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Artificial Intelligence is on everybody's lips lately. So what does it mean?

AI happens when a program draws on complex human behavior.

Machine Learning is a branch of AI centered around teaching programs

how to learn on their own. It is at work in a popular service like Google Translate.

Today in France we have taken it upon ourselves to push the frontiers of AI and take a closer look

at a sizable chunk of French Heritage - by offering a program to recognize our Cheese.

We love cheese, but this was something else, so we reached out to Xavier, Manu

Ludo - expert Cheesemongers from the Fromaginary Collective - they were the pros.

When Google contacted us it didn't really come as a surprise, you know

Cheese is the ultimate complexity, it is as diverse

as the French terroir, and there was more than info matter for research.

We started with what we knew best, which is Neural Networks, at work

in image recognition, but early on we realized we had to take this much further.

You know cheese is not all about vision.

Yes, complexity in cheese comes from texture, scents,

and taste

So for instance, for texture we designed this thumb contraption to better feel cheese.

We also created an electronic nose.

We are able to tell apart a Coulommiers from a Camembert

We can go as far as recognize what year it was first made, and which ewe gave the milk.

The result is a truly remarkable way of telling cheese apart

to know what cheese is truly natural, authentic, and what cheese is a mere ersatz.

At the end of the day, what really matters is that cheese is a human adventure, it signifies love

and work, just like our coming together.

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Babydoll vs. Dragon (Scene) - Sucker Punch-(2011) Movie Clip HD - Duration: 5:07.





AMBER [OVER RADIO]: I got an idea.

Hold on!


L got you now!

Take that, you ugly mother.

Amber, where is she?

AMBER: Check our 6. I don't see her.

Blondie, keep your eyes peeled.




KNIGHT: I'll kill yo--

AMBER [OVER RADIO]: She's all yours, Baby.

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Cops seek public's help nabbing porch pirates - Duration: 1:46.
































































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Girl In The City Chapter 2 | Episode 3 | Promo - Duration: 0:31.

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meera's dreams came true

i'm going to be a principle designer of the exclusive line

but some dreams broke even after accomplish

meera how shits your designs are

what will meera choose ?

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Chema | Episode 83 | Telemundo English - Duration: 15:41.



Excuse me.

What's up?

This was especially delivered for you, boss.


Honestly, Pelusa...

I never thought I'd find myself around here again.

Much less for a social visit.

Sit down.

Thanks, man.

You know what?

You're not going to screw me over, are you?

Not at all, Tostado.

On the contrary, I'm hoping to go into business with you.


I want to get out of Cadena's shadow.

Keep your mouth shut, you hear?

You're not going to say sh-- until I talk to him.

We're not at war with Tostado right now.

Our business with Chema is our priority,

so keep your mouth shut, you hear?


No, man. Don't look.

Are you asking me to help you make your boss worm food?

No f---ing way.

Leave Mr. Oscar alone.

I'll talk to him and settle things.

That won't be necessary.

Besides, he wants to stay in Spain with his sister.

Don't remind me.

That babe is so hot.

I'm going to ask you to do something for everyone's sake.

Forget about Mr. Oscar...

and forget about his sister.

Times are changing and I want to move on up.

I'm going to work from the Ecuadorian-Peruvian border.

I'm going to ship the drugs from Leticia.

I need someone to pick up my coke and get it to Chema.

You're the man for the job.

How does that sound?

You know what?

It sounds good. I really like the sound of it.



Take him and get us a good bottle of aguardiente.

Pelusa just made the deal of a lifetime.

That's right, man.

<i> Say hi to Mom</i> <i> and Dad!</i>

<i> Mom!</i>

<i> Mommy!</i>

<i> Damn, kiddo.</i>

<i> I'm actually doing you </i> <i> a favor.</i>

<i> You're better off in heaven</i> <i> than in an orphanage.</i>

<i> Quit your crying.</i>

<i> Mom!</i>

<i> Ready?</i>

<i> Yeah, man! </i> <i> Just do it!</i>

<i> Mom!</i>

<i> From that moment on,</i> <i> Red was dead to the world.</i>


They killed them!

They killed my boys!

They threw them off a bridge!

<i> He became</i> <i> a walking corpse.</i>

<i> His sons' bodies turned up</i> <i> sometime later.</i>

<i> They were found in</i> <i> a Venezuelan river.</i>

<i> We'd never been afraid</i> <i> to spread fear,</i>

<i> but now we were</i> <i> experiencing it first-hand.</i>

<i> Nothing could stop or quench</i> <i> Red's thirst for vengeance.</i>

<i> When he was done killing</i> <i> everyone he could,</i>

<i> he spent all his money on</i> <i>a f---ing plot at the cemetery.</i>

<i> He hired engineers</i> <i> and architects.</i>

<i> He brought his sons'</i> <i> bodies home</i>

<i> and had a huge mausoleum built</i> <i> for them and Regina.</i>

I have to go.

I have to meet with Fabricio.


You used to call him Ponce.

Fabricio, Ponce... It doesn't matter.

No, it does matter.

Are you falling for him?


Is that what you want?

No way! I'd never want that.

I don't want that either.

My heart, body, and soul belong to you.

Damn right!

Only you.

I hope so.

-I have to go. -Go on.

<i> She was telling the truth</i>

<i> and she got the chance</i> <i> to prove it later on...</i>

<i> when everything went</i> <i> to hell again.</i>

Talk to me.

Hey, Chema...

I know where Nelson Martinez is.

I'll fax you his location.

You're worth your weight in gold, motherf---er.

You're leaving again?

Stop screaming! Don't get hysterical on me!

You left for a week without telling me where you were,

and now you're leaving again, you motherf---er?

Don't talk like that in front of my daughter, you bitch!

What do you want me to know?

If I was sleeping around? I was, so what?

So what?


What is it?

Something strange is going on outside!

What do you mean?

Sh--! Get down!

Get over here! Give me that!

Chema needs to recover the five tons he left in Central America.

He's with his people in Venezuela.

Once they wrap things up over there,

they'll head to Central America and we have to back them up.

I'm ready.

I have everything prepared for the mission.

Have you heard from him?


He was in Nogales after Red killed Almenar's people,

but I haven't seen him.

Move in!

Let's go!


Those are just fireworks. Don't worry about a thing.

Close your eyes, okay?

I have plenty of guys watching us, so you don't have to worry.

Don't leave us, Nelson! What's going on?

You said you didn't have any enemies

and that everything would fine! What the f--- is going on?

Are we really doing this now?

Go upstairs! Take them upstairs!

Get upstairs, damn it!

Get the car, William! We're getting out of here!

I found you, you son of a bitch!

Did you really think you could mess with my family

and that I'd let it slide, a--hole?

You're going to pay, motherf---er!

Not much.

What's up? How are you?

I just got back from Nogales. I wanted to see you.

I'm leaving on a mission.

I'll see you when I come back.

A mission? Where? What's it about?

I don't know. I'm awaiting instructions.

See you later.

The car's ready.

Let's get out of here.

What about your wife and daughter?

There's no time to get them. Let's go.

Let's go!

Hurry, Red!

This son of a bitch is getting away!

Head into the house! I'll surround the area!


Drop it! Don't move!



I had nothing to do with what happened to Red's woman.

I swear I didn't.

You can tell Red yourself, motherf---er!

You damn traitor.

Move it! Get inside!

Inside, a--hole!

Move it!

We have a score to settle.

-Chema, I told you... -Kneel!

I had nothing to do with it, Chema.

Is that so?

Let's hear a joke now.


You can hit me all you want,

but you should be looking for Ricardo Almenar.

This was Ricardo's doing. Really.


please do something.

Do something!

Let them go, Red.

You want me. Let them go.

I'm interested in you alright,

but I won't let them go.

Where's the video camera?

You're going to record what's about to happen.


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La Fan | Episode 53 | Telemundo English - Duration: 11:20.



Let go of me! Let go!


-You won't get away with it! -Stop it.

Let's go!

Come on! Let's go!

No, no! Don't shoot!

Help me. Let's go.

I can't do it, Diego!

What can't you do?

I can't live in a place like this.

What do you mean?

Look at this place!

Don't be so dramatic.

Diego, this place is horrible. I tried, but I can't do it.

I killed the roach. What's the problem?

The problem's that where there's one there's more.

So now you're a roach expert?

Stop making fun of me.

I'm not!

You're afraid of living with a little bug,

but you don't mind naming a rat vice president.

What does that mean?

It means that I bite my tongue and you can't deal with a roach.

Stop talking about it! I hate roaches!

And I hate Benicio so we have a problem!

-So what do we do? -Don't hang that over my head.

I killed it. It's gone.

Why do you insist on bringing up the roach?

They disgust me. Just stop!



Will you come back?

I will.

But only once you've gotten rid of every bug in this place!

And do some cleaning too!

Here, have some coffee and tell me exactly what happened.

Quique ordered me to watch Duarte and he got away.

You're in big trouble.

Those two must be married by now.

Quique's going to kill me.

Don't worry. That won't happen.

Why not? He got away!

Calm down. They won't get married.

-Are you sure? -Trust me.

But next time, do your job.

Answer the phone. It's getting on my nerves


"Unknown Caller."

Nicolas, it's me.

It's him. What do I say?

<i> Nicolas, can you hear me?</i> <i> Say something!</i>

I can hear you breathing. Cut the crap!

Pretend nothing's happened.

What do I tell him?

Nicolas, are you with Duarte?

Yes... no!

There was a slight hiccup.

What sort of hiccup?

He got away.


He got away?

He's going to kill me.

Give me that!

Mr. Quique, this is Gabriel Bustamante.

Why are you with Nicolas?

Don't worry.

Lucas and Vale won't get married.

Of course they won't.

<i> Nicolas did</i> <i> what he could.</i>

Well, it wasn't enough, Gabriel.

I know, but he tried.

Besides, the important thing's to stop the wedding, right?

Of course there'll be no wedding!

As long as I'm alive, those two will never get married!

In the words of my father, "Good riddance!"

Where are you going, sweetie?

What is it?

Jessie, you're hurting me! What's the matter with you?

Sorry, but I need you to tell me if the seed's

going to bear fruit.

Sweetie, I'm not a gynecologist.

You're my friend. What's wrong with you?

Back at you. You need to calm down!

I am calm!

You're horrible. Bye.

I'm very calm.

I don't want to hurt you, but I need to know if I'm pregnant.

You need to calm down. These things take time.

I don't have time!

If I'm not pregnant, that means I have to go out there

and find another donor, which won't be easy.

You're insane.

I want a tarot reading.

A tarot reading? Calm down.

This is horrible, but if you want me to be honest, fine.

I consulted the spirits and all I can say is this,

your chances are looking good.

I knew it!

Now you know.

You'd better be right or I'll kill you.

You shameless bitch! I'm not God, you know!

Fine, don't be so upset.

You're a horrible person.

I'm not.

So, what are you going to do

now that your man has found another girl?

You're a meanie!

I don't care.

Not in the slightest.

Those two won't get rid of me so easily.

I don't like it when you talk that way.

I get goosebumps.

And with good reason.

I swear Diego will end up with me or my name isn't Jessica.

-Wow! -Cheers.

You've always been a bad girl, but lately you've been lethal.


You're being silly. Sit down.

Come in. Take a seat.

-You had me called? -Yes.

We have to talk.

About what? About Diego?

About Benicio.


I don't know what I can tell you about him.

Don't be nervous.

We can talk openly.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand.

I'll be straightforward. Benicio told me about you two.

He's in love with you.

Don't you think Adri was being dramatic?

There weren't that many roaches.

Bro, we found a few and that's enough for a woman like her.

At least we got rid of them.

For now, just remember that rats and roaches are pests.

Don't say that!

If she sees another one, she'll kick me out.

Then you'll have to do this every month.

I guess. Thanks for the help.

Sure thing, bro.


How's the place? Do you like it?

Um... well...

What's with the face?

Nothing, it's comfy and small...

Tiny, actually, considering you're living with Adriana.

Isn't my love enough for her?

Dude, you know she's used to living differently.

Well, this is all I can give her.

What if she doesn't get used to it?

She has to.

This all comes with me. It's all part of the package.

I'm like a fast food combo.

You get a burger with fries and a drink.

It all comes together.

What if she doesn't like burgers?

She'll learn to love them.

Fine, but do you have a plan B in case she doesn't?


I mean, I don't get it.

Neither do we.

What happened?

Vale was almost kidnapped. Lucas saved her and they left.

-Lucas? -Yes.

Where'd they go?

We don't know. We stayed here.

I was looking after Tomas while this all happened.

But did they get married?

They were getting married when those men came in.

-What do you mean? -They were getting married.

But did they marry?

Our Father in Heaven was looking down...

Father, you know what I mean!

Where's Vale?

Lucas and Vale ran away!

This isn't over.

Wow, sweetheart! Evasive driving!

Just like in your movie <i> Lost in Love</i> , remember?

Sure, but now's not a good time to reminisce.

What's up?

Oh, it's you. I have a doorbell, you know.

What's with the attitude? You called me.

Didn't think you'd come so quickly.

-You love playing hard to get. -You said it was urgent.

Guess what?

I'm not in the mood.

I see.

It's about our last conversation.

I'm listening.

I found out who the man is. His name's Pascual Blanco.

Pascual Blanco?

Oh, baby!

I can tell you're not happy.

Honestly, I'm not.

Did you call your daughter?

Yes, but she won't answer my calls.

Do you still think she's the one who wants to kill you?

Who else could it be?

Oh, this is so sad!

It really is.

She's the only person I have problems with.

I hate to say you're right, but you don't have enemies.

That's why I'm certain it's her.

Oh, baby, who'd want to hurt you?

You're the most generous, wonderful man in the world.

It's her. I know it.

My instincts tell me.

Yes, she's your daughter.

You've no idea how much it pains me.

She's your family. It's only natural.

Oh my God!

I'm so nervous!

Sweetheart, they're still after us and they're getting close.

-Don't worry. -I don't want to die.

No one's dying. I'll protect you.

-I love you. -And I love you!


For more infomation >> La Fan | Episode 53 | Telemundo English - Duration: 11:20.




Do you hear that sound?

And that?

Let us know what you hear, if both sounds or only one.

The results could not be different if you try it with other people.

This illusion may seem to be a simple white screen with a black dot.

But, if you look to anywhere, you could not see the black dot.

Don't you believe it?

I promise that the image was not altered digitally..

Now, tell me how many times did the dot flashes on the screen?

Many of us may think that it flashes twice but it's wrong.

In this case, the sound has altered our visual perception.

And now?

Play gambling!! Play gambling!! Play gambling!! Play gambling!!

How many times did the screen flashes?

In this case, the sound has altered your mental perception.

Maybe now, you've an irresistible desire to play videopoker?

Let us know in the comments below.

Got a question?

Ask it to us, but we will not answer.

And don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos.

NEVER Science. Where the Science don't Science



La Doña | Capítulo 88 | Telemundo Novelas - Duration: 15:21.



If you kill me, she won't rest until you're dead.

You know how dangerous and vengeful she is.

She won't show you or your family mercy.

You don't know what you're saying.

She put you in jail, remember?

Yes, and she didn't kill me.

There's a simple reason for that.

I'm her daughter.

I'm Altagracia Sandoval's daughter.

Don't tell Saul Braulio's here or you know what'll happen.

He'll lose it.

Too much has happened.

First, Jaime's death, then Ximena's disappearance,

and now Lydia.

He'd beat him to death and Saul would end up in prison.

-Please don't say anything. -You'll have to tie me up then,

because the only reason I didn't kill him just now

was because Karen's my boss and she's here,

but just wait till we're alone.

No, you can't do that. You can't risk your job.

You just officially became an officer.

That bastard isn't worth it.

That's enough!

Lydia already feels guilty and you all want to add a death

and two arrests to her conscience?

They just took Lydia in for the medical evaluation.

I was obviously not allowed in with her.

Jorge, where's Karen?

She's handling another case.

I should go and help her with the accused.

Yes, you go do what we agreed on.

I will. Bye.

What's... what's going on?


Jorge's upset about what Braulio did to Lydia

and wants to kill him too.


It's figure of speech, but that's what he said.

It's a figure of speech, but it makes sense and I agree.

After everything Lydia's had to go through,

if Braulio Padilla were in front of me,

I don't know what I'd do.

I've identified my aggressor.

I told the officer everything I know, but no one believes me.

They all think it's my fault.

I'm very sorry about this,

but it's important we take your statement.

It's for the report on your state of mind.


I'm not crazy.

I know who I want sleep with and who I don't.

That man raped me.

I'm trying to find if you have lesions or external evidence.

I didn't resist.

I didn't do anything. He drugged me.

I think he used one of those drugs used to rob people.

It's like you lose your ability to resist.

Can't you run some blood tests?

Scopolamine leaves the bloodstream very quickly.

It stays for two or six hours tops.

It's too late.

I don't remember anything.

All I remember is waking up in a hotel room naked.

We're done, but I still need to take pictures of your body.


Miss, I already feel bad enough.

I'm dizzy.

Why do I have to go through this?

Here, this will help.

The pictures are to record any lacerations.

Magdalena, said it herself.

"Why'd you fix yourself up to see your father-in-law?"

They judged me from the get-go.

Everyone judged me, but I just wanted that man to accept me

so I could be with his son.

I wanted him to stop judging me because I'm a sandwich vendor.

Look, you're not the only one who's gone through this.

Plenty of women have been raped,

This is a necessary part of the process

of reporting your aggressor.

Don't worry.

Please turn around.

On your side.

Raise your arms.

You're entitled to preventive treatment

for sexually transmitted diseases.

You're also entitled to the morning after pill.

You could be at risk of pregnancy.


Oh, Diego!

Why'd they hurt us so much?

I put two and two together

when I discovered Braulio's ties to my dad and Altagracia.

I asked Regina about it and she didn't deny it.

She started crying because she's my aunt

-and Altagracia is my mother. -No, no!

You're trying to confuse me!

You can't be Lady Altagracia's daughter!

She abandoned me when I was born.

Why'd she want to kill me?

Why me? I'm her only daughter.

<i> A daughter was born</i> <i> out of that rape.</i>

One of those men is her father.

Altagracia abandoned her.

I want you to find that girl.

She must be about 20 years old.

It's you?

You're the girl he was talking about?


What am I going to do?

Altagracia said not to hurt you and to leave you alone.

If what you're saying is true,

she'll have me and my family killed!

Listen to me. You just have to let me go.

Adolfo's dead. There's nothing I can do!

That doesn't matter. Listen.

Put the gun down.

I'll say we were mugged by men wearing masks

so we couldn't see their faces.

Please, Gabino.

This isn't you. I know you.

I swear that...


Don't swear to me because you always lie!

You've done it over and over again since I met you.

You know what?

You made me think you were in love with me.

You used me when you needed me, when it was convenient.

You fooled me.

You chose Saul, Adolfo, and everyone else over me!

I won't let you fool me again.

Never again.

And you know why?

Because Lady Altagracia will never find out about this!


Detective, you did me a favor by calling me here.

I was actually on my way.

I don't understand.

My car was stolen today of all days.

Have your cops look for it.

We're not going to do this, Mr. Padilla.

You know I had a search warrant for your car.

You got rid of it.

Sorry, but once again, it'll be your word against mine.


I was told to walk the gentleman to the exit.

He needs to leave through the back.

He's here about Lydia's case, right?

No, he isn't.

He's here about his car.

If we want him to make a statement about Lydia's case,

I'll need a warrant, a judge and a camera,

-neither of which I have. -But Lydia...

Much to my disappointment, I'll have to let him go!

Lydia identified him as her aggressor.

I'm a lawyer.

I know how the police go about procuring a statement

and since you're not following procedure, I'll leave.

Diego, you can't just leave with a change of clothes.

Life is hard and you're not ready to take that step.

I left all the clothes Braulio bought.

-It's all there. -Why'd you call him Braulio?

He's your father.

I know you've had issues, but...

-I have to go, Mom. -Diego, Diego.

Please come here.


I know you're 18 and you can do whatever you want,

but don't leave like this.

I'm your mother. Tell me what happened.

The less you know, the better.

He put me in this position. He gave me no other choice.

I know Braulio goes about things the wrong way,

but I know deep down he does it because he loves you.

Don't ever say that again!

My father is dead to me.

This is about Lydia.

Did she convince you to do this?

That's it, isn't it?

It's because your father won't accept her.

Is that why, Diego?

I hope you change your mind someday, Mom.

I really hope you'll leave Braulio someday.

When that day comes, call me. I'll be waiting.

Diego, don't.

Diego, sweetie, please don't go.

Saul, I want to apologize.

I couldn't detain Braulio.

What do you mean? He was here?

Yes, he was here. Calm down!

He was here

-and you let him go! -Calm down and I'll explain!

He was here to report his car had been stolen.

I couldn't do anything to help Ximena's case or Lydia's.

The car was all we had that could lead us to Ximena.

There were probably traces of DNA or blood in that car!

That's why he got rid of it! It's obvious.

Besides, how'd he find out about the search warrant?

I don't know! I've no idea!

Hey, stay here! You're not going after him!

Braulio's keeps doing whatever he wants

because we're surrounded by corruption everywhere we go.

Lady Altagracia's no different!

It seems we have to do things on our own,

because the law isn't doing anything.

Altagracia's right.

Laws are useless!

You're going to pay for what you did to Lydia,

but first, you'll take me to your car.


He's been shot!

Altagracia, he's been shot! We need help!

He didn't say he was hurt!

Call the ambulance. Call for help.

Adolfo, are you alright?

Monica ran.

Where to?

I don't know. Find her.

Matamoros, take the truck.

Ma'am, I can't leave you.

It doesn't matter! I'm always armed.

Monica's what matters now. Take the truck.

I'll walk.

Which way did they go?

Yesenia, stay with Adolfo.


I'm here, Adolfo.

I'm fine. I'm okay.

Yesenia, Gabino lost his mind. Go with her.

The ambulance is on its way.


Saul lost it when he found out Braulio got rid of the car.

It's understandable.

It was the only way we could prove Braulio was responsible

for Ximena's disappearance.

What'd you expect? Ximena was Saul's girlfriend.

Plus Braulio was involved in his father's death.


So he deserves to be killed.

An eye for an eye, right?

It's a shame you think that. I'll only say this, Jorge.

If that's what you think, then you're in the wrong profession.

I wouldn't do it, but how long are we supposed to just accept

the kind of things Braulio Padilla or Gabino have done?

Gabino's a cop and he does things the hard way.

I hate it when you compare yourself to Gabino.

-You're nothing like him. -Of course I'm not.

Sometimes anger and helplessness get the best of you, though.

No! They never can.

You're different from everyone.

I mean, from Gabino.

Someone has to be reasonable, right?

If we all thought the same thing,

if we all thought things should be settled an eye for an eye,

a tooth for a tooth, then the whole world would be blind

and toothless.

I always loved you! I swear!

I asked Lazaro for your hand. I treated you like royalty!

You know what?

Women don't like it when you treat them well.

On the contrary, they want you to beat them up all the time!

You know, you're the worst one of all and you know why?

You were born out of a rape.

That's why your mother never wanted you

and why she doesn't care about you.

She doesn't want anything to do with you,

because you're a symbol of male abuse.

Monica, I told you over and over again

that if you weren't mine,

then you wouldn't be anyone else's.



For more infomation >> La Doña | Capítulo 88 | Telemundo Novelas - Duration: 15:21.



For more infomation >> 3 ILLUSIONI OTTICHE e SONORE da provare - TEST UDITO e VISTA INSIEME - Duration: 1:26.


【プレゼント企画】チャンネル登録者数200人突破目前記念! Amazonギフト券プレゼント!! - Duration: 2:25.

For more infomation >> 【プレゼント企画】チャンネル登録者数200人突破目前記念! Amazonギフト券プレゼント!! - Duration: 2:25.


Người Mẹ Sẽ Vô Cùng Tiếc Nuối Nếu Không Ăn Loại Quả Này Lúc Mang Thai - Duration: 11:58.

For more infomation >> Người Mẹ Sẽ Vô Cùng Tiếc Nuối Nếu Không Ăn Loại Quả Này Lúc Mang Thai - Duration: 11:58.


Mina de oro anciano | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo - Duration: 19:33.

Ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates said,

", or at least... do no harm."

Hello and welcome to<i> Case Closed.</i>

Let's welcome our first case.

Bring out the litigants.

Because of this irresponsible, unethical woman,

my mother almost died.

I made a suggestion, but she didn't investigate.

How's that my fault?

Hello and welcome.


Mariana, who's Rosalinda, why are you suing her,

and what do you demand to settle this case?

I'm suing Rosalinda for $30,000

so I can hire someone to care for my mother.

Because of her, no home will take my mother.

Hold on.

Let her explain. You'll get a chance to respond.

What happened because of her?

No home will take my mother.

Three months ago, I had to go to New York for work.

So I needed someone.

My mother's still lucid, but she's confined to a wheelchair.

She needs help with her daily activities and so forth.


I tried finding help online,

and I came across this woman's website.

I have evidence of that.

Bring it here.

For you to see.

That's her website.

Return to your podium.

So she runs a referral service.


-Right? -Right.

For homes.

You were looking for specific homes,

but what you came across is a referral service.

A service that referred you to homes.

To help families.

So what happened?


It's important I read this part.

"Our focus is on quality care.

We understand families want the best care

and best options for their loved ones.

We're experienced in the process of selecting

the right care for the elderly.

Finding the right place can be stressful..."

That's true.

"We've created this service to facilitate

finding a home with the right level of care

for your loved one's needs."


Great. So what happened?

I entered my information, and the next day,

Rosalinda called me and told me not to worry

because she'd handle everything

and that my mother would be in great hands.

That she'd find a loving, professional place for her.

I accepted and went to the place with my mother.

That's not true, ma'am. She never went.

You can refute later. Let her explain her case.

She does this from home.

She never even goes to the places.

She stays home and charges these places

between $1,500 and $3,000, and she does nothing.

I checked out the place and everything looked great.

That's not true.

What does she do?

What did she really do?

She supposedly refers people to old folks' homes.

Her references were all done online,

not even in person or at her office.

She emailed phone numbers and addresses

for me to go and check out thee places.

And that's what I did.

The place looked fine.

So I go to New York,

trusting that my mother is in good hands.

And I receive a call that my mother's in the hospital

because she was administered a drug that almost killed her.

She's allergic to...

They confused medications and gave her the wrong one.

-Yes. -So she was hospitalized.


I had to drop everything and leave New York

to tend to my mother.

I sued and got my mother out of that home,

and I won that suit.

How much did you get?


For mistreating my mother, who they almost killed.

Apparently, it's not enough...

Just a moment!

I've asked you plenty.

Where is your mother now?

She's here.

No, where is she staying?

We're looking for a place.

And why can't you find one?

They won't take her anywhere.

Why not?

I have a document she made me sign.

I didn't make her sign. It's voluntary.

She gave my mother's name to every area home.

As a result of what happened, no home will take my mother.

Please, Mariana.

Hold on. Why won't they take her?

Because she gave my mother's name to every home.

So what? Did she say she was problematic?

That she's sued?

They know her because of the suit.

So when I give her name,

they won't take her because of what happened.

When I signed that paper,

she got the decision-making authority

as pertains to my mother.

She gave her name to every place.

So now I can't find a place for my mother.


I trusted her.

She said the place hadn't been fined

and had passed all its inspections.

You could've just trusted me,

but it's only logical for you to check out the place

and decide for yourself.

The place was on the verge of closing

and not even accepting patients.

-The place you sent your mother? -Yes.

And you didn't investigate because you assumed

that she was referring you to a certified, professional place.

You assumed she was in charge of that.

I placed my trust in what she was saying.

That they'd find a quality place, etc.

Ma'am, I'd like to clarify some important points.

First of all, my responsibility isn't recommending

a specific home to her.

I suggested several homes to her.

By the way, I check the ACA pages,

and we know they're not always up to date.

What's ACA?

The government page

on which these assisted living facilities are listed,

and where the services they provide are described.


Sometimes these pages aren't updated

as quickly as they should be,

so the information's not up to date.

It's like a GPS that isn't updated.

I know, but this is a serious instance

because we're talking about a person's well being.

I've got a contract with around 200 homes.

I can't visit every one,

but approximately every six to eight weeks,

I'm in contact with these places.

And up until I offered her these choices

for her to choose from

and select the one convenient for her specific needs,

everything was in order.

-Okay. -She signed a contract with me.

I didn't force her. We're all adults here.

I've been doing this for 15 years...

Hold on. How much...?

Hold on!

How much do you charge for this referral service?

I only charge for the first month.

These homes pay me between $1,500 and $3,000.

In this instance, $1,500.

We signed the contract, and she was happy.

Everything was fine.

I'm really sorry her mother's been through what she has.

You're not because if you were,

you wouldn't have sent her to a dump.

That's all I'm responsible for.

Wait, so you're referring blindly.

No, I'm not.

Every so often, I'm in contact with these homes.

With all 200?

I rotate every so often.

So neither the ACA site nor you are up to date.

Why can't this woman find another home?

She can. Of course she can.

I don't have contract with every single one.

I need to put my mother in a place near my aunt in Miami

so that a relative can visit.

Is there none on the list near your aunt?

Every one in the area has my mother's name,

and I can't send her to one far away.

What can I do?

Give up my job, my livelihood,

what I've been doing for 15 years without complaint?

So you're saying this woman can't be sent to a home

unless you're paid again.

She can.

I don't have control over every home,

and I didn't sign this contract with every home.

A home that doesn't have a contract with you will take her.


Why not a place that has a contract with her?

Because they won't take her.

They will take her, but...

These places don't want to pay her $1,500.

Why not?

They don't want to pay her.

May I clarify something?

You're not given priority.

-Exactly. -What do you want to clarify?

I was very clear about everything from the beginning.

It's easy to come here and play the victim to get more money.

She won her lawsuit and was paid $20,000,

which isn't enough for her.

She should've asked for more.

What are your qualifications for running a business

that refers people to homes?


Are you licensed in any way?

No, and I don't need to be.

I don't have to pay anything.

It's all very legal.

I don't have to be a doctor or nurse to do this.

My job is to provide the information

they're searching for.

Information people can look up themselves!

I coordinate with the home.

Anybody can find that information.

I don't understand the job?

People are in a hurry, and it's an important point...

But in the end, you're providing a list

that anybody can compile, and you're not offering

pertinent, specific information.

You don't check up on the places,

so you don't know anything.

She didn't visit the place before leaving her mother.

She visited it once and dropped off her mother.

She didn't check out a thing.

-Do you both have witnesses? -Yes.

Bring out the witnesses. Hurry.

This is all so...

It's easy to come on here, and I came to clear my name

because she's making comments online.

You're responsible for the harm you've caused my mother.

I am not.

I'm sorry about what's happened, but I'm not responsible.

The two suits are unrelated. You're confusing things.

You weren't part of that other lawsuit, right?

Not at all.

Okay, great.

Very well.

Ma'am, your name?

Laura. Hello.

And you're the witness for the defendant.


What's your testimony?

My mother's been in a home for five years.

She's got problems getting around.

She needs help going to the bathroom

and being given her medication and being fed.

I'm very happy with where she is.

I got in contact with the defendant,

and she gave me all the information.

I investigated the places she suggested,

and I decided to put my mother in one of those places.

So all she did was give you a list of places,

and you investigated those places.

But you could've compiled that list without her help.


The truth is, I don't have the free time to do those things.

I figured it was her specialty.

I'm glad you...

So if you were to change homes, you'd go to her

to be provided with the same information.

Yes. She strikes me as...

Would you have to be paid again for the referral

if she found a new place for her mother?


What a great business!

She's a millionaire.

Nice business.


What's your name?

I'm Maria, Mariana's mother.


I've been through so much.

Because my daughter had to work, she left me in that place

that you have no idea how it is.

It was filthy.

I need help going to the bathroom,

which I didn't get at this place.

Nobody helped you.

I fell from the chair and no one helped me for a long time.

I had to drag myself.

Also, I've been allergic to penicillin for a long time,

and I was given medication meant for an old, dying man.

Can you imagine?

And you didn't realize it

because you trusted they'd give you the right medication.


What's more, I'd tell the nurses things were dirty,

and they'd scold me for being a troublemaker.


Bring out Dr. Faride Ramos and attorney Angel Leal.

Let me tell you something.

In this complicated world,

sometimes what we need

is a little concentration and smarts.

Businesses are popping up that shouldn't exist.

I can't see any value to them.

They make too much

and don't take responsibility for anything.

They're not qualified to do anything.

So why do they exist?

Doctor, who helps...?

Are there doctors in these places?

A doctor doesn't need to be there 24/7,

though in case something happens one should be on call.

Being allergic to penicillin,

what could've happened to her after she took it?

It could be lethal.

-Is that so? -Yes.

So it's fortunate she's alive.

That's right.


Lawyers cannot give a referral.

If someone refers a client to us,

no matter how great a client they are

and how much money they'd make us,

we're ethically forbidden

from paying the person who referred the case for us.

That's right.

Seems to me there should be a similar rule in this case.

I completely agree.

What good are these referrals?

In fact, it wasn't legal,

but in Florida, an exemption was made

for these companies that refer people

to assisted living facilities.


That's what I'm trying to figure out.

I imagine to facilitate for the consumer

the opportunity to be matched with the right place.

To make us lazier.

-Yes. -To make us lazier.

What's really troubling is we're entering an era

of misleading business practices.

She has on her website that they search for places

with quality control and other factors,

but if she's working with 200 places...

In fact, some states regulating this demand that the last time

a specific center was visited be listed.

They demand insurance to cover

any kind of civil responsibility.

They also demand they employ some sort of professional

to speak with the families before admitting the patient.

But sadly, these regulations don't exist in most states.

Sorry, but in the end, your job has zero value.

It's a farce, and you ought to have the requirements

Mr. Leal mentioned.

You ought to have insurance for when things like this occur.

As such, I grant you the sum of $30,000.

It's final. Case closed.

For more infomation >> Mina de oro anciano | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo - Duration: 19:33.


Мульт ИГРА. Говорящая Кот Анджела ВОЗРОЖДЕНИЕ.Разлука Встреча Говорящих Друзей. Мультик про котиков - Duration: 15:19.

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😀 1 апреля День смеха или День дурака откуда он взялся #ValeryAliakseyeu - Duration: 3:39.

For more infomation >> 😀 1 апреля День смеха или День дурака откуда он взялся #ValeryAliakseyeu - Duration: 3:39.


Мультик игра про служебные машинки Скорая Помощь Пожарная машина и Полиция - Duration: 6:43.

For more infomation >> Мультик игра про служебные машинки Скорая Помощь Пожарная машина и Полиция - Duration: 6:43.


Doodle 4 google 2017 judges | Doodle for google template | Doodle 4 google 2017 california - Duration: 1:07.

GOOGLE ASKED young artists to consider the concept, "What I see for the future…"

And for Connecticut high schooler Sarah Harrison, that horizon line includes peace.

This afternoon, Harrison's "A Peaceful Future" is being named as the winning art in the national Doodle 4 Google student contest — and appears on the Google home page.

Harrison rendered eight young people as symbols of diverse experience — six of whom spell out "Google."

Reacting to her win, Harrison said in a statement: "When I started, I was thinking of how there's a lot of animosity toward diverse communities of people in the world right now.

. So I wanted to draw something that I hoped would show that we can all get along well, and that it's possible for us to be happy with each other."

The Bunnell High School student added: "You don't know what they've been through — and they don't know what you've been through — so we all deserve respect from each other."

For more infomation >> Doodle 4 google 2017 judges | Doodle for google template | Doodle 4 google 2017 california - Duration: 1:07.


Overload - 3D MOBA Car Shooting Gameplay Android - Duration: 10:57.

Overload is the must-have title for your mobile device

An multiplayer, fast-paced car shooting game with amazing graphic and andrenaline-charged

action, Overload features non-stop battles between players all over the world.

Pick a car, load your guns, fasten your seat belt and let's rock !

* The origin of Overload In the near future, the world is put into

havoc by a secret assassination group called WOA (World Organization of Assassins).

Members of WOA are nature-born killer with outstanding skills and do anything for money.

Rumours about WOA has spread all over the world.

Some say, the top assassins live a king-liked lifestyle with all the bounty from every successful


Other say, that WOA is open to everyone, only if they can pass a gruesome test.

That test is Overload, a heartless competition where contestants must battle to death.

Many joined, only one survived.

*Be the Best, or Join the Rest Fight against other players, race, dodge,

ambush, blow them up with all of your arsenal.

Online rankings update weekly, and the tops will be awared.

Furthermore, with three different modes : Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, find

your call and keep your fingers busy .

*Cars have never been that awesome ! Choose your own favorite among 3 different

car classes with a total of 10 different vehicles with unique abilities and stats.

Apply stunning skins to make your car a unique one

Deadly Weapons ! Arm the car with destructive weapons scattered

all over the arena : homing missile, napalm bomb, mortar or cloaking mine.

*Epic Upgrades!

Enhance your car's performance with Skill Points awarded each time you level up, and

if that's not enough, then feel free to equip the chip collected in Kubik to make

the car even stronger, and the enemies even punier.

Become the ultimate car shooter in Overload, the best multiplayer vehicle battle game.

Download NOW !

For more infomation >> Overload - 3D MOBA Car Shooting Gameplay Android - Duration: 10:57.


[MV] SUNG SI KYUNG(성시경) _ 어디선가 언젠가 (푸른 바다의 전설 OST Part.5) - Duration: 4:32.

또 늦은 건 나야 널 기다리게 한 건

네가 웃는 순간마다 난 항상 미안해

소중한 건 언제나 날 겁나게 만들어

넌 내가 처음 가져보는 내 제일 아픈 손가락

어디선가 언젠가 너를 만나 사랑하다 멀어져봤던 사람처럼

널 보면 내 안에 어딘가가 자꾸 아파

어디선가 언젠가 우리 다시 멀어져 잊혀져야 할까 봐 두려워

너의 손을 잡고 있는 순간에도

또 그렇게 보네, 처음 보는 것처럼 내일이면 다시 못 볼 사람인 것처럼

사랑은 날 이토록 조급하게 만들어

넌 내가 끝내 닿고 싶은 내 삶의 마지막 순간

어디선가 언젠가 너를 만나 사랑하다 멀어져봤던 사람처럼

널 보면 내 안에 어딘가가 자꾸 아파

어디선가 언젠가 우리 다시 멀어져 잊혀져야 할까 봐 두려워

너의 손을 잡고 있는 순간에도

우연은 없는 말인 거야 이렇게 정해져 있잖아

내 안의 어딘가에 살고 있던 너

처음부터 살아야 한다 해도

아마 난 또 이곳에

한 번 더 가까이 보자,

기억할 수 있게

Youtube daily Apr 1 2017

Don't Forget to LIKE & SHARE :)

Thanks For Watching ;)

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google doodle 4 google | doodle 4 google national winner | doodle 4 google competition - Duration: 2:20.

BREAKING NEWS : "Doodle 4 Google student winner's artwork imagines a world of peaceful acceptance"

GOOGLE ASKED young artists to consider the concept, "What I see for the future…" And for Connecticut high schooler Sarah Harrison, that horizon line includes peace.

This afternoon, Harrison's "A Peaceful Future" is being named as the winning art in the national Doodle 4 Google student contest — and appears on the Google home page. Harrison rendered eight young people as symbols of diverse experience — six of whom spell out "Google."

Reacting to her win, Harrison said in a statement: "When I started, I was thinking of how there's a lot of animosity toward diverse communities of people in the world right now.."

"..So I wanted to draw something that I hoped would show that we can all get along well, and that it's possible for us to be happy with each other."

The Bunnell High School student added: "You don't know what they've been through — and they don't know what you've been through — so we all deserve respect from each other."

The four national finalists included Lucien Bell, a third-grader at John Eaton Elementary in the District. His sculptural artwork, titled "E-Waste Google," was created from "a salvaged DVR."

The celebrity judges included Simone Biles, Jimmy Kimmel and Sia, as well as animation-industry talents Brenda Chapman and Floyd Norman and flights systems engineer Tracy Drain.

The annual Doodle4Google contest, launched in 2008, is open to students grades kindergarten through 12; last year's winner, Akilah Johnson of the District, won for "My Afrocentric Life."

Harrison's victory includes $30,000 toward a college scholarship, and a meeting with the Doodle team at Google's Bay Area headquarters. Her school will get $50,000 in technology funding.

For more infomation >> google doodle 4 google | doodle 4 google national winner | doodle 4 google competition - Duration: 2:20.


Щенячий патруль новые серии Скай ПРЕВРАЩЕНИЕ Развивающие мультики про игрушки для детей Paw Patrol - Duration: 5:06.

For more infomation >> Щенячий патруль новые серии Скай ПРЕВРАЩЕНИЕ Развивающие мультики про игрушки для детей Paw Patrol - Duration: 5:06.


French Music in French Cafe: Best of French Cafe Music (Modern French Cafe Music Coffee Time Jazz) - Duration: 3:29:18.

For you and your enjoyment: French Music in French Cafe: Best of French Cafe Music (Modern French Cafe Music Coffee Time Jazz)

For more infomation >> French Music in French Cafe: Best of French Cafe Music (Modern French Cafe Music Coffee Time Jazz) - Duration: 3:29:18.


Interview with Sally Green Gamer - Duration: 8:48.

so our next guest is the queen of

YouTube because of her ability to

interact with other youtubers and her

fan she's quickly becoming the talk of

the town I really look up to what she

has accomplished and without further ado

I want to introduce Sally Green Gamer I

really glad you're here i'm Sally Green.

We know exactly who you are

Out side of gaming and spending time with your

family what's your favorite thing to do

outside of the house.

I really like to kill people and you can see

just how much i really like to kill People.

Ummm... Ok then.

Let's go to the question that everybody wants to know

what is your favorite color Sally "Green"?


Wow. I wasn't expecting that.

so we've spoken along on Twitter but

this is actually the first time we met

in person but what is your first

impression of me?

You look like a murderer to me.

That's not the first time I've heard that.

Cute Skin Though

Why Thanks... I guess

don't kill me

He Won't.

Oh, it's the Red Guy, it was this red guy (Laughing.)

Yeah, it's me, Redneck Gamer.

Not the Red Guy.

That's not even cool.


I really like to kill people and you can see I can't you (error noise)

(Error Noise)

(Error Noise) I'm really glad you're hear I"m Sally Green

I can't do this

You can't do what.

What's going on?

No, I want to finish this interview I gotta fix this computer i'll

never give up.

Ahh, I give up.

Daddy, I know where she lives.

Let's go.


Hey Guys, we're right out side of Sally Green Gamer's house. We just have to go in a see her.

I can't wait.

Hey Sally, how are you doing?

It nice to meet you.

Side hug.

You know who we are right?

You're totally G-rated family gaming.

You're G-Dad and you're G-Kid right?

Yeah, That's right.

(I can't believe she doesn't know who we)

(are I'm gonna ask her some impossible)

(questions and make her look dumb)

How far away is the earth from the sun?

Ooh, that's a tough one. I think it's 92.96 million miles away

Have you ever been recognized in public before?

I have, I have, actually some fan met us up at the Skating Rink.

Oh, That's Awesome.

It 'was really cool.

They happened to live in the area.

I posted on Instagram we were going to be at the Skating Rink.

And 2 of them showed up and said, "Hey, we saw you on Instagram that you were going to be at the skating rink."

I was like , "Oh great".

What is the speed of light?

OH wow... Let me think. in its 186,282 Miles per hour.

Minecraft vs Roblox, what are your preferences?

Umm, Well....


If you're talking PvP, definitely Minecraft.

SG-Bridges, PvP Minecraft all the way.

If you're talking about Obbies.

Definitely Roblox.

Parkour in Minecraft is not my thing

It has to be Roblox Obby for sure.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

You know, I read that somewhere because I like to read a lot.

You should really read, all the time, and

I think that a Cornell publication said it was 700 lbs.

What is your favorite game Besides Minecraft and Roblox?

I love Lego Games.

I love Lego Star Wars, I'm a huge Star Wars fan.

I love Lego World, the Lego Franchise games are so much fun.

Aside from Roblox and Minecraft, that is probably my favorite.

I've heard it is customary in some cultures to give a gift the first time we meet you.

I had two but I lost one of them.

But I bought you this sock.

Oh, Thank you.

Did you bring anything for us?

Uh... No.

You may want to wash that BTW.

Ehhh. Ok

Kreek ate the other one.

That's right.

Thank you.

You're so welcome.

Thanks, I Appreciate... We'll just set that over here.

I'm just kidding, I know who you guys are, you're Redneck Gamer, and you're Cookiedooooh.

Any Youtube Advice you would like to give to smaller youtubers?

Play what you live, Be yourself.

Just do what you have fun doing

If you like something on Youtube and you want to emulate that, do the same thing.

If it entertains you, it's going to entertain somebody else.

Have fun while you're doing it and just be yourself.

And, your favorite Movie?

Star Wars, I could watch that a million times.

Then, when I was a kid, it was Never Ending Story. Did you ever see that movie?

It was an old movie in the 80's.

I Saw that but It wasn't that interesting.

When I was a kid it was awesome.

Kinda scary too. Especially with the horse, I remember that. I had bad dreams about the horse.

What did you do before you did Youtube?

Umm, I was a stay at home Mom. I was a full time Mom.

When John was a little guy

I haven't had a paying job in a couple of years.

But he was getting older, taking care of himself more.

And I had a little bit of free time.

I was like, I've always wanted to do Youtube. So I was like, I'll just do Youtube.

Just throw it out there and see what happens.

You should do that too Mommy.

Yeah, You should, we can do it together.

The community as far as your fans and Youtube Goes.

How important is that to you?

Because I see you doing a great job being a huge part of the community.

Being here with us. Streaming with Kreek Craft.

Your husband as well.

What made you want to be such a big part of the community and Youtube?

Well, if you don't have people watching your stuff. Then you're not really a Youtuber, Right?

So they're the most important part of everything I do.

The viewers, my fans, what ever you want to call them.

The people who enjoy the content that I make, So to give back to the, to be really in touch with them

it's important, especially being in roblox

like in the robot, it's just very

community-oriented not to use the work community again.

To talk to developers that actually make the game

That you make a video on.

That will help your channel or you enjoy palying

being a part of all that is really

important, so I find it really important

to give back to my viewers too

Great answer.

It's really important.

Is there a Youtuber that inspired you to get started?

Yeah, I used to watch.

IhasCupQuake a long time ago.

When she was a small youtuber when she first got started.

And she was just playing Minecraft, and I was like, If she can do it I can do it.

She was one of the first ones that I really watched.

And I kind of related to her, in her early days.

I would say she is one of my first influences.

That is Awesome.

That is all I really have

Thank you so much, you are such an amazing person.

And I really appreciate you coming and

visiting us and letting us do this so last minute.

She is awesome, everybody checked out Sally

Green Gamer she is absolutely amazing

all right bye


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the boss baby (movie) | dreamworks animation the boss baby | The Boss Baby: fun for grown-ups - Duration: 3:48.

REVIEW MOVIE : ""The Boss Baby": Grown-up life lessons in a family-friendly animated comedy"

Who needs a movie about a tyrannical infant — or an infantile tyrant — anyway?

You might be surprised to learn that you do. Although its advertising campaign seems to promise little more than an animated comedy about a bratty baby in a business suit,

"The Boss Baby" (adapted from the 2010 book by author and illustrator Marla Frazee) is a sweet adventure tale about sibling rivalry that ultimately becomes a moving tribute to family and brotherhood.

Seven-year-old Tim (voice of Miles Christopher Bakshi) is an only child, basking in the undivided attention of his parents.

He has a wild imagination, dreaming up elaborate imaginary rescue scenarios involving pirates and rocket ships.

But this perfect life is upset by the arrival of a new baby brother (Alec Baldwin), who appears not in the usual fashion, but has been sent to Earth via a heavenly sorting procedure that divides newborns into loving family types and "management" babies,

raised in cubicle farms and emerging into the world wearing three-piece suits and carrying briefcases.

From Tim's (admittedly unreliable) perspective, his unnamed middle-manager sibling uses play dates to conduct meetings, fielding business calls on a Fisher Price toy telephone.

(The film takes place in an indeterminate time period — perhaps the early 1990s — in which there are computers, but no cellphones.)

Boss Baby demands complete attention from his parents, leaving Tim feeling neglected.

This transforms "The Boss Baby" from a single-joke movie to a story with a deeper, more universal resonance. After all, who among us — even an only child — hasn't felt the pang of abandonment, if not sibling rivalry, at some point?

Tim and his little brother are bitter rivals until Boss Baby reveals an important secret mission to stop what poses the direst threat to what the film posits is babies' already tenuous hold on parental love: puppies.

Although the film's character design is, for the most part, undistinguished, its vivid backgrounds are informed by both pop-up books and quirky midcentury design,

and the script (by Michael McCullers of both "Austin Powers" sequels) drops pop-culture references that range from "Teletubbies" to "Apocalypse Now." The animation concept for the film's rival companies – Baby Corp. and Puppy Co. – is impressively futuristic.

Yet what really drives the film is the central relationship, a fraternal dynamic that, despite being based on a flight of fancy, is more convincing than many live-action family comedies manage to be.

While "The Boss Baby's" corporate adventures are clearly the product of a child's overactive imagination, the film's lessons — about how both Tim and Boss Baby must learn to come to terms with each other — are very valid.

Director Tom McGrath ("Madagascar") strikes a fine balance between humor and sentiment, never losing sight of the tender reality that fuels childhood fantasy. Inventive and heartwarming, "The Boss Baby" is a lot more grown up than it looks.