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Nothing to worry about, right?

Nothing to worry about, right?

Yes, nothing to worry about.

After her expenses, she sends the remainder to us.

That's the only way we can manage.

We have to pay rent and a lot of other expenses.

We're a family of limited means.

Her father has heart issues, so he can't do strenuous work.

Times have been tough, so I also had to get a job.

There was an article in the newspaper.

I saw that! In the Hindi paper! The whole family saw it too!

It was so good.

Don't keep your daughters inside the house, idle.

Allow them to go out and get a job, like my daughter.

It will benefit your family.

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Charles Barkley Confesses He Hasn't Worn Underwear in 10 Years - Duration: 6:25.

-How is the golf game?

Because I heard -- well, I heard that you golf.

-You're going to start already.

-No, no, no, no. [ Laughter ]

No, I'm hoping it's a good ending.

-I can beat you.

[ Audience ohs ]


-Listen, do I call you a talk-show host, or a comedian?

-Uh, talk-show host.

-Well a talk-show host can't beat me.

[ Laughter ]

-They call me a comedian.

-A comedian can't beat me either.

[ Laughter ]

I'm never -- I'm never gonna lose all my skills.

-Because I've never -- I've never --

I've never played with you. I never --

-That's because you're ducking me.

-I'm actually not that good, so I'm really worried.

-That's why you're ducking me.

-I know, yeah.

But if I really focused, I think maybe I can beat you.

-No, no, no.

I'm never going to be as bad to lose to a talk-show comedian.

[ Laughter ]

Yeah, no. -Really?

-Hey, listen, I'm a has-been, but I ain't never gonna

lose all my skills that I can lose to you, Jimmy.

[ Laughter ]

-Well, we should do it.

Maybe we'll do like three holes, or something like that.

-I mean, you went to Olive Garden.

Least you can go play golf with a brother.

[ Laughter, cheers, and applause ]


There's nowhere to go but up.

-That's right, that's right.

Oh, you know what I'm excited to see you on?

"Shark Tank" -- I heard you're gonna be a guest shark.

-One of the coolest experiences of my life.

-I love "Shark Tank."

-I love it too.

Good friend of mine, Mark Cuban, asked me to be on it.

Everybody was wonderful -- Mr. Wonderful, Lori, Barbara.

-Did you -- oh, you can't say it, because it doesn't air yet.

But is it gonna be good?

-Daymond -- I don't want to forget Daymond.

I bought three products.

-You did? -I did.

-Wow. -Yeah.

-And? And? -I did.

Well, we're just getting started.

We're doing our due diligence right now.


-We've got to make sure people weren't lying.

-Oh, really? -Yeah.

So it was one of -- I love the show.

-Me too. I have thousands of ideas.

I have tons. [ Laughter ]

-You know, why don't you come on and be a guest shark?

-Maybe I should come on and try to sell you something.

[ Laughter ]

I might be better at that.

-I'll tell you what, it was really -- I really loved it.

Everybody on the show was great.


-But I would do it again in a heartbeat.

But I bought three products.

You've got to watch to find out what they are.

I'm not allowed to say.

But I bought three products, and I'm really excited.

-Okay, good. All right.

Next time you come back, you can talk about it, and then we --

-Well, no, listen, Jimmy, let's talk about it.

If any of these products hit, I'm never coming back.

[ Laughter and applause ]

-At least he's honest.

-No. No, seriously.

-At least he's honest.

-If any of these products hit, you never --

-I'm never gonna see you again.

-I'm going to quit TNT and everything.

[ Laughter ]

Seriously, if any of these products hit, I'm gone.

-You're living on a boat.

-Yeah, I'm living on a boat somewhere.

I'm going to be playing golf more than twice a day.

-Yeah, exactly, yeah.

-I'm going to be living the dream.

-Tell me some of what you're doing for Alabama.

-You know, I got a couple of things going.

I got an Alabama futures farm fund.

I partner with five guys, and we bring businesses to Alabama,

or helping businesses that are in Alabama.

I'm really excited about that,

but there's two things I'm really excited about.

I gave black women $1 million to do start-ups.

But it's got to be I.T.

I told them no restaurants and no hair salons.

[ Laughter ]

-You have enough of those.

-We've got enough of those. -Yeah.

-So the women have been amazing, but it has to be in I.T.

But then I started this thing with young black kids.

I want them to learn to be

carpenters, electricians, and plumbers.

Because all these black kids

think they're gonna play in the NBA.

They're not going to play in the NBA, but they can be --

There's nothing wrong with being a great carpenter,

plumber, electrician, so that's what I've been doing all summer.

So I'm excited.

-That's pretty cool that you're doing that.

I love that you're giving back.

-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]

-To Alabama.

Let's talk about the NBA.

Let's talk about TNT.

Let's talk about the show.

What a gang of cool people that you love so much.

[ Laughter ]

-Okay, let me get this out the way

because I know everybody wants to ask me two questions.

Yeah, the Warriors probably going to win again.

And LeBron is great,

but the Lakers are not gonna be any good.

Okay, now what else? [ Laughter ]

Those are two questions I'm asked a hundred times a day.

Who's gonna win the championship?

Probably the Golden State Warriors.

How good are the Lakers gonna be?

LeBron is an amazing basketball player, an amazing man,

but the Lakers are not gonna be any good.

Okay, that's the only two questions I'm asked every day.

-I won't want to ask that question.

I want to ask, do you and Shaq really hate each other?

[ Laughter ]

Well, no, it's just a tricky relationship.

-It's not tricky. I hate him. [ Laughter ]

It's not tricky at all.

-Oh, my gosh.

How would you describe him?

-He's a bully. -Oh, come on.

-He's a bully. -He is not.

-He thinks because he's big.

He's a big old Shrek look-alike.

[ Laughter ]

He thinks -- and he's so big

he thinks he can just talk down to people.

I mean, because, you know,

we try to have a simple basketball conversation.

And then like, "Well, you ain't won no championship."

I'm like, "We can still have a basketball conversation, Shrek."

[ Laughter ]

I do -- Jimmy, I'm faking it.

If they didn't pay me, I wouldn't work with the goof.

[ Laughter ]

-Oh, my gosh.

Well, we have a video question from a fan of yours.


-I think he has a question for you,

and I think his name is Shaquille.

Can we run the video?

-Charles Barkley, a source close to me tells me

you don't wear underwear when you arrive on TV.

How come you don't wear drawers?

[ Laughter ]

-You don't wear underwear?

-Jimmy, about 10 years ago --

[ Laughter ]

-Keep talking.

-About 10 years ago,

I found that underwear, drawers --

in the South, we call them drawers.

I thought they were unnecessary for space in the house.

So I got all my drawers together and had a big old bonfire.

So, I've been 10 years without underwear,

and I feel good about it, Jimmy.

-Oh, my God. [ Laughter ]

We got to go to commercial. Zoom in the camera.

Our thanks to Charles Barkley.

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Halloween Rhymes For Children | Halloween Beat Song by Bob The Train | Kids TV - Duration: 2:45.

Halloween Beat Bob The Train

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【MUKBANG】 Filipino Famous LUCKY ME! Sweet & Spicy Fried Noodle [Pancit Canton] 12 Serving[3240kcal] - Duration: 5:43.

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka ( eng subs by ~Aphexx~ )

so today! tadaa! are these called pancit canton?

I bought these when I was in the phillipines these are 'lucky me' instant noodles

these bags contain 12 packs in them and that's what I'll be eating

in the other lucky me video I did the comment section asked me to try these out

and the people were the most excited over these pics on my insta

and so I guess these must be super popular in the phillipines I can't wait to try them out

alrighty lets get eatin'

these are the pancit canton

and inside we've got these sorts of noodles

they're regular sorts of noodles

and soup powder and oily sauces

first lets mix these sauces together

its got a sweet and savory aroma

then mix

smells spicy

and toss in the boiled noodles

I undercooked these so that they don't get soggy while I eat them

so now I mix them with the sauce


I've got a second camera over there just pretend you don't see it.... itadakimasu

these are what they look like they're very 'instant' looking

its sweet and spicy and very delish it burns a bit as well

the sauce has plenty of depth of flavor and it tastes good

its super delish

its not a type of flavor that we have here in japan its super yummy

its nice and garlicy and has a sweet and spicy soy sauce flavor.. its got a spicy bite

I'd like this as a snack

this has stronger flavor than the noodles we have here in japan

its probably a good idea to have some white rice balls to eat with these

these noodles were kind of tough before but they're about perfect now

when you eat ginormous amounts like I do noodles get soggy so quickly

ginormous quantities... its how I eat everyday

I like how this tastes it tastes very nice and flavorful

this would go great with some cabbage

this tastes so strong that the tea tastes extra good

I like things with stronger flavors but... for those who aren't into it might think its too much

but I love things that taste strong like this so I really like this

this doesn't have many extra toppings but.... DA HECK is this?

it might be a noodle?

it was cut differently than the others

guys... the flavor is WAY strong

its yummy though... I'mma add my #BFFMayo to this

my tongue is burning a bit

the mayo gives it a sweet and tangy flavor I'm really digging it

its not something that you need to add to it but its a nice change of flavor when you get tired of

eating a whole bunch like this

last mouthful itadakimasu

all done gochisosamadeshita

these pancit canton from the phillipines were yummy

it was so strongly flavored and it would work nicely as a main dish

I think its flavored with a lot of chili its got a spicy bite to it

its a spicy sweet flavor that I like personally, I feel the sweet flavor of this makes it

more suited as a snack than as a meal since its so strongly flavored

for those who are visiting the phillipines its a good idea to pick these up... I liked them a lot

I didn't add anything to this but this time around but some cabbage and potatoes would be a nice addition

some chicken or pork would go nicely with this it was so yummy won't you all give it a try as well

and as always thanks for watching and if you want me to do something or eat something please tell me in the comment

section if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons BAI BAI

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FORTNITE on Self-made Laptop PS4U and Verify PS4 Remote Play - Duration: 21:27.

I want you to play FORTNITE... Please play FORTNITE... Play FORTNITE...

FORTNITE... very popular

At FORTNITE, iIt seems that you can use the keyboard... Please also try PS4U... Try PS4U...

It seems to be keyboard-friendly

At FORTNITE, it seems that you can use common PC mouse directly... Please also try PS4U... Try PS4U...

It seems to be PC mouse directly



FORTNITE on PS4U! With keyboard and mouse!!

Anyway, there are many comments on this game.

Is there no other game? That much...

TPS... since PS2's Just Cause 2? ...No, is Resident Evil 5 also TPS?

Everyone commented that at the FORTNITE of PS4, PC mouse could be used...

Oh... The cursor moves!

It works well in the lobby. PS4 version seems to be OK inserting the mouse directly.

Various adjustments are also possible.

"Building" seems to be progressing as well.

Keys of W,A,S,D is reacting.

Well... the keyboard is okay!

Oh? Possibly PS4U...


Great! A full keyboard is also good!

Regardless of self-praising...

This time there are things I want to verify in the second half...

Due to that circumstance, this is a smooth video of 60fps.(Usually 30fps)

How to 60fps settings -> please select "720p"

By the way, PS4 can record game video by using share function.

Recorded video can be saved in USB memory.

...And, The recorded image is right side.

"Share function recording -> USB memory" is a movie of 30fps.

The direct shooting of left side is 60fps.

FORTNITE of PS4 version is 60fps. In other words, it is half culled in recording.

Slow play(1/25 speed)

If there are many frames, it becomes smooth.

You see the difference?

Nintendo Switch version FORTNITE seems to be 30fps.

So, Switch is lower performance than PS4?

No. Portability and power saving are also performance.

These are conflicting factors with processing power. It can not be decided in general whether which is better. Is the talk derailed?

...Always, sorry.

Ah.. this... about FORTNITE.

Once, in advance, I saw articles and videos for beginners for a while.

Oh? There was a person right?

Is he a party member?

There is a weapon... Why did not he take it?

Did he not be able to hold weapons? ...Is that the reason?

Huh... he was back! It is a party member, is not it?

He does not seem to attack. Is this a battle royal, is not it?

...and, like this...

I can not understand even if I meet people, it is a party member. I can not understand why he doesn't take weapons.

My knowledge is of such a degree. It's as thin a piece of paper.

My videos. There is no superplay at all. No incident will occur in the future.

Just wait for the coming death.

Try to "1 kill"? No way!

To be "1 killed", and I will consider uninstallation as soon as possible.

I am not very good at net play. I get nervous when the battle is intense...

Especially when I miss the boom like this time. Advanced, intermediate level scary...

Does anyone have the same thinking? Just me?

Oops! Is it a "Storm"?

I have to move toward the center.

eh··? Huh. what?

Wh... What the hell?

what's with that, he is... from a little while ago.

Is he trying to tell me what to do?

Or... Ah. What is "Building"?

Ah... Impossible! I can not Building.

... He seems not to follow him.

After 7 minutes

I got to a fierce battle zone where gunfire resonates as a result of a storm.

I was able to know by seeing the upper left gauge the fact that my party members was destroyed.

In other words, all survivors are enemies, are not they?

What is that lump of leaves?

Bullets should be hit.

...Teasing me. Is he invincible with something effect?

Most of the time, I lose motivation by such events. This is the usual thing for me.

Do you think "What is that just now?"

Because how much preparation and practice are needed to equalize with them?

At this age, I will begin to do trivial calculations like that.

Even if I try hard and practice from now, is not it at most intermediate level?

Average age of viewers of my channel is high. There are probably people who sympathize.

...Like that, well. When I make a negative speech...

"You are humble." I get a comment. However...

There is no such thing.

This time KEI STUDIO is a bit different.

Because, please think about it. First look at the game or poor taste...

I can complete the video like this.

Thanks to Mr.PS4U!!

so. PS4U. I will just state my opinion on that.

I just synthesize my opinion into poor gameplay video. Game skill is not a problem.

Even if the talk derails, the viewer who gently watches.

Thank you everyone. Thank you PS4U.

It means that there is not one way to approach things! ;)=)

...I said so, but really I want to be good at this games.

I want to say CHICKEN DINNER!

Oops, my talking is derailed again.

The play image of FORTNITE in PS4U seems to be a gaming laptop PC at first glance.

Each action is assigned to the keyboard, and the mouse can change the setting a little.

PC version has a small entrance, but compared with it it is wonderful to be able to construct a system cheaply.

However, according to some information, it seems that if connect the mouse, it will matching with the PC players.

Yes, this is a problem with the input device, it sounds like a very nervous problem.

However, cross play with a PC version with many strongs. It may be disadvantageous.

The PC version is rich in each setting item, and comfort will be high depending on specifications of PC.

Well, this problem is difficult for me. So I will not make any further mention.

Simply, I was able to do the FORTNITE with PS4U keyboard and mouse directly. This was that.

My 17-year-old son played a game.

My son has a Nintendo Switch version. It seems the first time to play this game with keyboard and mouse.

He still does not get used to the operation, but he seems to know the purpose well.

He plays silently while checking the key visually...

He gradually learned to operate. He taught us how to move character and how to use items.

Even so...

Faster progress...

Why can he move so much with first input device? I have no sense like this.

As a result he lost, but it was a good learning for me too.

About the difference between him and me. He is not much upset if he is shot by the enemy. why?

Give me your mental.

...Yes. Let's go to the next verification.

Remote Play VS PS4U

Yes. It is my notebook 3brothers.

The spacetime is not distorted. Your eyes also have no problem.

PS4U is huge anyway. That's it.

Does this make it easy to feel the size?

It is a PS4U with a strong sence of presence, but there is a service that asks the reason for its existence.

It is the Remote Play.

It is a service that it can play PS4 remotely with PS VITA, PC, some smartphone etc.

If this Remote Play is really comfortable, my integrated PS4 is ...

Just a result of just planning everything.

...It is painful.


The viewer's comment that "Remote play is enough" was less than I thought.

80% of comments were expected to be so. Everyone is really kind.

...And that remote play. According to information such as WEB it seems to be very excellent.

"I feel little delay," "It is comfortable!" "Frame rate is enough!" etc...

"It is the same feeling as an actual machine" Is it okay to write such an article?

It feels like praising too much. Of course, I admit the greatness of technology but.

Is the information true or stealth marketing?

I tried to verify Remote Play by PC.

Connection is Wi-Fi (wireless). And it is a room with a router.

First, the measurement result of the line speed.

According to the official website, uploading and downloading 5Mbps or more is recommended.

All conditions are cleared.

About power supply. PS4 is an internal battery, and PC is an external power supply.

When the PC is battery-powered, it sometimes reduces the performance to protect the battery.

However, the PS4U can maintain the same performance as when it is connected to an external power source even when it is battery-powered.

PC is G-tune of gaming laptop。

Compared with official proposed operating environment.

Although it is a model a few years ago, the conditions are clear.

Well, the Remote Play connection is complete.

Line speed and PC spec are comfortable enough. Now, it can not escape!

The controller is wired to the PC side. It can not be operated with the wireless connection of the controller.

Oops. It is a situation that I can see the delay already.

Standard 540p... Picture quality is also bad.

By the way, PC screen flicker is due to compatibility with the camera. Flicker can not be visually observed.

The controller is connected to the PC side. Is there a delay to such extent that it is not as much as the transfer of images?

Let's count how many frames are behind.

Results of 5 measurements. The delay was 4 to 5 frames.

This value is compared with the PS4U monitor. Considering that there is a delay of the PS4U monitor...

Again, it is reasonable to think that it is a delay of about 5 frames.

Delay 5 frames. How is it?

...Can I say that?

Game is not established.

Not only "fighting games, rhythm games, FPS" but also RPG will feel stressed.

Did you notice? The frame rate is low.

Let's count the frame rate per second.

I count the number of movements of drum marks. The afterimage is not related because it is due to the camera's shutter displacement.

The result is 28fps.

Impression that the ideal value is 30 frames, occasionally dropping frames.

It is not always 28fps. Since it is a frame dropping from 30fps, It feels stuck.

Block noise sometimes occurred when the line became busy. (Frequency is very low)

I tried FORTNITE on Remote Play.

Mouse is USB connected to PC side.

The cursor moves, but the click does not work.

Since there is no choice, start matching at the controller.

Then the mouse does not move at all.

Because it matched with the controller, of course it is...

After all, keyboard operation is also impossible.

Yes. Let's seriously face remote play.

I would like to do "TAIKO DRUM MASTER" by Remote Play.

"Remote play? The background of the game is different" - Yes, that's right.

Actually this video...

It is a separate image.

This is playing while watching PS4U screen.

This is playing while watching PC screen.

...And the melody being played is heard from the PS4U.

The controller is PC side connection.

It's confusing but it's just playing, not verification.

The image is cut like this ...

Just sticking.

I tried to divide the sounds as well.

Left side: Play while watching PS4U

About the controller connected to PC side. I do not feel a clear delay in operation --> response.

However, there is a moment when I suddenly feel lag. Is it because of my skill? I do not understand why.

Right side: This is chaos.

Although the image is delayed by about 5 frames, the melody is heard from the PS4U with almost no delay.

I do not know what to believe and tap the drum!

So, if I listen to the delayless melody and beat it, it should be OK like a game...

However, due to the nature of the game, I have to see the score on the screen.

Red, Blue, Red, Blue... No matter how it is, resources are deprived visually.

What am I doing?

While adult are sweating... arrange the monitors and hit the buttons.

Ah... What a terrible sight. However...!

Look me! This amazing drumstick technique! (Difficulty: Easy)

Anyway, aside from its low skills, "TAIKO DRUM MASTER" is hard at Remote Play.

Not only the delay, but also the frame omission makes the situation worse.

There seems to be some improvement measures. For example, set the frame rate to "high".

It seems that the recording function stops, but the delay is sometimes improved.

Another way to replace the communication environment with wired... but... but it is?

There are hardly any people who are playing Remote Play of the PS4 by stretching the LAN cable inside the house.

If do so like that. This is only my intuition...

Currently, I think that 4 frames are the limit. Again, this is only my intuition.

If such a result with cost and labor, it is deteriorated PS4...

Even though it is huge, I think PS4U is better. Because it made it.

Because of the remote, there is a delay.

And there is also a demand for real machine play because there is delay.

It is not unusual for 1 frame to separate victory or defeat if it is seriously playing a game.

"Our Remote Play delay is less than 1 frame" While the manufacturer can not speak like that...

It is not yet a service that can entrust "a game that can not be defeated".

Strict? No··. Because 5 frames are beyond the acceptable range.

Of course, this verification does not deny all of the Remote Play.

Rather remote control has advanced to this point. · · It is real intention.

A day when we can remotely control a highly actionable game like the ordinary may come soon.

By improving the technology than this, it will be a world where we can play games anywhere on various terminals...

The dream world drawn as such a child.

I want... I want that dream come true.

I hope that KEI STUDIO does not do crappy remodeling.

It's a lie :p

Please give a lot of itchy gadgets and standards to the world. I am deluding an interesting project that seems to be in that gap. And I'd like to shape my delusions someday.

Please give me a kill time for my life.


It was two verifications that could only recognize the significance of existence of PS4U.

Well, how about this 60fps video?

In editing, G-tune is screaming. Recent videos are always like that.

AviUtl falls anyway... Encoding fails.

But it's fun to trial and error and make it successful. So that's fine as well.

Ah, the talking is derailed again. Let's stop at this point already.

Well then, everyone. Thank you for your viewing.

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How to enable USB-C earphones / USB DAC on Xiaomi Mi Pad 4? - Duration: 1:01.


You can use USB-C earphones or USB DAC on Mi Pad 4 now.

In short, just install the latest beta firmware – MIUI 10 8.10.11.

No idea how to do so.

No worry, just follow my install developer ROM guide will do.

Link at below.

Or wait for stable firmware to have that feature included back again.

As you can see, headphones symbol shows up right after I plugged in USB DAC.

Yes, I can enjoy higher music quality on Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 now.

You should too.

For more infomation >> How to enable USB-C earphones / USB DAC on Xiaomi Mi Pad 4? - Duration: 1:01.


Little Mix - Woman Like Me (Lyrics) Ft Nicki Minaj - Duration: 3:52.

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Nhận định bóng đá UEFA Nations League: Croatia vs Anh - 01h45 ngày 13/10/2018 | SPORT FOOTBALL - Duration: 3:37.

For more infomation >> Nhận định bóng đá UEFA Nations League: Croatia vs Anh - 01h45 ngày 13/10/2018 | SPORT FOOTBALL - Duration: 3:37.


Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer Every Woman Should Know - Duration: 3:33.

Ovarian cancer primarily affects women 50 years of age and older

It can occur in several parts of the ovaries, which are located on either side of the uterus

It may spread to the lining of the abdomen, bowel and bladder as well as to the lymph nodes, lungs and liver.

Although ovarian cancer accounts for only about 3 percent of cancers affecting women,

it causes more deaths than other cancers affecting the female reproductive system, according to American Cancer Society (ACS).

The ACS estimates that about 21,290 women in the United States will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer by 2015.

Experts do not know the exact cause of ovarian cancer, but there are certain factors that can put you at higher risk.

Such factors include being 50 or older, family history, never giving birth,

, starting menstruation at an early age, going through menopause after age 50, certain medications, smoking, obesity and history of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

It is more common in white women than African-Americans.

When the tumor starts developing in an ovary, symptoms may be vague or not apparent, but they become more noticeable during later stages.

Moreover, the symptoms are very nonspecific and can indicate a number of different conditions.

This is why it has been dubbed as 'The Silent Killer'.

Often, women discover ovarian cancer at later stages due to unavailability of any reliable screening method

Doctors use pelvic exams, ultrasound scans and blood tests for cancer-related markers to detect the disease.

It is important for women to know their body and take care of it properly.

If any changes occur in the body, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor.

Here are the early warning signs of ovarian cancer.

1. Pelvic or Abdominal Pain

The growth of a tumor in an ovary causes pelvic or abdominal pain.

The tumor exerts pressure on and around the surrounding areas,

leading to intense pain. In cases of ovarian cancer, the pain persists for weeks.

2. Uncomfortable or Painful Intercourse

Painful intercourse, medically known as dyspareunia, is another early indication of ovarian cancer.

The presence of a tumor in or around the area surrounding an ovary can make intercourse extremely painful.

There may even be mild vaginal bleeding after the intercourse.

3. Abdominal Bloating or Swelling

General discomfort in the lower abdomen may also indicate that something is wrong with your ovaries.

Symptoms like bloating, expansion of your belly, gas, indigestion, heartburn and nausea are common.

4. Frequent or Urgent Need to Urinate

Sudden changes in urinary habits can also be a symptom of ovarian cancer

There may be changes in the frequency of urination, loss of bladder control (incontinence) or spotting blood with urine.

loss of bladder control (incontinence) or spotting blood with urine.

5. Difficulty Eating or Getting Full Quickly

If you are a good eater and suddenly notice a loss of appetite or you are getting full after eating just a few bites of food,

this is not a good sign.

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