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In the previous episode you followed us with the first part of the "rat hunt",

while we were sailing in beautiful places in Croatia.

without success of catching the intruder,

we went to Zadar, the fifth largest city in Croatia

in search of an arsenal against the rodent,

but Google decided to move and grabbed the rat.

Get the Rat! Where's the rat? Get the rat!

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After ten days in Croatia,

we had the privilege of sleeping in paradisiacal places by the way

and we came close to half the country,

in Zadar.

The city has 100 thousand inhabitants

and the main shops,

we were sure that we would get an arsenal against the rat.

It is today that the rat will die !!!

We arrived in a store, if we don't find the glue here, we won't find anywhere

We received several comments on how to succeed,

and we were hopeful about it.

We anchored near by the historic center

in the only bay in Zadar that it's free

There we find Amadeus,

a famous Brazilian sailboat, that left Rio de Janeiro and it was there anchored,

we were happy to see a Brazilian flag

but unfortunately there wasn't anyone one on the boat.


we found

this one

which is

more modern

doesn't kill him either

and this one,

is the glue, that everyone said to us that is very good

we are going to do

today we get rid of the mouse!

Look ....

I have already lost count of how many days it is here,

if it came in Venice

today is 12th and we left there on the 1th

whatever, it's been more than ten days that our little mouse is here as part of the crew

Look ... where he's making the mess

we put a banana in the middle.

Everything is full of poop.

Here is where the mousetrap is, that it is not "catching"

The rat is giving you work, Beto?

The glue stuck to the handle!

We spent a few days in Zadar waiting for the rat to fall into the trap.

but every night we were even more desperate.

The saga of the rat continues ...

we bought everything

but it hasn't fallen into the trap yet,

This mouse is super ninja, super ninja !!

Now Beto will open here, because he's around here,

it is between the loaf

and we will open everything,

put more glue on everything.

Today we heard him gnawing on something else,

it changes places,

we put the trap, I do not know how he feels

and then he changes places ...

and here on the boat there are a lot of places for him to hide, right?

Betinho is putting more glue,

because before the mouse was "living" there,

in the loaf there,

and now it's also passing through here,


he is putting more, I prepared more cards to put

google's food because he liked it.

Silly little mouse,

I keep asking Beto:

How is he so ninja like that ?!

And it's complicated, because we can not sleep,

because we keep thinking:

What he is doing? What's he gnawing at? What is it ending this time?!

Where is he sleeping? How is he eating?

And we can't sleep, right?

I listen to him, but we cant scare him away,

because, it won't go ....

in the trap!

But it's not working either,

because we don't scare him away and it does not go in the trap anyway.

We saw....

that he had eaten the ration of Google,

that is inside


But until then, it had no trace of anything around here


we think he has been walking through these "caves"

and Beto might even see a mirage of a mouse,

so we decided to put glue

in almost all the caves.

Because in here

he must be making his nest of it.

I came to relax a little

in fact I came in a nautical shop, as usual,

and I was talking with the girls on WhatsApp group

they all told me that I couldn't have touched the food of the rat,

because we put it in the bait, and we touched it !!

And to put the glue we also touched the place where it supports the glue,

and they said that the rat is not falling in the trap because of this,

because it smells our scent and it won't eat!

This rat is taking my peace away!

You are not understanding .

We live for the rat,

is no longer for Google,

we live for the rat,

we can't make noise

because the rat will hear it

We can not ...

We have to sleep early because then

the rat will wake up and it will fall on the bait,

but it doesn't fall into the bait,

Then you wake up in the morning and say: "Putz, another day this rat here"

It's Karma !!

I'm stressed, I'm pissed off

Beto too, we only read about rats

only we had not read about this.

And now I don't know if we're going to redo everything we've already done in this morning,


I don't know what to do with this rat anymore

We're wearing gloves to clean things up,

I had no idea that he would feel our smell in food

so we took the mousetrap and threw it there.

anything ?

We listened to him at night and none of it fell into the traps.

Good Morning !!

6:30 in the morning, we are hunting a rat, whats up Beto?

wow !! I didn't;t even sleep !!

Well, today I'm going to show you how to enter in the house of a rodent,

stay tuned in tips.

Youre gonna need it:





bags for lining your foot,

stay tuned!

Well, now you'll see

our rodent's house.

It's all crap.

Put it right in the middle of the square?

Careful with the other one, huh?!

Wow !! He's gnawing a lot of this "thing", darling!

Do you think it's right on the tip of it?

It is !!

He ate the banana, look.

Today is laundry day, right Google?!

Everyone is going, the whole family is going to wash clothes!

One more day without picking up the mouse, right Googlelino ?!

we're getting so worried,

we didn't want to kill the rat,

we just want to get him,

we're not finding a way to do this,

he is destroying the boat,

It's all like ...

there is everywhere poop, there is pee everywhere, this is so


We're probably going to have to deify the boat,

we are thinking about it,

because we can not get him.

He is eating the wiring, Raymarine's cables,

there are several things going on,

this rat is just letting us crazy !!

One more thing I wanted to say:

It's just that I'm not afraid of the rat.

Cause I already had a hamster, I think it's the cutest thing in the world,

I would never want to kill an animal of this kind,

but I can not put

our family in risk, right?

When I cry he knows!

I'm super upset,

and I do not know what to do!

Beto and I aren't sure what to do

almost 15 days

that we do not sleep, that the rat is here, that it does not fall into the trap, that it does not stick in the glue

that it does not eat cheese.

I'm very angry, and I'm very pissed off

And Google is very sentimental.

Do you want affection ?!

One more thing the rat is eating ...

the motor fan.

He is destroying everything !!!!!!

I'm going to go crazy with this rat !!

We came to the vet

to bring Google, that his vaccine

of V10 and everything, expire in the 20th,

as we are in Zadar, that is a big city,

and we are having this problem of the rat, we will give the vaccine to have no worry about it.

Mouse, Mouse ....

Where are you, mouse?

Why do not you show up ?

Did you find the mouse?

Look ....

I think I've never seen my house so messed up

like now with this "hunting the rat"

I've seen it pretty messy but never like this

After the stress

of the rat did not come out again,

we're going for another try.

The vinegar,

the cotton with vinegar resolved

to repel him from the places we want,

but after the cotton dries and he takes to makes a nest with cotton,

because he has taken our cottons.

So Beto read on the internet that peppermint essence repels him too,

so we took the essence of peppermint

and mixed with water and now we're going vaporize in the places that we do not want him to go.

Because we don't want him to stay

here on the floor,


inside her, anything,

he needs to stay in the loaf.

Because then it's easier for him to leave

and it's a place that does not get dirty, either.

So we're covering all the caves,

throwing this ...

" mint thing "

to see if during the night he decides to swim in the sea, who knows.

While the cats leave ....

the cats continue to make the party!

We got out of the boat for three hours, walking in the city , for the rat

feels free to taste our baits,

but it was in vain.

So Google decided to move and hunt the mouse.

Get the Rat! Where's the rat? Get the rat!

Where's the rat, Google?

Good job, you got the rat!

All right, you got the rat, my love !!!

You got the rat !!

Big Rat !!

A rat, a rat ... this rat are you going to hunt?

Rat Hunter

This one you want, this one you want !!!

Good Morning !!!

Today ...

Betinho and I completed six months of marriage

and 17 days that the rat is living here on the boat.

The house is

completely "turned in the jiraya".

Last night we found out the new "whereabouts" of the rat

the room is dismantled

is already all woodless, without anything, so he can't pass through,

In the living room we have boxes, lifejackets,

there is no way to have breakfast

Here in the forward room, it's where we found out his whereabouts,

it's exactly here.

Last night we took it all apart.

because Beto's winch had stopped showing on the display

how many meters of current.

Remember that we even put the marks on it

to check the account and everything else?!

So from the first day he entered, it was the first place he went,

it was on the anchor,

And probably,

probably not,

We researched about dedetization.

it was going to be very expensive

so we're going to use the poison

because the mousetrap is not working, the glue is not working,

and it's been 17 days since the mouse is here.

Let's celebrate now ...

our six months of marriage

We are going out for breakfast, because here is impossible.

my hunter?!

Marry with someone

who hunts rats.

Right Betinho?


The best of all guys ..

is that

get married, it's too good,

Is not that Beto?

Get Marry is awsome, you have company even to hunt mouse,

this is marriage

marriage is to be together hunting mouse

is to be together in the mess,

is to be together at the worst times too,

we are together in the best moments too.

but worse, too,

we'll continue like this

fighting together.

We just got back from our shopping

we went into three, four stores,

to find the poison

because we couldn't find.

The guy from the store told us to take both

For precaution,

since our mouse is so intelligent,

he also said to try the glue again, to try one more time,

we are trying hard with the glue but the rat is not sticking in the glue.

We bought two more mats that came with the glue

that we had not found yet

to use

I really hope

that this rat falls into one of this traps.

The man laughed at us,

when we talked about the mousetrap and everything , he was like:

laughing !

He said that there is a lot traps that won't solve

and there is a rat who is very intelligent,

in case our rat.

So today we will distribute the poison,

in place that Google does not have access,

which is where the mouse is

and let's see if we can stop this "naughty".

Venom spread by the boat,

we raise anchor

and we go ahead sailing.

The wind is ending so we decided to stop at Mrljane.

We are arriving at our anchorage,

oh what a delicious "smell"

We left

of Zadar,

because we actually stayed even longer time than it needed to be,

because of the rat

and we need to move forward

because we have 13 days to leave Croatia


we continue traveling, we did 10 miles today

we sailed 10 miles today was 100% sailing,


it took almost

five hours, ten miles,

but that's okay, we're not in a hurry, right Google?

Slowly, we arrive.

Where is the mouse?

Where's the food ?

The food is in here.

Well, let's go to the rat update

in our lives,

which today completes 18 days with our dear friend rat.

We bought this in the store where we went to buy the rat poison, and everything ...

and we decided,

while we are sailing,

to put this here,

because the sound box here I was really bad

and we will not put another box because


And we bought this cap here to cover the hole of the box.


We found traces of the rat here in the loaf as well,

we've already looked at the loaf, it had no trace of it,

I do not know how the mouse is walking through the whole boat.

We are afraid about the sail

we had already looked at the loaf several times, because the fear was that the rat gets the Gennaker

because if he rips Gennaker ....

God forbid ...

let's not think about it.


the mouse entered into the loaf !!!

Look, this is what we're going to change that is pretty bad,

and now we're going to take it out everything, this is the cleaning loaf

See? he gnawed a little thing over there ...

I hope it does not gnaw my unicorn, which is in here.

The night came and we went to sleep.

the mouse appeared,

it made a lot of noise with the poison,

we have heard him walking for a while and then stopped.

Usually he made a noise around midnight and at 6 in the morning,

but this morning we had no sign of him.

Did he die? Is it going to stink? Are we going to find him dead?

Wait for the next episode that is very funny.

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Thanks to all the supporters who make the video possible.

Until next week, bye and fair winds.

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VideoCast #35: 5 Key Elements of Spiritual Warfare - Duration: 31:15.

This is DeliveranceMinisty.FM video cast number 35

Welcome to another episode of Deliverance Ministry.FM, where we give you proven insights

about the demonic realm and deliverance ministry so you can wage spiritual warfare more effectively.

Once again, Dr Don Ibbitson here again with my cohost and colleague, Dr Phyllis Tarbox.

Good to have you here Phyllis.

Yeah, we enjoy doing these.

It's fun.

We get to respond to some topics of thing people have sent in to us.

Sometimes we come up with them on our own.

And, uh, today's topic is, is really one of those, quite frankly, where we came up with

this, I came up with this is kind of, um, this topic is of five key elements of spiritual


I thought about it afterwards.

It's a little bit like herding cats.

I mean, we have had articles on posts and podcasts out there on the spiritual warfare

and different elements of it.

So the articles are out there and now what I want to try to do is to bring all these

together, heard them all together and probably something ideally you do ahead of time, right?

You do the overview article first and then you do the other articles, what we've done

with others.

But this is different.

We've got different articles out there about different aspects of spiritual warfare.

This one, we're going to tie them together kind of a high level fly by, if you like,

about um, elements of spiritual warfare.

And the reason is because as time goes on, the Lord shown is we're going to be writing

more in producing more, I think products and articles about spiritual warfare because I

think it's a topic that needs some more practical tools for people.

And that's part of our goal and there's a lot of people interested in there is you know,

a lot of churches and don't necessarily believe in deliverance ministry or talking about spiritual


And so we're increasing our focus on that.

We're not getting away or out of deliverance.

Ministry will continue to do that.

But we're going to expand to this and we'll see.

Deliverance Ministry is actually one of the elements of spiritual warfare, so that's the

purpose, kind of give a big picture and try to position it the way we see it and we've

done some looking in on what's out there and elements of spiritual warfare and it's, you

know, it was kind of diverse views and kind of a lot of the same pieces, but when I tried

to tie them all together, hopefully today for you and at least give you our perspective

on what we as believers should be focusing on and knowing about spiritual warfare.

So stay tuned for that.

We're going to start that in a moment, please.

I'm just listen right at the end, we're going to tell you how to get a free copy of our

deliverance ministry.

Plain and simple.

Emmanuel, that's Emmanuel that we sell at our store.

It's in $19 value.

We're going to give it to you if you'll do something for us, so stay tuned for that.

Also want to share again at their share briefly at the end of about our warrior partners program

where you can link up with us to help advance the Ministry of deliverance to bought it at

the end.

Alright, let's move right in to the discussion here today about five key elements of spiritual

warfare and as I really kind of hit on it already, fellas, that we.

We really want to try to tie the some of the content together that we've, we've, we've

had and, and develop more what I call kind of a nuts and bolts.

I love it.

I already have the picture in my head.

All the little above and beyond.

Kitties are all coming back together into the room.

I didn't know we had animals and I love animals and now we're going to gather them all

together for you guys.

I heard a cat, cats, cats are out there and I will bring them back in and I'm kind of

a, like I say in this session, just kind of an overview, a high level flyby in, in, in,

and even going forward.

Have other articles, so continue to expand on it, on about a spiritual warfare.

So let's start out right from the get go about, um, kind of spiritual warfare in the church

in general.

I know everybody's different people out there.

You don't go to church or some are different types of churches.

Maybe an evangelical, charismatic, pentecostal, and I appreciate everybody's all over the


But our experience about spiritual warfare that's being taught in the churches, it's,

it's, how would you, how would you characterize it?

Well, you know, that's not really been that effective.

You know, it's been out there with dribs and drabs of it.

Um, but that's not discussed that much.

I mean really it's kind of gone.

They churches fly right by it, right?

Or they don't, they don't offer you practical help on how to really get down to the nuts

and bolts is don likes to say and how to do it.


And then they'll talk about seat.

Maybe the issue is really not Satan.

Maybe it's demons.

So, you know, I think that's a good point.

I mean that, that's always been one of my sticking points is I contend that, you know,

people talk about Satan.

Well, you know, really that's as individuals, we're battling demons, spirits, you know,

there's a hierarchy, there are demon spirits when other podcasts out there, you can search

them in the catalog.

We talked about the nature of demons and you know, they have mines and wills and emotions

and there's a hierarchy and all these things.

And so, uh, you know, to, to expand on what you said about that, there's a lot of teaching.

And I'm pleased.

I don't mean to sound critical because I think I, I'm happy at least when churches talk about

spiritual warfare, you know, some people just don't even know there's a need for it.

Some have read somewhere where you don't need to do any spiritual warfare for that too.

I've read that the churches that teach spiritual warfare don't understand the intimacy of God.

And I just think that's scary.


Well, is exactly what we need.


We need both and they can say, we're not going to go down that path too far today because

um, you know, we had other, we've talked about that before, that it is a, it is a today thing.

Believers do need to be involved in spiritual warfare, um, but in to do it, we need to understand

Gavin understanding what are the elements, what are the, what are the summer, some tactics

and strategies that we can have and when, as I say, we don't have all those in place

now we're going to be adding an increased those going forward.

We hope to help you more.

There was, we've got a lot of things in some podcasts and whatnot now, but we hope to have

other tools coming to help you with that.

But I use the analogy of football.

You know, if you're a football fan and you can.

I am too.

We won our first game down here in Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay fans and to the soul.

We don't always get to cheer a lot on that, but what they did when we're happy with that

and you know, people can be a casual fan and I would consider that a casual fan.


I've never played football, I've never coached it.

I, but I understand the game and you and I, we can, a fan can need, cannot just a little

and not a great depth and still enjoy the game.



That's not it and that's fine, but here's the thing, if you're a coach or you're a player,

especially at the NFL level or I suppose even the college level, look at you gotTa, you

gotTa know your opponent and you have to know specific steps and things to do to be victorious.



Because that's what the enemy does.

He Studies, he studies the offense, right?

He wants to take, he wants to take the team out.

He doesn't want him to win, so we, we know we will.

We want to be a strategic offense, so we want to get yards.

We want to get points.

We want to make it down the field.

We want to wait all, you're really going down this football and managing kind of excited

because it's, you know, it's game week.

We just started our opening season and you know, but that's it.

You don't want to, you don't want to be enemies are demonic realm, right?

Yes he is.

And not, you know, it's the defense.

It's there.

He's there to buffet you, to hold you back, keep you from getting where you need to go

and what you were designed to do and to keep you in that place of just burning out and

given up.

Well, exactly.

And I think that's it.

It's, and I guess you know the dictate to hopefully wrap up the football thing here.

We want to go into some depths in some plays and strategies to tactics and understand what

the other team is doing.

If you go play a football game, you can bet that they study what are the, what's your

opponent doing, what is their tendencies, what are their strategy?

And that's what I'm submit to you is very much lacking in the body of Chris.

We really don't understand the demonic realm.

We don't know how they operate, and so we're, we're really at a huge disadvantage.

And once again, if you've listened to other know articles and teachings, we're not demon


There's not demons everywhere.

Yes, we should be God focused, but gosh, there is an element of spiritual warfare and you

need to get learn.

We need to get educated and trained on these things.

And so that's what this is about.

What are the, this kind of a starting point, what are the five key elements of spiritual


And because ignorance is not bliss know we've mentioned before, Hosea four, six, my people,

God's people, God's speaking in the book of Hosea.

Hosea says, my people are perishing for lack of knowledge.

Ignorance is not bliss.

So, right?

And there's other ministries, there's other resources, a lot of things out there trying

to help bring light into the darkness.

And so we're just happy to be part of that mix.

So let's start off with um, uh, you know, this is a working definition so far.

Maybe we'll tweak.

It enhances, we go.

This is not scripture.

It's not an errant and infallible, but it's something we're working with now.

Have a definition that we're going to use for spiritual warfare.

Bottom line is this, spiritual warfare for the believer comprises actions.

His actions, that's the key word against the demonic realm to secure and maintain the victory

over Satan and his kingdom that Jesus won on the cross.


Key points, specific actions, things we do, biases believers against the demonic realm

to secure and maintain.

Take, hold.

We understand Jesus won the victory, but we need to appropriate take back and hold onto

that victory.

It just doesn't all just kind of happen and that's part of the element of the spiritual


So that's the definition that we're going to be using going forward for spiritual warfare.

What are those things and what are the access to take?

And so let's jump right in and talk about the, what we consider to be the five key elements

of spiritual warfare.

And the first one is discerning spirit,



And then we talked about that a little bit on episode 13, that you can't fight what you

can't see.

So we, we know it's a spiritual gifts, the discerning of spirits, you know, I pray for

a lot of people for that and First Corinthians 12, 10, it talks about that, that you'd be

able to discern the spirits and to test them.

So you've got to be able to have clear eyes to be able to see what you're fighting.

You got to know what's coming at you, who's Don said you got to do.

You've got to be able to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove and be able to take authority

over these things.

And that's one of the things I think we pray a lot for here with the sermons.

Um, I think that's where the enemy really likes to try to come in over a person and

bring them into places of critical.

Especially with the gift of discernment.

You can discern certain things going on in a person and yet you may fall into that critical

behavior where you're not, you're not bringing it back in prayer.

You're having fallen into agreement with the demonic realm or anything.

The gift

of knowing how to use it or a different.

Yeah, very different and so, but the key thing is having the gift of discerning the spirit

to be able to discern and the good news is it's a gift God gives.

We have to ask for it, give it gives generously, but then it's like any gift, whether it's

prophetic or healing, I believe you can be trained in it.


You got to learn how to use it.

You know, and you get better at it, right?

It's just not just not.

Certainly a switch that goes on and off and I'm convinced many people can discern a lot

more than they realize.

They see it.

They sort of words on it.

They just drew, but that's why it's a gift that can be home and so, but you start off

with the mindset that it's.

It is a spiritual gift.

God gives it its important.

Certainly important when first and deliverance ministry, but I can tell you it's important

for every believer to have it in their own life, to discern what's going on in their

family and their home situation.

Maybe in their work situations, right?

So that's one element.

Discerning of spirits, gotta be able to, cannot fight what you cannot see.

So that's one element of spiritual warfare.

The second element is resisting spirit,


And that's James Hore seven, you know, resist the enemy and he will flee, right?

Resist the devil and he will flee.

So not coming into agreement with them, resisting them, you know, taking authority over that.

That's all part of these elements of spiritual warfare is to resist them.


And how do you do that?

I mean the visual that we have is like, you know, the Bible talks about submitting to

God and resisting the devil.

It's like having your hands out on you can visual resisting and shooing away birds or

something, trying to come back and land on your head.

I mean, if that's, but you've got to resist them or what does that mean?

How do you do that?

And so, but it starts with discerning, right?

Because you can't fight what you can't see, but there is an element of resisting.

So what does that look like?

And once again, we'll talk more about that in some other podcasts and articles we'll

talk about how exactly do you resist spirits?

It doesn't mean you got to yell at them.

Does it mean you got to scream, you know, you get nasty and call state and bad names.

Is that resisting spirits?

So, but we need to do that third element of deliberate, of, um, of spiritual warfare is

binding spirits, binding spirits.

Matthew Sixteen, 19 talks about that, that Jesus is talking to Pete Peter, he says, I

give you authority to bind on earth that which has been, which has been bound in habit, right?

So our application of that scripture is that we believe we have authority to bind up the

demonic realm.

And you know, even starting all this week, we should emphasize it, you know, one of the

precursors to spiritual warfare is recognizing and knowing that Jesus has given the church

power and authority over the demonic realm, that we have power and authority over the

demonic realm.

Now the demonic spirits still have power.

They don't have authority and has been taken away.

And so, you know, once again, we're not going to get into that much here.

Other, other articles and things, we'll talk about that.

So the demonic spirits have power, but we have power.

One of them is to bind up the spirits.

And so the way we teach, one of the ways we teach that as how do you bind up spirits?

So what's an example of how we teach people at binding up spirits and people.

Well bind them up with the blood of Jesus Christ, right?


You bind them up and

give an example.

Like if somebody say they're got a husband or a husband or they see the spirits of anger

or control and you've got, you know, you're trying to help counsel the wife, let's say,

how to do spiritual warfare over husband.

Like what sort of things would you give her two?

Well, you know, you need to do, you need to discern what spirits are operating in the

husband and, and then you can prayerfully your own prayer time away from the husband,

not in front of him.

Never speak the demons out in front of them.

Um, in your prayer time, bind up what is operating in him.

So you would say, I bind up every spirit of anger, bitterness, control, offense, whatever

it is, it's that's tormenting him.

You bind it up with the blood of Jesus Christ and then you loose upon him what it is that

you want to see manifest that what fruit of the Holy Spirit love, joy, peace.

So binding and loosing, that's actually going to help him come back to himself.

You're not manipulating him.

You're actually manipulating the demons so you're binding down the demons so that your

husband's spirit will come back sore and you know his, the, the good side of him.

We'll come back and he'll be actually more a back to himself as God created him to be.

So these, because these spirits are in an operation now binding and loosing are temporary.

They don't, they don't last forever.

You're not deriving the demons out because that takes a person's freewill agreement.

But in the meantime, you know, you can bring him back to his senses by binding up these

demons that are trying to steal a senses and losing on him the Holy Spirit, and then you'll

see, you know, he'll come back to that place of peace where there would be a good conversation

and things that you're looking.

Yeah, I mean, I think that's such an important point to emphasize binding demons.

Binding spirits is not, is not deliverance.

It's making them an and, and for example, as a sample prayer, I would say something

like, you know, I can the name of Jesus, I bind up those demon spirits of anger and control.

And in Mary I'm binding.

You dabbled with the blood of Jesus and Lord, I loose your Holy Spirit upon Mary.

Lord, I pray that you will reveal yourself to her.

Lord, I pray that you will sure how much you love her.

Lord did.

You will bring her to that point of repins, just that sort of thing.

And once again, it's not a formula, but it's an notion of binding the demons, losing the

Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit can do what he wants to do in that person's life and and you and you

speaking those out and you know, so that's, that's one element.

That's an element of spiritual warfare.

You're going after the demonic realm and invoking him loosing the Holy Spirit upon that situation.

So once again, that that's an element.

So that's the third one.

We got discerning spirits, resisting spirits binding spirits, and the fourth element is

one we're all familiar with and we spent a lot of time out and that it's time on and

in certainly in the articles and whatnot is driving out spirits.

That's the fourth one.

And that is the Ministry of delivering


And that's what we do.

So you know, that's where you would actually submit yourself under a authority deliverance

ministry or a counselor and come in and do your homework and get those spirits called


You know that where we actually sit down and we command with the blood of Jesus Christ

after the doors are shot and every place where they've come in, weak man, those spirits to

leave, they go and then we released the Holy Spirit for him to be operative on the person

in those spirits won't come back.

I mean, you know, that's the key.

As long as you're being obedient, but we want to derive those spirits out.

So deliverance ministry is, you know, we've

got a lot on that, but deliverance ministry is freeing the person from the demonic spirits.

Definitely an important aspect of the women's ministry.

And of course we believe in so strongly that's so necessary.

That's part of our focus is not only doing it as I was talking about where we will train

and teach you how to do that.

People, the body of Christ is crying out for people to learn how it can be trained to do

deliverance, ministry and, and it's like any of the, the elements you can be trained in

that you get better at it.

Between the two of us have done thousands of deliverances and and literally we're still

learning and we're still, I'm believe getting more competent adult learning stuff, but it's

something you can learn how to do, but it is an element of spiritual warfare for sure.

Driving spirits out of people.

So that's the fourth element in the fifth element that we're, that we'll touch on is

basically I'm interceding against spirits and that's more of the one to be clear with

what we're talking about.

A Sec.

The second heaven warfare.

And that's Ephesians 6:12.

You can look at that scripture.

Paul talks about spiritual forces of evil.

He talks about in the heavenly realms and on this darker world.

And so that's in the second and that's where the powers and principalities, our talks about

Daniel 10, 13 that brought the prince of the Persian kingdom.

We're not going to spend a lot on there.

I'm just laying that out there.

There are ministries, there are people that focus on that sort of thing.

Um, in France and France.

Japan has materials on there.

Um, there's other ministers and people that talk about doing that kind of warfare, intercession

in the second heaven.

Um, well we're not asking our focus, so we're not going to be talking much about that.

And I guess the one point I would make is we, we do counsel, encourage people.

I think it's an element of spiritual warfare where you need to be careful and know what

you're doing and, and, um, and not get out of your lane.

And uh, you know, I recommend a book called needless casualties of war written by John

Paul Jackson.

I just, it's like anything, it's like deliverance minister say you should know what you're doing

and before you do anything.


And it's so, um, and, but so that's an element.

There's people that do that and doing principalities and spiritual forces of strongholds over cities

and over nations and churches.

And it's like, I think that's an element of spiritual warfare very needed to.


And it's, it's, yeah, we don't do it.

We're not, I mean we don't focus on it here, but we wanted to mention it, been out there

because there are, if that's something you're called, you want to be trained up in it, just

like any of these funds are an epistolic leader that is trained up, just go running out on

your own.

Exactly, so those are what we see as as kind of the five elements of spiritual warfare,

discerning of spirits, resisting spirits, binding spirits, driving out spirits and interceding

against spirits once again in the second heaven.

Because the first heaven where we live, we have power and authority over them.

Jesus has given us, we don't need to ask God to do things to the demonic realm in the first

happened here where we live because we've been given the authority to drive out free

spirits, resists spirits, okay, bind spirits.


He's given us all that we need, but it's in that second habit that we're talking about

and so those are the five elements.

Once again, we'll be expanding on those in the future.

We've got articles and things out there on that that you can find and see right now.

So, but that's kind of a framework for, for, for kind of moving ahead the cats.

Yeah, right.

Kind of herding the cats, you know, on these under back kind of back in the Kennel if you


And the, the five elements, so kind of a framework enroll quite honestly is, you know, tweak

it as we go forward.

If there's something else we need to change or tweak.

I mean we will do that, but I think right now we're pretty comfortable with this.

These elements is kind of grouping of have elements of spiritual warfare.

I thought it would be appropriate even as we get ready to end this podcast is things

we've seen is about spiritual warfare.

There's different opinions on out there on what spiritual warfare is and isn't an, we're

just going to share some things from our perspective that, uh, that we considered not to be elements

of spiritual warfare.


When the first one would be speaking in tongues, because that's a, that's a gift, you know,

but a lot of people will say, you know, when you speak in tongues that spiritual warfare,

now we know that, you know, the speaking in tongues, they were speaking a heavenly language

and we could be commissioning angels to go out on assignment, but typically speaking

in tongues is, you know, you're, you're in your private prayer time is your conversation

with the perfect language between you and God and the demons don't understand.

No they don't.

So they're not going to respond to that.



So once again, powerful discipline, but not spiritual warfare.

We hear a lot about some people what were rebuking demons.

You don't want to rebuke.


Um, I want to suggest to you that you can recast or look at rebuking in two different


Um, well first of all, let's start with a definition.

When you see the definition of rebuking, it means to express sharp disapproval or criticism

of someone because of their behavior or actions.

So I'm convinced some people think of rebuking.

Diemonds is like talking nasty to.

So talking to St, seriously, they want to yell and, and, um, you know, get mad at the

devils and rebuked demons.

And John Paul Jackson calls that throwing hatchets at the moon.

Yes, Jesus rebuked the demon in Luke 4:41.

But what he really did is he commanded that demon not to speak, which I would contend

is more like binding up that spirit in that person.

And then another instance of Luke four, 39, he rebuked the fever and it left her.

So I'm convinced I would suggest that that's more deliverance.

He drove the spirits out so we don't see.

And once again, I appreciate maybe some folks have some different views.

We're not in the mode of while rebuking demons, we just say, no, let's bind them up or let's

call them out, let's do these other things.

And then finally, um, another element that we consider really important discipline but

not part of spiritual warfare is

fasting now.

So fascinating is, um, it's not necessary for this spirits to leave.

And a lot of people will refer to a certain scripture that says only some of these spirits

go by fasting.

Um, you know, that that was a big talking really about the unbelief of the person, you

know, fasting is a, is a discipline that you do where you can hear from God and it encourages

you and it brings you into that greater area of intimacy and bulk and belief and trust.

And it builds, builds up, builds up your, um, you know, you're the presence of God,

your spirit man.


But it's, but it's not, it's not a necessary component of spiritual warfare for the to

help the demons leave.

Really it's for your belief.


And once again, we were covering it quickly here, but look at the episode 27, listen to

episode 27 and we, there's other podcasts or other articles that we have on there that

you can look under that, where we address that and give you our perspective on, on.

I'm fasting as it relates to deliverance.

So not an element of spiritual warfare.

Um, you know, I guess by way of conclusion, I would just say that we're, we're, we're

in a war, you know, we're still called to fight.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Bliss and the, and the principles and the tactics can be learned.

That's the good news.

You know, it's not like, well, maybe I'm not as spiritual warfare.

I'm not into that.

I'm not going to do that.

I think if you're not in it, there's a good, there's a very likely chance you might get

taken out because lots of people get taken out.

There's lots of casualties.

People, people get taken out.

Just look around.

There's ministries, parish marriages in.

I believe people die.

I believe people can get taken out early.

They die before their time.

God allows it because they get taken out.

So we got to learn.

If we don't learn how to be effective in spiritual warfare, I think it's a very dangerous thing.

So I want to encourage you to make the time, make the effort, make the investment in time

and effort, um, in, in learning and get good resources about spiritual warfare.

There's some good things out there.

Um, but you know, and I just say we're committed to providing our own, but just be careful

because all that glitters is not gold and there's some stuff out there.

I think that that's, you know, someone's not bad, it's just like a, I can't get my teeth

into this one.

How does this translate into, you know, there's a lot of arm waving and smoke, but it's like,

well, how do I apply this into my, into my own personal life?

And that's what I think you really want to have.

So I think that's an important thing.

And don't, and don't let fear keep you on the wrong side of the, you know, the Jordan

here, you know, that.

I think that's what the enemy would love for you to do, is to duck your head and fear and

look at the giants and say, I can't do that.

That's not for me.

But you know what?

Everybody's got a voice and you know, even if you have a still a little voice, like a

dental voice, you're, you know, you're, you're very powerful for the, for the spirit's spiritual

realm of God.

And so I would say, you know, pressing and learn what you can hang with us.

We'll go through more of this as we go.

And like Don said, we have a lot of information out there on it already and get a good sound

base for it because it's times getting darker folks.

And I think we need to be her game plan.

Well exactly.

And I think the fear point is, is really important.

You know, a lot of people are so afraid of the demonic realm because they don't know,

they don't understand and they haven't been taught.

It comes back to how much has been taught in the church and look at, we should not be


God's not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love.

And a sound mind.

Well, if you've got a sound mind and it's full of knowledge and wisdom that's going

to help you know, drive away the fear you shouldn't, we should not be afraid it'd be

wise, but we should not be afraid.

And so operating and fears, that's, that's a good watchword.

Alright, hope you found that helpful and a good starting point for maybe you're a midpoint

or moving ahead in your own expansion of knowledge of spiritual warfare.

Um, we've hope you've enjoyed this podcast.

On very much love to hear from you, get some feedback as always about topics you'd like

to hear in the future.

Want to say this one?

I encourage you to leave a review for us on itunes.

Our station is deliverance ministry dot FM.

Find it.

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You can find the link there.

Get over to Itunes, leave a review, and if you do that and let us know, we will send

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Well, we'll send it to you if you'll take the time and the effort to do that for us.

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Encouraged to take a look at that and finally a new venture that we've kind of been in the

oven for some time and we finally given birth to.

It's called the the the warrior partners page.

An opportunity for you to link up with us financially through one time or monthly giving


we'll just get it set up for you automatically to help us develop a really have a scholarship

fund to help people who may be to subsidize their deliverance ministry.

We have the monthly seminars that are free here in Tampa and we have continued to have

those, but this will be for people who maybe need one on one, maybe don't have the resources,

we will figure out how to administer that fairly.

So that's the first element in the second element is to help us make the financial investment

in, in material, in resources, to develop a training materials, videos, teachings to

help people worldwide in deliverance ministry.

We use a five step.

We do have resources for training and teaching people, even in children's deliverance ministry

and you know, we want to enhance it, update and add to these or overtime, including elements

of spiritual warfare.

So as you can invest in that, it will help us to move that program forward in an expeditious


Well, you know, deliverance was one third of Jesus's ministry and so when you partner

with a deliverance group like that, you know, you're, you're gonna be moving in part of

that part of his ministry so you know, you'll, you'll be happy later that we got that money

out of your, your wallet.

They didn't just sit there, go to buy a meal at down at the store, you're going to be actually

helping set captives free, and so you're going to be blessed and that's an awesome piece


And that's true.

And I believe no one, we're blowing our own horn here a little bit, but I want to encourage

you, do your research, look up, check out our success stories we have on the website

we have from students who been through the bootcamp, we've got testimonials, success

stories from people who've been through the Ministry of how deliverance has helped them.

So I think it's important.

Deliverance has been in neglected ministry in some measure in the body of Christ.

I think it's coming to the forefront and there's people out there who need to get trained on


I don't want to get trained on it, so I'm just happy to be part of that stream.

So with that, we'll, um, we'll conclude this podcast.

We hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you for listening.

And please continue to ascend in your requests for, for, for future podcasts, and we'll certainly

look at those.

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if you

come to see the

horizon so duster

And will grow in

To see the

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No sweet cheese and leading us all will ever trust

No, I don't always

Oh, do we stand through the highways so my shadow through the sunrays and

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Through the wastelands through the highways through my shadow through the sunrays and

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supported on units with AC inputs. You must have CLICK Programming software 2.30

or higher and update the firmware to match this software version.

I have an NPN open collector quadrature encoder, that meets the voltage requirements of the

CLICK PLC. wire the A Pulse to X1, the B Pulse to X2, and since this is an NPN encoder, I

place the positive 24 volts DC positive to the C1 common of the CLICK CPU.

To start the setup, select the Function Tab. Select here on High speed input setup. Now,

this display really makes the difference here. It shows you exactly what each function does.

All you need to do is check the graphic and then select the button that says "Use this

mode". We are calculating rate so select here on Frequency measurement.

First, I am going to give this function a Name. Select here to assign where this rate

will be stored. I am going to use DD1. This is a signed double integer so the range will

be Now, I am going to select here and select

the type as quadrature. Now, we need to assign the inputs for this

function. So, select here. And since we are doing A B you can see these are in pairs.

So, I am going to select X1 and X2 and then hit OK. This portion will allow you to put

a multiplier on the count. For rate you have two options. You have either

Hz or RPM. Hertz is just a function of the amount of pulses per second. Were as RPM is

specific to your application. So, once I select RPM, you notice that I am

asked to enter a number. I am looking specifically for the rotation on the encoder itself. My

encoder has 360 pulses per rotation. Press Ok. Now you will see your rate function

assigned here. Press Ok. And now you will see all of the

registers that are assigned to this function here.

So, load this project into our CPU. Open a Data View

Add my rate register And spin the encoder. If you see a negative

rate here that just means the process is running in reverse direction. If you need to change

this, just flip A and B inputs on the CLICK CPU.

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(Fluid251) Zweiter Versuch! Wenig erhitzen! - Duration: 10:46.

Hello everybody, hi everyone

you saw in my last video

a lot of work for nothing


I hope you have seen it, otherwise you can

I have shown it on the top right

Much work for nothing means

nicely prepared and heated

and everything full of cells

that's partly the disadvantage of this bubble booster

or Cell Creator

that just comes too much

I want to do it again


just heat whites white, because

that's not how it works

I think, ok

I still have color left

who has not seen it yet, I have white, black and silver

have only in white and silver this bubble booster pure

not in black

and now we will test it again

I hope the color is enough

I guess so

do it a little differently

now the color is empty!


you can influence how you let it go

help a little bit




nice is here, I have more silver and more white

as said the silver will come out only if

it has dried. Definitely better

What I do not like here are these lines here

I have to look what I'm doing there

I'm just pulling something

so and now comes the exciting moment

I take my little fire

my burner

do it now only some places

here on the edge still the black

on the black border


that is better

ok, because it is too much

my structure from the previous picture was all gone. Everything full of cells

At least I have here

only partially

that looks quite different

I still do not like this here

otherwise I just push it away

yes, better, easier said than done

which does not look too bad

I think cool, I should do more often

looks almost like flowers

Now we have discovered something together again what we can do

really cool

I'll show you that from close

Madness. I'll continue right away

if that goes everywhere where white is down there? Yes, of course

I can make like a dragon here

with a dragon's head

absolutely great

Wow people

Now we have invented something with the fingers, laugh!

I'll leave it that way

well I leave it on for 10 minutes

and then I'll show you next door

but that's really cool especially here

I'll show it to you soon. See you then

So people I'm back

Now let's have a close look

You can already see how it worked

Now take a look at where I've putted my fingers


you almost see too many cells again

It's amazing with this Cell Creator

So take really little there

as little as possible

two or three drops are enough

even with a lot of color

take a look at this here

in the black I also dabbed my fingers

just awesome

I'm just wondering if I make such a picture there?



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war es das von mir. Ich wünsche euch was. Bis zum nächsten Mal

Bye, bye

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Powerful power metal with good sound.

Greetings to my subscriber, who believes that rock music is not needed! ;-)

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