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Oh my god! You nee-you need to lie!

L& B: Hello everybody! Wow that was so in-sync! That was perfect!

So this week, we are going to react to Google searches, searches? Yeah Google

search-s. So this week we're going to react to Google searches best lesbian

movies yes so basically we did it last time with TV shows, we put Google to the

test, yeah, it came up with a little bit of

queerbaiting, a little bit of an actual decent TV shows right? And we'll like have a

look through and also we got a lot of recommendations from you people! Yes thank you!

so now we have so much stuff to watch yes and now we need you to recommend

lesbian movies! Yeah! Let's go for it! So should we just type in lesbian movies?

lesbian movies. Oh! Oh dearie me homophobic Google what's this about it's

almost like you demonetise LGBT videos on YouTube..what!?!? Okay but the

color wheel is like rainbow. Lesbianlean.. what's going on now? Okay, go again.

Lesbian movie movies lets see what comes up shall we. We've got a laptop, we've got a laptop

we're not just looking at Brogan's crotch this time, blue is the warmest colour fair

enough. That's like, that's so lesbian, that's probably

the most lesbian you're ever gonna get and a lovely storyline oh it's so sad though...yeah

yeah like would you watch it again? I'd watch it again but you have to be in the

right frame of mind to watch Blue is the warmest colour because there's a lot going on but it is a beautiful lesbian storyline. No queerbaiting in there at all.

I had some thoughts about it. Okay. if you watch it and then SPOILERS why don't turn

it off like just before the end part just before she tries to meet her again

it's not as sad and then you can just be like aw, that's the end of the film. Okay then get

less depressed. Okay. Ooh Brogan! Carol. That is Brogan's number one lesbian film

it is the best film ever I think we would probably place that is the best

lesbian film ever. Third, below her mouth. Oh no. We've not watched this because we

watched the trailer, yeah, and the acting is so bad. I don't know about you lot if

you think below her mouth is actually a fabulous film but we can't get past the

trailer should we get past the trailer? Yeah let us know. Let us know if you've

seen it and if it's good and if the lesbian storyline is good and if there's

a bit of kissin and stuff. Oh yeah I think there's a lot of kissing in there. Yeah,

I think there was. I heard. She's kind of like didn't she have like her builder

belt. She's like *DEEPVOICE* I'm gonna do stuff to you

with my tool belt on. And it was like, you need to act better if you're gonna do that. There you go!

Next one! Disobedience. OH disobedience broke me in all the right ways, that's

not actually out have we managed to see it!? Uh ohhhhh. It's so good. Rachel Weisz Rachel

McAdams. The two Rachel's going at it, but also there's the storyline of the Orthodox

Jewish community in London yeah basically the ways how

they treat like LGBT people. Really interesting to see it from that perspective as

well and women. Really good. Pariah! Ohh Pariah is great yeah fantastic

I'm loving Google searches recommendations, yeah Google you've been spot on so far go check it out. Black

Swan. Ohhhh no. No you've let us down. That's not a lesbian film. Black Swan I would argue is queerbaiting.

now I don't know if you you you lot I'm calling you you lot a lot you're gonna

go crazy in the comments but I I don't think that the lesbian scene in Black

Swan is really needed. I mean Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis thank you

very much, yeah 16 year old me loved it. So take the lesbian scene out

still a great film right? So is it needed? It's not need-it doesn't need to go in

that direction and it's clear that, that they went in that direction for a reason

probably to put it in the trailer. Next one. Oh wow The Handmaiden now if you

haven't seen The Handmaiden watch it now. It's so good. Leave wherever you are yes, go home and watch it.

Um it's actually based on you know Fingersmith, based on the novel

She, so she writes like loads of like lesbian romance novels yeah like crazy

stuff and I think it's based on that it's worth like the three hour-

length that it is, and there's a pretty intense lesbian love scene

Yeah there is! See yah there! Okay. See you there? I don't know. What? You wouldn't be there would you?

stalking in the bushes! Helloooo! You enjoying our recommendation? Mulholland

Drive. I haven't seen Mulholland drive. Naomi Watts? I watched it for a little bit, for

the lesbians. No I watched like from the beginning like until a certain point and then I was like

I don't understand what's going on. Did you watch it until they got lesbian-y

I didn't I don't I don't remember them getting lesbian-y but I don't know

how far I got. Okay. There's a lot of like music that's like NERNER NERNER NERNER

and then she's in like a taxi she's like maybe it was just how we're feeling that

day let us know if it does have like a lot of like a lesbian plotline to do a

skin thing next room in room or now Roman Ryan for some reason I've never

watched it I've heard the best things about it oh yeah but it's basically just

a a lot of sex in a hotel room in home it's very good yeah it's not the best

film is he acting subpar I don't know I don't remember there

being acting I was just there the lesbians that found oh my god have we

seen them out with the welder so it's 1990 but you watch the other day and you

said we need to watch this together no wasn't that was desert hearts that is

incredible they'll be okay look we're you know the woman from liar liar oh my

god oh my god really good acting thank you it's it was her and then this woman

comes around and she's like I've got it an arm tattoo that looks like it's just

been stuck on and I'm gonna stick on you let us be an arm tattoo I think she like

comes round to fix her sink that's what lesbian this is like the

cyber lesbian porn on this top 10 is there any you think should be in here

that are not in hit yes I'm gonna go with desert hearts tennis i watch that

recently and it's it's such a lovely film i think what i put in kiss me

probably kiss mig yes if you say it in like the swedish way

oh when we watch recently called princess sit it's on Netflix it's really

good it's sort of like a coming-of-age coming-out story so it's this girl that

goes to visit her aunt and then she like her like fancy of this other girl and

it's just really nice it's really well done and then her aunt is like really

liberal and lovely and yeah kind of just lets her explore it yeah and alright

then so Google you did pretty well - Black

Swan yeah we'd say yeah let us know if you think there should be any films in

this top 10 time I hope you're not on or if you like some of the stuff that we

were flagging off yeah that's parameter let's go wrong what should we be

watching let us know in the comments we hope you enjoyed this video

yeah and we will see you soon bye bye bye

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100 Lovely Halloween Pot Ideas - Duration: 11:16.

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Was Man Really Meant To Journey To The Heavens? - Duration: 9:16.

[Ted in voiceover] October, 1987, 2 PM, space.

Space Shuttle commander Lawrence Yeti performs routine maintenance

on the hull of the Shuttle Enterprise.

Suddenly he feels a cough coming on.

He coughs.

A moment later his feet fall asleep.

The readings on his body-ometer confirm the worst.

Space fever.

Yeti needs to get back into his space craft immediately.

He reaches for the shuttle door, but beforehe can get there, he loses his hearing.

Now disoriented, he goes colorblind.

Then regular blind.

Just meters away, the commander's crew mates, oblivious to his predicament

enjoy a playful afternoon space snack.

Yeti's body temperature plummets.

He vomits. Suddenly he is filled with nostalgia.

- [ singing Happy Birthday ] - Then his ears start ringing

which he cannot hear, because of going deaf earlier.

He vomits again, and now starts the explosive diarrhea.

In the next minute, his entire body will pop.

As the Shuttle Commander drifts helplessly awayfrom the Enterprise we are left to wonder,

will man ever truly conquer space?

The answer...

is fascinating.

[ theme music ]

[Ted] Space, a vast expanse stretching tens ofhundreds of miles in almost every direction,

tantalizing us with it's celestial prowess, and dark impracticality.

The universe is a place filled with overwhelming beauty, and bothersome danger.

[ explosion ]

Throughout history, starry eyed cosmetologists have

gazed into the cosmos in hopes of finding answers tothe fundamental questions of our existence.

For centuries we have struggled with profound questions like,

what is our place in the universe?

What lies beyond space?

Is there life on other planets?

And if so, how do we kill it before it kills us?

Questions like these have led us to so many amazing discoveries.

We now know that most stars are not actually star shaped.

We've learned that Pluto is not actually a planet, but merely a planette.

We know that comet powder can cure herpes.

And we know that the moon is growing, while the earth is dripping.

And most recently, we've discovered that Mars has robots living on it.

But despite our advances, we still only know a fraction of the known universe.

And an even smaller portion of the unknown universe.

When we look to space for answers, she simply responds,

much like a drunken fortune teller, with more questions.

This perhaps more than anything is what makes the cosmos

so mysterious, even today.

But how did it all begin?

Well, it all started thousands of years ago with a big bang,

which we call the Big Boom.

It is believed that in the pre-universe some tiny spark occurred,

either by accident or by God,

or perhaps by God by accident.

This sent millions of tiny stars, planets, and galaxies into the awaiting emptiness of space.

Then these tiny space bodies, most of them no bigger than pebbles or grapes,

slowly began to grow.

And over centuries, they steadily grew feeding offthe nutrients of the space particles around them,

and eventually

matured into the majestic, interstellar giants of today.

But what did this Big Boom sound like?

[ footsteps ]

[ ♪ ♪ ]

If you can imagine a sound 605 billion, trillion,thousand, million times louder than that,

then you would be hearing something that is aboutone quarter the volume of the Big Boom.

And it wasn't just-- [♪ ♪] You know, it was, we believe something more like...

[ ♪ ♪ ]

Think about that.

[Gore] Our quest began long ago when ancient man first noticed space,

initially by accident, then later by purpose when curious elders stayed up

at night in search of the missing sun...

in the dark sky.

They believed stars were oil lamps of gods.

[Ted] The first people to have answers about space

where known as astronomers, from the Greek,

[accented] astro-nomer,

meaning he who nomes astros.

The heavens were first given true critical study by one of the earliest and

brilliantest of these homers. Ptolemy in 170 AD.

Ptolemy, known for the silent "P" at the beginning of his name

believed in a geocentric universe in which earth was at the very center.

Centuries later Rudolf Copernicus hypothesized a heliocentric universe

in which the universe, which contained the earth

revolved around the sun.

Shortly after, DeAndre Kepler theorized that notonly did the sun revolve around the earth,

but there were two suns revolving around the earth,

in what was known as a duo, helio geocentric universe.

Not be out done, Copernicus then argued back that there were actually

thousands of suns, revolving around hundreds of earths,

each of those revolving around it's own sun earth hybrid

in a milli helio geocentric universe.

Enraged, Kepler responded, "Fine. How about there's no space?"

And using the latest mathematical techniques of the time

he proved that there was no space at all.

This led to a period that we now call the Dark Ages.

The church declared there was no space, and doctrine prohibited anyone from

practicing the heretical art of astronomy,

a time still described by astronomers today as...

So, so dark.

[Ted] Now illegal,

the practice of astronomy was relegated to hidden basements and secret clubs.

Those who were caught practicing astronomy during these dark ages

were often accused of practicing witchcraft, or worse spacecraft,

and many of them, like renowned astro-nomer Joan of Arc,

paid for their illegal space studies by being burned at the stake

in the notorious Salem witch trials.

Still, there were those like Albert Galileo

who would not give up on the dream of space travel.

For centuries man had flirted with space,

but now it was time to enter her.

[NASA official] 5-4-3-2-1.

This is where the story gets fascinating.

[Ted in voiceover] Next time on Our Fascinating Planet.

[male 1] Being wrong actually sometimes is a great thing,

and this is the thing we don't discuss a lot, but um,

when you see them land a...

[stammers] a mission to Mars, you see the NASA control room

clapping and applauding.

They clap just as hard when there's a catastrophe,

because we ruled out something.

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Real Salary of Namastey England Movie Actors And Actresses | Parineeti Chopra | Arjun Kapoor - Duration: 2:31.

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RIP Google+ - Duration: 0:18.

I'll always remember the day Google+ was invented because I can look it up on Wikipedia.

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Jeep Wrangler Barricade Round Adventure Mirrors (1987-2006 YJ & TJ) Review & Install - Duration: 5:09.

Hey guys.

Today I'm here with the Barricade Round Adventure mirrors fitting all 1987 to 2006 YJ and TJ


So taking the doors off your Wrangler is what it's all about.

However, if you do that you are sacrificing your mirrors since they are bolted to the


I always recommend having your mirrors there for safety and a lot of states require it

by law, so having your mirrors there is very important.

So there are a couple of different ways you can go about keeping the mirrors on your Wrangler

for safety and one is fully relocating it to the A-pillar so you have a more permanent

solution whenever you take the door off or on you never have to worry about a mirror.

You also have the option for quick release brackets where you can bolt it up to the A-pillar

and when you take the door off you can very easily bolt on an extra mirror.

Then you have a very inexpensive as well as easy solution like these Barricade Adventure


These are gonna bolt right into the door hinge, be very sturdy and in my personal opinion

look very sleek on the side of your Wrangler.

So these are gonna be very easy to install as well as very durable.

They're made of a steel construction with a black powder coat finish and they're fully

adjustable for the most visibility.

So like I mentioned before these are gonna be a very inexpensive solution costing you

about $50.

Now there's other solutions that I talked about like the quick release brackets as well

as the full relocation brackets.

Obviously, they're gonna be a little bit pricier because they are a little bit more permanent

than a quick mirror that you can just throw on your door hinge and they are gonna be a

little bit more in-depth with design.

Personally, I think if you're looking for the easiest and most convenient way to put

mirrors on your Wrangler after you've taken your doors off, this is gonna be it and a

very great option to take a look at.

So install's gonna be a very easy one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter.

It's gonna take you 15 minutes with a couple of hand tools.

So speaking of the install, let's jump into that now.

The tools that I used for my install were a 3/8 inch drive ratchet, a 15-millimeter

wrench, and a 13-millimeter socket.

So the first step to our install is obviously to take our doors off, so make sure the bolts

on your door hinges are off and then you can go ahead and open our door, make sure our

latch is off.

So your mirror is gonna come in two pieces.

First your arm and then the actual mirror portion.

We're gonna install our arm first, inserting the threaded piece through our door hinge.

So we're gonna insert the threaded portion into the door hinge, put on our lock washer

and then thread on our nut down at the bottom.

We will just go back and tighten this down in just a minute after [inaudible 00:02:43]

is on the top.

So next is to attach our mirror to our arm here.

You will have a bolt that will screw out of the back post.

So now we can attach our mirror to our post here.

Threading on that bolt.

So now we can go ahead and tighten that down but I did wanna show you guys while we are

closing up on this, this will be able to pivot and have full movement here in the ball and

socket style post.

So I do like that.

It gives you full adjustability and you will be able to keep this bottom nut a little bit

loose and adjust it in and out.

Now we're gonna go ahead and tighten up the mirror bolt using a 13-millimeter socket and

a ratchet.

Then after that is tight and your mirror is not moving around we can go ahead and tighten

the bottom nut with a 15-millimeter wrench.

You wanna make sure that you have your mirror in the position that you want it.

I would recommend to seat in the driver's seat, see where you want your mirror and then

you can go ahead and tighten that down.

You can even just leave it a little bit loose so whenever you give it a good push you'll

be able to adjust it from the driver's seat.

Now you can do the same thing on the other side.

So that's gonna wrap it up for my review and install.

Make sure you like and subscribe, and for more videos like this, keep it right here


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Forgotten Realms Lore - Dragonborn - Duration: 5:41.

Hello everybody Jorphdan here the PH is silent.

Let's talk about Dragonborn!

The draconic race of humanoids that are hatched from eggs.

Dragonborn vary in color but all have a dragon like appearance including scales and clawed

hands and feet.

They usually come with a breath weapon that is associated with the color of dragon they

descended from.

Standing over 6 feet tall these large creatures reach adulthood around the age of 15, living

up to about 80 years.

They look a bit reptilian but that's just their draconic ancestry and should not be

confused for Lizardfolk.

Dragonborn are warm blooded with an internal body temperature warmer than humans.

The origins of the dragonborn is hidden in myth and legend.

There are some that believe the dragonborn were humans that were altered by the energies

of the spellplague.

These people are wrong but with dragonborn arriving the same time as the spellplague

one can see where they draw that connection.

The oldest legends talk about Io the first and greatest of the dragon gods creating the

dragonborn as servants.

The dragonborn were intended to serve the dragons of old.

Another myth says that when Io fought the great primordial known as the King of Terror

the dragonborn sprang from the blood that Io shed on the battlefield.

Legend says that their bodies are a balance of astral and elemental essences, weighted

more heavily towards the elemental much like a dragon.

Whichever myth you wish to take to heart the dragonborn have been slaves to the dragons

for a millennia.

Their long enslavement has lead to some anger and resentment towards their dragon masters.

Many dragonborn wish to create their own culture, history, and cities separate from the dragons.

The vast majority of their race lived on the sister world of Abeir.

It was during the spellplague that parts of Abeir were transplanted to Toril, and the

dragonborn with it.

There was a great city of dragonborn in Abeir but that city was destroyed in the transportation

to Toril.

Now Dragonborn have no empire to call their own and often join other cities to make a

life for themselves.

Born to fight, dragonborn are a race of wandering mercenaries, soldiers, and adventurers.

Honor is very important to dragonborn, in fact it might be the most important thing to them

and their society.

Breaking an oath is the height of dishonor, and one must always take responsibility for

their actions.

They hate failing and will work hard and strive always for excellence in whatever task they

take on.

This makes dragonborn seem arrogant and proud, which isn't necessarily a wrong assumption.

Most dragonborn share a great pride for their race and their accomplishments throughout


Dragonborn typically live in and form clans.

They are intensely loyal to their clan, and in Abeir these clans form centralized, cooperative


They developed laws, and religious institutions.

On Abeir they once possessed a massive empire named Arkhosia.

Arkhosia fell to the also dead empire of Bael Turath which was controlled by Tieflings.

The empire started with seven city-states uniting under the leadership of a single dragon

named the Golden One.

Although not wanting to be servants the protection

the empire offered was beneficial for day to day life.

Arkhosia prospered for hundreds of years until the Tieflings attack which destroyed both


The two fought until there was nothing left, until neither side could fight any longer.

Dragonborn have no wings or tails despite their draconic heritage.

Dragonborn are also fiercely independent despite their clan nature, and strong group dynamics.

Clan and family bloodlines are known and preserved in Dragonborn culture even with the transition

to Toril.

Family is defined as one's actual blood relative, but a Clan is a family of sorts

unified by experiences and time.

Your Clan could be anyone who's adventured with you and deserves your honor, respect,

and help.

Despite the focus on bloodlines, family units are small, usually parents and a single child.

Dragonborn wed to facilitate children and wedlock ends when the offsprings reaches the

age of 3.

Children are taught respect for their clan, families, and elders.

This will last them a lifetime and clan elders are the most highly respected dragonborn in

their society.

Parents train children out of honor to themselves, their clan, and of course their child.

Once reaching adulthood dragonborn are very likely to become adventurers.

They seem most suited for it.

They aim to be the best which might mean becoming a powerful wizard, or a prized weaponsmith.

It might also mean becoming the bandit lord instead of a petty thief.

Today in Faerun and other parts of Toril Dragonborn serve dragons as the exception rather than

the rule.

There is some animosity between dragonborn and dragons, but some remember the old ways

in a positive light.

Others detest the dragons remembering years of servitude.

Most dragonborn remain free from the dragons in Toril, and those that do serve dragons

are more barbaric than the civilized dragonborn you'll find elsewhere.

Dragonborn succeed in almost every profession.

If a dragonborn takes an Arcane path it is usually to ready them for war.

I imagine the school of evocation would best suit a dragonborn wizard.

Divine faiths are popular with dragonborn too.

Especially the draconic deities such as Bahamut.

Bahamut is probably the most popular deity among the dragonborn people, with Tiamat's

cult trying to steal away followers at all times.

Dragonborn should not be confused with Half dragons or Dragonkin.

Half dragons have tails and are the product of a polymorphed dragon that mates with a


Or half dragons can arise from certain draconic rituals.

Dragonkin was a monster in 3rd edition that were distant cousins of dragons.

They had wings and tails standing eight to nine feet high.

Dragonkin tribes exist in Faerun but dragonkin are more wild, living in the wilderness away

from society.

And that's it for today!

Dragonborn wizards, or paladins, it all sounds so much fun.

I'm trying to think of how a dragonborn warlock would work.

Perhaps making a bargain with a demon to unlock further draconic powers from within?

I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did consider becoming a patron like these

fine people!

It really helps out the channel.

Thanks for liking and subscribing and I'll see you all next week!

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Can I buy 100 SEO backlinks for $5? - Duration: 2:58.

Did I talk about this $5 to buy backlinks before? I don't think so.

SEO for $5 - seriously??!!


Over the last few years like on Fiverr itself especially, there are many

services of people who offer five dollars to get you 100 backlinks! if

you don't know what backlinks are, backlinks are websites that have your

URL so when people click on it they will come to your website.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is. The thing about backlinks are, if you

want to build really high quality backlinks to your website you need to

pay for it or you need time to get those quality backlinks to your website you

can't spend like five dollars or ten dollars and expect quality backlinks so

the people who offer you backlinks, they are not of high quality and Google will

know!! Google's algorithm is super smart! Google has upgraded their algorithm so

much over the years because people try to cheat!! There many people have done

that before you. And what happened is Google decided, no that's not it! That's

cheating our system! We want people to be able to, we want websites which are related

to each other, to point to each other, not some random websites. For example like if

you are buying shoes, if you want to buy shoes and you are connected to, let's say

a babies website. That has nothing to do with each other!

Don't be cheap!

Work with people who can really get you quality backlinks, let's say, if you are

working like nutrition, you want to be linked to nutritional websites or let's

say, if you're working with tech you want to be connected with those techy media

websites so that's where you want your backlinks to be coming from, not any

random Tom Dick and Harry. You want to be related or associated with quality websites.

Birds of the feathers flock together and Google knows that.

So if you really want to build up on quality backlinks to your website over time, look

out for other potential people that you can work with. You know, send them an

email, ask them if they can link to your website or if you have really high

quality blog post content, if people find it they're going to share with other

people maybe on forums or they are gonna send to their friend and gradually over time,

they might even refer to your blog post as a useful resource

to be part on their blog, to be part of their blog.

So what do you think?

Do you know of anyone who is still buying $5.00 for 100 backlinks for their website?

Let me know in the comments below and follow me for more exciting marketing and LinkedIn tips.

See you next time!

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Driver In Deadly Limo Crash Provided With Unsafe Vehicle, Family Says | TODAY - Duration: 3:34.

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How To Make a Redstone Lamp - A simple explanation - Duration: 1:41.

Greeting, this is Ginthian and I really want to help you enjoy playing or watching Minecraft.

If this is your first time on my channel and you want to get

the most out of your minecraft experience make sure you hit the

subscribe button and click on the bell so you know when I produce videos.

So to make a redstone lamp you click on the crafting bench and what you need is

glowstone. You put that in the center of the crafting bench and then you put

redstone on the north south east and west or up, down top and

up down left and right.

That creates a redstone lamp.

And once you have one, you can place it down

and we need to power it. So we'll take a lever and you can see here that you turn

it on and you can turn it off. And there you have a redstone lamp.

Thank you for watching and goodbye!


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Panama City Residents Evacuate Ahead Of Hurricane Michael | TODAY - Duration: 2:40.

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Hit play, there's someone who wants to wish you a happy birthday.

Hi Ezequiel how are you? Greetings from Argentina. I wanted to send you a big hug on your birthday. Many happy returns,

I hope you have lots of fun with your family and friends. I also want to wish you the best of luck for this season defending the colours of my dear Valencia CF.

Big hug!

How awesome! I didn't expect it at all!

I admired him a lot. Since I was a little kid he was the player I wanted to become, my role model.

So it's definitely nice to hear that message with him wishing me a happy birthday.



Om Nom Stories: Unexpected Adventures Season 3 Episode 1 | Funny Cartoons For Children by Kids TV - Duration: 1:44.

Om Nom Stories

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Sony XAV-AX100 Installation - Ford F250 Superduty - Duration: 16:56.

how's it going everybody my name is Justin and welcome to the BTR garage

today we're going to be continuing some upgrades for my 2002 Ford F250 superduty

we're going to be replacing the OEM stock stereo head unit with a brand new

multimedia head unit with smartphone integration Bluetooth capabilities a

number of other features and we're also going to be adding a new backup camera

to the truck obviously the 16 year old truck does not have a backup camera so

we're gonna add that as well that integrates into the multimedia head unit

so let's go ahead and take a look at what we've gotten and get started with

the installations so what we have here first off is the head units this is a

Sony XAV-AX100 multimedia head unit lots of

cool features apple carplay capable Android auto capable has an input for a

backup camera and a number of other things as well and we have our backup

camera by Optics so this is basically a license plate mounted backup camera you

can see there is the backup camera mounting bar it comes with two cabling

to run into the cab and an RCA connection to connect to your head unit

and then we have an assortment of other parts and pieces a harness for the truck

this is specific to the f250 and allows us to connect the new head unit straight

into the trucks harness without any special wiring in this I actually got

through they'll actually build these wire harnesses for you

specific to your truck and they've got some notes and things on the back here

and then the other stuff is just mounting hardware for the head unit into

the dash and then the tools to remove the double din unit in the stock truck

so here's a quick look at the Sony XAV-AX100 head unit obviously entirely

touchscreen except for a few buttons here and then the volume knob very nice

and slick units should look good once it gets in the truck what we're gonna do

before that though is actually start with the reverse camera and this is a

look at the reverse camera here so the camera obviously in the center there and

then this will slide in and out to fit the license plate it looks like it

actually this might be the right size actually so what we'll do is get this

thing wired up first in the back of the truck we have to tap into the reverse

lights of the truck so that the camera comes on when the truck is in Reverse

we'll have to add a ground and maybe a couple other things as well and then run

the wire the length of the truck up into the front and we got to find an entry

point into the truck on where we can bring the wires into the cab usually

there's a little harness that goes from one of the other systems in the truck

that we can run the wires from this through to get into the cab and then

under the dash and into the radio ultimately to get things hooked up the

wiring for the backup camera is pretty straightforward you have these two red

wires that will attach to the positive reverse light wire on your truck the

black wire is of course going to go to a ground and then the length of the wire

that goes under the truck which is all bundled up over here then this is the

wire that will bring into the cab and that's just an RCA cable that attaches

to the RCA input for your backup camera on your stereo head units and then this

wire also goes to a positive trigger wire on the head unit so that it knows

when your truck is in reverse on this particular backup camera all of this

stuff is documented on the back and pretty clear and legible instructions

which makes it pretty easy the hard part really is just gonna be finding out what

wire is the reverse wire in the truck now the easy way to find your reverse

light wire is to simply come over to your truck pull the tail light off

figure out which one is your reverse light in this case it's the bottom one

that would be your white or clear lights and then take a look at the wires and

see which one is the reverse wire obviously one of them is going to be the

black ground and then the other is a black

with a pink tracer or a pink stripe on it in this case so now it's just a

matter of getting underneath the truck finding out where that wire harness goes

to and then tapping into that black wire with the pink tracer on it then we'll

have the power for the backup camera we can hook it up to a ground source

anywhere on the back of the truck and then run the wire all the way to the

front of the truck let's go ahead and get started on that and then get this

wiring into the cab here's the camera mocked up in position obviously we'll

have the license plate over it when it's all said and done I'm gonna check out

the wiring on the underside underneath the truck I just pulled the reverse leg

wire out of the loom so the black with the pink tracer is right up in there

we'll go ahead and splice into that and then add the grounding wire to an

existing ground which is up in the frame rail up there

now as you saw from the pictures I actually ended up soldering in the wires

from the backup camera into the reverse lights on the truck so the black with

the pink wire it makes for a cleaner installation it is a little bit more

difficult you don't know how to solder it's totally fine to use wire splices or

the crimped style splices I just didn't have any that were small enough for the

little wire that is on the camera wiring so now that everything is soldered up I

tidied it all up with electrical tape so it's nice and neat we're going to run

the wire to the front of the truck I'll show you where it comes out into the

cabin once the wire is under the truck you want to pull the trim pieces off of

the front of the car on the inside lift up the carpet and on this f250 super

duty you can see where the harness comes in from the underside will basically

punch a little hole in the grommet to press our wire through from the backup

camera see what it looks like on the underside and our view from underneath

you can see we have our cable run from the back of the truck I just followed

this harness all the way towards the back to run the wire and we're gonna

punch a little hole in that grommet to get the RCA cable pushed through and

here's what it looks like with our wire punched through the grommet use a little

bit of silicon sealant just to seal up the hole a little bit better alright now

that the rear view camera wire is run we can start the fun stuff installing the

actual radio into the dash in the truck we got to start obviously by taking out

the OEM radio I got a pair of these double din remover tools that we use on

this particular truck to get the radio out so let's jump inside it we'll start

taking things apart and unplugging the stock head unit alright so we have our

double din removal tool just this little metal u-shaped device here those holes

in the head unit where we can stick those in to kind of push until they


then should be able to pull the head unit out

all right so finally got the thing wiggled out of there it seemed like the

trick was to pull out on the brackets really hard and it finally came loose

that would be able to pull it out and disconnect cables on the back just a

couple harnesses say one harness and then the antenna there we go now with

the radio out we can go ahead and start modifying the sub - on my f250 I

actually have to shave away a portion of the - hole or the - opening where the

radio goes in order for the new head unit to fit it comes with instructions

with the mounting kit that I have tells you what to do and I'm going to show you

what exactly we need to shave away here so this upper lip section right here

needs to be cut away not the side pieces but just that upper lip section and then

the lower lip section down here on the bottom needs to be shaved away as well

see if I can get better light in there you can see how there's a lip on the top

and on the bottom both of those need to be cut away and then our new radio will

fit I'll be using a dremel tool with a little cutaway blade on it to cut away

the plastic so again we're going to be cutting away in the top section and then

the bottom section obviously you want to be super careful when doing this we're

gonna go ahead and get started

once we have the bulk of the material removed we're gonna grab some flat files

and start shaving down the upper edges and the bottom edge just to kind of make

things a little bit more neat and then what we can do after this is grab our

head unit and make sure it fits in there

okay both the bottom in the top sections are notched out you don't have that lip

up there or on the bottom we might need to take a little more off the bottom I'm

not sure but now it's time to test fit the new head unit so we have our new

Sony XAV-AX100 head units we have no mounting brackets or anything on the

side it's just the bear head unit we want to make sure it fits them to the

hole before we mount anything permanently in place and it looks like

there's plenty of room I have the room on the top and the room on the bottom it

looks like so I think that should be pretty good what we need to do is grab

the mounting kit and attach it to the head unit itself now now before I mount

everything permanently in place as well I'm tying everything together the wiring

for most of the components the backup camera in particular I wanted to make

sure it works before I stick it into the truck so I wired everything up

temporarily as you can see that's my backup camera wiring down here goes into

the back of the head unit into the camera port and as you'll see I'll start

it up I'll show you that the backup camera works the head units powering up

so as you can see everything worked great when you put the truck into

reverse the backup camera automatically comes on on the head unit the other

thing you can do and I thought about doing this was instead of wiring the

backup camera into the rear reverse lights on the truck you can power it

into a power source that is always on that way you can turn on your camera at

any time there's actually a rear-view camera button on the front of the head

unit that you can push but when I push it on mine because it's tied to the rear

or the reverse brake light wire it won't come on it says there's no input and

that's because the camera is not powered on unless I put the truck into reverse

so there is an alternative if you want to wire it that way I kind of wish I

would have done that but it's not a huge deal

it still works just fine when we're backing up the truck when we need it the

most now that we have everything tested out and we know it works I went ahead

and ran the rest of the wiring through the underside of the dash I ran the

speaker for the Bluetooth speaker up into the top of the headliner on the top

of the eight pillar here so there's our speaker we'll run the wire down the

eight pillar and these eight pillars just pop off with the pull of a hand and

it's routed down into the dash down here and ultimately all of the wires are

coming out through the hole where the head unit belongs so we have our harness

the parking brake wire for the backup camera the backup camera a reverse light

wire my microphone wire the backup camera video wire and then I have that

USB cable as well that hooks up to the head unit that will route in through the

dash as well so that it sticks out somewhere convenient probably down here

where we can access it with the phone other than using bluetooth for audio we

can use the USB for the audio so we're gonna go ahead and get things plugged in

and get the head unit insert it into the dash so I did run into some troubles

getting the head unit mounted into the hole properly I think this bottom

portion where we had to take some material off earlier in the video we had

to take some off the top and off the bottom I needed to take more off of the

bottom to get it to fit so we're gonna go ahead and plug everything back in and

hopefully everything snaps into place this time

we have our antenna wire our harness wire back up camera video wire and the

microphone wire for the Bluetooth headsets and audio make sure it's all

good and snugged up once this thing is inserted there's no taking it out

unfortunately you want to make sure you have all of

your connections in place

there we go I think it went there it is nice

so that snapped in that time so I did have to take the more material off the

bottom like I had mentioned there is a gap filler that comes with the kit that

will put on the bottom here in just a second and here is that little gap

filler piece basically follow your instructions and hopefully it snaps into

place like they say it does and there we are the new dash units finally in place

everything worked out pretty good it was a little bit tricky getting that thing

mounted in there

all right everybody that's gonna do it for this video we finally got through

installing the new backup camera and the new Sony XAV AX100 multimedia head unit

into my 2002 Ford f250 both awesome upgrades and much needed compared to the

OEM equipment or the non-existent om equipment in the case of the backup

camera and overall not too difficult of a

project there were some snags along the way nothing too crazy I think the

biggest thing I noticed was having to take out more material in the sub - on

that bottom section where I showed you guys so if you're installing this on a

Ford f250 Super Duty I think between the years 1999 and 2004 it is a pretty

similar installation process so hopefully this video will help you guys

out you guys have any thoughts comments or suggestions please leave them down

below like always I love to hear from you stay tuned for more good stuff

coming up for the f250 I got some surprises in the engine and exhaust

department stick fast out there I'm checking out talk to you all next time

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Simple Home Remedy for Numbness - Duration: 4:00.

home remedies for numbness in legs and hands numbness indicates a lack of touch

sensation in some particular areas of your body other symptoms can include

tingling or burning sensation sharp pain or weakness of affected area everyone at

some times goes through this numbness for a while whenever there is an

interference with normal flow of blood and blood supply to any of the body

parts reducers then the problem faced is known as numbness and the problem of

numbness occurring in hands and feet are very common the main reasons for this

occurrence is due to nutritional deficiency smoking lack of exercise in

active lifestyle / alcohol consumption migraines sudden changes in

environmental conditions thyroid problems compression in the nerves and

depression could also lead to the problem of numbness this condition is

usually not a big matter of concern but if it is repetitive or painful and

remain for long period then you should consult your doctor fortunately a few

home remedies would help some treatment for numbness in hands and legs here are

simple and easy home remedies warm compress you need to apply warm compress

on affected area it will help to increase blood supply to a numb area and

would reduces the tingling sensation for this you have to do ease directions dip

a washcloth in warm water wring out the excess then keep it on the affected area

for five to ten minutes repeat this for several times until numbness is gone

turmeric turmeric contains a compound called curcumin which helps to improve

blood flow throughout the body in addition its anti-inflammatory

properties helps to reduce pain in affected area direction add one teaspoon

of turmeric powder to a cup of milk and boil the milk add little honey and drink

daily to improve circulation you can also massage the affected area with a

paste prepared with turmeric powder and water for a few minutes

Epsom salt it is one of the easy and common home remedy to reduce numbness

from your feet the magnesium sulfate in that salt helps to raise magnesium

levels in the body and in froze blood circulation directions mix 1 teaspoon of

Epsom salt in a tub filled with warm water

now keep your legs and hands into the water for 10 to 15 minutes repeat this

process every day exercise during regular exercise helps to involve hand

and foot moments exercise the like aerobics cardio workout etc helped a lot

you can try swimming on jogging for an improvement in blood circulation

cinnamon cinnamon contains numerous chemicals and nutrients which includes

manganese and potassium along with many important vitamins its nutritional

properties helps to improve blood flow to your arms and legs and this helps to

treat numbness in hands and feet direction mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

powder in a glass of warm water drink it once daily alternatively you can take

one teaspoon each of cinnamon powder and honey and have it daily in the morning

for few weeks mustard oil mustard oil is very useful to cure numbness in hands

and feet Direction warm some mustard oil now apply on affected area and massage

for 10 to 20 minutes during a tries add a conclusion numbness is very common for

everyone so these home remedies will help you a lot along with this drink

plenty of water that which can keep your body hydrated which in turn lead to

prevention of occurrence of numbness in hands and feet thank you for watching

this video like and subscribe for more videos

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