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Hey! guys how's it going?, welcome to another video here on the channel, I'm Ryuki.

Today I'm bringing to you guys... exactly what you see in the title of this video.

All digimons on DMO were rebalanced.

Now you guys are seeing it, literally the god of DMO.

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So let's get started!

Ryuki what do you mean by all digimons were rebalanced?

Yeah, ALL!! digimons on the game were rebalanced.

What does that mean?

Ok let me start saying the obvious part.

So the first thing they did was that they changed the status of all digimons on the game.

So they changed everything and now the digimons have different status.

Now the game meta has changed.

Ryuki what is the meta?

Guys the meta is basically what is the most efficient way to do stuff on the game currently.

What do I mean by that?

Let's suppose that the game meta was to do KDG using Impmon on GDMO for example.

Now this isn't the meta anymore, Impmon will not be used very often as before.

Because now there are virus jogress and BMs stronger than Impmon.

So here's the thing, now I'm here with the new god of the digiworld, what do I mean by that?

Besides the fact that he's the "god" of everything.

He's the strongest digimon that you can obtain easily.

What do I mean by that?

'Cause actually the strongest digimon on the game which is a SSS digimon

It's our dear Alphamon Ouryuken X, if you haven't seen his status, click on the link in the description.

When they released these new status on GDMO I'll show you guys the new Alphamon Ouryuken's status relax!

He's the only digimon who is SSS.

Ryuki what does tha mean?

Well guys as you can see right here, now when you open the DE tab of your digimon you'll see a rank showing right here.

This one is a SS+ digimon if I'm not mistaken there are only 2 digimons like that.

This one and Susanoomon.

Yes!, Susanoomon is the third strongest digimon on the game.

So the only SSS digimon is Alphamon Ouryuken X.

Ok so let me show you guys the Fanglongmon's status.

Now he has fuckin' 4298 BASE attack.


Dude imagine how would it be if this digimon was cloned right now, dude oh my God!

Guys ALL! digimons on the game were rebalanced not just Fanglongmon.

Now what you guys are seeing on the screen is the the top 5 strongest digimons on the game.

In the 1° place is Alphamon Ouryuken X.

In the 2° place is Fanglongmon.

In the 3° place is Susanoomon.

Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode), yeah the new jogress, it wasn't even released on GDMO yet.

It's the 4° strongest jogress on the game.

In the 5° place is MoonMillenniumon.

Yeah, that's right, MoonMillenniumon is 5° strongest jogress on the game.

Yes!, this list I'm showing you guys right now, it was made by gameking.

They said these are the strongest digimons in the game, they made the currently game meta.

They never said that Impmon was the "strongest" digimon in the game.

Although in theory he was the strongest because of his AS (Attack speed).

Well guys when you take a look on the list you'll see the stats and classes.

When I say classes I'm mean S, SS, SS+ and so on.

Dexmon and Lucemon are the only BMs that have a SS rank.

So they have status and skills like jogress.

Yes! finally Satan mode has something worththile, it was time.

And also Satan mode and Dexmon they'll have stronger skills and the cooldowns will be very low.

Maybe that makes them stronger than the virus jogress.

Which means.. I'll have to make a video comparing them when they released it on GDMO.

'Cause I have them there, so I'll make a video about it and we'll see Which one is the best.

So guys here on KDMO they added 20% HP or so on the raids.

And they also did that to digimons.

Why?, well some digimons now are very OP they had to do that to balance their strenght.

They also added more HT and EV in all digimons.

HT means that it's going to hit you more and EV means you're going to hit it less.

So what does that mean?

So they increased the status and they increased the status of enemy digimons and raids too.

So they're stronger.

Well now all digimons have base HT as you can see Fanglongmon's HT is 427.

Before that, few digimons had base HT for example Silphymon jogress.

He had 300 base HT.

Now it's recommended more than 3000 HT if you want to have a good hit rate.

And also it's recommended 200% or so EV to dodge hits when you're being attacked by a raid or enemy digimons.

So guys as I said before they added base HT Besides that they changed all the other stats.

But they didn't changed the AS (Attack speed) they didn't changed the AS of any digimon.

But all the other stats were modified.

Now some digimons got BL dude.

And also the skills level, this one right here.

Now It goes to 1/10 before it was just 1/8.

Now jogress can level up skills.

Yes! now you're able to level up skills with jogress.

So if your jogress Level 99, you should kill some digimons to level up your skills.

Guys one of my last videos was about Digimon Labirynth.

There you can obtain special buffs .

You add up with a DG buff, I mean the holy beasts ones.

and also you add up with buffs you bought.

So you can add up these buffs and the Digimon Labiryinth one is really good.

Now digimons have more damage because of these buffs.

Now guys when your digimon gets full 15 or 130%.

A message will show up for everyone in the server.

Dude that's really cool.

Let me show you guys the fanglongmon's F2 he's at 121%, he's 4/5.

He's level 58, so this is his F2 right now.

Now Let me show you guys my Susanoomon's skills, for those who are interested.

Guys if wanna see the status of my digimons that I have here.

I'm not gonna show them now 'cause it would be a lot too much work for the editor.

For those who wanna know my digimons status now, go on my facebook page it's first link in the description.

The last post it's all about this.

I posted there all the prints showing all digimons and their new status.

You can take look and compare with your digimons on GDMO and see the difference.

So now I'm here with Susanoomon a SS+ digimon

So this is his attack, he's at 125% perfect clone 15.

This is his attack without any buffs.

His F2 is 22680 however I didn't level up this skill, now you can level up the skill.

Let me level up these one right here.

I level up to 10, now his F2 is 26195.

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They are going to modify the enemy digimon's EV due to the high amount of players complaining about it.

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Creamy Tomato Orzo with Spinach ~ Quick & Easy Pantry Side Dish ~ Noreen's Kitchen - Duration: 6:39.

Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen today. I've got a delicious side dish for you

This is a creamy tomato orzo with some spinach thrown in it really is easy and quick to make and it uses shelf

Staples out of your pantry. Let's go see how this all comes together

Okay, today we're gonna be making a creamy tomato orzo with spinach this makes a great side

Dish we serve it alongside just about any kind of grilled or pan-seared protein tonight

We're having it with some rib eye steaks along with some roasted asparagus

And this is super easy to make so we're gonna start off with I have 3 cups of water

I have 2 cups of orzo pasta. I have a jar of prepared pasta sauce

Molly opened went up for her lunch the other day and didn't eat the whole thing

So this is a great opportunity for me to make this dish I may or may not use all of it

But we're gonna use the majority of it. I'm gonna throw in fresh baby spinach

This is a quart jar. But I guarantee you that that spinach is gonna cook down into next to nothing

It's just gonna add a little extra nutrition to your side dish and really you're not even really gonna know it's there

We're gonna flavor this up with some fresh garlic about two cloves

Approximately a quarter of a cup of freshly grated parmigiano-reggiano

Four tablespoons of butter you can back off on that if you choose but the butter really is where the flavor is coming from

I have a teaspoon each of onion powder and garlic powder and a teaspoon of dried basil a

teaspoon of dried Italian seasoning and a half a teaspoon of cracked black pepper and kosher salt

You want to bring your water to a boil and then you're gonna add your orzo. Give it a good stir

And I want you to add a tablespoon of butter at this point, it's gonna add the like instead of adding oil in here

So it will prevent it from sticking together. So that's a little piece of or it's a little piece of Warsaw that got toasted

That's all

That way I will prevent everything from sticking together

you're gonna want to cook this over a medium-high heat until the orzo absorbs the water and it

represents rice and is

Al dente which means to the tooth is a little bit chewy, then we'll move on with the rest of the recipe

Which is super easy. Our orzo is just about finished and I'm gonna go ahead and start adding all the remaining ingredients

So here goes on the rest of the butter

Give that a good stir and get it in there

You want to make sure that you get that stirred in and melted because you're gonna add cold sauce in here

and you don't want the butter to

Not already be melted. I'm leaving it over medium-high heat there goes our garlic and our sauce

I'm gonna add about now. I'm gonna go ahead and all at all of it because

My orzo has absorbed all of the water

And we want this to be a creamy

Saucy side dish and it's going continue to absorb this delicious tomato sauce

So use whatever is your favorite if you use homemade add some of that if you like you can just use

14 ounce or 15 ounce can of prepared tomato sauce that will work as well

You can see how it's not too liquidy and that's exactly how you want it

I'm gonna add all of our seasonings and our parmesan

Give this a good stir

One thing about wars o is it needs to be babysat?

You can't just walk away from it

Especially if you're cooking it in the method that I'm sharing today like rice because it will stick to the bottom if you're not careful

You can always boil this in a pot of water like regular pasta and drain it but it's not going to have the same creamy

Consistency, it's just going to be separate like pasta, but you see how when I draw my spoon through it. It doesn't

immediately fill up that

Trench it's just starting to absorb all of those flavors and all that sauce

And now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add the spinach in here

And just stir it in and that spinach is gonna wilt right on in there and it's gonna be fantastic

I'm just have a nice flavor and another level of nutrition to the dish. It smells incredible

There you go. That's how quick and easy this creamy tomato

orzo with spinach is to make

now I'm just gonna pop a lid on this until all the rest of my meal is done and then we'll come back and I'll

Show you what this looks like. I am gonna let this rest for about ten minutes

Anyway, just to let that spinach wilt even further. I'll be back and I'll show you what this looks like there

You have it our creamy tomato. Orzo with spinach is done and ready to serve

Like I said earlier, we're gonna be having this as a side dish to a steak dinner

Which is a really lovely option in place of a baked potato or whatever else you like to serve with a steak

This is so delicious. It's creamy

It's light and adding that spinach in there really helps to pack a nutritional punch and it is extra flavorful

like I said using your favorite pasta sauce is a really great way to

skip a step and make this super easy and I know works ready to taste it you have to

It's creamy and it's buttery and it's just the right amount of tomato sauce, you know, there's no cream in it

Oh, it's so good

only a little bit of butter and adding that little bit of Parmesan cheese is

What really binds this all together makes it super anxious and delicious?

That's how you make creamy tomato orzo with spinach and I know you're gonna love it

I hope you liked today's video

And if you did, please consider giving me a thumbs up and if you're new to my kitchen welcome

I hope you enjoyed what you saw today. Please consider hitting that subscribe button

And if you are I try to ensure member of the Noreen's kitchen family. Be sure and go down and hit the bell

Notification button because we don't want any of you to miss out on all the real food for real people

Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen

I hope you give this creamy tomato orzo with spinach a try sometime soon, and I hope you love it

Until next time I'll see ya

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How and When to REMOVE Haworthia PUPS || Succulents for beginners - Duration: 4:38.

In this video I'm going to show you how and when to remove Haworthia pups

choose pups that are an inch or bigger to get higher survival rate

this is a decent sized pup which is more than an inch so I'll take this

when pulling the pups out make sure they have roots attached

I'll take these three pups as they are big enough

this big pup too

I will not take this small pup, it might not survive.

So I'll let it grow a little more

before taking it out

so we got five pups and let's pot them

use a fast draining soil

keep it in bright indoor or indirect sunlight for two weeks until their roots

settle in and grow bigger and don't water just yet

wait for 2 - 5 days before watering them to avoid rot

let's repot the mother plant back

please subscribe, share, like and comment

happy succulent gardening

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Hey guys

I decided to record this video to talk a little bit about savings

After posting on my instagram that I save

more than 50% of my monthly income and many people texted me back

total of 2 people lol

so I've decided to record this video for you guys that

have amazing opportunities and don't take advantage of that

so I am talking about simple stuff

that we can change daily

so we can save money

and accomplish whatever we want

usually I post short video about my trips

and many people ask me how I travel so much

when I have a ordinary job

So this is my experience and I am talking about things that worked for me

Not every thing is going to be applied on your life

because we have different lives but this is not a barrier

I am sure you have your own techniques that can work much better

So let's go: first of all, I don't live alone

I live with my grandma, so this is a huge saving

Being at home means you

don't have to split every bill

I've lived alone and I know how it is

I know how hard this is, specially in Brazil

I understand that many people want their freedom

but it comes with a huge responsibility

I've lived alone and I had to pay for utilities, cellphone,

internet, amenities, housing

Besides my car, gasoline and so many more

Living with our parents means we don't have to do it

It is amazing to help them with bills

But I know that not everyone pays for everything

when they live with someone

I live with my grandma so I only pay some of the bills

for example the internet bill. So what I mean is since I don't have to pay for everything

I can save this amount of money

for my future or whatever I want to do now

This is a great opportunity to save money until you don't have your own house

The second thing I do

is not wasting money

Some years ago I watched a documentary called

Minimalism or Minimalists I don't know

And this documentary claims we should not have

things that we don't need

So I got some ideas of it to apply on my life

But of course it is impossible to use 100% of it

One of the things was about clothing

I usually wear blach, white or gray

Neutral colors that no one realizes you are always wearing

It is not usual for me to wear colorful clothes

because this gets more attention and I can't wear all the time

Also, I barely go clothe shopping

I spend money only on things that are extremely necessary for me

and this is a great way to save money.

Of course, if I need something different.. I am going to buy it

so I get it, no problem. But this doesn't happen every month

I have friends that spend lots of money at the mall

but if they are happy doing it

if they they are accomplishing their dreams.. great

The most important thing is tho be happy on what we choose

I got a little shy now

there are some people coming close to the car

I am gonna pretend nothing is happening

The third thing I do

I prioritize my goals

It is extremely necessary to have a goal

On everything we need a goal

When we need to apply for a university

we need to study and focus on it. If I want to buy a house, I need to save money

to get a house. If I want to travel I need search for tickets

and of course, save money

And even to lose weight or get some weight

Every thing is possible, we just need to focus on it

And follow what we believe

I love traveling and this is always my goal

I have a list of places I want to visit

That doesn't mean I am going there this year

There is no need to get desperate

One day I will go

But this is my goal

I see that many people don't even have goals on their lives

I've asked some friends and they never thought about it

They don't have dreams

or goals

If we have to live like this or think like this

only surviving each day

Guys, why do you save money?

Why do you do it if you don't know how to spend it

And finally, this is the last thing I want to talk

You need to plan and organize your finances

I have a worksheet on Excel and this is the reason why I am here talking about it

There are many apps available that you can use to organize your money

There are many ways to do it

Even some credit card cards apps

depending on which one you have, it breaks into

categories what you are spending monthly

It is nice to know where you are spending

so you know where you can save!

For those who don't know how to create an Excel sheet, I've created a simple one

and shared with you under my video. Check it out!

I organized it according to the category so you can write how much you are spending

on restaurants, grocery shopping, clothes

gas, utilities, phone bill, internet

and so on.

You can edit you salary

The sheet is already programmed

So you add your salary and your expenses

and it shows to you how much you are spending

or wasting in each of the categories.

I've heard many people saying that they don't know where

For more infomation >> COMO ECONOMIZAR MAIS DE 50% DURANTE ESSA CRISE LASCADA - Duration: 6:15.


Lịch Thi Đấu Bóng Đá Hôm Nay 09/10 - Rạng Sáng Mai 10/10/2018 - Duration: 1:12.

For more infomation >> Lịch Thi Đấu Bóng Đá Hôm Nay 09/10 - Rạng Sáng Mai 10/10/2018 - Duration: 1:12.


How To Puppy Potty Train In 5 Easy Steps - Duration: 2:10.

Hi, Mirko here from Healthy Pet Systems.

Today I will teach you how to puppy potty train.

So let's dive in.

Potty training your dog can be the most challenging part of being an owner or trainer.

Step number one, teach dog the basics (needs, potty zone).

Determine the area where the dog is allowed to urinate or defecate indoors (if you allow it) and outdoors.

Observe the pet to see if it's in an emergency and where it usually goes to urinate or defecate.

Step number two, keep an eye on your pet.

Put the pet in a place where you can see it all the time.

If you see that the dog starts circling, rubbing, sniffing or barking it is a sign

that your dog needs to urinate or defecate.

Immediately take it to the designated area.

Step number three, command and praise.

Every time you take a dog to the designated area, use the command ie "outside".

Reward the dog when it urinates or defecates at the right place.

Step number four, set a routine or schedule.

Consistency is the most important factor in dog potty training.

For walking the dog out, set the schedule compatible with your obligations and preferences

and then stick to it consistently.

Step number five, epeat.

If you are consistent and repeat the process regularly then the dog will learn quickly.

To find out more, I created a great guide about the dog training.

In it, you will find 5 easiest dogs to train, how to train a dog not to bite, how to potty train a dog, how to

train a dog to walk on a leash, how to train a dog to come, and how to become a dog trainer.

The link is down below in a description.

If you like this video, hit the subscribe button to receive more like it in the future.

And remember let's keep our pets healthy!


For more infomation >> How To Puppy Potty Train In 5 Easy Steps - Duration: 2:10.


Keeping the weight after fat transfer procedures Dr Hourglass - Duration: 4:56.

Hi, this is Dr. Hourglass, and welcome to another video in our channel Bootyman.

Today we are going to discuss: Keeping the weight after fat transfer procedure.

In this channel, we will discuss everything you need to know about buttock enhancement procedures.

Welcome back!

Fat transfer to the butt is a popular and effective plastic surgery procedure to enhance the booty.

More popularly known as the Brazilian butt lift, fat transfer surgery involves extraction of the excess fat

from different areas of the body and careful grafting of the fat in the buttocks.

One of the common questions I get to hear from prospective fat transfer candidates is

how weight loss would affect the results of the fat transfer procedure.

Well, this question is very important.

You must be sure to discuss it with the plastic surgeon during the consultation session.

After the fat is grafted into the buttocks, your body will vascularize the fat cells within 2-3 weeks.

Vascularization means your body establishes blood circulation to the fat.

After the blood starts to flow to the fat grafts, the outcomes of the intervention would gradually evolve

and your butt would appear aesthetically appealing.

However, after vascularization, the fat in your butt would behave in the same way

as the fat in other areas of your body.

This means weight changes would affect the fat in your butt in the same way

as it does the fat in other areas of the body.

If you lose weight, your butt will shrink.

On the other hand, if you gain weight, your butt would further increase in size.

This is the reason why plastic surgeons always advise patients to keep their weight stable

after fat transfer to the butt.

You must stick to a balanced diet in order to maintain a stable weight after the intervention.

If you lose weight, the achieved aesthetic improvements would disappear.

Your butt would become flatter, smaller, or poorly contoured again.

Though weight gain would increase your butt size, there is no guarantee the shape and

size of the butt after weight gain would be satisfactory.

You should follow the plastic surgeon's instructions, eat healthy foods, and do physical activities

to retain the results achieved via fat transfer.

As long as your weight is stable after the surgery, the results will remain with you

and you may not necessarily need touch-up fat injections in the future.

If weight loss has already affected the results of the fat transfer procedure,

you may consider putting on some weight.

If that fails to help, you may need additional fat injections in your butt.

In this video we discuss: Keeping the weight after fat transfer procedure.

Next week, will discuss: The new natural buttock implants.

Remember to comment below, share this video, like this video, and subscribe to our channel

for more information, here at the Bootyman channel, only on YouTube.

Also log in to our website

for more information about your procedure and to see amazing surgical results.

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