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Hello guys, this is kodi best build that could you again with another amazing video?

Oh shit, the one well on having a great time with your friends with your family or anyone

So today I'm gonna show you how to cast anything from your phone your Android phone or iPhone

To your smart TV. So we got the quick cast applique. It's really one of the best

streaming and casting apks ever had so once you install the apk

into your phone

You can

Open it right here. And

Link it with your

devices as you can see right here if you got a lot of devices you can link to

your devices so here I'm linking my

Applique with my smart TV as you can see it's connected

So now you can stream videos you can stream from YouTube you can stream local files

You can stream whatever you want

So you can stream your pictures. You've got some pictures you want to show it to your family

you'll gathering your family and eating dinner or

enjoying your time you can

Enjoy your moments as you can see right here. I'm gonna show you a stream one picture or you can slide pictures

into your

smart TV as

You can

So right here as you can see with me you get a lot of amazing features with this great app PK

So right now you can stream

videos or cast videos to your

Smart TV you got YouTube. You got Vimeo you got Facebook you got film on you got movies

You got a lot of great and huge

Content on this amazing

Ipk it's right here search for anything. You want to watch it on youtube. For example, let's search

For my videos type Kodi best build and you add my channel you can subscribe to my channel

So right here get the video so here down press on this

yellow thing

To ear and to cast the video into your Smart TV or your box or whatever

so as you can see right here the video is playing into my smart TV, so

You can

Do that for?

Any device that we can install the quick cast a PK on it and have a great time and enjoy

in your life

So here because also you got Vimeo as you can see with me. You got Vimeo you can stream any

video from Vimeo

To your TV, you can stream also movies

You can stream a lot of great amazing content into your box

So right here, we got a lot of videos so scroll down and choose whatever you want

so no matter what the video you choose you can play press the play button and

Down press to air it and to cast it to your TV

So right here as you can see, it's gonna play in my TV as you can see right here. It works well

smooth without any

Single problem as you can watch movies

You can watch a lot of you got a lot of content and a huge content. You can go to any movie

Website added to the to the applique and streamed movies and TV shows as you can see right here

We got a lot of great movies

So we can't play on any movie and play it and cast it until your Smart TV

So right here as you can see you get the movie playing now press on it

To cast it to your screen as you can see right here with me

So here guys got a lot of great features with this

streaming or

Casting application you can get it into your phone. So right here go to your play store and

Search for

Quick cast it's the only one appliquéd available in the Play Store. So

If you got any other


don't not

Install it you get installed the original one and the exact one as you can see right here. It's on yellow

so I need to

To update app so I'm going to update it to get all the new features so from time to time

Update the app to get new features into your app


streaming websites more movies more stuff

So right here it's done

Press on open as you can see you got it

And now you can start in or you can start casting

Anything into your Smart TV or whatever so I wish you the win

Well, I wish you enjoyed the video with me

don't forget to like the video and share it with your friends and

Cast whatever you want into your Smart TV

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One Dog Fiercely Fight Over The Pecking Order | Kritter Klub - Duration: 1:41.

Dachshund & Welsh corgi

What an interesting combination

Cute butts

Welsh Honey is No.1 in the pecking order

Kkami is No.2 and loves Honey

If Honey digs in the ground,

Like this??

Dogs owner: They seem to be always running in couples but they keep each other in check

Kkami keeps challenging Honey and picks a fight

Honey gets a heat start

Dog fight round 1

The owner hurriedly sprays water over them

Yeontan, Kkami's husband is unhappy with the fight over pecking order

Stop the fight and pay attention to me

I want to be No.1

Honey is bothered and pretends to keep going

Turning quickly


I will take the No.1 spot

She brought along the toughest dog in the town

Dog fight round 2

Caught redhanded by the owner

In the end separation takes place

Peaceful alone

I'll be No.1 someday!

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My CardBoard Modeling Tools: model making for Designers & Architects - Duration: 21:09.

I get a lot of questions in the comments about my tools where I got them that

sort of thing I thought this would be a great time to do a video about my model

making tools they all live in this cart right here inspired by Adam Savage's

cart and I'll leave a link to that video below so let's take a look at my model

making tools my name is Eric Strebel I'm an industrial designer welcome to my

channel about product design and making I hope that you like and joy and become

a subscriber make sure you give the video a thumbs up and then you hit the

bell hit the bell again so you get the little parentheses around it that way

you'll be notified every time I have a new video don't forget to check out the

design and making merch and just below the video on the shelf t-shirts hoodies

stickers leggings and phone cases so when you're building models I think it's

really good to have a great space to work I have a big 36 inch by 48 inch

work table with drawers below it and stuff and this is where I do most of my

model making and I if I have to cut I'm using these two different cutting boards

a smaller one right here and then this big 24 by 36 inch art ezza unit right

here link to that below but having a good surface to work on and a place to

work is essential good lights help too

probably don't use this a lot for cutting cardboard but it's a rotary

cutter it's made by art design it's great for fabric actually I'm probably

use it on some lighter weight cardboard or cardstock or a light like Bristol

particularly if I was doing like just sweeping cuts or something more organic

I don't own one of those old foe cutters that a lot of people seem to like I have

one of these which is basically a little utility knife and you can swap out the

blades and push the little button right here and I can come out so I just

swapped them out I have a whole bunch of these things and it's pretty easy to put

in and always you can get a brand new blade in there very quickly and easily

works really well in terms of exacto blades you see my video about the custom

exacto blade so this is my standard everyday one there is not like this one

is because that's the twist on the end allows you to remove the blade super

easy and put in a new one so I like the ones that twist on the end and this is

also a twist on the end one I usually keep this at my desk upstairs I don't

use this everyday in my shop the ones that I hate the most are these twists

here in the front they don't seem to ever stay tied tight or they roll around

they have a round handle so they'll just roll off your desk versus the other ones

are on shape during this one even has something on the back to keep it from

rolling like that the best so I can always find it I use a scalpel

occasionally for specialty kind of cuts because of that different blade these

blades you can get a bunch of different kinds and I have lots of different ones

that I use depending upon what it that I'm cutting these are kind of a

specialty tool occasionally you'll see me use something like this little micro

chisel it's basically a dental tool but it has a little chisel tip on the front

I don't use it a lot for cardboard cutting mainly for plastics and that

sort of thing now for blades I buy the exacto blades

and a pack of 100 I like the blue steel ones they're hardened and they last a

little bit longer so I like these the scalpel blades they have different

numbers and different sizes I buy the little packs of 20 I don't use a lot of

them and they have different shapes any of fun what kind of cutting that you're

doing that's probably the most common 120s I need to buy all this stuff on

ebay 22 a little bit different shape type any pocket cut that you're making

surgeons have all specialty ones for whatever they're doing for my utility

knife vices buy a big pack of these from the Home Depot you can it now slide your

finger here at the bottom this fence is one blade at a time I usually keep raw

blade like this just sitting on my workspace or whatever it is that I'm

doing now on the back you'll notice it has a little indicator and this will

actually show you how many blades you have in your packet how many you have

left so currently I have somewhere between 25 and 50 and you can move this

thing up and down and refill them it also has a thing at the top where you

can put the old blades away when you're done using

and the old ones go in there and you can dispose of them when they're all done

now for example blades when I'm done I stick them into a piece of foam I have a

piece of a half inch foam like this I stick them all in here and that way the

tips are not exposed and the sanitation engineer will not be harmed hopefully

why do you throw these away although attend to them generally I tend to

recycle them I'll bring them to this scrap yard and they get recycled that

way also for cutting circles I have a circle cutting tool it's made by office

cars it has a little plunger that goes up and down and this allows you to place

the center point of your circle and then rotate around that and the reason I like

this tool so much is that it doesn't leave a mark on the inside of your part

or on your part because there's no nothing to do that so if you use the

compass with a blade on it which a lot of people do I don't like that because

it leaves a center point of the circle and I prefer this says a little dial on

it and allows me to change the blade distance if you can go up to eight inch

circle and it's fully adjustable to whatever size circle that it is that I


all right on to rulers so am i everyday you'll see me cut with this ruler is a

Wescott stainless steel ruler the thing that I like about it is that I've been

able to remove the cork on the back now by removing the cork on the back it

helps me eliminate blade wobble and it lets me get my ruler right down onto the

material so I can see exactly where it is that I'm cutting the one drawback on

this is that the digits are the measuring thing do not go to the very

end so in theory what I should do here is I should cut this down or I should

send it down right to where the lines are so you have to watch out on the

ruler that you're using and make sure that you're measuring from the actual

zero mark and not the edge of the ruler because you can get messed up this way

this xinhua right angle ruler and you see me use this all the time and

everybody asks about this all the time it's made by Xinhua Japanese I bought it

on ebay from a Japanese seller I have no idea if you can get these things locally

or whatever probably not but I got mine on eBay incredibly handy tool I have a

bigger one it's a complete piece of shit it's aluminum but it does allow me to do

things along the right angle I also have one of these speed squares that I use

for a thicker material it's not really ideal for cardboard as the lip is much

much too thick here for a piece of cardboard and really doesn't work well

this is much better suited for like wood or thicker material something like that

when I need to measure something precision whether it's cardboard or

something else I'll use one of these tools so this is a little starett meter

I don't really use this one to measure stuff so much as I use it to measure

distances it's in the standard units and I can't

stand standard units I think fractions are stupid millions you guys are insane

why would anybody use this the dumbest fucking thing ever why they everything

is just being metric so I don't have anything super high-tech I use this mitt

to toy oh it does switch between metric and standard and it shows me decimal

points to a tenth I don't really need the precision to go beyond a tenth of an

inch even if I'm measuring a production part

or whatever a tenth of an inch is pretty good it's digital so I don't actually

have to do anything figure anything out it just changes this is perfect for what

I need don't really need any more precision as an industrial designer than

this you may depend upon what you're doing but this works fine for me as a

bonus in the ruler category I think a good protractor is something that's very

handy to have all bonus also I had this little engineering ruler so the great

thing about this is it's small and tiny and the scales do go the numbers go to

the very edge it allows you to stick it into something and then read the numbers

here so you can read depth so really fantastic but I don't use it a lot I

don't have a pocket to you know I'm sure to stick it in so I don't use it that

much kind of just sits mine too little card back here

you all know I hate this thing hot glue in certain instances it's okay you just

need it dries quick you know something together but for anything nice it's not

something that I use I'll just like a white PVA glue right out of the bottle

like this or I'll use one of these squeeze bottles with a lure lock blunt

nose tip needle link below on those I sell them on eBay they're incredibly

handy not just for white glue but for lots of other things like inks and

clients and solvents things like that occasionally I will use some super glue

and it's use the local cheap stuff I use a lot real don't really like super glue

very much I will use some kicker with it sometimes half the times doesn't work

occasionally on cardboard you will have to glue up something a little bit more I

might use acrylic glue or e6000 contact cement also works well big white glue

fan you know cuz white glue gives me great strength so for scissors I don't

use scissors a lot except a rough cut stuff I do have like a pair of sort of

utility scissors I'm not sure if it makes these just for general purpose

cutting like kitchen shear type of thing stainless steel they're kind of crappy

but I cut anything metal plastic wood cardboard with these for very fine

detail stuff I have a pair of hair cutting shears these are pretty

precision tools they work really great for the detailed stuff for general

purpose stuff I love these Eastern shares so there are Chinese kitchen or

cooking shears the thing about these you'll notice in her into a regular

Western shear is that blade or the handle is actually bigger than the blade

this gives you a tremendous amount of leverage versus Western shear

you don't have that same kind of leverage or control and can't even fit

all your fingers in here and the blades tend to be super long and I'll find them

good for shop use I think that these Eastern or Chinese oriental shear is

much much more convenient much better and much stronger I could fit my whole

hand in there so I get really good control really good trip

I'm coming three sizes of these at the local Asian Mart and they work fantastic

for what it is that I need let's talk a little bit about marking tools generally

I use a pencil when I'm dealing with cardboard any old regular pencil will do

this one happens to have my son's name on it so I'm a partial list get down the

bottom I think a good eraser a white eraser is good to have I try not to

erase these marks either way but eraser is a handy thing to have I'll use like a

sharpie fine point and I'm a ballpoint pen occasionally they don't bleed and

they'll give you a nice line quality as well blue black prefer black some other

specialty tools I think that are great for model making are set of tweezers

these are great for placing little items inside of your model this is a reverse

pair of tweezers money to spread something out or something I hold that

in place the opposite kind of way and then I have a pair of these clamps

containers that's not exactly sure so you know whatever paraphernalia you

prefer these are often very handy now the number one question I get asked

is about these weights you see these weights in my videos all the time they

didn't start out as weights I use them as weights and sort of placeholders and

the great for making things at right angles so these were originally made for

a project a long time ago where I needed to build a custom glass blown thing and

these were forms that we pressed into the side of the glass just had them

milled out of a piece of steel so they have a fair amount of weight they're

very unique looking they're actually pretty easy to grip here at the top they

have 90 degree right angles on here you could use like machinist block like a

1-2-3 block or something like that you see them they have the holes in them I

have these

all right tapes come in pretty handy you see me use it all the time

to tape things together to hold things temporarily while loop sets use a lot of

this white artists tape or black 3m tape these happen to be the same color as

material like black cardboard or something like that or 0.4 core black

foam core thing I use the most as a temporary tape is like the blue painters

tape it has a low tech comes off it's not meant to stick forever it may still

need to stick it onto your shirt so specialty tapes you can get stuff

like this 3m tape this is a quarter-inch you can get lots of little fine ones as

well more for doing graphics things like that but sometimes something that's

already cut down to the right size just need a little bit of tape that this

works fantastic some VHP double-sided sticky tape vhp for those you guys don't

know Scotch brand three I'm here very high bond is what USB stands for double

sided sticky tape also handy for cardboard and basic paper if you really

need to some like invisible tape I tend to not use it and occasionally maybe

some blue tack comes in handy as well for temporary folded pieces together

sometimes you need to clamp shit together Pony clamps look works really

well for that they have big ones I have little tiny

ones as well even little plastic ones these have little swivel ends on the end

so they can adjust to whatever it is that you're making I also use some of

these adjustable Dewalt clamps they work pretty good to have a little trigger so

you can just easily squeeze them together his neck release that way the

bigger ones works the same way super handy you don't use a big one like this

for cardboard model making a lot but sometimes you need stuff to clamp a few

sheets together or up place it underneath though she did glass get some

weight on it the secret sketch book was done that way

to laminate a bigger area together also for clamping things I like to use these

binder clips they come in super handy to come in a bunch of different sizes as

well and these are really great for just gluing a couple pieces of cardboard

together have great clamping power another thing

works really well are these little wooden clothespins these are fantastic

they don't have as much binding power sometimes you just need to hold stuff if

place they work really good too alright so one of the most important tools

something that you probably never see me wear or not very often and if you do

it's going to be more recent let's come to the age where I need a pair of these

so many of you probably have been wearing these for a long long time I've

been super lucky in my life and blessed with pretty good eyes and don't need to

wear these not even every day just to see stuff up very very close little tiny

numbers things that don't have a lot of contrast these you can buy at any pretty

much any store these are pretty much the lowest

whatever you wanted magnification you can possibly get and they work fine for

me if you do need to wear glasses though you know make sure you get your eyes

checked and get the correct prescription for whatever your eye issue is there's

also our good daph you know just a safety glasses I just need them

occasionally but essential tool for model making and seeing what it is that

you're actually doing don't forget to subscribe to the channel you can do that

by clicking on the icon in the bottom right of the video or below the video

give it a thumbs up and follow the channel there as well want to know about

upcoming design content and projects that I'm working on follow me on

Instagram Twitter Facebook and my favorite Google+ links below also don't

forget to check out all the design and making gear below rock on click here to

check out some of the other design and making videos that I have that you might


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Wordpress SEO Tutorial for Beginners (Search Engine Optimization Basics) - Duration: 10:00.

So you're new to WordPress and you want to get more search traffic through SEO.

Well, I've got some good news and some bad news for you.

The bad news is that WordPress alone isn't going to help you rank in Google.

It's just a tool.

But the good news is that WordPress makes it dead simple to implement search engine

optimization best practices.

So even if you're a complete beginner, you can optimize your website for higher Google

rankings easily.

And you're about to find out how to do it in this WordPress SEO tutorial.

Stay tuned.


What's up, guys?

Sam Oh here with Ahrefs, the SEO tool that helps you grow your search traffic, research

your competitors and dominate your niche.

Now first, I want to clear up any confusion.

WordPress is a Content Management System that's basically the industry standard for bloggers.

But it's developed quite a bit over time where you can now create all sorts of websites from

e-commerce to forums to essentially whatever you want.

Now, WordPress SEO is no different than just regular search engine optimization.

So what I'm referring to is using WordPress as a tool to make traditional SEO techniques

and strategies easier to implement and technically sound.

So for the most part, we'll be covering the on-page optimization best practices while

other off-page strategies like link building will all be the same whether you use WordPress

or anything else.

So let's get to it.

Before we get into the WordPress interface, I just want to make a quick note on theme selection.

Now there are a ton of free and premium templates you can get, so here are two things that you should

look for.

First, the theme should be mobile responsive.

And this is important because as Google said, mobile-friendly content may perform better

for those who are searching on mobile.

And second, you should avoid themes that are bloated with plugins or third-party scripts

that you really don't need.

So read through the theme descriptions to see what's included and you could also run

the theme demo URL through page speed tools like Google's PageSpeed insights, Pingdom

or GTmetrix.

Alright, let's move on to some important WordPress settings.

First, we need to decide whether we want to use just or

And the reason for this is because Google will look at these two pages separately.

Now the good thing about WordPress is that it'll automatically redirect the other version

to the one that you choose.

So, if you have a new website, then it doesn't really matter which one you select.

But if you've ever used both protocols, or you have an issue like this website, where

you can access the same page from different URLs then you'll want to see which version

has more backlinks pointing at it.

You can check this by using Ahrefs' Site Explorer tool.

Just enter your domain, then you'll want to take note of the number of referring domains

pointing at your website.

Then take the other version of the URL and do the same thing.

And in this case, there's a clear winner, but for other sites, where it's not so obvious,

you would want to manually do a full backlink analysis using the backlinks report.

You can change your URL by clicking on settings.

And then edit both your WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL.

Now, if you have existing content on your website and you change your URL, there are

issues that can arise so I'd recommend having access to a developer you can contact

if need be.

Alright, next we want to make sure our permalinks are set up optimally.

So click on "permalinks" under "settings" in the sidebar.

And you can see from the previews that permalinks are basically just the URLs for your posts

and pages.

The one that I prefer using is "post name" and that's for two reasons.

#1. People can look at your URL and know immediately what it's about.

So take a look at these links from our blog, and guess what they're about.

And #2. It keeps the URL short.

In our on-page SEO study, we found that short URLs tend to rank better in Google as you

can see from this graph.

Now, it's important to note that if you already have content using a different permalink structure,

then changing it to a different option may cause broken pages, which is a bad thing,

particularly if you have backlinks pointing at them.

But if you want to set up your structure this way, then you may need to add redirects, which

you can do with a plugin like Redirection.

The other plugin that I highly recommend installing is Yoast SEO.

Now this plugin is the industry standard and should work great for you out of the box.

If your site is new, then you can hover over the SEO menu in the sidebar, and go to XML sitemaps.

You'll want to make sure that this checkbox is checked and that you generate an XML sitemap

which you can submit to search engines like Google and Bing.

As a general rule of thumb, you only want to include pages that you want Google to find

on your website here.

So I've disabled the author sitemap, excluded media pages, as well as tags and format pages.

We'll touch on some of the other advanced settings in the second video from a technical

SEO standpoint, which you won't want to miss out on.

Alright on to the meat of the tutorial, and that's the on-page optimization tips you should

use for every single piece of content you create.

You can create a new piece of content as a post or a page.

And by default, posts are used for your blog.

And pages, on the other hand, are more commonly used for static pages that don't really change

often like your About Us page, Contact page, or Services pages.

So let's create a post.

In terms of SEO, there are 4 main parts here.

The title, URL, body of the content, and your meta tags.

And we'll tackle these in this order.

This part here is where you set a title for your post.

In general, the title that you enter here will act as your H1 tag from an on-page SEO standpoint.

Now, the main goal of the title is to entice visitors to click through to your article,

while accurately describing what the content on the page is about.

So you want to create something that's "click-worthy" and not "clickbait."

The second basic tip is to include your primary keyword phrase in your title.

For example, if we were writing a post on the "best nike running shoes," then our title

might be:

"17 Best Nike Running Shoes For Optimal Performance and Comfort (2018 Guide)"

By default, WordPress will change your URL slug to the full name of the post.

But we can edit it and change it to our primary keyword target, where dashes would replace

the spaces.

So I'll change it to best-nike-running-shoes and click ok.

Next is the body.

Since we're talking specifically about WordPress SEO, I want to focus on the editor, rather

than on-page ranking factors.

And we have a good video on that, so I'll link it up in the card and description.

Now, your editor will likely look different from mine, since themes and plugins can add

additional features.

The first drop-down is very important because it includes text formatting styles.

So you can include H2s, H3s, and other subheadings into your post with the click of a mouse.

So in this case, our H1 is the title that we already set up here and an H2 would be

a sub-heading like Zoom Running Shoes, which is a brand line.

And if we wanted to include specific models within the Zoom line, then we can create an

H3 like Nike Zoom Fly and elaborate on the model.

Using headings helps create a structure, which can help Google better understand your content,

and also improves readability for your users.

The other two SEO relevant features are hyperlinks and images.

To create a hyperlink, select the text you want to create a link from, then click on

the link icon, and enter in the URL you want to link to.

The selected text will then act as what we call anchor text.

You can click on the gear icon to get more options.

I highly recommend selecting the "Open link in a new tab" checkbox, which will do exactly

what it says when a visitor clicks the link.

This is good for keeping visitors on your site, while still being able to direct them

to helpful resources.

And the final feature in here is the "Add Media" button.

This is used to insert images into your post.

You can just drag and drop your photos in here, and WordPress will upload it to your server.

After it's done uploading, I highly recommend filling in the "Alt Text."

And this is good to add for a few reasons.

First, it adds more context to the page, telling Google what the image is about and it may

be helpful for ranking your images in Google Images.

Second, it's helpful for people who are using screen readers, like the visually impaired.

And third, if your image breaks, then the alternative text will show to replace the

broken image.

Alright, let's move on to the Yoast SEO settings.

Since we installed the plugin, you'll have a few fields that you can enter in at the

bottom of the post or page.

The first part is the title tag.

This is the part that would show up in Google's search results, as well as in the browser tab.

So rather than leaving it as the default, I recommend pasting your title in here.

You'll notice that it's highlighted in red, which tells us that

our title tag is too long.

This will result in truncation in the Google search results, which isn't that appealing,

so we can actually alter this without changing the title of the actual article, or your H1 tag.

So, let's remove the word "optimal," click out of the textbox, and it looks like we're

good to go.

Now, we'll want to write a meta description.

And this part is meant to support your title and further entice someone to click through.

Generally, I don't bother with the focus keyword, as it doesn't do anything aside from giving

you some "SEO scores" from Yoast.

So feel free to add it if you'd like, but know that it doesn't make a difference for

your actual search engine optimization efforts.

After you've finished your post, you can publish it and have an "SEO friendly" post done without

touching a line of code.

Now, creating a page would be the exact same, but there's one main feature difference worth noting.

Assuming that you have your permalink structure as the "post name," both page and post URLs

will show up like this.

But with pages, you can actually create them with different levels, using subfolders.

So let's say that you're a digital marketing agency using WordPress and you have 5 different


You do SEO, paid advertising, social media marketing, public relations, and email marketing.

Then what you can do is create a services landing page, where you would talk about the

different services you provide and naturally, you'd probably add links to your individual

services pages.

Now rather than having each service page as, you can nest them

under the "services" subfolder.

So let's do that right now.

You can see that I'm creating a page on SEO services, so I'll just click on the parent

dropdown and choose the "Services" page.

Finally, I'll save our page as a draft.

And now you can see that the URL is accessible as

WordPress is my favorite CMS to use, simply because it makes on-page SEO a cinch, but

there's a lot more you can do with it from a technical SEO standpoint.

And that's what we're going to be talking about in the next video.

So make sure to like, share, subscribe, and if you have any questions about using WordPress

for SEO, then leave a comment, and I'd be happy to jump in.

So keep grinding away and let's get to the second tutorial.

For more infomation >> Wordpress SEO Tutorial for Beginners (Search Engine Optimization Basics) - Duration: 10:00.


Meghan McCain Erupts on Liberal News Outlet for Saying She 'Drank Through' Her Dad's Cancer - Duration: 3:01.

For more infomation >> Meghan McCain Erupts on Liberal News Outlet for Saying She 'Drank Through' Her Dad's Cancer - Duration: 3:01.


Republicans Hope Cheating Can Save Them In The Midterms - Duration: 3:53.

You know, let's be perfectly honest; Republicans are facing a massive uphill battle in this

year's midterm elections.

It's likely that they're gonna lose the House of Representatives, it's possible if not probable

that they could also lose their majority in the Senate, if only by one or two seats, and

they're kind of freaking out right now.

But while they're freaking out and they're freaking out behind closed doors, they've

admitted they're probably gonna lose about 65 to 69 seats in the House of Representatives,

there are at least some conservative groups out there doing everything they can to make

sure Republicans retain their majorities, or that if they lose, they don't lose by very


And those groups are doing it by trying to help the Republican party cheat in this year's


One of the groups out there doing this is the Public Interest Legal Foundation, PILF,

which is a perfect name for what this group is doing.

They're trying to publish the list of so-called "illegal alien" voters in states in the United


Specifically, they've kind of singled out Virginia.

They have taken the state slogan, "Virginia is for lovers," and changed it to, "Virginia

is for aliens" in one of their latest reports, where they go on to list the names and personal

information of all of these alleged "illegal immigrate voters" in the state of Virginia.

There's just one problem: Those people aren't actually illegal aliens.

In fact, some of them, at least one of them, happen to work for the Immigration Enforcement


And yet that didn't stop this group from basically going through a directory of who lived in

the area, finding any name that looked Hispanic, putting it on their list, lying to people

and saying, "Look how bad this is.

Look at all of these illegal aliens who are voting in this state."

The Trump administration, when they first came into office and Trump made these stupid

claims that three to five million illegal aliens voted in 2016, so they had to launch

this voter fraud commission to go out there and find them all.

They didn't find any, by the way, because in-person voter fraud is one of the rarest

things here in the United States.

You're more likely to win the Powerball while being struck by lightning than run into a

person fraudulently voting, but Republicans need that boogeyman; they need that false

person out there illegally voting all the time in order to pass their restrictive voting


They know it's based on fault premise, but if they can get those laws passed, they can

keep more minorities from making it to the polls.

They can put their photo ID laws into effect, they can make it harder for these people to

get to the polls, they can shut down polling places because a few years ago the Supreme

Court, by gutting key parts of the Civil Rights Act, they pretty much gave them the green

light to do this.

And so that's where groups like PILF come in.

They're out there spreading what they know are lies in order to shift the public opinion

enough to where they're willing to vote in favor of Republicans who say we've got to

do something about this problem.

PILF knows the problem is completely fabricated, Republican politicians know the problem is

completely fabricated; they're just hoping that some of the voters around this country

are stupid enough to believe their propaganda so that they'll begin signing away their rights,

specifically their right to cast a ballot at a US election.

That's what Republicans do best.

If you can't win on the issues, which they certainly can't, why not just cheat to win?

And that's their plan for the midterms.

For more infomation >> Republicans Hope Cheating Can Save Them In The Midterms - Duration: 3:53.


Dem Candidate's $5 Million Tax 'Scheme' Exposed in Letter to US Attorney's Office - Duration: 3:11.

For more infomation >> Dem Candidate's $5 Million Tax 'Scheme' Exposed in Letter to US Attorney's Office - Duration: 3:11.


Video Meditazione Per Gli Angeli Custodi - Video Rilassante Per Attirare L'energia Angelica - Duration: 1:02:40.

For more infomation >> Video Meditazione Per Gli Angeli Custodi - Video Rilassante Per Attirare L'energia Angelica - Duration: 1:02:40.


Training for Success - Living the Esports Dream, Episode II - Duration: 3:02.

For more infomation >> Training for Success - Living the Esports Dream, Episode II - Duration: 3:02.


Author Meets Illustrator | Horse Meets Dog - Duration: 1:01.

My name is Elliot Kalan, and I'm the writer of Horse Meets Dog.

>> And I'm Tim Miller.

I'm the illustrator.

>> Of Horse Meets Dog.

>> Of Horse Meets Dog.


>> I'm an author, you're an illustrator.

It seems like that's kinda that same thing, 'cause we're both making a story.

>> Yeah.

>> But it's pretty different, because I use words and you use pictures,

which sounds simple, but it's actually incredibly complicated—explain.

>> As soon as I read the words, I see the pictures.

And if the words are really alive, and if they're kind of funny,

it makes it all the more visual.

>> In some ways, the pictures are the star of the show.

In other ways, the words are far more important.

In fact, the most important way is the words are far more important.

But the pictures are also very good.

>> Actually, I mean, the words are just kind of, like, they just kind of get

the ball rolling, and then the pictures, really kind of hit it out of the park.


For more infomation >> Author Meets Illustrator | Horse Meets Dog - Duration: 1:01.


Video Rilassante Attirare Energie Angelica - Flauto Indiano Per Richiamare Gli Angeli - Duration: 1:08:02.

For more infomation >> Video Rilassante Attirare Energie Angelica - Flauto Indiano Per Richiamare Gli Angeli - Duration: 1:08:02.


Forza Horizon 4 Review - Should you Skip, Wait, or Buy? - Duration: 7:23.

Forza horizon 4 has been out for about a week now on Xbox and PC and by PC I mean

Xbox play-anywhere after playing it for about the week or so here's my review of

the game before we get started if you guys could hit that subscribe button

down below to help me grow the channel and so you get notified for when I

upload new videos that would be awesome also please feel free to check out my

other videos including my let's play series of Forza horizon for the Forza

horizon 4 is the newest installment to the Forza series the horizon games have

always been the open-world alternative to the track racing arcade sim Forza

Motorsport this game follows the horizon festival travelling music and car

festival which has been located in various places such as Colorado Italy in

France Australia and now Great Britain overall I was going into this game with

mild enthusiasm because I thought it would just be kind of like the same

thing it's the past horizons but to my surprise this game is actually my

favourite of the series by four and I've been enjoying it a lot first off upon

starting the game you notice the stunning graphics which even look great

in the lower quality higher performance mode which is what I always play in

because I prefer the 60fps rather than 34 that smooth gameplay in my opinion

this has been the best looking game on any console by far the level of detail

textures and lighting all meshed together to create this really nice

visual experience especially when played on an Xbox one X and 4k on a 4k display

like I mentioned I play on that visual performance mode over the quality mode

now I'm not sure exactly what resolution that runs in but I feel like it's either

1440p at 60fps or maybe a detuned 4k at 60fps because when I record gameplay

kind of like what you're seeing in the background I'll record that at 1080 and

it looks a little different than when I actually play the game even prior to

compression and stuff like that from uploading and editing as far as gameplay

it's pretty on par with any other forza horizon game and it gives you a very

familiar experience there are plenty of races and a ton of different disciplines

for you to do and they're all equally enjoyable also some of you may know I

use a wheel for all my racing games at least the ones that support it and this

game makes massive strides over the previous Horizon game that's the

previous games would be a bit twitchy and

kind of light in the feedback but this game feels much more realistic and it

actually kind of simulates the feel of contact between the tire and your

driving surface the Forza series has always held the throne as far as the car

list go and this time is no exception this game has over 450 cars from launch

that you can use to race and explore the highly detailed world through a ton more

races in Forza horizon 4 and they are spread amongst four different categories

which I mentioned you have street scene road racing dirt and cross-country they

also have drag racing at an official drag strip that has working lights so

you get a much better drag race going online they're also three horizon story

missions which I suspect they'll add more of in the future and one you're a

stunt driver for a movie and another you drive for a twitch slash mixer esque

live streamer person and the final is drift Club you can also own a business

which is a supercar rental business called the world's fastest rentals where

you drive really fast cars and do various challenges I definitely feel

like they'll add more missions like these in the future it's far as free

roaming and map size this map is quite large pretty similar to the size of the

last game and a season's pass it almost feels like a new man I also have an

experience this thing that I call garage syndrome this is something that happened

a ton in Forza horizon 3 and even in games like GTA online will you just go

around the map and you drive around the map for whatever and you go in whatever

direction you want but you always end up at the same garage over and over again

so for example in Horizon 3 you'd always kind of end up at the desert garage or

the one in the city and this game doesn't really do that as for the

seasons you start off with each season being connected to your progression in

the game but once you hit the first summer the game will switch over to this

like full version where everyone's seasons are in sync and each one is

about a week long of real time and they're all perfectly aligned my only

complaint as far as seasons go is that winter is a bit annoying but if you want

to do something that requires like a hypercar or something along those lines

because they will have zero grip even with snow tires and even slow cars kind

of need snow tires otherwise you just can't really do much there sadly only

five showcase events in this game but I think they are

cooler than the previous horizon one of them is even a halo themed event which I

don't really want to spoil for anyone but I'll just say it's pretty awesome

there's a decent amount of cars that you can do full customization to with like

body kits and whatnot much more than the previous game and some of them are even

surprising cars I've also added a drifting suspension option and some

track with options and it makes it drifting a lot easier I quickly

mentioned the houses are earlier but this game has houses and each house will

give you different abilities and there's a decent amount of houses but sadly most

of them are pretty expensive there are even two castles one of which is ten

million and the other 15 million and they're not really worth it in my

opinion although they do both give you cars and some wheel spins I also get a

more official car meet and slash like Cars and Coffee kind of feel from this

game as well with the addition of quick chat and a single and more centralized

horizon Festival and there are usually people drag racing or just drifting

around every time I go there and it's pretty cool for some reason I get this

more community like vibe from this game than I did with the others only which

the chat was more like rocket League with more menus for different types of

quick chat or a way to type an actual message out if you got to get something

out there and not go to their profile and all that you can change the quick

chat options but I'm talking about like a more easy to access menu thing rather

than going into your settings and changing around all the quick chat stuff

it's not something easier now skip wait or buy I say go for it and buy this game

off the bat is worth the $60 price tag to me turn 10 and playground games are

very trustworthy company and they always come with the heat as far as a good game

and this is no different the graphics are truly stunning the physics are much

improved from horizon 3 you get the largest car list of any racing game and

all the cars are very highly detailed with the exception of a few having a

stock of generic sound at least that's how it seems to me but I don't really

care there will be months of DLC to come as

well if you choose to buy any or get the car pass they'll also be doing two

expansions for this game as well and you don't actually have to spend $60

to get this game if you get this game for $10 a month with the Xbox game pass

and pretty much all of my friends got the game that way I feel confident in

saying this time around I believe Forza has solidified itself as the best

all-around racing game it's a game that casual players can pick up and play from

the couch or a sim racer could play with a wheel and pedal setup and both people

will have pretty much the same exact experience and they'll both enjoy the

game equally now if you don't mind I'm gonna go explore more of Great Britain

and something real fast you guys like this review and want to see more reviews

on this channel please hit that like button below to let me know let me know

what you think of the game so far in the comments or if you agree with me or

whatever please let me know and don't forget to hit that subscribe button so

you get notified for when I upload new videos thanks for watching guys see

y'all next time face

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