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Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in again. What I have here today is a Google

Home Mini, and what we're going to do is get this fully set up and ready for you

to use in your home. So let's get going.

I've already opened up the Google Home Mini here, it's just this simple,

here's the box, and once you get that opened you have a Google Home Mini

itself, you can see this is the charcoal version, there is a power connector on

the back, and there is also a mute mic switch here on the back. There's also

some physical controls, which I'll show you in a bit.

The second thing here that you get is a power adapter, it's a mini USB and

obviously that's going to connect into the back of the Google Home Mini, and the

third thing you're getting is just simply put, a manual of sorts. Now we

don't need this because you're watching this video here, so let's get going with

the setup process. Alright now, there are a couple of things you're going to

need in your home before you can set up a Google Home Mini or a Google Home if

you have one. So the first thing is Wi-Fi in your home. So obviously you need to be

connected to the Internet and your Wi-Fi signal has to be broadcast such that

this device can pick it up. The other thing you're going to need is a smart

phone of some sort. Now I have an iPhone but ultimately you could have an iPhone

or an Android device. Getting into this, I've already plugged in my power

adaptor actually below me, and we're just going to go ahead and connect in to the

Google Home Mini, and what you're about to see is some lights start to light up

here, and a short process that it goes through. So you could see those lights

starting to go, and when you get to four lights that are fully on and you get an

audible sound here from the Google Home Mini, you're ready to set it up on the

iPhone or Android Google Home application.

"Welcome to Google Home. To get started, download the Google Home app on a phone

or tablet." So there you go, they're already telling you you're going to need

the Google Home application. Now as I said before there's a couple of physical

things that you can do on this device, so right here that's the volume up on the

speaker, and on this side that's the volume down, so those are two buttons for

control, and then there is this mic switch on the back, and mic is muted.

You can mute "The mic's back on." and bring it back on just that easily.

We're going to get into the set up process here. I'm going to go into

the Google Home application and there are a couple of things you're going to

need there, so you will need a Google Account. You can sign up in this

application for a new Google Account if you don't already have one, but I'm not

going to do that today, just suffice it to say that there should be a Google

account up at the top left of this by the time you're done. What I will do is

leave a link down below for where you can go and sign up for a Google Account

if you don't already have one. Again it would just be a matter of putting in the

credentials that you create through that Google Account into the Google Home

application as you go through the setup process for the very first time. Now as I

said, I have that in here and so what's shown up is that a device is found. It'

ready to set up, so I'm going to tap that card, and it's starting the connection

process already. You can actually see that the lights on the Google Home Mini

have gone blue here, and that we're starting this connection process. So it's

quickly asking me did I hear the sound? Yes I did obviously. Do I want to help

improve Google Home Mini? This a pretty standard thing that companies now ask

you whether or not you want to help them improve by sending reports to them when

there's issues. So I'm going to say no thanks, I don't want to do that. Now what

you're doing is you're choosing where the device is. This

can change over time. You're able to change the room that this device is set

up in, and for now I'm going to choose my living room, so I've chosen next, and now

the next step in the process is to set up my Wi-Fi network. So I'm going to go

ahead and I'm going to tap on the Wi-Fi network here, tap next, and it's asking

for the Wi-Fi password. Now clearly I'm not going to show you my Wi-Fi password,

but I am going to type it in here, and once I've done that, I can also choose to

use this Wi-Fi network in the future. So Google will save the credentials, some

people might like that, some people don't, so I'm going to hit done and connect, and

you can see it's now changed from the blue lights back to white, and it's going

through a connection process here on the Google Home application. So now we have a connected

device here and your Google Home Mini is starting to show some different lights

there. You can see it running through and the Google Assistant, basically they want

to tell you some things, so there is some privacy discussion here on this page,

you'll want to understand how guests can use this device in your home, so there

are capabilities here that you'll have to be aware of, and then there's also

partners where they share data. This is kind of a standard thing for really using

anything Google related. So now that I've gone ahead and I've accepted or

understood some of those things that Google was telling me about, I do have to

go through a little bit more related to the Google Assistant itself. So you can

see that there are a couple of settings here. Do I want to give some device

information, so store information about my contacts, the calendars, that really

works much better with an Android device than it does with an iPhone in terms of

the calendars, but it does still work in terms of contacts here with an iPhone, so

keep that in mind, there's music, other data in your device, and basically the

voice and audio activity. So this is Google actually recording what you're

doing with the Google Mini. They actually do record what

you say on their servers, you could say no thanks at this point and it would not

store that information, but what it does is Google over time does learn your

requests, your voice, what you do with the device, and it helps to give you better

results over time. So for myself I'm going to go ahead and turn that on. I

don't mind that and you can clear that. We have videos like that on the channel.

Now here we are at the voice match portion of the setup. What this is doing

is you're basically teaching your Hoogle Home Mini how to use your voice, so you

can see it's asking me to say. "ok Google".

It's just running through a voice match setup process. What it's

actually doing is taking my voice from here and putting it on the Google Home

Mini, kind of teaching the Google Assistant in the cloud as well what my

voice sounds like when using those words. So now we have the ability to get

personal results with my voice. So personal results it gives you a lot of

opportunity to things like your calendars again, your contacts, those

kinds of things that are specific to you as a person. So I'm going to go ahead and

turn that on as well, I would suggest for most people, go ahead and do that now

right out of the box. There are two voices that you can choose from, you can

pick from the samples, but in the end you will actually get a choice from eight

different voices, when you're using the English language here. So I'm going to go

ahead, tap next, and now I've got to enter in my address. This is for the maps and

navigation portion of the Google Home Mini. Now we're on to something that I

think a lot of people are going to care about. There is Google Play Music, YouTube

Music, Spotify and Deezer. These are all base services that you can use on the

Google Home Mini, if you have any of these accounts, you can go ahead and sign

in now. You can see that Google Play Music has already been added,

that's associated with your Google account that you started with at the

start of this process in the Google Home application. So if you have a Google Play

Music subscription, or now a YouTube Music subscription, which can also be

YouTube red in the US, if you have that, use that account to set up your Google

Home Mini. Now I'm not going to go ahead and add any other services here, but you

would just simply click the plus there and go ahead and put in your credentials

to that other music service. Now if you also have Chromecast devices in your

home, they're going to show up here, if they're already set up you can simply

tap a checkmark to set it up as a cast device associated with this Google Home

Mini. If you don't have those in your home you can add them later, don't worry

about it, but we're just gonna go ahead and tap next again. Google wants to know

if you want to go ahead and sign up for any of their surveys. I'm going to go

ahead and tap no thanks, and now we're almost done here. So we're kind of in a

review portion. If I want to add a caller ID, so when you make phone calls with

your Google Home Mini, what you can do, if you want to use your own number I'll

show you how to set that up. I'm going to add a phone number here, and you do have

to choose your country, so I'm in Canada, I'm going to go ahead tap on that, and

then type in my phone number here. So I've gone ahead and done that, and I've

tapped verify now. What Google always does is basically that second step of

verification. Did I get a code, yes I did.

Now I've gone ahead, typed that in, and right away

Google has verified my number, so that will be my caller ID now as I make phone

calls on my Google Home Mini. So now I just go ahead and tap back, and again if

I'd like, I can link more music services, I can change all these other components

to the setup if I'd like, or I can just simply hit next, and we're into

installing an update now. So this will bring me up to the latest version, and

this is the only time with a Google Home, a Google Home Mini, or a Google Home

Max that you will have to sit and witness an installation of an update.

Otherwise what happens is your Google Home mini will install updates in the

background, you won't even know they've occurred in a lot of cases, and you can

check on the device settings when those are installed if you'd like, or you can

look at what's called the cast firmware version. Okay, so now the update has been

installed and they're going to go ahead and take me to

learn a few things you can do. Continue in the Google Home app. All

right, so we're all done the setup process, they're going to take me through

a little bit of what you can do with your Google Home Mini, that's not the

point of this but what I can tell you right now is this Google Home Mini is

ready to answer questions for you, it's ready to make phone calls, you can go

ahead and get that started, you can obviously start music and if you had a

Chromecast in your home already you can cast to that device or ask it to play

content on that device. So you already have a great deal of capability. On the

channel are all kinds of usage videos in terms of setting up home control,

obviously making those phone calls, how to do that specifically, connecting to

bluetooth with a phone or a tablet, or another device, using a lot of other

devices and functionality that the Google Home

is capable of. So I'm going to leave it there, but thanks for watching everyone,

we'll see you next time.

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Mike Pence's Staged NFL Walkout Stunt Cost Taxpayers $325,000 - Duration: 3:09.

It's been one year since Mike Pence decided he wanted to take in an NFL football game

and go see the Indianapolis Colts play at home, and he specifically went to that game

because he wanted to see them retire Peyton Manning's jersey during half-time.

Well, as most of us remember, Mike Pence left immediately after the national anthem because

there were players kneeling and he just wasn't going to tolerate that level of disrespect

and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Well, that little stunt, according to the latest numbers, cost American taxpayers $325,000.

To make matters worse, based on all of the available evidence, it's very likely that

this entire stunt was completely staged by the White House.

If you'll recall, this was pretty much during the heat of the Donald Trump attacking the

NFL and NFL players at every given opportunity.

Fox News was hammering on it every single day.

Mike Pence wanted in on the action.

They wanted to have him make a stand by walking out.

This entire stunt was staged by the White House and it cost us, the American taxpayers,


Now, the reason, and The LA Times points this out in the new report, you could find the

link in the description of this video, the reason they say that this event was likely

staged was because the receipts and all the documents related to the trip were too hastily

put together and too close to the date of the actual game that it had to have been a

last minute publicity stunt, a last minute idea, by this administration to have Pence

go to this game in Indianapolis.

They knew it was going to be a highly watched game because they were retiring Peyton Manning's


Mike Pence is the former governor of Indiana.

It made sense for him to go to the Colts game.

Everything aligned perfectly for them and that's why they chose this game.

Donald Trump even after Pence walked out of the game, he tweeted out the following.

He said, "I asked @VP Pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled, disrespecting our


I am proud of him and @SecondLady Karen."

Trump admitted in a tweet after the game that they had already talked about this and that

if there's anybody kneeling, you got to walk out of that game.

This whole thing was staged and it cost us, the American taxpayers, $325,000.

At the same time, it showed that this administration has no idea whatsoever as to why those NFL

players are actually kneeling.

It has nothing to do with the flag, it has nothing to do with the anthem.

It has everything to do with unprovoked police violence against minorities in the United


But Pence and Trump needed an easy win, and they thought sending that idiot to that NFL

game was going to be an easy win for them.

Well, now that we know the price tag and how much their little publicity stunt cost, I'm

wondering if they still think they should count that as a win.

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Lucious Visits Andre In Jail | Season 5 Ep. 3 | EMPIRE - Duration: 1:22.

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I Lost All My Friends Because I Got Head Lice - Duration: 3:13.

So, when I was about in third or fourth grade, I was at a sleepover at one of my

friend's house and she had lice at the time but I didn't know. And I didn't

bring a pillow or anything so eventually I caught lice from her. And everyone was

trying to get it out of me and then it spread to my brother. But I really only

told the girl that I had a sleepover with. One day this girl, she found out I

had lice, and she was hanging out with my friend group at the time and every time

I walked over to her, she would just give me this weird look, like a disgusted look.

And then just back away and she would whisper stuff in my friend's ear and

then they were just running away from me. I think it was probably because she knew

I had lice. She kept taking my friend group away from me. So I would be alone

most of the time all because of my lice. And one day I even had to be sent home

because one of the teachers saw a lice in my hair. It was kind of hard living

with lice in the school of you know people that aren't so nice. Now I don't

have any lice but then when I got into fifth grade I remember that there's this

one boy and he's kind of like the class clown. He was just touching everyone's

heads for some reason; just like pat-pat. It was so weird and that one girl said

"oh um I wouldn't touch Nora's head if I were you." And then I just started crying

and I noticed that she has been like running away from me and taking all my

friends away from me at that time. So I just started crying and the teachers

luckily found out and I got to talk to it with a counselor.

And the one girl apologized to me. And now we're really good friends.

Just know if you have lice, no matter how long you have it, there's always an end to it.

Just treat your hair well and bring a pillow and you go over to people's house

for sleepovers...MY advice!

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The Unavoidable Water Crisis, Was it Engineered? [Part 1/2] 2018 - Duration: 15:50.

Water is life,

water is power

water has become the new oil

Sadly, it's becoming an increasingly scarce resource

across the globe through overuse and pollution

But who really controls the water we drink

A deep dive into the planet's water situation

reveals that in the coming decades

every country including the United States will have to determine

how to treat water as an economic good,

a human right,

And a depleting resource.

As these issues become more acute,

tensions have already begun to escalate,

but who's really behind this

All of this and more on today's episode of Edge of Wonder.

Welcome Edge of Wonder.

I'm your host Ben

and I'm Rob

Previously we did an episode on poles shifting—

the real life possibility that life on earth could massively change if the magnetic poles reverse.

We care about letting you guys know about

potential issues related to the Earth that not a lot of other people are talking about,

but should.

Today we're going to talk about a potentially even bigger issue!


Have any of you seen the movie The Big Short?

You all know that it was based on the real life story of Michael Burry,

who saw the coming financial crisis in 2008

and bet against the housing market while making millions.

At the end of the movie, though, it says something very strange.

Burry is putting all of his money into one thing…water.

Some of you might be thinking,

well how can you invest in water

and why would you want to when … well ... water is everywhere?

Well water is everywhere,

but did you know only about 2.5% of our water in the world is freshwater

and only about 1% of that is easily accessible?

Also what about contamination?

Is drinkable water becoming the new oil?

And just like oil, do we have to treat water as an economic good,

or a human right,

and a depleting resource?

In this episode we wanted to take a step back

and talk about something truly needs to be addressed,

because the reality is

water is already becoming a scarce commodity for many people in 3rd world countries.

If people don't take action in the future, this could affect everyone.

This really brings up a lot of moral and ethical questions as well.

We've been talking a lot in recent episodes about who controls the large corporations.

Should they control and own a lot of the freshwater?

And if so what does that mean for us?

In the US, an average American uses over 100 gallons of water a day

and the average European uses about 66 gallons!

Now granted cooking, washing clothes, flushing toilets, taking showers, drinking water, etc.

all these are included but that is a lot of water.

Now factor in industrial use

and ready for this, a whopping 400 billion gallons of water

are used per day in the US alone

with half of it being used for thermoelectric power generation.

We don't even have the biggest population in the world in the US

Did you know about 1.8 billion people worldwide are drinking water that is contaminated with feces?

1.8 can you image that

And 2.5 billion people do not have access to an improved sanitation facilities.

Also in many developing nations, the women spend 25% of their day collecting water.

But that isn't what is most shocking,

if you count all the South African women and children

they walk a daily distance equivalent to 16 trips to the moon and back to just fetch water.

The World Resources Institute has estimated that by 2025

two-thirds of the world's population will live in water-stressed areas,

concentrated in the Middle East, North Africa, and western Asia.

So what could happen

Well this could actually lead countries to go to war with each other over water shortages

which has already started to happen in Syria.

According to a recent report from Newsweek,

the next major war could be over water between Iraq, Syria and Turkey

over two vital rivers that run through the region.

Nabil al-Samman, a Syrian expert on international waters,

called this the "Water War,"

as this is being used as a weapon

for the commercial commodity controlled by the state for political ends.

Private vs. Public who owns the water

Water investments are lucrative for companies

since there is always going to be an unwavering demand for this increasingly scarce resource.

So of course this brings in a lot of fear which is …

will private investment determine water management and market rates

or will basic human necessities drive it

Opponents of water privatization also have problems with companies profiting from water,

which they argue is a public resource.

They say is the air we breathe the next essential resource for sale?

Make sense

So some people think it shouldn't really be for sale.

That kind of reminds me of spaceballs,

selling the..

canned air

Cue it

So A Pepsi VP said in 2000 "The biggest enemy is tap water."

So already we know where this is going

which was also followed up with "When we're done,

tap water will be relegated to irrigation and washing dishes,"

said Susan D. Wellington of Quaker Oats.

The scary part of this is that the three big corporations of Nestlé, Coke, and pepsi,

are all purchasing water and on a large scale.

The city of Sacramento in California,

let Nestlé bottle and sell "excess" tap water.

They are purchasing the water for 1$ per 750 gallons

and then selling this 1-3$ for a 16.9 ounce bottle water.

By the way, for those of you who watched our committee of 300 video,

and know that everything of the 300 comes from Switzerland,

well so does Nestlé's headquarters.

The world's largest water company, Suez,

serves about 1 billion people worldwide—

including 20 percent of China's urban population.

According to the in Depth Water Yearbook

63 million people in the US are now served in some way by private water companies.

American Water is the biggest water company here

and in 2016 its revenue was over $3.3 Billion.

However, it does cost a lot to treat water.

Globally, about $420 billion in capital spending is needed annually for water works,

but realistically only about $190 billion is actually spent,

according to Global Water Intelligence.

So as a result infrastructure is deteriorating.

But like everything and considering the missing hundreds of billions of dollars,

corruption is a huge factor because of lack of oversight.

According to a New York Times article:

"Bottled water manufacturers are not required

to disclose as much information as municipal water utilities of gaps in federal oversight authority."

It goes on to say that The Food and Drug Administration oversees bottled water,

and U.S. EPA is in charge of tap water.

There is one good thing about private companies though

owning the water is that they will invest more

and have state-of-the-technology to keep water clean and fresh.

But the question on everyone's mind is

if water does become more scarce

will they raise the price and force us to pay more for it

It's on my mind

It's on everyone's mind

So we gotta talk about China

One of the countries that has the most people

and the most serious water problems is China.

Authorities estimate that about 80 percent of China's surface groundwater

is not fit for drinking,

and 90 percent of the groundwater in urban areas is contaminated.

More than 360 million people,

that's more than the population of the United States,

or about a quarter of the country's population,

do not have access to clean water.

With the main sources of water pollution in China come from manufacturing—

chemical, fertilizer, paper, and clothing.

According to an official Chinese report,

70 percent of China's rivers and lakes are so polluted

that they can't even sustain marine life.

Things are so bad that it caused the extinction of the baiji dolphin,

a mammal native only to the Yangtze River.

I'm speculating that that's where the 3 eyed fish came from in the Simpsons


The Yellow, which is the 2nd largest

and is known as the cradle of Chinese civilization,

has over 4,000 petrochemical plants on its banks

and that polluted its waters beyond recovery.

China is one of the most water-stressed countries in the world.

China has a fifth of the world's population,

but less than 7 percent of its fresh water.

Beijing's groundwater was considered inexhaustible,

but that too has been being pumped faster than it can be replenished,

having dropped by nearly 1,000 feet in the last 40 years.

However, a lot of this contributes to corruption

throughout the communist party's history.

Mao's cultural revolution produced huge amounts of sewage and waste,

and these pollutants were discharged into rivers which still continue to this day.

In 2008 a report came out that

3,000 out of 21,000 petrochemical plants on the Yangtze and Yellow rivers

discharge billions of tons of wastewater per year.

There is even something called Cancer Villages in China,

where over 50% of the people who live in any one of these 400 villages

have cancer and these statistics were back in 2002!

I am sure it is way higher now if these things exist.

Many experts and scientists say

a solution for China to start improving water quality for urban areas

would be to include forest restoration,

more efficient agricultural practices,

and other conservation best practices.

But really, China would have to undergo a massive massive change for this to happen.

Ok, let's talk about chemicals in Water

Pollution is a huge problem when it comes to water

but there is a greater threat because it has more sources,

no way to stop it,

and seeps into our tap water inconspicuously in small amounts,

and is starting to add up.

What is it?

It is pharmaceutical ingredients, illicit drugs, and numerous substances of modern life

with largely unknown health effects.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA,

which regulates drinking water,

has identified 126 substances (and counting)

that may be pervasive in the U.S. drinking water supplies

which it calls "contaminants of emerging concern" (CECs)

or "emerging contaminants."

And how does it enter our waters?

Well when we take medications or illegal drugs,

part of it is absorbed in our bodies

and the rest passes well

when we go to the bathroom,

when we flush the toilet

I think they get it Ben

Some people also dispose their drugs in the toilet

in which their particles don't end up getting filtered.

The wastewater containing CECs is then released into rivers

or other bodies of water used as drinking water sources.

CECs enter the body not only through drinking water,

but also through the produce grown on land irrigated with water containing contaminants.

According to the Epoch Times,

Research hydrologist Dana Kolpin,

chief of the USGS Toxic Program's Contaminants of Emerging Concern Project,

that's a mouthful,

said: "You get exposed to a whole soup of things.

For a fish, it's what they live and breathe in,

but for humans it's what we're breathing,

it's what we're drinking,

it's what's we're lathering up on our skin for cosmetics,

it's what we eat."

Now what is really alarming is that

a study by the Idaho State University School,

hypothesized that the effect observed in fish indicates that this mixture of pharmaceuticals

in the drinking water may be triggering autism in some people.

Some scientists are hopeful that new tools will be invented

and new testing will be done to start catching these before it is too late.

A study at Harvard found that 6 million Americans are exposed through tap water to Polyfluoroalkyl

and perfluoroalkyl.

These substances are also known as PFOS and PFASs,

a class of chemicals used in paints and fire-fighting foam,

at levels at or above the safety limits.

PFASs have been linked to kidney cancer, elevated cholesterol, obesity, and endocrine disruption.

By the way, these chemicals bond with fluorine known in chemistry as a very deadly poison.

Wait a minute,

so what is the difference between fluorine and fluoride then?

Ok fluoride is actually a reduced form of fluorine

and they say it is only harmful in large quantities

but I mean it's in everything

With all the exposure that we are getting,

who really knows what it is doing to our bodies.

Someone found it reduces cavities

which is why of course everyone thought it would be good to spread it everywhere.

Yep great plan.

So we know that fluoride is becoming a major concern for a lot of people

and we covered a little bit of this in our 3rd eye episode

but we will be diving deeper into the fluoride conspiracy,

well doesn't really seem there is one,

but we will talk about it more in our next episode of water.

Also for those of you following our videos

you know that we are doing a whole series on exposing the deep state

and what their ultimate goal is.

We started with the committee of 300

and their plans for how to form their One World Government.

We also talked at length about Eugenics

and all the methods they are doing to carry out their plan.

The big conspiracy out there is that they are purposely polluting our waters,

to make us sick, to kill us off, to force us to buy their drugs,

and mixing pollutants in water

such as fluoride to actually significantly dumb us down.

Since water is crucial to our survival,

it would make sense that they would start to have these systems in place.

So this is what we will be talking about in our next episode.

But this water topic is huge

and the scope of it is just too broad,

so we will do one on the dangers of plastic bottles and fluoride.

Now if you are worried about your own drinking water,

most cities have free water testing kits that they will send you

and you can test your tap water.

And if they don't,

then you can find tests online that are not too expensive.

Or you can go to

to see the rating of your own public water.

So guys, be on the lookout for those next episodes,

don't forget to hit like and subscribe

and hit those notification bells.

And until next time we will see you guys out…

On the edge

Of the deep green sea.

What is that

It's a cure song

Oh man, that's so bad

Hey everyone, have you been enjoying Edge of Wonder?

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So guys, we just launched our own version of patreon,

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we want to keep focusing on making great content for you guys,

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So where is it?

Anyway, we love you guys

and we'll see you out on the edge

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Bringing Virtual Reality to Brain Surgery | Freethink - Duration: 5:29.


- [Woman] On Monday, June 5th, 2017,

I felt the worst headache of my life.

Like an ice pick driving through my skull.

(intense music playing)

A CAT scan revealed a bleed in the side

of my head the size of a softball.

The only option to stop the bleed was

to have a craniotomy to remove it.

Being completely out of control is terrifying.

(intense music playing)

- [Doctor] It's difficult to talk to patients

about brain surgery because it's very abstract.

We're combining delivering difficult news

about a scary diagnosis with the additional fear

of not knowing what to expect,

and not being able to understand

what it is I'm explaining to them.

When we show them a model,

when they fly inside their own brain,

they can see the structures.

They can see the tumor, they can see the aneurysm.

- [Woman] This device creates an experience for the patient

where nothing is unknown anymore.

(intense music playing)

(cars driving)

- [Surgeon] While it's certainly daunting

to think about somebody tinkering around inside your head,

there's a whole bunch of anxiety that comes with that.

Patients are looking for some hope.

They're looking for a way to understand what's happening.

What's made brain surgery, historically, pretty challenging

is surgeons have to look at two dimensional imaging

and in their mind's eye, create a three dimensional map

of how they might approach the operation.

We thought, you know what.

We can intervene here and we can take MRI and CT scans

and fuse them together in our software

to create a virtual reconstruction

and change the practice of medicine for the benefit

of the family, the surgeon and the institution.

It is that person's anatomy VRalized.

The Intel processor really allows our content to come alive.

- [Man] We've worked with Surigcal Theater,

taking our latest desktop

and notebook processor technologies

so that we can very quickly render those 3D environments

in the exam room and allow that patient

to have a real-time, immersive experience

while their providers in the room.

- [Provider] Hi there.

Good morning.

Good to see you again.

What you're looking at now,

this is a three dimensional model of your brain.

You see the tumor there in green?

- [Patient] Yes.

- [Provider] Now, you're getting something to see

that most patients never get to see.

(intense music playing)

- [Woman] I was totally panic-stricken.

I'm not a doctor so I couldn't understand

what they were trying to tell me

because I had never physically seen a craniotomy before.

It's so hard to wrap your head around

what they're about to do.

(intense music playing)

When I put on the goggles,

my surgeon asked me if I was ready to fly.

In the moments where they

were telling me really terrifying things,

I also felt a little bit of peace

from the way it was being presented.

I was able to, in real-time, see inside my brain.

I was physically there with them,

looking at exactly what they were trying to communicate.

- [Another Doctor] Before Surigcal Theater,

preparing for surgery was literally me

sitting over a cup of coffee,

kinda thinking okay I'm gonna do this

and then I remember that the optic nerve is here.

But those preparations were kinda ad-lib.

Now, with 360 degree 3D reconstructions,

we're able to be inside that environment

which is as close to brain surgery as we can actually get

without being there in the operating room.

(intense music playing)

The advantage that the virtual planning

and rehearsal brings to our readiness for surgery

is the ability to simulate multiple different approaches.

In a real patient, we don't get to try that more than once.

We only get one shot at it.

In the virtual model, we can do two plans,

three plans, five plans, and see which one is the best

for the individual patient.

- [Provider] Can you make the bone look a little more

like bone, so it's not translucent at first?

Now that I can see the frontal sinus,

I'm planning it you know--

- [Man] Different.

- [Provider] Yeah. Yeah.

(intense music playing)

Let's bring in the microscope.

- [Doctor] When we're in the operating room

and we get to the time of surgery,

because we've done the preoperative rehearsal,

it kinda feels like deja vu.

Like okay, I've been here before.

I know where the important structures are gonna be.

(operating room noises)

- [Provider] Here we are.

We're coming up to the back of the tumor right here.

This would be a good place to do an overlay.

Make the tumor more translucent.

(intense music playing)

- [Woman] I was at the hospital in the ICU for 10 days

and I had two angiograms, two MRIs,

two CAT scans and a craniotomoy.

I had a risk of having epileptic seizures

for the first of my life.

Not knowing that I'd ever be able to drive a car again,

that I would ever be able to run again.

But I would say the biggest testament to how everything went

is the fact that I'm sitting here today.

It was nothing short of a miracle.

- [Doctor] I think this technology

is absolutely groundbreaking.

(intense music playing)

I wouldn't use the word revolutionary.

I would say it's evolutionary.

(intense music playing)

I think virtual reality will change the face of healthcare.

I think it some ways it already has.

(intense music playing)

This is just an expertise that Intel possess

that has helped us advance in ways

we never thought possible.

People are demanding transparency.

I think people deserve to be spoken to

in a way that they can understand.

(intense music playing)

- [Woman] It made me grateful for each and every moment

that we have.

We experience life in three dimension.

Why should our medical care be any different?

(intense music playing)

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[Music: Drums play as photos display]

[Drums stop suddenly]

Why aren't people (with Disabilities) present? What's the reason?

Are there are there architectural hindrances that are keeping people [away]?

Well that's what ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act) was really designed remove architectural barriers.

And we still have we still have lots of work to do.

There's communication barriers. There's just an understanding barrier...

where people don't quite understand exactly what what's necessary or what's needed or what life is like.

And so that's why we need this "Power of Together" or we need to relationally demystify disability.

That's really the goal of Uniquely the Same - to demystify.

And that's really the goal of this talk - it's to demystify disability to some extent.

But the best way is not by hearing me talk.

The best way is by just striking up a relationship with an individual with a disability.

[Music begins: We are all, uniquely the same.]

[We are all... uniquely the same]

[Oh yeah! That's right... Music ends]

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CS Portable - A true story. Necessarily to watch this video! - Duration: 9:47.

Good morning Cyganshow and LinkToster.

lidans01 is with us today.

We would like to thank you for your commitment on our channel and Discord.

If you are on our channel for the first time,

we would like to encourage you to leave your subscription and click 🔔,

and we guarantee that next material will simply pass you by.

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Let's move to the topic of today's episode. Many people ask us one and the same question mainly.

Why there is just a few players of CS portable?

Can you do something with more people on servers because nobody is playing or is just for a while.

But why we invite you to watch episode.

The genesis of game.

CS Portable, was created on December 26, 2011 by Igor Levochkin and Pavel Miranov.

For the first months the project was called CS-Mini.

Gameplay is presented from the fifth version.

In February 2012, the project changed its name to CS-Portable, changing the interface

and launching it`s first home page on February 23, 2012 by publishing the game under the new name CS-Portable.

The page collapsed on February 13, 2015. On this material you can see version 2.56 on PC, which can be called the last version, available on this page.

Evolution of the website and twin pages of this project.

And what has started the end of the cs portable.

1. Hackers

The first enough serious problem are hackers. They mainly destroy servers on which people play.

Such a person enters the server and I want to irritate other honest gamers in every possible way.

Thanks to hacks, they kill everyone, for example, with a grenade at the start of a round,

change the server settings can though they are not a host, they use speedhack and the like.

Such people want to show at all costs how good they are, how brilliantly they can play thanks to hacks, thus enjoying the pleasure of hindering others.

We urge you to play honestly and not use illegal software. The game can fall through cheaters.

2. The original CS Portable developers

Let's not hide that the publishers of the game contributed 90% to the fall of the game.

The game was very popular. In 2014, the developers first destroyed the display of statistics.

From year to year, it was getting worse with the stability of the network infrastructure of the game.

The publishers have placed the Critical-ops ad in the application. Problems with registration and logging started.

At the turn of 2016/2017, you could not log in or download any maps for the game.

In 2018, the game completely disappeared from the Play Store. The creators claimed that there was no point in supporting the game.

Did not want to in a normal way, for example by publishing the source code of the game as well as the server.

3. Lack of compatibility with new Android systems!

It is very important that CS Portable does work on the newest version of Android.

The latest version of android which CS Portable work with is 5.1.1.

That's why just a few players play of this game unofficial information

Is that creators of the game don't supported CS portable because of it.

4. Currently ... We ourselves!

We can not deny that at the moment we are guilty of the fact that so few people are playing at CS Portable.

The multiplayer mode has been repaired in this game. We have made everything available on our channel and on our Discord server.

90% of people who visited our channel did not share our video or channel. We mean sharing or informing other people that CS Portable is working again!

You do not want to share our channel or video, I`m asking to share our materials.

The game has been repaired by people who are not related to the old game developers, so this game will never come back to the Play Store.

So we have a request: make it available, do not be afraid of it!

That's all to see. The commented for you: ilidans01 and Cyganshow. Stay with us to see the memories of the game.

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Raise the front of the car and secure on supports

Loosen the wheel mounting bolts

Remove the front wheels

Use a combination spanner No.14. Use a HEX bit No.6. Unscrew the stabilizer link upper fastening

Use a combination spanner No.14. Use a HEX bit No.6. Unscrew the lower fastener of the stabilizer rod/link

Remove the stabilizer rod

Install the new link, tighten the nut of its fastening and tighten the washer

Tighten the lower fastener of the stabilizer rod/link. Use a combination spanner No.14. Use a HEX bit No.6

Tighten the stabilizer link upper fastening. Use a combination spanner No.14. Use a HEX bit No.6

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