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Google Maps allows us to search for places we want to find.

But there are often strange satellite patterns on Google Maps

Some alien researchers believe that these are likely to be signs of aliens.

Whether you believe in aliens or not, these patterns are surprising

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Unknown iceberg

Search Google Maps coordinates at 72°43'13.53"S 78°40'21.56"W

It can be found that an object about 500 meters long near the coast of Antarctica

This does not seem to fit the normal iceberg, but it may also be a land mass.

Photographs taken by experts in 1984 show that there are no icebergs.

The images taken in 1990 also did not show icebergs.

But both show strange plates below the water surface.

But careful comparison, their shape is very different.

Discussed on the Internet it looks like a ship disguised as an iceberg

If you have a better explanation, please leave a message below.

Mars structure

Search Google Maps: 36°07'45.6"N 139°28'53.0"E

This is an ancient tomb of the Kofun era in Japan

It was found to be almost identical to the mound above Mars.

Choose Mars from Google Earth

Search for 6°3'57.07"N 92°4'13.22"E

You can find this strange site on Mars

Does this prove that the Martians settled on Earth hundreds of years ago?

But what are the reasons for them coming to Earth?

It is also very likely that this is just a coincidence!

Underwater base

Search Google Maps: 12°8'1.49"N 119°35'26.39"W

This is located near the Mexican coast 5.5 km from the Pacific Ocean.

And below there is a shape similar to a huge pyramid

Not only that, there are several similarly sized points nearby.

An Argentine researcher Marcelo Igazusta thinks

And claimed that the object's measurement range on its base exceeded 8.5 miles.

Can this be an underwater base for aliens?

Even if it is not an unknown object in the ocean, it is still a huge discovery


Google Maps Search 45°42'12.4"N 21°18'07.6"E

There is a base or building like a UFO in a forest in Romania

There are some villages nearby, but they didn't find strange buildings here?

More eye-catching netizens found that it is near Timisoara in Romania.

In fact, this is the water tower built in the style of the Wiener Secession in the last century.

Although not a UFO, it is an interesting discovery.

Alien base entrance

Google Maps Search 34°15'07.8"S 58°49'47.4"W

Will find a floating island shaped like a circle entrance

This place is near Buenos Aires, Argentina

If the map is in-depth, this is a land surrounded by a thin water channel

There was an expedition to explore and ask the locals about this mystery.

But no one knows how this pattern is formed

There are a lot of rumors of sight of UFO sightings

It is said that this large circular shape allows a 100-meter UFO to pass through

Unidentified falling body

When you search for Google Maps 31°26'43"N 109°4'30"W

Will find a mysterious black circle in the mountains of Arizona

And this place is the no-fly zone in Arizona.

No matter the location or the pattern, it makes people feel suspicious

Someone on the Internet discussed this may be a crashed flying saucer.

Some people say that it may be just a yurt

What do you think is it? Welcome to the message below

Mysterious track

Google Maps Search 54°39'44.62"S 36°11'42.47"W

Will be found on the glacier in South Georgia, Antarctica

There is an estimated 160-foot long track

Seems to be extending from the end of the mountain

If it is a huge flying object, it is very likely to happen.

But it may also be just a falling rock or ice avalanche

Although I don't know what the real reason is, it is also amazing!

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Box of Lies with John Cena - Duration: 7:06.

-John and I are about to face off in a game of "Box of Lies."

Now, here's how it works.

Upstage are nine mystery boxes

containing objects no one has ever seen before.

On your turn, you pick a box, take out the object,

and describe it to your opponent.

They have to guess whether you're lying or telling the truth.

We're going to play three rounds.

John, why don't you pick the first box?

[ Audience shouting ]

-Far too far for me to reach.

I'm going to go for four. Gonna go for four.

-I didn't hear one person out there say four.

[ Laughter ]

Okay, doesn't seem that heavy,

but, then again, you're John Cena.

-That's correct.

-Nothing is heavy to John Cena.



This is all part --

It's all part of the game right now already.

He's deciding whether to tell the truth or tell me a lie.


-This object, Jimmy Fallon...

-Uh-huh. made of precious metal.

-Okay. Precious metal.

-And gemstones. -And gemstones.

Precious metal and gemstones.

-It's beautiful to look at. -Okay.

-And if you were to see it up close,

you wouldn't be able to look away.

[ Light laughter ]

-It's something bejeweled.

-It might be.

[ Light laughter ]

Actually, it certainly is, because I just --

because I just told you it was.

-That's right.

Yeah, you did, yeah.

-And I am holding, from box number four,

cosmetic lipstick.

-Lipstick. -Yeah.

-So what you're saying is it's a bejeweled lipstick.


-Why didn't you just say that in the first place?

That's ridiculous.

I mean, this is the -- this is the dumbest thing

that anyone's ever done

in the history of the game "Box of Lies."

If that's really a lipstick container,

that took 20 minutes for you to describe a lipstick container.

-This is your game, bro.

-Precious metal -- -I was just trying --

-Precious metals and gems? -Yes, yes!

-It's a lipstick container?

-It is a lipstick container.

-You are telling the truth!

-I am.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Bell dinging ]

-But it says -- it says, "Open and twist."


-Now, that -- -You shanghaied me!

-Now, that would have --

that would have been something to talk about.

Here we go. Guys, what box?

What number? [ Audience shouting ]


Give them what they want. Three.

-Three. Go for it.

-[ Groaning ]

-So, it's not heavy.

[ Laughter ]


-I've seen you strain.

-[ Singing ]

-It's not -- It's not large.

It's not large.

You're trying to -- You're trying to think up an untruth.

-It's not large.

[ Laughter ]



It's two little honeybees.

And they're -- they're, uh...

[ Laughter ]

They're playing --

What's that jump rope game that you jump --

-Double Dutch. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-They're playing two double -- Two double bubbles.

-So you couldn't identify the insects or the jump rope game.

-The jump rope game double Dutch.

And, yeah.

And there's two fuzzy bumblebees playing it.

And their friends that are playing along with them are --

-You --

-Two --

-You are not good.

-They are two, um... praying mantises.

-Oh, fantastic. Fantastic, yes.

All right. -Manti.

Praying manti. -Okay, that -- You know what?

-The plural of "mantis." -That swung me.

-There's no way you're telling the truth.

You're lying.


-Welcome to my --

[ Foghorn blows ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

What number do you want from John Cena?

[ Audience shouting ]

-I have a one.

I have a whole section.

Sorry, six guy.

I have a whole section saying, "One."

All right.

-Six guy.

-One. Forever be known as six guy.

Okay. -Sorry, six guy.

-All right. -Whew.

All right. [ Clears throat ]

[ Light laughter ]



-It's art.

-Okay. It's art.

-I find it beautiful. -Okay.

-I think it combines industrialism

with the early stages of television.

[ Light laughter ]

-Industrialism, okay.

-I hold in my hands

a red and black double pinstripe model

of a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS.

And in the driver's seat is the Fonz.

[ Light laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

From the looks of it, it looks like a four-speed car.

It does look like it has a 12-bolt rear end.

It appears to be a big block.

It is a Super Sport model. -I know you --

-The Fonz is wearing his classic black leather jacket.

-Uh-huh, uh-huh.

-He's a smaller figurine in the passenger seat,

but it also looks like he's wearing blue jeans,

if he has any pants on at all.

[ Light laughter ]

-So you're telling me -- you're telling me that there's a --

there's a pantless Fonz driving...

a 1970, like -- some type of a souped-up muscle car.

-No, it's not -- Here's the thing.

It's not souped-up. It is absolutely factory stock.

-Oh, keep talking, buddy.

Keep talking, 'cause guess what. I know you, buddy.

I know you, Johnathan Cena.

Johnathan Cena, I know you. And I know that you like cars.

So, I think that you made this up.

This is a lie.

Is that right?

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Bell dinging ]

I love you, man.

I know you, dude. I know you love cars.

[ Cheers and applause ]

John Cena, everybody!

Oh, my goodness.

His new children's book "Elbow Grease" is out now.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Makes Her Directorial Debut After Writing a Letter - Duration: 6:01.

-But you just announced this past weekend

you're making your directorial debut.

-Yeah. -I mean --

[ Cheers and applause ]

This is a big deal.

You are directing on "The Deuce."

-No. I'm pretending to direct on "The Deuce."

-Correct. But, your character is --

-My character is directing on "The Deuce."

And, you know what?

I think I was, in some ways, inspired by Candy.

-Really? So you got --

But you always must have had the bug.

You have a very talented family.

-I -- To be totally honest with you,

I feel like I -- I'm not proud of this, but I --

I don't know if I felt entitled to do it before.

-Really? -Like, I think in some ways I --

I've always been a lover of movies,

and I've always been a storyteller.

But I think I kind of thought I had to put it in my acting.

And I like acting. I love acting.

-Yeah, you don't want to do everything.

Like, you don't feel like you've earned it?

-Well, I think maybe somewhere, I didn't, to be honest.

And then, I grew up a little bit.

And I found a book that I loved, and I wrote to the author.

-What is the book? Who's the author?

-It's Elena Ferrante's novel "The Lost Daughter."

And Elena Ferrante is actually a pen name.

She's anonymous. No one knows who she is.

She's an Italian author.

She writes in Italian. And, um...

-Wow. -I wrote her a letter,

and I explained to her some beginning ideas

of what I might like to do with the movie,

and she gave me the rights.

And even that, I was like -- It was amazing to me.

-And have you talked to her? -No, because she's anonymous.

But last weekend, she wrote me a letter in "The Guardian"

and said -- basically, gave me her blessing.

-Wow. -Yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ]

-[ Italian accent ] Because I just wanted

to a-tell you that I wrote the book.

[ Laughter ]

It is me who wrote you the letter!

-It's so funny because I'm...

I just wanted you to know.

[ Laughter ]

-So, I think that's fun, though.

So, you contact her, she writes you back.

I mean, it's really -- -No, it was -- it blew my mind.

It blew my mind.

I mean, I literally, like, I woke up --

-But she said you have to direct.

-Yeah, she did. So there was a point where --

I asked her if I could have the rights to write and direct it.

And then I got scared.

I mean, which I think is fair enough.

And I said -- I said to the publisher,

I was like, "Hey, look, can I have an out?

What if I don't want to direct it?

What if, you know, we can't get the money with me directing it?

What if I have to act in it?"

-And this is all anxiety talking?

-Yeah. Yeah, I was scared.

-Yeah. -And it came back from her, "No.

I only want to give you the rights if you direct it."

-Go for it. I think it's great.

-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]

-I think it's awesome. -Thank you.

-You're gonna crush it. It's going to be so much fun.

-Thank you.

-'Cause I do love your acting.

Let's talk about "The Kindergarten Teacher."

You want to set it up for everyone?

What is this about? -Well, it's --

It's a movie about a woman who gets obsessed with a child

in her kindergarten class who's 5...


-...when she starts to think that he's a poetic genius.

But really what it's about is the consequences

of what happens when you starve a vibrant woman's mind.

And so it's kind of a horror movie,

thriller, roller-coaster trip.

-Because she -- in her -- she is a poet.

-Yeah. She's a poet.

And she -- And nobody cares about her work.

-I guess -- -And she's a good poet.

-Yeah. -But, I like --

You know, she could be anything.

Like many women, I think, right now,

she kind of wakes up to the fact

that she's actually not okay with all the ways

that she's had to twist herself around to get by

and all the ways she's had to compromise herself.

And -- -Wow.

-And she starts doing some pretty messed-up things.


I will say the child is a great actor.

He really is 5 years old. Is that right?

-Yeah. He's 5.

I mean, is he a great actor?

He was wonderful.

But, I mean, are 5-year-olds really actors?

I mean, he was, like, a wonderful, bright,

incredible presence.

He's smart. You know --

-How do you act with a -- Because he's never acted before.

-No. He's never acted before.

I mean, you know -- -I mean, it's hard to say.

Yeah, he acted when he was 4. [ Light laughter ]

-Exactly. Exactly.

Sometimes he'd have to go home,

and I would have to shoot my side of the scene

literally, with our 50-year-old bearded first A.D.

[ Laughter ]

-Wait. What? Dressed as a 5-year-old?

-Just squatting down on the ground.

[ Laughter ]

So I'm that good.

-Now, that's acting right there. I mean, come on.

[ Cheers and applause ]

That is acting right there.

I want to show everyone a clip.

Here's Maggie Gyllenhaal in "The Kindergarten Teacher."

Take a look at this.

-Jacket's tight on my arms.

I want to take it off.

-[ Sniffles, sighs ]

-Why are you upset?

-I'm not.

I'm just emotional because I'm so proud of you.

You did such a beautiful job.

-They clapped for me.

-[ Sniffles ] They loved it.

[ Cheers and applause ] -That is how you do it.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, everybody.

Check out "The Kindergarten Teacher,"

out this Friday in select theaters

and streaming on Netflix.

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तीखा मीठा मखाना | Hot & Sweet Makhana | Masala Makhana | Navratri Special Recipes by Chef Harpal - Duration: 4:31.

Hello Greetings,

My name is Chef Harpal

and this Navratri

a very interesting thing is in making.

Hot & Sweet Makhana.

Makhana's are available in market

in various flavors,

but this Navratri, I am making it very special

so that if you are hungry

you can toss & enjoy Makhana's,

it is very interesting.

First of all what you have to do is,

Take Desi Ghee in frying pan,

3 Tbsp of Desi Ghee, Desi ghee is allowed eating,

3 tbsp as I have taken a big bowl of Makhana,

generally it is light in weight

and you don't even get to know that when you completed the bowl of Makhana.

For this I will take



and will fry it

along with Cashew nuts.

Add 1/2 cup of Peanuts,

12-15 nos of Cashew nuts

you can take pieces of cashew nuts or whole Cashew nuts

and slightly fry it for 2 to 3 minutes.

Now when Cashew nuts & Peanuts are slightly browned

add 50 gms of Lotus Seeds ( Makhana),

saute the Makhana's till crisp,

fry the Makhana's in Ghee.

Makhana's are very healthy

and the origin of Makhana is from the Lotus seeds

and it is a very lengthy process,

dried & sauted

and than the Makhana's get ready.

Makhana's are very healthy & good for skin,

generally eaten in fasting.

Now we are frying it properly,

after frying it becomes crisp.

When it is fried & crisp properly after that add spices,

do not add it before,

because if you will add spices before, the spices will be burned.

Now I will add Rock Salt

which is used in fasting,

add 1 1/2 tsp of Rock Salt,

1 tsp of Roasted Cumin Powder,

as we are making it spicy,

we will add

1 tsp of Red Chilli Powder,

and mix well till the spices are coated well on Makhana's.

Keep the quantity of Rock Salt more

because you will add Honey

and when it will be blend it will be balanced correctly,

you cannot add the sourness.

Finally I will add Honey

2 tbsp of Honey,

You will get tangy flavor,

add more 1/2 tsp of Rock Salt,

Before I added 1 1/2 tsp,

now I will add more 1/2 tsp,

so that it is blend well with honey.


After adding Honey don't cook it for a longer time,

keep it aside &

remove in a bowl


nuts & other ingredients are sauted well

and this Fasting make

an interesting recipe & eat.

If you will make it by your own it will be cheaper in price,

Makhana's are very costly but good for health

that is why you can enjoy eating as snacks.

So the way I made it, if you will also make that way, you will enjoy eating this fasting.

Many more interesting things you will get to see on my Youtube channel.

This way every time I will bring more new interesting recipes for you,

So go & SUBSCRIBE my YouTube Channel

& Click on the BELL ICON for instant notifications of my channel.

For more infomation >> तीखा मीठा मखाना | Hot & Sweet Makhana | Masala Makhana | Navratri Special Recipes by Chef Harpal - Duration: 4:31.


Noi acum suntem scolari | Cantec pentru copii + karaoke - Duration: 2:45.

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【HALLOWEEN MUKBANG】 Dark & Bloody Zombie Pizza & Cheesy Pizza in Shizuoka! [AOKI's Pizza][7000kcal] - Duration: 8:58.

Happy Halloween

hello it's kinoshita yuka



AOKI'S PIZZA is in Aichi , Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka . Tōkai region in general

and i'm now in this region to try it

my clothes are different today

and even the place is different, actually i want all the way to AOKI's Pizza, to try their food

and for the pizza that i want to try it for today...


it's the Bloody Zombie Pizza

scary, isn't that ?

it looks so amazing

but unfortunately, this shop is not available in tokyo, i really wanted to try it as soon as i saw it on the net

and that's why i'm here

i really want to try the AOKI's bloody zombie Pizza

and here is another pizza that i think that it's looks so yummy, it's the cheesy pizza

and because it's with plenty of cheese, it's so heavy

and i'm wearing today dracula costume ? i don't know if it's dracula, but it's good for the halloween theme

i tried to make the halloween ambience

and i brought with me from the house this here

so, let's start eating


let's start first with the zombie pizza

it's a little bit grotesque, isn't that ?

amazing, looks at the zombie teeth

in AOKI's Pizza, they gives you the Pizza cutter to cut it

i'm not scared, i'll cut this zombie

wawawa, this is disgusting

ah, this is disgusting, i can't do it

let's get rid of this zombie

this is really disgusting

the look is so important

the zombie face is filled with the mushrooms and meat, and it all cames out

look at this, isn't that amazing !

this is really disgusting

my brain can't stop thinking that is a real zombie

but it's halloween, and this kind of things are so good

i wonder how they made the eyes ?

so jiggly

the right side of the face

what's this ? is it meat ?

so yummy !!!

the face of the zombie made of seasoned meat and this is so yummy

looks like galbi


the fingers from sausage

the taste is well balanced, i like it

so tasty

and rich

and the back-hand made of potatoes

the ingredients is so amazing


from which thing is made , this eyes ?

this here, this

ah, it's mochi

so they add the mochi to the pizza as well


this is really amazing

i really wish that a branch of AOKI's Pizza will be available in tokyo as well

let's eat the rest of the face

to preserve the look of the zombie, they don't cut the pizza, but they gives you this cutter, that so kind

i think they cut this here

that's only for the zombie one

AOKI's Pizza are so kind

that's why i went all the way to tokai for it


the taste is so tasty and it's so thick and rich

it's a zombie pizza, but it's so tasty like any usual pizzas

the finger! made of sausage but it looks like a real one

don't think that's a real one

the last piece

we cut it to four pieces... the zombie fell down

grotesque! it's like a scene from a zombie movie

hay, it's the fingers piece

sausage fingers

the looks of this fingers is so real

don't think that's i real one

mmm, tasty

they used with this sausage some kinds of sweet ketchup

and the texture of the mashed potato is like a melty sauce

and this made the taste so various and enjoyable

the zombie teeth made of the white beans

the teeth are falling down

this is really like a real zombie

so wonderful

the cloak loosely tied

i'll fix it

it's okay now

next, the cheesy pizza

with plenty of cheese

and it looks so good as well

ooooh, amazing, cheese

you can see all this huge amount of cheese


the taste of cheese is so strong

i think the taste of the cheddar cheese is the most notable one

heavy and thick


this cheese is so thick


it's a melty cheese

this cheese is really amazing

and they used with it some slice of bacon as well

this cheese is so stretchy

its thickness equivalent to 2 layers of a normal pizza

this cheese is amazing

this is so thick


and its texture is amazing as well

This is a cheese pizza !!

but it's very hot

to not make the pizza cools down, it didn't turn on the air conditioning

this is very hot

and Dracula is also hot

looks, even the pizza's crust is filled with cheese

the filled cheese looks like a cream, it's so melty

it looks like cheese fondue

the last piece


the last bite, itadakimasu



the bloody zombie and the cheesy pizzas from AOKI's Pizza was so tasty

it was an amazing pizza, but unfortunately there isn't a branch of this shop in tokyo

the looks is so good and the taste is the same

and because it was so delicious, why you don't try this as well ?

And as always thank you for watching !

if there's anything You want me to do

please tell me in a comment Section below

if you like this video please hit the like And subscribe buttons

bye bye

all rights reserved. copyright © 2018 Kinoshita Yuka

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"The Great Indian Dysfuntional Family" Episode 1 | Web Series | Alt Balaji - Duration: 2:19.

"The Great Indian Dysfuntional Family" Episode 1 | Web Series | Alt Balaji

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Send Me Geometry dash LEVELS! - Duration: 0:53.

I'm back from the video and today. I'm just saying it's not a long video

um, that's why I I'm saying a video and saying make me some levels so on geometry dash - um

You have to download the game like the full version. Sorry it cost money

but if you do make me a little good kg challenge, it's a challenge Kanna gaming, so

send me the ID in the link in description and

If you get it sent me the level and I see the level and play it your channel be in the liquor description

I'll make sure some people subscribe to you and

just send me some levels, please even though if it doesn't say kg challenge, let's play some like three and

That's all sir. Smash the like button guys, so people could see this and

See ya

For more infomation >> Send Me Geometry dash LEVELS! - Duration: 0:53.


Hướng dẫn cách kiểm tra Ram Laptop có bị lỗi hay không ? - Duration: 5:31.

For more infomation >> Hướng dẫn cách kiểm tra Ram Laptop có bị lỗi hay không ? - Duration: 5:31.


Fjäriln vingad syns på Haga - Fredmans sånger | BarnMusikTV - Duration: 3:53.

For more infomation >> Fjäriln vingad syns på Haga - Fredmans sånger | BarnMusikTV - Duration: 3:53.


CPS Talks #3 : Alexander Kalchev pour le Collectif du Planning Stratégique - Duration: 2:48.

For more infomation >> CPS Talks #3 : Alexander Kalchev pour le Collectif du Planning Stratégique - Duration: 2:48.


Font Chữ Nghệ Thuật Tiếng Việt Cực Đẹp - Duration: 5:39.

For more infomation >> Font Chữ Nghệ Thuật Tiếng Việt Cực Đẹp - Duration: 5:39.


How to Deal with Vomiting During Pregnancy –By Natural Health Care - Duration: 2:55.

While some women sail through pregnancy with ease,

for many it can be really difficult due to nausea and vomiting. Vomiting,

also known as morning sickness, is a normal part of pregnancy,

especially during the first three months (first trimester).

In fact, more than 65 percent of women have this problem during pregnancy

The exact cause of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is still not known

However, it is believed that rapid hormonal changes in the body may cause changes in the stomach's muscle contraction and relaxation patterns, leading to nausea and vomiting.

Other contributing factors include certain odors

certain foods, fatigue, stress, anxiety, sensitive stomach, and vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Nausea and vomiting may occur early in the morning and reduce as the day progresses.

Some women have symptoms at other times during the day.

For most, the problem resolves after the first trimester, but some may have it longer.

The symptoms can be very unpleasant and can interfere with your daily routine

But you can easily deal with them with simple home remedies and a few lifestyle changes.

Here are the top 5 ways to deal with vomiting during pregnancy

1. Sip Water

Water is the best medicine when it comes to nausea and vomiting, especially during pregnancy.

Women who drink a glass of water every hour have been found to have a lower chance of having morning sickness

Also, it helps keep your body hydrated, which is essential for any pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

2. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best natural ways to deal with vomiting, even during pregnancy

It is good for your digestive system and helps block acidic secretion in the stomach that causes nausea or vomiting.

Also, the smell and flavor of ginger can help you get over the vomiting sensation.

3. Lemon

Lemon can also help deal with vomiting during pregnancy

Its soothing smell has a natural calming effect on the body that can reduce nausea and prevent vomiting.

Plus, the vitamin C in lemon is good for a pregnant woman as well as the unborn baby.

4. Peppermint

Peppermint is one herb that can reduce nausea,

morning sickness or vomiting during pregnancy. It helps calm the stomach and in turn reduces nausea.

5. Fennel

Fennel is another great remedy for vomiting and nausea during pregnancy

It aids digestion and relaxes the lining of the digestive tract, thus reducing the vomiting sensation. Plus, its aromatic flavor helps calm the stomach.

For more infomation >> How to Deal with Vomiting During Pregnancy –By Natural Health Care - Duration: 2:55.


WILYWNKA - See You Later feat. 変態紳士クラブ (Prod. GeG) [字幕] - Duration: 4:17.

For more infomation >> WILYWNKA - See You Later feat. 変態紳士クラブ (Prod. GeG) [字幕] - Duration: 4:17.


Rand Fishkin o swojej najnowszej książce i o rozwoju startupu - Brighton SEO 2018 wywiad - Duration: 3:25.

For more infomation >> Rand Fishkin o swojej najnowszej książce i o rozwoju startupu - Brighton SEO 2018 wywiad - Duration: 3:25.


ណូយ វ៉ាន់ណេត ស្នេហានិងផ្កាលីឡុង - Noy Vanneth Old Song - Duration: 52:48.

Noy Vanneth Old Song

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