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Shaquille O'Neal Reveals the Answer to a 2009 Twitter Riddle - Duration: 3:49.

-We love you, man. Shaq, welcome to the show.

-What's up, boy-boy? -[ Laughs ]

That's right. You call -- You made up a name.

You call me boy-boy. -Boy-boy. What's up, baby?

[ Laughter ]

-That's right. That's my nickname?

-Yes, you do.

-Okay, good. I like being called boy-boy.

I knew you were supposed to be here a couple weeks ago

and you had to cancel, unfortunately.

What was that all about? Is everything okay?

-Well, my son Shareef O'Neal is going to be --

who is a freshman at UCLA, he had a little medical scare.

Something was wrong with his heart,

so he's not going to be playing this year.

-What happened? -He did a great job of

when he didn't feel right, he told the doctor.

They put a thing on him.

You know, they saw something was wrong with his heart.

And I'm glad they caught it 'cause it's one of those things

that don't really have symptoms.

So, you know, the message here to people,

if you're not feeling right, make sure you go see a doctor.

Moms, dads, kids.

Because if he wouldn't have did that,

who knows what would have happened, so...

-Wow. -I'm just glad he did that.

-I'm so glad. Yeah. And he's doing okay?

-Yeah, so he's going to get the surgery soon.

And he will come back next year.

-Please give him my best.

[ Cheers and applause ]

All right. -He loves your show, by the way.

-I love him. You can do this. You can get better, buddy.

Thanks for being here tonight. We have a lot to talk about.

I want to talk about the restaurant, Big Chicken.

But, then, I want to talk

about this tweet that you had from 2009.

I don't even know if you'll remember this.

This is a tweet that --

The world is wondering what it is.

-Oh, I know what it is.

-We're dying to know because it says,

"Weee weee wha weee weee wha

weee wee weeee what's song is this?"

And I was trying to think of what song that is.

I go, "What song is that?"

-It's Lil' Wayne. "Mr. Officer."

♪ Wee, wee, wee, wee, wee ♪

♪ Wee, wee, wee, wee, wee ♪

♪ Wee, wee, wee ♪ Everybody, come on.

-♪ Wee, wee, wee, wee, wee ♪

♪ Wee, wee, wee, wee ♪

-Finally we know what the song is!

Thank goodness. We answered that.

-I was riding in the car. I was riding in the car.

It was -- ♪ Wee, wee, wee, wee ♪

I'm like, "Damn, that song jammin'."

"What is this song?"

-I didn't know the name of the song.

-I want to retweet it,

and I want to give you the name of the song.

-One more time.

-♪ Wee, wee, wee, wee, wee ♪

♪ Wee, wee, wee ♪

[ Laughter ]

-Oh, that was good. -I want to talk about --

There's a rumor that you put out there, this rumor.

You said, "Look, now that LeBron is on the Lakers..."

You played for the Lakers. You won many rings as a Laker.

And you said, "You know what? Kobe should come

out of retirement and play with LeBron."

-I mean, wouldn't that be great?

I mean, wouldn't that be a great marketing story?

-Yeah, but do you think he could do it?

-He's 40. You know, he probably doesn't want to do it.

But just imagine.

Just imagine if you go to the Staples Center

and you can get the LeBron jersey

and the Kobe jersey all at once.

-Right? Even if he just comes out for like --

-Kobe and LeBron, if you need an agent for that,

I'm your guy.

No, seriously.

Just imagine him coming and playing 15, 20 minutes a game

helping LeBron get to that,

you know, Laker status of being a Laker great.

'Cause don't get me wrong.

LeBron is probably the greatest player in the game now,

but to get that Laker status,

probably gonna have to help him win one.

So just imagine if Kobe could help him win that one.

-That's it. That would be fantastic.

-See the headlines on that?

-You heard it here first. I would do it.

Let me tell you something. If that happens and they win,

people are going to be riding down the street --

♪ Wee, wee, wee, wee, wee ♪

-That's not true!

[ Laughter ]


Dude, that song...

-I'm gonna have that song in my head all day.

-Oh, my God.

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Shaquille O'Neal and Jimmy Have a Chicken Dance-Off - Duration: 3:45.

I want to talk about "Big Chicken Shaq."

"Big Chicken Shaq."

This is -- You opened up a chicken restaurant --

or, you're opening up one in Vegas.

-I'm opening up a chicken restaurant in Vegas.


-Well, I already have a couple restaurants in Vegas

that are doing successful.

But this one is different because I'm the CEO.

I'm in charge. I'm at the front.

All my other restaurants are delegated to, you know --

Because one of my mottos is,

hiring people that are very smarter than me,

so I let them do the work.

But this one, Big Chicken, this is my baby.

I'm doing all the work on the construction, hiring, menu.

-Really? -Yes.

-So that's what the show is about.

But, how -- I mean, so your management skills --

Would you say your management style --

-My management style is similar to yours.

I try to make people at ease.

You know, I don't act like I know everything.

Because from playing basketball,

I realize that you can't win championships by yourself.

You have to utilize your teammates.

So I just try to make everybody at ease.

[ Cheers and applause ] You know?

I don't have a problem listening.

And I'm also inviting the fans from Facebook

to help me make decisions.

Like, you know, logos and restaurant items and stuff.

-You're doing -- Another fun thing you're doing,

you're having a contest who can do the best chicken dance.


-I mean, do you got a good chicken dance?

-Better than yours.

[ Laughter ]

-Why don't you give me that wee, wee, wee --

Give me that wee-wee song.

-You want me to go first? -Yeah, you go.

-I'll go first. ♪♪

You got to get the wings out.

[ Cheers and applause ]

-Ha! That's a good one.

-Bawk bawk!

Oh, nice. Okay!

[ Laughing ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

-I went tiny. I went bird.

I went baby bird.

I went tiny, tiny chick. -You win, you win.

-Oh, you know what I want to do?

I want to have --

Your chef is here and made us a sandwich.

-You wanna try it? -Called the Shaq Daddy.

-You want to give me your honest opinion?

-Yeah. What is this?

I'll give you the honest opinion.

-It's chicken, ham, cheese, and it's right behind you.

-What? -It's right there, baby.

We don't mess around. [ Cheers and applause ]

That's my chef right there. That's the chef.

-Pleasure. Nice to see you, Chef.

All right. This is it right here.

It looks like -- Is there barbecue jam on here?

-Yeah, man. -What's up? Look at this.

This looks gorgeous. -You want to go first?

-Oh, yeah, man.

Look, barbecue sauce dripping from it?

I'm gonna freak out. Here we go.

-Give me some barbecue-sauce music.


I like that.


That's one of the best sandwiches ever.

[ Cheers and applause ]

-That's the Shaq Daddy right there.

-That's a fantastic --

You guys want a bite of this sandwich?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Let's go. While we do that --

I'll go give some to the audience.

I want to show a clip.

Here's Shaquille O'Neal helping to renovate his new restaurant

in the Facebook Watch series, "Big Chicken Shaq."

Check this out right here. Check out the clip.

Hey, hold on. [ Cheers and applause ]

-All right, you want a tour? -Yeah.

-All right, so, first thing is, these walls have to open up.

The registers will be here, and then, it'll be opened up

to the kitchen back there,

so you'll be able to see them making all the food.

-You don't want to see this boring-ass tour, do you?

Wouldn't you rather just see me break stuff?

That's what I thought.


-Whoa! -Whoa.

-You leave it in there, and then you bring it back out.



-I think there's some steel in there.



-Our thanks to Shaquille O'Neal!

[ Cheers and applause ]

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Redoine Faïd: La ministre de la Justice demande à Google Maps de flouter les prisons, dont celle Ven - Duration: 2:58.

JUSTICE - La ministre de la Justice a annoncé ce mardi 9 octobre avoir demandé à Google de flouter les vues aériennes de prisons disponibles sur Google Maps et Google Earth, dont celle de Vendin-le-Vieil où le braqueur Redoine Faïd est écroué

"J'ai écrit à Google pour demander qu'il y ait des mesures qui soient prises pour retirer ces établissements pénitentiaires" des services de cartographie de Google, a déclaré Nicole Belloubet sur RTL, regrettant que ses demandes n'aient pas encore abouti

"Je vais demander à rencontrer les personnes qui sont en charge de ces questions-là", a-t-elle ajouté

Google Earth et Google Maps permettent en effet de visualiser des prises aériennes de certaines prisons françaises

Les prisons de Réau (Seine-et-Marne), d'où Redoine Faïd s'était évadé en hélicoptère le 1er juillet, Vendin-le-Vieil (Pas-de-Calais) ou Valenciennes (Nord) étaient ainsi visibles mardi matin

En zoomant sur Google Maps on distingue nettement les différentes bâtiments qui les composent, les terrains de football, les cours ou les enceintes

En revanche, d'autres prisons sont floutées, comme celles des Baumettes à Marseille ou de Bois d'Arcy (Yvelines)

"Je trouve que ça n'est pas normal que des établissements sécurisés comme nos prisons se retrouvent sur internet", a encore réagi la garde des Sceaux

Condamné à 25 ans de prison pour son rôle d'"organisateur" dans un braquage raté en 2010 qui avait coûté la vie à une policière municipale, Redoine Faïd s'était enfui grâce à l'aide d'un commando armé qui avait auparavant pris en otage un pilote d'hélicoptère

Redoine Faïd est détenu à l'heure actuelle dans la prison ultra-sécurisée de Vendin-le-Vieil où il a entamé une grève de la faim pour contester l'incarcération de sa logeuse et de membres de sa famille et ses conditions de détention

À voir également sur Le HuffPost:

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HIMALAYA SPEMAN REVIEW 2018 ||FOR INCREASE YOUR SPERM COUNT||ശുക്ലള വര്‍ദ്ധനവിന് വേണ്ടി - Duration: 6:57.

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Kawasaki Ninja 300 User Review - Duration: 12:39.

Kawasaki 300

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Awesome Cake WITHOUT BAKING for 15 minutes! - Duration: 2:22.

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Nana Patekar Ke Baad "Alok Nath" Par Lagaya Producer Ne Molestation Ka Aarop - Duration: 2:47.

Nana Patekar Ke Baad "Alok Nath" Par Lagaya Producer Ne Molestation Ka Aarop

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How To Make a BIG CHANGE as an ENFP - Dreams Around The World - Duration: 10:05.

Hey Dan here and if you are an ENFP thinking about making a big change in

your life, then stick around because this video is for you. If you are new to the

channel our purpose here Dreams Around The World is to help you become the best

version of yourself all while creating the most awesome life possible for you

and those you love so do consider subscribing. Now, as an

ENFP, which I am by the way, change is inevitable at some point in your life

there's going to be a big change it could be ending a relationship it could

be starting a new business it could be moving across the country or the world I

have done all of these things as I'm sure many of you have as well and it's

never not scary shall we say but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it and in

this video I want to cover a bit of advice around that the first bit of

advice which really is the biggest is do it now no matter what else occurs it

will always be easier to do it now there's this thing in economics and it

also applies to poker called the sunk cost fallacy which is when we are

committed to something so let's say you've been in school for three years to

get an advanced degree right maybe you're getting a master's degree I don't

know why that would take three years but it is in behavioral economics but around

year one you're like I don't really like behavioral economics at all this sucks

and then my gear to you like yeah but you know it it took so long to apply and

I got accepted and I've spent all this money like I don't want to lose that

let's just stick with it another year and then you're in like year three and

you've still got another year because somehow it's before years master degree

in my made-up scenario here and you're like oh but I've already invested like

two and a half years and there's only a year left and and this is the kind of

thinking that gets people into serious trouble it's also the kind of thinking

that gets people to buy like little collector sets and there's a whole

marketing trick around this where you send people like one part of a 12-part

collection for free and then they're like I have to complete it and they'll

buy the rest different story for another time no it is totally natural that when

you have something scary to do you will put

it off right that's what fear often makes us do avoid whatever it is we are

afraid of and whether it is ending a relationship or moving to another

country or starting a business those things are going to have some level of

fear now in many cases they're going to carry a similar or even bigger level of

excitement and anticipation like yeah I might have to move to Italy and it might

be a little scary but it's also gonna be awesome I'm gonna eat pizza for like

three meals a day so I know when I lived in Italy a gelato for breakfast many

days and somehow lost weight it was amazing but anyhow you are going to have

this fear and that's totally natural the thing is is the longer you wait the more

that sunk cost fallacy keep adding things to your commitment right so if

you're at a job right now and you've been there a year or ten years and

you're like I don't want to do this anymore but you're like I've already put

in some time here and like next year I'll get a raise the longer you stay the

harder it becomes to leave because you have more and more of a commitment now

eventually in my experience you know coaching a lot of ENFP is working with a

lot of people is eventually you will end up leaving because the pain of being in

that job or relationship or living in the place you don't like eventually

becomes too much and you say fine I will do it but the thing is is usually

there's like a year or five years or 20 years wasted in between and the longer

you wait the harder it becomes so you just really end up wasting a lot of time

so that is the beginning here of why you should do it right now the other reason

is that in my experience enfps have an incredible sense of intuition and

whether or not we're able to know ourselves so well and predict the future

or it kind of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because once we decide

something in our gut we just like make it happen and stick to it

you're the odds are that whatever you're feeling now in terms of the big change

isn't going to change within you so if you're in a

relationship and you've been wanting to get out for a long time you're probably

not going to change your feelings on that a year or two from now if you're

not that happy with your current life situation maybe where you live or what

you do to earn money and you've been wanting to do something different for a

long time you're not gonna wake up in like six months and say you know what

this is call center it ain't so bad they got ergo nama chairs last month they

care this is a pretty good gig not going to happen right so if your gut instinct

if the feeling you have that's pushing you to want to change isn't going

anywhere then why not act on it now you might be thinking that I've spoken in

other videos about shiny object syndrome and how in a piece change direction way

too much and not to be doing that and I want to just you know differentiate

between these two things right one is when we're into something that we really

are meant to be doing so let's say you start a business and it's aligned with

who you are and what you enjoy and you're six months or a year into it and

because it's getting tough and because you're a bit afraid shiny object

syndrome comes in and you feel like you want to quit or change direction that's

bad that is making a change because of like

either fear or just not knowing how long success takes or something seeming

easier and not being willing to commit to that hard part and I'm gonna talk a

bit about that in a second as well that is not a good thing what I'm talking

about is when you know in your heart of heart and maybe you verify it with like

a friend or coach or someone but you know the path you're on is not the right

one for you and you're letting fear keep you in it that's what I'm talking about

here in either case one of the things that's really important to understand is

it's going to be a bit hard at the beginning I'm gonna use the example of

starting your own business here because it's just part of my world and an easy

one for me to talk about your first couple years of business can be really

exciting that can be fun they can be just a total adrenaline kick

like a lot of billionaires have said that they missed the early

stages of their companies when it was challenging and scary every day and all

that kind of stuff so it can be really awesome but it's also gonna be tough and

you are going to need to sacrifice if you're thinking of starting your own

business and you're like yeah so I currently earn $10,000 at my job and a

month let's say and I'm going to start this entrepreneur thing and I'm gonna

earn $20,000 in three months and upgrade my lifestyle and probably not the case

you know prove me wrong and some people do transition really quickly but usually

you are gonna take a bit of an income hit for your first year or two when you

work for yourself and you're also going to have to probably put in a lot of

hours go through some stressful situations all that now you ask me it is

completely and absolutely worth it but sometimes people don't expect this and

so this leads to a couple things is one someone will say quit their job and

start a business and it's really hard at first and they're like well if it was

hard it must not be what I'm supposed to do so I guess I'm not meant to be an

entrepreneur and I'll go back and I'll quit and I will go back to being an

employee not the best thing you know cuz it's really a misunderstanding it's

supposed to be hard when you start out now the other point I want to address is

from is if you are aware of this and you're in kind of a cushy job that you

do not like get is sucking up your soul but you're in this job and you're

thinking of making a change just like yeah but it's gonna suck for a couple

years and I don't really want to deal with that and I'll do it

later maybe in a few years it'll be worth it but I'm really comfortable now

and you know that's fine it will never get easier it goes back to the beginning

of this video right the longer you stay in your current position the more you'll

get used to your lifestyle the more you'll get used to that position and

you'll have the sunk cost element going on as well where you're just like I put

in all this time and so yes it's gonna be a bit hard maybe the first couple

years but it is totally worth that sacrifice and it is better to make that

sacrifice as young as possible and make that transition then doing it later in

life when you're going to have less time the backend of it to prosper from all

your you know success if you start a business at sixty versus thirty you can

succeed in both ends in fact I work with people you know in their fifties and

sixties starting businesses or who have successful businesses and you can

totally do it and you'll probably have some really good results because you

have all this life experience and discipline and that built up already but

ideally it would be better to do that when you're like 25 and then you build a

successful business and then you have your whole life to enjoy the freedom and

the fruits of this business you've created so long-winded long story short

here whatever that big decision you're thinking of making do it now it's always

going to be tough but the sooner you do it the better off you will be and the

more time you will have to reap the rewards of your courageous gutsy

decision thank you for watching if you're not already a subscriber to the

channel do subscribe hit that subscribe button and the Bell button beside it

which will notify you when I release new videos which is every single week catch

in the next video soon


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Что тебя ждет в отношениях с женатым мужчиной? Не для слабонервных! - Duration: 6:09.

For more infomation >> Что тебя ждет в отношениях с женатым мужчиной? Не для слабонервных! - Duration: 6:09.


The new PLAYMOBIL® Porsche Macan GTS! 🚗 | Trailer | Kili Film® - Duration: 1:36.

Ach! What a nice weather!

Yes, wonderful!

What was that?

He is so cute!

Girls! Do you want to go?

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Traitement Naturel Contre L'impuissance Masculine et Dysfonction érectile - Duration: 20:02.

For more infomation >> Traitement Naturel Contre L'impuissance Masculine et Dysfonction érectile - Duration: 20:02.


Ferrari 488 Pista Spider - 2018 PARIS MOTOR SHOW - Duration: 3:15.

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider - 2018 PARIS MOTOR SHOW

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider - 2018 PARIS MOTOR SHOW

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider - 2018 PARIS MOTOR SHOW

For more infomation >> Ferrari 488 Pista Spider - 2018 PARIS MOTOR SHOW - Duration: 3:15.


How to Treat Daytime Sleepiness with 5 Natural Remedies|HFE♪ - Duration: 11:11.

How to Treat Daytime Sleepiness with 5 Natural Remedies

Although many people turn to coffee to reduce drowsiness, there are other options that are much healthier and more effective when it comes to fighting fatigue.

Daytime sleepiness is a common problem among the population.

Often, it stems from poor quality of sleep, nutritional deficiencies and some sicknesses.

It's a condition that manifests itself with a feeling of heaviness and slowness that, frequently, makes the person fall asleep at inappropriate times.

Although at first it may be considered normal, it's important to pay attention to it because it can interfere with daily work and increase your risk of work-related and driving accidents.

What's ideal is getting an adequate amount of rest, not less than 8 hours every day.

You can also keep in mind a few natural remedies to counteract your tiredness.

Causes of Sleepiness.

Insomnia and other sleep-related problems are some of the main causes of daytime drowsiness.

However, in addition to these, there are a few other risk factors:.

Chronic pain Too much manual labor Depression or stress Alterations in your nervous system Thyroid problems Anemia Difficult digestion Low blood pressure Use of certain medications (sedatives, sleeping pills, antihistamines) Too much calcium in your blood Sleep apnea Diabetes.

Natural Remedies to Treat Sleepiness.

To efficiently fight daytime sleepiness, it's necessary that you identify its origin.

However, in general, some natural remedies can bring you relief.

Green Tea.

Because of its high polyphenol content, green tea is one of the most recommended natural products to face the symptoms of drowsiness.

These antioxidant compounds help regulate sleep and contribute to an increased energy level.


1 teaspoon of green tea (5 g) A cup of water (250 ml).


First, pour the teaspoon of green tea in a cup of boiling water and cover it.

Let it steep for 10 minutes and filter it with a strainer.

Method of Consumption.

Drink the tea in the morning before breakfast and mid-morning.

Warm Water with Lemon.

Drinking warm water with lemon before breakfast doesn't just give an impulse to your digestive system, but also increases our energy level and counters the sensation of fatigue and sleepiness that is produced by cellular dehydration.


The juice of 1/2 lemon 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Juice the lemon and dilute it in a cup of warm water.

Method of Consumption.

Drink it right after waking up in the morning.

Banana and Yogurt Smoothie.

This energizing smoothie contains essential nutrients that help activate physical and mental functions to make you more efficient throughout the day.

On the other hand, both ingredients contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps stimulate the separation of serotonin and melatonin to increase your quality of sleep.


1/2 cup of natural yogurt (100 g) 1 ripe banana.


First, pour the natural yogurt into the blender and blend it with the ripe banana.

Once it's creamy, without lumps, serve it instantly.

Method of Consumption.

Drink the smoothie for breakfast or at mid-morning.

Apple Cider Vinegar.

Because of its detoxifying power, apple cider vinegar can help improve the state of a tired person when the symptoms are caused by using sedatives.

Mixing it with warm water has a light energizing value that, in the morning, improves performance.


2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (30 ml) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Dilute the apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water.

Method of Consumption.

Sip the beverage 30 minutes before eating breakfast.

Yerba Mate Tea.

Considered to be a natural energizer, yerba mate has a revitalizing power that counters fatigue and drowsiness.

It helps to improve blood circulation and, by optimizing cellular oxygenation, works to improve mental performance.


1 teaspoon of yerba mate (5 g) A cup of water (250 ml).


Add the teaspoon of yerba mate to a cup of boiling water.

Cover the tea and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

When it's cool enough to drink, filter it with a strainer.

Method of Consumption.

Drink the tea at mid-morning, right when you start to feel like you're getting tired.

Do you feel a strong feeling of tiredness in the morning? Do you fall asleep during your daily activities? If you face this problem, try one of the previously mentioned remedies to fight it naturally.

Then, if the problem persists, consult a doctor to determine what the next step would be.

For more infomation >> How to Treat Daytime Sleepiness with 5 Natural Remedies|HFE♪ - Duration: 11:11.


Dare Rider - Android Gameplay HQ - Duration: 2:35.

Dare Rider - Android Gameplay HQ

For more infomation >> Dare Rider - Android Gameplay HQ - Duration: 2:35.


6 Benefits of St. John's Wort|HFE♪ - Duration: 9:00.

6 Benefits of St. John's Wort

Although St.

John's wort has multiple health benefits, you should check with a specialist before trying it, especially if you're going a though any medical treatment.

John's wort has many benefits.

You can buy this herb as an infusion, in capsules, or as an oil.

Adding it to your diet can help solve or prevent many health problems.

It's important to check with a doctor before trying it, especially if you're taking any special medication or have a medical condition.

Although St.

John's wort is a natural product, it can have side effects if taken with certain drugs.

However, this is quite rare.

Benefits of St. John's Wort.

In this article, you can read about the 6 benefits of St.

John's wort.

This herb can improve your health significantly, thus helping you enjoy a better quality of life.

It's an antidepressant.

Many professionals may recommend using this herb to treat depression.

In some cases, it can even help relieve stress and anxiety.

However, you must take your doctor's advice into consideration.

If you're suffering from depression or anxiety, it's very likely that you'll need a drug to help manage your depression.

Although this herb is natural, you must follow the proper amount prescribed by your doctor.

Useful during menopause.

Likewise, there is a risk of suffering from depression during menopause. Fortunately, St.

John's wort can help with the symptoms of menopause, such as mood swings, anxiety, hot flashes….

However, it can be taken before menopause to alleviate some of the body's natural course, including premenstrual syndrome.

This means that this herb is suitable for women of all ages.

Additionally, it helps relieve period pain.

Good for migraines.

Many people get migraines.

Migraines are very intense headaches that are often accompanied by nausea and dizziness that can last up to 3 days.

Many people have to seek medical attention due to these headaches because not even medicine alleviates their pain.

The good news is that St.

John's wort also is good at treating migraines and headaches.

It's a natural choice for people who have severe pain.

Keeps hormones balanced.

Another benefit of St.

John's wort is that it keeps hormones balanced.

For example, people who have thyroid conditions always have to monitor their hormone levels.

Taking St.

John's wort can offer many positive benefits.

John's wort will not only help you have normal thyroid hormone production but it will also reduce symptoms such as menstrual cycle changes, cramps, extreme tiredness, apathy, among others.

Helps overcome addictions.

Have you tried everything to quit smoking? Are you addicted to alcohol? Do you overeat? St.

John's wort also helps overcome addictions.

People should take it during withdrawal periods to control cravings and anxiety, which in turn helps increase their willpower in order to prevent a relapse from occurring.

Treats skin problems.

John's wort is also perfect for treating skin problems.

Its useful for the following medical skin problems:.

Dermatitis Chafing Burns Allergies.

This herb stimulates blood circulation (it can also help with circulation problems), which accelerates the skin's healing process.

It can help you a lot if you have eczema, atopic skin, or other skin conditions.

Have you ever tried St.

John's wort? Do you have any of the previously mentioned problems? Would like to try it out? Before doing so, you should check with your doctor.

John's wort can benefit your health in many ways.

Feel free to share your experiences with us if you've already tried it.

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