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[Beverly Downen] Hi, I'm Beverly from Downen Creative Studios, and today I'm becoming the Wasp.

I got started in cosplay about four years ago.

We were looking for something to do with the kids,

and we had no idea what a convention was.

Little did I know that everybody was dressed up and everyone was having a really good time.

And so we decided that we were going to go again the next year in costume.

I really wanted to make a big costume because I love the challenge.

I love the Wasp, and Hope van Dyne is the kind of female character that is,

she's independent, she's incredibly smart, she doesn't need saving.

Having those strong female characters to emulate is perfect timing for where I'm at in my life.

There's a lot to this costume.

Finding materials that I was happy with, that I knew that, construction-wise, would work,

that was a challenge.

And another challenge was figuring out how to construct

the layers of this costume so that I could wear it and that it could be functional.

I used reference pictures and constructed a map of the suit's lines,

so that I could then scan them into my computer and kind of manipulate the forms from there.

The top pieces are going to be made out of EVA foam.

For the wings, I'm going to make two different sets.

One of them is going to be the collapsed wings, so that'll be just kind of backpack style.

And then the big wings are going to be made with etched acrylic.

[Eric Jones] Beverly and I go way back.

Helmets are interesting. I've only done like three or four of them.

I built out the head with some EVA foam first.

And then I just kind of free-formed the rest of it out of clay.

[Beverly Downen] I just can't wait for this whole thing to come together.

To debut a costume at a con, it's nerve-racking, it's exciting.

This is something that I've been working on for such a long time.

To be able to finally put it on and become Hope van Dyne, I mean, it's just amazing.

These women are powerful and they are really setting a tone for women in pop culture and in costuming.

And I love that my stepdaughter gets to step into a world like this.

© 2018 MARVEL

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Minion Rush Hack - Get Unlimited Minion Rush Bananas - Duration: 4:55.

For more infomation >> Minion Rush Hack - Get Unlimited Minion Rush Bananas - Duration: 4:55.


Lauren Jauregui Reads Her Fans' Adoring Instagram Comments 😇 | Most Extra | MTV - Duration: 1:50.

- Okay, I just forgot how to breathe.

That's a lot of H's.

You look wonderful with or without makeup, girl.

You're perfect.

I love you.

Love me back.

I do love you back, so much.

Thank you for this beautiful comment.

Hey, I'm Lauren Jauregui,

and I'm gonna be reading my

extra ass Instagram comments from my beautiful fans.

OMG, the world is not ready for you.

All in caps.

You's right.


Oh my God, bro.

I'm 'bout the quake.

It's about time, girl.

Yes, you gonna snatch my weave!

I read that very broken,

but very, very, very enthusiastic,

and I appreciate it.

I love you.

Daddy number two.


Comment: Are you real or are you a goddess?

That is the question.

Well, that's nice.

Trans underscore becoming underscore Cayden.

Can I marry someone who doesn't know I exist?

I'm not sure.

I don't think that's how it works,

but I'll marry you.

Underscore Jaylene?


There's a lot of E's.

I don't know.

Okay, why am I questioning my sexuality?

I feel you.

Not 'cause of the picture,

but I feel you.

Sammy X 618 says,

"Did you get all those scars on your face

from falling from heaven?

Because, you're looking like a straight up angel."

Guys, that's so nice!

It's so cute.

I don't know what to say.

Thank you.

I mean, I'm pretty beat up in this photo.

But, thanks.

Thanks guys, for leaving me comments.

I try not to read too many,

just 'cause sometimes people are a little mean.

But, for the ones that are nice like these

that you just saw,

I'm very grateful for you,

for your support and your love.

I'm sorry.

I'm really bad at reacting to compliments.

So, sorry if it was annoying.

Bye. (chuckles)

(upbeat music)

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Trump Bullies The Media To Force Them To Praise Him - Duration: 3:07.

Next question is from @question0786 who asks, "Why is Republican media and politicians too

afraid to criticize 45 when they weren't afraid to criticize and slander 43 and 44, who were

also Republicans?

Why are they so afraid of a man-child who hasn't really done anything and probably won't

do anything to them?"

Here's the problem, though.

I mean, well, and let's be honest.

44, Barack Obama, he was a Democrat.

Acted like a Republican at times, acted like a Progressive at times, but overall he was

a Democrat.

The media didn't do a good job of criticizing George W. Bush, either.

I mean, let's not forget that you had MSNBC at the time and CNN and FOX News all supporting

his policy of interventionist war in the Middle East.

I mean, MSNBC fired Phil Donahue for speaking out against the Iraq War.

Yeah, they were pretty much lock-step with George W. Bush until MSNBC decided to become

the liberal channel, and that's what they kind of are today.

Who knows, I don't watch them so I assume they are based on what I see.

CNN, FOX News, massive cheerleaders for the war.

I think overall, the reason that a lot of media outlets aren't criticizing Donald Trump,

especially the conservative ones, is because they understand that if he gets mad at them

and says, "Hey, don't watch them anymore," his idiot followers are going to stop tuning

into FOX News or step reading Breitbart or Daily Caller, or whatever the new daily conservative

website of the month is.

They will, they do.

The guys does have influence among these sheep that follow him.

That's why they're kind of trying to toe the Trump line and say, "Yeah, he's a good guy.

We need to lock kids in cages, that's a good thing."

They are afraid of him.

He is a bully, and that's how bullies have their power.

Not because they have actual power, which Trump does not have over these media outlets,

but because they perceive him to have power.

Just like any bully.

You confront them, you can get them to back down.

These papers, these outlets, all of that, they are too terrified to ever stand up to

this man, and I don't ever see that changing, even if he ends up getting indicted, impeached,

removed from office, whatever.

They'll never say a bad word about him because they will always be afraid of him.

That's all the time we have for the questions today, but again, if you hae a question for

us, please send it using the #askrof, or you can send it to our Twitter account @ringoffireradio.

I'm Farron Cousins.

You're watching Ring of Fire and we'll be right back.

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Speed Therapy: Boost Your Mood | Go Further | Ford Performance - Duration: 2:51.

I'm the oldest of eight and we're all adopted.

Well, I'm a wildland firefighter.

So, I do technical support.

Uh, I work in a warehouse.

I've been in law enforcement for four and a half years.

We have seven children.

We're just constantly juggling the kids around.

Having kids, and being a nurse... it's a juggling act.

I've been going; kind of going through like a rocky kind of part of life with my friends.

That's where the stress comes in.

It's tough!

I think, we might have something for you that can help you a little bit.


Oh my god.


Oh hi!

I'm Crystal. I hear that you kinda need a break.


Oh yes!

Damn right!

Get in!

I'm driving?!

Yes, you're driving!

Am I driving?!


Now we just go that way; she's yours!

Accelerate, accelerate!

You're not driving the line I showed you.

Oh, ok.

It's a lot to take in.

Turn turn turn turn

Oh, gas gas gas! Gas gas gas—

You stopped, why do you stop?

I think my driver's ed training is kicking in from years ago.

Cut left!

Oh, yeah!

You're doing great, you're doing great!

More gas, more gas, more gas, more gas!

Go go go go go!

I'm glad you just drifted that whole thing.


Gas, gas, gas; yeah!



I'm gonna win this, I'm gonna win this race~

We're burning rubber, we're burning rubber!

Take that, mini-van!



Oh yeah, absolutely incredible!


You did so good!

All right, okay.

So? How was it?

Oh my god!

That was so cool!

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Hours After Haley Resignation, Trump Floats Surprise Suggestion for Her Replacement - Duration: 2:38.

For more infomation >> Hours After Haley Resignation, Trump Floats Surprise Suggestion for Her Replacement - Duration: 2:38.


Chuck Schumer Is In Deep Trouble Because Of This Kavanaugh Leak - Duration: 3:16.

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A Democrat Pollster Sent Nancy Pelosi Heading For Hills With Some Devastating News - Duration: 3:25.

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Kamala Harris Just Forced The FBI Chief To Reveal The Ugly Truth About Kavanaugh "Investigation" - Duration: 3:12.

For more infomation >> Kamala Harris Just Forced The FBI Chief To Reveal The Ugly Truth About Kavanaugh "Investigation" - Duration: 3:12.


Hurricane Michael makes landfall in Florida Panhandle with 155-mph winds | Worst Storms Ever - Duration: 2:15.

For more infomation >> Hurricane Michael makes landfall in Florida Panhandle with 155-mph winds | Worst Storms Ever - Duration: 2:15.


A reconciliação de Steven e Connie | Steven Universo | Cartoon Network - Duration: 4:26.

The kid should give Connie a hello.

To tell her of my feelings? Kevin: No!

Be casual, Show her that you are

Calm down, you do not

It's dying to talk why you're dying. You're living.

Make her want this life with you. -Steven: Kevin, this...

Moved with me. -Kevin: So get moving soon!

Go on... Take it easy, and then leave. -Steven: I got it!


Easy, easy... Yeah... Easy...

Hi! -Connie: Hi!

I liked that sweater.

Ah... I saw your messages.

THE! It's... I've even forgotten, because I'm



Well, I'm going back to my life, ah...


Ahhh... That was awful, that's wrong, Kevin.

Relax... Look good, your friend is coming back here

for you.

Steven! Can you tell me what's going on, I came here.

Let's talk, but it seems like you just want to talk to Kevin!

I think Kevin is your best friend now! -Steven and Kevin: What?! No, no, no...

Ain... Anyway, I'm glad you're okay.

That's all I really wanted to know. -Steven: No,

No, but you're my best friend.

Best friend? What are you talking about?

I thought she was your ex. Great... now

What am I going to do... Kevin... Think

How do people treat their friends?!


Wait, wait Connie will not go! -Connie: Steven...

I did not want to ignore you ... I

I was going to answer the messages, I... I

I wrote: Do not get to talk to you now but then, I realized

that if I told you I would be talking to you.

And that would not make any sense, I was not making sense.

If we were to talk, I thought it had to be

I personally went with Leo to his house but he had

a note saying; 'I went traveling'. Then I met Kevin

and he said that you came here but...

Ain... You'll see it's still too soon...

I... I do not even know what to say to you I...

I'm angry, I miss you.

I feel like I'm going crazy! -Steven: No! Is not!

I gave myself up for Homeworld, I let them take me...

Maybe forever and ever,

I came back and tried to act as if it was not nothing much,

but it was too much. I could not imagine you

being taken in that Nave Space, but I did it

for you. I promised we would be a duo,

and... I left you in the hand.




Is so good

Talk to you, I wanted to see you so much

who saw what I did, I accepted an invitation to a Kevin party.


I know, and I follow his advice.

I think it broke his heart, that's even sad.

Of course they left.

And the... Beautiful shirt. -Steven: Beautiful hair.


Beauty! Are you guys having fun?

"YEEES!" -Kevin: LIE!

You are all false, you so

disgusted. But get ready, I'll introduce you to someone

so real... That you feel like me.

This party starts NOW! Kids... It's on time!

It's already very late, let's go.

Thanks for your help, Kevin! -Kevin: What...?

Come on, you have to do that.

For what I helped you, if you will not help here in my

party. Oh...

Hey there, do not run away from me.

Shut the fuck up Dewey. -Connie: Help yourself, Kevin. I think you did

a very good party.

Good evening.-Kevin: Do not wait there.

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Dushman se Nijat ka Amal | dushman ki zuban bandi ka amal | urdu | Hindi - Duration: 5:07.

plz subccribe my channle

plz subccribe my channle

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Notebook Dell Inspiron i15-3576-A60C Intel Core i5 - Duration: 1:21.

For more infomation >> Notebook Dell Inspiron i15-3576-A60C Intel Core i5 - Duration: 1:21.


"If You See The Technical Aspects Of A Game, We've Failed" - Interview with Yves Jacquier, Ubisoft - Duration: 5:06.

I'm here with Yves Jacquier, Executive Director of Product Services and Studio at Ubisoft.

Yves, how's it going today?

It's been very exciting. Many other interesting

presentations so from many different kind of businesses all talking about

AI and sharing their challenges. It's pretty interesting to see that in

many other areas I know pretty much the gaming history but many other areas they

share the same concern about AI about explainability or technicality of AI

and how we can make greater services and greater games so it's really interesting.

Fantastic and I understand you've just

come off stage at your keynote could you just tell me a little bit about what you've

been talking about on stage and you know what we're really trying to communicate

to the audience?

Sure, so in a nutshell, both AI and video

games are 70 years old and they have had a long relationship each other building

on the strengths of the other but there's been something really new for

the last five and ten years both in the video game industry and also in AI

development. We've reached a point where

we can do things really differently and

it's a game changer and no pun intended in three different stages

First, it changes the way we're making games so it's more at the assistance level we're

able to create greater assets simply because it accelerates many things we're

doing. We're creating greater characters, greater animations, with tools that are

more and more automated. Second, it will help us to add more and more variety into our

open worlds more different kinds of vehicles people richer behaviors so in

other words better products but what we discovered is extremely interesting

is that while doing that it will change other types of real-life

industries and other type of real-life problems. If you think about autonomous

vehicles as an example, if you are able to test,

audit, or develop a virtual car into a game maybe we can do that for a real life

vehicle and test scenarios that you wouldn't be able to do in real life

that involves pedestrians weather conditions and things like that and yeah

on the point of you know building kind of richer experiences for

everyone, obviously a lot of the challenge in open-world games is you

know maybe a player's moving through and you want to you want to create variety

like you're saying. How do you think other companies can learn from from

that experience in terms of building a more varied and interesting experience

for say customers or users or something like that?

The thing is that by creating more

and more diverse experiences into the game with rich interactions conveying

more emotions with more variety into our characters their behaviors, we are

asking many questions. We are asking questions about society. We are

facing historical questions and all of those are questions that experts from

other domains are also working on. So by working together not only do we improve

our games but we have to improve their domains solving different kinds of

problem and answering different kinds of questions. How do you cope with autonomous

cars that have been built in California but needs to work in Montreal with

winter conditions? That's the kind of thing that we can build in a video game

Definitely. So, out of Ubisoft, what do you think is probably one of the

most relevant developments in terms of AI in the last year?

I think it wouldn't be a development but it's more the fact that many many people

who are more aware that it's important to have explainable AI, dependable AI

and to address many ethical questions first. In other words, that AI is not or

not anymore a question of specialists and experts of

the technical domain but we should put the human and the human question and the

human condition first to answer all those questions and that's the thing

that's really new this year

on the point of the human question I

mean what what is it for you personally that has drawn you

into this field, what makes you passionate about it?

We're making games

it has to be fun you have to relate to these games it has to convey emotion it

has to feel real so all of that requires not to think about the technicality but

the real emotions that the medium are able to convey if you see the technical

aspects we failed actually

Well, Yves, thanks for talking to me today it's been excellent. Nice to meet you.

For more infomation >> "If You See The Technical Aspects Of A Game, We've Failed" - Interview with Yves Jacquier, Ubisoft - Duration: 5:06.


حظك اليوم الخميس 11-10-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 6:30.

Thursday 11/10/2018



There is something new and unpredictable about your life that puts you in financial burdens that you are not prepared for. Look for additional income to avoid it


Love grows to the point of love and is a key reason to find everything around you that calls for optimism



Do not give ears to those who make offers attractive material because they are fake, and do not trust his sweet words because he is not honest and wants to exploit you


You may be tired today fluctuating mood of the lover or partner and his emotions unjustified, patience, it passes through psychological conditions difficult but temporary



Passing a tough test that determines your ability to deal with unfamiliar developments, be challenging


Passing some emotional fluctuations that involve anxiety and doubt to your mind and heart, trusting who you love will restore balance and emotional calm to you



You feel strong after the accumulated dust has cleared of you for a while and you begin a new phase to secure a prosperous future, but you have to move away from projects that do not depend on scientific grounds


You are jealous of the lover or partner and lose insight and rational thinking, and enter into doubt your thinking and lose your nerves, count your balance and distractions because your thinking wrong



You are halfway to reach the goal for which you have worked so hard, without disclosing its details and stages for its success


Tgrk many colors and deceptive manifestations and away from the splendor of clear and clear colors that give depth to the essence of life and the concept of love



Get out of the dark tunnel where you put the circumstances after it shines A glimmer of hope shines the way and turns everything into a white color helps you solve all the crises


Be strong and rational if you experience an emotional shock because you will emerge stronger and more mature


Born in this tower On a day like this

the artist Anwar Wagdy

And the artist Amr diab

And the artist Ahmed Safwat

Indian artist Amitabh Bachchan

And composer and composer Kamal El Taweel

And the artist Tamer El Jazzar


Stand tall today in the face of storms and challenges that try to undermine your willpower and determination and succeed in walking towards your goals


The partner or lover may pass through difficult psychological conditions and be thin with him because he needs your tenderness and kindness and helped him overcome that



Do not fly in the space of dreams and fantasies so as not to fall on the ground, try to make a double effort to achieve what you want


Some difficulties and challenges facing your relationship with your lover or partner, do not weaken because true love needs strength and patience and break all obstacles

Sagittarius tower


A group of friends will help you to improve your professional and practical situation and feel free to accept it as it will improve your financial situation


Love lives in the finest state and find the tenderness and affection of the partner or beloved differently as if you are in another world, which makes you happy



The journey of creativity and success begins today, and the good results of your work are more than what you expected and create the solid foundations for building your physical future on new foundations


Today you live in a superficial social environment and you find many who are trying to win your religion but are far from your heart and your mind



Put the state of frustration and loss that you have experienced and have a psychological and practical readiness to start again in the achievement of your goals and ambition


A day in which the sweetness of its positive and even negative, where you find that everything around you drives you to optimism and the sense that life is bright and worthy of the torment of love



You face some professional and practical challenges, and you are at the level of the challenge and win, God willing, all the difficulties and achieved a good success


Mourning your feelings and deepen the depth and discover the positives of mutual love and this reflects positively on your relationship with the other party

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