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RM: Hey we are.. BTS! And this is our exclusive, most requested live Ask Anything chat.

RM: Thanks to Romeo and iHeartRadio for having us on tonight and talk about our new song, IDOL featuring queen Nicki Minaj. And.. Let's start!

RM: Okay.

RM: Do you want to give it a go, Jin?

Jin: Can you please tell us more about IDOL and the story behind the song?

Jin: Tell us more about IDOL, Taehyung.

V: IDOL is.. No matter what anyone says, I am- we are who we are.

No matter what anyone says, we will continue doing this kind of music.

Jin: Good!

RM: Can you say that in English?

Jungkook: My way.

RM: Perfect!

Jin: Next question.

RM: Next question, V will read this one.

V: Have you ever torn your pants dancing on stage?

RM: Have you ever torn your pants dancing on stage?

Jimin: RM, don't you have a story? Jin: Yes, it was a few days ago.

J-Hope: Yes, a few days ago.

V: This was a few days ago.

RM: *Sings I'm Fine* Yeah, I'm not fine. I wasn't fine.

Suga: He was dancing so shyly

RM: Yes, I tore my pants. And coincidentally the song was-

There's something like this in the lyrics, "Though I cry, it's okay." Jin: Right.

RM: Yes, so I was very sad. V: *Sings Paradise*

RM: Okay! Next question.

J-Hope: Who cooks your meals for you nowadays? You guys eat well?

RM: She's asking if we're taking care of our meals.

Jin: She's asking who cooks for you nowadays, are you not missing meals?

RM: Do you know catering?

Jungkook: The best chef.

Jimin: We always take care of our meals.

J-Hope: Isn't it a problem that we take care of our meals too well?

Jimin: I don't think you have to worry.

RM: We are eating very well. Jin: Unbelievably well.

RM: If you had the chance to have a superpower, what would it be?

Jin: I want this, if you look at comic books, you open a door and can go anywhere.

V: Door that goes anywhere.

Jin: If I open that door, yes, I would like to go home. Suga: Teleportation?

Jimin: Goblin? (Korean drama reference) RM: Like a Gate of Dimensions?

Jin: Yes. Where I want to go-

For example, getting from the concert venue to our hotel usually takes 30 minutes to an hour, right?

Jin: In order to reduce our transportation time.

RM: Do you know Digimon?

Jin: That's from Digimon? RM: Isn't it? The Gate of Dimensions?

RM: Anything else? Any other superpowers?

Jungkook: Time traveler.

Jin/RM: Time traveler.

RM: How do you say that in English? Jungkook: Time…

RM: Travel.

Jimin: Ability to rip your pants?

RM: Fill in the blank. We are BTS and we ________.

RM: Let's try it.

Jin: We are BTS and we...

RM: Let's try it in English. We are BTS and we...

Jungkook: We beat- IDOL.

Jin: BangTan Sonyeondan?

J-Hope: We're BTS.

Jimin: We are BTS and we…

Jungkook: We will concert.

Jimin: We are BTS and our love is ARMY.

RM: We're BTS and we love ARMY.

RM: Moving forward, Jimin please read the next question.

Jimin: Anything you notice at your American shows that you've never seen before in other countries?

RM: Do you know 'daegishil?' Waiting room very good. Jin: Waiting room is very good.

RM: The waiting room concept. Very good. Jin/Jungkook: Right, each room has a different concept.

Jimin: It did feel very different, the studios themselves.

RM: Don't they also have a unique scent? Jin: I think it's different for every country.

RM: But particularly the smell of equipment. Something like that.

V: I think on American broadcasts they encourage a more free and carefree atmosphere

RM: In what way? For example?

Jungkook: You relax.

Jimin: They treat you like friends. V: Regardless of age..

RM: Like Jimmy Fallon.

Jimin: Jimmy and Jimin

RM: After your last show here in Paris, is that it for touring this year?

RM: Is Paris the end of this year's tour?

Everyone: No!

J-Hope: We have dome tour.

Jin: We have Japan tour.

Suga: We go to Asia as well. J-Hope: We have to go to Asia.

J-Hope: We have many places to go.

RM: Here. We are filming in Chicago right now. Favorite lunch or dinner you eat most while on tour?

Jungkook: Today's lunch was so delicious.

RM: Do you know 'bibimmyun?' Jin: Yeah, bibimmyun is very good.

Jin: Lately, I see members put Nutella on bread a lot. RM: Nutella! Jam of the devil.

Jimin: They put banana on it too.

RM: Do you know "devil's jam?" Jin: Yeah, it's unbelievable.

RM: If you were a farmer what would you grow?

RM: Taehyung, what would you-

V: Strawberry!

Jin: My uncle has a strawberry farm.

V: If I grow strawberries I will for sure grow it so the roots grow upwards. That way it's fresh.

RM: Really? Jimin: We don't know much about that.

RM: You can grow it so the roots grow up?

V: I did an interview a while back.

Jin: You know, so the tips are facing up.

RM: The.. the- Jin: You know, the tips are facing up. Not the stem you take off.

RM: Now I get it.

Jin: Am I good at explaining?

RM: When you put it like that.

RM: Anyone else?

Jimin: Watermelon.

RM: Can you be mushy for a moment and describe what you love most about being BTS?

RM: It may be cringey but can you describe what you love most related to or being in BTS?

Jungkook: I've done many things that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise in my life.

Jungkook: Really, in my life there have been things I really wanted to do but couldn't. But through BTS, I'm doing all of that.

Suga: Going to many countries.

Jimin: When we're together, I'm never bored. To me, that's the best..

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Hello, friend of street foods village, meet again with me and this time I am in the Kalimati, Glodok Pancoran area

Here.. there are selling cakes

There are also sellers of beef meatballs and delicious

In front of me..

I will let you know, there is also ...

What is this, mam?

Fried noodles, basin noodles

Somebody said it's fried noodles, the other said Basin Noodles

Because the noodle inside the basin

Wow, lots of people take away order

Use nuts huh? where is this food typical of?

Jakarta, is it Halal? Yes, it's halal

there are pickles

What time do you open?

Around 11.00

Until what time? Until 18.00



What else do you sell?

There are cakes

What is this?

KETAN SERUNDENG - Ketan means sticky rice in Indonesia. Serundeng usually refers to grated coconut flakes cooked in herbs and spices until it's dry and flakey

Sagurangi, Combro, Misro

black sticky rice, white sticky rice

Coconut rice (nasi uduk), getuk

Corn, Prawn and Vegetables Fritter (bakwan jagung)

Pastel and onde

Sagurangi, Combro with oncom

And what is that? Coconut rice?

This is spring rolls

These are delicious

There is also Char Kway Teow

All of this are halal food

The location is at Pancoran V, Glodok

Kalimati Alley No.14

Next to it, there is also Soto Mie Bogor

can it be mixed?

Can be mixed 3 different food, depending on taste

Noodle with bee hoon (Rice vermicelli) or everything can also be mixed

how much is it per portion?

IDR 17,000 (USD 1,12)

use peanuts

fried onions

pickles and peanut sauce

What is this? peanut sauce?

this is so good

this is its specialty

i want to order

eat here or take away?

can I eat here? Yes, you can

We will see...

Where is the place to eat? Inside...

Do you want to mix it all? Yes, Please...

If mixed, then char kwe tiaw, noodle, and bee hoon

Do you open everyday? Yes, Everyday

Is it run out every day?

Yes, especially Saturday and Sunday

Do you want to put fried peanut & friend onions ? Yes, please

Pickles? Yes, absolutely

the peanut sauce will be taken here or inside?

just mix it here.. no worries..

put some more? yes... please


This is it

With whom I am talking to? Mrs Atun

And this is... mr. Adam

And the other lady? Mrs. Sri

This is it.. Char Kwe Tiaw Baskin (Baskom)

We will try to eat

The other snacks looks delicious

This is called Kwetiaw Baskom or Bee Hoon Baskom

Because The container is using Baskin

The price is IDR 17,000

I will try it..

The peanut sauce is so good


there are pickles

The peanut sauce is spicy

and so good...

I continue to eat, the location is..

at Kalimati Alley in Pancoran, Glodok

Meet again with me in other street food edition



Protests continue after Kavanaugh confirmation - Duration: 8:20:10.

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Police Are Using Social Media To Entrap People - Duration: 5:14.

When you to go any social media site, when you sign up, you create an account, you expect

that you're going to have a little bit of privacy there.

That your private information is exactly that, not just the information about where you live

and where you're from, but conversations you have with other people online.

But, as it turns out, you may not actually be having a conversation with another real

person who shares your interest.

You might be talking to a cop, who's investigating you or, at least, that's the conclusion of

a new report from Criminal Legal News written by a good friend of mine, Steve Horn.

Phenomenal article here, Mollye, something I never even thought of.

We've seen court cases regarding social media.

You can go to jail for things that you say publicly on there.

You can be fired from your job because of it.

But, now, it appears there's underground sting operations happening with law enforcement

officials on social media.

That's creepy to think about.

It is.

It's like the wild west.

You don't necessarily have an expectation of privacy is what they're finding on social


That it's almost like, as a former courts and crime reporter myself, when you'd go out

to the scene of a crime you knew publicly where you could stand, where you couldn't

to get video, or to talk to people.

You didn't want to trespass.

Well, in social media, those boundaries are more blurred.

If you could stand out on the street and see something, then that was basically considered

public domain.

You were seeing what anybody could see passing by, so you weren't trespassing.

Well, in the world of social media, it's the same thing.

If you're putting all of your business and your pictures out there for anyone to see,

whether it's the public at-large or for your newsfeed through Facebook, Instagram, you

name your social media dujour.

But if you have it out there for anyone to see, then you don't have an expectation of


Of course, we're talking about the Fourth Amendment, but the rub comes in, which I thought

was so interesting, like you mentioned earlier about your friend writing this, is that there

is some concern that what if you have an expectation of privacy because somebody's supposed to

friend request you?

Well, low and behold, it could be a cop that's friend requested you, or an investigator who's

looking into some other case involving you, perhaps, and so they pretend to be your friend.

You let them in, now they have access, but they wouldn't have had access otherwise to

potentially damaging information if they hadn't pretended to be your friend.

What's really creepy about it too is a lot of times, online, people are going to speak

in hyperbole.

They think they're talking amongst their friends.

You see a story of this horrible human being pop up and somebody says, "God, that guy shouldn't

be alive."


Okay, it's one thing to say that in front of your friends, or whatever, but a police

officer sees that, and suddenly that little innocuous statement ... You know you're not

going to do anything.


You just wanted to say it because you felt the anger.

That can be used against you.

That's something that they can bring up in court and say, "Okay, right here, you said

he should be alive anymore."

I bring up that statement, because I have seen that online.


Not anybody saying they're going to make that happen, but, "God, this guy's a waste of

oxygen and he should stop breathing."

It's very creepy and the implications for this are huge, because something you say can

be easily taken out of context, used in an investigation, and can ruin somebody's life

just for something silly that they say without really thinking it through.


And you have that example, and then you have other people, potentially, committing crimes,

and yet their civil liberties are being violated all in the name of this investigation.

What you're finding, as journalists and advocacy, civil rights advocates, and other attorneys

are asking these exact same questions and bringing up these exact same points.

Saying, "Okay.

Well, where do we stop?

Where do we draw the line?

How can we legislatively keep up with technology, which happens in so many different fields

of our world these days, in our society."

But, in the world of social media, how can they pass legislation that protects people's

civil rights and their expectation of privacy?

How can they apply the Fourth Amendment in cases where it's applicable and then in other

cases decide, hey, you're on your own.

You put yourself in that position.

It's a free-for-all for law enforcement to try to get to the bottom of what you're doing,

if you're doing anything.

But it's interesting, because some municipalities, including Berkeley in California, are passing

laws to try to address it.

They're the first city council to adopt the surveillance and community safety ordinance,

something modeled after the ACLU.

Which, essentially, tries to determine if violating somebody's civil liberties outweighs

... Is it worth the price they're going to have to pay to bend their civil liberties

to get this information?

You know, there's a thin line.

I think it's a moving line, because if you have somebody that you know, like, okay, this

person's breaking the law.

We've got to get the evidence to take them in.

This is a bad person, we've got to get them off the streets.

But that bad person, actually, still has rights.

That's right.

We have law and order in this country, and jurisprudence, and there's a process.

But they always seem to want to push it, and push it, a little bit further to see what

they can get away with, and this seems like the latest push of things that they're pretty

much getting away with, right now.


Again, it's the wild west when it comes to social media, so be careful what you put out

there, if you are up to no good.

Not trying to warn any criminals, but even if you weren't, like you said, you got to

be careful regardless because you never know who's listening or watching.


It's a creepy time out there online.

It's always creepy online, but it's creepier than usual.

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Frank's Covered Wars, You Know(Google Translate Parody) - Duration: 1:26.

Are there other zombies?

You must believe that


God Bless! is that you?

Do not look at me!

Brad will Raise.

I cast it into the oceans

This is probably crack

I'd like Brad to be advised

Or what it means.


Give me a gun.

Come on!

That's because I'm just damaged.

Help me out

Come on..

People cannot do that.

This is illegal.


I do not think software is sometimes memorable when the virus is infected with the virus

How do you know how to use it?

Just like.

Just like. I close the war

do you know?

Here I will help you.

and you and me will go A good solution

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Baby Monkey / Doo And Family Eat Star Fruit - Duration: 12:01.

Hello, friends

Today, Dad goes to school.

He finds there is a sweet star fruit tree

There are a lot of ripe star fruits

so he picks some star fruits and brings them home for the enjoyment, especially Tom and Doo

There are two types of star fruit: sweet and sour.

This type is very sweet and delicious

At home, Mom, Tom and Doo are playing and watching together the memories of the family

Ahhhh…. Dad goes back home

Doo runs very fast towards his Dad

Tom's very happy and says " hello, Dad" when his Dad goes home

Tom says that Tom and Doo are good at home with their Mom

Dad bought gifts for Tom and Doo

Dad knows Tom likes Superman so he bought him a purple superman

Doo also has a gift that is a monkey teddy bear for him to play and hug when sleeping

While Mom washes and peels star fruit, Tom, Doo and Dad play with each other

Doo seems to miss Dad so he keeps on Dad since his Dad came back

Tom loves his Dad's gift

He likes to hug his Dad more than his new toy

Tom loves playing with his Dad

This is the first time both Tom and Doo have eaten star fruit

Star fruit is a fruit rich in fiber, vitamin C and minerals.

It also contains vitamin E and B5 are good for the heart

The whole family eat star fruit and laugh happily

Both Tom and Doo love eating star fruit

Star fruit is very sweet and delicious so we eat a lot, especially Tom and Doo

Hope you like this video

Thank you so much for your watching

Have a nice weekend

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(Japanese editor's thoughts) Nobel Prize winner in the Korean science sector is discouraged ... - Duration: 5:50.

Nobel Prize winner in the Korean science sector is discouraged ... (Translated by

In the Korean scientific community, while neighboring countries such as Japan are annually producing Nobel Prize winners, they are worried that the winners will not come out in Korea.

Since the 1970s, Korea has started to invest in the basic science field, and it began to be invested in earnest in the 90s.

On one side, Japan has a history of more than 100 years.

Korea lacks resources and has focused on applied science rather than basic science for economic development.

In Korea, research equipment was not developed independently but rely on import for industrial application research policy.

Unless you have your own research equipment, you can not conduct research that is unique.

In recent years, there has been an international network of Nobel Prize winners, but Korea is not at the center of cooperation.

The international network consists of the United States, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

In recent years, since most of them are jointly awarded with co-researchers, it is necessary to establish active cooperation with researchers from overseas.

The Korean government says it will set up a basic science research institute and increase the annual budget to two times the current level by 2022.

However, there is still a strong opinion that it will take more than 10 years to reach the prime minister.

Experts point out that it is necessary to create a system that is challenging and capable of long-term creative research.

Article Source:

Korea's reaction

After 3 months from the payment of the research fund, report it.

What basic research would you do

Is not there a problem with the professor who takes the student scholarship?

If you have the Idol Nobel Prize, of course it is Korea.

Zeroin Korea is a dignified idol for the Olympics.

There is no meaning of Nobel Prize as long as Moon Jae - in does not receive Nobel Peace Prize.

I do not have the money to invest in science due to eating and living

I am in the field of research but do not know the meaning of research and development,

This country never comes up with the Nobel Prize because it is based on Confucian culture of dirty Chosun Dynasty which depreciates technicians and scientists with consumables.

Although there are many professors in Korea, they are not able to write books directly, but only to the level of translating books written by professors of other countries.

Almost all of the time spent studying scholarship is spent on developing the ability to read and interpret foreign literature


I am a graduate student in history, but it is hard to understand historical facts and to understand and study them, but it seems that my head will be torn up by language.

Do not blind to the Nobel Prize, just let it develop into a rational application science

Professors are sobered by alcohol and women,

If you receive it, it is a glory day, but why are you trying to receive it? There are a lot of geniuses going our way silently.

Nobel Prize in a country that is scornful of pure science can not dream

The society in which public officials are favored is a dead society. If so, is elementary school students hopeful of future public servants?

It's not about giving a lot of support, it's about giving you the freedom to study and waiting for a long time.

Comment from:

Editing impressions (Japanese editor's thoughts)

The Nobel Prize is a world-renowned award. It is better to say that it is more famous than the Olympic gold medal.

But that does not have to be the goal. There is no one who is aiming directly or directly.

Basic science is very important, but not everyone.

It would not be a bad thing to pursue only the application science otherwise.

Korea has been thoroughly streamlined by the IMF in the currency crisis of 1998.

Efficiency has been given priority for the economy, and even if it is worthwhile, it has been inefficient and time consuming.

And profit is becoming important. In some sense these days.

Memory, smartphone, and display, so we will have to pursue a new field.

Every time Nobel Prize is said to increase the basic research budget because the media or the Internet starts to float, these anemic policies are useless.

It may not be appropriate for Korea to say that results may come out after 10 years and 20 years.

It is a good story if a private company sends it for profit.

If you can not see Japan or China, then expanding your hand is not connected to national interest.

It is my opinion that it is my opinion. I think that it is not only a story about Korea but it is suitable for various countries.

Thank you for watching.

I would appreciate your evaluation of the video if you do not mind.

It is fortunate that you can give me a favorable rating, bad value, and no specifications.

In addition, please register in channel if you are ok.

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Kuja Dosham [ Mangal Dosha] Meaning In Telugu || Mangal Dosha Calculator In Telugu - PART - 2 - Duration: 1:14.

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#breathedge GALAKSİLER ARASI YOLCULUK - Duration: 20:39.

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How to Get Termites Out of Your Home|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:27.

How to Get Termites Out of Your Home

Anything made out of wood — whether it's a piece of furniture or the floors — is vulnerable to termites, especially in damp areas.

So how can you get rid of them?.

There are few plagues as destructive for a house as termites.

These insects eat wood and are capable of not only destroying furniture but also the very structure of your home.

This article can certainly help you get them out of your house.

How can you tell if you have termites? You'll see yellowish bits on the wood, as if it were sprinkled with breadcrumbs.

Otherwise, you might see little holes in the wood.

These are two definite signs of having some unwelcomed guests in your home.

These creatures they like certain kinds of wood better than others.

If you have cedar or guanacaste wood, you're pretty safe.

They don't like those kinds of wood that much.

However, their favorites are the following:.

Pine Cypress Kapok Balsa Alder.

Tips if you have termites.

Let's get practical.

 How can you send termites packing before it's too late? Below are some recommendations and methods to take care of this pest.

Oranges and camphor.

One easy way to get rid of termites is by putting a jar of orange peel and camphor in the drawers of your dresser.

Camphor is a whitish substance that looks like salt and can be used as an insecticide, among many other things.

However, be careful that it doesn't touch your clothes because it can stain.

Boric acid insecticide.

You can find boric acid at the supermarket or lawn and garden store.

 Note: it's not the same as medicinal boric acid sold in pharmacies.

Mix a teaspoon of boric acid with a tablespoon of sugar and another of milk.

Fill bottle caps and place them in the affected areas.

Do not put them in places that children or pets can access; it can be poisonous.

Leave it there for three or four weeks.

Termites reproduce quickly and there could be quite a number of them.

Since termites usually transport food to their home, if you can poison some of them, then they'll spread it to others.

Other tips.

There are all kinds of tips floating around on the internet about how to get rid of termites.

However, some of them are ineffective and we'll tell you why.

For example, spraying gasoline on the wood doesn't work.

It doesn't reach the inside of the wood, which is where the insects live and eat.

Plus, it smells bad and is very flammable.

You may have also run across tips encouraging the use of kerosene, motor oil, and other similar products.

 They are not recommended because of how flammable they are.

Chemical wax.

There are entire companies dedicated to getting rid of termites.

Since there could be millions of insects in just one home, and since they're so harmful, it might not be a bad idea to turn to the pros.

The advantage here is that they use controlled methods and directly attack the termites' home once and for all.

This way, the problem will be taken care of and you won't give them a chance to multiply.

How can you prevent termites?.

If you live in a place where termites are common, it's best to avoid the problem altogether and not have wooden furniture at all.

If you decide to have wooden furniture, make it high-quality so termites will have a harder time breaking it down.

Keeping your home clean and disinfected can help too, but it's no guarantee.

Try to keep the wood dry and especially protect your plumbing.

That's where the insects live and reproduce — and they do it very quickly.

Getting rid of termites isn't easy and certainly will take patience.

However, don't worry, if you stick with it you'll send them packing.

Get going though, because the damage is irreversible!.

For more infomation >> How to Get Termites Out of Your Home|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:27.


8 Foods that Energize Your Body|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:52.

8 Foods that Energize Your Body

Coconut oil, chocolate, tree nuts and chia seeds, in addition to giving you health benefits, act as natural energizers for your body.

Thanks to carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, your body gets the energy it needs to perform all of your daily activities.

However, if you quickly become tired or fatigued, it's a sign that you need more "gasoline" to energize your body and keep going.

Energy drinks contain stimulating substances that effectively reduce fatigue and exhaustion, but their effects only last a short period of time.

Therefore, it's better to invest your money in the following foods, both because they're healthier and will give you the energy that you need:.

Coconut Oil.

Because of its high amount of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), coconut oil brings energy to your body.

It's also recommended to combat problems from simple infections to degenerative diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.

Traditionally, people ingest carbohydrates before practicing a sport, but in reality this tendency is changing to ingesting fats made of MCT.

This is because glucose quickly reaches your liver to become fat.

This makes it necessary to eat various amounts throughout the day to metabolize fat and get energy.

On the contrary, coconut oil continues to bring the necessary energy to you little by little after ingesting it.

Tree Nuts.

Tree nuts are ideal to energize your body and your mind because of their high magnesium content.

They're nutritional and contain a high amount of unsaturated fat, essential for proper bodily function.

They reduce bad cholesterol, diminish feelings of anxiety and stress, promoting an overall feeling of wellbeing and putting you in a good mood.

Dark Chocolate.

Composed of at least 60% cacao, chocolate is an ideal food for giving energy to your body and improving your mood.

It contains a good amount of minerals and proteins that help protect your immune system, functions as an antioxidant and helps increase the production of serotonin and endorphins (happiness hormones).

This food should be consumed every day in moderation.

 Eating too much can cause weight gain and other issues related to obesity.


Mangoes are rich in vitamin C, calcium, copper, magnesium and potassium.

 Along with the sugars they contain, they help stimulate your body and gives it the energy it demands.

They also bring other benefits to maintain good vision, normalize your blood pressure, and combat external germs to prevent infectious diseases.

Additionally, mangoes function as antioxidants, improving circulation.

Thanks to the high amounts of iron they contain, they're used to prevent and fight anemia.

Chia Seeds.

In addition to protecting your body from free radicals, they serve as antioxidants and gives you a feeling of satiation for a good amount of  time, chia seeds are super energizing.

They contain omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

They're utilized to prevent hypertension, reduce anxiety, and above all, energize your metabolism.


With a tablespoon of honey in the morning and another in the afternoon, your body will receive vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the necessary energy to eliminate fatigue.

In addition, within honey, we can find the following things:.

It's efficient to treat wounds in your skin due to its antiseptic properties.

It produces a feeling of relaxation an tranquility, both physical and mental.

Honey helps treat the flu and cough.

It stimulates proper immune system function.

It fights constipation.

Additionally, you can use honey as a dressing or sweetener to include in your daily diet.

Green Tea.

Green tea contains a high amount of caffeine, which helps to stimulate your nervous system.

 It's an antioxidant, antibiotic, and regulator for your blood circulation.

Because of its diuretic action, it's recommended to eliminate excess liquids and clean out your body.

 It stimulates your metabolism and helps reduce excess body weight.


Bananas are an excellent source of energy.

 They are highly recommended for athletes since it contains magnesium to strengthen your muscles.

They provide carbohydrates and is rich in phosphorus, folate, and astringent substances.

Also, they give your body tryptophan, helping combat depression and emotional exhaustion.

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Can Nail Fungi Cause Pain? Find Out How You Can Fight It|HFE♪ - Duration: 9:51.

Can Nail Fungi Cause Pain? Find Out How You Can Fight It

Nail fungi is not usually painful unless the infection has advanced to a serious degree, in such cases you must seek medical attention.

Fungus on the nails is a problem of great concern. Although it is not always serious or noticeable, because the symptoms gradually appear, many people prefer to treat it as soon as possible. At the beginning, the nail will go through a change in color and texture.

Afterwards, when the infection advances, the nail becomes weaker, which in turn has the nail fall off.

Can nail fungus cause pain? Patients with this condition usually ask themselves this question because normally at the beginning there is no pain.

 However, when you don't treat it and it gets worse.

 It is very likely that you experience an increase in sensitivity around the affected area, which causes pain and other symptoms.

In this article, you can take a look at the main causes of nail fungi and several natural remedies to help fight it effectively.

Why do you get fungi on your nails?.

In medical terms, nail fungi are known as onychomycosis.

It is an infection that is caused when dermatophytes and yeasts multiply excessively, either on the nails of the hands or feet.

These microorganisms can grow more easily in humid and warm environments.  Just like those that are on some shoes.

In addition, fungi may indicate a weakening of the immune system, since there are not enough defenses to stop them.

Risk factors.

Contact with humid and warm environments in public spaces such as swimming pools, gyms or showers.

Not drying your feet carefully after showering.

Using shoes or socks whose manufacturing material does not allow proper foot perspiration.

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Diabetes mellitus. Nail deformities.

Do nail fungi cause pain?.

Many people have doubts regarding the symptoms of onychomycosis.

Although changes in the nails are obvious symptoms, many people still doubt there's an infection due to the absence of pain.

In order to clarify this doubt, it should be noted that fungi do not always cause pain in the affected area.

 The problem advances progressively and causes pain when the infection becomes severe.

Fungal symptoms may include:.

Changes in nail color Nails that swell or deform Nail breakage or total loss of a nail Pain and itching on the skin surrounding the nail.

Home remedies to fight against nail fungi.

If the fungal infection is severe, it is best to seek medical attention from a doctor.

If it is in its initial stages, applying some homemade remedies may be enough to fight against it.

Tea tree essential oil.

This powerful antimicrobial and antifungal oil is one of the best solutions to stop the growth of fungi that affects nails.

How do you use it?.

Put some oil onto a cotton pad and rub it over the affected nail.

Use it twice a day, until your nail is completely cured.

Lemon juice.

Due to containing organic acids and essential oils, lemon juice has the ability to change the environment that microorganisms need in order to multiply.

How do you use it?.

Rub half a lemon on the affected nail and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

Rinse and repeat the application up to 3 times a day.


The sulfurous compounds of onion have an anti-fungal action that can control the multiplication of fungi in order to improve the appearance of the affected nail.

How do you use it?.

Cut a piece of onion and place it on your nail by using a bandage.

Leave it overnight.

Repeat the treatment for at least 2 weeks.

Oregano essential oil.

Oregano essential oil is known for its ability to improve respiratory health, and it's another useful ingredient to fight against this type of infection.

How do you use it?.

Apply a little oregano essential oil on the affected nails and let it work without rinsing.

Use it twice a day to get the best results.

Apple cider vinegar.

This ingredient contains organic acids that eliminate fungi.

 Applying it directly to the affected area alters the conditions that the fungi need to grow, facilitating the control of the infection.

How do you use it?.

Pour some apple cider vinegar on the affected nails.

Another option is to add the vinegar in a bowl with warm water and submerge the feet or hands for 20 minutes.

Continues applying until your nail is healed.

Are you worried about having nail fungus? Identify the symptoms and try to treat your nails before they get any worse.

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