easier to feel safe.

This does not mean that they will never challenge them, so it is important that consequences are implemented, just as you have established them.

Do not celebrate inappropriate behaviors Your child's rebellion is enhanced when, as a parent, you laugh at their bad behavior. Although you find it very funny in the moment, you are giving a double message to your child.

As a result, you will gradually lose respect.

Reinforce positive behaviors One of the most common mistakes that parents make is to highlight negative behaviors over positive ones.

As a parent, you can indirectly reinforce these negative behaviors when you constantly comment on them and you do not recognize what your child does well.

Praise the good that your child does, as this is just as important as reprimanding bad behavior in its proper measure.

Demonstrate unconditional love Even if your child fails again and again, you must be sure that they can always count on your love. Explain that your annoyance is because of the way they act. Put yourself in their place, understand them and listen to them.

Avoid yelling at them and strive to keep calm.

In the case that they are already in adolescence, do not question their mood and let them have their own space.

Recognize if you are fostering your child's rebellious attitude Many times the rebellion of your child can be generated by a family situation that, as a parent, you do not know how to handle. The separation or emotional distancing of dad and mom is one of the most common causes.

If there is some kind of tension between the parents, the children are likely to perceive this and try to divert attention from it.

Also, the preferences for one of your children over another provokes rebellious attitudes.

Offer alternatives Offering alternatives to children helps them reaffirm positively during the circumstances. Also, it contributes to the development of decision-making skills in their adult life.

Offering alternatives to your child may involve, among other things, negotiating with them.

For example, allow them to watch television until a certain time, if they fulfill their homework beforehand.

Use positive language Affirmative language is much more effective than negative language. Positive language does not promote the defiant attitude that prohibitions produce. Do not focus the language on what your child should not do, do the opposite.

When you address them, talk to them about what they can do. For example, say: "You can play with the bicycle on the terrace", instead of: "You can not play with the bicycle inside the house".

For another example, you can say: "You can play the guitar in the basement", instead of saying: "You can not play the guitar in your room".

Reflection No child is born with a manual on how to educate them, so many parents are faced with that task with very few tools. We can not limit ourselves to exercising our authority, without worrying about knowing what our children are living.

Each child is unique and special, and their way of reacting to situations will depend to a large extent on what they see in their home throughout their growth.

Youtube daily Oct 21 2018

You know, they they can save she they won't see again she we can

Dark dark

I love it. When I first got a task, you must wanna sail

North or course you will be when you're in first

You suck

For more infomation >> I Love It - Goosebumps Edition - Duration: 1:05.


Dozens More Brett Kavanaughs Are Getting Confirmed To Lifetime Appointments Each Month - Duration: 4:19.

Now that Brett Kavanaugh's name has disappeared from the headlines, at least for the moment,

Democrats have stopped caring about the entire court system here, in the United States.

I say that because, just last week, we had Democrats in the Senate cut yet another deal

with Mitch McConnell to send 15 more Trump-picked judges to the benches throughout the country

for a lifetime.

A couple weeks before that, they sent another 11 on a fast track because of a deal they

made with Mitch McConnell.

Both instances were due to the fact that Democrats just wanted to get home for the weekend so

they could go campaign if they were running for reelection.

The rest of them, I guess, just wanted a little bit more time of.

So, they fast tracked these horrible corporate judges, and now they all have lifetime appointments

to benches throughout this country.

Here's the thing: They're all Brett Kavanaughs.

Maybe they don't have the allegations against them that Kavanaugh had of sexual assault,

but in terms of their beliefs of what they will do to the judiciary, all of these people

are Brett Kavanaugh.

Every single one of them.

Here's a good one that Esquire recently just did a little piece on.

Her name is Allison Jones Rushing.

Ms. Rushing was a part of a group, it's an anti-LGBTQ group, called the Alliance Defending


If you're not familiar with them, go take a look at the Southern Poverty Law Center's

profile of them, because they have been listed as a hate group because of their animosity

and bigotry towards the LGBTQ community.

This woman was right there with them, and she's gonna be on the bench for a lifetime.

Oh, and here's the kicker: She's 36 years old.

This woman could be on a federal bench for, what, 40 years?

50, maybe, depending on her lifestyle.

50 possible years for one person, and the Democrats already fast tracked 26 on top of

the more than 25 that Trump had already put forward earlier this year that made it through.

So, we're over 50 for the year, not including Brett Kavanaugh.

More than 50 Brett Kavanaughs serving lifetime appointments in federal courts, district courts,

appellate courts, everywhere.

They may not be as high profile as the US Supreme Court.

They may not be as powerful most of the time, but at the end of the day, that's where most

of the laws in this country are finalized.

That's where most of the court decisions are finalized, at that appellate level, the federal

court level.

Most cases don't go to the Supreme Court; most cases are gonna end with people like

Allison Jones Rushing or any of the other people that have been put on federal benches

for the next 30, 40, possibly 50 or more years.

Where's the Democratic outrage on this?

That's what's making me so angry here.

Our entire judiciary, not just the Supreme Court, has been remade under Donald Trump,

who is appointing and getting judges approved at a rate faster than any other president

really has.

I know we've set a lot, "Trump hasn't accomplished anything," but that sure as hell is something

he did accomplish, and it's not anything that any of us should be happy about.

He has remade the entire court system here, in the United States, and he still has 100

plus more seats to fill.

You'd better believe that every one of those seats out there, even though they're not on

the Supreme Court, Republicans take them just as seriously because, for some reason, they

happen to be the only party that understands how important the court system is, and it's

being remade in a way that's going to screw over American consumers.

It's gonna screw the environment and it's gonna screw over average mom-and-pop investors,

for the next few generations, at this point, because the Democrats wanted to go home for

a weekend.

For more infomation >> Dozens More Brett Kavanaughs Are Getting Confirmed To Lifetime Appointments Each Month - Duration: 4:19.


Travelers and the Labyrinth Country #5 | Tale | the beautifull World x Danmachi | EN / ES* - Duration: 5:40.

Story 6 - Country of Disappearance - Spirited Away -

That was good.

Sorry to make you pay for the food...

It´s my way of thanking you for being my guide. Don´t worry about it.

Thank you... Um, want to go see the walls next?

That sounds good. The sun´ll be setting soon. And if we leave Hermes alone for too long, he´ll get pouty.


I see...

Yeah, I asked a bunch of blacksmiths I know, but none of them had the right wood for a sheath.

For now, you can have the blade back. Içm done sharpening it, so should be as good as new.

Thank you.

I need to go talk to my familia´s blacksmiths about something else anyway, so I´ll ask about materials then.

Thank you so much for doing all this.

Don´t sweat it. After all, I don´t get my hands on a nice katana like that very often.

If I get anywhere I´ll contact the Takemikazuchi Familia.

Yes, please do.

Huh? Hermes is...

He´s gone... Did someone steal him?!

I didn´t hear him say anything, so probably not.


Huh? What´s this?

A letter?

"I´ll be back tomorrow Don´t try to find me."


So he wasn´t stolen after all.

No, no, no! I means, yes, but...

"It sounds like he ran away from home!" / "Could it be a kidnapping?"

It sounds like he ran away from home!

Ran away from home...? I don´t know if you can really say that about a Motorrad with no home in the first place.

That´s beside the point!

Don´t worry. I don´t know where he went, but I´m pretty sure I know who´s with him.


Hermes can´t move unless someone´s riding him. He´s probably with the other Hermes.

With Lord Hermes?

I´ve never seen him get so excited with someone he just met.

Th-Then if we look for Lord Hermes...

Yes, that´s probably the fastest way to track them down.

O-Okay! Let´s go find him right now!


Click-- Click---

Wow, this is a great place for photography! There´s nobody here, and it´s so moody...

Hey, is it safe to be around these monsters? They´re pretty big.

We´ll be fine with Ais here. And weirdly enough, when I look at them through the finder, they don´t scare me.

That´s the problem with you camera people...

The only things you´ll find around here are Orcs and Imps... They´re not that fast, so if you react calmly...

You know, you´re really strong, Ais. You took out dozens of them in an instant.

That´s not true... It´s not this easy for me further down.

Further down... I wonder what it looks like down there. I wonder if I´ll ever get to see that deep.

You´d be toast before you ever got to see anything.

I know that! I didn´t way I was actually going!


Let´s go back.


It´s seems... that monter´s different. Protecting you while I fight be a little...

Um... No matter how tough the monsters on this floor are, we´ll be okay right?

You never know what´ll happen in the Dungeon... Let´s head back up to the surface.

Do what she says. You got your pictures, and you don´t want to cause trouble, right?


For more infomation >> Travelers and the Labyrinth Country #5 | Tale | the beautifull World x Danmachi | EN / ES* - Duration: 5:40.


7 Visionarios de la informática moderna - Duration: 9:57.

For more infomation >> 7 Visionarios de la informática moderna - Duration: 9:57.


DIRECTO FORTNITE CON SUBS - Duration: 2:52:59.

For more infomation >> DIRECTO FORTNITE CON SUBS - Duration: 2:52:59.


1 How To Wash Men's Hair - Shampoo and Conditioner - Duration: 2:37.

thank you for watching

For more infomation >> 1 How To Wash Men's Hair - Shampoo and Conditioner - Duration: 2:37.


How to earn money no need to invest || android earning app || ab paise kamana hoa asan - Duration: 9:41.

App Link In Description

For more infomation >> How to earn money no need to invest || android earning app || ab paise kamana hoa asan - Duration: 9:41.


The Real Reason YouTube Went Down! - Duration: 4:45.

you you youtube the most important website on the internet for an hour this week it was

down and not working and every single youtuber and their mom was freaking out

you had people like mr. beast on Twitter being like I need to go to college

animators being like I need to get a real job everyone pretty much knew

YouTube was gonna come back up but to this day we still don't know why YouTube

was down except I do just kidding but there are some theories which I'm gonna

share with you in this video enjoy

now the first theory that I want to debunk because it is so stupid is the

most popular theory that something hit the moon and that there was a video of

this impact that went up on YouTube and in order to cover it up YouTube needed

to shut down in order to scrub the website of that footage now let me tell

you why this is dumb this is dumb because if you wanted to remove a video

from the internet you need shut down more than just YouTube you need a shut

down Facebook you shut down twitch and you'd still probably not be able to

remove it because the Internet is ever existing so yeah

this theory is just it's just dumb okay the next theory is one that I actually

believe in strongly this theory is they in order stopped t-series from

overtaking pewdiepie as the number one subscribed channel on youtube the

nine-year-old army had an idea the idea is so dumb that it might just work tell

me more if there is no youtube then pewdiepie can't be dethroned it's quite

genius except it's not next theory so in recent

years twitter has become pretty dead in comparison to what it used to be

irrelevant so in order to boost the active users twitter HQ came up with an

idea an idea so insane that it just might work

heard that before they coordinated an attack to take down youtube so that people

would have no other choice but to go to Twitter and tweet about it thereby

increasing Twitter's active users that's genius and this worked for about an hour

that was probably the most active hour that Twitter has had in years

that's stupid so this theory is also pretty stupid so I bring you to my next

theory let me ask you some then who doesn't like YouTube the cable

companies so in an attempt to stay relevant the cable companies tried to

take down YouTube so that people would go back to cable which is a pretty dumb

idea because they forgot that Netflix existed okay you know stupid cable

companies the only thing stupider than the cable

companies are the people who give cable companies money just kidding

some people don't have any other option and I pray for those people every day

may you be blessed with good internet

anyway now the last theory that I have for why you two went down it's a juicy

one YouTube was trying to help its creators and solve the Demonetization

crisis they had a theory which was if there is no content then there's nothing

to demonetize and people won't get mad brilliant I

mean it's the perfect plan when you think about it right I mean no YouTube

no ads no demonetization I know okay this is this is stupid if you can't tell all these

theories have been jokes pretty bad jokes okay a more serious news pew pew pew pew

can do what is likely to have happened is that there was probably some problem

with the back end addressing system that YouTube uses with its CDN which had

something to do with the updates that I ICANN is doing to the global DNS or

maybe some Google employee got really mad that somebody disliked his video the

nerve so he just decided to burn the whole mother down

anyway I've been ridiculous enough for this video let me know if you have a

theory in the comments below and as always never share your password don't

do it

For more infomation >> The Real Reason YouTube Went Down! - Duration: 4:45.


Citromfa moments - Duration: 2:20.

For more infomation >> Citromfa moments - Duration: 2:20.


Learn the alphabet | Letter Q | How to write | Fine Motor Skills | Pevan and Sarah - Duration: 1:39.

G'day there Cubs. Are you ready to get your finger out? We're gonna try the

letter Q. So you start at the top and you draw a big circle for a capital Q

Then you need to give it a little leg to stand on, great! Shall we try a lowercase

Q. Let's draw a little circle followed by a stick, well done! Now Q is a pretty

tricky sound to make it's a 'q'. 'Q' has a 'q' sound like question and

Queen. Queen, and also quiet! "Shh" oops, sorry, quiet. Okay Cubs, get your finger out and let's

try at capital Q. Let's try another one.

Now can you try a lowercase Q. Let's try one more. Well done!

Whispered: Bye finger.

Finger says: See ya!

For more infomation >> Learn the alphabet | Letter Q | How to write | Fine Motor Skills | Pevan and Sarah - Duration: 1:39.


A brief summary of my channel. - Duration: 0:24.

Vas Geeht, that means what's up in German.

I'm khornbats.

I mostly upload a lot of gaming content like funny moments for overwatch and

black ops 3 and I plan to upgrade my library soon I just don't have a lot of

money I just love it I love playing games and I wanted to share that with

you so don't forget to subscribe if you want more gaming content

For more infomation >> A brief summary of my channel. - Duration: 0:24.


How to Control a Heavy Flow with 5 Natural Remedies|HFE♪ - Duration: 11:15.

How to Control a Heavy Flow with 5 Natural Remedies

When a woman has a heavy flow, she has a medical condition known as menorrhagia.

 It's one of the most common types of period problems and is characterized by an excessive amount of menstrual fluids.

It's a very uncomfortable medical condition that keeps women from being involved in many everyday activities.

Likewise, it may sometimes result into moodiness due to insecurity growing from the constant risk of leaking or staining.

Actually, if women experience a heavy flow for a prolonged period of time, they can suffer from anemia, physical weakness and other negative reactions that put their health at risk.

Therefore, you should be aware and try out several natural remedies that may help control it without the use of any medication.

Keep on reading!.

Apple cider vinegar drink.

Due to it being high in nutrients, apple cider vinegar is one of the best ingredients for reversing the negative effects of having a heavy period. It's great for reducing the risk of hormone imbalances and swelling.

At the same time, it's purifying properties makes it great for your overall health.


1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar (15 ml) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Dilute the apple cider vinegar in one cup of warm water.


Drink 2 or 3 cups every day at least 3 times a week.

Try to drink it every day before the week of your period.

Read this too: Apple Cider Beauty Secrets that You Should Know.

Cinnamon tea.

Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices for a woman.

Consuming cinnamon can help with balance your hormones and reduce period related problems.

It has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties that prevent premenstrual syndrome symptoms, among other things.


1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon (3 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Put the teaspoon of ground cinnamon into the cup of boiling water.

Cover the drink, let it to cool for 10 minutes and strain.


Drink 2 cups of tea a day during the week before your period.

Raspberry leaf tea.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of raspberry leafs are great for treating some of the problems that come from having a heavy period. Their great amount of tannin content is good for the uterine area muscles.

They reduce menstrual pain and bloating.


1 tablespoon of dried raspberry leaves (15 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Add the raspberry leaves to a cup of boiling water.

Cover the water, reduce heat to low and let it boil for 3 minutes.

Afterwards, let it cool for 10 more minutes at room temperature and strain.

Consumption. Drink 2 or 3 cups daily.

Start it 5 days before your period.

Bach flowers remedies.

Bach flower remedies aren't only a natural solution for menorrhagia, by consuming their extracts also reduces the sensitivity women experience during their period.

They're perfect for preventing mood-swings.


5 drops of Bach flower remedy extract ½ cup of water (125 ml).


Dilute the Bach flower remedy extract in a half cup of warm water.


Drink 2 times a day, before and after your period.

Check out this article too: How to Understand the Bach Flower Therapy in a Simple Way.

Licorice root and honey tea.

Licorice root contains active ingredients that help regulate the body's estrogen levels in order to stop heavy period flows.

Combining the root with honey creates a relaxing and anti-inflammatory remedy.

Therefore, by taking it you can reduce bloating and pain caused by your period.


½ tablespoon of licorice root (5 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml) 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g).


Add the licorice root to the cup of water and bring it to a boil.

When the water reaches a boil, turn down the heat to low and let it to cook for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, let it cool at room temperature for 10 or 15 minutes.

Once it's cool, strain it and add the honey.


Drink the tea at mid-morning and again in the afternoon.

Start drinking the tea 3 or 5 days before your period.

Go ahead and try out any of these natural remedies if you're a lady who struggles with having a heavy period.

The outcome of these remedies may vary case by case, depending on each woman's hormonal activity, they generally work well for calming the body down.

For more infomation >> How to Control a Heavy Flow with 5 Natural Remedies|HFE♪ - Duration: 11:15.


RITUALS TO ASK YEMAYÁ. With Carlos Real. - Duration: 21:12.

For more infomation >> RITUALS TO ASK YEMAYÁ. With Carlos Real. - Duration: 21:12.


10 modern pubs names - the best names for your company - - Duration: 1:16.

10 modern pubs names











Namesoftheworld .net, the web with all the names in the world: baby names, pet names, business names and boat names.

For more infomation >> 10 modern pubs names - the best names for your company - - Duration: 1:16.


Choose your destination .. Assassin's Creed® Odyssey / Xbox - Duration: 9:31.

For more infomation >> Choose your destination .. Assassin's Creed® Odyssey / Xbox - Duration: 9:31.


The 5 Best Homemade Repellents You Can Make|HFE♪ - Duration: 10:40.

The 5 Best Homemade Repellents You Can Make

The advantage of these homemade repellents is that give your home and body a very nice aroma while keeping insects away.

Do you want to keep insects out of your home? Are you tired of getting bitten? There are currently many chemical products that help to fight them off.

However, it's good to know that there are some very effective natural solutions.

Since you are accustomed to using conventional insect repellent, you may ignore the fact that some components are dangerous for your health and the environment.

That is why many people are starting to make ecologic solutions that make use of the properties of some natural ingredients to keep insects away.

Although they are not as potent as normal products, their regular use is an alternative for protection without running the risk of having any side effects.

Are you ready to try them? Check out the following 5 recipes.

Basil repellent.

Basil is a plant you can use to make a natural repellent.

Due to its properties, it keeps mosquitoes away and prevents allergic reactions from bites.


2 tablespoons of dried basil (30 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Put the dried basil in a cup of boiling water.

Let it sit until it cools and then strain.

Put the liquid in a spray bottle.

How to use.

Spray the repellent anywhere you want to keep insects away from Use 2 or 3 times a day.

Eucalyptus repellent.

The aroma from eucalyptus leaves is very unpleasant for insects.

 Its components drive flies away and leaves a fresh smell in the area.


2 tablespoons of eucalyptus leaves (30 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Add the eucalyptus leaves to a pot with water and boil over a low flame for 5 minutes.

Let it cool down to room temperature, strain and then pour it into a spray bottle.

How to use.

Spray the liquid on areas where you want to repel insects.

Use 2 or 3 times a day, as necessary.

Chamomile repellent.

A light formula for preventing insect bites is a chamomile mixture.

This simple repellent protects your skin from allergies and keeps mosquitoes and ants from landing on it.


2 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers (30 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Add the chamomile flowers to a cup of boiling water Let the drink sit until it cools and then strain Pour the product into a spray bottle.

How to use.

Spray the repellent on your skin or areas where there are mosquitoes.

Use 3 times for the best results.

Clove repellent.

The natural oils that are in cloves contain active ingredients that repel a large number of insects.

 Also, its aroma is very useful for neutralizing those bad odors in some areas of your home.


5 cloves 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Add the cloves to a cup of water and boil.

Once they begin to boil, cover the pot so the steam doesn't escape.

How to use.

Uncover the pot in the area where are a lot of insects.

When there isn't any more steam, rinse and spray the liquid.

Lavender repellent.

Due its aromatic and relaxing powers, lavender is one of the best options for keeping away insects that colonize in certain areas of the home.

 Its smell is very unpleasant for mosquitoes and it's also great for getting rid of bad odors.


2 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers (30 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml) 1 teaspoon of essential lavender oil (5 g).


Add the lavender to the cup of water in a pot Bring it a boil over a low flame for 8 minutes Afterwards, remove it and let it cool down to room temperature.

Strain with a colander, mix with the essential oil and pour it into a spray bottle.

How to use.

Spray the repellent in the areas that you want to keep insects out of.

If necessary, you can spray it on your skin.

Repeat up to 3 times if you are outside.

Have you noticed that traditional insecticides give you an allergic reaction? Do you want to be more environmentally friendly? Don't think twice about making these natural repellents to replace those expensive harmful products.

For more infomation >> The 5 Best Homemade Repellents You Can Make|HFE♪ - Duration: 10:40.


Слово Божье «Божий труд, Божий характер и Сам Бог. Часть II Глава 3» - Duration: 44:53.

For more infomation >> Слово Божье «Божий труд, Божий характер и Сам Бог. Часть II Глава 3» - Duration: 44:53.


6 Vitamins You Must Have in Your Diet|HFE♪ - Duration: 7:39.

6 Vitamins You Must Have in Your Diet

Certain vitamins should be top priority if you want your body to stay healthy and strong.

Deficiencies in these particular nutrients can cause serious health problems.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is essential for a healthy body.

Among the nutrients that we must consume frequently are vitamins, absolutely essential to many different chemical processes in the body. Today we would like to tell you about 6 must-have vitamins so you can make sure to get enough.

Vitamin C.

Getting enough vitamin C is very important, especially in winter when the cold weather lowers your defenses.

 Vitamin C helps prevent colds and the flu because it acts as an antioxidant.

A vitamin C deficiency will prevent your body from preparing healthy cells to defend themselves from viruses and bacteria.

Of course, consuming vitamin C won't guarantee you won't get sick, but it will help reduce your risk.

Some of foods with higher amounts of vitamin C are citrus fruits, like oranges, and kiwis.

Vitamin A.

If you don't have enough vitamin A in your body, you'll have vision problems. That's why vitamin A is famous for being "good for your eyes".

In addition, this substance is an antioxidant with the power to keep your immune system in good condition.

You can find it in:.

Animal fats Carrots Tomatoes Peaches Peppers.

Folic acid.

One thing that folic acid (vitamin B9) does for your body is prevent anemia. This illness involves prolonged fatigue but is preventable. To ensure you get enough folic acid, you should include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

We recommend strawberries and mangoes.

Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is necessary for healthy nerve and blood cells.

 It helps your body properly produce energy and create DNA.

As you age, your stomach doesn't break down proteins as efficiently, and so your body doesn't absorb the vitamin as well.

Thus, it is advisable to monitor your vitamin B12 levels as you get older. Specifically, your risk of a vitamin B12 deficiency begins to grow at 50.

Some of the foods that provide good amounts of vitamin B12 are fish, meat, eggs and dairy.

If you eat a vegetarian or vegan diet, you're at higher risk of a vitamin B12 deficiency, but it can also be found in grains.

Vitamin D.

Another must-have in your diet is the famous vitamin D.

It is a requirement for good bone health and proper calcium absorption.

In addition, a low level of vitamin D has often been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. This substance is unique in that you can get it from being in the sun. In fact, the sun is our main source of vitamin D.

People who are most vulnerable to a vitamin D deficiency are those who:.

live in cities with high levels of pollution.

usually wear clothes with more coverage.

have more pigmentation in their skin.

Vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 plays a role in around 200 biochemical reactions in your body. You can see, then, why it is so vital to get enough of it in your diet.

Areas that will be affected if you don't:.

Sleep Appetite Mood Cognitive abilities Immune system Production of red blood cells.

Having low vitamin B6 levels is not common.

Even so, it's a good idea to make sure you consume enough by eating meat, whole grains and nuts.

Now you know: these are some of the vitamins that you really don't want lacking in your diet, nutrients that will seriously affect vital processes in your body if you don't get enough.

 In everything from colds to heart disease, vitamins help protect your body and perform hundreds of necessary chemical reactions.

For more infomation >> 6 Vitamins You Must Have in Your Diet|HFE♪ - Duration: 7:39.


حظك اليوم الاثنين 22-10-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 6:11.

Monday 22/10/2018



Many of the criticisms of others about your way and way of working so they accuse you of being arrogant, do not listen to anyone and continue your work because you are right


Your partner or lover is very close to you and can only breathe through you, and that makes you feel guilty



Look at things as they are and not as they wish and do not believe in the right to deal with an important thing you may face today


You may decide with the other party to change a lot of your direction to be your common ambition is the concern for you and the means of success



Some people today may put obstacles in front of your ambition and goals but you will go beyond them in a deliberate and intelligent way


Mobilize your emotional interests towards seriousness and work to secure your future and improve your family



You spend a lot of your money in unnecessary and unnecessary matters without thinking of the crises of time


May pass a dreamy and isolationist day and leave your imagination to fly away from reality and adopt shortness of love and love and forget reality

The Lion Tower


Have a good day full of luck and get a new income that will improve your life


Live pure pure love today and try to cheer your lover or partner in your own way



Think carefully about what you want to do today and how to pursue your goal and start implementing it directly because the doors of success are open to you


A surprise is hidden by your partner or lover with a valuable gift that will make you happy


Born in this tower On a day like this

The Artist Haifa Hussein

And the artist Fatima Al-Taabi

And the artist Ahmed Amr

And the artist Jasmine Jilani


Today it is a successful initiative that will make you feel good and content and will be the reason for your future good office


You may feel today that something is missing to be a good emotional state, although you are in utmost emotional harmony with the other party



Living a day of pride and vanity may negatively affect your relationship with colleagues at work


Today you have a good chance to atone for your mistakes and come back to the right path in your relationship with the other party

Sagittarius tower


An ambitious idea revolves around your mind today and you do not want to disclose it to anyone because you are afraid of not achieving it, explain it to others and you will be accepted and successful


Live with your partner or lover a day of romantic and dreamy love and insist on eternal love without separation



You may be wrong today to make the right decisions because of the frustration you have suffered so try to postpone all important decisions for next week


Your life today is experiencing more emotional stability, more family duties, and a better career



Today you are in a race against time in something, either be or not, be assured everything will be under your control as you want


Today you may be serious in dealing with the other side, forgetting your emotions, remembering the responsibilities of life and criticizing it by giving in to the difficult reality



You may have a problem with work today that is difficult to solve, let her now and do not care about her in the near future will make it as if it were not


Be aware of the intervention of some relatives in your relationship with your partner or lover, keep your independence, and be strong personal in dealing with them

For more infomation >> حظك اليوم الاثنين 22-10-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 6:11.


10 nombres para bares modernos - nombres para empresas - - Duration: 1:15.

10 modern pubs names











Namesoftheworld .net, the web with all the names in the world: baby names, pet names, business names and boat names.

Youtube daily Oct 21 2018

[Rachel] People will stop you

and they'll be like, that is so cool. How did you do it?

[Teal] There's a few mishaps.

Including a broken foot.

[Jennifer] The tail was a challenge.

[Sarah] But we got it to stick

and now I have a pretty fly tail.

[Kate] I actually have loved Quake

since Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.

My name is Kate and I cosplay Quake from Marvel Rising.

[Sarah] I love Squirrel Girl

because she is a positive force to be reckoned with.

I love her.

I'm Sarah and I am Squirrel Girl.

[Teal] I wanted to cosplay Ms. Marvel

because it is my favorite comic book and she's just a great character to be.

My name is Teal and I am Ms. Marvel.

[Carolina]</font> Squirrel Girl is probably one of the most

positive Marvel characters I've ever seen.

Hi, I'm Carolina and I'm cosplaying as

Squirrel Girl!

[Daisy] I don't know.

I think she's a strong female and that's why I wanted to be her.

I'm Daisy and I am Ghost-Spider.

[Jennifer] I love Squirrel Girl.

I think she is such a force for positivity.

She's just wonderful.

I am Jennifer and I am cosplaying Squirrel Girl.

[Rachel] Carol is really powerful.

She resonates with me for a number of very personal reasons.

My name is Rachel and I am playing Captain Marvel today.

[Sarah] It's amazing to share a passion

with other people.

It just feels like you're really connecting.

[Teal] I think it's a great group to be in

and it's great to represent the stories and the characters you love.

And you see a lot of things that you recognize

and you know that you have something in common with that person.

[Daisy] I mean it's just nice to be amongst

a group of like strong women, you know?

[Kate] I have made a lot of friends.

[Carolina] C'mon in. We've got room.

Come join us!

[Teal] What I love about Marvel Rising is the

diverse group of characters and all of them coming together with their

different identities and choosing to be the good they want to see in the world.

[Sarah] I love so many things about Marvel Rising.

From the diversity, to the colors, to the different characters

that I love from the comics. It's just perfect.

[Carolina] There's so many like deeper meanings about it.

There's accepting who you are as a person.

[Rachel] If I had had that when I was a kid,

like what could have been the possibilities?

[Ms. Marvel] No way!

[Rachel] I love the legacy stuff that Marvel is doing.

I think it's so important for her and other female heroes to be there.

[Daisy] What don't I love about Marvel Rising.

The voice acting is awesome. The representation is amazing.

The fact that it's geared towards little girls is just incredible

and there's like women of color. It's awesome! In every aspect, yeah.

[Carolina] It shows so many different body types.

[Jennifer] It's all about friendship.

[Kate] I'm hoping for great things

from this show.

[Carolina] Like Squirrel Girl on nuts!

For more infomation >> Marvel Rising | Marvel Becoming - Duration: 2:53.


Dance Moms: Kalani's Solo "Dance in the Shadows" (Season 5) | Lifetime - Duration: 2:03.

For more infomation >> Dance Moms: Kalani's Solo "Dance in the Shadows" (Season 5) | Lifetime - Duration: 2:03.


Twitter Purges 1,500 Pro-Trump Accounts For Spreading Wrong Election Date - Duration: 3:17.

Last weekend Twitter suspended more than 1,500 fake accounts on their website.

Because those accounts were actually spreading incorrect information about when election

day actually is this year.

They were out there saying that election day was November 7th, which is Wednesday.

When in reality it's November 6th, the Tuesday.

Twitter linked these fake accounts back to a pro-Trump group that they believe started

on Reddit.

And they came up with the idea, allegedly as a joke, to create these fake twitter accounts

and go out there and try to confuse the liberals and tell them that they're supposed to vote

on Wednesday instead of on Tuesday.

Now we have seen this kind of stupid propaganda propping up on social media for years now.

Usually it is meant as a joke.

You'll see the thing, don't forget, Democrats vote on Wednesday.

Republicans vote on Tuesday.

Or sometimes vise versa.

We've seen it go the other way as well.

But here's the thing good on Twitter for actually doing something about this and stopping the

spread of this nonsensical propaganda.

You know, we have enough problems in this country as it is.

Without having to deal with these little proud boys on the internet who think they're so

funny trying to trick liberals and making them try to vote on Wednesday after the polls

have closed and the elections over.

Here's the thing Republicans, Democrats aren't as stupid as you are.

I mean, not all of them are the brightest out there but as a whole really not as dumb

as Republicans.

So your little trick probably wasn't gonna work to begin with.

But this is what social media outlets need to be working on, you know, they need to stop

banning these groups out there trying to showcase police brutality which is happening at an

alarming rate on Facebook.

And they need to focus more on the propaganda that's coming out because most of it is coming

from right here in the United States.

It's misinformation and it's damaging information that actually does threaten the vitality of

our election process.

So, again, kudos to Twitter for taking the correct step here.

You've got a lot more work to do though.

There's a lot of fake accounts spreading fake information trying to disrupt the political

discourse in this country.

And I'm not talking about other countries coming in and doing this creating fake accounts.

I'm talking about the ones right here in the United States on both sides of the aisle.

We see this happening too much.

It's poisoning the political discourse.

It's creating havoc in an area where there shouldn't be havoc.


The real fake news out there.

Not the stuff the president talks about but the actual fake news being spread by these

little idiots online.

That needs to be put to rest.

And these social media outlets are the only ones who can do that.

But in order to do it, they actually have to put forth a little bit of effort to help

clean up the platforms that they created.

That they've also allowed to grow completely out of control.

For more infomation >> Twitter Purges 1,500 Pro-Trump Accounts For Spreading Wrong Election Date - Duration: 3:17.


WORST Rappers in the Game? - NAV (Episode 24) - Duration: 15:35.

3 long months, and I am finally back to Hit you with another worst Rappers in the Game.

I know, it's been a Minute but don't lose your Faith, this series will never end, You

Know I Am always gonna Bring It Back.

And today we will be looking at Navraj Goraya, aka NAV, the self proclaimed brown boy of

hip hop.

To get an opinion of NAV's music, I listened to his self titled project, Perfect Timing

and Reckless.

Nav may claim to be the best brown boy in the game, but is he one of the worst rappers

in the game in My Mind?

Well this is CDTV and that's the question we'll be answering today, looking at Both

Sides of his music, positive and negative, Ups and downs.

Let's get right into it.

Part 1: Voice

Might as well start this off with a very obvious statement, NAV doesn't really have the largest

vocal range in hip hop.

One thing that you'll notice is his tone is very similar, on a lot of tracks.

This is especially true if you listen to his self titled album or many of the songs from

Perfect Timing, for the most part it doesn't even sound like he's making an effort to

change his delivery.

My Mind, Sleep, Minute and Hit are perfect examples of this, with Hit probably being

the worst offender.

The fact that the beat is more sleepy than most of the beats NAV uses just isn't great

when you combine it with his dead end rap singing which lasts for the entire song.

With some of these songs it just really feels like NAV is droning to me, and it makes it

difficult for him to carry an album past the 30 minute mark, most of the time.

You see, I say that because he does have his moments, especially on his most recent project


It's not a massive step up or anything, but I feel like he actually makes more of

an effort on this one to make his voice a little different and varied throughout the


The peak of this for me is the song Hold Your Hand, where NAV uses this weird, higher pitched

voice for most of it, and I think it genuinely sounds good and keeps the track interesting

from start to finish.

That's one of my favourites from NAV.

With most tracks on Reckless, I really do feel like he's trying more and I appreciate


Even on some older songs like Lonely, there's glimpses of him throwing a couple more layers

into his vocals to spice them up a little.

He just needs to do that a lot more often.

Of course there are occasions where him trying to step out of his comfort zone doesn't

work, such as Bring It Back where during the hook it sounds like the auto tune is struggling

to keep his vocals in key, then there's Glow Up where he ends each line in this really

goofy way, but mostly I appreciate when he sounds like he's somewhat trying a bit more.

When it comes down to his voice, I feel like NAV can be very divisive, and despite my criticisms,

I actually do enjoy his vocals to some degree.

Sure, it doesn't vary much, but I think that's why I feel really comfortable listening

to his music.

I know his voice isn't anything crazy or unique, and he massively leans on auto tune,

but it gives off a nice relaxed vibe a lot of the time, and I don't hate it as much

as a lot of people do.

Based off of what I've said here, I'm gonna give NAV a 5.5/10 for his voice, right

in the middle.

I think he's getting better, and there's even songs where he uses a more low-key voice

that I do enjoy.

But, his voice has also stopped a lot of his songs from reaching their full potential,

so I can't give him a much higher score than that.

Part 2: Flow

Let's start this segment off with some nice good positive points.

There are 2 songs in particular where I absolutely love NAV's flow, and that is his featured

verses on the songs Maintain and Bali.

The one on Maintain really surprised me because it was so consistent and has a few more flow

switches than your average NAV song.

It's one of my top verses from him.

And in Bali his flow just suits the song perfectly, that verse genuinely gets me hyped up.

But those really are the most standout flows from NAV, because on almost every other song

he's just pretty standard when it comes to this area of his music.

In this case I kinda get it, because having multiple crazy flow switches doesn't really

suit the vibe his music is going for, it would kinda disrupt that sleepy atmosphere, but

to say his flow is anything above just alright would be a stretch to me.

He does kinda push sticking to one flow for too long to the limit though, and to show

you what I mean let me play you a clip of his song called I Am

That flow sounds pretty nice right?

Yeah it really does... until you reach the 3 minute mark of the song and realise he's

still using the exact.



I'm not joking, there's not a single flow change on that song and it really takes away

from how good it could've been.

It's the same on songs like My Mind and Minute, a song where NAV's flow is so dull

that Playboi Carti decides to actually rap on it to compensate.

That's a landmark achievement.

I will admit however that NAV's cadence typically does help his songs have the vibe

that they do, and that's why I'm not gonna be too harsh and I'll give him a 4/10.

He does have a couple standout moments like I said and his flow is suitable for the sound

he's going for, it's just a lot of the time it can get a bit dull and repetitive.

Part 3: Lyrics

I've heard a lot of people call NAV one of the most uninspired lyricists out there,

and wow they were not joking.

I don't think he's the absolute worst, but I have a lot to talk about, so let's

just dive into it.

There's one particular aspect that NAV is awfully unique in, and that is the fact that

he manages to nail sounding really creepy with his lyrics an awful lot, a trait which

I don't think I've seen from many rappers in this series so far.

A trait I don't really wanna see from rappers in this series.

The song "Lonely" appears to be about NAV trying to coerce a girl into doing drugs

with him when she really doesn't want to.

Why are you so desperate for her to do drugs when it's clear she's not into that?

It's just very questionable.

Then we all know about the lyric on Glow Up, where he says "I grab that *** and she call

me a p3rv, she opened her legs so I had to insert".

Now that coulda been a completely consensual interaction, she might've been playfully

calling him a p3rv, that doesn't seem normal, but he really made it sound as non-consensual

as possible.

Not really something you wanna do when you wanna portray this image of a stereotypical

rapper who gets a lot of women without even trying.

Seriously, just listen to his albums and you'll be able to compile a list of questionable

and creepy NAV lyrics in no time.

Another big issue I have in this category is his inconsistency with his thoughts on

certain things.

What I mean by that is I've noticed he always kinda seems to contradict himself or seem

hypocritical, and this really stops him from building a consistent character that you can

buy into.

Personality is pretty important in rap, and NAV doesn't have much of one.

Case in point, "Wanted You".

I really enjoy the sound of the song, but it makes NAV look clueless when you consider

the lyrics.

He talks about a girl he thought he liked cheating on him, but it's hard to sympathise

when in the song "Interlude" he literally says; Damn, I can't believe such a noble,

loyal man got cheated on.

My heart bleeds for you NAV.

He does have some promising moments where he actually drops some fairly depressing lines

into his songs, such as these ones but they appear so randomly amongst lines that aren't

emotional at all that they don't really hold that much weight.

There's only rare and welcome occasions like Held Me Down where he fully displays

some emotional vulnerability, but it doesn't happen regularly.

I guess the last thing I want to say is that Hold Your Hand is also my favourite in terms

of lyrics, I really do like that song.

He basically talks about giving a girl all this attention, but her never really appreciating

it and never being there for him.

I just heard this song right when I was feeling a similar thing, so this one stuck with me


Not to mention, the last verse where he references the majority of his song titles in a way that

mostly makes sense is genuinely a nice bit of writing.

Also, re-watch the intro of this video and you'll notice I did the same thing just

cause I thought it'd be fun.

Overall, I'm gonna give NAV a 1.5/10.

There's the odd track I can relate to and a few lyrics that were nice, but for the most

part NAV just embodies the stereotypical rapper image with very few unique aspects.

(Also, he's gonna let you know that he is, and I quote, a "brown boy" very very often)

Part 4: Beats

Now unlike most rappers in this series, NAV produces or co-produces a large majority of

his own beats, and that's something I can always commend.

You can definitely tell he has a very particular production style, with most of his work sounding

pretty subtle and nocturnal, usually with very subdued vocal samples in the background

of the beats.

Now I personally enjoy a decent amount of his lowkey style of production, but there

are a couple instances where he can be so lowkey with his beats that they're almost


This happens mostly with songs on his self titled project, like TTD or the suitably named


Most of the instruments are barely even present, and if you mix a dead beat with NAV, he's

never gonna be able to revive it.

Honestly the production got pretty repetitive on that album.

I do think NAV's solo production style is alright as a whole, but when I look at my

favourite songs from him, 90% of the time NAV doesn't have a production credit on

them or they're co produced.

Hold Your Hand, Champion, Freshman List, Wanted You, Both Sides, these are just a handful

of tracks where I love the beats and they're entirely handled by other producers.

For me, this is a sign that he should definitely work with other producers beats a lot more

in the future, because he can make some relatively nice songs over them.

At the very least I would love if he had more co-produced tracks, because his collab album

with Metro Boomin definitely contains some of my favourite beats that he's used.

Just listen to the one on I Am, that's a sound that I absolutely love.

Overall I'd have to say I mostly really like the beats NAV chooses to use, but I definitely

appreciate that he's working more and more with other producers and I hope he continues

to do so.

I'll give him a 7/10 here, considering the fact that the beats are hugely responsible

for making sure his songs don't get too boring.

I personally like the moody night time aesthetic his music gives off, and a lot of that sound

can be credited to the production.

My biggest issue is really that it just gets quite repetitive and bland on his self titled


Part 5: Enjoyment

So to rank my enjoyment of his albums, it goes like this; Perfect Timing as my favourite,

because even though NAV is still quite monotone on here and it doesn't need to be as long

as it is, it's actually pretty perfect night time driving music and it has the highest

proportion of memorable songs, then Reckless because even though there's some awful and

forgettable tracks, it does have some hits on there, and in last place we have his self

titled album because even though there's some songs I really enjoy on that one, it

showcases NAV at the peak of being moody, generic and bland.

If you've heard one NAV song you've heard most of his discography, but it's great

music to put on if you just wanna relax in my opinion.

Or turn up as well.

Maybe this is just me with my friends, but I'm not joking when I say I've partied

to the exact same NAV songs that I've fell asleep to, the best way I can describe it

is dead hype.

NAV embodies genericism in most aspects of his music, and he does it in the least energetic

way, but I'd be lying if I said I don't replay his songs a whole lot.

You guys would probably be shocked at how many of his songs I listen to frequently.

I know his music is generic and standard, but the overall vibe just works for me a lot

of the time.

I'm gonna give NAV a 7/10 for my enjoyment rating, and I'll be patiently awaiting the

roasts I'm gonna get in the comments for this one.

Part 6: Verdict + Ranking

So overall, NAV gets a final score of 25/50 here, a nice even 50%, which actually is a

somewhat high score for this series.

This places NAV at the 10th spot on our list, something I'm sure people will point out

and criticise when they see the list without watching this video to see my reasoning.

This puts NAV above Smokepurpp, but below Juice WRLD.

I can understand why NAV gets the heavy criticism that he does, but I don't think his music

is as bad as most people say.


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This video includes lyrics on the screen

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This is for Jasmine!

Next time, we're going to examine the GS-Ball and have someone fix the GhostBuster.

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Who Needs An Intermediate-Range Nuke Treaty With Russia Anyway, Amirite? - Duration: 3:53.

Every time the media thinks they've found one outrage by the President to sink their

teeth into he turns around and throws another knuckleball down the pipe.

And to be honest, I don't know if anybody saw this one coming.

President Trump decided to announce this weekend that he was considering pulling us out of

the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia.

He's claiming that the Russians have violated the agreement already (and there are certainly

suggestions that they have) and he wants both them and China to reset the arms race.

Otherwise, he will order our own weapons gurus to develop competitive weaponry.

(NY Post)

President Donald Trump says he will pull the United States from the Intermediate-Range

Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia.

Trump says Moscow has violated the agreement, but provided no details.

The 1987 pact helps protect the security of the U.S. and its allies in Europe and the

Far East.

It prohibits the United States and Russia from possessing, producing or test-flying

a ground-launched cruise missile with a range of 300 to 3,400 miles.

Defense News has some good background on precisely how far back this debate goes.

The Obama administration accused the Russians of violating the agreement but didn't do

much more than that.

Last year, our Joint Chiefs made a more specific allegation, saying that the Russians' testing

of a ground-based cruise missile violated the agreement.

Add to that the credible intelligence reports that Russia's new hypersonic "waverider"

missile will be ready to deploy by 2020 and you've got more than enough cause for concern.

What's more difficult to figure out is whether Donald Trump is serious about this threat

(he's sending John Bolton overseas presently to discuss the matter) or if it's a negotiating


He's pretty volatile in that regard and I'm positive that is by design.

Our adversaries never know precisely when he's just angling for position or getting

ready to deliver a punch.

(Of course, some could argue that the same goes for our allies.)

Russia was never scared of Barack Obama, but they're clearly being more cautious around


Going back to the days of cold war weapons escalation isn't a desirable outcome, no

matter how this plays out.

The more advanced the technology becomes, the more we risk losing the one assurance

which has kept the lid on a nuclear exchange for decades.

We have long relied on the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).

Nobody wants to strike first if they know it will be a terminally pyrrhic victory.

For example, the Russians probably have enough nukes to wipe out most of the population centers

in the United States with a Time on Target attack.

But they also know that in less than a day all of our boomers will surface and launch

a flock of nukes that will darken the skies.

If the technology gets too good, one side or the other might start thinking that just

maybe they could get away with it, still survive and win the war in one fell swoop.

And that's some dangerous thinking.

Of course, we can't afford to simply lay back and let the Russians develop whatever

they want and do nothing in response.

So all things considered, while I would hate to see us pulling out of the agreement, Russia

may have left us no choice.

Let's wait and see if Trump can negotiate his way into a winning hand first, though.

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Cringe Nerd - PlayStation (Official Music Video) - Duration: 3:33.

Girl played me like a PlayStation!

Playin' all these games like a PlayStation!

Got all these problems like a PlayStation!

Got all these problems like a PlayStation!

Girl played me like a PlayStation!

Playin' all these games like a PlayStation!

Got all these problems like a PlayStation!

Get a controller and put in the game!

Playin' XBOX, b*tch is a lame!

Can't read the disc, red screen of death!

Fixing this thing got me all outta breath!

Sent you a message, left me unread!

Brand new controller, that's what I need!

Gotta memory card, now I feel complete!

But it's all our memories that I gotta delete!

This thing's getting heated!

Ooh, she really cheated!

Mortal Kombat, Fatality, now you defeated!

Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeatin'!

Just died in Crash Bandicoot, now I'm screamin'!

Had enough of your sh*t, now I'm leavin'!

Resident Evil, gonna leave ya bleedin'! (Aye)

Girl played me like a PlayStation!

Playin' all these games like a PlayStation!

Got all these problems like a PlayStation!

Girl played me like a PlayStation!

Playin' all these games like a PlayStation!

Got all these problems like a PlayStation!

Hack into the console, get some games!

No little b*tch, stop with these claims!

Talk about me on your stories! (Snapchat Stories)

Sony, Nintendo, they got some stories!

My life feelin' like a f*ckin' TV series!

Wanna 4th chance? Are you serious?

Got good looks, but personality hideous!

Start-up my engine, now you got me furious!

And you think I don't know...STUPID IDIOT!

...that you're dating

Oops it was a secret!

My apologizes, hope I didn't spoil it!

Lil f*cking h*e, why you so annoying?

You the dumb b*tch, I'm always trynna avoid!

It's the bond we had, you had to destroy it!

Like an old PS2, lil b*tch making noise!


For more infomation >> Cringe Nerd - PlayStation (Official Music Video) - Duration: 3:33.


Three Natural Soaps You Can Make at Home|HFE♪ - Duration: 11:52.

Three Natural Soaps You Can Make at Home

Homemade soaps have been getting quite popular. They're made from herbal extracts and essential oils along with vegetable and animal fats.

And they're good for you! The soap's properties vary depending on its ingredients.For example, some can be very stimulating while others can be relaxing.

The benefits of natural soaps.

The major difference between homemade natural soaps and those made on an industrial scale is their production.

 Artificial soaps contain a lot of synthetic ingredients, like most other cosmetics.

However, this isn't the case when they're made with natural ingredients.

Here are some advantages of using natural soaps as opposed to commercial ones:.

They contain glycerin. Glycerin is very good for your skin and hair.

However, in synthetic soaps it is taken out.

The reason? So that it can be sold separately.

As a result, they lose a lot of their great properties.

They don't contain chemicals. Generally, chemicals are added to make it foam up more and for fragrance.

However, they can also cause allergic reactions and irritation.

You can make them fit your needs. Depending on what skin issues you have or what you're looking for in a soap, you can decide which ingredients to use.

There is a wide variety, each with their own healing properties.

You can be sure of the quality of the ingredients while protecting the environment by not contributing to the pollution that commercial processing causes.

Natural soaps to make at home.

Soap for acne.

When looking for ingredients to treat your acne, consider the following:.

Clay Thyme Turmeric Bio-sulphur Rosehip.

Here are the steps to follow to make anti-acne thyme soap.


Dye Dried thyme Thermometer Olive oil Lye Coconut oil Rectangular mold Soap cutter Demineralized water Almond oil Thyme essential oil Gloves, goggles, and a protective mask.


Mix the water and lye in a heavy-duty bowl.

The mixture will be exposed to very high temperatures.

As such, stir gently without splashing; it's best to cover your skin while stirring.

Heat the oils in a saucepan to about 40°C (100°F).

Mix the two mixtures once temperatures reach 40°C to 50°C (100°F to 120°F).

First, add the oils followed by the lye and water, then stir with a whisk for several minutes.

Add the thyme oil and dye (optional).

Pour into the mold and decorate with thyme.

Cover until dry; it may take between one and three days.

Remove from the mold, cut, and store for a month or 40 days for it to saponify.

Soap with olive oil.

Did you know that olive oil can also be used to make soap? It helps keep the water and fats that make up your skin balanced and thus enable it to defend itself against external pathogenic microorganisms.


1 liter of virgin olive oil 300 ml of water (1 ½ cups) 125 g of lye (½ cup).


Add the lye little by little to the water and stir, as described in the first recipe.

Again, be very careful not to burn yourself as this mixture will reach very high temperatures.

Heat the oil in a pot until it reaches a similar temperature to the first recipe (it shouldn't be too high).

Very carefully combine both mixtures, stirring continuously and preferably with a whisk.

Keep over low heat and stir for about 30 minutes.

When it becomes more solid, turn off the heat.

Keep stirring without any heat until it reaches a consistency that's similar to a paste.

At this point, add the herbs or essential oils that you'd like.

Place in molds. Once it has solidified, remove from molds and let saponify.

Natural green tea soap.

On top of its many health benefits, green tea can also be used to make soap.

 What properties does it offer? It's extremely moisturizing and full of antioxidants.


450 g of coconut oil (3 ½ cups) 80 g olive oil (8 tablespoons) 300 g shea butter (2 ½ cups) 125 g lye (½ cup) 320 ml demineralized water (1 ½ cups) 30 g of green tea or Camellia oil (3 tablespoons) 10 g of green tea powder (1 tablespoon) Green tea aromatic essence (to your liking) Tins.


As with the previous soaps, combine the lye with the water and stir.

While the previous mixture cools, in a saucepan melt the shea butter and coconut oil. When it's almost melted, add the olive oil, then turn off the heat.

Weigh 30 grams of green tea oil and 10 grams of green tea powder to add to the mix.

This will be used at the end.

Pour the oil into a large bowl and stir in the water and lye mixture when both have reached room temperature.

Stir gently using a whisk.

When the texture resembles a paste, add the green tea and green tea oil, stirring continuously. Next, add the aromatic essence to your liking.

Transfer to the mold and sprinkle green tea powder on top. Let dry 24 hours and remove from mold.

Cut into bars and let saponify for 4 weeks.

Finally, we should mention that your workspace needs to be properly ventilated.

The combination of acids can have harmful effects if they're not quickly dispersed.

Aside from the safety recommendations, making these soaps is simple.

 In just minutes, you'll have natural soaps that are perfect for soft, protected, and moisturized skin.

For more infomation >> Three Natural Soaps You Can Make at Home|HFE♪ - Duration: 11:52.


Easy, Useful, and Natural Chamomile Remedies|HFE♪ - Duration: 11:19.

Easy, Useful, and Natural Chamomile Remedies

Although you may be used to drinking chamomile tea, you can also enjoy its benefits as an essential oil or applied topically.

Chamomile remedies have been used for thousands of years as one of the most powerful medicinal plants.

The ancient Egyptians valued it so much that they dedicated it to Ra, the supreme sun god.

They used it to treat malaria, among other problems. In germanic mythology, it was one of the 9 sacred herbs sent from Odin to humanity to protect it from evil and sickness.

In Rome, it was used as a remedy for migraines and urinary infections.

During the Medieval Times in Europe, they used chamomile as a diuretic and tonic to cure pain and fatigue.

In South Africa, they used it traditionally to fight insomnia, lumbago, hysteria, rheumatism, and sore throat.

The name "chamomile" in Spanish is "manzanilla," derived from the Spanish word for apple because its scent is very similar to that of an apple.

Its essential oil is used in many manufactured products.

Uses of Chamomile.

As a Sedative and Hypnotic.

One of the most known uses of chamomile tea is that it's relaxing and used to induce sleep.

It's also used to calm down hyperactive children and to sooth babies.

Thanks to its characteristics that reduce anxiety, chamomile is used in many manufactured products to fight it.

For Digestive System Problems.

Another common use of chamomile is as a spasmolytic against swelling and gas, to control diarrhea and constipation, as well as indigestion, stomach aches, nausea and vomiting.

Because of its properties, it serves to treat irritable bowl syndrome and diverticulitis, among other problems that can stem from not taking proper care of your digestive system.

For Mild Infections.

Mild infections are those that don't require medications like antibiotics and that you can treat at home.

For cystitis, it's used in hot baths. In the case of the common cold, you can inhale the vapor.

For external infections on your skin, you can use it in a lotion or poultice; in the case of infections in your mouth and gums you can use it like mouth wash, or like lotion for conjunctivitis.

Other Uses.

For hemorrhoids: Chamomile ointment reduces the irritation of hemorrhoids.

Menstrual cramps and other painful spasms: Chamomile tea calms period pains, as well as relieves lumbago and migraines.

Rheumatism and arthritis: Used as a poultice, chamomile helps relieve pain.

Tooth pain: Chamomile ointment or tea lessens the pain in babies that are teething.

Drug use: Chamomile tea helps reduce anxiety in people with addictions suffering from withdrawal.

Controlling diabetes: Drinking chamomile tea daily controls diabetes and lowers your blood sugar levels.

Natural Chamomile Remedies.

Homemade Remedy for Menstrual Cramps.

These common but uncomfortable problems for women can see some relief through chamomile tea.


1 tablespoon of chamomile (15 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Put all of the ingredients in a pot and boil it.

Let it cool down and drink it when it's warm.

Homemade Remedy for Headaches.

Chamomile is also very useful to make a type of wine that can soothe common symptoms like anxiety and migraines.

 This remedy is not for those under the age of 21.


4 cups of white wine (1 liter) 3 tablespoons of chamomile flowers (45 g).


Add the chamomile flowers to the white wine and let it sit for 10 days to steep.

After the flowers have time to soak, you can drink it.

Drink 2 cups per day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon (150 ml).

Homemade Remedy for Acne.

Applying chamomile on the areas with acne will really help to fight this problem, which most frequently occurs on your face.


1 tablespoon of chamomile (20 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml) Cotton balls.


Pour the water into a pot with the chamomile and heat it until it boils.

Let it sit for 15 minutes.

After the indicated time passes, dip the cotton balls in the mix and apply it to the affected areas, massaging it in a circular motion.

Let the applied liquid stay on your skin until you shower next.

Remedy for Digestion.

Thanks to its essential oils, chamomile is very effective to calm inflammation, cramps, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal pains.


1 tablespoon of chamomile (15 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml) 1/2 teaspoon of honey (10 g).


Add all of the ingredients to a pot.

Turn on the heat and heat it until it boils.

Let it sit.

Sweeten it with the honey and drink it warm before every meal.

Chamomile has an endless amount of properties that are very beneficial for your body, whether you drink it or apply it to your skin.

This medicinal herb helps you alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of many illnesses.

Don't miss out on trying chamomile to enjoy better health.