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This is chicken chops.., we can also make chops fry with this

This is mutton brain..

This is country chicken liver...

mutton intestine.....

we fry this and give also egg can be put and fried

mutton kothu kari

country chicken chukka

we dont use boiler chicken

This is country chicken gravy...

This is country chicken chops gravy

This is country chicken chukka gravy..

This is leg piece pepper fry

This is chicken leg chops

Mutton chukka pepper fry

we started this hotel in the year 1970

First we were near the bus stand, we moved to this place in the year 98

It was started by my father....

we open at 5.30 pm and close at 10.30 pm

we are closed on sundays

What are all the items available here?

mutton , chicken, mutton intestine, mutton head curry, mutton brain, quail

dosa, onion dosa, garlic dosa, tomato dosa, egg dosa,

parota, bun parota, veechu parota, kothu parota

we prepare our own masala's.... we dont use packet items

chicken chops is 140/-

chicken chukka, mutton chukka, mutton intestine, mutton head curry, mutton brain curry all these items are 100/-rs

quail is 140/-

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John Cena Reads an Excerpt from His Children's Book Elbow Grease - Duration: 3:11.

-Let's talk about the book here. [ Laughter ]

Let's talk about this. -[ Sighs loudly ]

-This is it. [ Cheers and applause ]

-It's late-night -- It's late-night television.

-This is what I'm talking about. -Late-night television.

-But that means a lot of people are up.

A lot of people with kids up really late.

-Yeah, but kids shouldn't be up right now.

-I know, but that's what happens when you have kids --

they just keep you up all night, and so, it doesn't end,

so you need something to read them.

-Yeah, they want a story. -Well, I love this guy.

"Elbow Grease" is not a memoir, but it kind of is a little bit.

-Well -- So... [ Laughter ]

The one guy that watches WWE knows that my fan base is --

It skews younger. It skews to kids.

And very often, I get to meet these kids

and interact with them.

And I kind of go by the motto of never giving up.

And that's inspired a lot of young people.

But sometimes, parents feel that maybe the venue of WWE

isn't ready for their kid.

So I wanted to take that ethos

and reach it out to a younger reader.

Now the book is for readers age 3 to 7,

and it really emphasizes the importance of elbow grease,

the definition of gumption, never giving up,

it's okay to be different, it's okay to embrace your flaws,

and be happy with self...

-A little hard work. A little elbow grease.

-Yeah, hard work. A little bit of elbow grease.

-I love it. [ Cheers and applause ]

John, "Elbow Grease" is out now.

I was wondering if you would be interested

in giving us a little reading, perhaps, maybe?

-Oh, I -- [ Cheers and applause ]

-Guys? Maybe a little?

Just a tiny -- -I'll do it!

-All right, there we go!

Guys, it's time for another installment of

"Tonight Show G'Readings."

♪ Tonight Show ♪

♪ G'Readings ♪

♪ Tonight Show G'Readings ♪

[ Laughter ]

-That should've came down earlier.

I'm sorry, John. That should've been --

-That was close.

-That should've been down before you walked out.

-That is the seventh Move of Doom right there.

-That was close. -I'm sorry.

-"He fell behind, but he kept on trucking.


He got covered in mud, but he kept on rolling.


He got bashed and smashed and even caught fire a little bit.

But he kept on going.


[ Light laughter ]

"Halfway through the race, it started pouring rain.

The thunder rumbled, the lightning flashed,

and all of the sudden,

Elbow Grease's engine shut down."

[ Laughter ]

"His battery was completely dead.

'Oh, rust buckets!'

Elbow Grease was stuck, and for the first time,

he wondered if his brothers were right.

And he started to cry."

[ Sniffling ]

"I'm not -- I'm not crying.

I'm just cold and tired, and I'm scared of the lightning.


Boom shakalaka!

[ Cheers and applause ]

-John, hey, John! No, no, no, wait, hey.

Stop reading it. Stop.

Stop reading it. Stop.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Give me the book. Give me the book.

[ Cheers and applause ]

-[ Clears throat ]

"The end." -The end.

There you go. John Cena, everybody.

"Elbow Grease" is available now.

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President Trump Plans Kanye West "Summit" - Duration: 10:17.

-Let's get to some news here.

It just came out that President Trump

is going to meet with Kanye West at the White House

on Thursday.

And this is -- this is interesting.

They both think they're going to a Twitter intervention

for the other person.

[ Laughter and applause ]

"You know why we're here, right?"

That's right, Trump is meeting with Kanye at the White House.

Trump will be like, "I wish you had been here last week.

I had a Supreme Court seat to fill."

[ Laughter and applause ]

But Kanye isn't the only celebrity

Trump's been thinking about lately.

He was asked about Taylor Swift endorsing Democrats

in the midterms.

Check out what he said.

-Taylor Swift's jumping into politics.

What do you have to say to that?

-And what did she say?

-She said wants people to vote for Democrats.

-Let's say that I like Taylor's music

about 25% less now.

[ Audience "oh"s ]

-Then Trump said, "I knew she was trouble

when she walked in."

[ Laughter and applause ] "I just --

I think it's for the best."

Is it? Trump's been busy.

Last night he hosted a ceremony

for new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh,

and the other justices were there to watch.

Look at this photo there. Oh, God.

[ Laughter ]

Oh, man.

That looks like Melania's side of the aisle

at her wedding, you know what I'm saying?

[ Laughter and applause ]

Actually, Trump took a moment to thank the other justices,

but for some reason he kept saying the words "thank you"

really softly.

Watch this. This is odd.

-Justice Thomas. Thank you. [ Laughter ]

Justice Alito. Thank you.

[ Laughter ]

Justice Sotomayor.

Thank you.

[ Laughter and applause ]

-At one point he's just licking, he's...

[ Lips smacking ]

-Thank you. -"Sotomayor."

[ Laughter ]

-"Thank you." -Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

[ Lips smacking ]

You see this? At a rally this past weekend,

President Trump talked about answering calls

on Air Force One.

But he had a little trouble with the word "phone."

Check this out. -I had that phone working.

I had that "fern" working on that plane.

-Fern. [ Laughter ]

-Fern. Yeah.

While -- he had that fern working.

We noticed Trump has trouble pronouncing things all the time.

So with that in mind, it's time to play "Talk Like Trump."

Here we go. ♪♪

-♪ Talk like Trump ♪ -♪ Pretty simple words ♪

-♪ Talk like Trump ♪ -♪ Huge ♪

♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ]

-All right, so here's how this works.

I'm going to see if anyone can guess how the President

is going to mispronounce a simple word.

And if you get it right, you get a prize.

And if you get it wrong, you still get a prize.

All right, raise your hand

if you want to play "Talk Like Trump."

Who wants to play? Come on.

[ Cheers and applause ] There you go. Come on, stand up.

What is your name? You can hold this.

What is your name, where you from?

-I'm Kristen from New Jersey. -Hey, we love New Jersey.

Welcome, thank you for being here.

All right, in our first clip -- I guess I can hold it.

I don't know why you're holding it.

Sorry about that. [ Laughter ]

In our first clip, President Trump is going to try

and say "President Obama." Okay?

How do you think that he's going to mispronounce

"President Obama"?

-President O-bama.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

-Wait. So you think that he -- -I'm not --

-Do you think he's going to say it correctly?

Yeah, he's going to say --

Just a different inflection on a different letter, okay.

She thinks that he's going to say, "President Oh-bama."

[ Laughter ] Let's see what happened.

-I don't like what's happening in Cuba.

As you know, President Bama gave them a pass.

-Ah. Very close. [ Buzzer ]

Sorry. Incorrect. President Bama.

Here's your custom-made President Bama T-shirt.

Congratulations. Thank you for playing.

I love you. Thanks. [ Applause ]

All right. There you go.

Who else wants to go? Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]

Come here.

I love you. Here you go. What's your name?

-Megan. -Megan, where you from?

-Canada. -Hey, Canada! All right.

[ Cheers and applause ]

All right, settle down, settle down.

Okay. In this next clip, very simple.

Trump tries to say the word "frustration."


How do you think that he'll mispronounce "frustration"?

-[ Deep voice ] Frustration.

[ Laughter ]

I don't know.

-The type of game is that he's mispronouncing --

[ Laughter ]

Did I not explain the rules correctly?

-Okay, sorry.

-He's going to mispronounce the word.

So he will not say "Obama" and he will not say "frustration."

There's no way he will correctly pronounce it.

Well, maybe he will, you know. I don't even know.

Let's just see what happens.

-I share the American people's frustration.

-Oh. -I also share their frustation.

-Ah! He did both! [ Buzzer ]

It was a trick so you are right.

You are correct. And you're also incorrect.

Hey, thank you so much. I appreciate it.

We'll go down here. Hey, buddy.

How you doing? -Good, how are you?

-Nice to see you, pal. What is your name

and where are you from? -My name's John,

I'm from New Jersey. -Hey, New Jersey in the house.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Our final clip, Trump tries to say "Pennsylvania."

Pennsylvania. How do you think

that he's gonna mispronounce "Pennsylvania"?



[ Laughter and applause ]

-Now you're going the other way.

Give me that.

The most passive-aggressive audience ever.

Pennsyltucky. [ Laughter ]

Now you know the rules,

but now you think it's, like, Pennsyltucky.

But honestly, how is he gonna --

"Pennsylvania," let's see. Let's watch what happens.

-We've ended the war on clean, beautiful Pennsylvanal --

-Ah, Pennsylvanal. [ Laughter ]

[ Buzzer ] Pennsylvanal.

There's your Pennsylvanal T-shirt there.

[ Cheers and applause ] Wear it with pride, buddy.

Good to see you. Thank you, pal. I appreciate it.

That was "Talk Like Trump." Thanks to all of our players.

[ Cheers and applause ] -♪ Talk like Trump ♪

♪ Talk like Trump ♪


-Oh, thank you very much, everybody.

Get this, guys. I heard that former President Obama

has been on the campaign trail to support Democrats

in the November elections.

He's doing everything he can to get in touch.

-We now interrupt this program with a message

from former President Barack Obama.

-Hey, hello, America.

[ Cheers and applause ]

-You know, I hate to interrupt Jimmy's monologue,

but believe me, you're not missing much.

[ Laughter ]

Well, look. As you know, I have been

taking a little time off. And by little --

you know, a little time, I mean I've been ass on couch

for about two years now. [ Laughter ]

Even -- you know, even I knew it was time to get up

when Netflix was like, "Damn, you still watching?"

[ Laughter ]

Anyway, I thought I'd finally get back out there

because since I left, things are -- they're messier

than a sales rack at Marshalls. [ Laughter ]

Oh, look, I got a big pair of oversized panties.

[ Laughter ]

I scored a hockey mask with Life Savers stuck to it.

[ Laughter ]

I got a wooden owl that looks like Uncle Dick,

or whatever it is. You know.

A lot of stuff at Marshalls.

[ Laughter ]

So look.

Seriously though, I've got some quick and easy tips

to help you in the upcoming election, okay?

First, just make time to vote.

It only takes five minutes to register on

And here's another tip.

Vote for smart people.

[ Laughter and applause ]

Listen --

[ Cheers and applause ]

I get it.

I get it. Look, I know.

I know that smart can sometimes be boring, but believe me,

boring gets the job done.

Crazy is only good when you're like a Real Housewife

who hasn't gotten any screen time and it's, like,

two episodes left to the finale, you know what I mean?

You got to flip a table sometimes, Lisa Rinna.

[ Laughter and applause ]

And third -- and I just can't believe

that I actually have to say this in 2018, but here it goes.

Don't vote for racists.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Come on now.

[ Applause ]

And finally -- and this is a big one.

If a big, burly Russian that you don't know --

like a big, big Russian dude --

[ Light laughter ]

He tells you to vote for somebody on Facebook,

don't do it. [ Laughter ]

You just tell him, you just say, "Oh, hell nyet."

And log off.

[ Applause ]

-We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

-Check this out. A city in Minnesota

is having a pretty interesting problem

with the local bird population. Watch this.

-An early frost has caused certain berries to be fermented,

meaning that they turn into alcohol as they lose moisture.

Birds eating the berries and then acting

what wildlife officials are calling tipsy.

-If you see it happening and you find a drunk bird,

try putting it in a box or a dark place, you know,

that it can breathe and then kind of sleep things off.

[ Laughter and applause ]


Then... [ Applause ]

...throw some Advil in their beaks

and toss them in a birdbath filled with Gatorade.

You know? I don't know.

[ Laughter and applause ]

Listen to this. I read about a female college student

who made an exit survey to send to guys who ghosted her

to find out why. [ Laughter ]

Every single guy answered the survey by saying,

"This is why, Karen. [ Laughter ]

Because you do stuff like this."

[ Applause ]

Finally, some tech news.

Facebook just released their own video chat device,

and the camera actually follows you

while you move around the room.

Take a look at this.

-The camera in portal follows you wherever you run

around the room. Let me show you.

Does it see me over here?

[ Light laughter ]

Over here? -Yeah.

When you leave the room, you hear a Russian voice shout,

"Wait, where are you going?" [ Laughter ]

It's a great show tonight. Give it up for The Roots.

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The four Pillars of Power Bi - Duration: 3:11.

Now that you know what Power BI is,

let's talk about the four main

components that you have in Power BI ia that

makes it so so powerful.

The first component I want to talk about

is Power BI Desktop. Power BI Desktop is

a program that you download and install

and is completely free.

We will talk about Power BI cost later on

but this is something that anybody

has access to and this is the tool that

business users and analysts will use to

create Power BI reports to extract the

insights out of your data, to do some

data exploration and

analysis. Once you have created your

Power BI reports then of course you want

to share them with your colleagues, right?

or with your business associates or with

your partners. So what you do, is you

take your Power BI desktop reports and

you publish them to Power BI online.

Power BI online is also called Power BI

service and is the cloud version of Power BI

If your business is not allowed to

have a cloud services yet don't worry

because there is Power BI report server

where you can publish your reports there

and everything is within your firewalls,

it stays in your intranet. So, if you can

have cloud services use Power BI service

otherwise you have Power BI report

server to see your reports and share

them with your colleagues. Now, if you have

published you report to Power BI service

you can see them on any device. You can

see them on iOS platform, Android

platform on Windows platform. On iPhones

and tablets. And all those apps are

available for free on its respective

store so you can have access to your

reports anywhere, everywhere you are. It

is absolutely fantastic! The last

component of Power BI

is Power BI for developers and this is

the part where it allows you to

configure Power BI to suit your needs,

your specific needs.

So, some example things you can do for

Power BI for developers are: you can

embed your Power BI report into your

intranet, for example. So you can take

your Power BI reports and move them

somewhere else

out of the Power BI system. Another

thing that you can do: you can create

custom visuals so if you have specific

visuals that your organization just love,

you can create them yourself; and another

thing that you can do is create your

custom connectors so if you have data

sources where there is no connector in

just yet, you can code your own.

Absolutely fantastic, isn't it?

For more infomation >> The four Pillars of Power Bi - Duration: 3:11.


Beyoncé Ave Maria (Lyrics/Lyric video) - Duration: 3:48.

subscribe to get more lyrics

For more infomation >> Beyoncé Ave Maria (Lyrics/Lyric video) - Duration: 3:48.


Cat feeding in the wild: Valerio Guiggi's seminar at Follow Your Pet Florence 2018 - Duration: 35:07.

good good morning to all of you so much greeting I introduce myself my name is Valerio

Guiggi, I'm a vet doctor, I'm specialist in food inspection

of animal origin and in my business I take care of it

feeding and nutrition of the dog that of the cat

today I'm here to talk naturally of cats,

I point out that we are in this moment too

live for this there is the phone in front of us live on

Facebook page of MicioGatto that there gave the possibility of short

transmit this intervention to the whole a series of cat owners who

they are not present here ogg, i they do not have had a chance to see too

only for reasons of distance. Feeding the cat in nature is

the topic of this seminar is a topic I suppose

interesting because often there are not many colleagues to know him,

this according to me is a mistake in the meaning that one of the most common problems

of the clinical practice is the cat who does not want to eat what

what you give him, simply for which they go to change more or less crispy to

case, or the owner who says no I want

make homemade food, or diet raw and which is more natural, but the

cat does not want to know, to him the crispies will please him, while

natural food no. Why does it happen? someone

he says the cat no longer recognizes his natural food, recognizes only the

croccantini, they are speeches that feel, in reality there is a reason and this

reason should be sought not so much in a physiological component we say

of the cat as much as in the part behavioral, that is how it relates the

cat with food. Understanding how it is report the cat with food yes

they can understand a series of things and you can also understand how to act for

let him change power. To understand how the cat relates to food

there are some studies, there are many studies done on nutrition

of the cat in nature, who finances them? they finance research studies, but

the same companies also finance them feeders, because a company

feed that makes a food then cat not

eats has already lost, interest however, the feed company is

to sell their products so if you make a cat food you do not

like it, the cat does not eat it and the owner does not

buy it, so you've failed say in the your marketing. This is so

important also for companies, not only for the owner, to know

a cat's diet in nature. Then

What does the cat eat in the wild? Mice basically small prey,

that vary, studies have been carried out, the cat is found

practically all over the world, it comes from different subspecies, in the report

first we have seen that they exist different subspecies of cat and

outwardly these different subspecies they also have a different diet, which

it does not depend so much on the cat itself from what it finds in the environment, there

it's the rats, there are the birds, there are reptiles, there are some amphibians even

some cats also eat of invertebrates depends

basically from the park of prey that has the cat available.

I divided this intervention into three characteristics

fundamental: part: from the first and èil taste of the cat: how we choose

what we eat according to taste, and there are things that we like and things that are not there

like them, even the cat reasons in this way, we have five tastes

fundamental or the sweet, the salty, the umami that nobody knows about it,

that would be the tasty, discovered in 1910 It seems to me from a Japanese researcher

but he arrived in the west a lot after this thing, in other words

four flavors are sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and there is also the tasty that

for the cat it is paradoxically the most important, it's very important, too

for us, we like it even if it often does not we know, then to the cat of these

five tastes, one is missing, I address also to the people who are watching from

internet according to you, among the five tastes

fundamental we have us, what is missing from the cat? where there is salty,

sour, bitter and umami tasty, tasty he has it, and it's the most important,

no it's not sour or savory,

no the bitter hand is not ... sweet! the cat does not have i

receptors for the dessert, for a change genetics or simply that the sweet receptor

it is common to many mammals, some are even particularly

pigs are sensitive particularly sensitive to the sense of the

sweet, to the cat this sense is missing, because? we do not know, it probably is

an evolutionary question, not we know if the egg of the first was born

hen, in the sense if it is not the receptor of the sweet because the cake is not so much

he ate, perhaps he chose not to eat the fruit because it did not have the receptor

of the cake, but in general we say how as a condition he does not have this

receptor, then if we give him something sweet feels something because he has others

flavors, but sugar, as well as for example we do not make it here or there, we give it to each other

ice cream that is sweetened, but also has others flavors, clearly feels the other flavors and not

feels the taste of sugar. so this already directs us in

some way to feed natural,

a cat will not eat one willingly sugary fruit, a rather plum

that a peach or an apricot, not it will eat gladly because

basically it's not for him particularly tasty.

The tastes instead of the others four that he has to which he is, is more sensitive

in particular two are the the umami e

bitter. they are the two tastes to which they are thenù sensitive now I'll explain what it is

the tasty. The tasty is glutamate, a

amino acid, glutamic acid, which is part in general, proteins are found

both in animals and in plants, we feel it in particular, it is found

also like glutamate in sachets usually in ethnic shops, it is rich for it

example the meat that is boiled, that that's why you put it on yourself

boil in the broth to extract, because the broth is tasty?

After that it is there that boils at the beginning it is not tasty, just because acid comes out

glutamic that we with our language we can perceive. The cat is

particularly sensitive is a molecule which is particularly abundant

in proteins for which the cat is in able to perceive it even better than us,

and this is logical because he eats above all proteins, but above all

foods of animal origin, the cat in hunting nature, so eating

especially this, then the fact that be particularly sensitive

to this taste has the pleasure of go and choose certain types of

prey than others. The other taste a which is particularly sensitive is

bitter, for the exact opposite effect, as there are pleasant substances for the

glutamate, of bitter tendency it is a disgust, activates the mechanism of the

disgust, spit, even simply the rejection of what he started,

and this causes the receptor of the bitter be a defense mechanism for him, like

it is for us now because if we we eat a fruit that does not

we know and it is very bitter, we have one disgust reaction, and it's a mechanism

defensive, because many bitter compounds they are also harmful to health, for

someone also poisonous, it also happens with some animals, there are some animals ad

example of amphibians, which have one cute that secretes

poisonous substances, is a defensive mechanism secretes poison, but

it also secretes bitter substances, because it is purpose of the animal is not that of

kill the cat that eats it, how much to move away, make sure that the

cat knows that that animal sucks, and do not eat it, so it is the instinct of

survival of the prey, e the same is true for the plants for which there is

this particular mechanism

for which the cat is particularly sensitive to these two

tastes and this explains why the cat he is a hunter and prefers the general

foods that are very tasty in this sense, so many times in the

croccantini is put for example liver hydrolysis

organ particularly rich in glutamic acid, the cat tends to prefer it

more than a food that is composed mainly of meat of

chicken, which may have less than this amino acid e so it tends to have less

pleasure in eating other types of foods. this is a bit of logic

at the base from which the companies depart feeders when they do i

crunchy, with the wet put something particularly rich in acid

glutamic so that sometimes he feels like he likes and likes

consequence, in other words, that I go to eat it more willingly than others

alimony this for, ò is not the only component

because there are two others a lot important in the feeding of the cat,

that are on one side the effect monotony, on the other side there are two

things seem opposed but in reality yes he can find a key, which is then one

situation that is similar, explained as the story

It seems strange, but in reality it is not dissimilar from what

we have also, one is the monotony effect on one side,

and the other is categorization of what he eats. There is not or at least

a component has not been highlighted genetics of what the animal likes

eat, that is genetically the cat that he prefers the mouse, no! Much counts

the experience, the most important thing for the cat, and it is

that's why you can not manage to identify that the cat likes the mouse

or like the liver, or like it beef and all cats like it

that thing there, because that to cats like it, there's the cat that adores it and the cat

that does not eat it, it's something that depends a lot on the cat,

so you have to enter a moment in the his mentality, let's say to understand how

change power to a cat. Then the monotony effect is

a phenomenon that have seen i researchers occur in the

natural behavior of the cat, when the cat is in nature and

the prey is not distributed uniformly, maybe there is a prey that

much more present in that natural environment and others that are less so, a cat

eat 10 to 20 times a day roughly, capturing small prey that

they bring from the point of view about thirty pounds caloric

calories one for a dozen eats from 300 to 600 kilocalories,

basically it is on 300 kcal per day as a dose

who is able to eat and if he has one

overabundance of prey at some point after he ate

maybe two times the same prey it also uses more energy to go to

look for something different, because i studies seem to get fed up with eating

many times the same thing. what is we say is the reason? there

explanation we say that those who study these things that usually are not

veterinarians, but other other figures are data? the dietary balance: it is not

said that always eat a usual prey guarantee a diet

complete with the cat, but eat a lot prey maybe a little more lacking in

one more nutritious but richer in others and then eat others that are more

rich in those than before they were poorer and vice versa can carry

at a balancing, so is favored from the point of view

evolutionary the cat that goes looking many different prey than the cat that

always eat the same prey. a deficiency does not occur at home, yes

goes to the vet and resolves, one deficiency that occurs in nature

you will have to solve, which is why the cat is easier than it goes to

eat lots of different prey, and this how he feels from his point of view

staff? It gets tired, and is an effect that if let's see is not very different from

the human one, if you eat the same every day

what after a while you get tired and go so to look for

something else too we.

and it seems that this mechanism is due to the balance

natural nutrition, which takes place nature unknowingly clearly

for the cat, but there is also this effect, the last effect that counts and is the third

component among the most important, ce there are so many, there are particularities

physiological, there are also others, but in the choice of food

the experience is also very important: when the cat is subjected to this effect

monotony would theoretically tend to go to eat everything and we know very well

from the cat in the house that is not like that, not they go to eat everything, because the cat

let's say a series in his mind of categories, a series of foods that

he says: ok I can eat them out from those I'm suspicious, it's a

defense mechanism too, because if a cat goes to eat everything,

whereas it also eats invertebrates and reptiles and amphibians that can be

even poisonous, sooner or later we would remain, for which or we make a certain range of

prey that can capture, out of those if there's nothing else,

I go to look for those, maximum if there is something else I prefer those that

I know, when it happens categorization? when the cat is

small, even when it is not yet born,

there are some studies that have seen how mother's diet is already one

example for the kitten, when it is still in

uterus, through the placenta pass

obviously the nutrients, but some aromatic substances also pass,

that maybe they do not feed, but receptors they already work when the cat is still there

he was not born, so he gets used to a little at that taste, the molecules do not pass

only by transplacental, but they also pass into the milk, for

via mammaria, so the flavor is clearly different from cat-to-cat,

influence the kitten, they did a interesting experiment several years ago

giving bananas to a cat

not just bananas, but also bananas and saw the kittens

that were born of this cat that ne ate they were more inclined to go to

look for bananas compared to going to look for the meat, then they also ate

that because mom also ate that, but the bananas evidently, which they liked

much to his mother, he ate a big one amount, and the kittens were more inclined to

go look for bananas, because it is the first period of life is very important,

mother counts, counts the period in which they go to solid food, therefore

at weaning, after weaning is much easier to accustom the kitten

small to something to which it does not he was not used to a habit

a cat already adutlo, plus a cat grows, the more these categories are fixed, let's say,

the harder it is to make them change, my grandfather does the same! in the sense that it is a lot

more difficult to eat, my grandfather is 92 years old, so it is much more difficult to do

eat sushi to him, to a guy which is fifteen, because it is a bit '

same mentality, but it is not different from that, that is today, Saturday, tomorrow and

Sunday, many of you do not they will deal with the family, they will do

lasagne or something, if Tomorrow he arrived home instead

of the lasagne pan there find a pan of spiders, because in

some countries in Asian countries eat these things, but here we are and say

we have a range of foods that we consider acceptable, some that

maybe there are those who have never eaten one sushi, already raw fish, but raw

a little 'I do not like it, so when you go right out of our canons and then

this effect becomes stronger, so let's say if you give a piece of

chicken to a cat that has always eaten crunchy biscuits, whose mother always ate

crunchy, give it a piece of chicken breast for him is like us

a food was actually supplied to us that is completely out,

that is, these foods do not come back and the same works for the cat,

the monotony effect and let's say this schematization of the choice

of the food go a little bit in balance so there are more cats than

they are used to eating more things than that they are more subjected to the effect

monotony, in the sense today I give you the cattle, tomorrow tomorrow

then the chicken starts to bother I eat it and the cow then I take it back

after another six seven days, when instead a cat is

instead, used to eating less food, maybe because mom was eating

croccantini, the cat always eats the same crunchy, for him canons

let's say of choice will be very tight, already will be suspicious towards crunchy

that have another flavor, a verse the wet cans, there is also

a component of consistency, there is also a viscosity component does not count

only the taste, the taste is one of the components it forms

the food, but singing with this type [there was someone who makes me a

the applause thanks tiziana someone who puts me also like on the internet thanks]

so going with this type of effect, if the categorization is a lot

narrow, it will be more difficult for the catandare to

eat another kind of food, a lot that many times, for example, formulate you

housewife to cats and owners all enthusiastic, go there to start and the

cat makes him No But I do not want it, what a disgusting thing

stuff you give me, and maybe they are balanced diets maybe

they are composed of meat mostly, then a power from the point of

nutritional vision very suitable for a cat, even more suitable than maybe to

crunchy, and this what the cat does not like,

how do you get used to a thing of the gender? someone says ok I force it then

he takes, opens his mouth, puts the piece of meat in his mouth in the mouth so then it's the right time

who eats, unfortunately on Facebook groups I saw a suggestion of the thing

gender, Re-founding the example above, s

if I have a nice plate in front of me

lasagna, one comes looking for me to put on worms in the mouth, and so yes that not

I eat neither worms nor lasagna, you can not force

and how can it not be force a person, you can not force

not even a cat, if you just do a medicine can also make sense,

if you do however for a food that that cat must eat every day

must find a pleasure to eat, it is much more difficult, so how do you do it?

we must make him understand that food is also suitable for him, so a

trick, for example, to leave it to him available, the cat is a curious animal,

the cat is normal that tends to experiment because there is a component

curiosity, but if you force it no, so take the new food and

leave it there available so that he sniffs him one day, he makes me

I do not want to suck it, the next day I give it back to you, smell it,

he sucks, but looks at him a little more and do not want it,

the third day sniffs a little 'more closely and gives a lick, the fourth day the

understand, if you always leave here. I have animal patients,

owners who wrote to me later three, four months I had formulated

the homemade diet, and I was saying you insist, you insist, they've come to the point

who wrote me all happy, or I did it to change power

it took the cat months, i it takes me at least a month minimum

I tell everyone, but there are still cats more stubborn than they still put on

more, it is the insistence of the owner to be able to change power,

because to the owner it seems better, it seems more natural, it has time

to cook, maybe to propose it, for look for the foods to be provided in

a home cooked or raw diet is indifferent from this

point of view, so he goes and after so much, a lot of time succeeds,

because the cat must have that mental elasticity to say ok, I start to

eating that, in a kitten is a lot faster, so maybe you get one

week, in an adult cat, especially adult, it's all the more difficult to do it,

in an elderly cat it is very difficult succeed, so the advice you give

it is often for example even if one eats the crunches,

change them, or give the piece of meat, or give the

piece of food, clearly not the sauce! someone says but not the

the leftovers of the table should be given, for force us you can give them the sauce or the

chicken in a humid cacciatore, not you can give him things like that, you do it

get fat, at that point yes, they are created imbalances, but in general, we take the

strip of white chicken breast that I had done for the baby, take it and

let it taste also to the cat, because you begin to get used to, take away also the gods

problems in the future, because sometimes it is the owner watching videos

[Bye, bye bye, greeting who is watching me from the page of

MicioGatto] so someone for a scleta says no, not

I want a better diet for the my cat so I choose to do this

kind of power, someone else there unfortunately it is found out of necessity, from

kidney failure, to the problems of calculations.

For example, struvite problem, and the vet advises urinary food,

it's the problem is that if it's so from the point of view

so mental categorized with food, feeding

the urinary, with the cabbage that eats you then the chicken breast, you eat meat

bovine, or what you want to give it, not they eat it, so it's a lot

important to insist, especially when the cat and little one is used to

eat other things too, and this unfortunately often does not come

said, because they often tell you, but i crunchies eat those are fine

those, continue with those, is wrong from a nutritional point of view, too

for the future of the cat, why it is not held for three days and then it is done

he goes his way, the cat when he is he basically wants to keep it

for a lifetime, so yes he hopes to make him feel good, so of

make it happen too much and a cat that field twenty years, see it sometimes

unfortunately also die because we are not managed to support it with

a suitable diet, for mistakes made in the first period of feeding,

they are things that must be done when the cat is still healthy, you have to think about it

first and you have to go looking for vary, between this has an effect

also positive in reducing the factors of risk of one of the most problems

frequent in the feeding of the cat, especially when the dry is missing

it's allergies, there are studies that show how

change more the feeding allows to prevent, because the power is

also therapy, clearly but it is prevention, to know

proper nutrition and know all kinds of

alimentation, even if they are the "croccantini", because there are people who for

economic problems or problems of practicality can not do the

housewives feedings, already know for example that for a cat is definitely

better a moist feeding, that it does not have a croquettes diet, it is a

very important information in the first life of the cat [you can say goodbye to me

Andrea son, hello andrea greeted Mom so much when there are

direct there are spectators who rightly there are a little 'looking from

all over Italy] and it is also this one important component, so know

feeding the cat in nature there it serves not so much for super curiosity

quark, to know how the lion eats, that's a documentary, ok, one looks at him, pretty,

interested, I made myself a culture, but overall

feeding in nature also serves us to understand how the cat reasons from

nutritional point of view, and it is one important thing, it's something that in

general should not be underestimated, I always recommend, then someone who

he says you pull water to your mill, because you're a vet, so do them

advice, make visits, and so on, me I always recommend the first phase of

life, when you take a kitten, a little dog, it's worth

even for the dog, to make it one advice with a vet that you

occupies feeding how can I be, but there are

other colleagues, to know these information because a diet

correct, especially in the first phase of life, it is also fundamental for the

future health, not to be in difficulty when there are pathologies that

unfortunately there are, some are due to nutrition, some not,

may be due to genetics, to the accident, to infectious diseases,

there are many causes that can lead to pathologies, but overall

deepen the power already when the cat is small, especially so

personalized, when the cat is small, it's one thing

very useful to be able to safeguard the health of the cat, you think too little

to prevention, in my opinion, for what is a way of

see, and too much to therapy, so if you can prevent, inquire since

right away, and luckily with a little bit of it correct disclosure I managed to

have people tell me: ok i I give the crunchy, but I want anyway

know to choose correct crunches, someone who is a housewife, but I want to

balance it correctly, I want do it properly, because I'm afraid of that

we can establish the future of the pathologies,

this is a very important base, in my opinion, a basis to consider

especially because someone is scares because there is to pay that for the

veterinary advice as for any

veterinary services, make one veterinary advice once, two

times in the first phase of the cat's life you avoid so many of those expenses from mine

colleagues in the future that is difficult quantify, because it is said

with the correct feeding both in can prevent up to 70 percent

of metabolic diseases of the cat, so it's an important thing, and that

we talked about today is in general, a component that in short

I think it is useful to know, for any cat owner. That

do you have tomorrow?

I have a foundling cat a year and a half and the vet has me

said that he probably has an allergy because he was constantly scratching

so I'm using hypoallergenic crunches,

and I see that it is very schematic, because for example the little boxes only want the tuna

the meat does not want it, I give it sometimes some pieces of raw meat that

sometimes he likes sometimes not But I do not really know what kind of thing

allergy the cat may have developed because his story I do not know, then the question is to feed him a food that

should it tamper with this problem, does it make sense?

Summarize for a moment the question for those who are he is watching [must find

just vet giving them just information writes elisabetta from

internet] I summarize the question of the lady also for whom

follows from the internet,

question is this: she has a cat that is in the presence of an allergy

food as it is very schematic with the power how should I behave?

at this stage then the first part is definitely the diagnostic part, then

first you have to pay a visit veterinary course of course first

pathologies that are excluded are those of dermatological nature, so for example

an environmental allergy, a dermatitis, a scratching from

other causes can be trivial even fleas, so first it is excluded

those, at the time the treatments dermatologicals have not reported the

result hoped, then it is assumed that the cause is food, in the moment in

which is suspected to be food must try to understand from

what depends, so you have to choose the right foods, if yes

suspicious, because usually the allergy is towards the proteins of a meat, but it is not

He said, they can also be proteins present in the sources

vegetables, then to the croccantini you need make us still careful, choose with

attention, it must be evaluated, the study must be studied choice of food

at that point we must proceed for one certain period of time only with that type

of food then the additions homemade, in that case they are not ideal

However, identify some foods housewives who eats could also

replace with a homemade diet appropriately formulated the croccantini, e

if the cat succeeds in eating these things are much easier to understand from what

it depends on why there are more in the croccantini sources, there are the ingredients, there are

sources of contamination,

in feed mills

there may also be gods contaminations, which they can do

that the protein mono crunchy, there are of the studies they showed as gods

crunchy biscuits that had to be mono proteins actually were not,

so you have to choose with a lot attention, evaluate if there are any

reaction decreases and evaluate if the cat eats components

housewives if you can with those home appliances to reduce the

reaction, if the allergic reaction was of food nature is solved, because yes

leverage what is, as for us, if you are allergic to almonds, stop eating

the almonds the allergy you do not have it anymore, so it works

exactly the same way, so unfortunately, to pass when you arrive

in a critical situation this way the cat to another kind of

power supply can not be simple, it's ugly

say it needed to think about it first, though unfortunately, and in your case it is even more difficult

because the cat is a foundling, and let's say it can be complex

try to integrate, maybe I take croccoantini based, I do not know, lamb,

and try to make him appreciate the lamb meat so that the

protein component is similar can be a useful thing to try to

then go from the crunchy to the homemade and at that point check much better

the situation is not a simple path in the meantime yes

they can use additions that also reduce the

inflammatory component of allergy, the diet can be set

with additions so reduce the allergic component therefore

guarantee a little more well-being at cat, the allergy is not resolved, it is not

it resolves completely the reaction, but yes

reduces the manifestation and the cat is better, than first

perhaps the most correct goal.

Do you have any other questions?

if you want to see me again, know that I will do other seminars here at the fair today

afternoon at five o'clock we'll talk about label all as you read them

industrial food labels for the cat, so basically it will be a

bit a very normative part, a lot linked to the legislation, but it is interesting

because it uses industrial foods even perhaps household foods that

but they sell companies that fall into this legislation,

[ A greeting from the festival of the cats the Elisa is to the

cat festival in lombardy and we are here at FYP in Florence,

greetings to all] and two seminars instead there will be tomorrow they will be on

same argument because you can choose if coming at 12 to 15 we'll talk about

feeding housewives feeding of industrial which better to choose

what are the advantages which are of the disadvantages of each of the two

Thanks to everyone who has listened, thanks to the friends who see us

delayed see you with the other seminars always

here at the fair, to Follow Your Pet.

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