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- I was like, you know what?

Towels are a funny thing, because as you use them,

you get more dry but as they get used,

they get more wet, so. (laughing)

Thank you so much guys, I appreciate it.

You guys were a great crowd, thank you.

(slow applauding)

- You heard about this guy?

Tells me he's retiring from comedy,

something he's done for a year

to pursue music, is that true?

- Yeah, pretty exciting, huh?

- I gotta say I think it's time.

(laughing) - Yeah, I mean,

clearly I accomplished everything I needed to accomplish.

- Are you sure you're done with basketball?

- Listen, I did basketball.

- It went fine, let's face it.

- It went well.

- It was slightly better than your comedy.

- Funny, you're being defensive, and this is the first time

I've ever seen you play defense, go on.

(laughing) - This is true.

- Okay, I get that everything's a joke to you guys.

- Especially your defense.


- You did like five minutes, you can't just move on

when you haven't done anything.

- Moving from comedy to music

to help people is like moving

from LA to Detroit to become better known.


- Blake if there's one thing I've learned,

if you're really good at one thing,

you just keep doing it, and keep doing it,

and keep doing it 'til that phone doesn't ring anymore.

- Right. - Like Jeff with the roasts.

- So what kind of music, I mean, are you a singer?

♪ Am I a singer ♪

- So no.

- Should we talk podcast appearances?

- Not if we don't have to.

- Okay, typical comedy, typical cynic,

oh, like this is so negative, the world, la la la.

And also, you know what, this room,

it's a little white male dominant.

- How do you look at me and say that?

- How do you look at him, an Asian woman, and say that?

- Neil is technically blacker than you are.

- And what even are you?

- First of all, I'm half black, half white.

My mom had red hair, neh.

(soft music)

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Astro Alternatives: Best Email Replacement?! - Duration: 9:00.

Hey guys, welcome back to another video today's video we're talking about Astro alternatives

I feel really sorry for everyone that has a third-party email app right now

The email space is not doing very well

Hey guys, welcome back to another video I said today's video I wanted to chat with you guys about

Astro I wanted to share a few

alternatives as well

Because as you many of you know slack has now bought

Astro and they are acquiring them and killing them off by the October the 10th

Which is mad very fast email shutdown, and of course this month, we've also will this month we will be saying goodbye

to the likes of Newton - and an announcement in for March 2019

Google inbox is going as well

This is really sad news and obviously definitely sucks for everyone who is committing to a third-party email app

They sort of feel a bit vulnerable guys in today's video. I want to chat about the Astro alternatives that you might find useful

so guys today's video is sponsored by hive I wanted to thank them and

Apologize as well because we were gonna put out a video last week

I hadn't all prepared windows and Android alternatives to Moo and it was going to be beautiful and the majority of the

Focus was on Astro and then of course the news hit so I do apologize for the delay on that video

But a big thank you to hive for sponsoring today's video. Here's a little bit more information about them

so unkind sponsor of this week is hive hive is an

Up-and-coming project management software and they've been a sponsor here before on the channel Bank when I did the remote work series and it's great

To have them back again for those who don't know hive provides teams with a flexible way to connect over projects

Interact with data and get more things done multiple project views is probably one of hives killer

Features teams can use Kanban in calendar camps and so many more views to outline goals and stay on task

Hive analytics is another powerful feature - using machine learning to create dashboards of action or insights for team's productivity

I've also brings together grade-a tools for your teams to get things done the lengths of a personal action list

forms and action templates time tracking

integration with popular apps file sharing action cards and tons more

even a resource management tool added very very recently the kind team at hive have passed on a

25% discount off your first 12 months on hive just used keep productive as the coupon code and claim that one today

Don't fret guys if you're interested in learning more about hive in a tutorial

I have added a tutorial below which is available through YouTube and you can watch that one there

So thanks again to hive for sponsoring the key productive YouTube channel

So guys Astro

Alternatives there are plenty out there on the market

I want to touch on Android first a little bit of on iOS and a few more alternatives that might find useful for you

So one thing I would say about Astro is it was one of the best Android alternatives? There's not too many on that store that

particularly do well and of course an application that's spanned across iOS

Android a Mac definitely looked more attractive and I can definitely see why slant bought it out

So for those Android design that we do have a few recommendations

For some alternatives the first one and one it is very similar to astro is edison edison

There's an email application that spans across ios and android and it doesn't work very smoothly

It's got great Google Play ratings

and it also combines the

assistant inside of Edison that would allow you to interact with your email in a bit of a smarter fashion now inside of

Edison you do have smart fuck filtering so you can organize all of your emails and it does make for a healthy mobile first

Solution if you guys are looking for both in iOS and Android alternative in case for future now next up is blue mail

Although I don't particularly recommend it as it's not in the most gorgeous design out there

It seems to have worked well and have built a brilliant user base on Android now

It does look very similar to the alternative one, which is type mail

So do be aware just before that you check their name on the actual download blue mail is free

Although it does have a paid edition. I believe which gives you access to a little bit more. Remember guys

I've done a full Newton alternatives video which will apply to ask for alternatives

So you guys can go into a bit detail there. Next up is definitely Microsoft Outlook

it is stunning and especially with the web redesigns in the last couple of weeks and their plans in 2019 to add a

Mac and

A desktop version of Windows it does make it a lot more attractive and the mobile applications work

So well remember this is the company that bought sunrise just to install it inside of Microsoft Outlook

So you're gonna get a beautiful calendar experience when you are using it. Next up is protonmail

I see a lot of people email me particularly good using protonmail

Apparently it is a very intuitive service and the thing that they focus on a lot more is security

They have the best high grade security and are run by a Swiss company

So you pretty much know that the security is gonna be pretty high now moving on to some iOS alternatives

Of course Astra was available on iOS which is very sad to see one of my top recommendations is spark

I'm currently using in this my email application. I will be trialing

Superhuman, which is coming up very soon

It is a $30 per month email application, but I do want to review it and give it a full

exploratory explai

Exploration before I commit to it so do stay tuned for that things like

specifically like about spark as a user is the sin later function the UI works really well and

It tends to work really well on like iOS when you're syncing it, of course, it doesn't have an Android app

But they are working on it

Apparently, of course, I mentioned outlook outlook is fantastic on iOS too very similar to the Android version

But definitely worth checking out. You've also got polynomial on iOS which seems to work very well. Again, this is a paid experience

You're gonna have to really pay for this one

If you if you're looking to unlock all of the team functionality again, it's more of a team function

But once you get into it

You can use some of the templating functions and two email

Campaigns and plan in scheduled emails track emails do all the sort of advanced stuff that you'd expect

with an email client of that magnitude and another iOS solution that there's really

Push faster all the time is M or email is really well-designed

It's a really gorgeous application for Mac and iOS, and it's definitely worth considering the great thing about MLS. It's a one-off fee

So you're not necessarily paying a subscription rate as you go and finally I would say missive as well is a great option

This is something that zoo Kane and I did a video on this too to thank him and also to recommend it too

It's actually pretty decent. It's available on Mac Windows Android and iOS. It looks great. It has a free option

That's very limiting to 15 days of history

But if you're willing to pay for an email application, this might be a great option for you include that video boo

So guys, of course

It's hard to give advice on email apps in a moment because you don't know which ones gonna shut down which one's gonna come out

Obviously what my sort of best advice would be trying to look at the third pint paid

alternatives because obviously that is going to be something that

They're gonna be investing in and developing and you know that the money is gonna be supported there, of course as a secure option

but again

You can't necessarily go by that rule because loon was a paid alternative at $49 90 year

And we've still had issues trying to grow and expand in the market

So guys it feel free to watch default Newton alternative video

There's also an article on the Keep Productive YouTube channel

So you can go into full detail that it's definitely worth checking out hive in description below

I've done a full tutorial on it on YouTube

So if you just want to jump to that one you can do so, too. Anyway guys. Thanks for stopping by today

Hope you enjoyed it. Give it a like if you enjoyed it hit subscribe if you're brand new and

Comment with any thoughts that you have on asteroid

Anyway guys, thanks very much stopping by make sure that a great week, keep productive and

I'll see you guys very very soon Cheers

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Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown - Short Film - Duration: 7:44.

(bell rings) (water splashes)

(thunder crackles)

[Ryu] My name is Ryu,

and this is not the world I know.

I've been brought here against my will.

Now I'm being hunted

by powerful warriors known as Power Rangers.

[Tommy] Ryu, you've been brought here to die.

It doesn't matter where I am.

No one's dying tonight.

(Tommy laughs)

[Tommy] Let's find out.

(both grunt)

(energy crackles)

[Ryu] Hadoken!

[Jen] Nice move!

But mine was better.

[Chun-Li] Hey Pinky!

(both grunt)

Are you alright?

Good timing.

Who are these guys?

Why are they targeting us?

(thunder crackles)

Uh oh.

We're in trouble.

Stay focused.

(energy crackles)

(bells ring)

Where are we now?

What just happened?

Who is that?

That's Ninjor.

(both grunt)


I'm not your enemy!

What's going on here?

Does the name M. Bison mean anything to you?

What do you mean?

I destroyed him.

Not exactly.

An evil sorceress has revived him

and given him even more power.

Her name is Rita Repulsa.

(laughs) Rita Repulsa?

'Kinda name is that?

What kinda name is M. Bison?

What are they planning?

Rita wants to fully corrupt the Morphin Grid,

and rule both our dimensions.

She's been creating evil rangers to fight us.

With Bison's power, they'll be unstoppable.

Then we have to defeat Bison.

For good this time.

And Rita, but first,

we gotta save Ninjor.

Ninjor's the statue guy, right?

He created the Power Coins.

We were able to track his energy signature

back to Bison's lair.

But we can't defeat him alone.

We need you.

What's this?

A Power Coin.

Sadly, Ninjor only created one Power Coin

before he was kidnapped.

Can you handle the power?

We're in.

(tense music)


but foolish.

(fire crackles)


What have they done to you?

[Ninjor] It doesn't matter what they've done to me.

We don't have much time.

Where is Bison? Behind you!

(both yell)

(upbeat rock music)

(fighters grunt)

Ryu, Ryu, Ryu.

Tell me,

how do you expect to beat me now?

Now that I have more power?

You're not the only one with more power.

It's morphin' time!


Go go Megaforce!

Crimson Hawk!

[Tommy] Now that we have the Ryu Ranger,

let's settle this.

(Bison grunts)

(fighters grunt)

[Ryu] Shoryuken!

[Tommy] Everyone, together!

[Gia] Super Mega Mode!

(rangers yell)

[Ryu] Hadoken!

[Bison] No!

[Ryu] Bison's finished.

[Chun-Li] Yeah, that last hit really did it.

I like your new armor.


Ninjor gave me an upgrade.

Good job.

It was an honor to fight by your side.

Definitely prefer you rangers more as allies,

than adversaries.

You think that you've beaten me?

Rita has given me an army

that will never be defeated!

(evil rangers yell)

Ready for round two?



(rangers yell)

("Power Rangers theme")

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John Cena Explains New Haircut, Talks Children's Book 'Elbow Grease' | TODAY - Duration: 5:45.

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Borderlands 2 VR - Ankündigungstrailer [PS VR, deutsche Untertitel] - Duration: 1:23.

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Nightcore - Faded (Piano version) - (Lyrics) - Duration: 2:22.

This video include subtitles

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Resident Evil (2002) Cast | Then and Now 2018 - Duration: 3:27.

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President Donald Trump Apologizes To Brett Kavanaugh For Confirmation Battle | TODAY - Duration: 3:40.

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New York Limo Crash: Thousands Attend Vigil For Victims | TODAY - Duration: 2:45.

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Online Reviews: Getting Keywords in Your Online Reviews - Duration: 1:16.

Can you speak a little bit about how to ask for keywords?

Or basically how to prompt people to leave a review that's maybe keyword rich?

Sure, yeah.

You want to be careful how you're asking because if it's against Google's or Facebook's review

policy, you will definitely be flagged for that.

So making sure that you're not specifically giving incentives to write a specific review.

But there are natural ways that you can request for specific types of reviews that would include

keywords or services that you are looking for.

If you are sending a direct email or using and third-party service like GetFiveStars,

you can customize that and specifically ask them, would you provide feedback about

"xyz" and if it's a very specific product that you want to focus on or a type of service,

you know let's say you just want to focus on the delivery aspect because you want that

to be talked about in reviews.

Maybe mention, can you tell me a little bit about your experience with delivery?

And then that's giving the customer and outlet to specifically talk about that service.

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VO BOSS: Episode 55 - I Do Care What People Think of Me - Duration: 19:18.

Announcer: Today's voice over talent is more than just a pretty voice.

Today's voiceover talent has to be a boss, a VO BOSS.

Set yourself up with business owner strategies and success with you host Anne Ganguzza along

with some of the strongest voices in our industry.

Rock your business like a boss, a VO BOSS.

Anne: Gabby, the degree you have always wanted, we've got it at

Gabby: Go to and click on the graduate tab.

This is advanced level service, advanced level attention for voice actors.

It includes things like the BOSS Booster Pro, which is private learning.

This is me and Anne together, combined, BOSS powers unite, to tackle your toughest business

and marketing problems.

Anne: Boost your business into the stratosphere with the BOSS Booster Pro.

And now, Gabby, let's go back to the show.

Welcome, everybody to the VO BOSS podcast.

I'm your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my gorgeous bestie, Gabby Nistico.

Gabby: Hi.

Anne: Hey, Gabby.

Gabby: Hello.

So you know, we like to take inspiration for our podcast from our friends and family in

voiceover, and Dianna Conley, who is your vivacious assistant --

Anne: That she is.

Gabby: -- she posted something really great to Facebook the other day, and it immediately

caught my eye, and I was like, "ooo, I think we need to talk about this."

So let me read this post real quick.

I'm going to abridge it a little bit.

She said, "why are we always told not to care what other people think about us, or not to

care if other people like us?

I think other people having a good opinion of me is one of the most important things

in my life.

I don't change myself for others or act fake towards others or tame my exuberance.

I have a strong sense of self and love myself, but you're damn right I care what others think

of me.

I care that people like me.

This is critical to my success as a person both professionally and personally.

On a personal level in VO, I care that others can count on me making deadlines.

I care if like casting directors like my auditions."

And she goes on to talk about this both professionally and personally, and I was like, what a phenomenal


Anne: So many wonderful things in there.

Dianna, thanks for that post.

What a great post.

So many great things to talk about.

I'm right there with her.

People are always saying, "don't worry about what others think of you."

I think that there's levels to that.

I am the biggest, like one of the biggest people pleasers I know, and I know that about



I want everybody to like me.

You know, it's kind of been that way all my life.

I have been like, "oh, you know, I want them, I want them to say good things about


Even like now, for all of my life -- I don't know if this is just me, but I want my parents

to be proud of me.

I'm like --

Gabby: Aww.

Anne: I'm in my 50's now.

You know what I mean?

And it's like, "I want you to be proud of me."

But there are some pros and cons to that when you, you become too hard on yourself, when

you're not pleasing everybody, and then you realize that you can't possibly please everybody.

Gabby: I would be a massive lying sack of crap if I told you that I didn't care what

other people think of me.

Anne: Yeah.

Gabby: A lot of my stress in my life, and a lot of worry, and a lot of anxiety, has

been induced by what other people think.

Anne: Yeah.

Gabby: I have specific parameters, I guess, in my life of what things I deem important

and what I don't, so that I do have a little bit of balance.

There are, there's a whole large quadrant of things that I, I don't care.

And, and you know, that's why I tend to still be as unconventional as I am.

Yeah, I don't care what people think of my look, my hair color, my clothes, you know,

physical appearance, no.

I don't, mm-mm, don't care.

Not, not really an issue.

But at the same time I care what people think of my character.

Anne: Interesting.

Gabby: I care what people think of my motives.

I care what people think about my core being, because I'd like to think that my, my heart

is in the right place, and that, you know, I'm doing things from a place of good intention

and love.

And so if that's misconstrued, it's painful.

Anne: Yeah, yeah.

Well, I think Gabby, it comes down to, isn't there the inherent need that we all have or

want that we all have, we just all want to be loved.

Maybe it stems from that.

We want people to like us.

And, and sometimes I think that that is carried to an extreme where it can then start to affect

your own health, your own mental health, your own happiness in terms of you're just overly

critical of yourself.

And I know that I've, you know, I've gone through my life in varying phases of that,

you know, trying to do things to make people like me, and then realizing maybe I don't

need to go that far umm you know to get people to like me.

I think it's just a lifelong lesson that we learn, and I think as we get older and maybe

get more experienced, we start to find those, those fences um where I don't care what others

think about, let's say, what I'm wearing or my hair color.

That's a hard one, you know, that's a real hard one for a lot of people.

I still have, I still fight it every day to look good, and if I feel like I don't, my

whole inner being can be filled with doubt and things that are not making me happy.

Gabby: I think there is a difference between caring about another person's opinion, which

can be theirs and theirs alone, versus the perception of how large groups of people see


Anne: Mmm.

Gabby: One of the greatest pieces of advice I was ever given was, "it's none of your

business what other people think of you."

At any given time or moment, you know, we can all be catty, or gossipy, or mean.

But the part about character, that, that part of like perceptions, you know, "how am I

viewed by society, by my peers, by my industry," that's, that's pretty important to us.

And I think that entrepreneurs especially get really wrapped up in that piece.

Anne: When it comes to your character and how people assess where you come from, I think

that, that to me, I care about.

Like I want people to be able to see that my intentions are coming from a place of love

and a place of, of good and not other avenues that might be misconstrued.

Gabby: Mm.

Anne: I think that is important, that I'm portraying myself that way, and that every

intention that I have usually is transparent and, I hope is, is good.

And if it's not, well then, you know, I guess that's another podcast episode.

[laughs] You know?

I think what Dianna was saying is I do care, because it keeps her in check.

I have to agree with that in terms of working professionally for someone else, of course

I want to do a good job for them.

I want to do good for my clients.

And therefore I do care about what they think, and I want to work on maybe umm not so much

the fact that it upsets me if they don't like me, but I want to work on, on, on providing

a good service, and that's what I care about is I'm providing a good service for my clients,

and that my intentions, my creative art is coming from a good place.

Gabby: Well, it goes back to something that I've heard you say many, many times.

"People buy from those they know, like and trust."

You can't negate that "like" part.

Anne: True.

Gabby: I think that's a big part of what Dianna's saying as well.

Of course we have to be concerned about that.

Who wants to buy from someone they don't like?

A lot of you know this, right, I have my rock and gem and mineral hobby.

This is really funny.

There's a gem show that I go to every year that has a lot of the same vendors year after

year after year.

And there's this one particular gentleman who, my very first ever encounter with him,

was horrible.

He was just mean and icky.

And it was just really, really bad experience.

And so now every time we go to that show, every time we see him or we pass his booth,

we go "oh, it's the opal douche," and we keep on going.

Anne: [laughs]

Gabby: Because we will never buy from the opal douche.

I don't care how amazing his stuff might be.

I will never spend money with him.

Anne: [laughs] You make a good point.

I think personal and professional, right, we want to deal with people that we, we know,

and we like, and we trust.

Now maybe Mr. Opal was --

Gabby: Opal douche, go ahead, say it.

Anne: Maybe Mr. Opal D. was having a bad day when he encountered you.

Gabby: Maybe, maybe.

Anne: And there's where I think it's important, right?

So when you are forward facing to your clients are interacting with people in general, you

should always, I think, you should always keep yourself not necessarily in check, but

I think you should be conscious of your intentions, especially in terms of clients, if your, if

your intention is to serve the client, and they're not, you know, being ridiculous or,

or mean, you know?

That, that is an important thing to always just moving forward, being conscious of that,

being conscious of how you are serving your, your client.

And again maybe he was having a bad day, but look what it did.


He'll never get your business.

Gabby: And one of the reasons why I've always said don't pick up the phone if you're not

in the mood.

Anne: Yeah.

Gabby: Like we do that a lot.

I, I will sometimes let a call go to voicemail just because I know like whatever, whatever's

up with me, I'm just, I'm not in a good headspace --

Anne: Oh, I get that.

Gabby: -- to make a good first impression.

Anne: I get that.

I'm going to go one step further and say, if you can do it, try not to step in the booth

when you're not in the frame of mind.

Gabby: Mmmm.

Anne: You know what I mean?

I know that I have gotten in the booth, and for me, I do a lot -- as we know, I do a ton

of narration.

It does affect me.

That [laughs] you know, that inner core, that being, if I'm agitated or annoyed, it can

definitely, absolutely affect my performance.

So I always try to go into my zen mode as I enter into the booth to perform and to,

you know, do my stuff.

Gabby: I think at the end of the day, what it comes down to, guys, is of course we care

what other people think.

We all care what other people think.

To try for even a second to convince ourselves that we don't is kind of pointless.

Anne: Yeah.

Gabby: We, we need other people for, for so many different reasons in our lives and in

our business that, yes, we are always going to have some concern, some thought about how

people see us and view us, and that plays a role in every business owner's day.

So you're not alone.

Now, should it be monopolizing huge chunks of your life?

Anne: Exactly.

I always say try to go -- like, how is it making you feel?


If you're fighting, if you're fighting every day -- it's kind of like, Gabby, when I did

the tail end of my last job, and it was like when you go into work every day, do you have

that knot in your stomach or do you [laughs]

Gabby: Oh my God, I'm going to sit in the car for 30 more seconds.

I just don't want to go in.

Oh God.

Anne: When that happens, when dealing with people or clients, I think it behooves you

to, to step back and assess if that relationship is indeed serving you in a positive manner.

Gabby: Why am I doing this?

Anne: Yeah.

So maybe Mr. Opal, right, was not in a good frame of mind that day for dealing with people.

And, and again, if you can, if you can avoid putting that out there, I think, whether you're

in the booth, whether you're dealing with somebody on the phone, whether you're dealing

with a client, sometimes you can't help it.

And so there, there, therein lies the challenge.

Sometimes you do have to deal with people.

You have to deal with clients.

Gabby: And sometimes you can help it, and you just can't help yourself, right?

Anne: That's true.

Gabby: That's the social media piece.

Anne: That's true.

Gabby: Just stop.

Just bleehhh, just shut up.

Anne: Walk away.

Gabby: Censor.

Anne: Walk away.

Gabby: [laughs]

Anne: I think sometimes it's harder to walk away.

Gabby, there are sometimes I will see, I will see conversations happening... mmmmm... biting

my lip or, you know -- anybody that's worked with me knows that I can't type anyways.

Thankfully that comes into -- think that actually helps me because I'm not as fast of a typer

as I want to be, and that's kind of a good thing.

Because sometimes I will want to type a response, then "nope, Anne, got to get up and walk


Again --

Gabby: I go play with rocks.

Anne: [laughs] Play with rocks.

Gabby: I go play with a rock.

I just need a minute.

Anne: Kitties, play with the kitties, and so yeah.

Dianna, wow, just the plethora of wisdom in that post.

Just at times be careful of caring too much, and when it gets to that point, where you

care too much about what a particular person or client thinks, then maybe I think it's

time to step back and reassess whether that relationship is, is worth it for you.

Gabby: Yes.

Then you can start an exploration into a lovely thing called cognitive behavioral therapy.

Anne: Ahh there you go.

Gabby: CBT is the key.

CBT really is the key to understanding that pattern in your life and how do I break out

of it very effectively.

Thanks, Dianna.

Anne: So guys, yeah.

Go forth with good intentions, and --

Gabby: Care what others think.

Anne: Yeah.

Gabby: Just not too much.

Anne: There you go.

[both laugh]

Anne: Big shout-out to people I do care about, those people at ipDTL, for an amazing connection.

You too can find out more at

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And there you can find so, so many cool ways to engage with the BOSSes, and if you haven't

done it yet, go to our shop tab and check out some of our merchandise.

The T-shirts, the underwear --

Anne: The underwear.

Gabby: We have some fantastic stuff.

Anne: [laughs] Gabby, we have underwear.

Gabby: I love -- I know.

I love them.

I have them on right now.

Anne: [laughs] Bye, guys.

Have a great week.

See you next week.

Gabby: Thanks!

Announcer: Join us next week for another edition of VO BOSS with your hosts Anne Ganguzza and

Gabby Nistico.

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[bloopers] 1

Anne: My tongue is wearing a fur coat.

Gabby: [laughs]

Anne: Do you ever get that?

Gabby: Have you been eating sugary things?

Anne: No, it's just really dry in my house.

The fur coat is not from sugar.

The fur coat on your teeth is from sugar, but the fur coat on your tongue --

Gabby: Mine's from coffee.

Anne: Well, yeah, OK, I'm thinking coffee too so -- anyway, I slept really well, and

I'm sure I had my mouth open, so all of that in combination with the coffee, and being

first thing in the morning, is making my tongue have a fur coat.

Such a visual, isn't it?

Gabby: Mm-hmm.


2 Anne: Welcome, everybody, to the VO BOSS podcast.

Hehhh I didn't like that.


3 Gabby: So many people who come to you and

want to do a corporate narration demo --

[dog barking]

Gabby: -- want -- hold on.

[dog barking]

Gabby: Shut up, it's just Shelley.

Shut the [bleep] up.

Just shut up.

Control yourself.

Get your [bleep] together, dog.

Just shut it.

4 Anne: [in Spanish accent] Hit the record button.

Gabby: I'm rolling.

I'm rolling.

Anne: [in Spanish accent] Rolling.

We are rolling.

[normal] Oh, I almost rolled my R. I can't roll my R's.

Gabby: [rolls tongue]

Anne: Roll.

I can only, like I can honker.

Like --

Gabby: [rolls tongue]

Anne: I can't.

[tries tongue roll]

[both laugh]

5 Anne: [sensuously] Welcome, everybody, to

the VO BOSS podcast.


Gabby: The hell just happened to you?

Anne: [laughs] I just like got weird.

Gabby: Oh boy!

Anne: Welllcome.

6 Anne: I don't care what I look like, or I

don't care what not -- I do care what I look like.

Wait, let me back up.

You're going to edit that out.

7 Anne: I am probably 10 fingers away.

Gabby: You want to get closer if you can.

Like -- yeah.

Anne: How close do you want me to get?

This close?

Gabby: Yeah.

Anne: OK.

That's uncomfortable.

Gabby: Oh.

8 Anne: I could use an outtake.

I could [laughs]

Gabby: "I could use an outtake."

Anne: Sorry.

I could use an outtake after my last couple of days.

Holy crap.

Gabby: Oh my God.

9 Kelly: I was just up in the Carolinas, just

a couple weeks ago, was at Myrtle Beach for the first time ever.

Gabby: Oh, yeah, how'd that go?

Anne: Lots of fun stuff.

Kelly: I've never been to a place that has so many pancake houses in my entire life.

Every other restaurant was a pancake house.

Gabby: A pancake house or a uh buffet of some sort.

Kelly: An all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.

10 Kelly: Oh, and um that brief time I was a

wandering transvestite.

Anne: Yes, you can talk about that as well and how that affected your VO career.

Kelly: Yeah, that, you know, if you work that in.

Gabby: Those auditions had to be a --

Anne: [laughs]

Gabby: So tell me about your time as Frankfurter?

I'm, I --

Anne: [laughs]

Kelly: I was young, and I needed the money.

Anne: You were paying your way for voiceover coaching lessons.

Kelly: That's right.

Anne: That's it.

[women laugh]

11 Anne: So, I may screw up, but you know --

Gabby: We love you anyway.

Kelly: You're blonde.

We expect it.

Anne: Good.

Gabby, I hope you are recording because we're getting all sorts of wonderful outtakes.

Gabby: I am.

12 Kelly: Hi, Gabby.

Gabby: Hi.

Kelly: So tell me about yourself.

Gabby: Umm, well, I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with sticks.

Anne: [laughs]

Kelly: Well, and who doesn't, really?

Anne: [laughs]

13 Anne: We are boos -- wait.

We are BOSS Blasting it, skyrocketing -- wait, no.

We are BOSS Boosting this right outside of this… universe.


We are BOSS -- [laughs] We -- [laughs]

Gabby: You have no idea what the [bleep] we're saying.

Anne: We're blasting [laughs] We're blasting this booster [laughs] We're -- we -- [laughs]

We are blasting outside of this universe.

BOSS Booster, projectile your [laughs] Projectile your business --

Gabby: Up, up, and away.

Anne: Projectile… vomit your business.

Gabby: No.

Anne: Out into the -- yes, no.

Two BOSS brains are better than one.

Gabby: They're [bleep] fried, so we sound like idiots.

14 Gabby: Cool.

Anne: And now, Gabby, let's blast off into the show.

No. [laughs]

Gabby: That's adorable.

Anne: And now, Gabby, let's blast off into our show.

No, that doesn't make sense.

Blast off into?

Wouldn't it be blast off to the show?

Gabby: To.

Anne: Oh yeah.

OK, Gabby, so let's blast off to the show now.

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Use a combination spanner No.14. Use a HEX bit No.6. Unscrew the lower fastener of the stabilizer rod/link

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