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Hi. My name is Kenneth Erickson, and I'm Dave Smith,

and we're both working on research projects through Louisiana State University,

studying southern flounder in Louisiana over the next two years.

And we wanted to take an opportunity

to tell you a little bit about our project and the objectives that we hope this research can accomplish.

This project will be a collaborative effort between the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries,

the Louisiana State University

College of the Coast & Environment, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, and

Louisiana Sea Grant, with Louisiana Sea Grant also serving as the funding agency for this research.

Our first objective is to conduct a resource evaluation.

This will involve collaboration with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

coastal study areas and their sampling programs to collect southern flounder.

From these fish, we can take age, growth, and maturity,

information that will be able to contribute to an upcoming stock assessment.

The second objective involves the development of a

three-day fishing tournament sometime in the fall of 2019.

This tournament will not only give us an opportunity to take biological samples from fish,

but it'd also be a chance to engage with local anglers, and

one of the ways to get anglers involved in this

project is to send them the data that we take from the fish

that they caught throughout the tournament and then provide it to us.

It is critical for us to understand the current user groups that are harvesting southern flounder in Louisiana.

To that end, we will partner with the natural resource economists to identify the commercial and recreational


gathering data in a variety of ways and using that data to better characterize the southern flounder fishery.

Building upon this information,

we will evaluate marketing strategies which may enhance the local value of this product.

The ultimate contribution that this would make would be to examine the potential

for sector-wide growth in southern flounder revenue.

Although these four objectives will entail two separate research projects,

the ultimate goal of this proposed research is to create connections between biology,

resource use, and the long term sustainability of the southern flounder fishery in Louisiana.

Thanks for watching our presentation.

We look forward to learning more about southern flounder.

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach out to me Dave Smith or Kenneth along with Dr. Steve Midway.

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This Video Is Garbage - Duration: 7:00.

Hi, I'm Jake and what is that smell??

Well, it's garbage, and there is a lot of garbage.

According to the EPA, the US produces two hundred and fifty million tons of trash a

year before recycling.

That's the weight of a million blue whales, or seven hundred empire state buildings.

Globally it's about two billion tons.

So about 8 million blue whales of 5 and a half thousand empire state buildings.

That's around 5 pounds of trash per person per day.

You can check out the approximate amount of waste that's been produced this year at, which has all sorts of numbers about how good old planet earth is

doing and what we're doing to keep it safe.

But that's just one trashy DONG, and boy do I have a whole bin of dongs for ya

something you can do online now guys.

So we know there's a lot of garbage, but where does it go?

About thirty percent gets recycled, which is awesome, and millions of pounds

of refuse gets processed every year at recycling plants all over the planet.

This game over at gives you an idea of how reusable material is sorted

and how different machines get the job done.

Although the game isn't totally accurate to how a recycling plant looks, each of the

machines' jobs reflect a step in the recycling process.

The Disc screens represent a much longer process of separating and sorting paper and cardboard

that involves vibrating a giant container full of all the recyclables, which separates

the paper from heavier materials.

The Gravity sorter represents the glass bottles that are allowed to fall through due to their


These are destroyed and separated.

Next a big magnet pulls metal cans off the conveyor belt, and the optical scanners detect

plastic bottles and separate them from the conveyor with a gust of air.

So reusing our old stuff is great obviously, but what about the trash that doesn't get


Although there are plenty of materials that should be recycled but end up in the trash

anyway, there's a bunch of materials that can't be recycled: like food, plastic bags,

styrofoam, and some types of paper.

Most of this junk ends up in landfills, but a lot of it ends up in the ocean.

Though there aren't any Isle of Dogs style islands of garbage out on the high seas, there

is so much trash accumulated in certain spots, one of them has a name: The Great Pacific

Garbage Patch, also known by it's much cooler name: The Pacific Trash Vortex. has a lot of great info on this crazy mess.

Due to the fact that most of the debris is tiny pieces of dissolved plastic, it may be

impossible to know exactly how much garbage is floating out there, but we have a pretty

close estimate thanks to various studies to determine its size that have been going on

since 1988.

Most estimates put it anywhere between seven hundred thousand to fifteen million square


Now that's a pretty big range of sizes: from the size of Texas to the size of Russia,

but the most generally accepted estimate is 1.2 million square kilometers.

A big reason why this kind of accumulation can occur is because of how long it takes

plastics to break down.

This chart on shows how long it takes for organic materials to biodegrade

vs. their plastic counterparts.

Things like newspapers and apples will degrade in a few weeks to a few years, but a plastic

bag could take more than 500 years, and a typical glass bottle could take a million

years to break down.

The main reason plastics and other artificial materials take so long to break down - if

they break down at all - is that after being taken from petroleum and heated, they create

very strong carbon-carbon bonds.

Creating these bonds is incredible time and energy intensive, so in nature most bonds

are made of "peptide" bonds, which usually consist of a carbon and nitrogen bond that

is easier to break down but also easier to make.

These are the bonds that the microbes that break down organic matter are used to seeing,

where the carbon-carbon bonds found in plastics are foreign and therefore unable to be processed.

It's getting pretty messy down here.

What if it were possible to just send all our trash into space?

Well the first problem would be the cost.

Writers at The Atlantic estimated it would take thirty three quadrillion dollars to get

all our garbage into orbit.

Maybe we can pull a wall-e and just leave and let the little robots take care of it.

I don't recommend running away from your problems, and space is scary, but if you really

want to leave, Flight Club can help you prepare for launch.

If you played Kerbal Space Program but were upset that you couldn't design every single

detail down to the decimal point, this website will scratch that rocket science itch.

It's an intensely detailed simulator for how to get a rocket into space, with everything

from stages to what kind of fuel you'll use.

I made a rocket of my own, let's see if I can get into space!

Ah nope I didn't make it.


I'm not a rocket scientist, sorry guys.

But even if we got up into space, we'd still be in good company, because there's a staggering

amount of trash in orbit.

Most of it, generally commercial satellites and probes from space missions, are still

in operation, but a lot of old stuff is still up there doing nothing, and you can see all

of it at

It's all up there floating around in this giant cloud.

Just look at it.

If you click on any of the satellites, you can get a bunch of info on the mission that

launched it and what else was sent up on that mission.

There's an estimated half a million artificial satellites above our heads right now.

If we go even further out into space we can visit earth's only natural satellite, the


Although it's probably not fair to call it garbage, there's a lot of leftover pieces

of equipment left behind from the apollo missions, and you can check them out as well as the

exploration paths of the astronauts at Google Moon.

You can get info on what the missions were, what they left behind, and why it couldn't

be brought back.

Alright this has been fun, but I'm going to go take out this trash, it's starting

to smell.

If you want to take out the trash too, I have good news!

This game: Garbage truck, tasks you with racing to the finish line without spilling any of

your garbage or destroying your truck.

There is actually an incredible amount of garbage truck driving simulators.

You can check all of them out in the description, as well as all the other Dongs in this video.

There's a playlist of dongs right here

Don't forget to stay in school. Recycle. Speaking of recycling.

Our good friend iDubbbz made a video recently about yoplait containers for yogurt.

and how squirrels get their heads stuck in them, and that it's killing them.

So we'll also link to idubbbz video down there. It's great. The man loves squirrels.

and ya know what I love you. all of you. and Ian.

But all of you. What do I do with my hands.

and as always, thanks for garbage.

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Annoying Orange - The Scare Pear Challenge #Shocktober - Duration: 4:55.

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Delaware Stands Up To Fossil Fuel Industry With Bipartisan Bill - Duration: 0:59.

And finally tonight, some good news.

The state of Delaware just sent a very clear bipartisan message to oil drillers.

And that message is, "Stay away from our waterways."

Recently the governor signed bipartisan legislation that gives the state the ability to reject

permits for new offshore drilling projects in state waters making them one of the few

states to actually stand up to the fossil fuel industry.

Scientists have been clear and very dire in their recent warnings if we don't stop burning

fossil fuels in the near future, we're gonna hit a big boiling point.

No return, no regard to climate change because we're not going to be able to turn it around.

And if the federal government won't take action to kick our oil habit, then states are going

to have to step up and break our addiction for good.

We're running out of time to fix our planet and prevent catastrophic change but if more

change take a stand like Delaware, we just might be able to change the future before

the clock runs out.

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Bizcocho de Zanahoria sin Azúcar blanco. Postres Saludables - Duration: 3:33.

today we teach you a healthy dessert and

without white sugar

Hello Kitchens! today we are going to prepare white sugar-free carrot cake

the ingredients are 3 eggs 3 carrots 100 milliliters of oil

olive 200 grams of wholemeal flour 170 grams of panela or some other substitute

healthy sugar two yogurts natural a small spoonful of

cinnamon powder and a large spoonful of yeast powder and now if we go already

with the recipe The first thing we will do is to grate the


in a separate bowl add the eggs and we beat them

then add the olive oil yeast the panela the panela is a

product of 100% natural origin so which is considered as the authentic

whole cane sugar its only ingredient is sugar cane juice

and that's the reason why it's about a product so healthy and natural cinnamon

in powder and we beat it all with the help of some rods

once we have all those ingredients mixed we threw the carrot and

we remove again after we go to add half the flour sieving

so that the mixture is more homogeneous and without lumps

and the other half we throw whole without sift this is so that also

contain part of the fiber of the flour integral and we mix everything very well

then we add the two yoghurts

once we have everything well mixed what We put in a container or mold to

cake so that it does not stick put the container together with oil


and we put it in the oven for about 40 minutes the oven should be

previously heated to 180 degrees centigrade or 355 degrees fahrenheit the

trick to check if the cake is ready or not is to prick it with a knife

finite or a metallic stick and if it comes out dirty is that there is still too much

raw to get it out of the oven and last care with the anxious because

once removed from the oven we should wait to cool down so you have a good

consistency and be perfect for take her

How did you like the recipe if it is A) Yes

help us with your like to share it with Some friend cooks and do not forget

to subscribe to the channel and give the bell to not miss anything and about

all do not miss the video that we'll post tomorrow remember in kitchen

homemade or a video wolf every day who gives plus

ciao kitchen cash

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Noticias Telemundo Mediodía, 8 de octubre de 2018 | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 21:17.

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One Democrat Made A Promise About Brett Kavanaugh He Will Live To Regret - Duration: 3:23.

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Build your B2B Sales skills with our innovative development program | AT&T - Duration: 3:36.



Sales is one of the most dynamic and

lucrative professions in any industry.

And that's why it's such a

popular career choice for

college graduates.

Here at AT&T, we've spent over

$250 million on employee education

and professional development programs

and provided more than 24 million

hours of training as a testament to

how invested we are to our employees.

One of our most innovative development

programs is the B2B Sales Program.

Unlike most first jobs, the B2B Sales Program

is a paid talent development program

where you'll essentially go back to school

and learn about our most innovative solutions

and how to position them with our

business customers.

(Ting Ting)

The solutions that AT&T provides

is way more than I ever could have imagined.

Before coming to AT&T, everyone always thinks

it's just a phone company.

But once you are

here for just a week, you find there's

so much more to AT&T and our business services.


We know the world of technology

can be complex and not everyone has a

technical background.

That's why AT&T has

developed a training program that hires

recent college graduates with little to

no experience and guides them through the

technical knowledge and sales skills they

need to be successful.

Trust us.

By the time you complete the

B2B Sales Program, you'll be more

confident in your sales skills than you

could have ever imagined.


Before coming to AT&T, I felt really

nervous talking on the phone with people

I didn't know.

But because of the

resources and management staff that we have,

I feel much more prepared to talk

to our clients about our solutions.


With hands on coaching, training

and access to successful sales professionals,

you'll learn how to best connect, protect

and mobilize our business solutions

to tranform how our customers conduct business.

Believe it or not, AT&T is no longer just

a telephone company.

We are a modern day media company with a

unique set of capabilities that enables

our sales team to best leverage our

unique assets, both underground and in

the sky to create best in class business

solutions for our customers.

Oh yeah, and we also have a lot of fun doing it.


In sales, there will be days where you're

just on the phone all day talking to customers.

So here, we try to make it super fun.

We'll have days with themes or we'll even

cater lunch so everybody can get together

and have a very fun, high energy day.


In the B2B Sales Program, we work

really hard.

And when somebody makes a sale,

we ring a bell and the whole floor cheers

and celebrates together.


At the end of the B2B Sales Program,

you will relocate to one of our most

in-demand sales markets and be well on

your way to a successful career with

unlimited possibilities.


Since graduating the B2B program,

one thing that I'm really grateful for

is the relationships and resources that

I've been given.

Not only will it help

me now with my mentorship, but also

throughout my sales career.


This program has given me the ability

to be a leader and really hone in on

those leadership skills.

It's a really

cool opportunity to be the point man for

my manager because we're able to work

directly with each other to see what

my team needs.


Whether it's joining a company of

over 260,000 employees and immediately

joining an elite network, to the executive

exposure you'll have being here in our

global headquarters in downtown Dallas,

or perhaps it's just joining a role that

literally pays you to learn how to do

your job really well.

If any of those

things resonate with you, I would really

encourage you to consider the

B2B Sales Program.


Be sure to check out more about

our B2B Sales Program and Reveal What's Possible

for you.


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Simpático perrito invade cancha de futbol en Georgia | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 0:36.

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How to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode - Duration: 5:56.

Do you need a quick and easy way to put your website in maintenance mode? Well

keep watching, in this video I'll walk you through how you can do that today!

Having your site in maintenance mode is an easy way to make changes to your

website without your audience seeing

your changes in action and to do that let's first head over to our WordPress

dashboard. We'll be installing a plugin so from the dashboard you want to go to

your Plugins area, we'll click Add New, in the search section we're looking for

'WP Maintenance Mode' this is the one we want

to install so let's go ahead and click install now.

Once it's done installing you'll want to

make sure you also click activate to activate the plugin on the website and

once it's activated let's head over to our Settings area, WP Maintenance Mode to

set it up. Now by default even though it's installed and activated the actual

status of it is deactivated so in order to put it into activation mode you want

to make sure that you click activate here and you want to make sure that if

you want search engines to still find your site then you'll want to say yes to

bypass for search bots. That's so your website will still be

seen by search engines and that's actually a really good thing for SEO. Now

everything else here is fine for what we need so let's just scroll down and we'll

click Save Changes. The other great thing about maintenance mode is as an

administrator you'll still have full access to your website. Now that you

activate it you also want to design the splash page for users. So I'll come over

here and click design and this is what it will show by default but you can

change this to whatever you want and you can select a color you can also choose a

background if you want. I'll just pick

that. See there's some other predefined ones that you can choose, we'll click

save settings. Now if your site is just starting and you want to also do a

countdown timer to when it's launching or also get a signup, email signups,

for it then you can also go to modules to set that up

and you can set up the countdown timer of when do you want it to start, how you

want it to show the remaining time, if you do want to show the subscribe page

for it, and then if you want people to interact with you on different social

network platforms and you can add your handles here. Finally if you want to

integrate this with Google Analytics so

you can see everything while it's in maintenance mode and you'll be able to

see how many have come to your site let's go ahead and click Save Settings.

The manage bot area is if you want to

install a live chat system while it's in maintenance mode and you can do that

here and then finally here's a way to allow for the GDPR compliant if you are

collecting email addresses or subscribers then you'll want to set that

up as well and now if a visitor goes to your site while you're in maintenance

mode this is what they'll see. The second method we'll use is also by using a

plugin this is called the 'SeedProd' plugin and it is a premium plugin with beautiful

designs that you can add for the maintenance mode or for the coming soon

page. So just head over to SeedProd to get the plugin. Once you purchase and

download the plugin we'll head over to our WordPress dashboard. We'll go to

Plugins area, Add New and this time instead of searching for a plugin we'll

come up here to the upload plugin area and you'll need to find out where the

plugin was downloaded on your computer you can either choose file or you can

drag and drop the file like this. Now you can click install now and with other

plugins once you click install you'll also want to activate the plugin.

Make sure you add your license key, you can

find that from your dashboard area in the SeedProd dashboard and now we're

ready to set this up. You can either click on the go to settings page here or

you can go under Settings, Coming Soon Pro to set this up. So from here you just

want to decide are you doing a coming soon page so are you doing a brand new

website that just needs a kind of a coming soon page on the front

while you work on the website then you'll want to click that. You can also

choose to enable maintenance mode and that simply if you are working on your

website and you can also redirect the networks well if you're shutting down an

old website and you're redirecting all that traffic and all of those posts to a

new website you can do that here. So for us let's do the enable coming soon mode

and from here we can click on the Edit

the maintenance page and here all the themes that you can choose from you can

either do something from a launching feature with the countdown and like I

said they're beautiful themes to choose from. I'm gonna choose this one and you

can customize it from here. On the left there are all these areas that you can

customize so under content if you have a logo you

can add that here in here you can change what's showing here, you can make

changes here as you want, down here you can also incorporate your email

marketing service if you have one. From here you simply choose that from the

drop-down and configure it here so there are several things that you can

do and once you're done with everything simply click Save and now we can

see what the website looks like with this. Did you learn something from

today's video? If so subscribe to our YouTube channel and we'll send more

helpful tips to help you manage your WordPress website and thanks for watching

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La ciudad maya que guarda los últimos secretos de esta civilización | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 1:58.

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New Jurassic World legacy Collection Pteranodon Gallimimus Lava Surge Playset Slime Fallen Kingdom - Duration: 11:09.

Wow keep watching is the trainer down Gil am i missin Baryonyx kiss wine oh

what a mess slime everywhere haha

that's the best part of slime the mess okay outside the gates of Jurassic Park

we're gonna have some new jurassic world legacy collection toys these are awesome

these were sent to me by my friends at Mattel to review for you guys and they

are totally cool and we are also going to add these to the Jurassic world back

snap which should bring our total of dinosaurs I believe to over 50 so the

Gallimimus here has running action if you push the button and the trainer Dawn

New Jurassic World legacy Collection Pteranodon Gallimimus Lava Surge Playset Slime Fallen Kingdom

collection figures I have drastic park in the background because the legacy

Jurassic world legacy edition is actually showing off dinosaurs that were

very similar to the ones that came out for Jurassic Park so here you got the

legacy edition Gallimimus it says smooth and I have reviewed I believe all of

those they look familiar and then the legacy edition Pteranodon and all

okay let's go ahead and open these girls up okay

and as I remove her you can see the gates for Jurassic Park in the

background there which is the gates I have here except here I have custom

chomping t-rex that is painted to look like the Diablo tool okay

well let's check out art Gallimimus she is really cool

I believe this is this or six Gallimimus I have reviewed so I'm getting pretty

close to having all of them this one does have the running action oh sorry

ah the arms do move up and down the head moves up and down this one has really

cool like striped almost like zebra type look to it I love the striping action

and the coloring god it's almost like a tan brown like dark gray and the

striping cool so that is a really awesome looking yeah with my mask school

I did a great job with that we will take a picture of the skin points see and

show you good okay then we will free the Trinita from the package cool so this

training on is different ah he does have like a legacy type look to him he's a

dark green with like good cream color here with yellow on his wings

this one's action feature is flapping wings so it is a little simplistic the

flapping action but you know I it goes right along with the Jurassic Park toys

because the trainer Don's there were a bit simplistic like here so the mouth

does open and close his head will rotate 360 degrees and he does have like

like yellow type coloring on his chest there so this is very classic

you just simply go ahead hit the Scan point and skin right off the pictures I

gave you which is what I'm gonna do okay

so this is jela my Miss 8 of 8 let's get some facts on her let's see her cry

probably sounded like a high-pitched screech she's active for short periods

throughout the day the Gallimimus is not an aggressive

dinosaur that's good to know you see one that they're not gonna eat

you and poke her a little bit see her jump around awesome okay then we're

gonna go ahead and scan the trainer done and the trainer so this is printed on

five of seven like you some facts simpler the trainer da nest on warm and

rocky islands the trainer down primarily eats fish branded on means toothless

wings so if you poke her she does get agitated okay now it's time to check out

our collection how many dinos we have it's telling me 49 of 68 but it usually

doesn't add the last one you added salt we've got 50 out of 68 so we are only

missing 18 of them is awesome okay ow let's take a quick look at them so you

have in the raptor one of two you have Triceratops two of two Allosaurus one of

one ankylosaurus one of one Baryonyx one of two two of two blue one of three two

of three three three and then we have our Carnotaurus you want to go to the

next one we have our Ceratosaurus 101 their lawful soros 1 of 6 2 of 6 3 of 6

time or put on one of three two or three

Gallimimus one of eight two of a three of a four of a six of eight and eight of

eight so I believe we are only missing one Gallimimus herrera soros one of two

2 of 2 and then in the Raptor two of two metric andesaurus 1 of 1 by the way guys

ah if you've been watching my videos you have all of these because I thought

pictures of all their skin points so you could add them to your collection model

ophisaurus one of one Mosasaurus one of

Pachycephalosaurus one of two two of two

pteranodon one of seven three of seven

four of seven five of seven six six seven so I do have most of those

spinosaurus one of one Stegosaurus 101 sticking malach one of

three two of three sukham I miss 101

Triceratops one of two t-rex one of two terrain forest Rex two of two

Velociraptor one of eleven two of eleven 4 of eleven five of eleven six seven

seven of 11 and that is our collection awesome so like I said if you're missing

any going back and check out my videos because I do have pictures of all their

skin points well guys that was awesome also uh in the description below go

ahead and check out my t-shirts I have for sale you guys are awesome I do got

over a thousand videos the majority are Jurassic world Jurassic Park Godzilla

King Kong transformers Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Scooby Doo and a lot more

check out the playlist on my channel or if you just want to see more fallen

Kingdom videos check out the playlist at the end of this video you guys are

awesome and I will see you soon

go ahead and put that in the comment section below the video click the

subscribe button below for a lot more fun video also click the bell button to

be notified every time I make a new video click the boxes below for a lot

more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the

subscribe button

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López Obrador vuelve a plantear la legalización del cultivo de amapola | Noticiero | Telemundo - Duration: 2:05.

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Tampa Property Management - Services - Tampa Property Management - Duration: 1:16.

at Hoffman Realty Tampa property management we've been providing

full-service property management to the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years we

manage single-family homes townhouses and condos for owners and

investors who require the best in service and expertise so what does an

excellent property manager do we minimize risk we minimize your risk of

owning investment property while guaranteeing your results don't turn the

keys of your rental home over to just anyone our comprehensive marketing

system and our dedicated leasing specialist ensure your vacancy doesn't

stay that way for long combined with our 11 step background

screening process we guarantee your property will have a quality tenant fast

our tenant marketing program reaches quality renters wherever they look for

homes in the Tampa Bay area our Hoffman Realty

we protect your investment and improve your cash flow see our Tampa property

management guarantees but don't take our word for it we have over 200 five-star

google reviews for more information about Tampa property management visit

Hoffman Realty comm or call eight one three eight seven five seven four seven

four today

For more infomation >> Tampa Property Management - Services - Tampa Property Management - Duration: 1:16.


Translating Headphones FINAL 1 - Duration: 1:56.

In the modern world many businesses make the mistake of assuming that the

language of business is whatever language they are to speak it's not

Raising the question of how technology can help bridge the language gap

We bought these headphones on the internet but are supposed to be able to

translate as you go. The idea being if we can accomplish a complex tasks like

putting together a bureau from Ikea you should be able to use them in a business setting as well.

I'm going to describe the instructions to Henry in

Portuguese and the headphones that translate to them in English

and I'll follow the directions as they're translated by the headphones

Let's do it! Let's do it!


Yeap. Ferrari, screw Pacman.


It's probably not quite there yet tp hold a business meeting there was like a lot of delay between things Leticia would say

and then when I would get the instructions 10 seconds later a lot of

the time I was wrong you would pick up things that I was saying but all that

said, even though the technology has a ways to go like we built this whole

cabinet getting directions only Portuguese I don't speak any Portuguese

so clearly the baseline technology is there it's only a matter of time before

we start to see something similar in the working world. And I think I'd even like a little Portuguese

For more infomation >> Translating Headphones FINAL 1 - Duration: 1:56.


L3:DBMS|Functional dependencies|What is FD |FD Examples in DBMS|Satish Sir| HIndi|English - Duration: 7:35.




For more infomation >> L3:DBMS|Functional dependencies|What is FD |FD Examples in DBMS|Satish Sir| HIndi|English - Duration: 7:35.


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