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Youtube daily Oct 9 2018

Running fast

Mirror mirror who is the prettiest in the world?

That's right! I am the prettiest

The parrot has narcissism

Aren't you a good boy!

It's one big attention-seeker but truly amazing

Good boy hahahaha!

Kissing itself

Hello! (In Japanese)

SBS Animal Farm is here!

Amazing Trilingual parrot, Haru

Haru, do you love me?

I love you daddy

Thank you

No you can't

They're talking

Stay there

Give me food quickly

I'm eating too

Let's take a bath

Haru is getting cold



Expert: To describe this parrot as a human, it is extremely bright

Good morning, Hello! (in Japanese)

So cool

SBS TV Animal Farm is here

Hello! (in Japanese)

I love SBS Animal Farm!

We love genius parrot Haru!

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CHEATERS Busted! - Auto MINES Destroyer + New Scripts! - Duration: 6:56.

For more infomation >> CHEATERS Busted! - Auto MINES Destroyer + New Scripts! - Duration: 6:56.


Black Bean Burger Recipe - Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers - Healthy Veggie Burger - Duration: 10:10.

what is up everybody this is Lyle don't hit me BBQ and what I'm going to be

doing today by request from death before dishonor are gonna be some black bean

burgers now this isn't a burger that I have a recipe on myself or anything that

I whipped together so what I did was I went online and I'm melding about three

different black bean burger recipes in my Cooke here the ingredients I'm using

are going to be pretty simple why don't you come on in and take a look at these

ingredients the list of ingredients we're gonna need for these black bean

burgers I'm not going to go over the amounts right now but if you look in the

description below I will have the amounts in the description so we have

some black beans I mean I've already rinsed these black beans off we have

some whole corn or not whole corn we have some kernel corn and I've drained

these off I've been using some jalapenos most of the recipes I saw had green

peppers but we're gonna go with the jalapenos I'm going to be using some

onion garlic one whipped egg I'm using panko breadcrumbs I've seen all

different kind of bread crumbs this is what I had on hand you have some chili

powder cumin salt and pepper and that's gonna be for our burgers right here and

then for our sauce we have some mayonnaise we have some chipotle peppers

in adobo sauce lemon juice cilantro and we're gonna add a little bit of salt and

pepper to taste as well we're gonna be topping these with tomatoes and onions

that's it we're gonna keep it pretty basic first thing I need to do is we

need to go ahead and get these beans mashed up now I'm going to be using a

potato masher to mash these beans up but a fork or anything that you have this

gonna break these beans down should work

and once I'm done getting these beans mashed up I'm gonna

go ahead and set them aside and we'll start working on the rest of them now I

did leave a little bit of texture with these beans I'm trying not to have them

be like you know refried beans or anything like that now what we're gonna

do is get our onions jalapenos garlic the garlic doesn't necessarily need to

go in there but I'm just gonna throw it in there anyway and our corn in the food

processor we're gonna have this in here until it's finely minced up this corn is

an addition that I'm making that I saw in a few recipes but not a lot of them

so I'm just eyeballing this all right let's get it going

so that is about what we're looking like right there what I'm gonna do now is

transfer this to a wire strainer and we're gonna push out all this moisture

so now it's time to go ahead and play with our food what I've done was strain

out all the liquid from the peppers and corn and everything that I had in the

food processor so that is pretty dry about now I may save some of this liquid

for that sauce we're gonna be making I'm not sure about that so I'm gonna get

that we're gonna go ahead and add our seasoning in our salt in our pepper our

cumin and our chili powder I'm just gonna kind of go ahead and work this in

and I'm just using the same skillet that I plan on cooking the burgers in just so

I can have one less thing to clean all right so let's go ahead and add our egg


and our break crumbs I'm just gonna mix this in until it until it becomes

somewhat formable almost like a we're gonna want something almost like if you

were to make like a Salisbury steak or meatloaf or something like that all

right this looks good to me my wife is gonna go ahead and hand me

this pan so I don't need to wash my or take my gloves off or anything now what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna form these into some burger

patties smells good yeah they do smell good so I'm gonna form these into burger

patties and I'm gonna put them on this sheet pan with some parchment paper and

I did spray it down with a little bit of canola oil just in case and once I'm

done making these burger patties they're gonna go in the refrigerator for about

I'm gonna let them sit in actually I'm I throw them in the freezer and I'm gonna

let them sit in there for about 30 minutes just to kind of firm up a little

bit before we go ahead and cook them off let's go ahead and get this sauce made

up got our mayonnaise we're just gonna go ahead you could use a blender I

happen to be using a nutribullet or some something hippie like that I'm gonna

throw some of these chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in here

little lemon juice I would have gone with lime I just didn't have any

cilantro you can never go wrong with cilantro and now this is a salt pepper

garlic seasoning that I made up so I'm just gonna throw a little that in there

let's go ahead and blend it up and see what we're tasting all right get the

taste good to go well throw this in the refrigerator and this should be nice and

cooled by the time our burgers are doing getting cooked finally on the home

stretch I was debating whether I should do it or not but I'm gonna go ahead and

toast these buns but I'm gonna be toasting the buns with and cooking the

burgers with it some clarified butter than I have left over from another

recipe so I thought it would go great with this so there's that once those are

toasted up it's gonna be time to get these burgers in right now I have my

cast-iron skillet pretty hot it's not just about on the medium-high right now

we're just gonna go ahead and throw our patty in and I am using a little bit

more better than normal or then I would use for regular burgers since there is

no fat in this at all we're gonna cook that until it gets a nice crust on that

bottom side then we'll flip it over there that's been about 2 and 1/2

minutes let's go ahead and flip it got a nice little crust on it

and it should only take about another two and a half minutes should be a wrap

so let's go ahead and flip it now we're gonna go ahead and add a a couple pieces

of cheese and this is American this is not the processed American cheese this

is real American cheese I'm gonna go ahead and turn this off and just go

ahead and let it melt naturally let's go ahead and get this black bean burger

made I'm gonna go ahead and get a little bit of this mayonnaise sauce on the

bottom and that's going to help these bean sprouts kind of stick to it I

figured might as well go hippie on this one so got our bean sprouts on get our

burger on a little bit more sauce on this

let's go with a lot of onions on that

tomato I mean that is a done deal I'm gonna go ahead and take a couple

pictures and get down to this taste test

so that's what the final product looked like you know what I'm actually pretty

excited to get down into this so I do want to thank death before dishonor for

requesting this let me go ahead and smash this down so I can get my mouth

all the way around this smells good it kind of has that little taco kind of a

seasoning to it now

you almost might not have known that this was meatless I'm not even lying

this is a good burger I think I can see myself doing this again I'm telling you

very good give this a shot if you're looking for a vegetarian option or

something like that for a burger definitely get down with this I'd like

to thank you guys for stopping my no hippie BBQ. Vegetarian Black Bean Burger

Vegan Black Bean Burger Option Coming soon

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Details Yamaha MT-15 VVA Nakedbike 155cc 2019 | Mich Motorcycle - Duration: 2:06.

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Antique crafts|bottle decorating ideas|best out of waste|how to make rust paste|decoupage|tutorial - Duration: 10:03.

Hey guys.. Welcome back. This is Maitree.

Few days back one of my subscriber whose name is Shruti had requested me to share the recipe to make rust paste at home.

Today I am going to make some rust paste and am also going to use the rust paste to transform a bottle.

and am also going to use the rust paste to transform a bottle.

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Before going into the video, let me answer some of the questions that I have been asked.

Some of you have asked me how do I get ideas to make videos.

Guys, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest.

Pinterest is a website, which is an inspiration hub for ideas.

So, if you are searching for some craft inspirations, then you can also visit Pinterest.I have given the website link in the description below.

and additionally you can also join my facebook group and the link is also available in the description below.

And now please enjoy the rust making process and the bottle transformation . :)

For this transformation, I first got an empty glass bottle.

And primed it using some primer.

Once, the primer was all dried, I deco-paged a picture on the bottle.. You can use your own customised picture as well.

Then I used a thread to make a frame for the picture.

I wrapped a thread around the neck of the bottle.

Then I covered the bottle using tissue paper.

The Tissue paper is going to give some textures which will help in holding the rust pastes on the bottle.

To paste the tissue papers, I have used a mixture of water and white glue in equal proportion.

Then I got rust pastes that I have made at home.

I made brown, orange and yellow rust pastes and will share the recipe at the end of this video.

Lets see how I have used the rust pastes to get a rusty effect on the bottle.

I first painted the bottle using brown rust paste.

When this layer was completely dried, I applied a low intense orange rust paste so that the brown paste is also visible.

When the orange paste is completely dried, I applied patches of yellow rust paste to it.

When all the rust pastes got dried, I applied matte finished decoupage glue on the bottle

and that's how I got the rusty look on the bottle.

As promised, I am going to share the rust paste recipe.

To make the rusty pastes, we need some fine sand. You can get fine sand online or in any craft stores.

However, I was not interested in spending money for fine sand. :P

So I got some normal sand from somewhere near to my apartment and used an old tea strainer to get the fine sand out of it.

Then I got three empty containers.

Then I poured two table spoons of fine sand in each container,

Then I mixed one table spoon of wall putty and one table spoon of white glue to the sand in each of the container.

For brown rust paste, I mixed half table spoon of brown acrylic and quarter table spoon of black acrylic to the sand paste.

For Orange rust paste, I mixed one table spoon of orange acrylic, two drops of brown acrylic, two drops of red acrylic, one drop of black acrylic and 4 drops of yellow acrylic to the sand paste

For yellow rust paste, I mixed half table spoon of yellow acrylic and two drops of orange acrylic to the sand .

Thats all that I have for today. I will be back with some more interesting projects. Till then bye bye.. :)

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GÀ QUAY LU(roasted chicken)Món Ngon Miền Tây Phiêu Lưu|MTPL - Duration: 18:52.

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Christmas Paper Star Making Tutorial For Decoration Purpose | Origami Xmas Star Diy - Duration: 2:11.

Welcome to origami art. Today i show you how to

make paper Christmas star. It's a nice

Christmas decoration ideas. If you want to make

please watch full video.

Don't forget to like, comment and share if you like this video.

Thank you very much for watching this video.

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Fuego Breakout Review 🔥 Plus Custom Fuego Breakout Custom Bonuses - Duration: 23:14.

what's up internet marketers this is Ike pause and this is my Fuego Breakout

review now this course this method is gonna come out on October 6 at 9 a.m.

East I'm here to give you everything that you need to know about this method

not only am I gonna go over my custom bonuses go I'm also gonna go over the

old Chios I'm also gonna go over the actual methods the actual method itself

but before you do any of that I want to give you my honest opinion if this sales

page is overly hyped if it's too much if there's too much crap on it if it's real

if it's true I want to give you my first impressions and I'll let you decide for

yourself okay so number one this is done by this chorus Fuego Breakout is done

by two very reputable internet marketers bring brand-new prime Brandon mace and

Jono Armstrong I know them both they're good people and they're at the upper

echelon of internet marketing they they usually dominate the leaderboards within

their niche okay now theoretically you could apply this

method to any niche right it's a you're using traffic from

Instagram and your retargeting traffic your retargeting that traffic on Google

Google Ads okay using YouTube or display or the the Google Display Network so you

can do this within any niche but to be to be fair to be honest here they're

solely focusing on the internet marketing space okay that's that's

that's anyone who's interested in blogging profiting online with with

email marketing all of that affiliate marketing all of that stuff so that's

what this method revolves around okay but before I get into that let's get

into this headline 200 per day on autopilot actually Brandon both Brandon

and Joe no make more than this on a daily basis they break around a grant at

$2,000 a day and I've seen I've seen the leaderboard

it's true so this is an understatement okay now will you will you make this

much per day oh I don't know it depends on what you do depends if you take this

information put it to work for you but before that I want to get into the

bullet points because there are certain things I disagree with and you know I

want you to know about these things new Fuego breakup okay that's true

hundred percent newbie friendly well it's not I wouldn't say it's difficult

but I wouldn't say it's 100 percent newbie friendly there are a lot of

people out there that even if you show them every little bit

they still mess up and you know maybe it's because they have some some

problems grasping certain ideas maybe it's a presenter maybe they don't they

don't follow the presenters information they can't understand the presenter that

well but I would say this is relatively easy to do okay it's friendly newbie

friendly somewhat I think okay again it deals with Instagram traffic and

retargeting okay but I want to be clear there's no SEO involved there's no

waiting this is all pay and play okay pay and play so you're paying for you're

paying for that initial burst of traffic from Instagram you use your taught

everything inside I'm going to talk about more about that later and then you

recapture those though that lost track the traffic that leaves your site by

using retargeting okay so no website or techie stuff ah the website part he does

Jonathas go over a way to do without a website but at the end of the day both

he and I recommend that you have a website I think any interim or any

internet marketer worth it his his or her salt would recommend that you have a

website you need your home base that's my own personal opinion it makes things

easier so this is not true I'm even though he does give you a way to do

without a website I recommend you get your website you get your own website

regardless of the niche okay next one completely original strategies the

combination of these strategies are is original I would say so like I

mentioned at least I've never heard of it getting paid shoutouts on Instagram

and retargeting those people on Google on Google Ads

that combination I would say that's unique takes 20 50 and 20 minutes to set

up yeah I would agree to that especially it gets easier the more you do it I've

been playing with retargeting now for about a good four or four months and I'm

happy with the results so I can tell you this stuff works easy to do method like

again like I said in like I said earlier some people might have problems with it

I don't think is that difficult I think that if you I think John was a great

presenter number one and Jono does most of the presenting within the course more

on that later and he's easy to understand so I think

you can easily take hold of his of the information he gives you and work with

it and get you know get off get off the ground running on using this method the

way goal what's it called again the Fuego Breakout method okay next free

traffic on the map it's not free this is something I do not agree with at all

it's not free it's extremely cheap traffic so I feel like that's why I

would say this is newbie friendly if you have enough wanted to get yourself a

happy meal then you can start with this method because even though the traffic's

not free it's extremely cheap okay that's my personal opinion

I said opinion I mean okay can can you spend ten dollars ten bucks on on an app

if you answered no then maybe this is not for you if you answered yes but I

think ten bucks is really cheap I mean we spend ten bucks daily on stupid on

stupid crap like Starbucks and McDonald's if you could spend ten bucks

on that that you can definitely spend ten bucks on this okay just this is a

soft this is an investment in yourself and in your future okay I get profiting

online and working from home is great trust me I know

next one the new way to make money um well retarget has been around for a

while but it's it's coming it's becoming more and more mainstream so I would I

would somewhat agree to this okay so yeah yeah I somewhat I agree it is it is

relatively new I mean again I've been doing this for five months retargeting I

usually get my traffic free for free but once to hit my site and they don't let's

say they don't buy anything or they don't they don't jump into my email

funnel I want to get them back to my site that's where we targeting comes in

so yeah this is really totally new and I've been using it myself

so I would say that yes it's it's good it's really good I like it

next one two hundred bucks per day on autopilot it fluctuates again um you can

make more actually than this I know Jon and Brandon make more than this so yeah

this is this is true will you achieve these numbers well I don't know I don't

know what you do with this course like I said in the beginning okay so now that

we understand the sales page and I recommend you check it out for yourself

let's go to my custom bonuses that I'm offering you okay check this out okay so

here are my custom bonuses that I created Buster's specifically that I've

put together specifically for Fuego break out if you want this information

it's all down below but I'm gonna break them down for you right here right now

and you want to miss these hey and I get it if you want to shop around go around

and look around and check out what other marketers are providing feel free to do

so but I I'm pretty sure you come back here because you're not gonna find

bonuses custom bonuses like these okay so check this out the first bonus is I

think the most important bonus and the reason why you will come back and if you

decide this is the method for you you get it through my link and this is

because this bonus here is retargeting made simple traffic method now let me

show you something this this little even in this little video it's only 42 seven

voting's only 42 seconds long that I shot right after I woke up in my living

room right has has gotten me over 7000 almost 8000

in views which led to 243 subscribers okay and which led to hundreds of

dollars for me okay now I've done I did this was retargeting with a lot of the

same principles but are the same methods that Jonah talks about within its course

so you're gonna get what Jonah teaches when it comes to retargeting plus what I

teach okay that's two for the price of one you can't beat that and this is a

real-life case study I'm gonna show you this everything

that's the first bonus and that's just the first one I mean this should be a

course on its own but whatever that's custom bonus number one custom bonus

number two is how I made two hundred fifty two dollars with a seven minute

video case study this is a different case study from this one a different

case study I'm not gonna show you the link for that because then you do get it

all right there but yeah I'm gonna show you that how I did it all of that good

stuff really good this is a brand new bonus

and you're gonna want to see this because I mean I give away exactly the

the exact thing you should be looking for to help you to help your videos rank

to the top if you're into YouTube marketing you're gonna want this this is

really important this is bonus number two bonus number three is my is my

method on how to get over a thousand views a day I get over a thousand views

a day check this out this is what October 9th Fuego Breakout will be

released on October 10th at 9 a.m. Eastern this is just this is current

up-to-date okay the today is a brand new day is why it's so little but yesterday

a thousand eight before that a thousand two before that a thousand and all over

over almost almost 1200 people and that's common for me and check out my

internet marketing site 500 this day over 400 this day over over 200 this day

so I know how to get traffic from Pinterest but truth be told when it

comes to internet when it comes to this internet marketing site a lot of this

not all of this is Pinterest okay this is a combination of many many

methods of free traffic okay you're gonna want free traffic because free

traffic is another way to load your retargeting pixel the new keyword here

loading your retargeting pixel you have a pixel it could be a google adwords

pixel google ads google apps pixel which which which is what you're taught within

Fuego Breakout but it could also be a Facebook pixel it could also be a

Pinterest pixel okay and they all are they all offering Twitter even Twitter

offers retargeting I haven't touched on I haven't touched upon Twitter

retargeting but I wasn't in the future and I'll let you know all about it sure

anyways you want to load okay that pixel with as much on with much traffic as

possible free paid I don't care where you get the traffic if they're coming to

your site that means you're interested in what you have to say or what you have

to offer they're gonna you're gonna load that pixel and then retarget to them

later for pay me super cheap okay this is super cheap traffic okay so this free

pinterest Rafic method it's free pinterest traffic is a great way to load

that with every target pixel on top of that I'm gonna give you the best

Facebook groups - - for free traffic to join you're gonna want to join these

these free Facebook groups because they allow promotions if they allow

promotions that means you can get traffic from them another way to load

that retargeting pixel okay so man I don't think I can I can be beat

here and there's only 80 spots I only have 80 spots for these bonuses ok so

you want to get these during the launch period and make sure that you get one of

these spots and you can collect on all these bonuses plus all the regular

bonuses are included so the product provider is Brandon Mason Jono they have

they have some bonuses that they provided and I have them for you you get

those as well now I recommend that you focus on the my bonuses again all the

informations below because they're just they're just top-notch you're the best

and if you want look around you're not beating you're not beating you're not

beating my bonuses I can guarantee that so get the link below check that out

let's let's move on and let's jump into the actual course itself the fuego break

up course okay so we're inside of the Frank we'll break out the very

straightforward method I must say John was a excellent presenter is very easy

to understand and this intro he teaches you what the method is all about and I'm

gonna make a nice and simple for you I'm gonna show you what it is right now

maybe I'm I'm giving up too much I don't know but here it goes you're gonna get

Instagram shoutouts were very cheap maybe 10 to 20 bucks max and then

they're gonna hit your they're gonna hit your lead capture page and then you're

gonna capture some leads you're gonna make some sales right and then you know

that they opt-in and they get to the sales page right it could be you could

that you can have a review Bridge page or you can send them directly to the

actual sales page for the product okay but not all not all these Instagram not

all this Instagram traffic is gonna up then go to your page and start buying

right some of them just gonna leave a lot of them will okay that's where your

google adsense pixel comes in okay so you can capture that information when

they hit your site and then you can go to your Google axons and pay for very

cheap I've done it myself yes as you've seen from my bonuses I'm gonna show you

how to do it this is gonna be an added benefit to have Joe no showing you Plus

myself okay so you go to Google ads and you you basically create an ad just like

don't teaches you and you get using your retargeting pixel so the same people who

landed on your site but didn't opt in or buy they're gonna be retargeted and you

can get those people back onto your onto the sales page okay so that's a really

cool thing and the people who did up then and did it by right away you're

gonna promote the product within your email funnel so that's what these little

boxes represent that's a method in a nutshell that's a lot now can you go off

and do this on your right now maybe but there's a lot of details a lot of

important stuff that Journal puts into this course puts in this method that

helps you along the way so I highly recommend

man if you're interested in this in this method then definitely get this course

but let me shouldn't give you a little breakdown with each video has in store

for you okay the forego toolkit is all the things you're gonna need for Fuego

okay okay including squeeze pages and all that

planning for profits this is how to pick out the best types of offers within

warrior plus you recommend the word plus Joe no does / JV jvzoo he thinks he was

good but he likes worrier plus and then there's two types of squeeze pages you

can create okay and they're both good I prefer option number two truth be told

it uses the same piece of software I use okay so I really like that next the

secret bagel sauce and these four videos he breaks up the power he talks about

the power of Instagram shout outs and Google Ads and using them in conjunction

to create a powerful little engine of traffic where that strike fits that

traffic is going to circulate into your squeeze page and onto the product you're

trying to sell now again theoretically you can use this in any image I mean

there's no reason why not I know people do this in the weight loss niche I know

people do this in the gaming niche I mean in all kinds of niches they do this

right and all kinds of markets I should say markets they do this so I know you

can't okay but Joe no it is a specialist when it comes to and when it comes to

the internet marketing space yeah so his experience of course leans toward leans

towards that so all of these tutorials you can apply to different niches if you

want but I know for a fact you can get shout outs in the weight loss niche and

on Instagram I know for a fact people use retargeting in the weight loss

nation on Instagram also not Instagram on Google Apps okay so it's done if

people is doing it be people are still doing it even now so if you want to

apply these same methods to other niches by all means okay and

then finally in the in the last video here he talks about the mind state you

should have and how to continue to profit online how to be successful

online using the methods that Jonah broke down for you within the

Fuego Breakout okay so that's that's the course in a nutshell let's move on to

the upgrades okay so these are these are the OTO is the upgrades for the

Fuego Breakout okay there are there are let me see here one two three four five six

upgrades and one down sell okay check this out I've got number one is that

thirty seven bucks up good number two is that 157 offbeat number three is at 197

upgrade number four is at sixty seven IP number five is 97 and not good number

six is at 397 there's a down so down sell for off good number six so if you

click the X button they're gonna present you with this offer and that's that up

for our for a set up basically a five dollar trial and after that it's sixty

seven bucks every month okay so what are these different upgrades the first one

is done for you Fuego Breakout funnel packs so basically they give you this

the stuff you'll need to set up your emails the exact sales copy you're gonna

use so that you can plug and play okay again using the free that's a free using

the paid traffic sources that Jono lays out for you within Fuego Breakout okay

number two easy profit system this is a done-for-you business in a box your list

will love simply copy and paste and profit so basically what they're giving

you you they're giving you offers that that that you can promote to your list

and and that's it that's like that's how you profit with that I've got number

three is limitless traffic for 365 days what this is they'll allow you to have

your Google Ads pixel on their sales pages so you can collect traffic that

way and then retarget to that traffic for extremely cheap a good number for

break our rolodex this allows you to make money easily with photo break out

the rolodex Drex you to the exact connections you can tap

into the make massive profits ah basically people in industry people who

people vendors vendors that regularly put out products in the internet

marketing space you can contact them and get approved for whatever brought

whatever products you want to promote okay next one license rights so if you

want to sell this method as your own and keep all the funnels oh sorry keep all

of the puffs from the funnel you can't you have that option now again if you're

a beginner then I would even look at this if you're a newbie okay but if

you're a middling marketer or advanced marketer you know they put out good

stuff so you might want to look into that upgrade number five okay up to

number six 52-week group coaching so you get coaching in a group with other

marketers like yourself Jono and Brandon will help you out within that group and

again you can do even the same type of coaching but at a different rate right

at sixty seven bucks a month it starts off at five bucks so that's that's a

choice okay now which ones they recommend well to be honest I recommend

number three because it types you when a already gives you retargeted traffic

within a certain space the internet marketing space okay and that's really

cheap traffic really targeted traffic which is great that's really cool and if

you're a newbie I'd go with I'd go with a down sell for for the coaching okay so

if you're newbie coaching with the down so I'll just click X when you see the

upgrade number four number six for the six for the six OTO click the X you're

gonna see the down sale pop-up get that if you're newbie

and again for for that retargeting traffic if you already if you want to

start off with it get up with number three okay now now that we understand

this let's go back to the bonuses okay so make sure you check out the all my

information below the links below and check out my bonuses are only 80

spots starting from October 10th and 9:00 Eastern when Fuego Breakout goes

live I was about to say fragole no good fire but no fickle breaker goes for our

life you want to catch all these bonuses along with the method they everything

complements everything else they all complement each other I should say and

yeah and once again you get my retargeting video guy you get

my case study in how I profited with a very short segment of video you get my

Pinterest traffic free traffic guide my free facebook groups traffic guide and

all the bonuses that are provided by the product creators ok so you get all of

that make that check that out below and don't forget to subscribe I don't only

make video reviews but I also make tutorial guides I also give off free

software that I create myself you gonna want all this so I'll see you next time

take care bye bye

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JP_ 不足しているMSVCP120 dllファイルのWindowsエラーメッセージを修正する3つの方法 - Duration: 1:18.

Hi, I'm Sami, from Fawzi academy. In this video, I will talk about. When launching un application on a Windows system,

you may get the following Windows Error Message, Missing MSVCP120.dll File.

I would like you to know that. msvcp120.dll is a part of Microsoft Visual C++. and is often required for running programs

developed with Visual C++. Some games or applications may need the file, in the game or application installation folder.

Copying it from Windows system folder to, the install folder of the game or application should fix that problem.

Make sure to use the 32 bit dll file for 32-bit software, and 64 bit dll file for 64 bit software. If it for some reason doesn't work by just

replacing the file, you might need to re-install the Microsoft visual C++ Redistributable package which can be found in

Microsoft website. if using a 64 bit Windows, install both versions. I will provide you with the link in video description area.

Also You can try to repair Microsoft Visual C++. through control panel, install program, change, repair.

Thank you, for watching Fawzi academy. Please, like. Subscribe, share, this video, and visit, our website,

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Custom Printed Archive Boxes | By Industry | Retail Boxes | Custom Boxes | Urgent Packagings

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hey guys back with another video today I am discussing things that you can do is

father's detox and healing and weight loss I'm currently doing it for the

month of October dry fasting and the reason for me doing this is because it's

the most effective fasting regiment that you can do which forces you into ketosis

and also eats the stored fat like the love handles in the stomach's that we

have that are making us fat currently as we speak and I've been doing this off

and on for maybe for a dry fast then a one or two day refeed and then back onto

my dry fast I really haven't been sharing it with

the public because you know you can have something that triggers you off just one

day and it just you know falls downhill and you don't do a four day drive fast

things happen in life so what I like to do is maybe report the progress of what

I'm doing on our weight loss journey after I do the full dry fast or water

fasts or whatever it is that I'm doing at the time

you know because I know that this is an accountability video and I'm sharing it

with you guys but I also want to motivate my viewers and my some

potential subscribers and I don't want to start something and then on day 2

it's a fluke you know because you know people don't really respect someone that

you know you stop and you stop and you never finish anything sometimes people

look up to you for inspiration and I want you guys to look up for me look up

to me for inspiration and if you have any questions that you need to be

answered if I can answer I will answer it or I will direct you in the right

direction and if I can't answer it but I like to

not kind of put myself on the line and make promises that I can't keep on the

simple fact that you know promising like I'm Santa Claus to make all these

special things happen that ultimately don't always come out as planned so I

like to some time after the fact that you know the success or the failure of

whatever I'm trying to do on a weight loss journey so you can decide maybe if

it's a great fit for you um so I'm not gonna make this video too long just

checking in with you guys also letting as many people know as I possibly can

that I will be doing dry fast all of October with small windows of refeeds

and hydrating and then back onto dry fasting I'm currently as we speak doing

a five-day dry fast an experiment also it's a twist that I'm not going to

discuss until the dry fast is over with and if it works you know I will promote

it I'm not a dietitian I mean I'm not a nutritionist or a doctor so always

consult with one of the two before starting any regiment but if it does

work for me and I do see results I do recommend if it works that maybe you

give it a try but it's a case-by-case basis I don't know what your health

situation is so I'm not forcing or saying that this is a hundred percent

gonna work for everyone this is not a one-size-fits-all it might

not work for you might not be the safest thing for you to be doing but I'm going

to give you the results after I finished my five-day dry fast how it works for me

so with all that being said please subscribe to the channel like and share

this video and make it a favorite and I'll see you guys in the next video bye

for now

For more infomation >> THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR DETOXING|HEALING|DRY FAST - Duration: 4:26.


Cooking Baby Buddy Born | Funny Buddy | Kick The Buddy - Duration: 5:54.

Welcome to my video

Thank you for this video view

Like, sub, share, support my channel.

Thank you very much

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