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The Pixel can't stop leaking.

We pretty much know everything there is to know about the Pixel 3

as well as the Pixel 3 XL

We have a very clear image now of this Pixel 3

We know pretty much everything about it

No matter how hard you try

you literally can't get anything past the internet

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Uptown Spook - Duration: 0:15.

I'm so sweaty typing this

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Dime Time - Roll Hunting Dimes, Semi Key Date Dime Found PLUS Silver! - Duration: 5:38.

it's dime time!

hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I've got a box of Dimes

to hunt today Got skunked on my half dollar boxes this week kind of unfortunate and

pretty much a bummer so I'm hoping we can redeem the silver hunt by going to

dimes now I was gonna do quarters but after being skunked and always being

skunked in quarters I thought we're on a pretty good streak with dimes I think I

found at least one silver dime in my last five or six boxes so feeling pretty

good popped open this diamond box in the bank parking lot

they are circulated dimes I can only see the Enders on this side

can't see the Enders on the side yet we'll check him as I hunt I've never had

a silver diamond or saw and expect that but maybe there'll be some silver in the

rolls alright no said let's get on with the hunt well

guys we're on roll 29 and before I show you this roll I just want you to know

when I got my new Roosevelt dies book I didn't realize it was 46 to infinity I

thought it was just the silver dimes 46 to 64 I don't know why I must have

clicked the wrong one so as I'm going through this box I've done the arduous

task of pulling out every P and D for every year from 65 through 2018 which is

what I've done and as I find duplicates that look good I've been upgrading them

to the best ones in the bunch all I need is an O at note and an O nine

Philadelphia a 73 Philadelphia and a 69 Denver and I will have that part done

for now that being said I cracked open this roll and you can't miss that silver

holy cow that thing's stuck out like crazy it's not first it was so blingy I

thought maybe it's foreign but that's a dime edge Who am I kidding

so I figured I'd pull it live with you we're gonna have our first silver dime

of course it's a 64 you get up out the edge being so good and it's a 64 d so

bottom line we've got a silver on the board to go along with this hunt and

then I can start filling up his book all right enough of that let's

get back to the hunt so I can see if we get some more silver run rule 45 guys

and I'm gonna have myself another silver I've went ahead and put everything from

1976 and newer in the book but anyway I bring in like I said because let's say

we're having our second silver dime you know it's kind of cool because I'm not

stressing over silver dimes because I'm putting together this book collection

but we know this is silver so let's see what it is so rosy for sure what year is

that safe

that's a 1950 1950s I am not familiar with that year and MIT mark

let me see we look into this it'll be right back only just over 20 million

minted twenty point four million minted so other than the 49 s it's one of the

rosey semi key dates how we'll take that will add that guy next to the other

silver so now we have two silvers I was hoping to get two we got two and now I

just gotta finish the hunt find myself three more dives to complete my book

well complete the modern era book and see if we get another silver somehow

someway well we finished that dive box guys we actually found four 2009's three

Denver's in a Philadelphia but I use the P and D in this book found kind of a

cool-toned 82 I'm keepin it cuz it's an 82 and there's some history behind the

into not having a mint mark that one does but it's don't think it's cool we

got two silver dimes a sixty-four out of Denver and a 50 out of San Francisco and

this 1950 gonna go in the book because we have a spot for it so we go and slide

this plastic over grab this 1950s put them in there slide the plastic back in

place and just to give you a quick look at the buck we need a lot of dimes I

just started putting together the silver Rosie set

this is from coin row hunting so we need a lot in the first page I'm not gonna go

through all of them but we only need a couple in the second page and then once

we get into the clad stuff other than a 69 that we're missing 69 Philadelphia

and a 73 Philadelphia we have every dime besides the the proofs and I've got a

handful of proof dimes that I'm probably going to go back through and fill up in

the book as well but always fun getting silver couple in the box always fun

filling your book up other than a couple of dimes that were missing

hopefully enjoyed this hunt with me nothing's better than dime time when

you're scoring dimes that's pretty cheesy but you guys know

what I mean if you enjoyed the video I'd appreciate a thumbs up and then as

always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

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PAW Patrol 'Ultimate Rescue: Police Pups' - Everest (Fanmade) (Speedpaint/ Timelapse) - Duration: 7:01.

Hello there everyone and welcome to another video!

In this video we have my interpretation of Everest, in Ultimate Rescue Police Uniform.


Hope you enjoyed the video.

Thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next video!

Stay Paw-some! (Awesome!)

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Venom Movie Review - Duration: 15:26.

Venom Movie Review

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Mini Young Living Essential Oils Kit Uses - Duration: 15:53.

Hi Kelli from

Thank you for taking a few minutes to chat about Young Living Essential Oils with me today

We're going to talk about the mini kids because a number of you have gotten mini kids

multiple of your mini kids actually

So I thought I better go through kind of a real quick

Tutorial and some of the things that you can do with your mini kids so that when you get them if you have it yet

Then when you get them, you know exactly what you can do with all those awesome oils. So and by the way

Most if you placed an order you should have your kids. Have you placed in order in the last week?

Either have your kids now or you will be getting them here in the next few days

So hang in there if you haven't gotten them yet, but most people should have your mini kits by now

So, like I said, we're gonna go through just real quickly

I'm gonna tell you a few things you can do which eat it which eat with each of your oils now in the mini kit

if you're not familiar what exactly that is, basically

It's your chance to try Young Living Essential Oils before you pick up your premium starter kit

So in the mini kit, you will get what are called drams

You'll get 11 ramps that have three drops of each of the eleven oils in them

So three drops is going to be enough for you to you know

Smell the oil and apply a couple of drops to your skin topically

And you just kind of give you a sense of what each oil is really about?

and like I said

a lot of people like to try it before they jump in and buy their premium starter kit because they want to just get a

Sense of what exactly these oils are like which makes perfect sense

Which is why we offer these mini kits which by the way, they're just ten dollars shipped to your door

So if you have been wanting to get them and I'd have a number of you that actually pick up multiple kits because you want

To get them for you know, your mom your sister your your best friend, so and that's perfectly fine, too

We can ship them to separate addresses if that helps you so like I said

They are coming in little jams you get eleven of them for ten dollars and they will each include three drops of each oil

And just as a comparison when you get your premium starter kit in these sized bottles

This is what you'll get in this size of a bottle the premium starter kit and these bottles include about 80 drops

So you'll get just a few drops of the mini kit, but then when you get your premium starter kit

You're going to get these 5 ml bottles, which have about 80 drops. You'll get a lot more

Anyway, so by the way as you're watching this video

We'll please give it a like I would appreciate that and then any comments or questions you have by all means go ahead and comment

Down below and I will either get to them on this video or at least respond as I hop off this video anyways

So let's go ahead and chat about these oils

So, you know exactly what you can do with your many kits once you get them

Okay. So first off let's start with lavender oil. I don't have all my oils here, but I have most of them

Okay. So lavender oil love lavender essential oil lavender essential oil is by the way lavender oil

I accept smell lavender essential oil is great. It's basically like a Swiss Army knife of oils. Okay, it does so many things

It's great for skin. It's great for calming and a restful night's sleep. I'm gonna try to read my notes

So I stay as compliant as possible with this video, but it's calming. It's great for a restful night's sleep

Like I said, it's great for all things skin if you check out freebie finding them on the blog

I have a number of homemade Beauty recipes on there and a number of them use

Lavender essential oil a couple of my faves that I talk about a lot are my face moisturizer my homemade face moisturizer

I love using this for and then also my microdermabrasion paste recipe uses lavender essential oil

So check that out on the blog if that's of interest to you

But what you can do if you have a few drops of your lavender oil, no

you're probably not gonna have enough to diffuse, but you can absolutely

Put some on topically so if you want help promoting a better night's sleep

Put a couple of drops on your temples. You can also put it under your nose and also the back of your neck

Okay, those are known as pulse points and what it basically means when you put it on a pulse point

another option would be like your wrists to

But I like it when you're promoting sleep on the temple or the back of the neck or like I say right under the nose

the pulse point is great because what it basically means is you're putting that oil on a pulse point, which is

when the blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin and why that matters with oils and that means that the oils will

Penetrate the skin and get into your bloodstream even faster. So they're gonna start working even faster

So, like I said, it is lavender essential oil is great for a restful night's sleep

So they're having a sleep issues consider using lavender essential oil

I love lavender also for like Ally's and Boo Boo's for you or the kids

So I've told this story before a few months ago. I fell off a treadmill and ripped up my knees pretty bad

The only thing I use to repair those knee my knees was lavender essential oil, but I also use one of my son

So if he falls on the scooter or falling off his bike

Your lavender essential oil so you couldn't use that oil that way

I know you only have a few drops in the mini kit, but you can try them

Like I say either for promoting a better sleep or Ally's Boo Boo's or like I say great just for skin

and a beautification next one I went to chat about is one of my favorites is

I have so many but peppermint essential oil peppermint oil. It just is amazing. It's a vitality oil

So that means it can be consumed so you can use it in your foods and in your drinks

So if you want a recipe it and get you a recipe for a peppermint brownies

Which is amazing so you can use it actually in cooking

It is great digestive support and I actually use it too for like cold sores or favorite Lister's on my lip

And I'm not saying it works for everybody

But that's just been my personal

Experience that it has really helped dry out and it's like fever blisters quicker and get them to heal faster

I know it's been known to help with poison ivy as well

So if you have any poison ivy, you can use your drops that way I use this every single day for any head discomfort

So I will take peppermint oil and put it across my forehead and put it on my temples

I also love it underneath my nose and like I say, it's just when your head like my head feels like it's an explode

It's just feel really just like I say just head discomfort, you know what I mean?

I use peppermint, and that really helps me a lot

Funny story is my mom the very first time she's peppermint oil for head discomfort

She texts me afterwards and she's like, oh my gosh Kelly that stuff really works

I'm like, I know mom, that's why I use it

But anyway, so take your drops if you have head discomfort or like I say poison ivy

It could work for now. You can use it in your drinks or your food

When foods or drinks? Okay. So next one we want to chat about is lemon oil lemon. Love lemon essential oil. Oh my gosh

It's probably one of my favorites to diffuse

It just makes the house smell clean and fresh even when I know it's really not

So unfortunately, we have just a few drops if you have just the mini kit

So you're not gonna really be able to diffuse much, but it is great in water and has cleansing properties

So it not only tastes delicious, but it has really good cleansing properties for your water

It has just a very uplifting scent. So it actually is a mood lifter for your mind in your body as well

but like I say you try it in your water and

Also, uh my gosh, this is where you need you I forgot okay lemon essential oil. It's

amazing at taking off anything kind of goopy or stick like stickers a perfect example if your kids or any

My son is my husband actually did this recently he leaves stickers on his shirts. He like oftentimes

I'll put stickers all over his clothes leave stickers on his shirt and I wash them dry them

Didn't know they were still on there. So I was trying to peel that sticker off lemon oil worked

Amazing for that. I've done it multiple times for that purpose alone. So any kind of sticky goo or anything?

They're stuck on especially clothing

I know I only have a few drops

But it'll be enough to kind of show you just how good it is at removing that that adhesive or that glue so lemon oil

amazing for that

Copaiba copaiba, where's microfiber here? It is copaiba is really great for overall. Wellness. I

It's great for a moment. I also like it in tea

So if you're a teacher anchor it's great to put in to you to help you relax

So you could take you a few drops that you get in your mini kit and put it in a tea to help you relax

It is also good to aid in digestion and can also be good for insect bites

So take your copaiba. If you have any of those needs and use your few drops on that

the next one is

Frankincense essential oil frankincense essential oil is one of the most powerful oils that you can purchase

Basically, it's one of the more expensive oils, but that's because it's one of the most powerful and effective

Frankincense, I'm gonna try stay as compliant as possible with frankincense. If you're battling a really tough health issue

frankincense essential oil is what you're gonna want to use message me if you are and I'll tell you more details what I mean by

That but you can make capsules out of your frankincense

It's not hard at all but a few drops in those capsules and that can really help but like I say with major health battles

It's also amazing for skin

So if you go to freebie finding mom

You'll see a lot of different DIY Beauty recipes that I have

One of the nine I want that I talk about a loft in' often is called is my face moisturizer uses frankincense essential oil

But I have other ones on the blog too. So that is a great way to use your frankincense, too

It can also be a mood lift or two

So it's a very powerful oil and I'm glad they included in the kit actually

Next one is oh my gosh, love thieves thieves essential oil is amazing. Hey Sharon. Thanks for joining

Thieves essential oil and thieves is your immune system support. So this time of year, especially oh my gosh

I feel like we need to lather ourselves and thieves thieves oil is like I say

It's not only great form uses this immune system support. It's also an immune booster

So like if you or the kids you think are coming down with something

Put this on

Them or on you when I do for en I put it on his feet and then I'll put his socks over them right before

He goes to bed and that is what to help with building his immune system

Basically and to help kind of fight off anything were to have gems that he's going to encounter the next day

So immune system support it's delicious and tea. So again, if you're a tea drinker, and it's also really good for a respiratory support

I'll tell you story last week. I was getting really congested up here

and so what I did is I took these and

I put this on my forehead and I put it on my cheeks and a little under my nose. Holy cow. It helps amazing

I can tell you just my personal experience

I was taking over over-the-counter medication and I was waiting for it to kick in but I was still really congested

Within a minute or two, I could feel so much better. Just putting theives

Forehead and cheeks and like I say in my nose

So if you have any sort of respiratory issues or if the kids or if you're just catching something

I love thieves highly recommend thieves love that one of my favorites

Citrus fresh citrus fresh it just smells amazing

It smells just like citrus and just very clean love diffusing this one again for the similar reason. It's lemon

It just makes it house smell better. It is great for it's actually a big it's a mood lifter as well

So it's a it can help with your you know, physical and emotional being but also it's great for covering up stale odors

So I use it in the kitchen

you can put it in a few drops it take your drops put a few drops in your garbage disposal if you want make your

Kitchen smell better. You can put it on wool dryer balls to freshen up and make your laundry smell nice

You can use it love it in don't buy those scented garbage bags instead put a few drops in your garbage can

And then when you put your few drops in your garbage can it's gonna make your cigar batur smells so much better so citrus fresh

Amazing to defuse it just smells so good and so clean love it

Next one that I want to try. Oh, I don't have that one here with me Raven Raven oil think respiratory support

so especially this time of year and you know

You might be getting some congestion or the kids might be getting some congestion grab your Raven essential oil

It has a very cooling feeling so like I say, it's great for the wintertime

Take your few drops as you have you can put them on your chest or on your throat area


And that's going to help with the respiratory system

Another way you can use Raven if you have more so if you go ahead and get your premium starter kit what you can do

And this is great for kids to adults too. But I especially love it for kids make a steamy shower

Sprinkle Raven over the baht the shower floor

Let them go in there and just smell the Raven to help open up for their their respiratory system and help them breathe better

So Raven think respiratory system. And by the way, these are just a few ways you can use each oil

There's so many more ways. You can do research and find other ways

These are just ways either I have used these oils or I know if somebody who has and they've been effective for them

That's why I'm sharing these ways

The next one that I want to use Dai Jiu cz's every single night dive guys thank digestive system

Okay, so Dai guys is great for digestive support

it has

Antioxidant properties and it also just be very cleansing to the digestive system

The way I use this and you can use it. You'll have a few drops in your mini kit

You can take this and what you can make capsules out of it, but the way I do it

It's just topically I put some on my stomach every single night before I go to bed and that helps me with digestion and kind

Of just helps minimize the bloating family basically so I don't wake up the next day feeling really bloated

So I love this for digestive support

Like I say take yours and you can rub it on your stomach or on the kids at stomach if they complain about any sort

Of belly aches. Okay, digestive system support DJ's love it

The next one is pan away pan away you use for anything you want pan to go away from if you know what I mean

So if you have like after a workout and your muscles are sore you're gonna use your pan away, by the way

I just love this that in a pan away pan away has a very kind of minty fresh clean scent

So it's just a nice one to wear to um, but it's also I love I forgot pan aways great

You have a few drops you can put pan away on the bottoms of your feet. I love it

It's very relaxing so you can put pan away on the bottom

So your feet and like I say

You sit on any like so sore muscles that are just need the pan to go away if you know what I mean

it's also good for

Healthy skin coloration as well. So love pan away. That's a great one. Mmm

And on the last one stress away stress aways for what you would think it would be to help stress

Go away use it on your pulse points

So use it on your temple use it on your wrist use it on the back of the neck and stress away

I especially love it on the wrist

I actually like stress away just this kind of smell like a perfume because it just smells really nice

I like the smell of stress away. But like I say use it on those pulse points

It's also good for just like I say restoring equilibrium and also helps promote a restful night's sleep

So those are just some of the ways that you can use the oils

There are so many more you can raise you can ask me if you have any other questions about how to use these oils

I'll be happy to get back with you

but those are just some of the ways I either have used them or like I say had people that have used them and it's

Worked really well for them now

Again, as a refresher if you don't have your mini kit and you want to get one I will drop the link down here

Right now and because I've we've many many of you actually have mini kits which is why I thought I better do this video

so I can tell you exactly how to use your mini kit and

By the way the promo offer that you get

There's the link for the mini kit

the promo offer that is included in your mini kit is a limited time offer and that offer is

The best offer I will ever be able to give probably on premium starter kits

So if you're thinking of getting a premium starter kit

I highly encourage you to take advantage of the offer in the mini kit because that is a very good offer to

Provide a value perspective you get a lot of oils out some of that best pricing that I can give you so check out that

offer that it comes in the mini kit and be sure to take advantage of that is that if that sounds like something that you

Want to do like I say in the mini kit?

You're gonna get 11 of these little drams there cause you're gonna get three drops of each of the eleven oils for just ten dollars

shipped to your door

It's a like I say

It's a great way to just try the oils smell the oils

apply them topically and just kind of get a sense of what Young Living Essential Oils are all about and

Actually a number of you have probably want this link, too

I will also drop the link for the if you're ready to go ahead and get your premium starter kit

I will drop that link down there in that kit

You will get the same oils, but they will come in this 5 ml sized bottle

So you'll get 80 drops of each oil so you can do so much more. You will also get in a diffuser

So now you can also diffuse your oils thieves another one

Especially this time of year when there's cold and flu season to fuse thieves in the air. I've told this before Stefanie my friend

She's a teacher her and a number of her colleagues defuse thieves actually in their classrooms to keep their kids healthy

So if you want to go ahead and get your premium starter kit, there's the link for that as well

It's a hundred and sixty dollars, but I give you $20 back. So that makes it 140 plus shipping and tax

You're gonna get your eleven oils. You're gonna get an awesome diffuser

you'll also get a couple of really good samples to try as well and

I said that's all that is will be shipped to your door for one after after my promo

It'll be a 140 plus shipping attacks

Anyway, so those are the 11 essential oils

If you have any questions about your about the premium starter kit or the mini kit

I am happy to answer them

Leave them in the comments below or you can always email me or direct message me and like I said if you ordered a mini

Kit, you should either have the mini kit now or it will be coming in the next few days

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video, and I hope you have a great day. Bye bye

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Legend of Fuyao (扶摇) - Episode 60 [Eng Subs] | Chinese Drama - Duration: 45:16.

Timing and Subtitles brought to you by Fuyao's Court Team @ Viki

"Fuyao" by Karen Mok

♫ I start to dance nimbly and gracefully ♫

♫ For what my beautiful face is frowned? ♫

♫ Without him, I'll drift with the current ♫

♫ Why is the tune of the zither a farewell song? ♫

♫ Without me, he'll be lonely in this universe ♫

♫ My heart silently waits at the cliff of Firmament ♫

♫ The heaven, the earth, the sun and the moon are all in my bosom ♫

♫ How can I own the top freedom in this world? ♫

♫ There is no fear from my heart ♫

♫ Deep love won't hide ♫

♫ True love won't run short ♫

♫ Dreams give hopes through all the ages ♫

♫ Why go through storms and stress to be bright and beautiful? ♫

♫ There is no struggle from my heart ♫

♫ Swaying along with the wind ♫

♫ I can do anything freely ♫

♫ I enter my dreams easily and unrestrainedly ♫

♫ What a beautiful dance ♫

[Legend of Fuyao]

~ Episode 60 ~

With the dignity of being the Empress, I beg you.

Empress, you must not!

Promise me, okay?

After all... After all, this will be Wuji's choice.

I can't hinder him making his choice.

Even if his choice is wrong?

Even if his choice is wrong!

I think that Wuji knows more than you and I that

there are a lot of things in this world that you can't judge based on right or wrong,

but only via pros and cons.

Hence, I can't interfere with his decision.


But do you know that there are some things that are destined to be wrong once you do it?

For this matter, he can't do wrong.

Empress, what's right or wrong has always been decided by you people.

You've been making the decisions for him.

Molding him according to the direction that you want.

Never asking him if he felt any pain, if he was willing.

Wuji is the most clear-headed and most responsible person that I know.

Every decision that he makes must be based on his own reasons.

Hence... Hence, I won't interfere with his decision.

But do you know that only on this matter,

he really can't commit a mistake?

What really is the reason?



even if Wuji will indeed commit a mistake, I will bear the consequences with him.

What he needs isn't a strategist but a companion.

Hence... sorry.


When did you come?

Enough for me to hear all of it.

Thank you for understanding me.

Go and see your Empress Mother.

- I'll wait for you here. - Yes.

Empress Mother.


You've gotten thinner.


You're the one who has gotten thinner.

Emperor Father said that you've been praying in the temple for me these past days.

I've let Empress Mother worry.

I am unfilial.

Quickly rise, my child.

It's just right for a mother to worry about her son.

Have you been well in this journey?

I'm very well.

When they said... that you'd died in the desert,

I didn't believe it.

In this life, in this deep palace,

only you are my only worry.

If you're gone,

what's still the meaning of the long years I've endured here in this palace?

For letting Empress Mother worry,

I deserve to be punished with death.


you will probably be staying a bit longer in the palace this time, right?

There is a lot that has happened in the imperial court.

I temporarily can't fulfill my filial duties by your side.

Is this about Prince Virtue inciting a rebellion?

- Your Emperor Father wants— - All these are court matters.

Empress Mother shouldn't get overly worried about it.

What if I beg you? I beg you don't—

Empress Mother!

There are some things that shouldn't and need not be mentioned.

I know how to properly handle it.

May Empress Mother understand.

- But— - No buts.

I always keep in mind my position as the crown prince and place the nation first.

May Empress Mother not worry.

No one can waver my determination of punishing the rebels.

It's already late.

May Empress Mother rest early.

I'll take my leave.

No. Wuji!

If I tell you...

that he is...

that he is...

that he is...

- your— - Greetings, Your Ladyship Empress!

His Majesty said that Your Ladyship will surely be very happy in reuniting with Crown Prince after a long time.

However, this kind of emotional fluctuation might harm your health.

He especially ordered me to deliver a calming soup.

Empress Mother, take care of your body.

I'll take my leave.

I'll take my leave.



Is it because I committed too many sins?

I beg you, Bodhisattva.

Don't let my Ji'er go to war.


I've let Prince Assist wait for too long.

Come, drink some tea to cool down.

Just for this tea, I've painstakingly waited for two hours.

I've been in my tent discussing some important military matters.

Those are all grand matters that concern life and death.

I can't disregard it.

I risked my life and brought 80,000 elite men to reinforce Royal Uncle,

but you instead deliberately neglected me

and embarrassed me in front the whole army.

By doing that,

aren't you afraid that I'll withdraw my army and put you in a difficult spot?

Don't forget.

You now have no retreat path.

Prince Assist, you've said it too seriously.

At present, there are so many people without a retreat path.

I fear that you are one of them.


It's not my intention to belittle the people that you've brought.

It's just that we haven't started the war yet,

but only 60,000 men are left from your 80,000 army.

The change in number is really too great.

Since that's the case, why don't you just tie me up?

Use me to force the Imperial City to withdraw their army.

That is indeed a good strategy if we've reached the end of the rope.


It's just that you've also lost the value of being a hostage now.

You devised many means to kill Wuji

and even harmed the person he wanted to protect.

Do you think that Wuji will withdraw his army just to save you?

As for that emperor of ours, I fear that what he cares about is only himself.

Do you think that the person Wuji hates is only me?

I fear that the person he hates the most is you.

Don't think that you're able to hide your affair with the mistress of Pure Mist Palace Hall so perfectly.

Let me tell you too that in the palace, there isn't a wall where gossip couldn't pass through.

I'm just reminding Royal Uncle...

to not be fainthearted and hesitate.

Since I've decided to rebel, there then won't be any room to be fainthearted.


I indeed rebel because of that person in Pure Mist Palace Hall.

But if one day, I really have to face Crown Prince in the battlefield,

I will surely not be lenient, either.

You make it sound so pleasant.

But if you really kill her son,

aren't you afraid that she'll hate you forever?

Let her hate me then.

As long as she's by my side,

she'll eventually forget it.

In this world, it's impossible to have everything both ways.

In between you dying and I living,

there has always been just one choice.


If Royal Uncle can really do what you said,

I'm willing to be at your beck and call.


It's good that Prince Assist can be a sensible person.

Then regarding our initial arrangement in the palace,

it's time for them to make their move.

Your Majesty, your medicine is here.

Did they go there already?

Your Majesty, everything has been prepared.



Your Ladyship Empress, please come with us.

Was it he who told you people to fetch me?

How dare you!

You were not sent by him.

Capture the assassins!

Let's go.


Let them leave.

I find this matter strange.

Are you talking about Prince Virtue's rebellion?

These past years, Prince Virtue has been careful and cautious.

He was able to handle internal and external affairs appropriately without any notable lapses.

For a person like that, if he doesn't have full confidence that he'll win, how could he suddenly rebel?

Why then, at this time, did he set up camp on the north bank of the river and isn't making any move?

Your Highness, I heard that assassins have appeared in the palace.

I just don't know the exact situation yet.

- Go and investigate it. - Yes.

Your Highness! Your Highness!

- Your Highness! -Talk.

Empress is missing.

- What? - For these past days,

Empress Kindness has always been in front of Buddha's statue praying to the ancestors to bless the Five Regions.

But just earlier, some assassins trespassed into the palace and then she went missing.

Could it be that the assassins abducted the Empress?

I'll go look.

Grand Teacher... please...

give me...


some more time.

Time? There's no more time.

You are not wearing down my patience,

but are wearing down the fate of the whole world!

Megrez is currently in a crisis.

I can't hide in here.

If you keep hesitating and delaying it like this,

you will become the traitor who brought disaster to the Five Regions.

Just for one's selfish reasons, you messed up world order and treated human lives as mere trifle.

What's your difference with the Zhangsun Jia of Megrez?

Grand Teacher...

I beg you to give me some more time.

After placating the situation in Megrez,


will return to accept my punishment.


What's going on exactly?

I've never seen Mister this weak.

- How about I go to Plough now to invite Mr. Zong over? - Don't panic first.

I've used my internal energy to treat him.

I just couldn't tell if it's an injury or poison.

We encountered this once while in Plough, but he wouldn't say a thing.

Then... what about Mr. Zong?

He was in Plough at that time, too.

He indeed knows more than I do, but he couldn't do anything.

What about Empress Yuan?

How many assassins were there?

They said that there were two groups.

- They probably acted separately but in sync with each other to cause a distraction. - Two groups of men...

Well-trained and knowledgeable of the topography.

They were able to abduct Empress Yuan with accurate timing.

It means that they are from this palace.

Who could it be?

This... I also dare not make rash conclusions.


Prince Virtue.

That is also what I think.

I got news from outside that the assassins went northward after leaving the palace and left the city very quickly.

They probably are heading to the rebel army garrison on the north bank of the river.

I fear that they will be using Empress as a hostage and blackmail Crown Prince to surrender without fighting.

- Mister, you must not! - Get out of the way.

Mister! Mister! You must not.

If you leave the Imperial City, that's falling into their trap.

You clearly know that Prince Virtue's main target is you.

Why must you go along with his plan?

Are you really trying to be my enemy?

I've served the Upper Yang Palace for more than twenty years.

I always remember the words you told me.

One can do things that are deemed impossible,

but one mustn't do things rashly, disregarding the general situation, Mister!

You going into their trap alone is a thing that mustn't be done!

- I have to stop you! - You!

Moreover, Prince Virtue's... Prince Virtue's target is you only!

He wouldn't really harm Empress Yuan and Miss Fuyao, Mister.

Your Highness Crown Prince.

Your Highness Crown Prince, His Majesty urgently asks to see you.

Emperor Father.

You're here.


I expected that Zhangsun Jia would rebel.

I also expected Pingrong would sail with the wind.

But I never expected that they would do something to your Empress Mother.

Wuji, has the army you mobilized arrived?

Probably by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Do you have any confidence that you'll win?

I've really now become alone.

Each one betraying and leaving me.

In the whole Five Regions, you're the only one left that I can trust.

Good thing, you're here.

Even if I... leave this world now,

I, at least, have a son that will send me off.

Emperor Father.

I can only trust you.

That year, at the hunting grounds,

Zhangsun Jia almost killed you with his arrow.

Only now do I understand that it might be destined

that only one can live between the two of you.

Life and death are fated,

but Emperor Father, don't worry.

My life will not end here.

I am old.

I can't even hold a sword.

Hold it well.

Set out for battle.

Kill Zhangsun Jia on my behalf.

Emperor Father, rebels and traitors should be executed.

I will not refuse such a duty.

It's just that—

What you're worrying about is your Empress Mother, am I right?

Sit down.

Wuji, so many years have passed.

There are indeed some matters

that there is no harm to let you know.

The Prince Virtue then and your Empress Mother were indeed a perfect couple that everyone envied.

That time, even though I loved your Empress Mother, too,

the two of them had mutual affection for each other.

I can't steal somebody's lover.

But if Empress Mother loves him,

why then did she?

That's right.

I also asked myself that back then.

Why then did she enter the palace?

I think it must be because... the status of being the Empress,

its reputation and might,

that is indeed being a mother figure of the world, being above everyone.

Who doesn't want to have it?

Just like that, she entered the palace.

She received a lot.

When a man obtains what he desires, he tends to desire more.

That time, I had to attend to state affairs day and night.

Maybe your Empress Mother feels that I've neglected her.

She bore discontentment.

Hence, she remembered the romantic times she had with Prince Virtue.

And the Prince Virtue at this time,

took advantage of your Empress Mother's little trust in him,

used her to secretly poison me.

Emperor Father.

Good thing.

I was fortunately saved.

But my health can't endure any more exhaustion.

And every day,

I can't attend the court and just stay here in this meditation chamber to cultivate inner energy pills

to resist the poisons that they've given me that are still inside my body.

Days then went by one by one just like that.

You then...

were in Firmament training and hadn't returned.

Pingrong, on the other hand, wasn't fit to bear any important responsibility.

Who then could I tell it to?

Thus, I could only pretend that I know nothing.

After telling you all this,

don't get mad at your Empress Mother.

She is after all a woman I loved.

After all, she gave birth and raised you.

You should also forgive the mistakes she committed.

But your Royal Uncle, Zhangsun Jia, I can't tolerate him.

You know what to do, right?

Emperor Father, don't worry.

I understand what I should do.

Remember my words.

This Zhangsun Jia is more adept in tactics than you can imagine.

You must be very careful when you meet him in battle.

But I don't care what price you have to pay, what means you must use, or how many casualties you may incur,

I only want you... to personally kill him.

You must promise me...

that you will personally kill him,

or else, I will not die in peace.

I... will obey your command.

Go now.

Emperor Father, take care.

Timing and Subtitles brought to you by Fuyao's Court Team @ Viki

Yi'er, you have suffered.


- Get out! - Yes!

How come it's you, A'rong?

You still know that my name is A'rong?

Do you still remember... that I'm your wife?

My nickname...

only you can call it.

But now, you're not qualified to!

It's been so many years.

Have you been well?

I didn't die.

Tell me. Is that good or not?

I know that you hate me,

but the person I clearly rescued was—

You clearly rescued that bitch, am I right?

Are you very disappointed now?

A'Rong, you shouldn't be here.

- Yi'er, she— - Don't mention her in front of me!

I won't tell you where she is

even if you kill me.

How could I kill you?

You are, after all, my wife.


Have you really treated me as your wife?


You never did.

From the start,

you were just faking your affection.

In your heart,

there was never a position for me!

From the start, I shouldn't have believed your lies.

I shouldn't have married you.

In your heart,

I'm just a replacement, a cover, a stupid woman that you can use anytime!

When I married you then,

I indeed had intentions to win over the support of Deep Water.

But even so, I never treated you unfairly.

The status and glory you deserved.

I... gave them all to you.

It was you who requested to leave.

I requested to leave?

Did you think that I took Lian'er with me and left

all just because I learned about your affair with that woman?

You don't know.

You don't really know what happened!

You don't know what happened to Lian'er!

You don't know how I survived that time!

What happened?

What really happened?

What's still the point of saying all these?

Yes, I forgot.

You once were the top fighter of Megrez.

Even if I spend so much effort these past years and learn as much magic as I can,

I will never be able to defeat you.

Yes, I'm an assassin.

I failed.

You decide on my punishment.


Now is not the time to reminisce.

Just rest here.

Do you have any news about them?

I've meticulously asked around. There is indeed no news about Ms. Fuyao,

but the rebel army indeed abducted a woman.

Prince Virtue ordered that she be treated well.

They will never dare to neglect her. Maybe, it's Empress Kindness.

What's going on? I heard that you abducted the wrong person.

How could you commit such a huge blunder?

Leave now.

Xu Lai, you leave, too.

I have to ask you then.

All the palace spies were arranged by you.

Only you and I know about the whole plan.

How could they have abducted the wrong person?

Are you then suspecting me of covertly informing Emperor Father of our plans?

Isn't that it?

I've staked all my possessions and my life on you.

You're actually doubting me?

A smart gambler will never stake everything on one person.

What do you mean?

If you don't believe me, why then did you make an alliance with me?

What are you trying to do?

I really didn't leak any information!

At this point, it's already not important who leaked the news.

Now that we failed, we won't have another chance to enter the palace.

We can only attack.

If we win, I will still have a chance to save her.

If we lose, then don't bother discussing anything anymore.


The 80,000 army of the Liu Family in Changhe are still on their way here.

We haven't finished stocking up our military provisions.

If you attack now, isn't that suicide?

I don't need to explain things to you.

Even if I don't attack, the army of Megrez is already on their way.

I won't force you to stay.

Just do as you please.

If I knew that you would commit suicide, why did I side with you?

Get out!

What do we do now?

I was so wrong about him.

He is a total lunatic!

He will surely lose this battle. We mustn't get involved in this mess.

What you mean then, is...?

Pack up our things and leave.

What is this place?

It's no use.

Don't waste your energy.

Empress. This?

This is the most important secret chamber of Megrez.

The ones binding our body

are also the Imprisonment Chains that are the hardest chains to be broken here in Megrez for hundreds of years.

Since he wanted to lock us in here,

he then was sure that we wouldn't be able to escape.

In here, even if you hurt your throat from shouting, no one will hear you.

Whether we live or die,

it's all according to his whim.

As long as he doesn't say it, then no one will ever know that we're here.

Prince Virtue looked like a person with high morals,

yet he actually is this despicable!

He even treated you like this.

Do you really not know who abducted you?

Do you not understand who is the true mastermind behind all this?

Prince Virtue.

Prince Virtue isn't his competition.

Timing and Subtitles brought to you by Fuyao's Court Team @ Viki

"Hard-to-Get Love" by Lala Hsu

♫ What do you know? ♫

♫ What are good about the three realms? ♫

♫ If there're no three poisons, if there're no worries ♫

♫ How can it make me reluctant to leave? ♫

♫ Worry for love, beg for hate ♫

♫ And even discard my soul for affection ♫

♫ The one, who asks me to love him, loves me ♫

♫ I only want him to love me ♫

♫ What do you use to exchange for this hard-to-get love? ♫

♫ If there's no sickness or weakness, if there's never oldness ♫

♫ How can it make a spark to chase after stars alone? ♫

♫ Slim down for him, stay for my heart ♫

♫ And even chase away all luck for dreams ♫

♫ It wants me to be so pretty that I seize his soul ♫

♫ And continue dazzling in his heart ♫

♫ There is a saying that what a person asks for the lifetime ♫

♫ Is no more than staying together with one's lover by any means ♫

♫ If one can't obtain what one asks for ♫

♫ One is filled with anxiety and with knitted brows ♫

♫ There is a saying that if a person asks for the next lifetime ♫

♫ One should only ask to know everything about warfare ♫

♫ Dreams beg heart to grant me love ♫

♫ And have someone's company for the rest of my life ♫

♫ Have someone's company ♫

♫ There is a saying that what a person asks for the lifetime ♫

♫ Is no more than staying together with one's lover by any means ♫

♫ If one can't obtain what one asks for ♫

♫ One is filled with anxiety and with knitted brows ♫

♫ There is a saying that if a person asks for the next lifetime ♫

♫ One should only ask to know everything about warfare ♫

♫ Dreams beg heart to grant me love ♫

♫ And have someone's company for the rest of my life ♫

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