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Youtube daily Oct 10 2018

Hello, everyone, I am Odom.

Just earlier Google officially held

#MadebyGoogle 2018's annual presentation

And this time everyone is still looking forward to Google's own son.

By the former HTC Pixel team working with the Google team

The latest masterpiece Pixel 3 series mobile phone

In view of Pixel 3, it is regarded as the only mobile phone in history that does not have confidential work.

Google on Facebook before its official release

Uploaded a video that was spoiled by Google's celebrities

Also let everyone think if this is Google's layout

That's really a successful "decent" publicity plan.

But even so

The actual presentation of Pixel 3 still has many highlights.

Ok, let's go back and see this new product from Google.

This time Pixel 3 has two versions.

Pixel 3 with 5.5 吋18:9 Full HD screens

And 6.3 吋QHD 18.5:9 Pixel 3 XL

Both use OLED screens

And support HDR and display comparison of 100,000:1

The most interesting part of this Pixel 3 is the camera part.

In the promotion, Google took Pixel 3 to cover the cover of 7 well-known magazines.

The effect is really quite good.

Technically Pixel 3 is in the twin lens today

Rarely equipped with a 12.2 million pixel f1.8 single lens module

And support OIS EIS and Dual Pixel focus technology

However, the technical specifications only provide a natural physique for Pixel 3.

Actually this time Google is through AI

Paired with your own Pixel Visual Core image processing chip

Pixel 3's camera has excellent results through AI and big data.

Includes Super HDR with Apple Smart HDR

Synthesize by AI calculation and selecting the most suitable exposure value photo

Achieve better contrast between light and dark

The photos that Google shows at the press conference do have very strong differences.

But it's not really so strong, you have to wait for the real machine test.

TopShot uses AI predictive shooting

Let you freely choose the moment you like.

Super ResZoom

Ability to enhance resolution with AI combined with big data

Night Sight via Pixel Visual Core

The same can give better night shooting results

Apple's big AR

Google is launching PlayGround to provide AR video.

This time, I will work with Marvel.

You can see in the trailer that the iron man is interacting with you next to you.

In addition, the Chinese version of Google Voice Assistant should be confirmed to be on stage.

Google also introduced a new Call Screen feature for this.

Can receive a strange call

Automatically ask who you are by AI

What do you want to do, etc. Basic information

Help you filter spam calls

And the Pixel Stand

Plug in Pixel 3 will also switch directly to Smart Butler mode

Tell you everything after getting up

Play music, have a cup of coffee, or pick up a monitor to see who is coming, etc.

Really become your smart steward

But how many functions can Taiwan use in the end?

You have to wait for Google to give further instructions.

Technical specification section

Pixel 3 with Qualcomm SnapDragon 845 + 4GB RAM

And configure Android 9.0

Of course, I also have all the benefits of Google Pixel.

Including mobile phone updates that are guaranteed for at least three years, unlimited cloud album space, etc.

Special features are Active Edge

Can be squeezed out like Edge Sense

And support IP68 waterproof and dustproof

Price section Pixel 3 is expected to jump from $27,700

Pixel 3 XL 128GB is 34100 yuan

Ok, let's talk about it here today.

Don't forget to vote in the upper right corner. Do you want to start Pixel 3

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The Benefits of Google Drive for Business - Duration: 4:09.

A lot of us have heard about Google Drive

but what is it and how can we take advantage of its really powerful

collaboration features

for those of you who might not know Google Drive is a

cloud storage service it's very similar to Dropbox or Onedrive where you can

store your files in the cloud without taking up space on your local computer

the advantage of Google Drive over others is built-in office applications

it's very similar to Microsoft Office but it has very powerful collaboration

features there's also a photo service which allows you to seamlessly upload

photos from your smartphone to Google Drive to back them up and to store them

ok so let's look at some benefits the biggest benefit of Google Drive is to

collaborate with others in real time this means you can create a document

invite others to it and all edit at the same time and you can watch their

edits in real time as they happen if one of the areas is handled by a specific

person you can assign them to that area of the document so they know where to

make their edits

as well as making changes to the document you can actually

write notes about particular sections of the document so others can see what you

think about particular edits as mentioned earlier Google Drive comes

with additional applications like Google Docs and Google Sheets this gives you

the flexibility to create documents on the go on any device without the need to

install any additional applications since the main purpose is storage and

collaboration the applications only give you basic formatting features so if you

are used to customizing your documents heavily in Microsoft Word or Microsoft

Excel you may find the applications a little bit limiting although basic

formatting functions can be a blessing in disguise it keeps your documents

simple and also makes the application easier to use the best way to utilize

these applications is sometimes to start from scratch

occasionally importing these files from old office documents changes their

format and layout a little bit

when creating Word documents you always have

to worry about constantly saving documents when you're working in the

cloud with Google Drive documents are saved automatically all the time there's

also an extensive version history available so you can go back to an

earlier edit of the document and then restore it if you like

so when you have a dedicated local file server if you want to access those files

outside of the office you would normally access them through a

VPN which is just an additional step to getting your work done, with Google Drive

when you're out of the office all you need to do is load up the Google Drive

website and you've got instant access to all of your files, really easy

you can use Google Drive with a free personal gmail account but most businesses will

use it with a paid professional g-suite account this will give you email

calendar and file sharing within a team. G suite and business accounts giving you

30 gigabytes of storage to start out with and go up to one terabyte of

storage depending on your plan. plans start from five dollars per user per month

Google Drive offers great protections like automatic saving of

documents and the ability to roll back to earlier versions so if you make an

editing mistake you can always undo it and go back to an earlier point in time

but these should not be considered the same as a proper backup we still

recommend having backups from the Google Drive just as you would with a normal file server

With its additional applications like Google Docs and Google

sheets Google Drive makes it really easy for multiple people to collaborate on a

single document if you already have a personal gmail or g suite account for

business consider starting a new document within Google Drive next time

you need to collaborate with others for more information about Google Drive and

backups get in touch

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Google'ın yeni telefonları ilk kez karşımıza çıktı! - Duration: 8:06.

Google'ın yeni telefonları ilk kez karşımıza çıktı! TEKNOLOJİ HABERLERİ  | 10.10

20108:3 | 3dakika önce Google, bugün gerçekleştirdiği dev etkinlikte uzun zamandır beklenen telefonlarını tüm dünyaya gösterdi!  İşte telefon devlerine meydan okuyan o telefonların ilk görüntüleri, özellikleri ve fiyatı

Google'ın yeni telefonları resmen tanıtıldı!   / 32 / 32 Uzun bir süredir hakkında konuşulan ve birçok sızıntı ile gündemimize gelen Google Pixel ailesi nihayet resmiyet kazandı

/ 32 Pixel XL ile çentikli tasarıma yer veren Google, Pixel modelinde 18:ekran kullanmayı tercih etmiş

/ 32 Önceki Pixel modelleriyle tasarım noktasında benzerlik gösteren Pixel 3, teknik özellik tarafında da son derece güçlü

/ 32 Qualcomm'un en güçlü mobil işlemcisi Snapdragon 845'in kullanıldığı modelde Adreno 6GPU mevcut

/ 32 GB RAM'e yer verilen Pixel 64/12GB dahili depolamaya sahip. / 32 5,inç büyüklüğündeki AMOLED ekran ise Gorilla Glass ile korunuyor

Yani çizilmelere ve kırılmalara karşı telefon hayli dayanıklı! / 32 1080×2160 piksel çözünürlüğündeki ekranın kasaya oranı ise yüzde 7seviyesinde

/ 32 Kamera tarafında ise Google, üç hatta dört arka kameralı rakiplerine tek kamera ile meydan okuyor

/ 32 12.Megapiksel çözünürlüğündeki tek kamera ile son derece iddialı olan Google, ön tarafta ise Megapiksellik çift kamera kurulumuna yer vermiş

1 / 32 Bu 9derece geniş açılı çift kamera kurulumu sayesinde grup selfielerinizi rahatlıkla çekebileceksiniz

1 / 32 Ayrıca tek kamera ile Portre modu sunabilen Pixel ailesi, bunu daha da geliştirmiş

1 / 32 Artık göz kapalı çıkma gibi durumları önleyebileceğiniz bir yazılıma sahip olan Pixel serisi, ayrıca görüntü kalitesini kaybetmeden yakınlaştırma yapabileceğini iddia ediyor

1 / 32 145.x 68.x boyutlarındaki model alüminyum gövde üzerinde cam tasarıma yer vermiş

1 / 32 Gelelim büyük ekranlı Google Pixel XL modeline. Birçok tartışmanın yaşandığı, kimilerinin çok itici kimilerininse işlevsel bulduğu çentiği bünyesinde barındıran Pixel XL, en büyük farklılığı burada gerçekleştirmiş dersek yanılıyor olmayız

1 / 32 Yeni modeller önceki Pixel modelleriyle benzer bir tasarım çizgisinden devam ediyor

1 / 32 Qualcomm'un en güçlü mobil işlemcisi Snapdragon 845'in kullanıldığı modelde Adreno 6GPU mevcut

GB RAM'e yer verilen Pixel XL 12GB dahili depolamaya sahip. 1 / 32 Gorilla Glass ile korunan 18,5:oran ve 6

inç büyüklüğündeki çentikli P-OLED ekranın çözünürlüğü 1440×2960 piksel iken ekran kasa oranı yüzde 8seviyesinde

1 / 32 Kameralara geçtiğimizde ise üçlü hatta dörtlü kamera sistemlerini görmeye başladığımız şu günlerde Google tek tabanca devam etmeyi tercih ediyor

/ 32 12.Megapiksel çözünürlüğündeki kamera OIS ile desteklenmiş. 2 / 32 2160p fps video kaydedebilen bu kamera, 1080p çözünürlükte 30,60,1fps ve 720p çözünürlükte 240 fps videolar kaydedebiliyor

2 / 32 Tek kamera ile Portre modu sunabilen Pixel ailesi, bunu daha da geliştirmiş

2 / 32 Artık göz kapalı çıkma gibi durumları önleyebileceğiniz bir yazılıma sahip olan Pixel serisi, ayrıca görüntü kalitesini kaybetmeden yakınlaştırma yapabileceğini iddia ediyor

2 / 32 Ön tarafta ise çift kamera kurulumu yer alıyor. 2 / 32 Megapiksel çözünürlüğündeki bu kameralardan ilki 7derece f/1

diyafram genişliğine sahipken ikincisi ise f/2.diyaframa ve 9derece geniş açıya sahip

2 / 32 15x 76.x boyutlarındaki model alüminyum gövde üzerinde cam tasarıma yer vermiş

2 / 32 IP6sertifikasına sahip olan yeni Pixel modeli, kulaklık girişine, tıpkı geçen seneki modellerde olduğu gibi, yine yer vermedi

2 / 32 34mAh bataryadan gücünü alan Google'ın yeni gözdesi; Just Black, Clearly White ve Not Pink olmak üzere üç farklı renk seçeneğiyle geliyor

2 / 32 Gelelim fiyatlara. Cepler fena yanacağa benziyor! Çünkü. / 32 Google Pixel 3, 79dolardan satışa sunulacak; büyük ekranlı model Google Pixel XL'in fiyatı ise 89dolar

3 / 32 3 / 32

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ОГРОМНЫЙ ЛОЛ Сюрприз Куклы ЛОЛ с Париками + 60 Сюрпризов Игрушки #LOL Surprise Bigger - Duration: 29:31.

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"Tanushree Dutta" Ke lawyer "Nitin Satpute" Ne Diya Controversial Statement | Nana Patekar - Duration: 2:55.

"Tanushree Dutta" Ke lawyer "Nitin Satpute" Ne Diya Controversial Statement | Nana Patekar

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집에서 빛나는 피부를 얻는 방법. - Duration: 6:38.

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Vehicles & Transportation Vocabulary | Fun Kids English - Duration: 3:38.

Hey there! Today we're going to talk about vehicles.

Here we go!

Sports car

Sports car







Police car

Police car





Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon



Well done! Let's do this one more time.

In a big voice

Repeat after me. Here we go!

Sports car




Police car



Concrete mixer

Hot-air balloon


That was great. Thanks for watching. See you next time

Hi guys, thanks for watching. Click on our logo below to subscribe for more fun kids videos

Thanks again and see you next time!

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Cut Rope: Gibbet Archery Shooting Game - Android Gameplay HQ - Duration: 2:12.

Cut Rope: Gibbet Archery Shooting Game - Android Gameplay HQ

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Derfor crashede Islands økonomi - Duration: 4:20.

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Open Foodstuff (VRBO, Airbnb, Short-Term Rental House Rules) - Duration: 7:42.

Open foodstuff.

How do you tell an Airbnb guest that they cannot leave open foodstuffs

inside an Airbnb or a vacation rental?

That's a great question, and we're going to talk about that today.

Hi there.

I'm Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner.

This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question

and I get to help you find an answer.

All right, now, today's show is brought to us by a brand new Facebook group that we started

called VRBO Airbnb Cleaning, which is for all the professional house cleaners out there

who service the Airbnb or the vacation rental industry and they do turnover service, so,

if you are an Airbnb host and you do your own cleaning, come on over as well because

we can learn from you as well, so it's lots of tips and cleaning tricks and ways that

we can streamline the process so that we're working smart and not hard, so I'll leave

links in the show notes as well so that you can come join us.

All right, on to today's show, which is from an Airbnb host who is just livid.

She arrived to her Airbnb, and she does all of her own cleaning, but when she got there,

the guests had left all these open foodstuffs inside the house, so there's orange juice,

this much orange juice in the bottom of a cup just left open, ants everywhere.

There are soda pop cans that are half drunk, and there are ants crawling all over the cans.

There was open baby food and there was half-eaten fast food that's there, and then they'd eaten

yogurt for breakfast, but they left the lid that had the yogurt stuff on the top and then

also the inside of the yogurt container, and it was filled with ants, so she went in and

was just furious.

Then there was food in the bedrooms, and she has a house rule that there's no food in the

bedrooms, so you can understand her frustration and wanting to know, "What do I do and how

do I prevent this from happening again?"

All right, it's a great question because it's a sanitation issue.

As a homeowner, your biggest asset is your home, and so if you have an Airbnb, which

is different from a vacation rental because a vacation rental is the whole home, it's

an extra home that you have or a home that you're not using, say, half the year, so,

the other half of the year you rent it out to other people.

Now, an Airbnb is where you're renting part of your home to other people, okay?

For this particular situation, it's an Airbnb that she's renting, but it has several rooms

in it, and she rents the whole thing out like a vacation rental, but it's just the one or

two rooms that these people were renting, so there were stuff all over in the kitchen

and there were stuff in the bedrooms that they had rented.

She goes in and there's ants everywhere, which means she has to call an exterminator to come

in and spray again for ants, and she has ant baits all over the house to prevent this,

but the ideal situation is that people would eat, they would throw their garbage away,

and put it in an airtight container or a garbage can with a lid so that rodents and mice and

bugs and stuff don't get to it.

In this particular scenario, she did have to call the pest control in, which is above

and beyond the expense that you're paying when you come spend the night at someone's

house, so that eats into the company profits, which is huge.

You've got to pay for an exterminator to come in between guests because they did not follow

the house rules, so my suggestion would be you have to make new rules and you have to

make the rules very clear so that the guests coming in understand what your rules are.

Now, I've talked to a lot of Airbnb owners, and what they've done is this, and it seems

to work really well for them.

What they've done is they have a form that they fill out, which is all of the house rules,

that says, "You cannot leave any open foodstuff.

Please take all of the food with you that is open or throw it out when you're done,

and then please do not eat in any of the bedrooms," and that's part of all the rules and regulations,

and then you just change the name at the top of the form and, as a customer checks in,

you just matter-of-factly have them reread the house rules and sign them because now

they're signing a binding contract.

It goes back to the setting boundaries and expectations.

As a business owner and as a home owner, you're trying to protect your investment, which is

your home.

It's your biggest asset.

It's your biggest business investment and, when people abuse that, it affects the next

guest that comes in.

In this particular scenario, she did not have another guest coming in, but if she did, she

would have had to cancel on that guest while the exterminators come and spray and get rid

of all the bugs that are there, re-clean everything, and then she could have the guest come back,

so, if you have a situation like that, it could cost your business as well as the additional

expense of having somebody come in between every single guest to treat for bugs.

All right, so, having said that, make that part of your process.

Just make it part of your normal everyday check-in so people read it and go,

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I understand the rules."

Then, if they don't, there can be a damage or a service charge, and you would have to

debate that.

Does that go into damage or is that just a cleanliness charge?

Now, lots of Airbnb's charge up front for the cleaning, and I recommend that you do

have some cleaning that's either built into your fee, or if you want to charge extra for

it, that's fine, but the reality is that money has to come from somewhere and it should not

come out of your profits because there are a whole bunch of other business expenses that

you have to pay, so be very clear up front about what your rules and regulations are

and then, if someone breaks your house rules, that needs to be addressed.

Whether you address that publicly online in the rating and reviews or whether you address

it privately is up to you.

That is you are personal preference, and I've heard both sides, and both sides have valid

arguments, so it really depends on your personal preference, and we'll talk about in another

episode about do you leave guests rating and reviews for lack of cleanliness?

Anyway, it's to be debated, like I said.

All right, so please make it very clear to your guests what your house rules are for

foodstuffs, and I will give you a suggestion.

The food that you leave behind, if it is unopened, like unopened beer, unopened soda, unopened

cans of goods or unopened boxes of pasta or things that you purchased, you're fee to leave

to those in the cabinets, the cupboards and the fridge, but if you have a half a gallon

or milk that's already been opened, the seal is busted, even though you know you haven't

drunk it and you didn't do anything to harm it, that has to be tossed because we live

in an era where nobody knows if you laced it with drugs or whatever.

It can't be consumed.

It can't be given away.

The next guest can't use it.

It has to be tossed, and so if you've opened something up and you've exposed that seal,

it needs to be thrown away, so, even if it's still good and you just want to leave it behind

because maybe somebody will eat it, no one will eat it.

It has to be thrown away.

If you have something, like I say, a can of something that's safe in its seal, that's

okay to leave behind, and so, as the host, you can also leave a not, "Hey, there's food

in the fridge," or, "There's food in the pantry that's up for grabs.

If you like to have it, be my guest," kind of a thing, but if you are the guest and you

bring stuff in, please take it with you when you leave.

Alrighty, that's my two cents for today and, until we meet again,

leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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VERBIEDEN om foto's OPENBAAR te maken. Kan dat? | Charlotte's Law - Duration: 3:47.

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Cómo cambiar la bieletas de suspensión delantero en SUZUKI SWIFT 3 Hatchback [INSTRUCCIÓN AUTODOC] - Duration: 1:51.

Raise the front of the car and secure on supports

Loosen the wheel mounting bolts

Remove the front wheels

Use a combination spanner No.14. Use a HEX bit No.6. Unscrew the stabilizer link upper fastening

Use a combination spanner No.14. Use a HEX bit No.6. Unscrew the lower fastener of the stabilizer rod/link

Remove the stabilizer rod

Install the new link, tighten the nut of its fastening and tighten the washer

Tighten the lower fastener of the stabilizer rod/link. Use a combination spanner No.14. Use a HEX bit No.6

Tighten the stabilizer link upper fastening. Use a combination spanner No.14. Use a HEX bit No.6

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Vikram Betal | বিক্রম বেতাল | Raghur Kirti | Bangla Cartoon Video - Duration: 19:21.

King Vikramaditya...

...I've heard that you're learned, intelligent and smart.

Yet you're carrying me on your shoulder like a fool.

I'll tell you a story.


Nishchintapur was a small and poor village.

Though the people here were poor, they lived happily.

Raghu was the son of a very poor family of that village.

Raghu lost his father in his childhood.

He lived with his aged mother.

Son, please listen to me.

How long will you live lazily without doing any work?

Try to do some work.

Don't you feel sad for your aged mother?

You've started again.

Please stop your sermons.

You can at least go out even if you don't do any work.

Go and play with your friends.

That'll keep you fit and healthy.

You only eat and sleep.

Look at yourself.

You're intolerable. You won't even let me sleep peacefully.

Raghu! Hey Raghu!

Your friends have come.

Go and play with them. Go out at least.

I won't go. I'm very sleepy.

Where are you? Are you still sleeping?

I said, go out. Go. Go out right now. - I'm going.

You trouble me a lot.

What happened? - Coming.

This is better. I'll go and sleep in the fields without any interruption.

Have you woken up? - C'mon, let's go.

Raghu had a special power.

He could see the future in his dream.

But unfortunately, no one believed him.

What happened? Why did you stop here?

You carry on, I'll sleep here.

He wants to sleep again. To hell with you.

Go to sleep. We're going to play.

Okay, go.

I'm very sleepy. I'll sleep now.

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

What? Nitai!



What is it? What happened?

He must've seen a dream.

What happened?

Listen to me.

Don't go in the jungle. - Why? What's there?

There are man-eater trees in the jungle.

He saw a dream again.

Listen to me. Please listen to me.

Don't go there.

Mother has told me to return home with timber after we finish playing.

There's no fuel at home.

If I don't take timber home, I won't be spared.

Come, Yadav.

He didn't believe me.

God knows what will happen now.

Give me the axe. Let me cut some branches.

Here you go. - Yes, give it to me.

Wait here. Don't climb the tree.

I'll cut few branches. You tie them up. - Okay.

Climb the tree quickly.

Oh no! This is so dangerous!

Help! Help!

You've come to cut my branches.

I'll kill you now. - Let me go. Let me go.

Let me go.

Run! Run! - Run! Run! O god!

We wouldn't have landed in trouble if we listened to him.

You're right.

How can you see the future in your dreams?

Look he's sleeping again.

He's a strange boy.

We'll give the landlord a fitting reply this time.

What do you say, uncle?

You're right, Narahari.

He wants to usurp our land.

How can we give him our ancestral land so easily?

How has been the harvest this year?

Golden harvest.

We'll pay off all the loans this time.

What happened, uncle Narahari?

Don't ask me.

The evil landlord told us to give him our land if we can't pay tax.

What are you saying, uncle?

What will you do now?

It's not so easy.

The harvest has been very good this year. Very good.

We've been blessed with plentiful harvest.

We'll cut the crops and give him the tax.

How dare he think of taking our lands?

We'll give him an apt reply. An apt reply.

The landlord is very evil, he's a rogue.

Finally you've woken up.

What happened?

Why are you sitting like this?

Why? I think he couldn't sleep properly.

No. I saw a bad dream.

Another dream? - I saw...

What are you saying? - Yes, I saw it clearly.

Why don't you see good dreams?

You always see bad dreams.

Stop it. We must go and inform uncle Narahari right now.

Will they believe me?

Will they believe his dreams?

Ah! Let us inform them at least. - Okay.


...he saw a dream and for that you want me to guard my land at night?

Nonsense! He has no other work except eating and sleeping.

Uncle Narahari, his dreams come true.

Please listen to me.

Go away from here. Don't disturb me.

I've to cut the crops tomorrow morning. Go. Go away from here.

Oh god!

If you had listened to those boys...

...we wouldn't have been so unlucky.

What do I do with this boy?

He's busy sleeping throughout the day.

He's not interested in any work.

What will he do after I die?

Raghu, are you at home?


What happened, Hari Madhav?

Why are you calling Raghu?

Madam, it's good that I met you.

They need a servant at the palace.

They told me to get a strong young man.

I thought of Raghu.

So, I came to inform him.

Of course he'll work there.

When does he have to join?

Send him as soon as possible.

I'll leave now. I've lot of work pending.

Rahu, my son, wake up. Wake up.

What happened?

They're hiring servants in the palace.

Go and meet them. - No, I won't go there.

You won't go?

You'll see me dead if you don't go.

Let me tell you.

You always trouble me.

I'm going.

Go. Hurry up and go. - Bye.

May the goddess be with you.

You're quite strong.

You can join from today. - What?

What happened? - Nothing.

Listen... you've to keep guard at the main gate.

Don't fall asleep. - No. No. Why will I sleep?

I won't sleep.

Oh god! I've got this job.

I'm helpless.

I've to do this job or my mother will be after me.

Oh god! Everybody is sleeping and I've to stay awake and keep guard.

I'm feeling very sleepy.

Let me sleep for some time.

Faster. Charioteer, faster.

Who are you?

Let me go. Let me go.

I said, leave me.




Bye, minister.




What happened?

Why are you shouting early in the morning?

Who is he? I never saw him before.

Your Majesty, he's Raghu.

He was appointed as the royal guard yesterday.

What does he want to say?

Your Majesty, where are you going?

What do you mean?

Am I answerable to you?

Go back to work.

Please tell me, Your Majesty. I must know.

It's for your well-being.

Your Majesty is going for hunting.

He goes for hunting every day.

Your Majesty, please don't go today. - What?

Why? Why shouldn't I go?

You'll fall in trouble in the jungle.

A demon will attack you.

Please don't go. Please listen to me.

How did you know?

Your Majesty, I saw it in my dream.


So, you were busy sleeping and dreaming instead of guarding.

Yes, Your Majesty. I had fallen asleep for a short time.

I dreamt that you went hunting and fell down in a pit with your chariot.

A demon caught you.

He was going to kill you, Your Majesty.

He was very hungry.

You saw a dream for which you want me to stay back.

Let's go, charioteer.

Your Majesty, I know it's not right but what's the harm in listening to him.

Minster, you too?

Okay. You may go but don't go alone.

Take few guards with you .

But I always go alone for hunting.

You know it very well, minister.

This is nothing new. - I know, Your Majesty.

Yet if you listen to us one day.

Okay, send the guards with me.

The king reached the deep forest.

What's this? - Help!

The king has fallen in the pit. - Help!

Help the king out of the pit.

Come on, help him out of the pit quickly. - Yes. Help him out.

What's this? Such a huge demon?

I'm very hungry.

I want to eat you, Your Majesty.

Solders, kill the demon quickly. Kill him.

Kill him. Kill him.

Kill him. Kill him.

O god! O god! - Kill him.

Kill him quickly. - I'll run away from here quickly.

O god! I'll run away quickly.

You saved my life today.

Minister, give Raghu 1000 gold coins as a reward.

Okay, Your Majesty

Raghu, take it. - Thank you, Your Majesty.

As a punishment I fire you from your job immediately.

King, tell me something.

The king rewarded Raghu with 1000 gold coins...

...but at the same time he fired him from work. Why?

Raghu fell asleep and dreamt of the king's danger and warned him.

It saved the king's life.

That's why the king rewarded him with 1000 gold coins.

On the other hand he fired him from job because... was his job to stay awake and guard the palace.

That was his duty.

Instead of doing his duty he fell asleep.

He neglected his duty.

Therefore the king fired him from his job as a punishment.

You've given the right answer.

As per our agreement I'll leave now.

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