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Here is how I passed the Candy Crush Saga level 1802

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山形新幹線 E3系 つばさ137号 2018冬 車窓3 福島駅~米沢駅 Scenery from a Shinkansen window - Duration: 34:12.

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How to Make Play Doh Fruit - star fruit mango Apple grape Banana Learn fruits names EP82 - Duration: 15:48.

How to Make Play Doh Fruit - star-fruit mango Apple grape Banana - Learn fruits names EP82

How to Make Play Doh Fruit - star-fruit mango Apple grape Banana - Learn fruits names EP82

How to Make Play Doh Fruit - star-fruit mango Apple grape Banana - Learn fruits names EP82

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Donald Trump Poses With House Interns For Photo When Everyone Notices One Glaring Detail. - Duration: 10:40.

Donald Trump Poses With House Interns For Photo When Everyone Notices One Glaring Detail.

Since elitist liberals just can't seem to admit it to themselves that President Trump

is doing an awesome job, plus none of the far left's anti-Trump narratives are sticking,

they now have to come up with another reason to attack him.

This time for the color of skin of his White House interns, as we see in a new TMZ article:

"Trump posed for the pic with about 90 new interns Monday in the East Room of the White

House, and other than about 3 exceptions … it's a sea of white people.

By comparison, here's Barack Obama's class of White House interns from the spring of

2012 — clearly much more racially inclusive.

But … Trump's proudly never made any attempt to follow in 44's footsteps.

This isn't a first for the Prez — his choice of summer intern class was also criticized

for lacking diversity… especially since nearly half of millennials are people of color.

He's also not the first politician to get called out for it.


Now let's seriously talk about what's going on in this picture.

The racial makeup of President Trump's interns are:

White: 65% Hispanic: 15%

Black: 13% Asian: 5%

Native: 1% Pacific Islander: 1%

While this is the true racial makeup of America is as follows:

White: 61% Hispanic: 18%

Black: 12% Asian: 6%

Native: 1% Pacific Islanders: 1%

Trump's interns actually represent the racial demographics of America pretty closely.

I have to admit, I searched the internet far and wide to find the racial makeup of President

Obama's interns but I couldn't find it.

All I could find were different incarnations of this ridiculous TMZ article claiming #WhiteHouseSoWhite.

But if what these people are saying is true and Obama's interns were so much darker

and more diverse wouldn't it mean the Obama White House was bigotted against White People

who were just as qualified to intern?

Oh wait, how can that be, we all know Obama wasn't a racist.., right?

Now, If you compare Trumps's intern demographics with the demographics of the entire nation

you will clearly see this whole narrative is just one more reason to criticize a president

who is doing a pretty damn good job.

Or it may just be that the majority of Liberal journalists and Pundits live on the coasts

and choose to ignore flyover country?

Which would explain why they had Hillary Clinton with a 92% chance of winning the 2016 election.

To top it all off, a reporter broke with WH protocol & began asking Trump questions like,

"Should Jeff Sessions resign?"

Trump's response was classic.

He rolled his eyes & told the reporter to be quiet.

Trump should tell the liberals complaining about his interns to shut it, too.

Here is more information on the true racial makeup of America via

"2010 Census Shows America's Diversity Hispanic and Asian Populations Grew Fastest

During the Decade The U.S. Census Bureau released today the

second in a series of 2010 Census briefs, Overview of Race and Hispanic Origin: 2010,

which looks at our nation's changing racial and ethnic diversity and provides a snapshot

of the racial and Hispanic origin composition of the United States.

The examination of racial and ethnic group distributions nationally shows that while

the non-Hispanic white alone population is still numerically and proportionally the largest

major race and ethnic group in the United States, it is also growing at the slowest


Conversely, the Hispanic and Asian populations have grown considerably, in part because of

relatively higher levels of immigration.

Hispanic Population Growth More than half of the growth in the total

U.S. population between 2000 and 2010 was because of the increase in the Hispanic population.

Between 2000 and 2010, the Hispanic population grew by 43 percent, rising from 35.3 million

in 2000 to 50.5 million in 2010.

The rise in the Hispanic population accounted for more than half of the 27.3 million increase

in the total U.S. population.

By 2010, Hispanics comprised 16 percent of the total U.S. population of 308.7 million.

The non-Hispanic population grew relatively slower over the decade at about 5 percent.

Within the non-Hispanic population, the number of people who reported their race as white

alone grew even slower (1 percent).

While the non-Hispanic white alone population increased numerically from 194.6 million to

196.8 million over the 10-year period, its proportion of the total population declined

from 69 percent to 64 percent.

Race Distribution The overwhelming majority (97 percent) of

the total U.S. population reported only one race in 2010.

This group totaled 299.7 million.

Of these, the largest group reported white alone (223.6 million), accounting for 72 percent

of all people living in the United States.

The black or African-American population totaled 38.9 million and represented 13 percent of

the total population.

Approximately 14.7 million people (about 5 percent of all respondents) identified their

race as Asian alone.

There were 2.9 million respondents who indicated American Indian and Alaska Native alone (0.9


The smallest major race group was Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone (0.5 million),

which represented 0.2 percent of the total population.

The remainder of respondents who reported only one race, 19.1 million people (6 percent

of all respondents), were classified as "some other race" alone.

Nine million people reported more than one race in the 2010 Census and made up about

3 percent of the total population.

Ninety-two percent of people who reported multiple races provided exactly two races

in 2010; white and black was the largest multiple-race combination.

An additional 8 percent of the two or more races population reported three races and

less than 1 percent reported four or more races.

Three quarters of multiple race combinations were comprised of four groups in 2010: white

and black (1.8 million), white and "some other race" (1.7 million), white and Asian

(1.6 million), and white and American Indian or Alaska Native (1.4 million).

The population reporting their race as white, either alone or with at least one other race,

was the largest of all the alone-or-in-combination categories (231.0 million) and represented

about three-fourths of the total population.

About 14 percent of the total population reported their race as black, either alone or with

at least one other race, which was the second-largest of the alone-or-in-combination categories

(42.0 million).

There were 21.7 million people classified as some other race alone or in combination

and 17.3 million people classified as Asian alone or in combination in the 2010 Census,

making up 7 percent and 6 percent of the total population, respectively.

The two smallest alone-or-in-combination categories were American Indian and Alaska Native (5.2

million) and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (1.2 million), making up 2 percent

and 0.4 percent of the total population, respectively.

Asian Population Growth The Asian alone population grew faster than

any other major race group between 2000 and 2010, increasing by 43 percent.

The Asian alone population had the second-largest numeric change (4.4 million), growing from

10.2 million in 2000 to 14.7 million in 2010.

They gained the most in share of the total population, moving up from about 4 percent

in 2000 to about 5 percent in 2010.

Geographic Distribution In the 2010 Census, just over one-third of

the U.S. population reported their race and ethnicity as something other than non-Hispanic

white alone (i.e. "minority").

This group increased from 86.9 million to 111.9 million between 2000 and 2010, representing

a growth of 29 percent over the decade.

Between 2000 and 2010, Texas joined California, the District of Columbia, Hawaii and New Mexico

in having a "majority-minority" population, where more than 50 percent of the population

was part of a minority group.

Among all states, Nevada's minority population increased at the highest rate, by 78 percent.

Race and Hispanic Origin Data The Census Bureau collects race and Hispanic

origin information following the U.S. Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) standards

for collecting and tabulating data on race and ethnicity.

In October 1997, the OMB issued the current standards, which identify five race groups:

white, black or African-American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, and Native

Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.

The Census Bureau also utilized a sixth category – "some other race."

Respondents who reported only one race are shown in these six groups.

Individuals were first presented with the option to self-identify with more than one

race in the 2000 Census, and this continued in the 2010 Census.

People who identify with more than one race may choose to provide multiple races in response

to the race question.

The 2010 Census results provide new data on the size and makeup of the nation's multiracial


Respondents who reported more than one of the six race groups are included in the "two

or more races" population.

There are 57 possible combinations of the six race groups.

The Census Bureau included the "some other race" category for responses that could

not be classified in any of the other race categories on the questionnaire.

The vast majority of people who reported only as "some other race" were of Hispanic

or Latino origin.

Data on Hispanics or Latinos, who may be of any race, were obtained from a separate question

on ethnicity."

What do you think about this?

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OUTRAGE! Laura Ingraham Makes Announcement About Her Show's Future Following Hogg Attack. - Duration: 5:38.


Laura Ingraham Makes Announcement About Her Show's Future Following Hogg Attack .

Fox News show host Laura Ingraham has been getting backlash from the liberal mainstream

media for her recent sharing of an article on her Twitter page that noted how gun control

activist and Parkland, Florida shooting survivor David Hogg got rejected from several elite

California colleges.

Hogg called upon her advertisers to drop her and even refused to accept her apology after

she issued one.

Shortly after advertisers started pressuring her, she announced she would be taking a vacation.

Many in mainstream liberal media are gloating over the announcement since several companies

have stopped purchasing ads on her show.

The Washington Post reported,

"The controversy revolves around her treatment of Hogg, one of the survivors of the shooting

in February at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Fla.

Over the past few months, Hogg has emerged as one of the most vocal advocates for stronger

gun laws.

But amid the rallies and talk shows and a ballooning number of Twitter followers, he

is also a high school senior who felt sad after getting a college rejection letter.

In an interview with TMZ on Tuesday, Hogg spoke about receiving rejection letters from

California colleges.

Hogg has an SAT score of 1270 and a 4.2 grade-point average.

He's been accepted to Florida Atlantic University, California Polytechnic State University and

California State University at San Marcos, TMZ reported.

On Wednesday morning, Ingraham tweeted a story from a conservative news site that described

Hogg as a "Gun Rights Provocateur" — and said he hadn't gotten into four University

of California schools he applied to.

"David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it," Ingraham


"(Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA … totally predictable given acceptance rates.)"

Hogg responded by compiling a list of 12 companies that advertise on Fox News's "The Ingraham

Angle" and sent a message to his nearly 700,000 Twitter followers: "Pick a number

1-12 contact the company next to that #"

More than a dozen advertisers have announced that they were pulling commercials from Ingraham's

show, according to ThinkProgress.

They included Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Hulu, Jos. A. Bank, Jenny Craig, Ruby Tuesday and

Miracle Ear.

Ingraham apologized, but Hogg blasted it as an insincere "effort just to save your advertisers."

The advertisers' efforts to distance themselves demonstrate the influence the Parkland students

have amassed, and companies fears' about becoming collateral damage in polarizing controversies.

As The Washington Post's Amy B Wang, Allyson Chiu and Tracy Jane reported:

'The swift results showcase the power that the Parkland survivors have, not just in organizing

rallies but in spurring corporate America to act.

Brands, too, have become quicker to distance themselves from controversy, whether by denouncing

white supremacy after neo-Nazis praise their products or by pulling their sponsorship after

another Fox News personality, Bill O'Reilly, was accused of sexual harassment.

Since the 2016 election, calls to boycott retailers have become frequent: The #GrabYourWallet

campaign began as a way to protest Trump, and it identified companies that carried merchandise

bearing the Trump name.

Those calls have been met with equally passionate responses by Trump supporters who say they

are determined to use their buying power to stand with the president and his family.'

But Hogg and the other Parkland teens have also show a willingness to go after their

detractors directly.

"I just think it's a testament to the sick immaturity and broken state of our government

when these people feel the need to peddle conspiracy theories about people that were

in a school shooting where 17 people died, and it just makes me sick," Hogg told BuzzFeed


"It's immature, rude and inhuman for these people to destroy the people trying to prevent

the death of the future of America because they won't."

And he had some specific thoughts on Ingraham's vacation.

Around midnight Friday, he posted a video clip of Ingraham's announcement.

"Have some healthy reflections this Holy Week," he tweeted."

Fox News released a statement saying Ingraham's vacation is a pre-planned Easter break.

We have no idea if that's actually the case, or if Laura will be leaving the network.

Without advertisers, it would be tough to continue on.

Ingraham is not the only person these activists and children are going up against.

They have allied themselves with liberal Hollywood and are attacking any politician who has a

remotely pro-gun stance or opinion and any members of Congress who accepts money from

the National Rifle Association and are conservative.

They have refused to speak with the President or his administration regarding gun control

after they were invited to the White House, they have held marches where those from the

opposite side of the aisle were not invited, and they have labelled anyone who disagrees

with them as murderers with blood on their hands.

All the while claiming others are cyberbullying them and mistreating them in the media .

what do you think about this?

Share if you agree their work is not going to achieve anything positive or meaningful

because they are too busy demonizing people whom they disagree with.

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Improve method of tennis elbow and golf elbow that don't stretch 大宮 整体 テニス肘とゴルフ肘を改善するセルフケア - Duration: 5:35.

Hi my name is youhei ozaki. Thanks for watch this video. This video talk about improve method of tennis elbow and golf elbow that don't stretch.

Some people,there is effectiveness in shoulder pain also. There is in elbow joint is middle of upper arm and forearm.

This time,do soften elbow joint. It check the movement of elbow joint at first.

Please bending stretch the elbow joint. Please do opposite side is also.

Please remember elbow joint movement. It is weight,stiffness,discomfort,pain,etc. Maybe,one side is so painful.

Or,You may take the resistance. But,it is difficult to understand. Next,check finger movement.

I tell place that want to soften for you. Tennis elbow is outside of elbow feel pain. Golf elbow is inside of elbow feel pain.

Check place that feel pain when pushed. Maybe pain when pushed is be decrease by this self care. Check the opposite side also.

Please keep with state that do stretched elbow. If your elbow can't stretch completely,it is OK with until the possible place.

This time is doing with stretch state. The aim point is wrinkle of elbow joint.

At especially,do a little off more than middle. It is about 2 finger width.

The place that truly feel pain is don't touch. Please soften only little distant place. Do put your hands down like a pinch and rub bone.

Please do image that do open elbow joint. Like put your finger in the gap.

Maybe you feel so painful when do rubbed. I recommend to move that like drawing a circle.

If you felt pain,your elbow will so improve near future. If you do not feel too much pain,there is 2 pattern.

One is case of your muscle is soften already. The other pattern is painful comes out after few times.

Almost people is that pattern. Arm muscle was stiff until long time. I feel nothing because it is too stiff.

In arm joint is there is big stiff mass. That is become small by self massage. To be divided at some small mass when is becoming soft.

You will make some bulge. Correct in that.

My recommend massage is rub method that like drawing circle. Please check your body again at after few time.

How about pain when pushed elbow? Maybe it decrease pain. Or you get to healthy body at some day after.

Please try it. Thanks for watch this video. See you!

Youtube daily Mar 31 2018

Welcome to this video which is called: "How To Prepare A Video File Before

Uploading To YouTube". This is all about 7 steps to take to optimize the

video file for Google and YouTube. One of the big

mysteries of ranking YouTube videos is how to also get them ranked on Google.

I'm not talking about the Google Videos tab option. I'm talking about getting

your thumbnail images to show up on the main Google page. Now, I'm going to be

talking about a technique that I've picked up over the last year or so which

probably isn't so powerful today as it was a few years ago. However, you'll see

what I mean when we go through the next 7 steps as to why I think it's still

relevant for SEO purposes to get your videos ranked on page 1 of YouTube and

on Google as well. Also, be sure to watch the video to the very end where you'll

be able to download my free PDF entitled: "Ranking YouTube Videos On Google".

Hi, my name is Jeff Laming from Video Cashflow, and in this video we're going to run

through 7 simple steps to help your videos get an extra leg-up that can help propel them to page 1

of Google, and provide the foundation for optimizing the video on YouTube. Before

we do so, if this is the first time you're watching a Video Cashflow video and

you like what you see, hear and read, then please click the "Subscribe" button at the

bottom of this video so you can get more video marketing and business videos on

a weekly basis. After you've filmed your video and you've uploaded it to

your computer, the 7 step process can start immediately, so let's go over to

the computer and I'll show you exactly what I mean. Hello and welcome to the

computer. Okay, let's crack on then. The first thing to do is to give your video a title, and

this is the first of the 7 steps. So the title should start with your main

keyword and will be the same title that will show when the video's

eventually uploaded to YouTube. So obviously you need to prepare

for your main keywords right at the very beginning before you

actually start filming. Now, you want to keep this title to no more than 60

characters. Now, to check how many characters are in your title, on a Word

document just highlight the title - I'm using an example here which

draft script for this particular video. So just highlight the title there and

then in the bottom left-hand corner - which we'll see down here - I'll just

expand that - here it is here. Left click on that and you'll see here it comes up with

the word count and it's the "characters with spaces", so we've got 55 characters

there - well within the 60. Why 60? Because anything over 60 characters gets

truncated on the Google search page. So go to your video on your hard disk -

here's one here I've got. It's in .mp4 format. Now, is the title of the

video your correct title? If not, put the cursor over the file, right click the

mouse, and then click on "Rename". And there it highlights and you can go in and

rename the file with the correct title. Okay so assuming that's the right title then, put

the cursor over the file again and right-click the mouse and this time click on

"Properties" and then make sure it comes up with the general tab showing and

you've got the title there already put in "Video Testimonials - A Very

Powerful Tool". So that is Step 1 undertaken. Now, onto Step 2. What

you want to do now is click on the "Details" tab here. Go up to the top and

you want to enter that same title into this box here (which I've already done).

Just put it in there; and then Step 3 is to enter a subtitle here and

this should be made up of one or two of your secondary keywords to support the

main keyword in your title; and then Step 4 is this "Rating" here. Click the

Rating - I'm going to click the fifth star here so that they all show up as yellow

or gold. The fifth step are the tags. Now the tags are these....your remaining

keywords to enter. Now if you're in a position where you've already decided

what your keywords are then that's great. For example, I tend to work on the

basis of 1 main keyword; 3 secondary keywords; and 6 to 11

supplementary keywords, making no more than 15 in total. Step 6 is entering

your comments Now, as you can see there - let me just expand that a bit - now just

pop on the cursor there, as you can see I've put in some comments there. This is a

short i.e. up to 255 characters, explanation of what the video is all about. Now keep to

the point so that the viewer gets a clear understanding of what the video is

all about. Include where you can a few of your keywords but do it in a natural way.

Now, I also use this same commentary in the description box when I upload the file

to YouTube on the basis that there's consistency between the two platforms.

And as with the title, the 255 character limit avoids truncation, so again, you're

making it easier - not only for the viewer to see your video on Google, which is

where you want to get it shown - but also making it easier for Google to make

sense of what your video is all about so that your video has a much better chance

of actually getting ranked on page 1 of Google. And finally, what I do then I

scroll down to the "Author URL" and I basically put in my full URL for my

website on the basis that you're creating a back link between the video

and your website. And that's it! That's the 7 steps!

So just to recap: the 7 Steps To Optimize Your Video File Before

Uploading To YouTube. They are: 1. Make sure the title is correct - no more than

60 characters; 2. Copy the title onto the Details

tab; 3. Enter a sub-title; 4. Click the 5 Rating Stars so they show up as

yellow or gold; 5. Enter your remaining tags or keywords;

Step 6. Enter commentary - no more than 255 characters; 7. Add in your author URL, for

example, your website address. I hope you found those tips useful.

Thanks for watching. Look out for another video on video marketing and YouTube

coming your way next week. And if you liked this video please click the "Like"

button underneath [the video]. Feel free to share the video with friends, family, business

colleagues and associates. And by all means leave a comment in the "Comments"

section underneath the video. And don't forget to hit the "Subscribe" button to

get more videos on video marketing and business tips, tactics, techniques and

strategies that can help you with your own online business. Here's the link for

you to download your FREE copy of: "Ranking YouTube Videos on Google". You'll

find the URL link in the description box below this video. Enjoy! Until next time...

bye for now...

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How to Run Google Plus Faster on Your Android Phone. To Slow - Duration: 2:16.

hello and welcome my name is Darren Burch and welcome to our YouTube channel

If you find that your Google+ account is running very slow is because if you're

on it all the time you are using up data like cookies in a way so what I'm about

to show you now see the notification that I'll just try to open up see how

long it's taken to open now if you find that this is happening a lot it's

because you've got too much data on your Google+ account that you need to free up

so what I'm about to show you now we're going to delete that data it's not going

to delete your settings or your messages so go to the settings hit the COG wheel

hit general and then hit application manager and then slide across

hit all and then look for Google+ account now I do this all the time

because I'm on Google+ most of the time and I use a lot of memory you don't have

to delete Google+ you don't have to reset it again here we go so we need to

do is we'll scroll down clear data hit that

and then sign out go back into your Google+ account I'm gonna open up the

same notification that I did last time and I'll show you how fast it takes to

open up

it's going to take a little while for your messages to open up but when they

do you'll have more there so just wait for a little minute and

okay I got my messages back yes there is my notification that opened up

previously and see how fast it's taken to open very fast so that's all you need

to do right and I hope I helped in some way and all you're doing is just

clearing the data that you use to run there's Google+ account off your phone

right that's all you're doing you're clearing that data and by doing that

you're making your phone run a lot faster now you're not going to lose your

messages you like followers or your downloads or anything else your keyboard

settings because remember everything is still saved on Google+ on their site

well I hope that helped and thank you very much

For more infomation >> How to Run Google Plus Faster on Your Android Phone. To Slow - Duration: 2:16.


Eating fish slims and protects the heart - Duration: 5:31.

For more infomation >> Eating fish slims and protects the heart - Duration: 5:31.



What's up guys it's Everything Kodi back with another video

so many of you are looking for a build with lot of different add-ons

and lot of different sources for content then you might want to check THE WARLOCK BUILD

I've also tested on my fire TV and two other fire sticks the build works great

You will enjoy this kodi build on your amazon fire stick or nvidia shield or android tv box

now I'm gonna give you guys an overview of what it has to offer

offer if you like it I can show you how you can get it installed on your device.

Now if you haven't already go ahead and hit the subscribe button

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so let's go ahead and jump into the overview of the build.

Now once you install it the first section you're gonna run into is the movies section

so you have the widget here at the top

you can scroll through find a movie and tv shows you like.

Don't forget to subscribe and click the bell icon to stay informed.

For more infomation >> BEST KODI BUILD EVER 🔥 FOR KODI 17.6 APRIL 2018 🔥 THE WARLOCK BUILD KODI 🔥 FROM THE WARLOCK WIZARD - Duration: 20:22.


Look Licorne avec EnjoyPhoenix & Djeneva, Talent de The Voice - Tuto Maquillage - Duration: 4:02.

For more infomation >> Look Licorne avec EnjoyPhoenix & Djeneva, Talent de The Voice - Tuto Maquillage - Duration: 4:02.


Florida Students Just Gave David Hogg And His Crew The Middle Finger…"First Of Its Kind" - Duration: 8:12.

Florida Students Just Gave David Hogg And His Crew The Middle Finger…"First Of Its

Kind" It's Happening!!!

Now, this you won't hear about much on the mainstream fake news media.

On Friday roughly 75 students in Brevard County, which is located around 160 miles north of

Broward County, where the Parkland school shooting occurred on Valentine's Day decided

to stage another walk-out from school.

But this walkout wasn't to whine against guns after students confessed to severely

bullying the shooter for over 3 years.

This time it was in support of the second amendment.

The students confirmed the fact that school administrators had, in fact, denied their

own pro-Second Amendment March several times but finally were given permission to walk

out, and rally on the Rockledge High football practice field in support the Second Amendment.

As they walked out they carried American Flags and various signed in support of guns, such

as "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" and "I support the right to bear


The national anthem and "God Bless America" by Larry Greenwood were played on loudspeakers

at the beginning of the rally.

One of the organizers and a junior at the school Anna Delaney spoke at the event, she

said "We are not backing down.

We aren't taking no for an answer," as the co-organizer Chloe Deaton added "We

should not have our rights taken because someone else does something wrong.

We are protecting the Second Amendment, and it should not be infringed upon."

Delaney ended the short rally by reading a quote from President Ronald Reagan from a

1983 banquet for the National Rifle Association in which he said, "The Constitution does

not say that government shall decree the right to keep and bear arms.

The Constitution says '… the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not

be infringed.'"

Both of the organizers of this rally are part of Rockledge High's Criminal Justice and

Legal Studies Academy.

Read more about this rally on Clink Orlando:

A group of students from Rockledge High School in Brevard County briefly walked out of class

Friday to show their support for the Second Amendment, News 6 partner Florida Today reported.

About 75 students, according to a headcount by school administrators, walked onto the

school's track during third period carrying the American flag and signs that said "guns

don't kill people, people kill people" and "I support the right to bear arms."

The event lasted about 20 minutes, and the students returned to class.

The demonstration was organized by Chloe Deaton, a sophomore, and Anna Delaney, a junior, who

are part of Rockledge High's Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Academy.

Deaton is the daughter of Lindsey Deaton, community relations coordinator for Brevard

Sheriff Wayne Ivey, a vocal supporter of instituting a volunteer marshal program to arm school


Deaton, who was wearing a T-shirt that read, "my rights don't end where your feelings

begin," said the event was meant to clear up misconceptions about the Second Amendment,

not support or oppose any particular political stances.

After playing the national anthem and "God Bless America" over the loudspeakers, she

told the group of students, "We were built on certain rights and that was one of the

original rights: that we should have the right to bear arms."

Delaney read a quote from former president Ronald Reagan, who, at a 1983 banquet for

the National Rifle Association, said, "The Constitution does not say that government

shall decree the right to keep and bear arms.

The Constitution says, '… the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not

be infringed.'"

The walkout comes a few weeks after the National Student Walkout on March 14, when students

from 2,800 schools across the United States walked out of class for 17 minutes.

At least 15 schools in Brevard had walkouts, including Rockledge High School, where students

stood on the football field to form a heart.

Deaton said it was important to make sure other students' voices were heard.

Some students who participated in Friday's Second Amendment walkout wore camouflage clothing,

and President Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats.

They carried "don't tread on me" flags and black-and-blue-striped American flags

that are often used to show support for law enforcement.

"It's all over the news right now that all students hate guns.

I wanted to show that not all students feel that way," said Zachary Schneider, a junior

at Rockledge.

Although organizers said the event was not endorsing any specific political beliefs,

many students who participated said they do not support a new law that raised the legal

age to purchase guns from a licensed vendor from 18 to 21, and they would support a marshal

program to train and arm school staff to respond during an active shooter situation.

"I finally got old enough to buy my own ammunition and my own guns, and I lost it

again," Schneider said, referring to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public

Safety Act.

The Safety Act, which was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott in response to the shooting

in Parkland, raised the legal age to purchase guns from a licensed dealer from 18 to 21;

puts in place a three-day waiting period to purchase long rifles, and other long guns;

and bans the sale and possession of bump stocks, a device that makes a semi-automatic weapon

shoot nearly as fast as a fully automatic weapon.

The law also implements regulations to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

The Safety Act did not ban assault-style weapons, like the AR-15 Nikolas Cruz used to kill 14

students and three adults at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine's Day,

ignoring a call from some of the shooting's survivors.

Daniel Howard, a freshman, compared banning some types of guns to banning spoons because

they make people fat, cars because they make people drive drunk or pencils because they

make people misspell words.

Event organizers and participants said they were disappointed that the student walkouts

on March 14, marking a month since the Parkland shooting, turned political.

Deaton said the original purpose of the student walkouts, which took place across the nation

and in Brevard County, was to honor the victims of the shooting, but parents and social media

warped the message to support gun control.

"In the beginning, it started as a memorial to the Parkland students.

And that's how it should have stayed," Deaton said.

Walkouts in Washington and the March for Our Lives event on March 24 were organized by

some of the Parkland students, who survived the shooting.

Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg — Marjory Stoneman Douglas students, who have become the face

of the movement for safer schools and tighter gun laws — have specifically called for

a ban on assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Unlike many of the students who turned out to march across the Eau Gallie Causeway as

part of the local March for Our Lives rally in Melbourne, students at the Second Amendment

Rockledge walkout on Friday said they support implementing a marshal plan to train and arm

school staff.

"If they (school staff) are capable, we should allow it.

They're just going to tell us to hide during a school shooting?"

John King, a junior, said in disbelief.

"I personally believe it's a good idea as long as they're trained and have the

knowledge," Delaney added.

Under the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, the state provided $67

million for local sheriff's offices to develop programs to provide training to school districts,

if local school boards approve the program.

Before the law was passed, Ivey proposed a similar program to the school board that would

train anonymous school employees, who volunteer and allow them to carry a gun in a concealed

holster on their hip.

The school board has not taken a stance on the proposal yet.

Vickie Hickey, principal of Rockledge High School, said the school treated the event

exactly like it treated the walkouts that took place March 14.

She said both events were completely student-driven.

What do you think about this?

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Current Affairs 2018 | 10 years in jail for printing fake news in Malaysia - Duration: 1:41.

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Malaysia 'fake news'

In Malaysia, printing of fake news

Bill related to Anti-Fake News

1 MDB scam

Thanks for watching

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For more infomation >> Current Affairs 2018 | 10 years in jail for printing fake news in Malaysia - Duration: 1:41.


Far Cry 5 For Offline Activatin Free Account Download - Duration: 1:53.

For more infomation >> Far Cry 5 For Offline Activatin Free Account Download - Duration: 1:53.


Tape à l'oeil : les coulisses de notre piège du Poisson d'Avril - Duration: 6:40.

Hey!! Hi there, hello! Today we are going to go set a trap for our clients

Come on, I'll take you backstage so you'll be in on the surprise

And were going to start with Domitille

who's going to explain to you how the April fool joke is going to work!

Hi Domitille!

Hi there Marion!

Okay, so here's our trap for the 1st of April

And at Tape à l'oeil 1 April is sacred

And we thought, "why don't we set about creating

a completely new collection "that would be called

The Tasty Wardrobe

Clothes that smell so good that you want to eat them

So for that, we designed three types of product…

T-shirts that smell like summer fruit

A version for girls, in strawberry

and a lemon version for boys.

Then, we designed pyjamas that smelled like breakfast

with a delicious smell of toasted brioche

And then the third product which is a sailor top that smells like the fresh sea breeze

Why not go and take a look at what we've got right next door!

So, apparently, this is where everything is happening!

Hi Elise!

Hi Marion!

Can you explain to us how you added the

smell to the product?


So for the strawberry t-shirt, we used a little food flavour spray

diluted with a drop of water to make it smell nicely of strawberries

and it gives…

Oh yes!

A lovely strawberry smell!

It smells great!

Then we got the lemon, and put on some lemon essential oil

Ah, I see!


It smells a bit like popcorn to me.

Yeah, a little bit.

And if I've counted right, I think there's one missing, the sailor top!

Absolutely! But for that one perhaps we'd better go outside

Because it doesn't smell too good.

Ah, is it that bad? Well, here we go!

So, basically, here we're preparing the little highlight of the show for the joke

Basically, this one was made with tuna fish juice

And the second one was made, just imagine, with real fish heads

That's horrible!

What are you doing, Valentin?

Right now I'm calling the clients from the Family Lab

to invite them to discover this brand-new collection

exclusively today

OK, so we are fooling the Family Lab clients


Hi Nico!


Will you be our accomplice for this afternoon

for our April fool joke?

Yeah, I'll do it yeah.

So you will be our research and development manager


Well, let's go!

Now we come to the products that are coming out this summer

So there are three types of products

For babies, newborns and kids

At the product level, we wanted to work with cotton fibre

That's to say, we wanted to make more of it

We put smells into it that are just natural smells

There are no chemicals in it, it is purely natural

Today, the great fear we had,

was that the products would not hold up in the wash

The objective is that for the launch in June at the latest, we get up to 40 washes

So we're going to start with these t-shirts

We have a t-shirt that smells like strawberries,

and has been washed for this occasion, so four times.

I'll let you open the box, smell the scent and take the t-shirt

And feel it, and tell us what you think?

It smells, huh?

It's more like strawberries

It smells like lemon!

Yeah, that's nice.

It smells great, but I can't tell what it smells of…

I don't know


It makes me think of Petit Beurre biscuits


I'll let you guess the smell and

tell us what you think

You will have to search your memories

I don't like that at all, it smells like fish, it smells really bad

I don't like it at all

It smells like mussels

What's the matter?

It smells like fish!

It smells unbearable to me

Unbearable? What do you mean?

It smells like the tide line

It's a strong smell

This is a joke, right?

No, why?

It reminds me of the sea

What's wrong with the sea?

Well, it's good, but eugh...

I actually think it smells like fish…


Don't you like it?

I don't know

The first thing that comes to mind is mussels or fish.

I assure you, it's really not very nice…


No, but it's okay!

Either it's amazing, and I'll buy it.

Or its awful, but I can't have a video that says

"well it's not all that bad"

It's the basis of the whole collection, it all comes from that product,

I want a sailor top that smells like sea air !

I have until June to rework the smell

On the other hand, I absolutely have to stay within the budget

or I'll have to fire five people from my team.

Could we do it again? Do you mind if we cut?

Well, no.

I'm not going to…

I guess, if you want to…

But then, if I'm honest…

They are little sailor clothes after all!

It's fresh, the freshness, the sea, I like that a lot

Well, yes, it reminds me of the holidays

Do you like it?

Well, yes I like it

It smells like the sea, it's fresh

For him, it might remind him of going fishing in Brittany

It smells like walking along the seashore

Good, so, will keep the April fool fish smell ?


I agree!

I was going to say "they've lost it completely!"

Besides, I'm a nurse, that's it, he shows the signs,

he's half crazy!

Am I a good liar?

It's all a lie?!

All this, is it all a con?

Well done!

I'm not putting that on my kid.

I was seriously worried

"Poor things, that's horrible, that smelled just too disgusting, it's hellish!"

I was thinking it had to be a big joke

They would never talk like that at Tape à l'oeil

They'd never talk to me like that about

something that smells like fish!

For more infomation >> Tape à l'oeil : les coulisses de notre piège du Poisson d'Avril - Duration: 6:40.


Poisson d'Avril ! Tape à l'oeil piège ses clients - Duration: 3:16.

Smell it and tell us what you think it is?

She's got the nose, huh!

It reminds me of strawberries

That smells of lemon!

Ah, yes, that's nice

That smells really good, but what's the aroma...

I'm not sure...


That makes me think of tea biscuits

Madeleine cakes

I'll leave you to guess the aroma and

tell us what you think

It's more about memories that you should be looking for

I don't like that at all. That smells of fish, that smells really bad

I don't like that at all

That smells of mussels

What's wrong?

That smells of fish

That smell is unbearable

Unbearable? What do you mean?

That smells of the tides

It smells really bad...

It's a joke, right?

No, why d'you say that?

Personally it makes me think of the sea

It's the sea isn't it?

Yes, that's it. But, err...

I think it has the same odeur as fish...


D'you like it?

I don't know

The first thing I think of is mussels or fish.

I promise you, it's not good...


No, but it doesn't matter!

Either it's great and I'm going to buy it.

Or it's rubbish but I can't have a video that says

"um, it's not too bad"

The whole of this collection stems from this product.

I want a sailor who smells of sea air !

I've only got until June to rework the aroma

However, I absolutely have to get the budget agreed.

If not, I'll have to get rid of 5 members of my team

Or could we make it again? Would that bother you if we cut it?

Ah, no, that's ok.

I'm not going...

Well, if you want...

But then, if I'm really honest...

Clothing for a little sailor!

It's fresh, really fresh, the sea, I really like it

Ah, yeah, it makes me think of holidays

You like it? Really?

Well yes I like it

It smells of the sea, it's fresh

It could remind you of perhaps fishing in Brittany

It smells of long walks along the beach

Great, so we''ll keep the April Fool's fish odeur ?

D'you agree?

I agree

I thought " they've gone mad!"

What's more, I'm a nurse, he's got the signs

of being a semi-psychopath!

Am I a good liar?

Everything was a fib?!

All of that. It was all made up?

Well played

I'll try that out on my little one

I was really bothered

"Poor things, it's horrible, it smelled really so bad, it's the devil's work!"

I thought it must be a big set up

They'd never talk like that at Tape à l'oeil

I couldn't imagine they'd ever talk to me like that

for something that stinks of fish!

For more infomation >> Poisson d'Avril ! Tape à l'oeil piège ses clients - Duration: 3:16.


Roblox Jailbreak Secrets: (Interesting) WHAT IS INSIDE THE METEOR? | Roblox Jailbreak - Duration: 2:50.

Intro Music

Intro Music Fades Out

Video Music Starts ♫Music Credits:♫ Dixxy - Smile

Hope you enjoy the video :)


Music Video Fades Out

Outro Music

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Xe ô tô chở trứng khủng long qua khe núi | Bộ đồ chơi ô tô | Đồ chơi trứng khủng long - Duration: 4:58.

For more infomation >> Xe ô tô chở trứng khủng long qua khe núi | Bộ đồ chơi ô tô | Đồ chơi trứng khủng long - Duration: 4:58.


Unusual People Whose Looks Can Take Your Breath Away - Duration: 3:30.

Unusual People Whose Looks Can Take Your Breath Away

For more infomation >> Unusual People Whose Looks Can Take Your Breath Away - Duration: 3:30.


★AB de Villiers Net Worth,★ IPL Salary, House, Wife,★ Family and Luxurious Lifestyle★ _2018 - Duration: 3:06.

★AB de Villiers Net Worth,★ IPL Salary, House, Wife,★ Family and Luxurious Lifestyle★ _2018

★AB de Villiers Net Worth,★ IPL Salary, House, Wife,★ Family and Luxurious Lifestyle★ _2018

★AB de Villiers Net Worth,★ IPL Salary, House, Wife,★ Family and Luxurious Lifestyle★ _2018

Youtube daily Mar 31 2018

McCain Won't Make It Through The Day After Hogg Just Exposed Who's Paying Him.

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have become activists, since the shooting

that took the lives of 17 of their classmates and injured numerous others.

They have continued this activism since the March for Our Lives that took place all across

the country.

And they are not holding back, they are going for the jugular and this time they have chosen

someone who can't defend themselves as much.

17 year old David Hogg has used his social media accounts to attack and target politicians

and this time he is going after Senator John McCain.

When Senator McCain went to Twitter to post about a Rio Valley project in Arizona Hogg

attacked him, and tried to hijack the post by asking him how much he accepts from the

National Rifle Association.

However, Senator McCain has taken the high road and not responded yet and there is no

indication that he will.

In all likelihood, Hogg targeted Senator McCain because according to the Center for Responsive

Politics Senator McCain is the top recipient of donations from the National Rifle Association.

In total, they have noted he has received approximately $7.7 million from the National

Rifle Association.

The Center for Responsive Politics posted a graph of all the members and politicians

who accept the most National Rifle Association donations.

Making these politicians the likely next target of these children.

Senator John McCain (Republican – Arizona) ($7,740,521),

Senator Richard Burr (Republican – North Carolina) ($6,986,931),

Senator Roy Blunt (Republican – Missouri) ($4,551,146),

Senator Thom Tillis (Republican – North Carolina) ($4,418,012),

Senator Cory Gardner (Republican – Colorado) ($3,879,064),

Senator Marco Rubio (Republican – Florida) ($3,303,355),

Senator Joni Ernst (Republican – Iowa) ($3,124,273), Senator Rob Portman (Republican – Ohio)

($3,061,941), Senator Todd Young (Republican – Indiana)

($2,896,732), Senator Bill Cassidy (Republican – Louisiana)

($2,861,047), Senator Tom Cotton (Republican – Arkansas)

($1,968,714), Senator David Perdue (Republican – Georgia)

($1,825,006), Senator Pat Roberts (Republican – Kansas)

($1,584,153), Senator Pat Toomey (Republican – Pennsylvania)

($1,467,821), Senator Ron Johnson (Republican – Wisconsin)

($1,269,486), Senator Mitch McConnell (Republican – Kentucky)

($1,261,874), Rep. French Hill (Republican – Arkansas)


Breitbart News reported,

"Hogg's tweet comes after he called for his Twitter followers to pressure advertisers

to pull their ads from Fox News show host Laura Ingraham's broadcast, after she said

he was whining about college rejections.

"David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it.

(Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.)," she tweeted.

She later issued an apology, after advertisers being pulling their ads from her show.

McCain, 81, is a six-term senator, Vietnam War veteran, and former prisoner of war.

He was one of four Republicans who supported a bipartisan bill on gun purchase background

checks in 2013, which did not ultimately clear the Senate."

The Daily Mail reported,

"Ingraham apologized Thursday on Twitter, saying: 'On reflection, in the spirit of

Holy Week, I apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims

of Parkland.

Ingraham tweeted that she thought she was the first to feature Hogg on her show after

the shooting and added: 'He's welcome to come on my show anytime for a productive


Hogg tweeted later Thursday that an apology to save advertisers wasn't enough, and that

he'd only accept Ingraham's apology if she denounced the way Fox News has treated

his friends.

'It's time to love thy neighbor, not mudsling at children,' wrote Hogg."

The Blaze reported,

"A number of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida have

been part of a media blitz asking for tougher gun control laws.

Hogg has been one of the most outspoken leaders of the campaign.

Hogg filled the headlines for the past few days after feuding with Fox News host Laura

Ingraham, resulting in some advertisers pulling their ads from her show.

Ingraham had mocked the student for complaining about not yet being accepted into his preferred

colleges; the host later apologized for her comments.

The student has also gained recent attention from conducting profanity-laced interviews,

making a noteworthy gesture at the DC March For Our Lives rally, and bragging about hanging

up during a call with the White House."

While Senator McCain is the current target of the gun activists there is nobody who is


These students are targeting every politician and Member of Congress who has any type of

pro-gun position, or has taken even $1 from the National Rifle Association.

It is clear they are preparing for the midterm elections in an attempt to try and get Democrats

elected to Congress to sway the majority more towards the middle.

All in an attempt to try and push anti-gun policy.

However, many of these students and children will not be able to vote until the next presidential


It remains to be seen how these marches, activism, and cyberbullying they are partaking in will

have much if any effect on the midterm elections and the longevity of their party.

What do you think about this?

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This Game SOCKS - Mega Man X Command Mission - Duration: 3:28.

Why did they have Mega Man 1 to 6 in one Collection, and then had 7 to 10 in another pack?

They should've had all of 'em in one game from the beginning!

And that Switch one still lacks the The Power Battle and The Power Fighters for CPS-2, and Battle & Chase

Capcom should make Mega Man X Legacy Collection with 1 to 6

'cuz X7 for PS2 SOCKS, and they say that if you play X8 your dick falls off

Even though Mega Man X: Command Mission was kinda good, it was pretty mediocre compared to RPGs on GameCube such as

Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia Legends and Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean from the makers of Xenoblade

Where that androgynous guy with a weird sword that fights wearing underwear in Super Smash Bros. 4

Oh, but if it is Samus fighting with skimpy clothes, female Social Justice Warriors will says she's being "sexualized"

And not only that! They were complaining about her new design 'cuz she was wearing heels

it doesn't matter that it has hidden mini rocket powered jets like C. Viper in Street Fighter IV

So according to SJWs, what is Samus saved the whole Galaxy Federation, she cannot be without her armor 'cuz that's being "objectified"

and Bayonetta can't be a sexy lady, 'cuz then some ugly ass fat gilt will complain that she's showing an impossible beauty standard impossed by Patriarchy

even when she was designed by a woman

Oh, but if Link, Cloud, Shulk and the princess boys from Fire Emblem fight in a thong, they even go buy the f'n amiibo

and if a dude goes for that cosplay, they quickly buy his pack

But if a chick is a huge fan of Metroid and Bayonetta games, and she feels like dressing up as Samus or the witch that hunts angels

the jealous bitches will say she's a slut

but if THEY looked like an Anime character and not a fusion of a pig and a cow, they would do exactly the same

and whoever says otherwise es topu

This Game SOCKS was thanks to Save Animals: Escape

an exciting game where you save cute pets, running, jumping, turning and you can even double tap to perform the cool acrobatic leap

Avoid dangerous obstacles and deadly traps in your way in this fun platformer

Join this great adventure where you can choose cute animal characters such as: dog, cat, owl, mouse, turtle and many more And move FAST! Don't get caught by the giant fire ball chasing behind!

Available now for FREE on Google Play. Link on the Description Below. Download NOW!

For more infomation >> This Game SOCKS - Mega Man X Command Mission - Duration: 3:28.


My Huckleberry Friends (你好 旧时光) - Full Episode 27 [Eng Subs] | Chinese Drama - Duration: 47:59.

Timing and subtitles by The Very Berry Team 🌸@Viki

[My Huckleberry Friends]

- Didn't we agree to study together? Why did you not call me? - Why are you following me again?

Who is following you? This is called openly tagging along.

Hey, Zhouzhou, did you really submit the letter of recommendation for the guaranteed acceptance quota?

I did. Didn't I submit it with you?

I am just worried that you had secretly taken it back.

It's still classmate Lin Yang who knows me best.

You really took it back? Then I am not going either. I'll go tell Mr. Zhang.

- Hey, I was just kidding! - I know. I was kidding, too.


Zhouzhou, once we both get the guaranteed acceptance, let's come to the library every day.

You study, and I'll sleep. Let's piss Jiang Chuan off.


Or we could also go watch a movie. The Pirates of the Caribbean 2 will be showing soon.

I still haven't watched the first movie. Let's watch the first one first.

That's fine, too. We will have so much time that we would even have enough time to go travel.

Hey, Zhouzhou, do you want to see snow? I heard that there are ice sculptures in Harbin even in the summer.

- Sure! - Really?! - Lower down your voice.

It's a deal then. When we get the guaranteed acceptances, we will go see the ice sculptures.

[Ice Sculpture Coupon]

I'm not lying to you.

Can I ask for one more? I also want to see the giant pandas.

- No. - Fine then. One is enough.

Here. Sign and put your thumb mark. Or else, I am worried that you might go back on your word.

I definitely won't!

- I am going to my night review class! - Lin Yang, come back here!

Come in.

- Do you need anything? - Mr. Wu.

You made a mistake in correcting one of my answers.

- Really? - Here. This question.

Why didn't you notice it when we were going over the test scores?

Teacher, I thought I was wrong. It was only when you explained to us in class that I noticed the mistake.

You were first in your class year for this exam, right? Quite good.

Xin Rui, your overall scores for the humanities subjects improved a lot.

But there are still some specific subjects that you must work hard on.

I got it.

Do you need anything else?

Mr. Wu, has a decision been made for the guaranteed acceptance quotas yet?

Right. I was just about to tell this matter to you, Yu Zhouzhou and Ling Xiangqian.

Call them over. I'll talk to you three together.


I heard that Class Leader Ling screwed up on this exam.

Her ranking is almost the same as ours.

I heard that she fell asleep while taking the Math exam. She didn't even finish half of it.

Do you really believe that?

Mr. Zhang was the exam proctor. If I were you, would you dare fall asleep?

The exam this time was indeed quite difficult. I left so many blanks.

Xin Rui, you really did well on this exam.

- Thanks. - So great. You're number one. - It's above 700.

The exam for guaranteed acceptance is tomorrow. I think she might be in danger of losing the spot.

What does it have to do with you?

Doesn't she still have her mom?

You're right. It's none of our business anyway.

It is now a competition between Yu Zhouzhou and Xin Rui. We will see which one of them is better.

- Old rule: Five ice popsicle. Are you willing to bet or not? - Of course!

I'm choosing Zhouzhou!

Lin Yang, time me!

See if I can break 2 minutes and 53 seconds, my own record at Zhen Hua.

How many days have you been holding it in? Be careful not to let your bladder explode.

I can't help it. I was born to have good kidneys. Hurry up.

Hey, if you can break your own record this time, I'll buy you breakfast for three days.

- Lin Yang, hurry up. - Mr. Zhang, what a coincidence! - Oh, Mr. Zhang.

Mr. Zhang, you came personally to go to the bathroom.

Why are you saying nonsense? Just focus on urinating.

Oh, right. Since you two are both here,

they have announced the quotas for the guaranteed acceptance. The Humanities Class and the Sciences Class will each get one.

I won't have a chance at it anyway.

That's right. Even if there are ten, you still wouldn't have a chance.

Mr. Zhang, listen to him. Since Lin Yang and Yu Zhouzhou both got second place in the exams,

he has been using all means and extremely vile methods to humiliate his classmates.

Hey, the ranking of the guaranteed acceptance exam tomorrow will directly affect who will get the guaranteed acceptances.

You two better be serious about it. Don't waste this opportunity.

Don't worry. I guarantee that I'll be serious accompanying the examinees.

Especially you, Lin Yang. Don't give me any surprises.

Our class and Class 1 are both fighting for the quota.

Mr. Zhang, just be at ease. I promise to do well on my exam.


Jeez, don't touch me.

[Year 3 Class 3: Do your best on the Entrance Exam!]

I found out who it was! It was a girl from Class 5.

The girl didn't do well on her exams this time. She did poorly in one subject.

And then, her ranking dropped by more than a hundred. She secretly went to the lab and drank some ethanol.

It's just one bad exam. Did she really have do that? Why must she be so cruel on herself?

If she had done well, she could've gotten into the top-tier universities. Now, she can't get into the tier one universities. If it were you, would you be happy?

Stop mentioning *985 or 211. Lately, I hear those words so often that I feel like I am about to throw up just by hearing it. (T/N: Lists of top universities in China)

Stop talking with people like him. When he does poorly on exams, he always gets a 70 to 80 points difference. [Eat one piece of magical bean that can add 5 points to your exam.]

He has no compassion at all.

- Hey, Qianqian. Hurry and keep these. Don't let anyone see it. - What are these?

All are precious treasures. Didn't you not do well on your last exam? I gathered all the Humanities Major math practice questions from the entire province.

Also, I've summarized all the different types of questions. You should just follow--

Hey, Qianqian, once you get the guaranteed acceptance, let's go to Hainan Island.

The sand in Hainan Island is very different from the ones we have hear.

Let me tell you. Over there, the sand glimmers.

I am going back to the classroom.

Here. Take these exam questions. Look at them when you get home.

Do you also feel that I'm a loser?

- No. - I know. Everyone is waiting for me to make a joke of myself.

They want to see how I get worse and worse every time; how I don't improve at all despite striving hard!

- Qianqian, what's wrong? - I'm so annoyed with all of you!

Have you filled out the recommendation form for guaranteed acceptance?

I've submitted it.

Tomorrow will be the joint examination for the five universities.

The exam results tomorrow will be the most important basis for getting the guaranteed acceptance.

Even if you messed up the exam last time, you still have a chance.

Sometimes, I would think

that there is a reason why I can't win over Yu Zhouzhou.

After all, my foundation and basic fundamentals are bad.

But... what's your reason?

I don't have any.

I'd rather lose to you.

Where did you go?

- School. - Then, why are you not answering when I called you?

I was in night review class. How can I answer my phone?

Your Teacher Wu called me and said that your grades in the last exam

dropped a lot. Why didn't you tell me about it?

Tell you what? Tell you that on the day before the exam, you and dad fought all night that I wasn't able to sleep?

When did you start to become like your father, always looking for excuses?

How is that related to your grades dropping? Are you trying to blame and say that I was the reason for your poor performance?

It's not your fault, but I don't have anything good to say to you.

Hey, you!

You went through my drawer?!

Right. Yes. You are in such a critical time now.

Stop thinking about these useless things. Could it be you can't bear to throw them away? It's fine. I'll throw them out for you.

I'll throw them all away for you.


What are you trying to do? Hey! What are you doing, Ling Xiangqian!

Ling Xiangqian, are you crazy?!

That's right. I know. It is indeed based on grades.

But you also know

that Ling Xiangqian's previous grades were indeed not bad.

She basically was always in the Top 3 of her class year. It's just that she's under tremendous pressure lately,

and caused her performance to be worse than how it normally is. See if you can...

Please come in.


Your Auntie is asking what you want to eat tomorrow.

I want to have minced pork congee with preserved egg.

Do you want to eat buns?

I want to eat triangular buns with sugar fillings.

Sure. I'll buy you some tomorrow morning.

Thank you, Uncle.


Even the math problems for Humanities Majors are this hard now?

If I had to do this now, I would fail for sure.

Didn't you also fail during your time?

During our time, just finding a job was enough. Going to college was not that useful.

Look at your Auntie, an earnest college graduate.

Didn't she eventually marry me, a person who didn't even finish high school?

But the times now are different. You guys should study and perform well in your exams.

Get into a good university.

Why are you chatting with Zhouzhou again? Don't you know she has an exam tomorrow?

Didn't we agree that you wouldn't disturb her anymore? Quickly come out.

I am her guardian after all!

I'm just showing concerns to the child. What's wrong with that?

I'll go throw the trash out.

Hey, don't, Zhouzhou. I'll be putting in some more trash later.

I'll throw it by myself in a little while. Don't mind it.

Then, I'll go down to buy some pens. My pen is out of ink.

Hey, wait! Pen, right?

Oh... right.

Here, use this first. Tomorrow, I'll let your Uncle get some more from his unit.


- Uncle. - Zhouzhou, go down and buy me a pack of cigarette. Any brand is fine.


- Didn't you quit? - I did. I just want to look at them to train my will power.

I'm going now.

What kind of question is it that you must come here this late at night to ask?

- Here. - Thanks. Your favorite cone.

And this one.

It's still cold. Eat some.

Oh, I don't feel hot. You just eat. I'll deliver you one every night from now on.

We have a McDonald's near our house.

I'll deliver you fruits then.

My house has fruits to eat.

- I then will give you-- - I don't want it.

I still haven't said what I'm bringing you.

Enough. I don't want any. We'll be having exams tomorrow. Hurry and go back.

- Lin Yang, you're really childish. - Yu Zhouzhou, you're so adorable.

- Lin Yang, you're so stupid. - Yu Zhouzhou, you are so smart.

Lin Yang, you're so good.

Enough. You lost. Hurry and go home. For you.

Open it when you get home.

[Question Coupon: Can ask questions anytime, anywhere]

Students, you must withstand the pressure.

I wish you all good grades for the Five Universities Joint Exam.

Okay. Class dismissed.

- Teacher Zhang, your class has ended? I will just say a few words. - Supervisor Pan.

Okay, everyone, quiet down. Supervisor Pan has something to say.

The Five Universities' Joint Exam this time is a very important mock exam for the National Entrance Exam.

Not only will it determine who would be getting the guaranteed acceptances,

it also concerns the reputation of our Zhen Hua.

The Bureau of Education will also send people to monitor the exams in different schools.

Hey, Chen Yao, are you listening to me?

Supervisor, let alone cheating, even if you let me take this exam with open books, I still will not get the acceptance.

My stomach aches. I can't hold it anymore.

I'll say the harsh words now.

Getting guaranteed acceptance is very important. I hope everyone can create a fair and competitive environment.

Clean up all the things on your table. Don't leave even one sheet of paper.

If I find out that you did, I'll strictly punish you.

So sorry.

Teacher Zhang, I swear that Ling Xiangqian would never cheat. She must have been falsely accused.

Whatever I say on this incident doesn't matter. The school has its way of dealing with it.

Teacher Zhang, I was sitting right beside Ling Xiangqian that time.

She really didn't look at it at all. I can be her witness.

Teacher Zhang, I beg you already.

Ling Xiangqian would never cheat. Can you put in some good words for her? She would never cheat.

Teacher Zhang, we all believe Ling Xiangqian. She's not this kind of person.

But the test proctor found notes in her pocket. That is the truth.

I don't care if she just forgot to keep them or deliberately brought them inside the test class room.

She must bear responsibility for her mistake.

What if this is the College Entrance Exam, you would all go beg the teachers, too?

You all... each of you...

always thinking of taking up the responsibility for the mistakes of others.

Are you all going to bear the responsibility for her future, too?

Let me ask you three.

What if she really cheated?

You brought all these in?

We already informed your parents. When they arrive, let's discuss this matter.

Ling Xiangqian, I am really disappointed in you.

You're Ling Xiangqian's parent, right? Please sit down.

Hey! Hey!

Don't use force. Do you usually discipline your child like this at home?

If I had known that she'd do such an embarrassing thing, I would have beaten her to death long ago.

Ling Xiangqian's mother, don't get agitated. Things are not that grave yet.

Let me tell you the suggestion of the school in managing this incident.

Although we canceled her right to be included as a candidate of guaranteed acceptance, she still can take the National Entrance Exam.

Her right to get the guaranteed acceptance has been canceled?

Don't, Supervisor Pan! Don't cancel her right to have the guaranteed acceptance!

No... this... You know that she got influenced badly. If it weren't because of that stinky rascal, Qianqian wouldn't have become like this.

No, I must find out who that bad guy is.

- I can't let him off too easily. - Calm down a little.

Ling Xiangqian is a student from my class. As her homeroom teacher, I must be responsible for her.

Her punishment ends here.

Let us talk about other things after the National Entrance Exam, okay?

Supervisor Pan, please reconsider it.

Come over here... Apologize to the Supervisor and your teacher. Say that you were wrong.

Say to the school, ask the school to give you another chance. Say it! Hurry and say it!

Stop forcing me!

You all stop pressuring me!


Hey, Qianqian! Qianqian!

Qianqian, stop right there! Stop running!

Qianqian, stop! Qianqian!


Fine. If you have the guts, don't come home anymore!

Teacher, I'm not taking the exam anymore.

- It's not time yet. You cannot leave early. - I'm not taking the exam anymore!

What's going on?

We're in the middle of an exam. Sit down.

Chu Tiankuo, Ling Xiangqian is in trouble. Are you going to look for her or not?

- I'm not going. You guys just go. - I said that she's in trouble!

Hey, where are you going?

Chu Tiankuo, do well on your exam.

- Don't fight! Sit down! - Let go!

No fighting!

- Are you all right? - Teacher,

my pen broke. Can I change to another one?

Why did you place second again?

Why don't you learn from the person who got first place?

Don't come out to eat if you don't finish learning that.

You played the wrong key again. Don't watch any cartoons tonight.

Train until you don't make any mistakes.

Mister, where did that lady earlier go?

- It seems that she went to the left. - Went to the left.

Hey, wrong...

I'm already old. My eyes are not that clear.

How about this? Zhouzhou and Lin Yang, I'll go this way and you two go that way. Let's keep in touch.

Hello. I just want to ask if you have seen a girl

- wearing the same uniform as me and has a ponytail? - None. - Thanks.

- She wears a ponytail. - No. - Thanks.

Hello, Mom. Hurry and send me the number of Ling Xiangqian's father.

How come you're calling me at this time? Aren't you taking an exam?

Something happened to Ling Xiangqian. I'm currently outside looking for her. Hurry and give it to me.

What? You actually gave up on your exam?

Is it really fine for you to not take the exam?

What's the big deal about it? If I don't get the guaranteed acceptance, I'll just take the National Entrance Exam.

If you have no problem with the exam, then certainly I wouldn't have a problem either.

We are different.

You say too much nonsense.


Were you disappointed?


Okay, you don't need to say anything. I believe in you.

I really...

I really cheated. Jiang Chuan!

I actually don't really know where Ling Xiangqian usually goes.

What if we call and ask Chu Tiankuo?

He would never answer it.

If we still can't find her when the exam ends, let's block Chu Tiankuo by the school's gates.

Hey, let me remind you. Don't learn those things from Ben Ben.

- Hello. - Hello. I'm Lin Yang's mother. Please let Lin Yang take this call.

- Who is it? - For you.

Hello. Oh, yes.

I had no choice. Or else, am I still human?

I am not getting agitated with you. Isn't my attitude quite good?

Hey, Mom, even if I go back now to take the exam, I won't make it in time.

Just let me focus on finding her. Oh, right.

Go and talk to Ling Xiangqian's mother. No matter how much Ling Xiangqian usually pretends in front of me and Jiang Chuan,

we all know very well. With that crazy mother of hers--

Okay. Okay. I'll be respectful to elders...

Mom, this is my choice.

No matter if it's right or wrong, I'll bear the consequences.

What did you two talk about?


Don't come. I can accompany her home by myself.


- You all came to find me? - Of course.

Not completely true.


Are you disappointed? That the one who came looking for you wasn't Chu Tiankuo or Lin Yang?


See? It's still me who knows you better, right?

Jiang Chuan, go to hell!

I knew it. You are a person that bares one's fangs and brandishes one's claws.

Why pretend to be some little princess inside the school?

It's fine. I won't dislike you.

Qianqian, do you still remember when we were little?

The time when we used to play together. That time,

Lin Yang frequently played the emperor, you played the empress, while I played a knight.

Do you know what I feared the most then?

That is you'd really get married off to Lin Yang.

Later on, I saw that you,

because of Chu Tiankuo, changed into a completely different person.

You lost composure and became very prudent,

totally not like a little princess anymore. You were not bossy and domineering to me anymore,

yelling at me to do this and that.

Towards Yu Zhouzhou, Lin Yang also

tormented himself and became very moody.

At this time, I would think

that it's better that you marry Lin Yang.

This way, I can frequently drop by your house. The three of us would still be together, forever together.

Jiang Chuan, the hell with you.

But now, I've finally made up my mind.

It's fine with me whoever you all end up with,

as long as you all stay the same.


Qianqian, you still have me, Lin Yang, and Zhouzhou.

We will stay by your side.

I'm guessing that the coming days will be hard to bear.

But I won't be afraid anymore.

Regarding the cheating incident, I will go back and admit my mistakes to Teacher Wu.


I will definitely get good grades in the National Entrance Exam and show them!

I believe in you.

Jiang Chuan,

are you really willing to still believe me?

Of course, I'm willing.

Because I think that you are the most best girl

in this world.

Jiang Chuan! Ling Xiangqian!

Is everything all right? What were you doing?

What happened?


Are you all right?

Jiang Chuan didn't do anything to you, right?


What's wrong? It's fine. It's fine.

Didn't I tell you two not to come?

Why? Are you disliking us for interfering with your alone time together?

Zhouzhou, this matter has nothing to do with you to begin with.

You shouldn't have given up on the exam just because of me.

But you are more important than the exam.

Thank you, Zhouzhou.

How were you able to find Ling Xiangqian?

Maybe we both think that our childhood days were better.

- Really? - Yes.

How come I feel that now is better?

Thank you, everyone, for giving up on your exams

and accompanying a commoner like me to take the National Entrance Exam.

Assuming too much is a kind of illness.

I also feel that now is better.

Me too.


I told you to come home early and help me watch the store! Where did you go that you came home this late?!

See if I don't beat you up. I told you...

Mom, I got the guaranteed acceptance.

Guaranteed acceptance? Does that mean we don't need to spend money for you to get into college?

Right. And I no longer need to take the National Entrance Exam.

Oh my, then did you get a scholarship?

Can you ask for subsidy? Is your living expenses also being taken care of?

Oh my, Xin Meixiang,

you really are bringing me honor.

Others have to spend money during college, while you even earned me money.

I'm relying the rest of my life on you.

I really didn't raise you in vain.

You are way better than your good-for-nothing father.

Once you get into college and earn big money,

help me buy this store back.

This really is great.

Since I wasn't able to get the guaranteed acceptance, does that mean that this ice sculpture coupon can't be used anymore?

Carefully look at it again.

[No expiration date] Hey! I never thought that you wanted to go out with me that much.

You can't really do much if I go back on my words anyway.

Lin Yang.

I remember that there is this one episode in Doraemon

where they used the reducing tunnel to make themselves very small.

They created a miniature city in their own backyard.

Inside it, they can do anything they want.

Fulfill wishes that wouldn't be possible normally.

Nobita can keep reading new manga comics in the comic store

and doesn't have to be worried about getting driven away by the store owner.

Gouda can keep eating his own pork chop rice.

Doraemon also bought a lot of dorayaki and didn't need to pay.

Shizuka also had her own toy store.

I remember. I found it very cool then.

But I like this unnamed cast in that episode the most.

He just appeared in one frame, just very casually mentioned.

What is it?

He was sprawled out on his back, lying on the street, and shouted to the sky,

"I can finally lie on the street freely!"

Hey, what are you doing?

Of course, it's to lie on the street.


we are currently in that miniature city.

I can finally lie on the streets freely.

It's fine, Qianqian. Go up first. If there is any problem, just call me.

I'll wait for you here. Okay?

What's going on?

Where did you go today?

Come out and eat the soup.

You were the one who committed a mistake and you're acting as if you were in the right.

Where did you go this late? How come I kept calling you but your phone was off?

I went to my preschool.

We were asked to turn off our phone during the exam. I forgot to turn it back on.

Let's do this. Tomorrow, go to school and look for Supervisor Pan.

Apologize to him. Talk with him nicely.

See if you can be given a make up exam.

Next, I'll ask your father to ask for favors and seek connections.

Let's see if we can use other means to get you additional points in the National Entrance Exam.

But remember, this National Entrance Exam is now your only choice.

- You have no other choice. - Mom, can you...

Can you stop directing me?

What do you mean by that? Don't you want your future anymore?

I have a lot of words in my heart that I wanted to tell you long ago.

Since the time I can remember,

you wanted me to become a good child.

That's why, I have to memorize books and do practice problems all day.

My test status must be outstanding.

My test ranking must be first place.

In father's dinner events, I have to be pulled out to sing.

Saying that making the event lively will increase everyone's pleasure.

When the uncles and aunties talked about which child is most outstanding, most magnanimous, most well-behaved,

I must get a "most" description.

No... I let you be obedient,

be outstanding, be a good child.

How was any of that wrong?

But you all seem to have forgotten that the "good" in a good child

is that heart.

I just can't figure out...

the Ling Xiangqian that you have in mind, that you have so many expectations for. Is that person me,

or another version of yourself?

For the answer,

you might know it once you grow up and be a mother yourself.

Maybe by that time, you would be just like me. You would be like me in using these kinds of method in treating your child.

Maybe one day, you will be able to understand me.

Maybe I would know by then.

Maybe I would never understand.

Ling Xiangqian,

maybe you can't really understand why you would end up having a mother like me,

controlling and demanding you in all aspects, demanding that you be the best in everything.

It's fine. I don't need you to understand.

I just want you to know that

I care about my own daughter.

I hope that she'll be good, that she'll be outstanding. I hope that when she becomes an adult

and encounters difficulties or setbacks, she won't come to me and say,

"Mom, when I was little why...

why did you not educate and discipline me?"

I just hope that she knew that I loved her and that's enough.

But Ling Xiangqian,

I am very disappointed in you.

No. It's very, very disappointed.

Not because of anything else, and not because you cheated,

it's because...

because I always thought that there was no need for me to tell you

everything that I did for you.

That you can understand my feelings for you.


But I never thought...

I never thought...

that you wouldn't understand.

Done. Come, let's eat.

Let's celebrate Zhouzhou's successful guaranteed acceptance exam.

- Let's cheers. - I forfeited taking the exam.

Uncle, Auntie, sorry. I forfeited taking the exam.

What you mean by forfeiting the exam is giving up on taking the test. Am I right?

During the exam today, a classmate ran out midway

because of too much pressure.

We went to find her, so we didn't finish our exams.

Then... that counts as helping others, right?

The school should be lenient on you.

Zhouzhou, how about I go to the school tomorrow and ask your school superior to have mercy.

It's fine. It's the same if I just take the National Entrance Exam.

How can they let just one child jeopardize the future of other children?

In this matter, I think that what Zhouzhou did is very good.

A few days ago, a student in her school broke down.

If anything also happens to this child today, it would be unacceptable.

What nonsense are you saying?

Hey, why are you still pouring alcohol? Zhouzhou didn't take the exam.

You don't understand. If she did well on her exam, we would celebrate. Forfeiting the exam should be celebrated, too.

Starting today, our every meal

will be a celebratory feast.

Let's cheers, Zhouzhou.

- It's fine. Let's eat. - Fine. Fine. Okay. Just eat.

Yu Zhouzhou. Lin Yang.

- Jiang Chuan! Ling Xiangqian. You all-- - Teacher Zhang...

- Do you know-- - Teacher, we admit to our mistakes.

Moreover, at that situation, we also couldn't continue taking the exams anyway.

If we messed up our exams, we would also get lectured.

Why not just give it up and it would look cooler?

Is that how one should act cool?!

Teacher Wu, I admit my mistake. I did it willingly. I am willing to accept my punishment.

- Me too. - M-Me too.

You...yesterday, I already...

Okay already. It's better that you say it.

Okay. The punishment is...

your right to get guaranteed acceptance is canceled. You three will be criticized on the bulletin board.

Ling Xiangqian will get a warning. Do you have any objections?

No objection.

If you don't have any objections, go back and take the exam. Try to see how you would have scored.

That's it. Hurry and leave.

What are you all still waiting for? Waiting for me to call Supervisor Pan?

Let's go...

Teacher Wu, sorry. I did bring the notes into the test class room.

I know already.

But your warning punishment won't be included in your file. You don't need to feel burdened.

Go now.

Teacher Wu,

I might not come to school from now on.

I want to do my reviews alone at home.

That's good, too.

Ah... Okay, I understand.

Go now.

Let's go.

Qianqian, you're not coming to school anymore? I'll accompany you then.

Jiang Chuan, you're totally a little nanny.

No need. Stay in school and review.

I'll get your exams for you and bring them to you tomorrow.

I'll go. I'll go. I should be the one doing such an honorable duty.

- Jiang Chuan, you're totally a high class little nanny! - Get lost! What are you saying?!

♫ I wrote a distant song for the distant you ♫

♫ Your laugh and mine weave together ♫

♫ This is my fondest memory of the past ♫

♫ Crying, laughing, aching, acting wildly ♫ ♫ as I bid farewell to the past ♫

♫ That old string melody sings our story ♫

♫ The story starts with your bashful smile ♫

♫ The light breeze in my face is like the way you talk ♫

♫ Without a hint or sign, the story abruptly comes to an end ♫

♫ There are always regrets in life ♫ ♫ Just let it be ♫

♫ The brief sunlight warms my heart all the same ♫

♫ There are always moments worth yearning for ♫ ♫ that we can't go back to ♫

♫ The memories of you ♫ ♫ that I can't return to or throw away ♫

♫ There are always regrets in life ♫ ♫ Just let it be ♫

♫ The brief sunlight warms my heart all the same ♫

♫ There are always moments worth yearning for ♫ ♫ that we can't go back to ♫

♫ The memories of you ♫ ♫ that I can't return to or throw away ♫

♫ The memories of you ♫ ♫ that I can't return to or throw away ♫

♫ The things I can't return to or throw away ♫ ♫ are collected at the bottom of my heart ♫

Timing and subtitles by The Very Berry Team 🌸@Viki

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Sankat Mochan Naam Tiharo (Lyrics & Translation) - Aks ft. Sanchit Malhotra & Ajay Ravichandran - Duration: 6:54.

Your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Who in the world does not know that your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Oh Lord Hanuman, once you flew up to the sun to grab and swallow it, as if it were an apple or a sweet ball, to appease your hunger.

Due to your childish prank, darkness engulfed the whole world and no one knew how to release the sun.

The devatas came and beseeched you; you released the sun and saved the world from chaos.

Oh Lord Hanuman, who in the world does not know that your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Oh Hanuman, scared was the ape-king Sugreeva of his mighty brother Bali, as he hid on top of a mountain.

Lord Rama was moving through the forest and the ape-king Surgeeva knew that Bali could not come to the mountain because of a curse, yet he lived in a state of fear and wanted to know how to save his life.

Oh Hanuman, disguised as a Brahmin, you went to Lord Rama, persuaded Him to come to the ape-king and thus delivered him from his sorrows.

Who in the world does not know that your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Oh Hanuman, the monkey scouts and Angada, the son of Bali, went with you in search of Sita.

They were worried, as they knew the ape-king would not spare their lives if they returned without Sita's whereabouts.

Everyone was tired and depressed because they could not find Sita. At that time of distress, you brought the message from Sita and information of her whereabouts, thus saving the lives of the monkey scouts.

Who in the world does not know that your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

When Ravana was torturing Sita by appointing many female demons, and Sita was pleading with them to relieve her from sorrows,

You arrived at the right moment and destroyed many strong demons.

When Sita was asking the Ashoka tree to grant her fire to destroy her own life, you dropped the ring of Lord Rama and thereby removed all Sita's sorrows from her heart.

Who in the world does not know that your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

When Lakshmana's heart was pierced by the arrow of Ravana's son and he became unconscious,

You brought the medical man Sushena along with his house.

You also brought the whole mountain with medicinal plants, thus saving the life of Lakshmana, brother of Lord Rama.

Who in the world does not know that your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Ravana invited the war due to his ignorance, and being invisible, he spread the spell of nagapaca, the mesh of snakes, on everyone.

Everyone was hypnotized, including Lord Rama; they did not know how to get out of this danger.

At that time you brought the Lord of the birds, the great eagle, to cut the snake bondage of all and saved everyone from evil influences.

Who in the world does not know that your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

When the great demon Ahiravana kidnapped Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana, and went to the other side of the earth known as patala

and conspired to offer them as human sacrifices to worship the Mother-God,

You went to their rescue and destroyed Ahiravana and the whole army.

Who in the world does not know that your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Oh Hanuman, you have done great favors for all of the devas and were recognized as the bravest and greatest man of the world.

How can any problems of my poor self be incurable for you?

I beseech you, Oh Hanuman, please come soon and protect me from all my sorrows, whatever they may be.

Who in the world does not know that your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

Your name is Sankat Mochan, the remover of all sorrows!

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if you are a horror lover you're gonna love this add-on, and guys as usual we're

gonna check it out together and I'm gonna show you how things are working in

here and after that I'm gonna show you how to install this on your kodi. So

let's check how the greatest horror films of all time clicking okay on it,

and as you can see they have a lot of content in here and let's go ahead check

out the first one 28 days later

there you go, well that was working great let's go back let's go into the second

section which is the year, let's check out the 2017 folder here,

let's check 24 hours to live. Well that's working great let me go back and guys

same goes for the other sections in here as well they are working great you can

check them out and I'm sure you're gonna like it a lot and now let me show you

how to install the trepidation horror add-on on your Kodi. So in order to

install the trepidation horror add-on on your Kodi you need to go onto the

settings cog on your kodi, you can see here is the settings cog I'm gonna click

on it and then in here you need to first go into system settings click on it, and

in here you need to make sure that this setting cog which is at the bottom

should be set to expert and after that you need to go on to add-ons and make

sure that unknown sources option is enabled, and you can see I have already

enabled this and now I will go back one step, and now in here go onto file

manager click OK, and then in here go on to add source option click ok and on

this window select the none option press ok on your remote, and then type in http

make sure you type in

and guys if you did not catch that on the screen you can also check

the description of this video and you will find the address there, and after

that you can press the ok button on your remote, and now we need to name this

media source so I'm gonna click here and then I'm gonna remove what is there and

I'm gonna name it tantrum and after that you can press the

ok button on this window here is the ok button and then after that you can press

the ok button on this window as well, and once you're done in here go back to the

main Kodi screen and from the main Kodi screen go on to add-ons, click OK and

inside add-ons go on to add-ons browser which is on the top left corner click on

it, and then in here go install from zip file and in here you

need to find tantrum which we added through file manager, so here is tantrum

I'm gonna click OK on it and in here you can see

click OK on it, and now in a few seconds you can see has

showed us tantrum TV repository add-on updated or you will see add-on installed

if you are doing it for the first time, and after that go on to install from

repository option which you can see right here so I'm gonna click on install

from repository and then in here you need to go on to tantrum.TV repository I

selected it pressing ok on my remote and in here go on the video add-ons press ok,

and in here at last you will find trepidation click OK on it, and then you

have the install option in here click OK on your remote and right now it's

downloading and installing the trepidation add-on on our kodi, we need to

wait a little while, there you go trepidation add-on installed so the

trepidation horror add-on has been installed on our Kodi and now let me go

back a little bit, and right now I'm inside the add-ons section in my Kodi

and you can see if I go down a little bit the trepidation add-on has been

installed and you can see it right here, and guys that's how we can install the

trepidation add-on on or Kodi and this is a really awesome add-on if you love

watching horror this add-on is definitely for you, and guys please make

sure that you share this video because a lot of people out there love horror so

share this video and let them enjoy the content of this addon and guys I'll be

back with more awesome videos so stay tuned to my channel and I love you all

bye bye.

For more infomation >> BEST HORROR MOVIES OF ALL TIME NOW ON KODI (AMAZING KODI ADDON) - Duration: 5:45.


Wann haftet Waschanlage für Schäden? - Duration: 1:13.

For more infomation >> Wann haftet Waschanlage für Schäden? - Duration: 1:13.


Minute Vlog: Day Fourteen - Duration: 1:20.

Minute Vlog: Day Fourteen

Hi y'all. When it's cloudy and raining

I like to play inside with Maylo and blocks.

Today's wisdom

was said by Abraham Lincoln.

I'll live with the light Icarry inside me.

am not bound to win,

but I am bound to be true.

I am not bound to succeed,

but I am bound to live up to what light I have.

I like this thought of 16th american president.

You like it also? Do tell in comments below.

And see you tomorrow. By!

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PSG MONACO But Cavani sur Penalty ! Penalty refusé puis Accepté ! Psg Monaco Cavani but - Duration: 3:24.

For more infomation >> PSG MONACO But Cavani sur Penalty ! Penalty refusé puis Accepté ! Psg Monaco Cavani but - Duration: 3:24.


حظك اليوم الاحد 01-04-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 8:31.

For more infomation >> حظك اليوم الاحد 01-04-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 8:31.


Understanding UL field evaluations - DSP 124 - Duration: 8:09.

>>Graham: Today's question is, "I am about to open a float center and my health department

says that I need to have a UL field inspection on my electrical equipment.

Is this bad news, is it going to stop me from opening?"

>>Ashkahn: Yeah, that does happen.

>>Graham: It's kinda bad news in the sense that you'll have to pay a little more money.

>>Ashkahn: It costs money.

>>Graham: It costs money.

>>Ashkahn: So this, yeah.

Lets ... Before we fully answer your question dear listener, let's establish a few pieces

of information.

Like who ... What is the UL?

>>Graham: What is the UL?

>>Ashkahn: Yeah.

>>Graham: Yeah.

>>Ashkahn: So.

>>Graham: So.

>>Ashkahn: UL is the Underwriters' Laboratory, and it's not a government organization.

It's a ... I think it's a non-profit, I think it's specifically a not for profit.

I think they lost their non-profit status at some point in the 50s or 60s or something

like that.

And, so anyway, it's an organization that's not a government body, that specifically certifies

products for electrical safety.

That's their stick.

So they take different products in all sorts of different categories, batteries, electrical

components for lighting, for pool and spa equipment, for cars.

It's a bunch of, bunch of stuff.

You've probably seen it.

The little UL logo on varies different things around.

And they're pretty big and they're pretty widely known and have been around for a long

time and decently respected.

As people who can certify things to electrical safety.

So, there's a lot of different certifications for things out there.

And they've even recently been working on the path towards actually having a float tank


There's a float tank out there that has been UL certified, maybe more than one.

And they have kind of a certain certification they think would be best suited for float

tanks, they might adjust a little bit as you bring a float tank through that process.

And this is not exactly that.

What you're being asked to do is not to get your entire float tank UL certified.

What you're being asked is to have probably the actual electrical components in the brain

on control system of the float tank, have some UL check that specific are of it and

give you a little stamp that says it's good to go.

>>Graham: Yeah, and that can be required for a couple of reasons, right.

So there's either the float tank you got was not actually UL certified by the manufacturer.

So they didn't have someone come in and at the manufacturing level say that everything

that is produced, that has this configuration is UL certified.

And if you do then you wouldn't be asked for this.

You've gotta give them your UL certificate from the manufacturer and the health department

would be happy, right.

And then so a field evaluation, which is where like Ashkan said, they come out and actually

just check your float tank in the field or maybe prior to actually being set up in your


>>Ashkahn: And it might not even be the UL coming themselves coming out.

I think other organizations or even electricians can test things to certain protocol and that

will like be a UL test.

>>Graham: Yep, so that and the field evaluation again, is required when either it wasn't certified

or it went through changes.

So, even if you at one point or if you got a float tank that at one point was UL certified,

but now they've changed out a bunch of the electrical components and they're using new

machinery, you might still be required to have a field evaluation.

>>Ashkahn: And that's gonna cost money, but probably not an insane amount of money.

This will probably cost you a few thousand dollars ...

>>Graham: Yeah.

>>Ashkahn: To have someone come out and go through this process with you.

>>Graham: My guess would be somewhere between two and five, is kind of the range that I've


>>Ashkahn: And I've heard float centers going through this and most of the time they don't

really need to make adjustments.

They can just ... you know, the float tanks are already kind of built to a spec that passes

those requirements.

So really mostly it's just the cost of having someone come in and validate all of that.

Rather that having to change a bunch of stuff.

>>Graham: And it's often per unit, which is kind of unfortunate, even for identical units.

That several thousand dollars is likely going to be per float tank that you actually have

on site.

So it can add up for a larger center.

>>Ashkahn: Yeah.

>>Graham: Which is a little unfortunate.

But the good news is they're requiring this for a reason, right.

Which is, they just wanna make sure ... Like you have ton of saltwater sitting there, and

they wanna make sure that people are safe in it.

Around a bunch of electrical equipment, right.

It's almost a very understandable concern and logic behind requiring this field evaluation.

>>Ashkahn: Yeah, it's just generally a wet environment.

The shower and the filtration system, all that stuff can leak saltwater.

It's not a bad idea to have an eye towards electrical safety.

>>Graham: Yep, and this could happen on the state level or the county level, that your

health department could be requiring this.

So if you know for instance just that other float tanks in your state have not had to

be field evaluated, you'll still wanna check with your county.

Just like everything for health department regulations.

>>Ashkahn: And, I guess maybe the other thing to say is, sometimes there may be flexibility

in here.

You might be able to talk to your health department and say, "Hey, would it be okay if I had an

electrician come and just write off on this and do an inspection, and give it their stamp

of approval?"

And that might be something that they like, you know.

They're like, "Okay, yeah, if you get like an actual licensed electrician to come and

evaluate the system and approve it, that will satisfy what we're looking for."

So there might be some flexibility if you talk to your health department.

>>Graham: Yep, or there might be no flexibility and they just put their foot down.

But you never know until you ask.

>>Ashkahn: Yeah.

>>Graham: And I mean that is one of the fortunate parts about being in an industry that is a

little more wild westy, is that you can sometimes negotiate like this.

You know oftentimes there's not actually a law in place that says, "Flat tanks have to

be treated in this exact way."

So, talking to and finding out or talking to your health department officials, and finding

out what makes them comfortable is sometimes an easier way than just going straight to

spending thousands of dollars.

>>Ashkahn: And, I think that's about it.

>>Graham: Yeah.

>>Ashkahn: Short episode today.

>>Graham: Yeah.

>>Ashkahn: And I guess as a little side story, you know, this can even change from time to

time within the same area.

So, when we were just getting started up, we bought some used float tanks from down

in Southern Oregon.

Our two used Ocean Float Rooms that we started with, of which we still have one in our center

that actually has a UL field evaluation metal sticker, metal plaque ... What's the word

for that stamp or …?

>>Graham: Stamp.

>>Ashkahn: Yeah.

Something, whatever.

Anyway, you get the idea, it's like a metal thing.

It's on the side there that say, "I've been field evaluated."

And now, if you're opening up in Oregon, you would not have to have that done.

But in order for the float center that we got those tanks from, to be open for business,

they required them to be field evaluated and as a result one of the tanks in our center

has a field evaluation stamp.

>>Graham: Cool, all right.

If you guys have other questions, you can hop over to

and send them our way.