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Youtube daily Oct 12 2018

-Jonah Hill! His new movie, "Mid90s,"

will be in theaters everywhere October 26th.

Were you nervous when you went in to start this as a director,

for directing, or were you confident?

You knew you could do it? -I think both.

I think you're just so nervous and so excited.

You only get one chance to do it for the first time.

-But you've worked with like --

You've worked with Scorsese, you've worked with Tarantino.

I mean, some of the best filmmakers of our time.

You're friends with Spike Jonze. -Yeah.

-Did you call these people for advice?

-I definitely utilized --

I call them professors, the directors I work for,

'cause I utilize my professors, and I happened to --

I was eating dinner with my best friend

the night before we started shooting,

and randomly, Ethan Coen, of the Coen Brothers,

was in the restaurant,

and I had worked with them the year before.

So, as I was walking to the bathroom,

Ethan said hi, and we started talking.

And I said, "Listen, you know, you're one of my heroes.

I'm starting my first film tomorrow.

Do you have any advice for me?"

And he goes, "Let me get back to you.

Let me think about it. It's a good question.

Let me get back to you."

So we're eating our dinner, and he goes to leave,

so he comes over to the table.

My friend freaks out, 'cause he's a filmmaker, also,

and he's like, "Ethan Coen." -Ethan Coen.

-Like the God. The [bleep] goat.

Like, the Coen Brothers are the [bleep]

And like -- And he goes, he goes --

Let me tell you. So he goes,

"I was so stressed out making my first film,

I didn't enjoy it.

So just enjoy it. Even the stress is new.

Enjoy the newness,

and, like, you'll look back and try and enjoy."

And so, I was like, "That's great advice."

I told my whole crew.

I was like, "Please make sure I enjoy this."

[ Laughter ]

-I thought you were gonna say, "Please, enjoy this."

-"Please, let me enjoy this." -"Make me enjoy it," yeah.

I thought you were gonna say, "You guys enjoy it."

-I was so stressed.

I look back, and I can see what he was saying --

I couldn't enjoy it.

-It's an experience you have, an experience --

You'll never get that back, the first.

-You never get back your first time,

and it wasn't until the New York Film Festival

that I took a breath, and I, like --

I just -- -Like when you were there...

-As it ended.

-The film got a standing ovation.

-It was really crazy, yeah. -That's rare.

That's rare. Did you freak out?

-Okay. So, my sister, Beanie Feldstein --

Shout-out to Beanie Feldstein. -We love Beanie Feldstein.

-The illest person of all time. -We love her.

Hi, Beanie! -Big shout.

So, she was in "Lady Bird," right?

And I went to the New York Film Festival,

the only place I wanted to be.

It's my dream as a filmmaker.

And I go to see "Lady Bird" the year before,

and there's this big banner outside --

Greta Gerwig, director, New York Film Festival.

And I'm standing out there, staring at the banner,

and I'm like, "Man, Greta and I --"

I remember 10 years ago us auditioning for movies,

like, young actors saying, "We want to be filmmakers,"

talking trash. And she did it.

-Yeah. -And I looked at the sign,

and I was like, "She did it. I'm so stoked for her."

And I was like, "If I had a genie,

my one wish would be that --"

I was about to start editing "Mid90s."

"My one wish would be to be at the New York Film Festival."

And we were the surprise screening

at the New York Film Festival and got a standing ovation.

[ Cheers and applause ]

-Come on!

It's all happening.

-A lot of --

A lot of Hollywood stuff is like, you know,

false emotion or trying to feign passion.

It's like, I could cry thinking about it.

This thing I sat and wrote in my room,

the fact that even you know what "Mid90s" is, is insane to me.

Whenever I was like sad or angry or anything,

I would just go to my room and write,

and it was my best friend.

And now it's for everybody, you know?

-It's happening now. -It's crazy.

-Congrats. Getting great reviews.

Congrats on that.

It's certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

But we're gonna show a clip.

But you couldn't think of what clip to show us.

-Well, the language is strong to quite strong, Jimmy,

in the film. [ Laughter ]

-You think? Yeah, okay, Jonah.

We bleeped you out 10 times already today.

[ Laughter ]

-Well, I really tried to capture --

genuinely tried to capture in a bad end,

you know, whatever it is, in a way how people actually spoke.

So it is a lot of bad language.

So we decided to show a trailer,

a little mini trailer for you guys.

-A little mini trailer. -"Mid90s."

-Oh, I should say, the score is fantastic.

Trent Reznor?

-Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, my dream composers.

-They were fantastic. -We had no money --

We had no money, and we took a shot.

And they watched it, and they said, "We'll score the movie."

And I've Skyped with them,

spoken to them on the phone every day.

-How is Trent Reznor? -Never met him.

-Really? [ Laughter ]

-We did it all virtually, which is insane

that, like, I've never met the composer.

-But that's kind of what you want from Trent Reznor,

a little mystique. -He's the man.

And so is Atticus Ross. -Is he funny?

-He's the most dry, funny person I've ever met.

-You don't know if he's joking. -He's one of my heroes.

So a lot of times, I'd end the exchange with,

"Oh, if you need someone to sing backup on 'Head Like a Hole,'

I'm available," right? [ Laughter ]

And it was never acknowledged.

[ Laughter ]

And then, so, the day with my editor, Nick Houy --

Big shout-outs to Nick.

I would do it every day,

every time we had to discuss the score.

-You'd say, "Hey, I --"

-Hey, I'm available to sing backup on 'Head Like a Hole.'"

-Nothing. -Nothing.

And then, after six months, I just got back.

I did it, and I just got back on the e-mail

with everyone -- a "Ha," H-A.

[ Laughter ]

-That's a win!

That is a win, if you got a "Ha" from Trent Reznor.

-I wore him down. -You wore him down.

You got a "Ha" from Trent Reznor.

-He's like, "Ha." -One "Ha."

-Yeah. And we didn't have any money,

and the soundtrack is crazy.

Like, we had no money.

So I had to write letters to all of my favorite artists.

And I went -- the first I go,

"We got to go for the boss first."

And the most emotional scene in the movie,

I wrote every song that's in the film,

I wrote the scene to have that song in it,

and I wrote to Morrissey,

and I wrote him a really personal letter,

and he e-mailed back.


[ Laughter ]

-Dude. That's why you're the host

of "The Tonight Show," dude. Like, that's amazing.

So quick. -But what did he say?

-He wrote back, "It is my pleasure,

and I can't wait to see 'Mid90s,' Morrissey," all caps.

-I mean, that's all you need.

-Drop the mic. I literally --

My producers, Scott Rudin and Eli Bush,

I was like -- 'cause they were on the e-mail, too --

I was like -- And Ian, my manager --

I was like, "Morrissey knows what 'Mid90s' is!

He said the words 'Mid90s'!

Like, Morrissey knows --" -"Morrissey is my best friend!"

-"Like, we are best friends!" -That's not true.

That's not true at all. -And, no, no, no.

I think it is.

[ Laughter ]

-I want to show a clip of the trailer.

Here's a little trailer. -"Mid90s."

Jonah Hill's directorial debut, "Mid90s."

Take a look at this. -This is crazy.

-You all right?

-A lot of the time, we feel like our lives are the worst,

but I think if you looked in anybody else's closet,

you wouldn't trade your [bleep] for their [bleep]

So let's go.


-That's why we ride a piece of wood,

what that does to somebody's spirit.

-'Sup, fool?

-That's my ball, my ball!

-[ Shouting ]

-Yo, Stevie's insane.


Jonah Hill, everybody!

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Kanye West's White House Meeting with Donald Trump - Duration: 4:12.

-Let's get to some news. Today, guys, President Trump

met with Kanye West at the White House.

Incredible. If you would've told me 10 years ago

that Trump and Kanye would be meeting at the White House,

I would've said, "Oh, my God, Kanye becomes President?"

[ Laughter, applause ]

That's right, Trump met with Kanye at the White House,

and while they spoke, both Trump and Kanye's assistants

looked at each other and said,

"Man, I thought my boss was nuts."

[ Laughter, applause ]

It was really something to see, though.

The President spent the day with Kanye West,

and Kid Rock was there, too.

Meanwhile, people down in Florida were like,

"Don't worry, we'll just handle this hurricane ourselves.

You just hang out with..."

[ Laughter, applause ]

"...forget it."

You guys see this? During his meeting in the Oval Office,

Kanye took out his cellphone

and you could actually see his pass code

when he typed it in. Watch this.

-Most amazing car, and what we want to start with is...

[ Stammering ] I brought a gift with me, right here.

-0-0-0-0-0-0. Then Trump said,

[ Imitates Trump ] "Hey, that's the same pass code I use

for the nuclear codes."

[ Laughter and applause ]

"Are we at war?" No.

[ Applause ]

When Putin saw that he's like,

"[ Russian accent ] It's too easy. It's just --"

[ Laughter ]

The whole meeting was pretty wild, and when it finally ended,

listen to what one of the anchors on MSNBC

had to say about what he just heard.

-So, let's go have some lunch. Okay. Thank you all very much.

-All right guys. Let's go. Make your way out.


[ Laughter ]

-Come on, man. -Sums it up right there, yeah.


[ Laughter ]

Well, here's some tech news, here.

Facebook will now let you launch group chats

with 250 people at once.

The feature even has a new name --


[ Laughter, applause ]

[ Speaking indistinctly ]

I read that Nancy Pelosi wants to introduce

an Internet Bill of Rights --

basically a list of rules to protect everyone

from when they're online.

She actually released a few of the rules already.

They seem pretty great. Check these out.

First there's, "Every person is required

to look exactly like their Tinder photo."

-Oh, yeah.

-Next there's, "Any Amazon purchases made

after three or more glasses of wine

will be considered null and void."

[ Applause ]

And finally, there's, "Any person who says

they're quitting Facebook with a long Facebook post

will be banned from all other sites, as well."

[ Cheers and applause ]

That's a good list.

Hey guys, the news can be sometimes pretty bleak,

so I thought I'd take a second to focus in a poetic way

on some of the lighter news stories

that you might've missed. You'll see what I mean.

It's time for, "In Lighter News."

[ Cheers and applause ]

-♪ "In Lighter News" ♪

-Roses are red, violets I adore, a woman was arrested

for trying to recreate the "Dirty Dancing" move

in a wine store.

[ Laughter, applause ]

Roses are red, violets are pretty.

Raccoons Versus Toronto: How Trash Pandas Conquered the City.

[ Laughter ]

Roses are red, violets are slim,

man says ghosts planted meth on him.

[ Laughter, applause ]

And finally, roses are red, violets use visa.

Little Caesar's is investigating after a location

allegedly caught selling DiGiorno frozen pizza.

[ Laughter, cheering ]

-♪ "In Lighter News" ♪

[ Yawns ]

And finally, I read that fish farmers

are using facial recognition technology

to track millions of salmon.

There's a very specific reason for this,

but I don't have time to go into detail, so instead,

it's time for "Same Salmon, Similar Salmon."

-♪ Same salmon, similar salmon ♪

♪ Same salmon, similar salmon ♪

♪ Same, same, salmon, salmon ♪

♪ Similar, similar, salmon, salmon ♪

♪ Similar salmon, Samuel L. Jackson ♪

♪ Sam and Diane, Samuel L. Salmon ♪

♪ Sosa Smith, Rockwell Adams ♪

♪ Same, same ♪

♪ Samantha salmon ♪

♪ Salmon ♪

-We have a great show tonight!

Give it up for The Roots!

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Jonah Hill Bribed His Young Mid90s Lead with Nutella - Duration: 5:16.

-Congrats on "Mid90s." -Thank you very much.

-This is your directorial debut. -Mm-hmm.

-I want to -- I have so many questions.

I have -- First of all... -Shoot.

-What made you want to choose this subject --

this movie, for your directorial debut?

-Well, basically, you know, I've wanted to be

a writer, director, a filmmaker my entire life,

and I kind of I fell into this amazing

15-year acting career,

and I went to the best film school in the world.

You know, I got to learn from a lot of the masters,

and I was lucky enough to just get a front-row education

to what I wanted to do.

But I looked at my heroes,

people like Mike Nichols or Barry Levinson,

who started in comedy and became great filmmakers.

And I looked, and a lot of times, their first film --

You only get one shot at a first film.

One shot to ever make your first film.

And all these people, their first film

really came from the heart, and it meant something to them.

-Yeah. -And for me,

I waited until I had something to say,

and "Mid90s" is my heart.

You know, it is -- it's my heart, that's it.

[ Cheers and applause ] -It's emotion, it's --

[ Applause ]

How do you explain the film? How do you set it up?

-Well, at its core, it's like an animal kingdom movie.

You know, it's this lonely kid who has, you know,

a messed-up life at home, and he's looking for connection.

And he finds skateboarding,

and he finds this group of skateboarders.

And he has to work his way up as a cub

through the animal kingdom,

and as he does, they form this --

you know, it's a time in your life when your friends

are more important than your family, you know?

It's like you form a family outside of your house,

and these kids are just so amazing,

and they're there for each other in a way

that gives this kid some hope.

-Were you a skater growing up?

-I was a terrible skateboarder,

but I was 100% dedication, 14% skill.

-Oh, fantastic. That's great. -Yeah, I was terrible.

I filmed -- I was at a shop called Hot Rod for four years,

and I loved it. I loved every second of it.

And all I wanted to do was belong, you know?

-Yeah. -And it's like,

when you're that age, like 12, 13, at least for me,

it was so frickin' lonely, you know?

So you're like, how do I just fit in and connect?

-With anyone. -And if you --

Skateboarding is, like, always butchered on film, you know?

It's, like, a known thing. Like, skate --

People always mess up skateboarding in film.

So it was a big task, because first and foremost,

I wanted to make a film that respected this thing

that came into my life, even though

I was terrible at it. -Yeah.

-That really was a beautiful part of my life.

And I didn't write it from a place of authority.

I wrote it from a place of love and respect,

and it's been amazing to show skateboarders this film,

because I really tried to honor them first and foremost.

-You get it. I mean, you get it.

You get that thing. You just -- you feel like

you're kind of eavesdropping on this kid's life.

-And the kids are amazing. Like, I --

-They really are. -They -- you know --

The most moving experience in my life is I cast non-actors

as these roles,

and in the movie they have to do a lot of acting,

and so I prepared the film so you could --

like, they would improvise, because I'm like,

Okay, they're not going to be able to act.

I'm just going to have to capture them.

And I spent three years on the script,

and was willing to throw it away,

but these kids -- getting this opportunity

to become artists and getting that chance,

watching them take it

and want to be these people that's not them

is the singular most moving experience of my life.

Like, hands down. These kids are beautiful.

-How are they reacting now? Have they seen it?

-They're losing their minds. [ Laughter ]

So, Sunny -- Sunny Suljic, who's the main kid,

he plays Stevie, right? -Yeah.

-He's unbelievable.

He was 11 when we shot the film, and I've never,

as a 34-year-old, never had a movie --

of a 15-year career, I've never had to do that much,

like, strap a movie to my back and walk across the field.

-He's got to carry this movie. -He's 11.

I literally kept him running on Nutella for the whole shoot.

[ Laughter ] It was literally --

I figured out his drug of choice was Nutella.

And thank you to the good people at Nutella,

because you got me through my first filmmaking experience...

-Yeah. -...with Sunny.

And he's so amazing. And the most beautiful --

So, the Toronto Film Festival, right?

That was the world premiere. -Yeah.

-Bennett Miller, who made "Moneyball,"

he waited to show -- I saw the film there,

and my family and friends were there,

and it was a really emotional experience.

So, I was given that as an experience,

and I wanted to give that to these kids.

So I waited to show them the film for the first time

at the Toronto Film Festival.

-So what were you watching? The screen or their faces?

-I was watching them the entire time.

And I was also -- I'm crazy about sound.

I'm sure The Roots agree.

If, like, the sound is off in a theater, I go mentally ill.

And so, like, I -- but Sunny --

it ends, and he's 11, and he just grasps onto my leg

as the movie's ending.

And he looks up at me and he goes,

"That's the best [bleep] movie I've ever seen in my life!"

[ Laughter ]

And he was crying. And he goes,

'Yo, you're a beast director, bro!

You're a beast director!"

And I'm like, "Thank you!" -"Thank you! Thank you!"

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - 10 Jahre Zombies [PS4, deutsche Untertitel] - Duration: 2:32.

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Funniest Daddy Love Baby Moments - Cute Baby Video - Duration: 4:04.

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Papst Fransiskus vergleicht Abtreibung mit Anheuerung eines Auftragsmörders - Duration: 0:46.

For more infomation >> Papst Fransiskus vergleicht Abtreibung mit Anheuerung eines Auftragsmörders - Duration: 0:46.


Trump says he has 'a lot more to do' on China trade - Duration: 1:49.

as the trade war between the US and China escalates president Trump has

warned there's a lot more he could do to hurt China's economy but he and Xi

Jinping will have a chance to work things out when they meet likely next

month on the sidelines of the g20 summit no atom has this report

in an interview on Fox News on Thursday President Trump praised his tariffs and

Chinese imports he said they've had a quote big impact in damaging China's

economy claiming Washington's trade deficit with Beijing has gone down

substantially the Trump administration has so far imposed tariffs on two

hundred and fifty million dollars worth of Chinese goods with Beijing

retaliating in kind President Trump added he could do a lot more if he

wanted to but said he would prefer Beijing come to the negotiating table he

said although the Chinese want to negotiate he does not believe they are

ready he also blamed previous US presidents for allowing China to pursue

unfair trade practices and said yet to tell Beijing quote it's over despite the

rhetoric Trump and Chinese President seizing Ping are reportedly set to meet

soon to try and defuse tensions The Wall Street Journal citing officials in both

countries reported that the two leaders will meet at the g20 summit in Argentina

late next month the meeting was said to have been pushed by US Treasury

Secretary Stephen minuchin and White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow the

ongoing traits back between the two world powers has taken its toll on the

global economy the IMF has cited the trade war as one of the reasons it

lowered its 2019 growth forecast for China which is said to see its slowest

expansion since 1990 the IMF has also lowered estimates for the United States

and to the global economy as a whole no Adam Arirang news

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Elbphilharmonie | Harbour Front Literaturfestival 2018 - Duration: 2:01.

The Harbour Front Literaturfestival has been running for 10 years now. We aim to offer all genres for every age

group, bringing both German and international authors to attractive locations on the perimeter of the Hamburg

docks, or directly to Hamburg's HafenCity.

Yes, I live just round the corner. I could almost see from here if I'd left the cooker on!

I'm supporting British writer Ian McEwan, who just turned 70. I'll be reading three texts from three of his

novels, with commentaries in between them. It's my good fortune that I've got an excellent German translation to read from.

It's always a challenge, but also a pleasure, to have direct contact to the author.

I've always had good experiences up to now.

The writers are really happy to hear their own texts.

There's a miraculous atmosphere here, and thanks to the Elbphilharmonie's technical equipment and

various chances to enhance the sound, the hall offers the perfect acoustics for talks and readings.

The Elbphilharmonie is probably one of the world's truly great spaces for putting on any kind of event.

Only someone like Ian McEwan can fill a hall like this. It's pretty amazing really:

here we are sitting together, talking about literature and reading from books –

and the hall is sold out!

If you stop to think, you realise how incredible that is.

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N. Korea says it won't give in to international sanctions and pressure - Duration: 2:17.

North Korea is continuing to press the u.s. to alleviate the sanctions on it

while Washington is a firm that those sanctions cannot be loosened until it

sees a real democracy in fact Washington is raising the pressure even blocking

humanitarian visits to the regime our jeonggi reports continue the sanctions

we won't give in says North Korea Pyongyang steerer newspaper Rodong

shinmun released an op-ed on Friday it didn't explicitly mention or target the

United States but strongly denounced the international sanctions saying that

Pyongyang Scott's enemies are intensifying them the office says these

so-called enemies think North Korea will give up in the end but it won't

Pyongyang it says will instead keep up with its self-reliant spirits to

ultimately build a strong state despite external influences recently North Korea

has been calling for the international sanctions to be eased because it has

taken steps towards denuclearization but the u.s. is firm in keeping the pressure

on North Korea and recently this appears to be not only through economic

sanctions but restrictions on humanitarian aid as well according to

The Wall Street Journal Washington is blocking aid workers from traveling to

the north and the decision maker is the Secretary of State's Mike Pompeo the

reason apparently the possibility that North Korea could misuse the

humanitarian assistance for its nuclear weapons program meanwhile they're

growing calls from other corners to for sanctions relief namely China and Russia

as the North words to strengthen ties with his traditional allies just this

week the Vice foreign ministers of Pyongyang Beijing and Moscow had

three-way talks were they called on the UN Security Council to review the

sanctions and for the relevant parties to take reciprocal actions with the u.s.

determined to keep the sanctions in place until denuclearization happens

it's not clear what crucial common ground Pyongyang and Washington will be

able to find next and their nuclear negotiations you

Johnny Arirang news

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Pres. Moon holds several interviews with European media - Duration: 0:30.

and on the eve of his trip to Europe president moon gave an interview to the

BBC about what he hopes to accomplish the president is reported to have shared

his vision of ways to build peace on the Korean Peninsula and to drum up support

from the international community that interview will air at 8 p.m. Korea time

and the full-length video of the interview will be made available on

Tuesday president moon also gave an interview to the French newspaper Le

Figaro which will be published in Europe on Monday the 15th

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Funny Cutest Dog Costumes Compilation - Cute Dog Video - Duration: 10:02.

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Daddy Takes Care of Baby - Funny Crazy Daddy Video - Duration: 10:09.

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최신 방법으로 얼굴을 빠르게 활성화 할 수 있습니다.➤# 1 트 렌딩✅ - Duration: 11:41.

이 훌륭한 미용 요법들을 시도해보자!

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Alok Nath Par Ek Baad Ek Mahilayein Lagane Lagi Hai Molestation Ke Aarop | Me Too - Duration: 1:39.

Alok Nath Par Ek Baad Ek Mahilayein Lagane Lagi Hai Molestation Ke Aarop | Me Too

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VIDEO DESCRIPTION SECTIONS 👁️‍🗨️ How to reach 5,000 Characters! - Duration: 7:26.

YouTube video descriptions are actually very important and back in the day what

people would do is they would fill that section up with tags and YouTube was

angry about that to the point where if you use your description area blatantly

as a tag section you'll get a channel termination and a gmail suspension so

you won't be able to make anymore youtube channels off of that Gmail more

than likely and they will not reinstate your channel that's a brutal termination

so you don't use your description area as a tag structure but you can have a

tremendous amount of searchable tags inside of a description descriptions

make a video much stronger than videos without descriptions so I am gonna

create a graphic and explain exactly how the sections work here is a rough

description you can see and what we've done is we have our initial video single

sentence description basically just the first sentence mimics the title if you

create your first sentence and it doesn't include something similar to the

title you're gonna get a weakened SEO ranking a lot of channels make this

mistake if this says for example if since top-10 distributor channels

somewhere in here it needs to say about the top ten and distributors and lip

scents those words have to be in there they can be mixed up but they have to be

in there if they're exactly the same it's even more powerful so when you look

at a video and you see the description section and the first sentence doesn't

have anything in the title that's a very weak SEO ranking so you you then put

your link your call-to-action link your content directed traffic link basically

the first line is your description of the video that mimics your title and the

second line is supposed to be where you want people to go that are watching this

video now this is specifically geared towards business this isn't what you

would do if you were a YouTube personality if you

trying to get rich off of YouTube this formula is totally different but what

you're trying to do as a business is get people to go somewhere unless you can

close a sale on YouTube which is a fairly challenging thing to do you want

to send them someplace this bitly link that I created sends them to Facebook

and it allows them to join a group the next section is FAQs from the video

basically the highlights from the video three to five items put them in a list

form and use some form of either numerical list or you can use emojis if

you want the next section is if you have more links secondary links about the

products you're reviewing or whatnot links that about the video that are from

products in the video will go after that list of information you're trying to

make a small section here to break up your links the most important link is

always where you want them to go that's the most important and then secondary

are the links that are about the products in the video now if you're an

affiliate marketer and you make a commission off of links that might be a

different situation for you you may want to put your links right up there but

what I would suggest you do rather than have a whole bunch of links in a row if

you're an affiliate marketer put your links down here in the first pin post

that's even more aggressive than the description area and it separates your

call-to-action link which is what this is up here from your affiliate marketing

links but still gives them a lot of power for example when I show les

there's my call to action link there's my let's say it was an affiliate link

there would be my affiliate link so they would both be showing but they're

separated so there's you want to not have a confusing amount of Link's all

bunched together so after your secondary link section your affiliate links or

whatnot you're gonna have your section of like the history different highlights

and facts about what you're talking about in your video so if you're talking

about lip scents you would do an About section about lip sense what how do you

layer it what the history of the product is or what the what the ingredients are

whatever you feel is appropriate if you don't want to put something in there

don't simple as that you're in control of that

but this is the description that's going to be for the most part in every single

video about your lips cents product if you have a shadow cents section then

you're gonna put your shadow sex section everything I would recommend opening up

a word document or a Google Doc if you're if you have Google just open up

Google Docs open up a new doc and then just start building up your generic

descriptions because you're gonna want to copy and paste these in not only that

you can get a character count if you use a word processor if you use a word

processing file you're gonna be able to tell how many characters you've typed

the maximum character count is five thousand your knee you need to push as

many characters as possible I know it sounds daunting but if you do it

properly it's not that hard to do I do it on every single video that I promote

if someone is promoting with me I try my hardest to generate five thousand

characters sometimes it's three thousand sometimes it's four thousand but it's

never under a thousand never and then when we talk about the ending section

that's your footer section your footer section is like a catch-all so in this

case it's Sena Jen slips sense distributors top ten channels it's they

look like tags and they are tags but they're set up in a format like a

structure of equal signs and colons so that YouTube doesn't get angry I don't

want to put sentence comma lips ends comma distributers comment you know I

don't want to make it look like tags because they're gonna get angry with me

and YouTube will figure that out believe it or not they find everything out so

you don't want to do that but this is acceptable this is a footer structure

that I've used all the time and what I do is I put three to five keywords that

I may not have been able to put anyplace else or I just put three to five

keywords that are all over the place I just basically recreate them so it's not

obnoxious I want a closing section it's always

nice to have some sort of structure down here to close out your your your

description section so that's how you do a description and I will make a graphic

that will kind of give you the basics of how to do that in an ideal situation you

would copy and paste this from a word doc and the only thing you really have

to edit is the first sentence right and then some of the video highlights would

change obviously if you're doing something about

top shadow scents colors you wouldn't have all your lip scents colors there

right you would have your top shadow scents colors you can even use favorites

that way you don't have to get into facts if you don't want to list facts or

you don't know the facts then list opinions and favorites list

your your two cents it's your video but you need to make

sure your description sections filled out that is part of the SEO ranking 863

words in this description section 863 words so if you're not up to that task

I understand trust me it's not fun but once you get it generated it's actually

not too bad you can use you know titles and text and wording from websites just

you know if you have to credit them make sure you source them alright so

hopefully it's been informative and I'll talk to you to next video

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