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Youtube daily Oct 1 2018

The famous management consultant,

Peter Drucker, once said, "Tell me

"what you value, and I might believe you,

"but show me your calendar and

"your bank statement, and I'll show

"you what you really value."

And it's true.

While I might say that I value truth,

justice, and always eating my spinach,

a detailed look into those two troves

of information would yield quite different answers.

Digging into my bank statements would reveal an enormous

amount of money spent of coffee,

and wooden gnomes from eBay, and a look

at my calendar, not my Google calendar,

but an actual real-time log of

my life's events, if such a thing were possible

to build, would shed light upon way more time

than I care to admit, spent scrolling through Instagram,

and Twitter, and other social media apps.

And I would bet that if we were

to look at your calendar, we would see

something similar, if not worse.

Comparisons aside, though, I think

it is safe to say that most of us,

myself included, spend more of

our time and attention than we would like

to on these apps, if we were to look

at our lives from a more rational birds-eye view.

And that is why, today, I wanna give

you some tips for breaking your social media addiction.

Whether you actually call it an addiction,

or whether you're in denial.

Now, as astute and long-time viewers

of this channel may know, I am a big fan

of the author Kyle Newport, especially

his book Deep Work, which

actually has a chapter called Quit Social Media.

Given that fact, you may be surprised

to know that I'm not gonna recommend quitting social media

in this video.

At least, not right up front, and

that's because I'm an advocate

of moderation, and I also recognize

that social media can bring a lot of benefits,

but along with those benefits come drawbacks,

and as the ex-Facebook data scientist,

Jeffrey Hammerbacher once said,

"The best minds of my generation are thinking

"about how to make people click ads."

And of course, to make you click

those ads, those minds also have

to think about how to keep you

on their platforms for as long as possible,

which means that, at the very least,

these things are meticulously engineered

to be huge time-sinks, but that isn't the

only criticism you can level against them.

They also can make you a less happy person,

as repeated research has shown.

When you're spending a ton of your time scrolling through

these feeds of meticulously crafted posts

that show the highlights of people's lives,

including people that you probably know

in real life, and you're comparing them,

sometimes subconsciously, to your own life,

the entire thing, warts and all,

you can start to make comparisons

that really put a damper on your happiness.

So the question is, how do you use

these tools, and treat them like tools,

to get their benefits, while avoiding the drawbacks.

Let's start off with something

that is very easy to do, kill your notifications.

Notifications are like that ringing bell

that made Pavlov's dogs salivate,

only instead of giving you food,

they deliver a quick dopamine rush

in the form of a new comment, or DM,

or post from someone else.

Now, there is nothing wrong with checking

these posts, or answering your DMs,

but when you look at them in response

to a notification, you are establishing a habit,

you are establishing a craving,

and when those notifications come,

in the future, you're going

to have fewer mental defenses for avoiding them.

And the problem, here, is that

these notifications have no respect

for your time, or the fact that

you need long, uninterrupted periods

of concentration to actually get your work done.

So go into your phone's notification settings,

for each and every social media app

that you have, and destroy those notifications.

Secondly, I'm going to suggest

that you redesign your phone's home screen

to remove all social media apps from it,

and this is something that I actually did recently.

You may have seen the video that

I put out just a couple of months ago,

on my iPhone home screen, but even

that home screen layout has now gone the way

of the dodo, because it had social media apps on there.

I think Twitter was on there, and Instagram was on there.

And at the time, I kind of justified it,

because, as a content creator,

I use those platforms for my work.

But I am also a consumer, on those platforms,

and more often than I liked, I found

myself scrolling through them,

wasting my time, so I just got them

entirely off my home screen.

I created an entire second page

of apps on my phone, and I buried all

those social media apps inside of folders.

So if I wanna go to one, I have to look for it.

It's a very intentional thing.

Now, if you are on an iPhone, like me,

there is one thing you have to do,

beyond just shoving those apps into folders,

You have to actually turn off Siri's suggestions,

as well, because, in my case, when

I would swipe down to search for a different app

that wasn't on my home screen,

I would always see Instagram and Twitter sitting

there, which is basically the same thing

as having them on the home screen.

So if you are on an iPhone, you can go

into the settings, you can go into Siri app suggestions,

and you can disable them on an app-by-app basis.

Now, to suggest another option

that would actually negate the need

to do all of that, what if you

only used social media on your computer?

The problem with social media apps

on your phone, and one of the biggest things

we're trying to get away from, here,

is that they can become pervasive

throughout your entire life, and

that's because your phone is in

your pocket, or in your purse, all day long,

meaning you have constant, easy access to these tools.

But if you were to delete all these apps

off of your phone, you'd still be able

to use most of them on your computer,

in a more deliberate manner.

Maybe some of them are a little bit hard

to access, like Snapchat.

I'm not even sure if you can get

to that on a computer, but most

of them do have a desktop site,

and in fact, my friend Martin

even found a way to post his photos on

his Instagram profile using a desktop computer.

So if you're finding yourself

mindlessly opening Twitter, or Snapchat,

or Instagram, on your phone all the time,

try deleting those apps from your phone,

and just using them on a computer, for awhile.

See how that works out for you.

Now, going back to that problem

of social media becoming pervasive,

throughout your entire life, the next suggestion

I have is to deliberately only use

it at a specific time of the day.

Treat social media like you treat Netflix,

or video games, or anything else

that you only do at specific places and times,

and if you wanted help enforcing this,

you could use a Website and app blocking tool,

like Freedom, which is the one that I use,

and this has been a very helpful tool for me.

I use it to block all sorts of social media sites,

things like Reddit and Hacker News,

and all kinds of other places that

I tend to waste time on, during

my mornings, so that way, instead

of procrastinating during those hours,

I'm writing, or I'm reading, or I'm

actually getting my work done.

Now, so far, all we've talked about is the binary choice

of using these social media apps

at specific times of the day or not using them,

but this next tip actually kind

of gets into the middle ground,

because social media tools and apps are

actually collections of many different features.

Take Facebook, for example.

Facebook has the news feed, but

it also has the messenger tool,

and it also has the events tool,

and the groups tool, and some of

those tools might actually be very useful

to you, like messenger, or the groups,

while others, like the news feed,

may be completely valueless in your life.

So instead of asking yourself,

"Should I block it or should I use it?"

what if you blocked certain features.

And if you use a tool like Todobook,

you can actually block the news feeds

of most major social media platforms,

and other Websites, like Reddit and Hacker News,

so you can only use the more useful functions,

and when you go to look at the news feed,

you're gonna see a to-do list,

reminding you of things that

you're supposed to be doing, instead.

Okay, so we've talked about all

of the rational middle ground answers,

and now we're going to get to the question

of, should you quit social media?

Or should you at least stop using

certain social media platforms

in the way that you are currently using them?

So in his book, Deep Work, the author,

Kyle Newport, talks about

something called the "any benefit approach",

which is something that people use

to justify using social media tools.

They basically say, if there's any benefit

that I can get out of this, that might improve

my life, no matter how small of an improvement

it may make, I am justified in using it.

And, as he writes in the book,

"The problem with this approach,

"of course, is that it ignores all the negatives

"that come along with the tools in question.

"These services are engineered

"to be addictive, robbing time

"and attention from activities that more directly support

"your professional and personal goals."

So if those goals are a priority

for you, then you should seriously ask

yourself, "Do I need all the social media accounts

"that I currently have?"

And you can also get more granular than that, as well,

such as asking, "Do I need this particular app on my phone?"

For example, I don't keep the Pinterest app

on my phone, because I find that

it's just a time-waster, there,

but I haven't deleted my account entirely,

because I do find it to be a useful repository

of design, inspiration, and ideas,

that I can go look at, when

I wanna, say, redesign my Website.

But, on the other hand, I found,

recently, that Snapchat offered

me no value, whatsoever, so I actually went

in and deleted my account, there.

And that brings me to my final tip,

here, which is for people who feel

that they are truly addicted to the social media platforms.

If of all the other tips in this video haven't helped

you so far, if you just can't resist opening

these apps and wasting your time on them,

then try a 30 day serious social media detox.

Get completely away from all of it.

And the first step to doing that would be deleting

those social media apps off of your phone,

blocking the Websites on your computer,

making it generally as difficult as possible to access them.

Keep in mind that your ability

to maintain self-discipline is highly influenced

by your environment, so just like

somebody who's on a diet and trying

to avoid junk food needs to get all the junk food out

of their house, you need to get all

of the access to social media out

of your immediate vicinity.

And then, once that 30 days is up, you can start

to slowly reintroduce these tools back

into your life, and see if you can use

them in a way that does benefit you,

but doesn't cause you to waste too much time.

And then, once you've gained back

that time that you were previously wasting,

scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feeds,

you may want to dedicate some of

it to improving your creative problem solving skills,

as well as your skills in the fields

of math, science, and computer science.

And if that's something that you do want

to do, you should check out Brilliant.

Brilliant is a math and science enrichment tool

that takes an incredibly active approach to learning.

So when you go into their courses,

you're going to be immediately thrown

into challenging problems that force

you to really work to find the solutions,

and in addition to being a very effective way

to learn these subjects, this approach

also makes you a universally better problem solver,

because you have to apply effort

and creativity, rather than just

passively intaking the material,

like you would in a lecture-style class.

Within Brilliant's library, you're gonna find courses

on calculus, on math for quantitative finance,

on probability, on science topics,

like gravitational physics, and computer science topics,

like algorithms and machine learning.

In addition, you're also going

to find an incredibly detailed wiki

that covers problems from all across

their courses, so when you get stuck

on something tough, you can go do

some in-depth learning there, and

there's also an awesome community area,

where people from around the world are

constantly helping each other out,

and challenging each other.

So if you wanna start learning

for free, today, then head on over

to, which

you'll find in the description down below.

And if you're one of the first 83 people

to sign up with that link, you're

also gonna get 20% off your annual premium subscription.

I wanna give a big thanks to Brilliant

for sponsoring this video, and being a huge supporter

of this channel, and, as always, guys,

thank you so much for watching.

If you enjoyed this video, hit that like button,

to support this channel, and you can

also subscribe right there,

to get new videos every single week.

You can also click right over here

to get a free copy of my book on

how to earn better grades, find one more video

on this channel right over here,

or follow me on Instagram, over @TomFrankly.

Thanks for watching, and I will see you in the next one.

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Jaatavedase Sunavaama - Sri Durga Suktham | Powerful Durga Mantra | Navratri Special Songs - Duration: 2:34.


Jaatavedase Sunavaama Somam-Araatiiyato Nidahaati Vedah |

Sa Nah Parssad-Ati Durgaanni Vishvaa Naave[a-I]va Sindhum Durita-Aty[i]-Agnih ||

Taam-Agni-Varnnaam Tapasaa Jvalantiim Vairocaniim Karma-Phalessu Jussttaam |

Durgaam Devii[ngu]m-Sharannam-Aham Prapadye Su-Tarasi Tarase Namah ||

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Puush-Ca Prthvii Bahulaa Na Urvii Bhavaa Tokaaya Tanayaaya Shamyoh ||

Vishvaani No Durga-Haa Jaatavedah Sindhum Na Naavaa Durita-Ati-Parssi |

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Prtanaa-[A]jita[ngu]m-Sahamaanam-Ugram-Agni Huvema Paramaat-Sadhasthaat |

Sa Nah Parssad-Ati Durgaanni Vishvaa Kssaamad-Devo Ati Durita-Aty[i]-Agnih ||

Pratnossi Kam-Iiddyo Adhvaressu Sanaac-Ca Hotaa Navyash-Ca Satsi |

Svaam Ca-Agne Tanuvam Piprayasva-Asmabhyam Ca Saubhagam-Aayajasva ||

Gobhir-Jussttam-Ayujo Nissiktam Tave[a-I]ndra Vissnnor-Anusamcarema |

Naakasya Prssttham-Abhi Samvasaano Vaissnnaviim Loka Iha Maadayantaam ||

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Why youtube is attractive ?

YouTube launches beta in May 2005 and continues to grow ...

Today, Youtube brings in a huge profit for the "User" when the video has a large view.

Youtube is used to promote music products, art .... promote the largest multimedia products today

Youtube allows searching videos in all areas, can download video clips quickly and at no charge.

Content or effort will decide ?

Are you a "Youtuber" and are you aiming to monetize Your channel?

Videos about entertainment, games, technology, children ... are the hottest topics today

Beside there are also niche markets we can exploit as content for Your channel

If you work with niche markets we can make a difference because you are the pioneer

If possible develop parallel channels, test and evaluate the development of each content you have selected

This will give us a lot of experience and adjustments needed in the development of the channel.

Thank you for watching. Wish you success on the chosen path ...

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Real Estate Video Marketing | Real Estate Slideshow Templates Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents - Duration: 1:42.

FACT: Real estate listings that include video receive 403 % more enquiries than

those without. That means that real estate video listings generate quadruple

the leaves over text and pictures. Real estate video production should be a

daily part of your real estate marketing. For realtors, brokers and real estate

specialists, that are in the know. Previously real estate video marketing

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luxury real estate agents with huge names and big budgets... until now.

At Bizzlebox Productions we have made real estate video marketing a whole lot

simpler. We can supply real estate slideshow videos entirely customized

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Now there's no reason you can't have premium world-class videos for all your real estate listings.

Superior home listing videos, at an affordable price.

The reality is, if you're a realtor these days, you simply must be doing video marketing.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition that is.

Let us assist you with your real estate video production, so you can get better rankings and even more traffic.

Show off your property listing videos in social media, generate more leads and

sell your properties faster.

Youtube daily Sep 30 2018

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.

I'm going to show you how to create a spectacular, celestial image of an alien planet with spiral rings

floating in deep space.

This is an update of a tutorial I did many years ago on an earlier version of Photoshop.

This version is more nuanced and streamlined.

Before we begin, if you're not already a subscriber to Blue Lightning TV , hit that small "Subscribe"

button at the lower, right corner.

If my tutorials have helped you learn or improve in Photoshop, I'd like to ask you to help

support my channel by becoming a channel member or by becoming a patron.

Click the "Join" button below the video or click the Patreon card at the upper, right corner.

Create a new document by going to File and New.

Make the Width: 1920 pixels, the Height: 1080 pixels and the Resolution: 72 pixels per inch.

The Color Mode is RGB and 8 bits per channel.

The Background is black.

If it isn't, just click the box and pick black.

Then, click "Create" or "Open".

Click the New Layer icon to make a new layer and open your "Elliptical Marquee Tool".

Left-click and hold as you press and hold Alt or Option + Shift and drag out a circular

selection approximately this size.

Go to Select, Modify and Feather.

Feather it 50 pixels.

Open your Gradient Tool and click the Radial gradient to make it active.

Click the gradient bar and click the "Black, White" thumbnail.

Click the lower, left Stop and the color box.

Pick white and click OK or press Enter or Return.

Click the lower, right Stop and the color box.

In the hexadecimal field, type in: 4B00FF.

Then, click OK or press Enter or Return.

Click below the gradient bar to add a third Stop.

In the "Location" field, type in 30%.

Click the color box and type in: D27DFF.

Then ,click OK or press Enter or Return twice to close both windows.

Go to the center of the selection and press and hold Shift as you drag the gradient tool

to the edge.

Deselect it by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + D. To center it on your document,

open your Move Tool and press Ctrl or Cmd + A. Click the "Align Horizontal Centers" icon

and the "Align Vertical Centers" icon.

Then, deselect it.

Press Ctrl or Cmd + T to open your Transform Tool.

In the Width field, type in 220% and in the Height field, type in 70%.

Then, click the check-mark to accept it.

Go to Filter, Distort and Twirl.

Slide the Angle all the way to the right.

Go to Edit, Transform and "Perspective".

We'll need more room, so zoom out of your document by pressing Ctrl or Cmd and the minus

key on your keyboard a few times.

Go to a bottom corner and drag out approximately this much.

Then, press Enter or Return twice.

To zoom back in, press Ctrl or Cmd and the Plus key a few times.

To slide it down, press and hold the Shift key and drag it down.

Make a copy of the layer by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + J. Change the Blend Mode to "Soft Light".

We'll reduce the size of the copy using the Transform Tool.

To open it, press Ctrl or Cmd + T. To ensure that the copy will be centered over the original,

go to the Reference Point icon that's at the center of the Transform's Bounding Box.

The Reference Point is the fixed point that all transformations are performed around.

Drag it to the center of the spiral.

Go to a corner and when you see a diagonal, double-arrow, press and hold Alt or Option

+ Shift as you drag it in approximately this much.

Then, press Enter or Return.

Click the New Layer icon to make a new layer.

Open your "Elliptical Marquee Tool" and go to the center of the spiral.

As before, drag out a circle approximately this size.

Go to Select, Modify and Feather.

Feather it 50 pixels.

We'll fill the selection with white, but first, check your foreground and background colors.

If they're not black and white respectively, press "D" on your keyboard.

Since white is your background color, press Ctrl or Cmd + Delete.

Then, deselect it.

Change its Blend Mode to Soft Light.

Make a new layer.

In this layer, we'll create the orb of the planet.

Go to the center of the spiral and drag out another circular selection approximately this size.

Go to Select, Modify and Feather.

Feather it 2 pixels, so the edge of the orb will be slightly soft.

Click the foreground color and type in: 11207B.

To fill the selection with the foreground color, press Alt or Option + Delete.

Then, deselect it.

Next, we'll mask out areas of the planet to reveal the bright rings under it.

Click the Layer Mask icon to make a layer mask next to the planet.

Open your Brush Tool and Brush Picker.

We'll adjust the size in a moment.

Make its Hardness: 0% and the Opacity and Flow: 100%.

To adjust the brush's size, make sure your CapsLock key is off and press the left or

right bracket key on your keyboard.

Carefully brush over the planet following the arc of the brightest rings.

This is masking out the planet thereby revealing the rings under it.

If you make a mistake, press "z" on your keyboard to undo the last step.

Double-click the thumbnail of the planet to open its Layer Style window.

Click "Inner Glow".

If the color box isn't white, click it and pick white.

The setting amounts that I'm choosing is based on the size of my planet orb.

If your planet is larger or smaller, feel free to adjust the setting amounts.

Make the Blend Mode: "Color Dodge".

I'll make the Opacity: 88% and the Noise: 1%.

The Technique is "Softer" and the Source is "Center".

I'll make the "Choke": 34% and the Size: 147 pixels.

The "Contour" is Linear and I'll make the "Range": 100%.

Click "Satin".

The color is white and the Blend Mode is "Color Dodge".

I'll make the Opacity: 48% and the Angle: 143 degrees.

I'll make the Distance: 134 pixels and the Size: 139 pixels.

'll make the Contour: "Cone - Asymmetrical".

Check "Invert".

Click "Outer Glow".

The color is white and the Blend Mode is "Color Dodge".

I'll make the Opacity: 35%, the Spread: 0% and the Size: 250 pixels.

I'll make the Contour...

"Valley High"

and the Range: 100%.

Next, we'll angle our planet, but first, let's save space in the Layers panel by collapsing the Layer Style effects.

Shift-click the bottom rings to make all the planet layers active and open your Transform Tool.

Go to a corner and when you see a curved, double-arrow, rotate it counterclockwise to

an angle you like.

To reposition it, go inside the bounding box and drag your planet.

Then, press Enter or Return.

Next, we'll create a star field behind our planet.

Make the black background active.

Go to Filter, Noise and "Add Noise".

Make the Amount: 100%, Gaussian and Monochromatic.

Go back to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur.

Blur it 0.3 pixels.

Open the Levels window by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + L. Make the Input Shadow Level: 208

and the Input Highlight Level:237.

To finish our planetary image, we'll add a dramatic lens flare.

Make the top layer active and make a new layer above it.

We'll fill it black, but first, press "D" on your keyboard to make the colors black and white respectively.

Since the foreground color is black, press Alt or Option + Delete.

Go to Filter, Render and "Lens Flare".

Drag the flare to the upper, left corner.

Make the Brightness: 130% and the Lens Type: 50-300mm Zoom.

Change the Blend Mode to "Screen".

This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.

Thanks for watching!

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Pleasant Hill

<<< To Winchester

Stokes Hall

Stokes Hall Baptist Church >>>

Stokes Hall ends

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Römer 12 - Lebe so, wie Gott es gefällt – Joyce Meyer – Persönlichkeit stärken - Duration: 25:30.

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Serengueti - Comer o ser comido - Video de la escena natural al final - Langosto - Duration: 2:41.

My thanks for this great contribution to my friends Tere, Gema and my friend Victor ....

... that if they had not been to witness We would never have enjoyed it.

Such is life, so is Nature, eat or be eaten.

Serengeti National Park - Tanzania - Africa December 2017 (I wanted to put).

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আমি যেমন জানি তোমরা যদি তেমন জানতে তাহলে বেহসি বেশী কাঁদতে কম কম হাসতে | Abdur Razzak | 2018 - Duration: 3:23.

AK Computer Network

Have Done This Video

Youtube daily Sep 30 2018

earlier this month google has announced a complete redesign for Wear OS which

is the 2.1 update with this update Google is aiming to implement new

experience into its wearable platform the new wear OS 2.1 update with a

redesigned interface and improved google assistant capability is now rolling out

the update was set to be available on almost all watches that receive the

Android wear 2.0 starting today in the form of OTA aside from its improved

google assistant support the latest wear OS 2.1 update has an enhanced google fit

integration offering the activity goals similar to activity rings popular in

apple watches the interface of the wear OS 2.1 is inspired by the look of

android 9.0 pi the wear OS 2.1 had its focus on the ease of access for

notifications the new notification is in the same places with the previous one

just swipe up from the watch face and you will see it there it also had a new

feature having a continuous scrolling interface making it faster and easier to

go into your notifications there is also a smart reply feature built into it so

you can send quick messages easily without opening any application by

swiping into the left will open up the google fit with its new UI your health

points are highly emphasized and you could easily keep track for your overall

activity level by swiping to the right the new google assistant panel will open

it includes all of the proactive assistant cards and it might also show

upcoming flight information traffic alerts and a lot more to change the

watch faces you'll have to do a long press on the screen the Quick Settings

hasn't been moved just swipe down and it will be shown

For more infomation >> Google releases the Wear OS 2.1 Update With redesigned interface and improved Google Assistant - Duration: 2:33.


Trump Admin Says Planet Is Burning Down, So Let's Just Ruin It Now - Duration: 3:21.

Last month, the Trump Administration put out a 500-page environmental impact statement

that actually acknowledged the fact that human beings are destroying the planet, that climate

change is having all these negative effects, and, more importantly, that we as a planet

can expect a seven degree Fahrenheit increase in average global temperatures by the year


That is probably one of the most dire reports on the effects of climate change and how intense

it's going to be that we have ever seen and it actually came from the Trump Administration,

but unfortunately until reporters at The Washington Post, including Chris Mooney, decided to report

this, really nobody even knew it existed.

You would think though that the administration, having this information in front of them showing

that we are burning down this planet, surely that would be enough to make them say, "All

right, you know what?

I guess we got to do something.

We got to protect the environment.

Everybody's going to burn up.

This is going to be horrible."

Scientists tell us that even a seven degree global average temperature increase is going

to be catastrophic for human life, animal life, environment, everything on this planet,

and that's just seven degrees.

The Trump Administration looked at that, and they said, "Huh.

Oh well.

I guess we'll just go ahead and lower fuel economy standards, because there's nothing

we can do to save the planet now."

Here's the problem with that assessment, because that is exactly what the administration [inaudible].

They're trying to use this new report to show hey, it doesn't matter if we destroy the environment

because we've only got about 80 habitable years left on this planet anyway, so let's

just burn it all down right now, but they're ignoring the fact that the actual report says

at current rates, meaning if everything stayed the same, these are the effects that we would

be looking at by the year 2100.

If we reduce emissions, which the Trump Administration's doing the opposite.

They're increasing emissions.

If we reduce emissions, then we don't have to worry about that scenario.

Maybe we can push it back another two, 300 years, reduce them further, and then it'll

never happen, but the Trump Administration I guess didn't read that far into the report,

because they're actually using it out there as justification to say, "Listen, the planet's

burning down.

There is nothing we can do about it, so why not pump all the gas you can right now, just

burn it, burn it, burn it.

Let's reduce fuel economy.

Maybe we can bring on the apocalypse a little bit sooner so that we all, people alive today,

get to witness it, because wouldn't that be pretty cool, folks?"

That's what the Trump Administration is basically doing right now.

They have this 500-page report in their hands showing that this is the worst-case scenario

if things do not change, and so the Trump Administration looks at it, analyzes it, and

says, "You know what?

Let's just go ahead and not change because the planet's burning down, and we're going

to have a major party to celebrate."

That's what's happening in Washington, D.C. today.

For more infomation >> Trump Admin Says Planet Is Burning Down, So Let's Just Ruin It Now - Duration: 3:21.


5 Bizarre Aircraft That Pushed the Boundaries of Engineering - Duration: 11:58.

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[ ♪ Intro ]

A lot of us probably share a pretty common idea of what planes look like.

But there have been some strange aircraft over the last century, too.

For example, the fastest piloted plane ever was so loosely constructed that fuel leaked out of it before takeoff.

And a crucial member of the Apollo program was so bulky that people doubted it could even fly.

Sometimes, for extraordinary missions, researchers have to get creative and push the boundaries of engineering.

And while doing so, they've built some weirdos.

Here are five of the most bizarre, impressive aircraft throughout history,

ones that, despite what you might think, still managed to fly.

In the early 1960s, a couple of American U-2 spy planes were shot down by missiles.

To keep that from happening again, the U.S. government wanted a new spy plane

that could outrun any missile fired at it from the ground.

So they reached out to the company Lockheed (now Lockheed Martin)

who had already begun work on an extra fast aircraft.

And ultimately, Lockheed delivered the fastest piloted plane ever:

the SR-71 Blackbird, one of the most famous aircraft out there.

This thing could cruise at more than three times the speed of sound, some 3900 kilometers per hour.

So fast that many pilots got to see the sun rise in the west.

But like you might guess, building this thing wasn't easy.

During flight, air friction heated the Blackbird to over 350°C,

and there aren't many metals that can withstand that much heat for hours without losing strength.

To overcome that, the plane had to be made out of a special titanium alloy that was both

lightweight and especially strong.

But that still only solved one side of the heating problem.

See, hot metals aren't just weaker; they also expand.

And if the pieces of the Blackbird expanded too much mid-flight,

they could grow into each other and break.

To prevent that catastrophe, the plane's engineers came up with an extreme solution:

They built the SR-71 so that, when it was on the ground, its pieces didn't fit together snugly.

And there were some gaps that parts expanded into as the plane flew and heated up.

But on the ground, those gaps were big enough that fuel could actually leak out of the aircraft's tanks.

Thankfully, that wasn't actually very dangerous.

On the runway, Blackbirds only held enough fuel to take off and fly for a little bit.

Later, they had to link up with another plane that filled them up in the air.

And even if a lot of fuel did leak before flight, it could only ignite at a super-high temperature.

So it wasn't like a bunch of Blackbirds were explosions waiting to happen.

The Air Force retired the SR-71 back in 1990,

as satellites and improved defense systems slowly made it outdated.

But it did retire in style: Its last flight was a record-setting 64-minute streak from LA to Washington, DC,

so that it could become part of the collection at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

Now, at least the Blackbird looked like a plane.

The Grumman X-29 looks like someone building a model airplane got distracted and put the wings on backwards.

Except the X-29 was no model.

It was almost 15 meters long, nearly 8000 kilograms at takeoff,

and could fly at more than 1.7 times the speed of sound.

Its wings were just on the wrong way.

But there was good reason for that.

Years before this plane was built,

engineers had wondered what the benefits and drawbacks of different wing designs were.

They could get all kinds of data about standard wings,

but backward ones were a lot harder to test at supersonic speeds.

That's because, while standard wings sweep air away from a plane's body,

backwards wings do the opposite: They move air toward the body.

And that leads to all kinds of new, large forces.

We didn't have materials strong enough to withstand those forces on a supersonic plane until the 1970s.

But once we did, the X-29 wasn't far behind.

NASA and the U.S. Air Force used the plane to study the advantages and disadvantages of the new air path

and the results were mixed.

The plane's big advantage was maneuverability,

especially at steep angles where most planes would have stalled or started losing the lift that keeps them in the air.

Conventional planes stall when the front of their wings blocks too much air from moving over the wings and providing lift.

But since the X-29 had backwards wings, any air they blocked got moved toward the plane's body,

so it had to go over the aircraft in one way or another.

That meant it didn't stall as easily.

But those extra-steep climbs came with a pretty big disadvantage:

Air constantly twisted the wings as it went by,

and the slightest wrong move or unexpected bump could send the plane completely out of control.

It could go from perfectly stable to torn apart in less than two-tenths of a second,

far faster than any pilot could respond.

To counter that, the X-29 was designed with three redundant computer systems,

which looked for hints of disaster and corrected course before the pilot noticed.

And thanks to them, the X-29 was able to fly 422 times between 1984 and 1992.

Ultimately, though, the backward-wing design didn't have enough benefits to make it worth using for many more aircraft.

But the X-29's odd shape lives on in aviation history as a very successful experiment.

In the 1960s, the Space Race was just shifting into high gear.

NASA kept building bigger and bigger rockets,

but they had to ship large pieces of them from where they were made in California to the assembly building in Florida.

That's a long sea voyage, and parts could crack or break along the way.

So two men, Jack Conroy and aircraft salesman Lee Mansdorf, came up with a solution:

Why not build a gigantic cargo plane and fly the pieces to Florida?

The two helped start the company Aero Spacelines,

and eventually, they produced the Aero Spacelines 377PG,

more fondly known as the Pregnant Guppy.

It's a larger version of another plane, called the Boeing Stratocruiser,

which Mansdorf just happened to own a couple of.

As you do.

At the time, the Guppy was the largest plane in the world.

Its cabin was almost 6 meters across and 12 meters long,

big enough to hold an entire rocket stage inside of it.

Some people were skeptical that such a bulbous, 45,000-kilogram plane could really fly,

especially hauling 24,000 extra kilograms of cargo.

But the Pregnant Guppy worked,

and a series of dramatic demonstrations convinced NASA it was worth using.


I said convinced NASA.

Because they didn't actually ask Aero Spacelines to build the Guppy.

Instead, Conroy and Mansdorf just thought it was a great idea and went ahead building it.

But boy, was NASA glad they did.

The Guppy cut down NASA's trip time from 18 days to 18 hours,

and it performed a crucial role throughout the heart of the Space Race until it was taken apart in 1979.

But even once it was gone, its legacy lived on.

After it came the Super Guppy: 7 meters wide and a full 28 meters long.

And today, we have the Airbus Beluga.

It's also pretty weird-looking, but its job is similar to the original Guppy's:

It carries parts of other planes around the world in a gargantuan cargo area.

But no matter how sophisticated and shiny they look,

the Beluga and other modern cargo planes are all, in one way or another,

children of the original Pregnant Guppy.

Because it didn't fly due to how air moved past its wings,

the North American X-15 isn'ttechnically an airplane.

Instead, it's an air-craft, which includes planes and everything else that flies through the sky.

But it's not just any aircraft.

The X-15 was the fastest piloted aircraft in history,

with a rocket engine that blasted it to over six times the speed of sound,

twice that of the SR-71 Blackbird.

What might be even more interesting, though,

is that this aircraft was never built to touch a runway.

It didn't land on one, and it didn't take off from one.

In fact, it never really took off at all.

The X-15 was built in the 1950s to help us research conditions at high speeds and high altitudes,

but it only carried about 80 to 120 seconds' worth of fuel.

Using fuel to speed up, take off, and get high in the air would have been a waste,

so the X-15 was carried up on a much larger plane:

The B-52, also known as the "Mothership".

The B-52 would fly way into the air with the X-15 under its wing,

then drop its rocket-powered cargo.

The X-15's rocket would fire, and it would speed out of the Mothership's sight.

Then, the engine would go until the aircraft ran out of fuel,

and the X-15 would glide down to a dry lakebed,

skidding to a stop 10 minutes or so after leaving the B-52.

The aircraft flew from 1959 to 1968,

repeatedly getting so high above the ground up that its pilots officially count as astronauts.

And in that decade of research, we learned a lot.

The X-15 showed NASA the kinds of conditions rockets experience during launches into space,

and it taught engineers how to make reliable, pressurized spacesuits.

It also taught physicists about fluid dynamics at supersonic speeds,

and it gave doctors valuable data about how humans respond to extreme flight conditions.

All while setting unofficial records for the fastest aircraft in history.

So it might not be a true plane, and it might not have ever actually taken off,

but the rocket-powered North American X-15 is still pretty impressive.

You know, sometimes you just don't know where to put your plane once you're done with it.

Planes are just so big and wide; they don't stack together very neatly.

If only there were an aircraft whose huge, rigid wings folded up for storage.

#PlaneOwnerProblems, am I right?

Well, never fear.

The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is here. And it folds.

The U.S. Military uses the V-22 for transporting troops and cargo,

up to 24 troops or about 10,000 kilograms of cargo in one trip.

But the Osprey has another special talent, too: It's a shapeshifter.

And it takes off and lands vertically like a helicopter, with propellers facing up toward the sky.

Then, once it's in the air, the engines and propellers start to turn.

In as little as twelve seconds, they're completely horizontal, just like on an airplane.

These two modes give the Osprey the advantages of both helicopters and planes in the same machine.

They don't need the long runways of a conventional airplane because they can land and take off completely vertically,

making them good in forests or other dense environments where planes would be helpless.

But in the air, they can fly about twice as fast as an average helicopter could.

Then there's possibly the best part: The Osprey has one more contortionist trick up its sleeve.

When it lands at a safe base and won't be flying for a while,

the Osprey's rotor blades fold completely flat against each other.

Like some kind of weird, mechanical dragonfly.

Then, the entire wing turns until it's flat along the top of the Osprey's body.

The whole process takes about a minute,

and it allows the aircraft to take up far less space between flights.

It's awesome.

Once, people said it was impossible to fly in something heavier than air.

A century and a half later, a plane lands somewhere in the world every couple of seconds.

We also have enormous Guppies and folding half-helicopter/half-planes performing special tasks

and helping researchers throughout the world.

Which is pretty amazing progress, if you ask me.

Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow!

There have been plenty of cool planes in the past,

but engineers also have a few surprises up their sleeve for the future.

Maybe you do, too.

If you think you might be a future engineer, or just like learning new things and testing your knowledge,

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This course on classical mechanics is particularly cool if you liked this episode.

The whole course is fun, but the sections on energy and momentum are an awesome way to learn more about flight.

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[ ♪ Outro ]

For more infomation >> 5 Bizarre Aircraft That Pushed the Boundaries of Engineering - Duration: 11:58.


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My thanks for this great contribution to my friends Tere, Gema and my friend Victor ....

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Such is life, so is Nature, eat or be eaten.

Serengeti National Park - Tanzania - Africa December 2017 (I wanted to put).

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PAPERLESS POST: What is the YouTube Hole Whole? - Duration: 1:47.

what is the YouTube hole is the YouTube hole in my mouth is the hole in my house

is the hole in my hair is the hole in the air is the hole in the toilet is the

hole in paranoia will YouTube help me find the hole or should I eat a jelly

roll there is a hole somewhere you see a hole made special for you and me so yes

this is my YouTube hole what is the YouTube hole hole what is the YouTube

hole and so I did some little drawings here what is the youtube hole see right

there we've got two holes so this is a sort of a critical thinking exercise for

teachers parents students kids children whole we've got two holes here so what

what is the hole is that the hole is in everybody or is it a hole a hole

somewhere else what is it what it what is the meaning of the hole so yes this

is the teachers edition and we're also learning the alphabet and how well yes

so this can be rather confusing at times too because there are so many different

meanings that it could mean there is no right answer there's no wrong answer

that's the answer that there's nothing right and nothing wrong about it it just

is whoops excuse me I guess I my whole decided to erupt

For more infomation >> PAPERLESS POST: What is the YouTube Hole Whole? - Duration: 1:47.


Learn the alphabet | Letter N | How to write | Fine Motor Skills | Pevan and Sarah - Duration: 1:42.

hello there Cubs, are you ready to get your finger out? We're gonna try the

letter 'n'. We'll start with the capital, so start at the top and draw a straight

line down and then go down and up and there's our capital 'n'. Should we try

a lowercase? It has a stick with a bump, and that's our lowercase. I wonder if I

can think of any words that begin with the letter 'n'. How about net, or nail. What about the

number 9. Good work, they're all words that start with the letter nnnn

okay Cubs get your finger out and let's try a capital 'n'. Can you try another one?

Why don't you try a lowercase 'n' and one more, nice! thanks finger

Finger says: Good bye

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Dino Destiny Prototype Take 2! - Duration: 1:13.

We can do it! We will find DA WAE!

Wait... Is that a (wild) T-rex? Interesting...

Now what if I press THIS button... (or key, depends which country)

WOAH! (mem reference)

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This game is DINO-MITE!

This game is getting fassstterrrrr...

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I'll lose my existence! I must HURRY! (Not these guys again)




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Youtube daily Sep 30 2018

You know, one thing I guess we kind of have to give Donald Trump credit for is that the

stock market is doing really well.

Now, in all fairness, that was a trend that started under Barack Obama.

We had record high days during his administration and we've had record high days during the

Trump administration.

That is just a trend graph that just keeps going up, at least for the moment.

But, I guess the bottom line is that it's very hard, at the moment, to lose money in

the stock market.

You have to actively try to do bad in the stock market.

Unfortunately, more than half of the country, myself included, can't even afford to invest

in the stock market.

So those rises and falls actually don't affect us one way or the other because we're too

damn poor to put money in it.

But nonetheless, the reason I'm even bringing this up and bringing up the fact that you

have to try really hard to lose money in the stock market is because Scott Wagner, a Republican

from the state of Pennsylvania who is running for governor, somehow in the last three months

managed to lose $631,000 in the stock market.

But don't worry folks, it wasn't his money, it was actually his campaign money.

Wagner took large chunks of his campaign election fund and decided to invest it in the stock

market, because the market's doing so well, and then lost $631,000 just a few weeks before

the actual election.

Now, here's the saddest part of the story, even more sad than this moron who can't seem

to make money when everyone else in the stock market is, is the fact that this isn't illegal.

I mean, this wasn't even his money, although he says he only gambled away in the stock

market the amount that he put into his campaign.

It's a lie.

You are not forbidden from taking your campaign fund and investing it and trying to make money

off it.

That's how lax and, just frankly, stupid our campaign finance laws here in the United States.

Yu can pretty much take that campaign money and do whatever the hell you want with it.

As long as you've got a good excuse for doing it, somehow relating it to your election,

you're fine.

You're not going to get in trouble, they don't care.

I mean, this isn't like back in the day, 10 years ago when John Edwards used campaign

money to pay off the woman he had an affair with, almost went to jail for it.

Yeah, those days are gone.

You can do whatever the hell you want with your campaign money, the US Supreme Court's

got your back.

They think money is speech and the more money you have I guess the more speech you have,

and that's exactly what's happening with Scott Wagner here.

But don't feel bad for this multimillionaire Republican candidate for governor in the state

of Pennsylvania.

He's going to be just fine because, like he said, he had already donated that exact amount

to his campaign and he's more than willing to do it again.

Isn't it great to be so rich?

So rich that you could lose close to a million dollars in the stock market in just three

months and say, "Oh, well.

I'll just try again next time.

Doesn't really bother me."

And these are the people who think that they're qualified enough to lead state governments.

Seriously, at a time when even mom-and-pop investors who have no knowledge of the stock

market can go in there and make a quick buck, for you to lose more than half a million dollars

in just three months?

Yeah, I don't think anyone in the state of Pennsylvania should trust you when it comes

to managing the state's budgets and, hell, even managing things like water or sewage

or garbage pickup.

You are wholly unqualified to serve as the governor of the state of Pennsylvania, and

your little stock market snafu with other people's money pretty much proves that beyond

a shadow of a doubt.

For more infomation >> Republican Governor Candidate Loses $631,000 Of His Campaign Money In Stock Market - Duration: 4:02.


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Wubbaduck - Rush [ Full Videos ] - Duration: 2:22.

Wubbaduck - Rush [ Full Videos ]

Track: Wubbaduck - Rush [NCS Release]

Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

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أغنية شارة عالم الأقزام مع الكلمات - Duration: 1:22.

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나훈아 영영 [Live] 4CC - Duration: 3:46.

"Forever forever"

Lyrics, Composer, Song: Na HunAh 56 years then

You told me to forget, You asked me to forget you

Nevertheless, I still don't forget you

How do I forget, what should I do

Time has passed, yet I can't forget you

Maybe I am still loving you

Perhaps I can't forget you

Forever forever, until the day you live

No, even if I die I will never forget you forever

2005 MBC Special Planning Na Huna's Arisu (Han River)

Han River Nodool Island special stage 2005

Still I am loving you maybe

Perhaps I can't forget you

Forever forever until the day you live

No, even if I die I will never forget you forever

No, even if I die

I will never forget you forever

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10 four letter girl names - the best baby names - - Duration: 1:12.

10 four letter girl names











Namesoftheworld .net, the web with all the names in the world: baby names, pet names, business names and boat names.

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Dubai fountain with remix song at night 2018 - Duration: 4:46.


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10 nombres de niñas de cuatro letras - nombres de bebé - - Duration: 1:13.

10 four letter girl names











Namesoftheworld .net, the web with all the names in the world: baby names, pet names, business names and boat names.

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朗読 終わりの日のキリストの語られる言葉 「神の働き、神の性質、そして神自身 2」 その6 パート2 - Duration: 23:11.

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Baru..!! Katalog Tupperware OKTOBER 2018 | Tupperware Indonesia - Duration: 12:11.

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حظك اليوم الاثنين 01-10-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 7:54.

Monday, 1 October 2018



You may decide today to take new steps to change your business style and begin the first step to change the rules that have caused you a lot of dissatisfaction with your work and develop a new approach



You find that the love you want to live has been delayed because it is more than perfect and does not exist only in your imagination Be realistic


Unusual attention from the partner removes the reasons that led to the cooling down of your emotional relationship and its return to the best



You may seek quick profit by venturing with funds you do not own but trust you, be rational and honest so that you do not fall into a financial and moral dilemma.


Repentance will not change anything, forget the past and look to the future with optimism. The next is all you wish emotionally and ambition



You face some barriers in your way to reach an important achievement that has the effect of changing your life for the better, but dealing with reality rationally will remove it


Wandering today between uncertainty and certainty and trying to reach the truth of a passionate order tired, away from illusions



Today you have attractive offers, in the face of many profits and inside the losses camouflaged with great temptations, treated with mockery



Rejects self-restrictions and live love as a whim and a field of pleasure and forget the need for psychological and emotional stability


Paving begins to achieve common ambition with the partner, and is preparing to take action to move and adapt to a new life



Succeed in doing what your relatives and friends say is impossible to investigate, increase your self-confidence and abilities, and increase appreciation and surprise of others



A new and distinct romantic relationship leads to a new romance story. Tensek has failed your previous relationship and may be walking in the way of engagement


The partner demonstrates the depth of his relationship with you in an emergency, and stands with you strongly in the matter of your ambition



Shine in front of you and a glimmer of hope to solve the crisis situation conditions without your will and find the help of a friend who saves you from them



The innocence of your beloved eyes and kindness makes you strong and motivates you to make a lot of commitment


The gray clouds that cover your emotional and social life begin to subside and the sun of happiness rises


Born in this tower On a day like this

The Artist Mirna Engineer

And the artist Elham Abdel Badea

And the artist Raouf Mostafa

And the artist Ayman Kandil

And the artist Mohammed Al - Kahlawi

And the artist Mourad Fikri Sadek

And the artist Bahaa Sultan

And the artist Diana Haddad

And the artist Hisham Algakh

And the artist Guidance

And media Rola Kharsa


Some difficulties stand in the way of the implementation of your ambition, accept reality in a spirit of sport because it will end soon thanks to your strong will



Debate with your beloved about the need to declare your love for everyone and start preparing for the link ends with postponing the subject


Your social relationships may include many tensions because of your cynical view of their content and surface, contrary to the partner's opinion



You see things and the ways to success start from scratch and start the first step in the work of a project that I planned previously


You miss the real love and live the emotional loss and exercise your freedom without restrictions as a reaction and this is not in your interest


The conflict that you have been between for a long time between selfish love and your duty to partner and triumph of duty

Sagittarius tower


You will find good results for your business and your career with a little more than you expected, and develop your business in the same direction



Conditions force the lover to leave you and feel loneliness and emotional emptiness and draws your attention to some useful things


There is a state of renewed love, excellent family cohesion and an ambitious family member



Luck stands beside you to do a project previously stalled, put your potential and effort to implement it and secure the requirements of success because it will save you money Bumper



Today you live a fantasy love fantasy away from reality and prefer to admire more than one person around you and may be more realistic tomorrow


Your dream that marriage is a paradise may be achieved today because of the behavior and actions of the partner that make you in a wonderful world of pleasure



You succeed in doing something that is difficult to achieve, you increase your self-confidence and potential, and you may plan to continue with ambitious work


Today your emotions may be contradictory and confusing, and you may be confused and confused, and you may consider reconsidering your emotional behavior to be more integrated with the other party



You will not believe the good, the progress and the success that accompanies you, all thanks to your honesty, honesty and effort in working hard for a successful future.


Live with your lover or partner an atmosphere of quiet romance and feel the importance of true love and mutual