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hey everyone Mike Simon from PC world and I am here in New York City for the

Google made by Google launch event which we saw a whole bunch of products right

now I got the Google pixel fleet which is their new non Android not quite

Chrome OS tablets so let's take a look at the hardware first we got um a

10-inch tablet it's really thin it comes in as cool kind of they call it midnight

blue it's it's a matte back but it's not really black but it has a cool kind of

shimmery feel to it and the light it's it's it's pretty light you know it has

some weight is still a 10 inch tablet but it's pretty light it's easy to hold

has nice rounded corners and you know good uniform bezels front firing

speakers it's a nice solid piece of hardware little reminiscent of the pixel

see which came out about three years ago and that was Google's Android tablet

that was one of the first pixel products and it was that was pure Android it was

it was at the time it ran Android nougat and has been updated since but that was

you know Android apps and a full kind of Android tablet which we know isn't so

great Google abandoned that for this and this is a chrome OS tablet but it kind

of has an Android feel to it so let's take a look we got the power button at

the top which also doubles as a fingerprint sensor click it to turn it

on and the first thing you'll notice here is is the UI is a little bit

different than the pixel book or any other Chrome OS device and the focus

here really is on apps usually you don't see that in Chrome OS usually it's

Chrome we're talking about the browser we're talking about extensions things

like that we're taking right to apps here and Google wants to kind of marry

that experience chrome and Android and that's what we got here with the pixel

if we take a look at the pixel book now for when the four in fact is

different we have more uniform bezels and you know the the screens about the

same size but it's but it's a much thinner because it doesn't have a

keyboard so you'll notice we have no keyboard here like the fix it like the

pixel book of olds that had one attached it comes with nothing you have to buy a

pen you had to buy a keyboard and if you're buying the $600 pixel slate which

is what it starts at it's gonna cost you fifty percent more to get those things

the keyboards 200 bucks the pen like last year is also another hundred so

we're talking about now what was a system in dollar device is now a $900

device the keyboards pretty cool has a backlit sensor so it's not just a simple

static keyboard has a trackpad built in so we're really getting that the pixel

book experience inside a very adjustable very portable little case slash keyboard

that you could take off you know use it as a tablet you don't have to wrap it

around the back and get that real kind of thick bulky experience like we had

last year so that's the pixel suite google says it'll be available later

this year they haven't given a specific date of release but it starts at 600

bucks probably goes up to there my guess is around 1200 for different you know

more RAM better processor and 100 $100 for the pen $200 for the keyboard looks

like a pretty cool device pretty high-end when it comes to Chromebooks

but you know it kind of walks that line between super portable and desktop

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Google Maps Offline Navigation: How to Download and Save Your Maps for Offline use ऑफलाईन मॅप्स 2018 - Duration: 11:17.

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Seattle Judges Erase 15 YEARS' Worth Of Marijuana Convictions - Duration: 3:30.

Recently all seven of the judges on Seattle's municipal courts came together and decided

to expunge the records of hundreds of people who had been arrested for misdemeanor marijuana

possession charges before the state of Washington had legalized marijuana.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but believe me, this is a very massive development.

You had hundreds of people, and I think there was close 600 of them, who in the years prior

to marijuana being legalized in Washington, had been arrested for misdemeanor charges

of possession of marijuana.

Almost half of them were African Americans, and the judges actually admitted that in their

final report explaining why they were doing this and what the goals were.

Now, the white people who had been arrested for the same crime didn't typically face as

harsh a sentence or as harsh a fine or penalty as the African Americans.

They were also far more likely to still be able to find gainful employment after such

an arrest.

The same could not be said of the African Americans and other minorities who were arrested

for the exact same thing.

Understanding that, and understanding that the possession of it is now legal in the state

of Washington, these judges decided they weren't going to let these black marks on these people's

records to continue to destroy the rest of their lives, especially not for something

that's now legal in the state.

They've expunged the records.

They've cleansed them.

They've gotten rid of the charges, so now these people have a clear record.

That's what's important here, and that's what needs to happen on a nationwide scale.

It needs to be happening in other states where marijuana has been legalized but you still

have people languishing in prison or languishing with these charges on their record for something

that's now legal.

If we go through the process of legalization, we have to also take the additional step of

going through the process and clearing people's record, because those arrests, no matter what

it was.

It could have been a half a gram.

Still get arrested for it, and then every time you go apply for a new job, you have

to put that on your record, and that can immediately, for a lot of employers in this country, big

and small alike, disqualify you from a position.

People who may have made one mistake or who were otherwise outstanding citizens, they

just enjoyed smoking marijuana, they can have their entire lives ruined by these kinds of

misdemeanor charges.

It could get them fired from their current job.

It could prevent them from ever finding a real, well-paying job here in the United States,

but these judges in Seattle said, "Enough of this.

We're not going to stand for it.

We already legalized it, so let's take that additional step and make sure that these charges

from before it was legal do not continue to ruin the lives of the people who were arrested."

That is a great lesson that other states and cities around this country need to learn from,

and they need to get their act together and stop ruining people's lives over something

as insignificant as a misdemeanor marijuana charge.

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Jeep Wrangler JK Diablosport inTune i3 Tuner (2007-2015) Review & Install - Duration: 4:47.

Hey, guys.

Today, I'm here with the Diablosport inTune i3 Tuner, fitting all 2007 to 2015 JK Wranglers.

This is going to be a perfect option if you're looking to maximize the performance out of

your JK, if you're looking to adjust for your wheel and tire size as well as your gear ratio,

and read and clear trouble codes.

This is going to have a number of different features to diagnose, tune, and calibrate

your JK that I will dive into in just a minute.

At the moment, this is going to be roughly $380, which is not a bad price for a tuner

and this is going to be the upgraded version of the i2 Tuner that does not have all of

the functionality or features that this one does.

Install's going to be a really easy one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter

because this is plug and play so let's just jump over to the Jeep and I'll show you how

this thing works.

So before you take your tuner to your Jeep, I would recommend with this and all tuners

that you have the most updated version of the software installed.

All you have to do is plug the cable into the bottom portion of your tuner and then

you can take the ODBII connector and attach it to your ODBII.

So after we plug in our tuner and it turns on, this will be our first prompt.

This is just letting you know that this will increase your performance and your fuel economy

but to never use this while you're operating your vehicle.

So this is just agreeing to those terms, so we can hit yes.

And then you have your three settings.

So you have your first option that says tune your vehicle and then you have your second

option that says scan your vehicle.

So if you do get a trouble code or a check engine pops up, you can go into your scan

tool and you can show all of your trouble codes.

If it's not anything major, if you don't want to keep it there, and you'll also be able

to clear those trouble codes to get them out of the way.

So after your vehicle is tuned and you want to gather some data on your horsepower and

torque gains, you can go into your data logging feature and data log for different periods

of times.

So once you hit data logging, you can press record to record real-time data of what's

going on with your Jeep at that moment when you're driving and you can restore to default


So after you're in settings, you have a couple options that come up.

Your first option is your WiFi configuration.

So if you're on the go and you need to update your tuner, this does have WiFi connectivity

that you can do that and tune your tuner right there and then.

So with the WiFi connectivity, you can update your tuner on the go, but if you want to download

the software on your PC or Mac, this is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X for Mac.

Next option is for Analog Input Setup.

This is where you add new parameters.

So if you're adjusting to your wheel and tire size, if you're adjusting your gear ratio,

if you need to adjust your idle time, your battery voltage, you can add, modify, and

delete your parameters or restore back to your factory parameters in this section.

Then you have your sound and display which is basic.

You can adjust the brightness of your tuner and adjust the volume.

You also have advanced options so this is also a part of the WiFi connectability where

you can check for updates and you can access Diablo's tech support menu which will have

some troubleshooting options.

So then you can go into your tune option.

You're going to have a couple of different options when you open this screen.

You're going to have an easy tune and an advanced tune option to where you can either use the

preloaded tunes and the Dyno-tested performance programs, or you can go into the advanced

options and you can set up a custom program for yourself.

So that's what's going to give you the max amount of horsepower and torque depending

on what you're doing.

If you're crawling, if you're racing, if you're doing anything with your Jeep that you want

a tune on it, you can access that there.

So with the tuning, this will also be 50 state smog legal, so this will pass all of your

emissions tests and you won't have to worry about that.

So that wraps it up for my review and install.

If you have an '07 to '15 JK and you're looking to gain the max performance out of it, you

can check out the Diablo inTune i3 Tuner right here at

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Special Report: Hurricane Michael to make landfall in U.S. - Duration: 5:07.

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Family of the Year: "Let Her Go" - Last Call with Carson Daly (Musical Performance) - Duration: 3:25.

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Alex Wolff Spotlight - Last Call with Carson Daly (Interview) - Duration: 5:17.

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Family of the Year: "Hold Me Down" - Last Call with Carson Daly (Musical Performance) - Duration: 3:30.

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Oh My General (将军在上) - Episode 36 [Eng Subs] | Chinese Drama - Duration: 45:13.

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Trump: You Know Who'd Be "Dynamite" As UN Ambassador? Ivanka - Duration: 6:40.

Don't worry, he's not going to do it.

(I think.)

Why would he want a Democrat in such a prestigious position?

It'd be a thankless task for Ivanka if he did appoint her as she'd end up being compared

to the likes of Bobby Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt, two other presidential relatives

who landed prominent public positions.

(Although Eleanor didn't get her UN job until after FDR had died.)

Why the hell would she want that?

And on what conceivable grounds would Trump justify it in terms of her experience?

It'd be a slap in the face to the entire U.S. diplomatic corps if officers with decades

of experience got passed over for her.

And how would she get confirmed?

That vote would be pure nightmare fuel for McConnell, forcing Republicans to either confirm

someone who's obviously not qualified for the job or to vote down the president's

daughter, earning them the enmity of MAGA loyalists everywhere.

Trump's entitled to any advisors he likes, Jared and Ivanka included, but the UN ambassador

serves the entire country.

Out of the entire country, Ivanka Trump is the top pick?


But I don't think Trump's even considering it.

Her name came up in the clip because the chatterati has been kicking around the idea since Nikki

Haley's resignation was announced this morning.

Appointing Ivanka is the sort of thing it seems like he'd do — even though it isn't


The first person he names in the clip, former advisor Dina Powell, is a much likelier bet.

Although I think the dark horse, and certainly the favorite of righties, would be ambassador

to Germany Ric Grenell.

Grenell was a rhetorical bombthrower before his appointment and even afterward to some

extent; the Germans probably wouldn't be sad to see him go, and he'd be in his element

delivering Haley-esque stemwinders aimed at Russia and China on the UN stage.

Could he be confirmed, though?

He got 56 votes the last time he faced the Senate but might run into trouble in the current

climate, particularly with Democrats focused on his sporadic tension with the German government.

As for Haley, this morning's mystery as to her motives, and especially her timing,

remains unsolved.

The leading theory right now is that she expects life in the Trump administration will soon

be (even more) miserable for any number of reasons and wants to make sure the public

understands that she has nothing to do with it.

White House officials had sought to put a hold on record-setting administration turnover

in the run-up to the Nov. 6 elections, with aides being asked months ago to step down

or commit to stay through Election Day to avoid adding to a sense of turmoil…

Despite Trump's calm words, her sudden announcement rattled a number in the White House, who openly

speculated that the timing was meant to preserve the ambassador's own political future, according

to the official and another White House official.

Mueller's been quiet lately but he's apt to make noise once the midterms have passed.

If in fact Democrats retake the House and/or Senate, lord only knows what sort of investigations

of POTUS they'll launch next year or where they might lead.

It may be that Haley also expects (correctly) that economic boom times won't last forever

and doesn't want to be linked to the administration if and when that happens.

By getting out now, before the expected wave of resignations/firings after the midterms

— or any wrenching impeachment fight — she leaves a clear, singular memory of her departure

in the public's mind.

Her hands are now clean of whatever mud mighty dirty the administration after today, a useful

bright line for a politician who's thinking of running for president.

In fact, says Philip Klein, the 2024 primary is shaping up to be a battle between Trump

loyalist Mike Pence and all-purpose right-winger Nikki Haley.

That's another reason for today's departure.

Having earned her "Trump stripes," it's now time for her to create a little distance


Haley can carefully see how the Trump phenomenon ages, and position herself however she needs

to once he exits the scene.

As she gears up for 2024, if Trump's brand has become more toxic, she can distance herself

from his administration — saying first and foremost she was serving the nation as ambassador

before the world.

But if her association with Trump is a boost, she can play up the fact that she loyally

served him.

Pence, on the other hand, has placed his bet entirely with Trump, for better or for worse.

He has the claim of working more closely with Trump than anybody else.

If that's what the 2024 Republican electorate is craving, then it will give him an advantage.

However, if by that time Republicans want somebody with more distance who isn't necessarily

seen as being anti-Trump (such as Sen. Ben Sasse), then it would give an edge to Haley.

One thing about Haley's inevitable presidential run, though: Can she afford to be out of politics

completely for six years?

Maybe a Senate seat will open up in South Carolina, but for the moment she's staring

at being locked out of public office for awhile.

She could always return to Trump's government later, but Pence won't want her being given

any plum positions like Secretary of State lest it bolster her case against him in 2024.

Republicans do occasionally nominate people for president who haven't held public office

for a few years, as Reagan and Romney were each six years removed from being governor

when they were nominated and the current guy, er, never held office before.

But Haley's not an "outsider" like Trump, she's a professional politician.

And she's apt to be facing someone who'll either be the former vice president of the

United States or the *sitting* vice president of the United States when 2024 rolls around.

Six years out of the spotlight might be too many to win under those circumstances.

Here's Mark Sanford, who's a fan of neither Trump nor Haley, speculating that something

must be up with the timing of all this.

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Jameela Jamil with Brett Gelman - Last Call with Carson Daly (Interview) - Duration: 6:08.

For more infomation >> Jameela Jamil with Brett Gelman - Last Call with Carson Daly (Interview) - Duration: 6:08.


How To Remove Viruses From Your Computer - Duration: 4:34.

Hey what is up guys Hazet back with

another video on the channel and in today's video I will show you guys how

to remove viruses from your computer so currently my computer is running pretty

slow and it's doing stuff by automatically so I'm pretty sure it's

because of the viruses so if you are also in a same kind of situation then

just stay tuned with the video and I'm 100% confident after watching this video

you will be able to remove all of those viruses from your computer alright so

let's get into the video this video is sponsored by the software chief comm go

to the software chief comm to find the best software products at the best price

currently they are selling Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office and antivirus

softwares at a really affordable price go to the software chief comm right now

to find the best deal for you link is also in the description alright so at

the first just go to it the link in the description and it will take you to this

page from here just download the malwarebytes software malwarebytes is

the most popular anti-malware software and also it can remove all kind of

unwanted stuff like viruses malware ransomware adware and all the kind of

dangerous stuff and from my personal experience I can say it perform way

better than any other antivirus softwares like avast or AVG so after

downloading it just install it and after it has done just open up malwarebytes so

when you first time opens it up it will give you 14 days free trial I have only

four days left because I have downloaded this program a few days ago so don't

waste your time and make sure to do the scan before the trial expire alright

after you open it up just don't start the scan right now before doing that

just make sure you have all the current protection updates and as you can see I

have all the current updates so make sure you also have the most current

update this is really important because whenever a new virus or malware comes

out they just released a new protection for all of them

all right after it done just go to this scan folder now here has a lot of types

of scans that you can do the first one is the threat scan it's

called the quick scan on all other anti viruses it's just a basic scan what can

detect all those places where most of the viruses can found most of time so

just use this scan when you are in a rush other ways I will tell you for the

custom scan so with this custom scan you can scan any specific drive before you

can also scan your full computer for deleting all viruses so if you have time

this is what I will tell you to do for getting the best result possible and the

last scan they have is the hyper scan so this is just basically check if your

computer has any dangerous application or program installed but because I don't

want to West your time so I will do the threat scan for now so just select the

scan you want to start and then click on start scan then it will be start

scanning just give it a few times and it will be done the scan time completely

depends on what scan you are doing and how fast your computer is alright guys

so as you can see the scan has completed and it has found only two viruses for me

nothing huge but still having only one virus can slow down your computer a lot

so for deleting those viruses what you have to do just click on quarantine

selected and now it will take a few times and send those viruses to the

quarantine folder now go to the quarantine folder and delete each of

those and that's it guys now the viruses have been permanently

deleted from your computer alright guys so that's how you can delete viruses

from your computer I hope this video did help you to clean your computer but just

ask me in the comments if you have any problems and I will be reply to each and

every single of you and also let me know how many viruses you found in your PC I

will love to hear from you guys so that's it for today's video if you like

this video leave a like on the video subscribe if you are new and if you

already subscribed please make sure to hit the bell icon to see all my new

videos at the fur and as always thanks for watching my

name is Hazet and I'm out

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Cut To Length Cable from - Duration: 0:46.

When you order industrial cable cut to the length you need before our daily cutoff times

That cable will be pulled and cut and shipped the same day

or free on all orders over 49

With no cut charges no hidden fees. No

Inflated shipping charges and a low priced per foot regardless of length all from a ul certified

Riesling facility and of course Automation directs generous 30-day return policy

Does apply to all cut to length orders that's an industrial cable cut to length and shipped you

today from automationDirect


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SAD! This Woman's Grandson Treats Her Horribly Just Because She Supports Trump - Duration: 4:08.

Meet Lynette Villano, a 72-year-old widow and grandmother who's had to deal with two

years of mistreatment by her grandson Connor Mulvey, all because she's had the apparent

gall to support President Donald J. Trump.

During a recent interview with Politico, she explained how Connor's rage began to manifest

promptly after Trump won the 2016 presidential election:

The day after the 2016 election, Lynette … sent her grandson Connor Mulvey a text message:

"I guess you can probably figure out that I'm very happy today," Lynnette began.

"Donald Trump is to your generation what Ronald Reagan was to ours.

I am so fortunate to have been part of both.

… He defied conventional wisdom at every turn.

… Hopefully, I will be going to the Inauguration."

Connor, who was then starting his senior year as an undergraduate at Tulane, replied almost


After the election, my liberal dad sent me a frustrated emailing arguing that failed

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had lost because of sexism.

How did I respond?

I politely wrote that I disagreed made it clear I respected his position.

How did Connor reply when his grandmother reached out to him?

He penned a lengthy screed The snot-nosed teenager accused his grandmother of not having

any "self-reflective capabilities" and of having "damaged America."

The irony is that Connor's description of the president as a man with "a history of

abuse, mistreatment, and greed" sounded more like a description of himself.

Following the election, Connor began effectively treating his grandmother like trash.

First he returned her 2016 Christmas gifts.

Then he he went out of his way to not invite her to his graduation in May of 2017.

And last but not least, despite treating her poorly, he reached out to her to ask for help

obtaining a $10,000 loan.

Here's what happened next: "When Connor took out a $10,000 loan after graduating and

needed a co-signer, Lynette obliged him, but Connor still refuses to talk to her.

She says she hasn't seen him since the spring of 2016," Politico reported.

Congratulations, kid, you are by far one of the biggest jerks in America.

And yet liberals now adore this little miscreant.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is liberalism in a nutshell.

The same people who purport to be so compassionate and caring don't give a damn about this

72-year-old woman, and all because her political beliefs differ from theirs.

"I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had to deal with estrangement from family

members because of the election," she said to Politico.

"Does it hurt?

More than I can put into words."

"This is the reality of how divided we are in this country—friendships lost, and in

my case the relationship I had with my daughter and her family.

Politics has been part of my life for years, but this is the first time I have had to deal

with this reaction.

People so dislike our president, there is no tolerance for anyone who supports him.

Sadly, this is the world we live in today."

Yes, it is, and it's because of liberalism, point blank, period.

You don't see conservatives mistreating their family members, demonizing their political

opponents as Nazis, chasing politicians out of restaurants, vandalizing people's property

or outright trying to kill anyone who disagrees with them.

But you do sure as hell see Democrats doing all this and MORE!

For more infomation >> SAD! This Woman's Grandson Treats Her Horribly Just Because She Supports Trump - Duration: 4:08.


CNN Guests Mock Kanye West With Racial Insults, Suggest He Can't Read - Duration: 2:15.

latest news Don Lemon couldn't stop laughing when two guests on his show

mocked and criticized rapper Kanye West because he supports President Trump the

two guests on lemons show CNN tonight took turns mocking the entertainer with

various racially charged insults and even made it seem like Kanye West could

not read the specific quotes / insults from the show are below the video here's

a list of the insults hurled at Kanye West for being a black Trump supporter

as per the tweet above Kanye West is what happens when Negroes sick don't

read black folks are about to trade Kanye West in the racial draft he's an

attention whore he's a token negro sick he clearly has issues he's already been

hospitalized this is likely because the guests are Democrats and they might feel

that all Democrats especially African Americans must stay in line with the

Democratic beliefs Kanye West is a free thinker who does not follow patterns of

groupthink Kanye West does not believe that he has to do certain things support

a specific political party or act a certain way just because he is a black

male living in America West thinks for himself and encourages others to do the

same West wants everyone to think for themselves and not follow the herd of

sheep that often lead people on a blazing trail of failure West has been

criticized for supporting president Trump by the african-american community

but it seems like that criticism comes mostly from far left Democrats who are

unable to appreciate it when someone thinks for themselves and doesn't do

what everyone else wants them to do Kanye is his own person and doesn't care

what the critics say about him that's something everyone should respect check

out what finger News the Internet's conservative front page founded by


For more infomation >> CNN Guests Mock Kanye West With Racial Insults, Suggest He Can't Read - Duration: 2:15.


Vaanam Hindi Dubbed Full Action Movie | Latest Hindi Dubbed Movies - Duration: 2:22:31.


For more infomation >> Vaanam Hindi Dubbed Full Action Movie | Latest Hindi Dubbed Movies - Duration: 2:22:31.


Studio Roopok Presents।চোখের পাতায় লুকিয়ে বাসো আমায় ভালো।Official Full HD - Duration: 3:44.

For more infomation >> Studio Roopok Presents।চোখের পাতায় লুকিয়ে বাসো আমায় ভালো।Official Full HD - Duration: 3:44.


Melania Trump Says #MeToo Victims Must Bring "Hard Evidence" If They Come Forward - Duration: 3:33.

First Lady Melania Trump was interviewed and discussed the hashtag me to movement

in light of the situation that happened with Christine blase T Ford's

accusations against Brett Kavanaugh prior to him joining the Supreme Court

Trump assured people that she stands with and for women however she made it

very clear that women who come forward must bring evidence of the crime that

they accuse people of she made a wonderful point because America runs on

the notion that people are innocent until proven guilty and women who

falsely accuse men of sexual misconduct ruin their lives even though the male

was actually innocent there have been plenty of times where women falsely

accused a male of sexual misconduct and it turned out that the accuser had lied

trump encourages women to bring evidence and proof of their crime so that the

male suspect can properly be punished in a court of law or released of the

charges if the accusations are deemed to be false we live in a very scary time

when anyone can accuse someone of something and a mass of people mostly

Democrats will believe the story as long as it panders to their leftist agenda

the outcome is that someone's life is tarnished such as Brett Kavanaugh when

it's highly likely that the accuser was telling a lie and the accused was not

involved at all here's a short news clip of Melania Trump talking about the me2

movement and the need for women to bring hard evidence when they come forward

Melania Trump says women accusing men of misconduct need hard evidence adds that

the media sometimes goes too far in their reporting I do stand with women

but we need to show the evidence USA Today stated the sit-down with ABC News

Tom llamas which happened while she toured Africa was teased Wednesday on

Good Morning America when asked what she found to be the most surprising thing

about her position as first lady Trump said she was disappointed to find

associations that declined to collaborate with her it's sad to see

that organizations and foundations I want to partner with choose not to

because of the administration she said and I feel they

are choosing the politics over helping others Trump refused to provide examples

and said the group's know who they are I don't want to put them out in front of

the world but they know who they are the interview will be aired in full on

Friday expect blowback from liberal women and the hashtag me too movement as

they will likely counter Melania Trump statement with something illogical

however Melania Trump is right when someone accuses another person of a

crime then they should have the proof to back it up that goes for all crimes and

all people not just women and sexual misconduct allegations towards men if

you think women do not falsely accuse men of crimes then please take a moment

to watch the video below this is a millionaire's ex-fiance beating herself

so she can accuse him of a crime she didn't know that there was a

surveillance video recording and she was caught red-handed hitting herself

repeatedly the millionaire Scott Mitchell accused her of stealing and had

video set up in the home

For more infomation >> Melania Trump Says #MeToo Victims Must Bring "Hard Evidence" If They Come Forward - Duration: 3:33.


How To Format Pen Drive - in Hindi | पेन ड्राइव कैसे फॉर्मेट , डिलीट या खाली कैसे करे - हिंदी में - Duration: 2:01.

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How To Format Pen Drive

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