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Youtube daily Oct 8 2018

- Wakey wakey. - (moaning)

Come on.

- (snickers) - What the hell is going on here?!

That's me fucking you on video.

You're gonna vote for this candidate to win "Mr. Bear America"

or I'm gonna upload that video to every social media platform

in the world.

Oh, please. Blackmail me? Go ahead. I would love it.

I have been gluten-free for months

and working out like a madman with Erich, my gorgeous Austrian Pilates instructor.

I look fantastic. A sex tape would be huge for my career.


Then I won't release the tape and I'll give you $10,000?

I don't need money, and I would never compromise the integrity of the pageant.

So you might as well untie me and let me get the hell out of here!

♪Where the bears are We wanna be♪


Good morning.

Oh, good morning.

What? No Bloody Mary today?

Ha! Nope, not today.

I got up early, I went to the gym,

and for the record, I don't think I'll be needing these anymore.

Are you sure? That's great.

You know, I was beginning to call you Neely O'Hara behind your back.

I'm sure that's some kind of a dig, but I don't know who that is.

How in the world did you ever get your gay card?


You know what? I am really proud of you for getting your act together.

I'm just... I don't like who I've been lately.

I'm sick of being such a fucking mess.

Well, it's totally understandable. You've been through a lot.

I know, but I'm tired of it.

And opening up to you last night really helped me out.

It was the first good night of sleep I've had in weeks.

Well, I'm glad.

I mean, I know I still have a long way to go but I'm gonna get through this.

You are not gonna believe what happened to me last night.

(scoffs) Let me guess.

Uh, you were overserved at Street Bar,

you passed out in the bathroom and then you woke up

and had sex with the cleaning crew when the sun came up.

No, Nelson. After having drinks with Rami last night,

some guy in a mask drugged me, took me to some sleazy motel,

tied me to the bed and raped me!

Let me stop you there. We've been over this.

If you've had six vodka sodas and a pot gummy it's probably not rape.

- It was rape! - Okay.

Although what I do remember of it, I kind of enjoyed.

I mean, he was rough, but he was caring.

Beautiful penis.

Okay, yeah yeah, what, then what?

Well then, he had the audacity to make a sex tape of it.

And then he wanted to blackmail me into voting for his favorite contestant.

The video, I have to admit, was hot as hell.

I mean, I looked incredible.

Does this story have a point and can we get to it?

The point is then he had the nerve

to try to bribe me into voting for his favorite contestant,

- $10,000. - Well, what'd you do?

Well, of course I said no amount of money could ever buy my vote.

The integrity of the pageant is too important.

Well, good for you, Reggie.


Where have you been? Did you even come home last night?

No. You're not gonna believe what happened to me yesterday.

I got this one.

Let me guess, you were cruising Warm Sands

and you ended up in a gang bang in the bushes or something

and some old lady looked out the window and saw you so she called the police

and you spent all night in jail.

Yes! How did you know that?

I told you guys not to say anything.

We didn't say a word.

Did you tell them about the gorilla too?

What gorilla?

Wood was attacked at the zoo yesterday by a gorilla.

The security at the zoo showed someone disguised as an employee

turning the gorilla loose to go after Wood.

It was really scary. I had to fight it off

and it left me completely drained afterwards.

(doorbell rings)

Oh, Tristan, oh!

Come in, come in.

Oh, detectives, Reggie told me you were all in town.

I need your help.

Someone is deliberately sabotaging my pageant.

I'm at my wits end.

The contestants are dropping out, the judges have dropped out.

The whole thing is falling apart.

Please, I'm begging you,

would you all consider going undercover

and helping me try to figure out who the saboteur might be?

Undercover, like sleeping with all the contestants?

He means all of us posing as contestants

so we can try to figure out who's trying to tank this thing.

I mean, we've already sold all the tickets.

If there's no pageant, there's no proceeds to go to charity.

I think it's a terrific idea.

You're all detectives, Todd's in the ISA.

It makes perfect sense.

Yeah, it could lead us to whoever the stalker is too.

Exactly, and whoever is after the four of you would be forced

to hang out at the competition, we could flush him out.

And who knows, maybe the stalker and the person

trying to sabotage the competition is the same person.

Well, then it's settled, you guys will go undercover right away, today.

And you could all wear banners from your home states.

Captain Coley, maybe you could come up with a cover

so that you could hang around backstage and keep an eye on things.

Oh yeah. Butter my butt, call me a biscuit. I love that idea.

And I've got the best cover in mind too.

Well, what about me? I wanna go undercover too.

Wood, to go undercover, you kind of have to be focused and sharp.

What he's trying to say is you can't be a complete and total dumbass, Wood.

Actually, I would love Wood to be a contestant.

Tristan's right. Wood fits perfectly into a bear pageant.

Thank you.

Guys, come on, what about me?

I'm a trained actor.

I should be going undercover too.

Well, yes, if we were trying to infiltrate a Girth and Mirth drag competition.

I'm actually hoping you might consider

being the host of the pageant, Nelson.


Host the "Mr. Bear America" pageant?

Yes! Score!

Thank you! Yeah!



Yes! Yes!

- Yes! - You really might want to rethink this.

- Score! - He's crazy.


♪Where the bears are We wanna be♪

♪Where the bears are Where the bears are♪

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YouTube Premieres: The Ultimate Guide to More Views ⭐🎬📊 - Duration: 10:54.

(light dance club music)

- This is a screen

that you're going to have to get familiar with.

It's part of YouTube Premieres,

this is everything you need to know about it.

My time is up, so let's do this.

- VidIQ. (upbeat rhythmic music)

- [Woman] vidIQ.

- [Man]

- In a nutshell, YouTube Premiers allows

you to livestream your video on-demand content.

You upload a video, schedule it to publish

at a future time and date,

which then allows your biggest fans to all watch a video

in unison, whilst commenting on it, just like a livestream,

and it allows you, the video creator,

to take part in that conversation.

The difference, of course,

is that it's not a livestream, it's pre-recorded content.

You're just there, engaging with the conversation

as the video goes live, and once the Premiere has finished,

it acts as a normal video on YouTube.

Hello to all of you, watching right now,

and to all of you in the vidIQ community.

My name is Rob.

If this is your first time here

in these glorious YouTube surroundings,

we are indeed the YouTube tool and channel

that aims to help you get more views

in less time by educating you on your YouTube journey.

Our Chrome extension is free to download and a link

is in the description.

Now I understand the irony of this video.

It's all about YouTube Premieres

but it's not a Premiere itself

because YouTube haven't rolled it out to all channels.

Only a select few have it.

Very fortunately one of our good friends, Liron,

does have access to it, so he was our guinea pig to help us

show you how it works.

Let's take a look. (upbeat music)

Currently you can only set up a YouTube Premiere

via a desktop upload but you can watch a YouTube Premiere

through the mobile application.

Obviously, when you upload the video you don't want

to publish it immediately so make sure the upload

is not set to public.

When you add your video and reach the upload page,

if you are eligible, you will see this Premieres section.

Since almost all video creators already have the option

to schedule videos, setting up a Premiere is nothing more

than a toggle.

So if we schedule a video, it looks like this

but if we get Liron to sort of all these bits and pieces

then toggle the Premieres button on and adjust the date,

the publish button now looks like this.

So YouTube Premieres are super simple to set up

for video creators who are eligible

and have access to the tool.

(bell ringing)

But, what about the other side of the spectrum?

How does a YouTube Premiere appear

to the average YouTube viewer?

Let's take a look.

You can search for content that is scheduled to Premiere

but you can't filter by Premiered content.

On YouTube browse pages, it will look very similar

to a scheduled live stream.

You can set a reminder or jump on to the watch page

and it will look something like this.

So as soon as the watch page is available you can post

comments and wait for the Premiere to start.

Liron's looking very serious

with his green hair. (bell ringing)

What else do we need to know?

The first oddity is that when the video

is in a pre-Premiere state, it's hard to watch.

You can't watch it privately on the watch page

and when you try and add cards and end screens

in the classic studio, it just shows a thumbnail,

making it difficult to reference things correctly.

At least that was the case in Liron's experience.

However, if you use the new video editor

in the Creator Studio Beta, you can add

end screens and watch your video.

So bear in mind that in the first few months of Premieres,

the tool may be in a state of flux.

All right then, Liron's just about done editing his video,

the Premiere is almost ready to go live.

Let's find out what happens.

The first thing to note is that the Premiere starts

with a two minute countdown.

So if you schedule a video to go live on the hour,

the two minute countdown starts on the hour.

Just like a live stream, you will see how many people

are watching and most crucially, each of these viewers

has the opportunity to interact with the video content

through live chat, but only during

the Premiere of the video.

Since vidIQ is subscribed to Liron's channel

and you should too, a link is in the description,

a notification appeared on my desktop

bang on time for the Premiere.

So as you will find, just like live streams, it may take

a short period of time before your audience peaks

on the video, which is no doubt why the countdown

is there in the first place.

All right, let's speed this bad boy up

and get to the Premiere itself.

(downbeat techno music)

- We love using our Chrome browser on our computer

and our mobile phone.

And it does certain things really, really right

but there's a bunch of stuff

that it gets really, really wrong.

Today, I'm gonna show you how to fix those wrongs

with these settings.

Let's do this.

(lively music)

The first feature I wanna look at is--

- So, yeah its a pre-recorded video acting like

a YouTube livestream right now.

Some things to know during the Premiere, you can't scrub

the video forwards but you can scrub it back but it doesn't

tell you how long the video is.

If you try and speed up the video,

it may fun fast for a couple of seconds,

before defaulting back to a normal speed

because, essentially, everybody should be watching

exactly the same thing as it's running forward.

All the chat conversation you see is linked to the video,

just like a live stream, so viewers who watch the video

after the Premiere will see this chat

but they can't contribute to it.

They can post comments as normal, however.

And once that Premiere run of the video ends,

if you go back to the watch page it runs just like

a normal video on demand.

Notice, there is no two minute count down now.

Oh, and instead of seeing when the video was published,

you'll see when it was Premiered.

Now in terms of the analytics you don't get any

of the real time data you get from a live stream.

All of the viewers from the Premiere

are automatically transferred

onto regular YouTube analytics.

If you really wanted to look at the analytics

just as the Premiere finishes, you could go

to the Creator Studio app on a mobile device,

go to the video in question,

and then even though it doesn't show any data for views

or watch time, if you tap on the graph and then change

the timeframe to 60 minutes, you should be able

to get an immediate feedback from the Premiere

but it's not precise, I realize.

All right then, so those are the nuts and bolts, the guts,

the everything you need to know part

of YouTube Premieres functionality.

The next question is, should you use it,

if and when you have access to it?

Well, here's what we think are the pros and cons

of YouTube Premieres.

And let's be honest, I don't think a baseball cap

really works on me.

(hat thuds)

Let's carry on. (video beeps)

The biggest benefit would appear to be

promotion before publication.

We can confirm that Premiere videos

that have not yet been published do appear in search

and on channel pages.

So we can only assume that they will appear

in browse features too.

So being able to condition your audience

into knowing exactly when a video is released

and being able to promote it as such,

especially in a community tab,

is very enticing.

But this does lead to the question of how often

should you use a Premiere tool?

Imagine if everybody starts using it

for all of their videos.

The browse features, subscription boxes, channel pages,

they're just gonna be full of content that nobody

can actually watch yet.

So, do you save the Premiere tool for special occasions?

That's something that were gonna have to learn

as video creators as more of us get access to this feature.

On the flip side, being able to engage

directly with your audience, as it's being shown

for the first time, takes engagement to a whole new level.

Imagine being able to talk to Christopher Nolan

as you watched The Dark Knight Rises for the first time

and have him actually respond.

Now that just sounds cool.

However, what if nobody turns up to your Premiere?

That might leave you a little red faced.

Now, Liron has a healthy 8,000 subscribers

on his channel, but less than 10 people turned up

for this Premiere.

There was still some good engagement

but as a video creator you may feel a little disheartened

if less than 0.1% of your audience

is turning up for your content.

Now, there could be many reasons for this.

We asked Liron to do us a favor,

so he quickly punched out a video

and maybe the audience weren't too interested in the topic.

We just needed something that was gonna Premiere

and maybe it was posted at a time

that's not familiar with Liron's audience.

But the other potential worry is that these Premieres

perform like live streams and if you've ever done

a live stream, you will know that a very small fraction

of your audience turns up for that live stream.

Now granted, they could be on there for hours

and you get these watch time bombs in the short term.

But in the long term, live stream videos

tend to perform very poorly on-demand

because they're just not suited

to people watching the replays.

It's all about the interaction there and then.

So, could that early velocity of a video be really impacted

by a poor performance in the Premiere?

Again, that's something all of us

are gonna have to monitor very closely.

On the flip side, for those viewers who do turn up

for your Premiere, you're likely to get

very high watch time from them

because they're your most committed fans.

They want to see your content

before anybody else with the added attraction

of being able to talk to the video creator themselves.

That is very alluring.

(light dance club music)

Yeah, this countdown to your Premiere,

as of time of recording, you can't switch this off

and you can't customize it to fit your own branding.

On the plus side, Premieres are very simple to set up

with one toggle to click and a date to set up.

And when the video is live, people can contribute

to Super Chat, so you can actually earn more money

from that content even though it's not necessarily

a live stream.

But as a final caution to YouTube Premieres,

some content just isn't going to be suited

to that style of release.

Liron's video was a tutorial all about Chrome

and you would imagine that most viewers

would want to pause a video, rewind or skip forward

if they didn't find a tip useful

and Premieres just doesn't allow that.

And it's also a long-term gain video.

People aren't gonna rush to watch this tutorial.

It's gonna be found more in search intent

over a longer period of time as evergreen content.

So again, consider that and how it applies

to your content.

And finally, and perhaps the most exciting news of all,

YouTube themselves have said that Premieres

will be available to all video creators.

However, they are rolling it out

and you know what that means.

And will it actually be available to all video creators?


With all that being said, we're gonna throw this

over to your side of the fence.

Do you have YouTube Premieres?

What has been your experience of it?

If you haven't got it yet, what do you think

you're going to do with it?

And do you think this is a plus

for the whole YouTube ecosystem?

We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Now, this video wasn't sponsored by YouTube,

but I did recently have a chance to go to the Creator Store

in London, where, as you can see, I bought one or two

pieces of memorabilia including socks.

Now that you know everything you need to know

about YouTube Premieres, maybe you want to know more

about YouTube hashtags as well.

We've got an awesome video over here on the subject

and if you want to know more

about general YouTube tips, tricks and news,

we've got a playlist down here.

Enjoy the rest of your video-making day

and we'll see you on the rest of those videos.

Right now, that is a wrap.

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7 Things I Like About Spider-Man PS4 | Features | Backlog Battle - Duration: 6:20.

What's up everyone?

Alex here!

Spider-Man and I have had a lengthy history with video games together.

I remember first playing Spider-Man on the SEGA Genesis and thought how cool it was to

see web swinging realized in video games.

Who would've known that I would eventually get to work on TWO Spider-Man games, one of

which is the subject of another video coming soon (shameless plug)!

With the release of Spider-Man for the PS4, the legacy of Spidey video games continues,

and if you're unsure about getting this game, I want to share with you some of my

favorite things about it!

So here's 7 things that I like about Spider-Man PS4!


Web swinging.

Before this game came out, there was plenty of talk about how the Spider-Man 2 video game

- based on the movie - had some of the best swinging mechanics in the history of Spider-Man


With Spider-Man for PS4, web swinging was refined and simplified to a degree that it

feels great and responsive.

The developers compared the feeling they wanted out of web swinging to riding a roller coaster.

They also made some smart decisions about mobility in many other ways too, such as being

able to catapult yourself from rooftop to rooftop, or even allowing you to easily change

direction with the press of a button.

It's these kinds of smart decisions that make the web swinging and city traversal super



Mary Jane.

Mary Jane has often been the subject of numerous kidnappings and other kinds of victimizations

in Spider-Man video games.

So imagine my surprise that Spider-Man PS4 actually portrays Mary Jane in a completely

different light.

In this universe, Mary Jane works as an investigative journalist at the Daily Bugle, and she actually

manages to assist Spider-Man in multiple ways.

Mary Jane and Peter Parker have a complicated relationship in the game as well, and by the

time we see her, all we know is that things didn't work quite well between the both

of them.

Independent, strong-willed, and very persistent, her portrayal in this game is my favorite

iteration of the character across all of the Spider-Man media.


Otto Octavius.

I've always been partial to the portrayal of a gentle, pre-villainous Doc Ock since

Alfred Molina played the role in Spider-Man 2 the movie.

Spider-Man PS4 has a similar treatment of Otto Octavius, portraying him as a kind, well

meaning soul whose business partner is out to take advantage of his numerous blind spots,

over time increasing his frustration and aggravation towards them.

You know he's going to turn into Doctor Octopus at any moment, but seeing his slow

descent into villainy is heart wrenching and painful, and I'll always wish there was

something more I could do to prevent this from happening.


The combat and progression system.

The first time I played Spider-Man PS4, I died a lot.

The reason why this kept happening is probably because it was ingrained in me that the game

played very similarly to the Batman Arkham series of games, thanks to numerous media

insisting that the two were more than just similar.

While the game borrows very much from said series, Spider-Man PS4's combat is much

more mobile and kinetic than the former, allowing you to deliver swing kicks, juggle people

in the air, or pull yourself towards enemies that might be too far.

Add to that a progression system that ties itself with many of the city's collectibles

and activities and you've always got something to look forward to try out!

It's Spider-Man combat fully realized, and Insomniac did a wonderful job of making sure

that you're always making Spider-Man feel powerful the more you play the game.


The Collectibles.

It's been proven time and time again that you can design collectibles in such a way

that it's overwhelming…

Assassin's Creed 2's 200 feathers come to mind.

With Spider-Man PS4, the collectibles are numerous - perhaps even eclipsing what Assassin's

Creed 2 has - but collecting them is more than just rudimentary "collecting things"

for "collecting things' sake."

Rather, each collectible is its own unique activity, and the collectibles for each aren't

so numerous that they overstay their welcome.

It also helps that seeking these collectibles help you with the game's upgrade system,

providing you with the necessary points to get better equipment.

There's also some collectibles that give you some interesting context about the universe

the game is set in, like Spider-Man's backpacks that are scattered throughout the city.

Thanks for making collectibles fun again, Insomniac!


The story mission design.

Much of the earlier story missions in Spider-Man PS4 do a great job of ensuring you learn the

ropes… or webs… first before throwing you into more complex situations, and thank

goodness it does!

After the first hour of the game, the missions you obtain progressively increase in difficulty,

ensuring you have mastery of the gameplay by combining several mission types together.

Either way you slice it, the blend of action the story missions give you always seems fresh

somehow, and I'm always looking forward to the next one just around the corner!


The city.

Say what you will about the crime rate in Spider-Man PS4's Manhattan, but there is

no doubt that the people living in it love it.

In fact, I've come to love it too in a different way.

While traversing through the city, web swinging from one end of Manhattan to another, collecting

each collectible and stopping crime from alley to alley, the city started feeling alive for

me somehow.

Maybe it's the building windows that look like there's actually rooms, offices, and

apartments in them, or maybe it's just how beautiful the game looks at night, but Spider-Man

PS4's city is vibrant with so many things to do that it's one of those virtual places

that I'd love to visit every so often.

And with the announcement of a New Game+ patch coming, it's yet another excuse to revisit

Spider-Man PS4's Manhattan!

Spider-Man PS4's a great game, and I encourage anyone who's got the money or time to pick

it up!

It's well worth playing!

For the people who are playing the game though, I'd like to hear what your 7 Things would

look like!

Post your reply on the comments below!

Also, if you enjoyed this video, consider Subscribing to the Channel, then hit that

bell icon to be notified of my latest videos!

Lastly, follow me on Twitter @mybacklogbattle for updates on upcoming videos, or if you

just want to chat about video games!

Thank you very much for watching, and have a wonderful gaming week!

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Vårgärdesgatan House Built in 2018 With Consistently Tasteful Paintings And Lavish Materials

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Federal Judge Rules Against Trump on Sanctuary Cities - Duration: 3:32.

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Kinigonde - I Want You 💔 - Duration: 3:21.

Kinigonde - I Want You 💔

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How to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode - Duration: 5:56.

Do you need a quick and easy way to put your website in maintenance mode? Well

keep watching, in this video I'll walk you through how you can do that today!

Having your site in maintenance mode is an easy way to make changes to your

website without your audience seeing

your changes in action and to do that let's first head over to our WordPress

dashboard. We'll be installing a plugin so from the dashboard you want to go to

your Plugins area, we'll click Add New, in the search section we're looking for

'WP Maintenance Mode' this is the one we want

to install so let's go ahead and click install now.

Once it's done installing you'll want to

make sure you also click activate to activate the plugin on the website and

once it's activated let's head over to our Settings area, WP Maintenance Mode to

set it up. Now by default even though it's installed and activated the actual

status of it is deactivated so in order to put it into activation mode you want

to make sure that you click activate here and you want to make sure that if

you want search engines to still find your site then you'll want to say yes to

bypass for search bots. That's so your website will still be

seen by search engines and that's actually a really good thing for SEO. Now

everything else here is fine for what we need so let's just scroll down and we'll

click Save Changes. The other great thing about maintenance mode is as an

administrator you'll still have full access to your website. Now that you

activate it you also want to design the splash page for users. So I'll come over

here and click design and this is what it will show by default but you can

change this to whatever you want and you can select a color you can also choose a

background if you want. I'll just pick

that. See there's some other predefined ones that you can choose, we'll click

save settings. Now if your site is just starting and you want to also do a

countdown timer to when it's launching or also get a signup, email signups,

for it then you can also go to modules to set that up

and you can set up the countdown timer of when do you want it to start, how you

want it to show the remaining time, if you do want to show the subscribe page

for it, and then if you want people to interact with you on different social

network platforms and you can add your handles here. Finally if you want to

integrate this with Google Analytics so

you can see everything while it's in maintenance mode and you'll be able to

see how many have come to your site let's go ahead and click Save Settings.

The manage bot area is if you want to

install a live chat system while it's in maintenance mode and you can do that

here and then finally here's a way to allow for the GDPR compliant if you are

collecting email addresses or subscribers then you'll want to set that

up as well and now if a visitor goes to your site while you're in maintenance

mode this is what they'll see. The second method we'll use is also by using a

plugin this is called the 'SeedProd' plugin and it is a premium plugin with beautiful

designs that you can add for the maintenance mode or for the coming soon

page. So just head over to SeedProd to get the plugin. Once you purchase and

download the plugin we'll head over to our WordPress dashboard. We'll go to

Plugins area, Add New and this time instead of searching for a plugin we'll

come up here to the upload plugin area and you'll need to find out where the

plugin was downloaded on your computer you can either choose file or you can

drag and drop the file like this. Now you can click install now and with other

plugins once you click install you'll also want to activate the plugin.

Make sure you add your license key, you can

find that from your dashboard area in the SeedProd dashboard and now we're

ready to set this up. You can either click on the go to settings page here or

you can go under Settings, Coming Soon Pro to set this up. So from here you just

want to decide are you doing a coming soon page so are you doing a brand new

website that just needs a kind of a coming soon page on the front

while you work on the website then you'll want to click that. You can also

choose to enable maintenance mode and that simply if you are working on your

website and you can also redirect the networks well if you're shutting down an

old website and you're redirecting all that traffic and all of those posts to a

new website you can do that here. So for us let's do the enable coming soon mode

and from here we can click on the Edit

the maintenance page and here all the themes that you can choose from you can

either do something from a launching feature with the countdown and like I

said they're beautiful themes to choose from. I'm gonna choose this one and you

can customize it from here. On the left there are all these areas that you can

customize so under content if you have a logo you

can add that here in here you can change what's showing here, you can make

changes here as you want, down here you can also incorporate your email

marketing service if you have one. From here you simply choose that from the

drop-down and configure it here so there are several things that you can

do and once you're done with everything simply click Save and now we can

see what the website looks like with this. Did you learn something from

today's video? If so subscribe to our YouTube channel and we'll send more

helpful tips to help you manage your WordPress website and thanks for watching

For more infomation >> How to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode - Duration: 5:56.


Angry Birds 2 Walkthrough Tower of Fortune - Next Super Jackpot Floor: 60 Gameplay #19 - Duration: 5:42.

Angry Birds 2 Walkthrough Tower of Fortune - Next Super Jackpot Floor: 60 Gameplay #19

Angry Birds 2 Walkthrough Tower of Fortune - Next Super Jackpot Floor: 60 Gameplay #19

Angry Birds 2 Walkthrough Tower of Fortune - Next Super Jackpot Floor: 60 Gameplay #19

Angry Birds 2 Walkthrough Tower of Fortune - Next Super Jackpot Floor: 60 Gameplay #19

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