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I've said it many times: there's no better GPS than the one in your phone. I mean Google Maps, not the Apple thingy.

There's no built-in GPS in my Mazda, so I usually have my phone set as GPS.

But there's sth better than just a phone and voice instructions.

It's called Android Auto. What it is, how to get it and how to use it?

Android Auto is an app by Google. It changes your phone into car infotainment system. There are Google Maps, but also your phone book, your calendar – everything in one place.

[this is for Poland market – in most countries, you can download it from Google Play store, we can't, so I'm talking abt the workaround]

First and foremost, there's GPS. Android Auto works with Google maps, and they are, simply put, the most precise and the most up-to-date, as many people have Google phones.

So, if there's a pileup 5 kms ahead of you, Google knows – because the phones stop moving along the route.

Of course, there are no perfect things and neither is Google. Sometimes, the maps aren't up to date and you have to look for the route yourself.

But considering this is free or almost free (because it's included in the price of the phone and your monthly phone bill), I don't know of any better choice.

Google shows other routes in real time, along with the time they would take. If you like a certain route or you have sth to do along the way, you can change the route with one touch.

Another function is the calendar. If you use Google calendar, you surely know there's a box for address of the place you plan to visit, be it your beauty salon appointment, a dinner with friends or tyre change.

In Android Auto, you can set the GPS to take you there with just one touch.

Third function is the most obvious – it's calling. Here you have your phone book, last calls, the usual.

In one of my vids I mentioned listening to the music in the car. If you have any music apps on your phone, like Spotify or TuneIn Radio, you can run them within Android Auto.

Android Auto is not the default choice. Quite reasonably, as car manufacturers are developing their own infotainment systems, some better, some worse.

Android Auto becomes more and more available, but it doesn't work the same in all car models. Why?

Because not all cars have touch-screens, and if they do, some work only when the car is stopped – for example, in Mazda.

So, using Android Auto is less convenient, as it's all about the touchscreen.

And you, do you use Android Auto? What car do you drive? What pros and cons of Android Auto do you see? Let me know in the comments below.

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Jack and Rebecca Embark on an Adventure - This Is Us (Episode Highlight) - Duration: 3:13.

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Imam Ul Haq Injured| Imam fractured finger| Imam Ul Haq Out Of 2nd Test| Pak vs AUS 1st test day 5 - Duration: 1:41.

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Royal wedding 2018: Everything we know about Princess Eugenie's wedding - Duration: 7:18.

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PL_Jak naprawić błąd Chrome po aktualizacji systemu Windows 10 1803 - Duration: 2:15.

Hi, I'm Sami, from Fawzi academy. In this video, I will talk about. Chrome freezes after the Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803.

Use the Windows Shortcut Keys.

Try to press the shortcut keys Windows logo key + Ctrl + Shift + B simultaneously to wake the screen.

Go to Microsoft fix it. Fix problems that block programs from Microsoft website.

Click Download. Run the program. Follow the instructions to fix the problem. I will provide you with a link to Microsoft website

in the video description area. Go to Microsoft Update Catalog. Download and Install The cumulative update

KB4103721, released for Windows 10 version 1803, includes a fix for Chrome and Cortana freezing issues.

Follow the instructions to fix the problem. Recreate the Chrome Browser Profile.

The corrupted Chrome browser profile could also lead to the Chrome freezes issue, and you could recreate it. Follow this steps.

Restore Your System to an Earlier Version. Follow this steps.

Thank you, for watching Fawzi academy. Please, like. Subscribe, share, this video, and visit, our website,

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We thought it was just an abandoned farm - Look what we found - Duration: 15:12.

Good morning, today we are heading towards a abandoned farm which we do not have

a lot of information, so we have been counted could have belonged to the owner

of a large company that went bankrupt, which could have caused his abandonment of this

This time Jasogurbex accompanies me, I'll leave your Instagram in the box

description so you can also follow him As always ask you to

subscribe, activate the bell so that receive all the notifications of the

new videos, Give us like if you like the video and

share on your social networks, without more we start

Voices are heard I think they are hunters

we have to be careful since we hear voices everywhere we think

that are hunters that are in the area. The house is completely open on one side

Coke glasses still here

there is a face cream here

here is another and a knife


look at the switch

it's like the house in the forest

spectacular the bed

it's very old

note that there are the same symbols on the bed and in the closet

this is very old

look at the night table and the chair

It looks like marble and the lamps are on the floor

what spectacular wood

look at the shower tray, it has everything

look at the window, of those old

it is still here

is all the old faucets

it's the usual one

Hugienico paper dispenser of the brand Colhogar

These are documents of occupational risks of the company. They should have an office here


up there is a focus

a shoe

a spoon

a sofa to spend here the taardes

let's go out to the main courtyard

the roof is very damaged

This is the typical Canarian patio

look at the ceiling, it's impossible to step on top because it would sink

come on

a printer

there are things here to do events

2011 agenda

Careful there is a broken cup

a baby high chair and a chair

a jar of honey Supersol brand

come on

look how big it is

roof stones are falling

you see there in the background

being full of tables, chairs, etc. is a warehouse

the roof is made of wood and stones and it is falling

we are going to try to go up the stairs to the second floor

here is a kitchen

look at the grill


Here would be the grill to roast the steaks


Is this blood?

yes, it looks like blood

come on, hurry up, we have to get out of here

this is an empty room

they are old electric light meters

approved on May 7, 1931

Imagine, this building is from 1930

this reminds me when in the movie HALLOWEEN they will go down the stairs and they are facing the killer

like Michael Myers

when we leave the house we take a big surprise since inside the property

apart from the house, they also had a restaurant, which we teach you next.

Be careful because this ladder is not right

this was a restaurant

we are going to explore

this is spectacular

let's go through here

this is where all the parties were made

however this is totally abandoned

It was initially a restaurant. Look at all the arcs, Its wonderful


It's all made of wood

there are light bulbs

was all wood

there are restaurant tables and chairs

look at these arcs

these should be the bathrooms

they are very well preserved, light here please

fiajte the urinals have a lid


these are auxiliary rooms, look, the floor is collapsing

another oven to make the grill. This shovel to clean grease and oil

Its wonderful

It is likely that the food was made here and then down to the restaurant

with that shovel the oil was cleaned

here the meat would be cut, look at the knife

and the shovel was for cleaning remains and oil. Look at the fence, it looks like a jail, how weird

that looks like a machine for sulfatar and the chains for the engine change

Will this ladder be for trucks?

another warehouse

look at the Adidas brand pants of the 3 bands, which was used to work in the lands

Yes, it is indeed that

good up here the video today as I will always greet several of the

subscribers that have asked me, in this case will be: Celia Villafuente who

celebrates years on October 11 so congratulations and have a happy day of

birthday, and The Daniel channel and Malaga, as always, highlight one of

the comments of the previous video, I'll leave a link at the top

right in case you want to see it, in this case will be the comment of Greece Isis

which tells us: "whoever orders to build in a So big building, with tremendous

investment and left it abandoned, I I would like to know what goes through their minds,

an advice never go alone, imagine that you find some live not friendly,

your physical integrity is first, the excellent video, greetings from Mexico "

a greeting to you and many Thank you. I take this opportunity to greet all

friends of Mexico for the great support that they provide us from there and thank them all

the invitations to visit the country I wish we could one day do it.

As always ask you to subscribe active notifications to not get lost

absolutely nothing of the new videos that They are about to come

Like us if you liked the video and share in your social networks

It is now close to halloween so if you are going to explore abandoned sites

be careful, as they say in the Halloween movie

-I've killed him

-The bag man can not be killed

thank you very much for being there and we we see the next video a greeting

For more infomation >> We thought it was just an abandoned farm - Look what we found - Duration: 15:12.


Dropa Stone Discs "IF" Ancient Chinese UFO Mystery? - Duration: 7:59.

There have been many reports of alien bodies being discovered on this planet.

The most commonly known story being that of Roswell New Mexico.

We have watched as Dr Greer had the body of a Chilean mummified corpse analyzed to see

if it was extraterrestrial,and the infamous alien autopsy videos that can be found on

the internet.

One discovery of alien bodies that may well be more credible, this down to evidence discovered

alongside the bodies, is the Dropa alien bodies and the Dropa stones.

Welcome to if ………………………………………….

So who or what are these mysterious beings known as the dropa.

They can be found to this very day living in isolation but these people are not aliens

or descendants of aliens but a tribe that anthropologist say do not fit in with Chinese

or Tibetan lineage.

Members of the dropa tribes are what would be considered pygmy size, the adults height

measuring somewhere between 3-foot-6 and 4-foot-7 average height of a tribe member being measured

at 4-foot-2.

They are very slight in their build weighing in at 38 to 52 pounds with thin bodies and

disproportionately large heads The skin is off-white edging toward a shade

of yellow with very little body hair and with large eyes that are not Asian in appearance,

but have pale blue irises.

This description has many of the same characteristics as skeletal remains found in caves of the

area in 1938.

These remains being part of this peoples legends and folklore, they tell stories of a crashed

UFO and lost alien occupants.

The ancient story says how a small, slender, yellow-skinned people fell to Earth from the

heavens, they were shunned by the local population due to their ugliness.

the legend tells of how a space probe from a far and distant planet crash-landed in the

Baian-Kara-Ula mountains of the Himalayas.

The aliens who piloted the spacecraft – "the Dropa" – probably scared, hid in the caves

hid of mountains.

The Dropa were said to be peaceful in nature, this didn't protect them from being misunderstood

by members of the local Han tribe who called nearby caves home.

They hunted down these stranded alien and killed a few of them.

There is some hard evidence that gives credit to this story.

several ancient, neatly arranged burial sites, these graves containing the skeletal remains

of several small, frail and spindly people with disproportionately large skulls.

In what seems like a desperate attempt to explain the possible remains of the ET beings

a team who explored the caves suggested that the remains may be that of an unknown species

of mountain gorilla.

Professor Chi Pu Tei is reputed to have responded, "Whoever heard of apes burying one another?"

Agreed Professor Tei!

More proof comes in the controversial artefacts known as the dropa stones or dropa discs.

These carved stone discs became more notorious when a story emerged which claimed that In

1938 an archaeological expedition led by a Professor Chi Pu Tei, explored the mountains.

This was to survey a series of interlinking caves that border China and Tibet.

the team found the cave and discovered the several small bodies, along with 700 small

round stone discs.

These stone discs said to document an alien crash-landing on earth 10,000 years ago.

the caves themselves are said to have been artificially carved and resembles an underground

complex more than a cave system, this because of the what looked like a system of organized

tunnels and underground storerooms.

The walls of these caves or tunnel being squared and glazed, suggesting they were carved into

the mountain using some source of extreme heat.

These glazed walls also displayed a large collection of petroglyphs and pictograms these

showing complex star maps and celestial bodies that were most likely unknown to peoples of

that area at that time.

And in the dirt half-buried in the floor of the cave was a stone disk, something made

by intelligent hands.

The disk was approximately nine inches in diameter and three-quarters of an inch thick.

In the exact centre was a perfectly round, 3/4" hole, and etched in its face was a fine

groove spiralling out from the centre to the rim.

The groves were found to contain 'almost microscopic' hieroglyphs.

A further 716 such discs were retrieved from the cave.

These artefacts were then placed into storage for the next 20 years.

Beijing university holding these discs in secret until 1962 when a Chinese scientist

called Dr Tsum Um Nui stumbled upon them whilst he was working for the Prehistory Department

of the Beijing Academy.

He studied the discs and is said to have deciphered the inscriptions, and successfully translated

the text from the discs.

The Chinese censorship machine went into overdrive after reading The paper written by the professor

when he presented his discovery to the university before its publication.

The Academy of Prehistory expressly forbade him from publishing or even speaking of his

findings and for over two years it was hidden until he bravely published the paper himself.

Dr Tsum Um Nui's translation was ridiculed.

Then in 1968, the Dropa stones caught the eye of W. Saitsew, a Russian scientist.

He re-published the findings of the professor and carried out tests on the disks these revealed

more peculiar properties.

cobalt and other metals were contained high concentrations inside the granite of the stone

- granite being a very hard stone would have made it almost impossible for the primitive

people to carve the lettering, let alone characters that are so tiny.

oscillograph was used to test the discs, a surprising rhythm was recorded the scientists

saying this made them believe the discs had once been electrically charged or had functioned

as electrical conductors.

so what message did these alien castaways leave?

The professors' translation of one of the passages says: "The Dropa came down from the

clouds in their aircraft.

Our men, women, and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise.

When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropa, they realized that the newcomers

had peaceful intentions....".

The stones go on to say how the Dropa were unable to repair their disabled spacecraft

and could not return to their home planet, and so were stranded on Earth.

Is this proof that ET first landed in ancient China?

are these stones an elaborate hoax?

What could explain the remains found in the cave and the different appearance of the dropa

and the legends that they are descendants of star beings?

let me know your thoughts in the comments below

For more infomation >> Dropa Stone Discs "IF" Ancient Chinese UFO Mystery? - Duration: 7:59.


Muzica Noua 2018 ( Club Mix ) - Duration: 33:31.

For more infomation >> Muzica Noua 2018 ( Club Mix ) - Duration: 33:31.


CLICK PLC High Speed Inputs: Setup for Rate on a Single Input - Duration: 2:42.

Setting up High speed inputs and calculating the rate can be intimidating, but with CLICK

it becomes just another simple function.

This video shows how to setup to high speed inputs on a CLICK PLC for Rate calculation.

To use High speed inputs on Click.

You must have a Click CPU that supports Ethernet and has DC inputs.

High speed counting is not supported on units with AC inputs.

You must have CLICK Programming software 2.30 or higher and update the firmware to match

this software version.

I have an NPN inductive prox, that meets the voltage requirements of the CLICK PLC.

I wire the output of the inductive prox to X1, and since this is an NPN prox, I will

place positive 24 volts DC to the C1 common on the CLICK CPU.

To start the setup, select the Function Tab.

Select here on High speed input setup.

Now, this display is what really makes the difference.

It shows you exactly what each function does.

Just check the graphic and then select the button that says, "Use this mode".

We are calculating rate so select here on Frequency measurement.

First, I am going to give this function a Name.

Select here to assign where the rate will be stored.

I will use DD1.

Now, this is a signed double integer so the range will be:

Select the type as single input.

Now, we need to assign the input for this function.

Select here.

Select X1.

For rate you have two options, you have either Hz or Rotations per minute.

Hertz is just a function of the amount of pulses per second.

Were as, RPM is specific to your application.

So, once I select RPM, you will notice that I am asked to enter a number.

This is asking for the amount of pulses per one rotation of your process.

For this example, I will use 360.

Press Ok.

Now you will see your rate function assigned here.

Press Ok.

And now here, you will see all of the registers that are assigned to this function.

Let's load this project into our CPU and test our rate.

Open up a Data View.

Add my rate register and then start the pulses.

So, no more intimidation when it comes to setting up high speed inputs and calculating

the rate.

Just another way that CLICK makes advanced simple.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or call into our award-winning

tech support team.

Click here to see more CLICK Videos and select here to subscribe to our YouTube channel for

upcoming products and solutions.

For more infomation >> CLICK PLC High Speed Inputs: Setup for Rate on a Single Input - Duration: 2:42.


Why Should You Be An Omnivore? - Duration: 1:12.

Hey guys! I appreciate you tuning in for this episode of the mental minute. The

commonality that we all share is that we want to get the most nutrition from the

foods that we eat. It doesn't matter if you're vegan or vegetarian or paleo or

pescetarian, the way that you get the most vitamins and minerals from the

foods that you ingest is through good gut health and digestion. So going

forward, I want you to try to model your nutrition plan around the bear. Bears are

omnivores, but they're mostly vegetarian. They're also adaptable creatures

based on their surroundings. Polar bears eat seals; panda bears eat mostly bamboo;

North American Nordic Bears eat pretty much anything: berries, fruits, nuts,

mushrooms, but they also eat meat as well based on their surroundings. Human

beings are capable of adapting to their environment, and they use a wide variety

of ingredients for substance. There's no one-size-fits-all for everyone and so

going forward think about how a bear eats and model your lifestyle

accordingly to that.


For more infomation >> Why Should You Be An Omnivore? - Duration: 1:12.


Clash Of Clans - TOWN HALL 12 (TH12) BASE w/ PROOF ✅ Trophy Base / War Base / Troll Bases 2018 - Duration: 10:32.

Clash Of Clans - TOWN HALL 12 (TH12) BASE w/ PROOF ✅ Trophy Base / War Base / Troll Bases 2018

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Trưởng lão HT.Thích Minh Cảnh viên tịch. Tin Phật giáo - Duration: 5:10.

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Der Revers - Mein Baby - Duration: 3:16.

For more infomation >> Der Revers - Mein Baby - Duration: 3:16.


반환점 돈 부산국제영화제, 남은 일정은? - Duration: 5:44.

For more infomation >> 반환점 돈 부산국제영화제, 남은 일정은? - Duration: 5:44.


Hills of steel HACK - Tank - Videos for kids - Games bii - Duration: 18:08.

For more infomation >> Hills of steel HACK - Tank - Videos for kids - Games bii - Duration: 18:08.


what is different about Mcdonald's in Malaysia - Duration: 27:20.

Hi guys! what i am going to eat is Mcdonald's.

You might be thinking it's not Mcdonald's containers that you know,

Today, Specially I'm going to eat Mcdonald's in Malaysia.

There is something interesting here.

It's called Nasi McD.

Let me show you at the end.

Basically, here is a big mad which always tastes same all over the world.

Next, this is called smoky grilled beef burger.

and this is a spicy deluxe.

This is hot and crispy chicken.

Repeatedly, this is Nasi McD, what i said before.

Are you excited? Curious? Right? Please stay tune. don't go away!

Hey guys!

Are you going to push skip!?


This is a big size of Coleslaw

Anyway, Let me enjoy myself!

Let me try a big mac first.


No matter where you go in the world.

It's said that big mac always taste same.

Let me find out if it's true or not.

It's same

I think they have a same recipe or same sauce whatever...

I'll give you a tip that ketchup goes well with a big mad.

Because a big mac doesn't have a ketchup.

Did you know that?

When I drink a coke while eating a big mac,

I am like 'Am i in Daejeon now?' because it taste exactly same!

Next is smoky grilled beef burger.

Sorry the container is in the way of camera.

Smoky....means like it's smoked


Literally grilled beef.

Its patty looks similar to a big mac

But it smells different

When it comes to the sauce inside.


It doesn't have a distinct difference from a big mac

No, a little bit different

Big mac is Keyonnaise sauce.

This is keyonnaise plus something like brown BBQ sauce.

I think like that.

It looks like a normal burger.

I told you in the beginning that it smells smoky. i think that's from the sauce.

It tastes like...

Just a smoky big mac i think.

It's quite intensive taste.

Not bad

And next is hot....?

Sorry i've forgotten its name because i saw it for the first time.

It's called spicy deluxe.

Spicy chicken McDeluxe is a full name.

Spicy chicken McDeluxe...!

Spicy chicken McDeluxe....

Its bun is like..

It's different bun...

probably it's rye bread....

Speaking of patty...

I busted into a laugh fist as soon as looking here.

Because....the patty looked lonely.

And there is a white sauce on it.

I don't think it's mayonnaise.

But it is...

But its smell is ...

The smell doesn't give it away much that it's mayonnaise.

I think it's because of the patty. it's got black pepper powder...

It kicks your nose in the end!!

And the patty is made of thigh meat.

Not drumstick with bone, but thigh.

A soft part that we use to make Dakgalbi.

It's not spicy first.

It suddenly kicks!

I exaggerated a little bit jiggling my shoulder.

In the end, spiciness suddenly attacks

When you are off the guard.

I just thought there would be just a spicy sauce on it.

But i think it's spice.

It was wrapped with a normal paper.

A bag mac and grilled beef was packed in a paper box.

So I thought it would taste cheap.

But the patty is better than expected.

It's spicy not like black pepper,

but like red chilli.

Something different from black pepper.

It's actually nice.

Sorry you've waited for....

A large coleslaw,

which is full in a cup

Thank you.

I usually eat coleslaw in KFC

There is carrot, chopped lettuce, and red lettuce etc...

It tastes...

less sweet than KFC

But not a big difference. they taste similar.

Good things about is it's plentiful and vegetables are chopped long

I think you can use chopsticks.

Hot and crispy chicken is next!

Mcdonald's use rye bun for a chicken-patty burger i guess.

Lots of ingredients in between

more rich than A spicy one that i ate right before.

I think it's mexican sauce...?

There is a sauce in Mexico, which is like a chilly...i think it's similar to that.

Ja...ja....I don't remember the name

There is a plenty of sauce one side...

I think you saw it.

The sauce tastes sweet and greasy, but the another spicy sauce in it makes a good combination.

See how juicy the patty is!

Even though patties are same, it's not boring because there are more ingredients, which is good.

It also kicks your nose later,

Now today's highlight!

Nasi MaC. it's coming in 1 minute.

Let me try this before....

SOS chilly

I guess it's dangerous chilly...

because SOS is a request for emergency help

They give me this.

The colour is more transparent than kechup.

I think you can see as well on the screen.

I've realised chilly sauce can be greasy!

Let it come to us before 1 minute.


This Nasi McD!

I found out there is something when i order it.

There are A, B, C set menu.

A set is plus egg.

B set is plus Ayam Goreng.

C set is plus Ayam Goreng and egg. In other word, it's got everything

therefore, A + B = C

Let me show you

I took a photo of menu

So i mean! you can taste A and B at the same time If you order this, C!




Mcdonald's sells rice!

Why is my hair weird...?

Well, Guys! You've seen it so far. i can't help! please watch me in this hair until the end!

But I have an apology to make to you.

Jinhyeong is sending me pictures..

I think he is showing off that he is drinking outside!

Bur i am not jealous honestly.

Let me remove this part first.

And i'll remove Jinhyeong as well later.

No i won't!

Anyway it's ready

Maybe those who have visited Malaysia know a traditional food called 'Nasi lemak'.

It's very similar.

That also has fried chicken and fried egg

Plus nuts and fried anchovy.

and a similar sauce as this.

which is called Sambal sauce.

Let me discover the sauce first!

I mean let me try it.

It taste similar to Sambal sauce

Sambal sauce tastes like seafood

Only nuts and anchovy aren't used for this.

It's wings

You might think it would be spicy because it's red

Not spicy at all.

A reason why i am stuttering is not because it's spicy, but i am just not enough smart.

When it comes to the sauce.

Easily speaking..

It taste like seafood sauce... like a can of tuna.

Yeah i can say that.

I have tried many Malaysian food, and i think many of them are similar to Korean food in taste and recipe.

But they use coconut and curry a lot.

Which is good. But they use coconut and curry a lot.

Which is good.

And this is...

Malaysian tissue in Mcdonald's.

Sorry, I don't think you can see it in details. Let me lift it for you.

Anyway,... let me mix lettuce with it.

There wasn't lettuce when i eat Nasi lemak....

But this is Mcdonald's

not Nasi lemak but Nasi McD!

They named it like this...

And eggs...

You might think mixing up everything would ruin it. but If you try it, you would think differently.

Let me show you rice.

The sauce is sweeter than Sambal sauce in Nasi lemak.

and softer and smoother.

Rice is different to ours. it's like Indica ice.

We can make a certain shape with korean rice using a spoon, but this rice just fly away.

Originally Mayasians use sticky rice when they cook.

It's so nice like korean sticky rice.

It's sweeter than Nasi lemak in a restaurant because of its sauce.

It's kinda weird that i can eat rice in Mcdonald's

I feel like It's not supposed to be there.

So awkward.

But i think it's good for people who don't eat bread well.

If you go there in morning,

There is a porridge. I thought it was like korean samgyeojuk.

I think Mcdonald's copied Nasi lemak but it doesn't taste bad.

I wish there was fried nuts and anchovy.

Or at least nuts...

It would be nicer.

The sauce is not enough

So I think you need to be careful of a ratio when you mix it

Apa kabar

No..., it's hello.

Apa kabar

Anyway, i've met Nasi Mcd which is only soled in Malaysia!

Is Nasi Mcd right?

I've tried Nasi McD!

It's better than expected but something less satisfied.

But I think it was a good opportunity to try food that only exist here.

I really enjoyed every food in Malaysia! Bye!

I wish this coleslaw fly across to Korea...

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