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Remy Ma on Customer Service 101 | Remy & Papoose: Meet the Mackies - Duration: 3:48.

Thank you, darling. Thank you, thank you.

Hey, De!

(excited chatter)

Oh, my God!

Hi, Rae!


I'm so excited.

Y'all are here.


Even though my sisters Rae and Remeesha are the kids' aunt,

they're actually close enough in age to kind of be like their siblings,

so they relate to them a little bit more than me

trying to dictate to them what they should or should not do in life.

So, what's up?

I wanted them to get a vibe

for where they could possibly be working.

Can you lift boxes?

Not with my phone.

How good is your back?


Nice and strong? Well, maybe you can do

light boxes or some type of security once the store close.

Hey, in all reality, I really do got a bad back, but...

Come over here.

Excuse me.

No, no, no. Break it up.

Right. Not even gonna happen.



He's just gonna be here with me, that's it.

Now, listen, Rae, please.

On a more professional level, Dejay can sell the clothes.

You got customer service experience?

Yep, I sure do.

She does have experience in dealing with customers,

but she just had to seat people.

I still had to greet them. Duh!

Yeah, that's it. You don't gotta engage with them,

but anything can be taught, right?


Let's get it.

Let's be customers.

(overlapping chatter)

Let's be customers. You work here.


I don't got the patience for stuff like that.

Can I get this in a different size, please?


Are y'all hiring, 'cause I need, like, help.

What size, ma'am?

I don't know what sizes they are, but not that one.

Maybe you need an extra large.

Don't smack her.

Maybe your father needs an extra large.


Is everything okay in there, ma'am?

Can I have some help?

That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Excuse me. The store's closed.

You have to move. This is the last one.

You did good.

I quit.

I go shopping every day. I'm a people's person. Hello.

That's just an exaggerated, you know, type of scenario, but you did good, girl.

Well, what's up with the discounts, since I'm gonna be working here one night?

Oh, we have a family discount.


Add $10 to the price.


Seriously, you have to take things serious.

Time to get y'all making some money.

I'd love to have you guys in the family business.

You know, actually, after I seen the inventory

and all that stuff, you know,

I don't really mind moving here.

See? Dejay, she sees the advantages of moving to North Carolina.

I'm handing them their future on a platter.

I'm giving them jobs, I'm giving them a place to live,

I'm not even checking their resume

'cause I know it already. It doesn't exist.

You know you want to come on down.

Too much space, like, and there's not enough filled in.

Really, Dejay, you need trees and grass to live.

If he sees me willing to go to North Carolina, he might follow.

But if not, he's gonna be, you know, a hard sell.

My pitch is, we're literally not even a whole hour away on a plane.

I just... I don't...

What's the big fuss about New York versus down here?

I mean, you know, New York is stinky, you know.

You got better food here. I think this could work out.

Living in North Carolina, I could stretch my money out, you know?

It's cheaper there. I'll save more.

I could just, you know, work at Conceited,

get me some... a little extra clothes.

Sounds like I won't be having somebody living in my house.

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A love letter to the world - Duration: 1:13.

- I'm home (keyboard clattering)

and I'm restless.

Mapping out my next journey is the only way I can focus

because every step we take (whooshing)

we grow closer to ourselves.

(dramatic music)

Every sunset we take in becomes a moment of reflection.


Don't waste your time being closed off.

Open yourself to the world, (bell chiming)

to the musicians in the square,

the art on the walls, the sounds of the market,

and taste the local delicacies.

Feel the terrain. (whooshing)

This is the path to yourself.

(train whining)

(train clacking)

So step in, wherever it is.

(birds rustling)

Step in and immerse yourself

until there is no separation (whooshing)

between you and that moment.

Say yes to travel.

(flame whooshing)

Say yes to the people.

Say yes to that step.

(keyboard clattering) Because, when you say

yes to yourself,


you say yes to the world.

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How Bethenny Frankel Created the Multimillion-Dollar SkinnyGirl Brand | Inc. - Duration: 23:27.

Thank you so much for making the time. Thank you.

To start off I wanted to ask you

about the very early days of SkinnyGirl what was the inspiration and what took

you from inspiration to perspiration to fully-fledged company.

Early days of SkinnyGirl was just an idea it was basically I wanted to create a cocktail

that solved the problem that a woman could drink, as her signature drink.

I feel like that was when people were drinking flavored vodka so they could

feel excited about the cocktail they were drinking and I always loved

margaritas women love margaritas I created a recipe that I would tell to

bartenders and I said the word SkinnyGirl margarita on the Real

Housewives and I could just feel the light bulb go off when I said it and

then it was one of the most asked questions and emailed questions to -

Bravo what's in a SkinnyGirl margarita so I decided to monetize that and create

a product which was really difficult finding a partner that wanted to do it.

I pitched it to all the really major liquor companies that were run by men

and most liquor is marketed to men and I found a small partner who could do it

with me and it really was guerilla marketing it was really just basic now

that I have such a big business your wider your more horizontal and sometimes

you have to go back to the basics I have hundreds of SKUs I have over 20 SKUs of

cocktails alone what I'm launching a new product now I have to go back to my

original way of doing it when I didn't have any marketing dollars any powerful

partners anybody even who knew who I was and what it really was was blood sweat

and tears it was hustle it was straight hustle and that's a skill that you kind

of always have to hone in on and have business no matter what it is it could

be tech it could be food it could be fashion you have to find your way in

people I feel have great ideas and then how do they execute the middle and then

they keep hitting roadblocks and how do you get it done you find your way in you

come in at a different from a different direction even though I have a big brand

now Skinnygirl is all about practical solutions for women and I learn every

day from my mistakes my failures and I I'm in it from a different way and it's

just as stressful as it was then in different ways could you think back to

the early days and take us through one of the worst things that went wrong and

how you how you recovered from it in the early days I had a small partner who

wasn't willing to spend a head of the brand so he was willing to kind of spend

as people had ordered but I had I told him if we build it they will come I'm

going to market this it's going to be on the show and I told him to shrink-wrap a

vehicle and Skinnygirl I felt it I was like we're doing this and then people

started flipping out wanting the product and we couldn't keep up with the supply

and I was ripping my hair out he got so many gray hairs from from that period

because I would get that product you know we didn't really have money but I

turned that demand into something positive letting people know letting

people into my struggle I'm sorry we're trying to keep up with it we'll get it

as fast as we can and you know later when I was my company was valued by beam

they valued the sales velocity and had we had all that product in effect I mean

in a factory or in a warehouse it would have been even more valuable so you are

where you are in business I mean that's kind of how it was we had struggles with

getting glass made in China we had struggles with the label the logo I mean

we I turned a brand in 18 months I mean to get a product from your brain onto a

shelf in eight months is unheard of particularly in cocktails typically

those ready to drink drinks people thought were sort of low-end and didn't

really buy didn't do well it wasn't even a category it was sort of just stuff

that was in the back of the shelf that didn't work and this created our new

category so then everybody was copying and they were what we call cheater

brands which still happened now and still happened you know on the

housewives I couldn't even list the amount of

struggles the number of struggles and it could so easily have not happened it

happened because I hustled it didn't happen because it was a great idea it

didn't happen because it was on television it happened because I made it

happen right and this was not the first idea

you had had on television or even the first time you had been on television I

was on the martha stewart apprentice and i was a natural food chef who had a line

of cookies called Bethenny bakes I didn't have enough volume to make the

product in the quality that I wanted and I

member target came to do business and Whole Foods came to do business and I

had to say no because I knew that if I got into the door and the product wasn't

up to par I'd never be asked back so I had to turn a lot of things down and now

being in places like Walmart being in big retailers I realize it's even hard

when I have such a major successful brand so I'm so glad that I didn't make

that mistake you know you're learning the whole way through

you make intellectual property mistakes you made contract mistakes and you can't

even think of them as mistakes because their learning experience is that that

will cost you so much more later when the stakes are higher their gifts I

wondered after given your experience what advice you would have for other

entrepreneurs trying to get their products onto TV television can be

fool's gold because people really don't work the

muscle they think and I guess I might have thought when I was going in The

Apprentice that I would just talk about my cookies and some have some fairy

princess would just market and distribute them all over the country and

world and everybody would think they were amazing and I mean that's not how

it works so let's just say that you go on television you are on the most famous

show the most popular show it is 20 million view viewers and you you have a

lipstick and you go on the show well if you're not lined up and that lipstick

isn't distributed anywhere then you've wasted your time on the show because no

one can buy it you get one chance you're on the show even if it's Shark Tank even

if it's the Housewives even if it's a show with us on every week you're not

talking about your product every week you kind of get one shot tomorrow

twenty other people are talking about their products they forgot about yours

so they your product has to be ready to ship right now the minute you mention it

on television your distribution your marketing your message your shipping

your everything so it's fool's gold because people come and they waste the

opportunity of being on television they mention products that don't even exist

that they're sort of just thinking about and you just had your chance now that

chance is gone you could literally do a case study on every housewife that has

tried to market and sell a product on the show and how many have failed all

those ideas are in some graveyard now how does Real Housewives affect your

company how does your appearance on TV help or hurt your business the

appearance on TV could hurt because it's my image and it's the the subject matter

and it could be arguing with someone and basically people buy the product because

they invested in me initially so now I'm on the show and it's this wonderful

commercial but I actually realize how much the muscle can get lazy because

being on the show is does not do it it's not moving product for it just to be on

the show it's moving product for me to give pressure to my retailers to my

partners to my distributors to my marketers to my public relations team

that's what moves product not just putting on television it's a great

catalyst it's like anything else someone could do a juice fest for a week and

lose ten pounds but if they go and eat a cheeseburger for the next three days it

doesn't matter that it happened it's what you do after how do you sort of

balance your different obligations between being on TV and all the time

that requires and running your company while you're shooting the television

show it's hard to run your actual business once the show ends I'm in

higher gear I'm in I'm in bigger focus and all my products and all my

businesses they're like babies it's like a mother who has six children there's

one child that's crying well at that moment you have to go give that baby a

bottle and take care of that baby and put that baby to sleep and then you have

a child in college that has something else going that's more evolved and then

you have to keep in touch with that child it may be more grown doesn't mean

it doesn't need you and your advice and your expertise as much so you have to

really have a good balance you have to use your time efficiently to be

organized I being a mother is amazing for it because when I'm with my daughter

its complete quality time focused on her so when I'm not with my daughter and

when she's at school I'm here focused on you it really does

create a balance rather than everything being all mixed together you have to

really be focused on the task at hand and you can't take on too much you have

to be able to be organized and be a delegator can Skinnygirl thrive without

you being on Real Housewives Skinnygirl can definitely thrive without me being

on Housewives the real question is until when can Skinnygirl thrive without me

that brand has to grow up and live without its mom the goal is for the

brand to eventually not need me I wondered if we could talk about partners

more broadly because Skinnygirl works with a lot of them how do you juggle

them and how do you pick the right partner

choosing the right partner in business is as important as choosing the right

partner in your personal life so first it has to be somebody that you obviously

trusts that have similar values that you have but it has to be someone that can

work at the right pace so I've had the the small tiny

that can hustle with me and be in the mud and then you're kind of craving the

big partner the big the people that I'm partners with like the ConAgra's the

Arizona beverages the soda streams that have big muscle and distribution but

sometimes the largest partners they take a longer time to get something going so

if you have a new idea that you think is hot but you want to get it on those

shelves that gigantic partner may not be the hustler because they can't just flip

the switch and get it going often the middle partner is the good partner

they've got some strengths they they're making money they're not gonna fold

tomorrow and not be able to to meet your needs but they still have some hustle

can you tell us about your biggest partnership regret my biggest

partnership regrets are when I let the partner drive the decisions and starting

out Skinnygirl margarita was my idea completely my idea I knew his great idea

big companies they're experts in something I was not an expert in did not

like the idea so that's when my rule from a place of yes comes into play

never assumed someone smarter than you then you go to a gigantic partner who

specializes in what they do and you want to listen to them they tell you this is

the type of product that we should launch there's a hole in the market your

gut says to you I really want to do this because I'm a person that tells people

what they want I don't need to just listen to what everyone else is doing

you have to balance the advice that you listen to from your partner but you have

to go with your gut so the times that I have let the partnership or the retailer

Drive the product is when I have regretted it I I mean it's happened a

couple of times where I've said you know what I wish I had launched with this

product and pushed harder but sometimes you have to make a deal with your

partner listen we'll go with your idea first then the next one we're doing can

you give us any specific examples Skinnygirl sparklers is a product of

mine with Arizona beverage is doing extremely well it is a great kind of

flagship product I originally wanted to do a more drinkable everyday drink or an

energy drink marketed to women that was what I really wanted to do because the

Skinnygirl initial premise and philosophy is a practical solution for a

woman I went with Arizona because they know their distribution they know what

their Rito's wanted and I said okay fine we will do the sparklers and there and I

developed them and the flavors I love but my baby that I'm giving birth to now

is natural energy drink I know this is

going to be a game-changer I just can feel it I have a probably 120 products

every single thing isn't the craziest idea you need things to fill in the gaps

I mean my partner beam wanted to do wine and vodka they sell a lot more in the

wine and vodka categories and then then they do and ready to drink it's just

women drink more wine and vodka so when they said that I went with them and it's

working it's not as game-changing and groundbreaking as the original idea of

the Skinnygirl margarita but you need that bread and butter to fill your

business so sparklers is a great product that sells unbelievably well natural

energy drink is like my star child that you know I'm putting on the stage and a

spelling bee that I'm just like this is gonna be a game-changer do you have a

specific period of time that you give any new product when do you know if

something's going to be a success sort of a middling child or that you should

go back to the drawing board the products that don't work or products

that I wasn't in love with I would have to say maybe I'm a little arrogant or

cocky in the sense that if it's something that I love and people around

me love and I'm getting instagrams and and right now snapchats about my

Skinnygirl daily shape for example Skinnygirl daily shakes just launched

and they're in Walmart and they're doing well and I think that they should be

blowing the doors off so we just made the packaging pop more because this is a

new product people don't know I'm in Skinnygirl shakes so I know that all

other shakes have about 200 calories they have sugar they are in sweetened

with stevia this is a game-changer it is 80 calories it tastes like a yoo-hoo it

has 12 grams of protein 0 grams of sugar and people are snapchatting me and

instagramming me these are crack so when I know and they know and the girls that

work with me know and men are saying they're obsessed I know that if it's not

working somewhere you push it through I'm pushing it through because I'm I

know I'm right can I ask you to talk a bit about the Skinnygirl margarita and

the deal to sell the naming rights to the to your alcohol products to beam has

been hailed as pretty revolutionary because you retain the right to use the

Skinnygirl brand for all non alcohol products how did you how did you make

that decision and hold to that decision I have to say that people in business

are afraid to say what they don't know and I was never great at contracts and

dealing with lawyers and understanding you know I've got the biggest lawyers

and the big beam that's the big pub now public company you know third largest

liquor company in the country and you know you're doing contracts but you have

to have a gut instinct about how you're doing that

when BM came in who had interest in the Skinnygirl margarita I didn't originally

want to sell the reason that I sold and got unemotional about it was because I

knew that people were copying me I knew there were cheater brands I knew I had

one SKU and I my gut said I need muscle and distribution so I was out first who

cares I need to be out first and most powerful and with most distribution and

I needed more SKUs Target and Walmart they want the shiny objects and it's

Memorial Day weekend you're going to the store you want 20 SKUs there they like a

lot of excitement some of those SKUs don't even work it doesn't matter they

want what's new what's new what's new innovation people don't realize how

important innovation is okay so that's why I wanted to do the deal I owned the

name Skinnygirl but i was partners in that logo with my original partner beam

wasn't interested in him they wanted him to cash out and I wanted him to cash out

because I wanted to maintain that girl I knew that I could use that girl in all

these different ways so that was number two number three I knew that beam is not

interested in lipstick and protein shakes and the millions of things that

skinny girls can do and I don't need the liquor so what I said was you can't have

the girl and the logo you can have the girl on the logo holding the martini

shaker in the glass that's what you can have and that's all you should want and

you have to trust me as a partner that I'm not going to screw up what you just

bought for millions and millions of dollars and I have to trust you as a

partner that you're not going to screw me over for all the things that I have

you have one piece of the pizza I have nine pieces left so I have to protect my

pizza I was very careful in what I carved out you can't have her be some

bimbo in a bikini holding you know a cocktail they had said to me you can't

you know have Skinnygirl be with fine firearms or illegal substances I mean it

sounds crazy but you you make these deals with your partners so I maintained

the brand I owned the Skinnygirl brand did you have to give up anything you

didn't initially want to in order to make the deal go through I didn't have

to give up anything to be

they didn't take anything they didn't need I need to tell you that I when I

did the contract with beam the best things about it were the things that I

just thought of just what if I didn't want to promote something and then they

wanted me to promote it I mean just carve-outs and what about the morals

clause do they realize I'm on a reality show and I use foul language what about

that you know you have to think of things you cannot rely on lawyers a

lawyer is only as good as their client who do you trust to give you advice

I trust my lawyers but I always say describe it to me like I'm a

five-year-old when I first did Skinnygirl an ex-boyfriend of mine said

you should do a licensing deal because you'll take money off the table now and

I said to my lawyer what is the other thing and he said equity I said what is

that he said that means when you own it you own the thing but you don't get

money now I said I want that one for the Skinnygirl margarita because because

this is my ace in the hole I had no idea what anyone was talking about I didn't

know what licensing meant I didn't know what equity meant I didn't know what

intellectual property really meant now it's part of my daily vernacular are

there any specific mentors or or advisers that you would point out as

helping you particularly what I don't like is that it

when I say that I don't have a mentor it sounds like I there's no one that I look

up to I look up to so many different business people but it's more that

people that I read about from afar look at someone like Mark Zuckerberg who has

changed the world and is a visionary I look at someone like Warren Buffett

donating most of his wealth to charity and and and the way that people's

decisions are made but there's no one person i watch decisions that Hillary

Clinton makes or Oprah made or Trump is making I mean you kind of garner a lot

of different information from different people I don't have one person that I go

to I don't actually think that one person could tell me what I would need

to know every day there'll be a different issue and I'll think about

okay I'm in trouble in this way from a public relations perspective so who's

the person that I can think of who's most gone through that and then tomorrow

it's wait now I need to talk about something in distribution who do I talk

to about that now I need to talk to somebody who knows about intellectual

property you don't go to one doctor for every

problem you would have you have an earache it's not the same doctor if you

wanna get a boob job it's a different person so I don't think you should rely

on one person again it's exercising the muscle you can't let the muscle

that week you have to work out different ways okay I wondered if we could talk a

little bit about all the different SKUs you mentioned you have 120 products do

you ever worry about brand confusion no I the brand looks exactly the same

across the board I want more saturation I know that the

woman is walking into one store and seeing my cocktails and four or five

varieties there I know that another woman is going into another store and

seeing my shakes and the two varieties there I'm at the stage where now I need

the woman to walk into the store and see a lot of the things in one store in

different places so she it keeps ringing the bell

you need the repetition you need everything to come together but you

can't expect that in a two year period it's the the other brands besides

cocktails are in their infancy you have to push push push gently massage massage

massage and have it all come together and eliminate what doesn't work on the

flip side is they're not a danger to maybe scaling up too quickly or

introducing too many products at once we don't scale very quickly we there is

it's one line at a time so the last thing we launched was candy it was a big

rollout and candy had its moment it's been launched and we haven't launched a

big major product since then the shakes and the bars I'm talking about now

because they've really gone into distribution in Walmart who I have a

partnership with is very excited about them once the candy ships into Walgreens

and where and and where it's going to be then it'll be my time to really give it

its credit you don't Yammer on and talk about 25 different things at the same

time and you don't launch things at the same time it's all very staggered in a

very intentional calendar that works with when the press and media are more

active with when I'm more active with when I'm on my show with when a partner

is ready to really spend money and to launch something and then to support it

it wouldn't be fair to your partners to launch more than one thing at a time

how do you balance your commitments to different partners i balance my

commitments to my partners by bringing them all together I have a brand summit

and I treat my partners as if we're all on the board of the same company so we

all sit down and partner's talk to each other they also help each other

my Skinnygirl sparklers and microwave popcorn will be featured at a wedding

expo too gather I've paired beam who has big

giant distribution with my chocolate and candy partner because what goes better

than a than a glass of red wine with chocolate so you put them together you

want them to be happy with each other and when you get asked to speak on

CNBC's Squawk Box you decide what has good distribution right now and you

decide who you're going to talk about but no one's mad at you talking about

somebody else because the one thing that hits it out of the park helps everybody

else I have a brand letter that goes out a weekly update and a monthly newsletter

so you send out a newsletter that says well we had a great success with our

launch at Walmart and of our chocolate shakes this is how many stores we rolled

out in and this has been amazing and then all of a sudden your coffee partner

gets all excited it may be even a little jealous just like wow okay let me reach

out to Walmart and talk about that launch and now that we know the shakes

are doing so well Walmart let's put coffee in Walmart and now the sweeteners

category which goes great with coffee says okay why don't we do an end cap and

and be marketed together with the coffee pods so everybody is up it's

communication communication and organization I wondered if I could ask

you to talk a bit about the landscape you see for the lifestyle brand we've

seen a couple of problems there between Martha Stewart's company again sold for

not a lot of money Jessica Alba's honest company not having some problems with

marketing of late do you see these as affecting Skinnygirl and how do you see

sort of the future landscape of a lifestyle brand evolving I don't think

the average person knows what percentages that a lot of these people

own of their companies they have other people kind of controlling the situation

so I don't know Jessica Alba and I don't know I think the products are lovely and

I like her her mantra I think it's been rumored that she owns

20% of her company so I don't know who's really oz behind the curtain I don't

know about that I don't know you know when Martha Stewart went public that's a

whole different conversation you've gone public and now you have other people in

your soup I own 100 percent of my company I don't have debt so I have a

lot of control I have all the control of what's going on when something goes

wrong it's all on me when something goes right it's all on me I take full

responsibility stability and I can't rest on my laurels

of the success of the Skinnygirl cocktails I could have just said okay

let everybody think about how great I am and the wonderful thing that I did and I

was on Forbes magazine and what but I decided to keep the nine pieces of the

pizza and go do it again and again and and learn my mistakes and learn my

lessons and inspire women be able to tell other entrepreneurs what I've gone

through what they will go through and this is the point to help other people

I'm still learning I've been asked to write business books I wouldn't even

know what to write I'm in the I'm in the grit right now what am I'm not an expert

on anything I'm learning every single day what's the one piece of advice you

would have for another entrepreneur just starting out it's about the execution I

always bring up the Winklevoss twins those guys that said that they created

Facebook and the bottom line is he executed Facebook I have no idea the

answer to that question he named it he executed it it has changed the world so

it's who executes 10 different people could have the same idea it's happened

spinnings been around for 25 years the mash in ice cream the Cold Stone

Creamery did was that Steve's ice cream in Great Neck 25 years ago it's who's

gonna execute the idea Bethenny thank you so much for your time thank you this

is amazing

For more infomation >> How Bethenny Frankel Created the Multimillion-Dollar SkinnyGirl Brand | Inc. - Duration: 23:27.


Top 10 Superpowers Human Beings May Actually Have ✔ - Duration: 12:16.

10 Superpowers Human Beings May Actually Have

The human body can do some amazing things, and thanks to genetics, there are some people

who can do things that are beyond the normal range of human skills and abilities. While

these superpowers don�t include things like flying or telepathy, they are still pretty

remarkable. You may even have some hiding in you, waiting for a chance to emerge so

that you can save the world. Or at the very least, impress some girls.

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10. Supertaster

This superpower should be pretty self-explanatory: it�s a heightened sense of taste. The reason

some people taste flavors stronger is simply because they have more taste buds. These extra

taste buds make them sensitive to flavor, and as a result, they have strong likes or

dislikes for certain foods like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, coffee, and grapefruit.

About 25 percent of people in the world are supertasters, while 50 percent are medium

tasters and at the complete opposite end of the spectrum are non-tasters, who think everything

tastes a little bland, and who make up 25 percent of the population. Women are more

likely to be supertasters and people from Asia, Africa, and South America also have

a higher chance of being supertasters.

You can test to see if you�re a supertaster by placing a drop of blue food coloring on

the tip of your tongue. Rinse your mouth out and make sure it�s dry. Then, place a wax

ring or binder enforcer ring on the blue dot and count how many papillae, which are the

bumps on your tongue, are inside the ring. If you have more than 30, then you are probably

a supertaster.

9. Golden Blood

Nicknamed the �Golden Blood�, Rh-null is one of the rarest and most precious blood

types on earth. It is so rare that in 50 years, only 43 people have been found to have this

blood type.

How blood types work is that on every red blood cell, there are up to 342 antigens,

which are molecules that are capable of triggering the production of antibodies. How people�s

blood types are determined is through the absences and presences of those antigens.

Then, there are 35 different types of blood systems, and a majority of those blood systems

encompass the 342 antigens. For example, ABO is the most common blood system and it�s

where you find the most common blood types like A+, B-, O+, and so on. Rh is a different

system from ABO and almost all Rh blood types are made up from 61 antigens. How Rh-null

is different from other Rh blood types is that Rh-null does not contain any of the 61

antigens, which, until 50 years ago, scientists thought was impossible. Before the blood type

was discovered in a living person in the early 1960s, fetuses with the blood type were aborted

because doctors did not think the baby would survive.

Now that they have realized that people can live with that blood type, it has become incredibly

valuable for a number of reasons. First is that since it�s a negative blood type, it�s

a universal donor for all people with Rh blood. But the blood is only used for transfusions

in emergencies because the blood is so rare and incredibly valuable to scientists and

researchers, so they are reluctant to give it up. In fact, currently there are only nine

active Rh-null donors in the whole world. Some researchers have even gone so far as

to track down donors and personally approach them, asking for some of their blood.

8. Super Vision

Tetrachromacy is an incredibly rare variation in a gene that allows women to see colors

that are invisible to most people. How most people see color is that light enters the

eye and goes through three cones. Some animals, like certain birds, reptiles, insects, and

fish, have four cones and that fourth one extends the color perception into the UV range.

Over time, mammals have evolved away from using this fourth cone, but a very small group

of people apparently has a genetic variation where they utilize that fourth cone.

The reason only women can have Tetrachromacy is because, in order to have it, someone needs

two gene variations and the variation only appears on the X-chromosome. Since males have

an XY-chromosome set, it is impossible for them to have two gene variations. On the flip

side of it, this is why many males do not see colors the same way as women and why men

are more likely to be colorblind.

As for how much it affects someone�s vision, if you look at the picture above, it was painted

by a woman who has Tetrachromacy and it should give you some idea as to how she sees the

world compared to the way nearly everybody else does.

7. Rubber Skin and Joints

Ehlers Danlos syndrome is actually a group of disorders that are inherited. The syndrome

causes people to have rapid growth spurts, and they can continue to grow into adulthood.

It also gives them stretchy skin and incredible flexibility, especially in smaller joints.

The reason they are more flexible is because the connective tissue is looser and they can

dislocate bones near painlessly.

While being more flexible and having rubbery skin may sound like a good thing, there are

a lot of downsides to the syndrome. If they get cut and need stitches, the stitches may

not hold because of the elasticity of the skin leaving them with horrible scars. Also,

since the joints never really settle, it can lead to early onset arthritis. Not to mention

awful growing pains from rapid growth spurts.

One fan theory believes that there actually is a comic book character that has Ehlers

Danlos syndrome and that is Batman�s arch nemesis, the Joker.

6. Echolocation

This ability, which, of course, is the same one that Daredevil uses, is utilized by a

number of blind and visually impaired people to help them �see� the world. What is

interesting about this one is that it is not an innate power, but some people have the

ability to learn how to do it.

Commonly, people use echolocation by clicking their tongues and through training, they can

pick up subtle audio clues of where objects are. So while they don�t visualize the world

quite the way that Daredevil does, some people are so good at it that they can tell what

objects their sound is bouncing off of.

Some notable cases include Daniel Kish, who was blind since he was a baby. He can ride

a bike, climb mountains, and live in the wilderness alone, all because of his echolocation skills.

Or there is Ben Underwood, who had his eyes removed due to cancer when he was three. He

learned how to do all the things normal teenagers do like play video games, foosball, basketball,

football and he was fearless on his rollerblades. Sadly, Ben passed away from the same cancer

that claimed his eyes on January 19, 2009 at the age of 16.

5. Never Age

Staying young for your entire life may seem like one of the better superpowers, especially

if you compare it with the ailments of growing old. In reality though, the mysterious syndrome,

known as Syndrome X, is actually more of a curse than a superpower. That is because the

aging process doesn�t stop when you�re in your prime, like your 20s. Instead, some

people stay children for their whole life, like Brooke Greenberg, who was the size and

had the mental capacity of a toddler for her entire 20-year life. Or there is Gabby Williams

of Billings, Montana who is 10, but still looks and acts like a toddler. Finally, there

is Nicky Freeman, who lives in Australia. He grows one year every four years, meaning

that while he is 45 now, he is trapped in the body of an 11-year-old.

While this syndrome has to be an incredible hardship on the families of the inflicted,

these people may help unlock the solution to stopping the aging process once people

get into adulthood. And unlocking this secret may not guarantee we would live forever, it

will at least give us the option of living for a long time and still leaving a beautiful

corpse behind.

4. Immunity to Pain

A big benefit when it comes to fighting crime is not being able to feel pain. After all,

that is the power that Kick-Ass utilizes to fight crime. While he had nerve damage, there

is an actual syndrome where people don�t feel pain called Congenital Insensitivity

to Pain with Anhidrosis (CIPA). The rare genetic condition affects the development of small

nerve fibers that send sensations of pain and hot and cold to the brain. Meaning in

addition to not feeling pain, they also aren�t affected by extreme heat or coldness.

While not being able to feel pain sounds like a good thing, it is actually a pretty dangerous

syndrome. Just because someone doesn�t feel pain, it doesn�t mean they are immune to

injuries. For example, when babies with the syndrome are teething, they can chew until

their gums bleed and when their teeth come in, they can bite through their tongue and

not notice. As they get older, they can easily burn or cut themselves and not realize they

did it and this can lead to infections.

Meaning that while they feel less pain, they actually have to be more careful because they

could seriously injure themselves and not realize that anything is wrong.

3. Unbreakable Bones

Thanks to a very rare genetic mutation called LRP5, a small group of people have nearly

unbreakable bones due to an incredibly high bone density. This oddity was first noted

in 1994, after an unnamed man was involved in a bad car accident. He was uninjured, but

just to be safe, they X-rayed him and found out that his bone density was eight times

higher than the average man of the same age. Sometime later, doctors came across a family

and each family member had a very high bone density, along with very square jaws and they

sank when they tried to swim. After finding the family, doctors traced their family�s

lineage and they were able to link the family to the man in the car accident. Then they

found other people from the family tree with the same mutation, like a man living in Alabama

who had problems getting a hip replacement because his bones were too dense to put screws

into the bone.

To movie fans, this condition may sound familiar because it appears to be the same condition

that Bruce Willis� character had in M. Night Shyamalan�s Unbreakable.

2. Super Strength

Myostatin-Related Muscle Hypertrophy is an incredibly rare condition and there are only

a few documented cases, but it is essentially super strength. How it works is there is a

protein in the body called myostatin and it affects muscle growth. If the body produces

a lot of myostatin, then it is harder for the body to grow muscle, where if someone

has low myostatin, then they can develop muscles easier and they are less likely to retain


Currently, there are two known cases in the world. One is Liam Hoekstra, who lives in

Grand Rapids, Michigan. By the time he was five months old, he was able to do the iron

cross, which is a weight lifting exercise. When he was 8 months old, he could do pull

ups and by the time he was 19 months, he could hang upside down by his feet and do inverted

crunches. The other certified case is an unnamed German boy who is apparently even stronger

than Liam.

1. Immunity to Disease

Did you know there are some people who are immune to deadly diseases? It�s true and

it is all thanks to them being mutants. Just to name a few, there are people who have a

rare genetic mutation that keeps them immune from HIV. Another example is that a small

group of Amish people have an ultra-low chance of getting heart disease. Or there is the

case of the people of Quito, Ecuador. In the town, there is a cluster of people with a

unique type of dwarfism that also keeps them immune from cancer.

This is actually one of the more interesting superpowers because if you have it, then you

may be responsible for literally saving countless peoples� lives. The Resilience Project is

looking for people who should have gotten sick, but didn�t, to donate DNA. The donors

will be anonymously scanned for the 685 genes that cause 127 different diseases. They believe

that these people may hold the clues to better treatment and quite possibly curing mankind�s

deadliest inflictions.

For more infomation >> Top 10 Superpowers Human Beings May Actually Have ✔ - Duration: 12:16.


Designer: Using the Not Equal To Contact - Duration: 0:29.

This contact will compare the value assigned on the left to that of the right.

If the value of left is not equal to that of the right, then it will enable power flow

through the contact.

This contact supports integers, reals, constants or even bits.

While in edit mode you can slash to toggle between all the comparative contacts.

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