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[Beverly Mitchell] Hi, I'm Beverly from Downen Creative Studios, and today I'm becoming the Wasp.

I got started in cosplay about four years ago.

We were looking for something to do with the kids,

and we had no idea what a convention was.

Little did I know that everybody was dressed up and everyone was having a really good time.

And so we decided that we were going to go again the next year in costume.

I really wanted to make a big costume because I love the challenge.

I love the Wasp, and Hope van Dyne is the kind of female character that is,

she's independent, she's incredibly smart, she doesn't need saving.

Having those strong female characters to emulate is perfect timing for where I'm at in my life.

There's a lot to this costume.

Finding materials that I was happy with, that I knew that, construction-wise, would work,

that was a challenge.

And another challenge was figuring out how to construct

the layers of this costume so that I could wear it and that it could be functional.

I used reference pictures and constructed a map of the suit's lines,

so that I could then scan them into my computer and kind of manipulate the forms from there.

The top pieces are going to be made out of EVA foam.

For the wings, I'm going to make two different sets.

One of them is going to be the collapsed wings, so that'll be just kind of backpack style.

And then the big wings are going to be made with etched acrylic.

[Eric Jones] Beverly and I go way back.

Helmets are interesting. I've only done like three or four of them.

I built out the head with some EVA foam first.

And then I just kind of free-formed the rest of it out of clay.

[Beverly Mitchell] I just can't wait for this whole thing to come together.

To debut a costume at a con, it's nerve-racking, it's exciting.

This is something that I've been working on for such a long time.

To be able to finally put it on and become Hope van Dyne, I mean, it's just amazing.

These women are powerful and they are really setting a tone for women in pop culture and in costuming.

And I love that my stepdaughter gets to step into a world like this.

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New 3 Jurassic World Action Figures Zia & Triceratops, Spinosaurus Vs Baryonyx Claire Unboxing Toys - Duration: 18:44.

it's fun asuras first Baryonyx which of our three characters it's going to get

slimed first also at the end of this video I will show you guys how to make

slime at home and we will go ahead and unbox these three awesome Jurassic world

fallen Kingdom characters which include Zia there and a mercenary

I also keep watching as we make these three different colors of slime okay so

which character is going to get slimed first Zia Claire or the mercenary let's

New 3 Jurassic World Action Figures Zia & Triceratops, Spinosaurus Vs Baryonyx Claire Unboxing Toys

what a mess guys so did you see who got slimed first if you guessed correctly

put it in the comment section down below and let me know who got slimed first I

definitely seen it so if you did it go ahead and watch that again

walk past that guy's is slime that I made we make green slime in this one but

I made this slime yesterday and it turned out perfect so I will show you

guys how to make

wow what a mess but the pet is so much fun watching this slime come down on

them this is awesome

what a mess guys this is a new kind of slime I bought this is zuru slime this

is liquid gold Wow these characters sure Gus lime it's

great to see you again today I have three brilliant new action figure packs

that are actually very hard to find ah these were sent to me by my friends at

Mattel to review for you guys this one I did not even see it was available yet

this is Zia in Triceratops this looks awesome

reminds me of the first dog Jurassic Park movie where the Triceratops is sick

and dr. Ali Statler has to make it better okay and then we have off

mercenary and nice orders so he looks from glad they gave us four mercenary

ones and then we have Claire and Stegosaurus I have not seen this at the

store I know it's available because I've seen

it on eBay bought it was so anyways there we go and there is some of the

other one as you got the weekend

see that one okay so they do got quite a few action figures which makes me really

happy let's go ahead and rip this open and

take them out oh look how cool that is it did not destroy it they put a type of

glue on here that did not destroy the packaging or collectors who want to

preserve it and that's what's in the package and behind there we have custom

chomping legacy edition t Brad's in it to look like uploads okay well anyways

Xia is really cool it does come with a little generic but not fun and then Xia

is her typical look I mean she likes bright colors she's got a green jacket

bright yellow shirt blue jeans and bright red sneakers so uh same great

movement which here then the arms 300

she looks really cool he's got 14 flat and then she has this medical case that

actually for a small action figure it pops open and once you pop it open you

can see there's bags of blood inside is some type of fuck which it's

blood transfusion okay and here's another one that is kind of hard to find

this is Claire and Stegosaurus

okay so this is another Claire there is quite a few players index okay so this

Claire comes with this little miniature Stegosaurus which is cool these packs

actually remind me Jurassic Park their later action figures were about

this size and most of them came with the little dinosaurs so that's kind of cool

and then you have some type of like a computerized medical

I believe she could actually hold yes she could so that is cool

looking at his baby sources metafilter

so it's cool to get a different Claire this one she's wearing like a bright

yellow medical coat with a tank top underneath and the cool thing is you

could open the coat and see her whole tank top I mean they got the tank top

all the way there but I don't believe you could take the coat off

so same great movement with this one like I said yellow coat she's got like

brown pants and foods orange hair she's got like a stoic

type expression

and then our next one is just a mercenary and think this source which we

deep we do need more bad guys so it's cool that they're giving us some bad

guys so we could make and that's what came with it I don't know what this

thing is what it is totally evil looking it looks almost like some type of

chainsaw and you would like put it around the Dinos neck chop its head off

or something you guys know what that is let me know

let's see if he's made

okay so he could hold it I mean you gotta spread his finger his thumb

more than I'm comfortable with but I guess this would be like a two-handed

type attack whatever well ah this mercenary is real cool he's got like

Holland tactical vest he's got like the dark green utility belt great movement

on the leg bend at the elbows he does have these black shades and green gloves

so he is pretty

what are yours so and then we have purple

ok guys so the ingredients you need are Elmer's school glue some type of food

coloring water and I use borax some people are scared to use borax because

it's internship but you use such a small amount

I don't ask your parents before ok so the first thing I do is I take a half

cup of water I pour it into the white bowl and then I use 4 ounces of Elmer's

glue this is almost 8 ounces so I'm going to put half okay then in the

second bowl I put 1/2 cup of warm water so to help dissolve the borax and then

you put about 1/4 teaspoon this is a 1 teaspoon container so you put about 1/4

teaspoon of borax in there and you mix that really well there

and then you go ahead and mix the glue and the water together in the second

hole there you can see it looks like this stick you mess so it looks like a

total sticky messy never mix it together good until they're pretty much mixed

like in looks like milk and then I like putting my food coloring before I add

the borax once you add the borax it's done I mean it it turns instantly to

swattin so here I'm putting green

look at that color would be some cool-looking slide yeah so makes it

really good so the color is consistently mixture and now we're gonna go ahead and

add the borax very slowly while we continue mixing it so this is the borax

water just continue mixing this and add in the borax instantly you're gonna see

a transformation it's gonna become almost like stringy look

Xabi that's like an instant effect of the borax the more 4ax you put the more

solid it's gonna be I wanted to create a good runny slime so I I just put in a

quarter teaspoon of borax and then sometimes it gets sticky right now you

can see it's really sticky on this fork and finger I mean depending how thick

you want it this see it's really sticky what I do is I add a little bit of oil

so you can add vegetable oil off peanut oil coconut oil any type of oil is you

have to add maybe of people but oil will make it greasy saw if you don't like the

stickiness then you might want to leave it like it is here I'm putting in a

tablespoon of coconut oil just pouring it in there and then I will mix it

together and if it if your slime is too stinky you could always add more warm

water to it and it'll make it flow even okay here you can see my slime is still

pretty sticky so I just go ahead and add a little bit of warm water to it

besides the oil mix it up it'll make your slime flow colotti here and the oil

will help it so it doesn't stick as much so there you can see it does flow a lot

better ah it's awesome check that out

ah here we have awesome sticky slime it is still pretty sticky so depending on

how sticky you on it just keep adding water if you want it to be more pliable

actually the what sorry I apologize the water will make it more runny so I mean

it depends on how you want your slime if you want your slime to run here is a

really good consistency to slime right there that is awesome you can see as

soon as I pick it up and let it go I mean it just flows right down and

another thing I found out if you leave the slime overnight and then play with

it the next day it's not as sneaky and messy because you can see right now it's

still pretty sticky you could always add more oil plot that will make it more

greasy for me personally I think it's fun like this let me show you some of

the slime I left overnight here is two types of slime I made I left overnight

in an airtight container so here is red this is like the ultimate slime I mean I

have not call it slime like this I mean look at that

it had the good runny consistency but stick close to as much as fresh slime

because I left to overnight like I said I did want a little bit of coconut oil

into this you could always keep adding coconut oil but it will make it more

greases well I love the consistency of this drop it what I love it I love this

line and then here is some black slime I mean the once again this has about the

same consistency as the red this is a little bit more sticky look at that

where I had the red now I have white slime how cool is that

red stripe the slime I mean black and slime with red stripes in it see look at

that consistency I love that consistency okay it is

sticking a bit in my hand put Isis is so much fun to play with I mean you can

squeeze this stuff throw it around in your hand throw it on top of toys that

you have I mean whatever you want it is awesome so there we go

that is how you make and when your hands are messy like this just go and rinse it

under warm water and this slime will walk right off like okay guys that was

totally awesome there is the three different kinds of

slime we made and guys if you enjoyed this video

I do got over a thousand other videos in the Geordie guard drastic world

jazzy park I feel like super fun former Power Rangers Ninja Turtles could

be do in a lot more also I am selling t-shirts and plug in now check out the

description below this video you guys are awesome I will see you in today's

secret word

go ahead and put that in the comment section down below the video I know you

remember my book click the subscribe button below for a lot more fun videos

also put the bail button to be notified every time I make a new video click the

boxes below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go

ahead and click the subscribe button

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Meghan Returns To The View & Trashes Trump Hard, 2008 Video Makes Her Regret It - Duration: 4:32.

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Into the Wild | Table Tales: LILLEHAMMER - Duration: 2:09.

Getting into the wild, to me it feels just like home

And in cooking the perfect meal, everything starts out here.

Welcome to Lillehammer.

Me and my father are proud to present our menu based on local products.

And beautiful surroundings.

My father is almost embarrassingly enthusiastic about...

using local ingredients in our food.

So I've been hearing about this all my life.

Luckily for us, around Lillehammer, we can find anything we need.

Sometimes we can even just grab it right outside our window.

Walking around in the city, you get a real feeling of community.

It's really calm and relaxing,

and at the same time you can get everything you need.

Including local crafts, arts and of course my father's favourite:

food and drinks.

I don't think he can ever get enough of that.

The Olympic Games of 1994 put us on the world map.

And you can still see signs of it everywhere.

I think the pride of beeing an olympic city encourages people around here,

to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

So this is a result of a nice day outdoors.

Just capturing our fish,

picking mushrooms and farming some of the...

most beautiful vegetables we have around here.

I'm proud of you.

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El mensaje de Taylor Swift cautiva a muchos | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 1:12.

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Liberal Hack Tom Arnold Gets In Conservative Actor Dean Cain's Face — Big Mistake - Duration: 6:53.

ShareTweet+1 When washed-up comedian Tom Arnold confronted conservative actor Dean Cain, getting in the "Superman" star's face over his political beliefs, he quickly realized that he had made a huge mistake.

After getting in the face of "Superman" actor Dean Cain (right) over his conservative views,

comedian Tom Arnold (left) discovered the confrontation may not have been the best idea.

(Photo Credit: Screenshot via The Hollywood Reporter, John Lamparski/WireImage, Frederick M.

Brown/Getty Images) As America becomes further divided by political polarization, liberals and conservatives find themselves on opposite ends of both the partisan and moral spectrums.

While those on the right tend to encourage healthy debate when confronted with an opposing view,

leftists are resorting to shouting, name-calling, and even violence toward in an effort to squash dissent.

Of course, since the left has apparently exalted wealthy celebrities as their most prominent political advisors,

these often out-of-touch elitists are routinely found on social media aggressively spewing hateful,

politically-charged rhetoric at conservatives, especially at fellow actors who've left the liberal thought plantation.

However, what happens when Hollywood's social justice warriors have to come out from behind the comfort of their million-dollar mansions to face right-leaning colleagues they've relentlessly censured? On October 9,

fading liberal actor and comedian Tom Arnold was forced to stare into the face of the man he's repeatedly attacked on Twitter — conservative "Superman" actor Dean Cain.

However, instead of resorting to the typical aggression and arrogance he exhibits from the protection of social media,

Cain tweeted out video exposing how Arnold quickly "backed down" when confronted about his trolling behavior, according to Fox News.

Totally untrue. He called me #racist and said I was anti-LGBT.

That's how it always seems to work. After I confronted him, he backed down. — Dean Cain (@RealDeanCain) October 9, 2018 "He called me #racist and said I was anti-LGBT.

"After I confronted him, he backed down. Totally untrue," the tweet said.

That's how it always seems to work." In the video, Arnold can be heard repeatedly asking Cain to show him "what it said,

" apparently referring to a derogatory tweet recently directed at the conservative actor.

Arnold's incessant denial and increasingly submissive reaction showcase a very different personality than the fearless social justice warrior he portrays on Twitter.

"Dean was intense. Arnold appears to have since deleted the tweet.

He looked ready to do something if Arnold came at him," says a witness.

The confrontation, which was recorded in a video obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, took place behind the scenes at Larry King's California studio.

The argument apparently ensued over a tweet in which Arnold ruthlessly derided Cain and attacked his religious background.

"@RealDeanCain is another @realDonaldTrump loving fake Christian coward which makes Dean Cain anti-LGBTQ & racist.

Cain replied by tweeting: "Tom, you're a cowardly, slanderous weasel," THR reported. #complicit," the tweet from September 22 allegedly said.

Tom Arnold has since deleted the derogatory tweet directed at Dean Cain.

(Photo credit: Twitter Screenshot via Daily Mail) "I'm not a racist person. Never have been.

I've always supported gay rights," Cain boldly refutes Arnold's recent allegation.

"You're giving me guilt by association and that's wrong." Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Arnold's accusatory tweet was brought on by Cain's prior participation in the Values Voter Sumit,

which is an event organized by the Family Research Council.

Calling those associated with the latter organization "Nazis," Arnold pleads with Cain by saying,

"Don't be with them." "They're hurting people — you know how many suicides of fucking gay kids? … They fucking shame them and they try to keep them out of fucking schools.

… I don't want those fuckers using you," says Arnold, waving his hand in front of Cain. That's why it's so visceral. … Please hear me.

"If I was with Nazis, if I go to their convention, they're like that, Dean, I'm telling you. They're that bad.

They're hurting people," Arnold asserted, adding that he doesn't "want those f—–s using you." "Nobody is using me.

The discourse ultimately ended with a handshake and a hug before the pair parted ways. I speak my mind," Cain answered.

However, Cain later revealed Arnold's libelous tweet wouldn't be swept under the rug just because he "backed down,

" writing that his allegations are "totally untrue." Mad World News Of course, now that he's no longer forced to face his political opponent,

Arnold is back to playing the liberal activist by slandering Cain and insisting that he wasn't scared in the slightest. "I didn't back down," Arnold told THR.

"I was giving him a break by not assuming he was stupid about the FRC, which I do liken to Nazis,

and now I see he's one of them." "He played this icon, Superman, but he's an idiot," Arnold said.

He's a fucking pussy. "If he wanted to fight, I took my glasses off for him.

Next time I see him we'll get it going and his buddy can film it." While liberals are quick to resort to physical violence when they think their opponent is unable to defend themselves,

they hastily cower and retreat when faced with a capable, returning to the safety of their keyboards.

Although Dean "Superman" Cain would undoubtedly win in a fistfight with Roseanne Barr's ex-husband Tom Arnold,

the conservative actor shows virtuous restraint, choosing civil discourse over the left's preferred violence.

The heated argument once again showcases the difference between the right's strong yet disciplined men and the left's hyper-aggressive yet cowardly beta males.

The information presented is the opinion of the author. Mad World News provides commentary on real news stories.

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Descubren ingenioso escondite para dinero y drogas | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 0:40.

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Ya está listo el Latinx Now! | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 3:00.

For more infomation >> Ya está listo el Latinx Now! | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 3:00.


How to make a Magnetic Compass at Home - DIY Compass - Duration: 1:41.

How to make Magnetic Compass at home

DIY Navigation Compass

The DIY compass floats in water and aligns to North

Mark all the 4 directions on compass

A simple navigational tool

DIY compass shows all the directions

Thanks for watching..!

Click on SUBSCRIBE and press Bell Icon

to never miss an update from your channel

GOODTECH Creativity And Science

For more infomation >> How to make a Magnetic Compass at Home - DIY Compass - Duration: 1:41.


Rechazada nueva petición de abogado de El Chapo | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 2:03.

For more infomation >> Rechazada nueva petición de abogado de El Chapo | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 2:03.


Integral sponge cake with Panela (without white sugar) - Duration: 3:48.

today you will learn to make a recipe for sugar-free and healthy confectionery

Hello Kitchens! today we are going to prepare integral sponge cake without sugar

ingredients are 100 grams of flour spelled 100 grams of oatmeal

150 milliliters of vegetable milk 60 milliliters of olive oil a yogurt

natural 2 large spoons of raisins 1 large scoop of yeast

pastry or baking powder and for last a small spoonful of stevia

in dust and now if we go with the recipe

The first thing we will do is throw in a bowl olive oil raisins


and we remove it well to mix everything

in another bowl apart we mix the dry ingredients these are both

types of flour and yeast

and in a bigger bowl we are going to mix all the above ingredients

we'll start with the first mix that we did and we are going to add little to

little the dry ingredients and we're going mixing


at this time we also add the stevia

and then we add the vegetable milk and we keep mixing

the result will be a mass but with something liquid texture

so if we see that it's too thick we add more milk or if by the

otherwise it is too liquid we add more flour

now it's time to pour the mixture in a mold

and we'll put it in the oven for 45 minutes the oven must be previously

heated to 180 degrees centigrade or 355 degrees fahrenheit the trick for

check if the cake is ready or not is to prick it with a finite knife or a

metallic stick and if it comes out dirty is that it's still too raw to

take it out of the oven Finally, beware of the anxious and

that we should let it cool an average hour before eating it this is so that

have the consistency and texture perfect

How did you like the recipe if it is A) Yes

help us with your like to share it with Some friend cooks and do not forget

to subscribe to the channel and give the bell to not miss anything and about

all do not miss the video that we'll post tomorrow remember in kitchen

homemade a new video every day who gives plus

ciao kitchen cash

For more infomation >> Integral sponge cake with Panela (without white sugar) - Duration: 3:48.


Guillermo del Toro presenta su nuevo proyecto de animación | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 0:37.

For more infomation >> Guillermo del Toro presenta su nuevo proyecto de animación | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 0:37.


GOP Congress Blindsides Democrats With Border Wall Move, Shakes Up 2018 Race - Duration: 5:03.

For more infomation >> GOP Congress Blindsides Democrats With Border Wall Move, Shakes Up 2018 Race - Duration: 5:03.


Liberal Pollsters Predict Democrats MIGHT NOT Take Back the House - Duration: 2:41.

For more infomation >> Liberal Pollsters Predict Democrats MIGHT NOT Take Back the House - Duration: 2:41.


Melon liqueur (subtitles) - Duration: 7:50.

Hi guys, how are you? Today I'm going to bring the whole recipe of melon liqueur.

many people asked me for this recipe finally got ready!

delicious, easy to make, a wonderful recipe, before

Let's go for a recipe, I'll ask you. subscribe to the channel by clicking here

below the video and also activate the Notifications.

now let's know how to make the liquor from melon.

melon, a tropical flavor fruit delicious, enjoyed by everyone, I go

bring today the unprecedented melon liqueur, to make this liqueur, choose the melon

that you like the most, the taste that you more like melon and your liqueur will

have the taste in the melon you choose, as an alcoholic beverage to make this

liquor, I'm going to use brandy, known like cachaça, one liter (1000 ml)

you could also use drinks like GIM / ROOM / VODCA

we will use only the central pulp of the melon, which I am indicating, let

discard the seeds and also the bark of the melon.

therefore only the pulp, I already have here cut into small

pieces, the melon pulp and we will transfer

now the pieces of a whole fruit of melon for a glass,

this glass has a capacity of 3 liters and is sterilized and can be closed

hermetically, we'll put the pieces of an entire fruit of melon.

on this glass.

and now let's put a liter of brandy,

you can also use other drinks I already mentioned, GIN / ROOM / VODCA

I will also use ten sheets of mint, or two twigs to flavor and

balance in melon liqueur, now let's close the glass very well, shelter this

glass of light, covering it with paper aluminum, cloth or plastic.

shake and we will leave in period of maceration for 20 days.

during these 20 days shake all the times you remember.

twenty days later we are returning and we will open our

melon liqueur

see that it already has color and also has aroma is melon flavor.

the next step is to strain and then filter

first I'll spend in a sieve,

I will crush, knead the fruit to the maximum amount of the liqueur still

remains in the fruit and we will transfer to the glass.

now I or filter, I will use a piece of cotton cloth,

you can filter with paper or cotton, also to eliminate the small

waste very well as it is filtered and coado, the melon liqueur

the next step is to prepare a syrup or pearl syrup in a pot on the stove

we will put 300 ml of water in 600 grams of sugar,

let's mix and the moment we to boil boil for 5

minutes later, Wait to cool completely. it's already cold

the pearl syrup which is also called syrup and the next step is to mix

liqueur that is already filtered and strained.

mix well so that it stays homogeneous,

bottle or glass bottles and wait 10 more days to get the

flavor. after ten days it is ready to consumption.

finally the melon liqueur is ready Enjoy with moderation,

shake slightly before drinking, it is not necessary to store in

refrigeration and its shelf-life is at least two years old.

I hope you have enjoyed the melon liqueur and that they can

do with success,

very well Please, please, please,

share, leave your comments, Thank you very much and may God bless you.

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