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Youtube daily Oct 7 2018

Hi everyone.

I'm Lynn.

Thanks for watching my video.

Today, I'm going to be giving you some tips about English pronunciation.

We're going to be talking about the importance of the phonetic alphabet and why you should

know it.

So keep watching.

Many of my students want to improve their English pronunciation.

And I always tell them if you're really serious about improving English,

pronunciation you have to learn the phonetic alphabet.

Once you learn the phonetic alphabet, you will know every vowel and consonant sound

in English.

And you won't even need a native speaker teacher to tell you how to pronounce a certain word

because you'll already know when you see the word and you know the phonetic alphabet you'll

know exactly how to pronounce it.

And this will help you improve your English pronunciation a lot.

A lot of my students are kind of hesitant to learn the phonetic alphabet.

Maybe they think they have to be better at English first or there's a lot of reasons,

But I always tell them no learn the phonetic alphabet right away as soon as you can.

It's going to really help you a lot

especially if you're serious about improving your English pronunciation.

This is an essential tool, so go ahead and start learning it right now.

Let's take a look at an example.

How do you think you pronounce this word?

A lot of my students they would say this word is pronounced 'corpse'.

Makes sense, but no.

Actually there are some silent letters in this word.

This word is probably very difficult, but if you know the phonetic alphabet, you already

know that this word is pronounced 'cor'.

So you can see just from this example how important it is to learn the phonetic alphabet.

I'm gonna put some links below to help you

learn more about the phonetic alphabet

and be on your way to improving your English pronunciation.

So study hard.

See you next time.

Thanks for watching.

If you have any other useful ways to improve English pronunciation let me know in the comments.

Don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel.

See you in the next video.

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2019 New Yamaha CYGNUS-X 125 adopts 3 lamp LED headlight | Mich Motorcycle - Duration: 2:06.

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Harry Potter ( 2001) Cast | Before and After 2018 - Duration: 4:25.

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Mít Thái Siêu Sớm|Cách Thương Lái Kiểm Tra Mít Xơ Đen|MTPL - Duration: 10:55.

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Border Collie Puppy Herds A Flock Of Sheep | Kritter Klub - Duration: 2:19.

A puppy driving a flock of sheep?

Roy, come on!

Border Collie Roy

A herding dog!

That looks like a doll!

A 2-month-old sheep, Yangsoon


It's been 50 days since Roy was born

Let's play!

What are you drinking?

Give me that!

Roy steals her milk

That's my milk


It's asleep now?


So hungry that I'll just eat this paper


Yum yum

What's going on

How dare you wake me up?

Take this!

Skillfully squeeze in between Yangsoon

Owner: Since Roy is bored he doesn't leave her alone

Hello there

A troubleshooter bulldog comes on

Roy feels timid already

Don't scare me (shaking)

Harassing Yangsoon again?


Don't harass poor lamb

Yes okay

Let's be friends

Having a peaceful time for the first time ever

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Pusan International Film Festival in Korea, apologize to Japanese actor Kunimura! - Duration: 5:57.

Pusan ​​International Film Festival in Korea, apologize to Japanese actor Jun Kunimura! (Translated by

At the Pusan ​​International Film Festival in Busan, Korea, actor Jun Kunimura of Japan as a judge of the New Currents section appeared at a press conference.

At that time, a reporter in Korea asked, "What is the position of the Japanese Self Defense Forces to come to the Jeju government ceremony?"

Mr. Kunimura immediately asked after asking, "Please explain in detail if you do not understand the details of this problem".

After receiving the explanation, I developed the "I think that it is not desirable personally".

The organizer of the festival apologized to Mr. Kunimura for the question of such sensitive politics.

The film festival said, "There may be political opinions coming and going at the film festival, but I think it is necessary to protect the guest against overly sensitive issues."

"It is difficult to convey enough of the meaning of the short interview with a press conference on the issue that requires several tens of hours of discussion."

Furthermore, it is said that "afterwards guest must be careful not to confront unreasonableness misunderstanding" to Kunimura.

Mr. Kunimura talked about "judging while imagining various things such as thought that we participated in qualification of audience and thing as actor" as impression about movie screening "it was opportunity to discover new talent".

Article Source:

Korea's reaction

What kind of crazy reporter asked this question?

This is a figure skating actress Kim Yeon-a who visited Japan for cultural exchange between Korea and Japan. The reporter said, "Which country is Takeshima (Dokdo)?"

It is the same as asking.

Korea is still a backward country. Whether you are asking difficult questions to enter China or Korea or artists

A Korean reporter who has asked such a question for a guest and is asking such a question is pathetic.

The real reporters are inferior.

Do you ask such a question at the art festival to disturb Japanese actors?

It should be called a war criminal, not a roll.

Who is this reporter's question? I am a Japanese militarist and a pro-Japanese.

But it is absolutely the opposite of driving all Japanese to the enemy.

Moreover, to some people who have no evidence that they are related to the views of some regime

It is really a sort of discriminatory idea, like human waste, to question the pros and cons of this situation or issue.

Why can not you ask that? It is said that the war criminals will be honored and will be driven by the warship ...

Jun Kunimura came to the judging committee. Did I have a deep thought about my diary as usual?

I think it is right to ask about it in private.

Bulletproof boys went to Vietnam. Why do not you listen to the story about whether you should apologize for the Vietnam war in Korea

I wonder how these people who can not distinguish between art and politics live the world

Why? Ask Japanese politician, Abe.

Why do you ask unrelated questions? Only when it is patriotic

I would have a hard time, but I would like to applaud you for not breaking your straight beliefs.

I think it is fortunate that there are such people among Japanese people.

Kigiri-kun ~ I can not ask you in front of Abe

Comment from:

Editing impressions (Japanese editor's thoughts)

I do not know what Mr. Kunimura actually has.

I wonder if there was any consideration for Korea in that statement, I do not even imagine everyday journal.

Actors often work in all parts of the world, so they often maintain their position.

The United States is not the only one, but if things go wrong, things go away and get dried up.

When Chinese capital, like Hollywood, began to be invested, the actor who opposed it suddenly disappeared suddenly from the first line.

Mr. Kunimura could have refused to answer, but he replied without hesitation.

I do not know whether I think it is good to disclose the position or think about business side.

I do not think it's too bad to ask about political issues,

A very sensitive issue of both of these should be avoided.

Politics is a cheap topic that gets hot and cold this way. It is difficult to accept an opponent if the opinion differs greatly from oneself.

In Korea, too, the rightist regime has created a black list of entertainers on the left.

It would be a care to avoid splitting the opinion into two parts.

There is attitude of life to get fan or lose by clarifying position from one side.

It's a good story to choose from.

Thank you for watching.

I would appreciate your evaluation of the video if you do not mind.

It is fortunate that you can give me a favorable rating, bad value, and no specifications.

In addition, please register in channel if you are ok.

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Top 10 bộ phim Trung Quốc mới lên sóng đầu tháng 10 đáng xem nhất - Duration: 3:25.

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لا يمكن لإصلاح Internet Explorer عرض خطأ صفحة الويب. - Duration: 2:30.

Hi, I'm Sami, from Fawzi academy. In this video, I will talk about. If you're successfully connected to the Internet, but cannot view any web pages in Internet Explorer

use one of the following troubleshooting procedures, as appropriate for your operating system,

Delete your browser history. Start Internet Explorer.

Press Alt to show the menu bar. On the Tools menu, click Internet options. Under Browsing history, click Delete.

Select all the check boxes, and then tap or click Delete. Tap or click Exit, and then restart Internet Explorer.

Disable add-ons in Internet Explorer. Click the Start button, and then click All Programs.

Click Accessories, click System Tools, and then click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

To disable add-ons in Add-on Manager. Open Internet Explorer. Click the Tools button, and then click Manage add-ons.

Under Show, click All Add-ons. Click the add-on you want to disable, and then

click Disable. click Close. Reset Internet Explorer.

Start Internet Explorer, click Tools, and then click Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Reset.

In the Internet Explorer Default Settings dialog box, click Reset. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box,

click Reset. Click Close and then click OK two times. Exit and then restart Internet Explorer.

The changes take effect the next time that you open Internet Explorer.  Check whether a third-party service ,or program ,

is conflicting with Internet Explorer. Click Start, type msconfig in the search box,

and then click the displayed System Configuration icon. Click the Services tab and check the box beside

hide all Microsoft services, and then click Disable all. Next, click the Startup tab.

Click Disable all in the bottom right and then click OK. You will be prompted to reboot your computer.

Try disabling the PreBinding feature To modify the EnablePreBinding registry value, follow these steps:

Open Registry Editor. To do this, type regeditin the Start Search box, and then select regeditin the Programs list.

Locate and then select the following registry subkey: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Locate the EnablePreBinding value, if the value doesn't exist,

select the Edit menu, point to New, and then select DWORD Value . Type EnablePreBinding, and then press Enter.

On the Edit menu, select Modify. Type 0, and then select OK.

Restore your PC to an earlier point in time. If you think an app or driver that you recently installed caused problems with your PC,

you can restore it back to an earlier point in time, Open System Restore by clicking the Start button. 

In the search box, type System Restore, and then, in the list of results, click System Restore.  

Thank you, for watching Fawzi academy. Please, like. Subscribe, share, this video, and visit, our website,

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News Box Today #1 October 7 - Duration: 10:19.

a world-famous auction house got Banksy after a 1 million pounds piece by the

mysterious artist shredded itself as it went under the hammer girl with balloon

one of Banksy's most widely recognized works was auctioned by Sotheby's in

London on Friday night the framed stencil spray-painted shows a girl

reaching towards a heart-shaped balloon and had been the final piece soul

equaling vaccines previous auction record of 1.04 million pounds

this is the heartwarming moment a chip shop hands out bags of free food to

homeless people staff at Leeds Road fisheries and Bradford were filmed

handing out packets of fish and chips to the grateful men who had lined up

outside the takeaway the chippy owner has been giving out food every day ten

years and if not everyone gets their dinner they fry up some more to ensure

no one goes hungry tariqa Masood the owner said we've been giving out fish

and chips to the homeless every day for ten years now it's just something I've

always done if there's not enough food left over for them at the end of the day

I'll put extra fish and chips in the fryer to make sure everyone gets

something a dog owner who is now in debt after spending fifty three thousand

pounds on her dying dog's care says she doesn't regret a thing jody Ekberg from

new york us was so desperate to help her nine year old siberian husky Frankie who

is diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma in 2015 that she racked up 20 thousand

pounds and credit card and loan debts the 57 year old hospital volunteer felt

a particular connection to working therapy dog Frankie after being

diagnosed with cancer at the same time as him and since his death has even been

gifted a life-sized statue of the dog for her home and more than a year after

her dog's death she said she still has a whopping 30,000 pounds of debt still to

pay off

a man scaled an m1 sign and caused travel misery mm so he could admire the

view a policeman filmed Philip Jones 31 while

he was sitting precariously on the gantry near Loughborough at around 5.30

a.m. on August 30th he told officers he had been there for 45 minutes and was

just enjoying the view Jones also admitted he drank nine pints of beer

after finishing work at a pub nearby Leicestershire Livan reported he

eventually got down but his actions had consequences for thousands of commuters

after carriageways in both directions near Junction 23 had to be closed for up

to 30 minutes this caused traffic for miles Jones was

arrested on the day and admitted a public nuisance offence at Leicester

Crown Court an Irish tourist has been hospitalized after he allegedly tried to

steal a 30,000 pounds diamond ring by putting it in his mouth and swallowing

it in Turkey Ian Campbell 54 snatched the ring worth 30,000 756 pounds in a

jewellery shop in the Marbury's district of Mugler province before trying to get

out of the shop with it clenched in his fists police say the incident occurred

at a jewelry shop in the marmaris district of moogly province in

southwestern Turkey the shop assistant quickly became suspicious and locked the

front door of the establishment to prevent Campbell leaving with the ring

according to reports the tourists then popped the ring into his mouth before

swallowing it

a nineteen year old girl is desperately trying to raise money to save her puppy

from being destroyed due to an immigration ro Len meant a Manchester

student bought white Pomeranian fluffy while holidaying with her family in her

native home Bulgaria but immigration authorities say the dog came into the UK

with an invalid pet passport and took him into quarantine in Chesterfield

Derbyshire miss mem must now come up with the 2700 ten pounds needed to pay

for the animals costs or he will be put to sleep an 8 year old girl has pulled a

pre Viking sword from a lake in sweden thought to be around 1500 years old like

something out of an Arthurian legend Swedish American saga Vanessa came

across the extraordinary relic on a family summer holiday in Tana smiland

saga told the local she was skimming stones when she came across the sword

which he assumed was some kind of stick saga went on to tell a local radio

station I felt something in the water and lifted it up then there was a handle

and I went to tell my dad that it looked like a sword the sword pulled from the

video Stern Lake was first thought to be around 1000 years old but a revised

estimate by an expert now dates the sword a to around 1500 year ago

a tourist was left shocked when he opted for what he thought was a relaxing red

dragon massage but was left huge red marks across his back Matthew and

Kandi's raised own from Australia were on holiday in Bali along with his sister

Tamsin when they decided to get a relaxing massage they opted for a go

jack massage where the master comes to you as the ultimate holiday treat

but Matthew didn't know what the messer meant when he asked if he wanted him to

get the red dragon out of him speaking to Daily Mail Australia Ken died said

her husband thought the messer was trying some prayer thing she told him I

don't know what you're saying but my husband will try anything go for it a

man who fell 80 feet into a deep pit said he is lucky to be alive after being

pulled to safety the pedestrian known only as mr. olive was pulled out covered

in mud thanks to passers-by him threw a rope

down and managed to drag him back up the 40 year old man was emotional as he

reached the top end was seen kissing the feet of the people who rescued him as a

sign of his gratitude mr. Altaf had been walking on a dimly lit Street in Hubli

Karnataka India on September 26th when he fell into the pit

a red-faced reveler had to be rescued after he fell asleep in a nightclub

toilet on a night out in got locked inside overnight office workers near the

theater club in the city of Malaga in southern Spain's Andalusia region raised

the alarm after they heard banging and shouting coming from the venue local

worker Jovi and gab Aaron said we heard someone banging on the metal door and a

voice shouting is there anybody there mr. Gabe Aaron said he walked to the

door of the club and spoke to the man who told him he had gone to sleep in the

toilet and only just woken up he has been shocked to learn that it was 10:00

a.m. as he did not have his mobile phone with him and had no idea of the time mr.

Gabe Aaron managed to contact the owner of the club who soon arrived on the

scene with the keys Melanie a Trump is being roasted online during her solo

trip to Africa for her choice of hats the former model was unfavorably

compared to Nazi villain Rene Belloc from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of

the Lost Ark for sporting a very similar outfit upon her arrival in Egypt in just

the day before she faced accusations of insensitivity for wearing app lyft

helmet commonly associated with the colonial era the barbs are all the more

pointed as this was mrs. trump's first major solo visit and to a continent her

husband has not been complimentary towards the Indiana Jones moment came

when the first lady wore baggy white slacks and a formal shirt style with a

cream blazer on top in the North African nation the ensemble is eerily

reminiscent of an Indy villian something Twitter users were quick to point out

with glee one Twitter user posted I'm not saying Melanie a Trump looks like a

Nazi archaeologist villain from an Indiana Jones movie I'm saying Melania

Trump looks like a Nazi sympathizer archaeologist

from an Indiana Jones movie a bus driver has landed in hot water with his bosses

after he let a monkey take the wheel officials are investigating the driver

after a video emerged revealing him letting the monkey steer his bus in

India the clip shot on October 1st by a passenger shows the Indian longer monkey

sitting on the steering wheel and trying to guide the moving vehicle the driver

sits behind the monkey helping out by working the pedals and giving it a hand

with steering officials said the monkey was a pet belonging to one of the

passengers and was comfortable in human company it reportedly jumped onto the

steering wheel in the driver named only as Prakash let it sit there they say in

life you should never take shortcuts this was certainly the case for one bus

driver in China she was in a rush so opted for a different route which

included an underpass too low for the roof of the forty seven seater vehicle

incredible footage taken moments after the collision shows dazed passengers

walking from the wreckage of the bus with the roof sliced off

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624 Sq. Ft. Small And Charming East Side Vintage Home in Austin, TX - Duration: 2:07.

624 Sq. Ft. Small And Charming East Side Vintage Home in Austin, TX

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Paper Snowflake Easy Tutorial | How to Make Paper Snowflake For Christmas Decoration - Duration: 5:12.

Welcome to origami art. Today i show you

how to make paper snowflake for Christmas decoration.

Learn six pointed snowflake. Please Watch

Full Video Step by step. Don't forget

to like, comment and share if you like this video.

Thank you very much for watching this video.

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How To Draw Plummer Block - 2D in AUTOCAD (PART - 1/2) - Duration: 11:51.

plummer block 2d AutoCAD mechanical machine drawing beginners tutorial

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Neymar Jr & Mbappe ● Fast & Furious 2018 ● Skills & Goals - Duration: 1:01.

Neymar Jr & Mbappe ● Fast & Furious 2018 ● Skills & Goals

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What to do if a cat scratches you - How to heal cat scratches! - Duration: 3:16.

Hi guys welcome back to Relax my Cat my name is Savannah and here with me is

Mia and today's video is from experience now Mia is not the most

gentle Treat taker in the world she will fight tooth and nail for dreamies so

that's why this video is super helpful for anyone who experiences cat scratches

so with that said this video is how to heal cat scratches and bites if your cat

is anything like Maya okay so first a big step you need to

disinfect it cats are really clean animals but dirt from under the claws or

bacteria in the mouth can be really dangerous to humans

so definitely disinfect it even if it doesn't look that bad

just because sometimes we used to be in scratch we kind of go on with our daily

lives and then we look down on it like two days later and like it's swollen and

infected and we just want to minimize that ever happening be sure to clean the

whole area with antibacterial wipes or liquid and just because you know you

know how it works not all cat related injuries are serious

enough for plasters or band-aids but if you do need one or it won't stop

bleeding go ahead if not cat scratches actually heal quicker when they are open

to the air so that's what I'd recommend next I personally like to use a little

bit of coconut oil coconut oil has quick healing properties it's also antifungal

antibacterial and it just smells nice and it leaves your skin feeling smooth

so it's like a win win win for me as I said before it's always important to

keep an eye on cat scratches and cat bites

especially if you don't know if that cat has had the rabies shots just in case I

would always say that you should seek medical advice if your cat scratch or

bite shows any signs of infection like I said before it could been scratched a

thousand times but every scratch is different so just be vigilant

and you can always avoid getting scratched in the first place

we are trying to make mia be a gentle a treat taker but we'll see how that goes

to help this you can always watch the video I did about trimming your cat's

claws which will obviously less claw less scratch but nothing much I can do

about the teeth I'm afraid ok so as always it's that time of the video where

we give away a t-shirt so you are t-shirts there's not cute

and I will pick a winner for you now so let's see it's our winner this week is

spectra Jessica thank you so much for coming here make sure you head over to

our Instagram to send us your address and size so we can get shirt sent out

for you everyone else you can still enter all you need to do is number one

please subscribe to relax my cat and then number two post a comment on this

video within 60 minutes of it going up so you know an hour of it going up and

that's it you're entered and next week I will choose a comment to be our next

winner so thank you so much everyone for commenting and for watching and I will

see you next week thank you bye bye

For more infomation >> What to do if a cat scratches you - How to heal cat scratches! - Duration: 3:16.


Phim Hay 2018 - Công Phá Châu Âu || Full Hd Thuyết Minh - Duration: 2:08:08.

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Kiratto Pri☆Chan 27 Vostfr (Pub) (@PrettyTrad) - Duration: 0:31.

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KR_ 누락 된 MSVCP120 dll 파일 Windows 오류 메시지를 수정하는 3 가지 방법 - Duration: 1:19.

Hi, I'm Sami, from Fawzi academy. In this video, I will talk about. When launching un application on a Windows system,

you may get the following Windows Error Message, Missing MSVCP120.dll File.

I would like you to know that. msvcp120.dll is a part of Microsoft Visual C++. and is often required for running programs

developed with Visual C++. Some games or applications may need the file, in the game or application installation folder.

Copying it from Windows system folder to, the install folder of the game or application should fix that problem.

Make sure to use the 32 bit dll file for 32-bit software, and 64 bit dll file for 64 bit software. If it for some reason doesn't work by just

replacing the file, you might need to re-install the Microsoft visual C++ Redistributable package which can be found in

Microsoft website. if using a 64 bit Windows, install both versions. I will provide you with the link in video description area.

Also You can try to repair Microsoft Visual C++. through control panel, install program, change, repair.

Thank you, for watching Fawzi academy. Please, like. Subscribe, share, this video, and visit, our website,

For more infomation >> KR_ 누락 된 MSVCP120 dll 파일 Windows 오류 메시지를 수정하는 3 가지 방법 - Duration: 1:19.


Corn Chowder Recipe - Creamy Corn Chowder With Potatoes and Bacon - Corn Soup - Duration: 6:35.

thanks for stopping by no hippie BBQ this is Lyle and if there's one thing I

like is some good corn chowder this is one of these recipes that I take to a

lot of pot lucks things like that and I don't really have a specific recipe for this creamy corn chowder

it although I will leave the approximate amounts and ingredients in the

description below now this is a recipe that I've done a number of different

ways I've used bacon bacon and shrimp just shrimp meatless no matter how you

cook this this is something that most people are going to enjoy anyway today

we are going to be doing with a bacon corn chowder we're going to be pumping

it up with a little bit of Old Bay seasoning as well as a few other

ingredients come on in and take a look at what those other ingredients are

ingredients I'm going with and this is a chowder this is something that you can

kind of make your own so use whatever kind of vegetables you like typically

I'll be using corn on the cob and I would strip that away with the knife to

benefits to doing that technique is some of the corn starch from the corn

actually will thicken up the recipe a little bit so I'm probably going to add

a little bit of flour to this which I don't have on this table right now so we

have some white corn I'm going with some red pepper flakes some jalapeno so this

is gonna be pretty spicy so if you don't like spicy food you can eliminate that

we have some fresh cracked black pepper some better than bouillon or any kind of

chicken base that you like some Old Bay seasoning green onions and I am

reserving some of those green onion tops for later on just does a little bit of

garnish some celery onions and if these look a little bit kind of weird I did

have these frozen from a different recipe so perfect recipe to use leftover

ingredients in we have potatoes that are diced and we have our bacon we're also

going to be using some heavy whipping cream and some milk like I said I am

going to touch this up with a little bit of flour to help and thick

it up let's get on to the next step our first tip is gonna be to go ahead and

cook this bacon until it becomes somewhat crispy now that our bacon is

cooked about 3/4 of the way through we're gonna go ahead and add our onions

our silver ring and our jalapenos we're just gonna go ahead and cook this until

the vegetables start getting a little softened up now that our vegetables are

soft up we're gonna go ahead and add our pepper a red pepper a whole big stir

that in and we will be tasting down the road adding anything that we need to at

that time now we're going to go ahead and add our flour

we're gonna stir this in and let it cook for about a minute that's cooked down a

minute we're gonna go ahead and add our potatoes

and I'm going to throw in a dollop of this chicken bouillon and this is just a

faster way of getting the chicken flavor in it without actually stirring it into

a you know some water because it's gonna disperse through there anyway let's go

with our green onions

all of our heavy cream

now we're going to just go ahead and add enough milk to cover this by about an

inch inch and a half

let's take a look at this stirred up right quick

and I can just tell by looking at this from making it a few times we are gonna

go ahead and hit a little bit more of this old bay I could just tell that it

doesn't have enough in it just by the color and I'm gonna go ahead and let

this corn chowder soup simmer for a good hour hour and a half so those potatoes can get softened

up and let all these flavors come together now that this has had a chance

to simmer for about an hour and a half you can see that this chowder is a lot thicker

than it was we are good to go I'm gonna go ahead and plate this up go ahead and

taste it and see what we think

now I'm going to tell you this taste test right here is a mere formality this

is something that I cook all the time so I know exactly how good this is

sometimes it does change up a little bit so you know let's get in

like I said this is awesome now some of the changes I make like I've mentioned

earlier sometimes I'll have some shrimp to this sometimes I'll even add like

some white wine things like that sometimes I won't add the potatoes so I

just this kind of changes up all the time the same basic concept one of the

things I will tell you is that whole Bay does come through in this so definitely

if you have some little bay rocks some of that out if you don't whatever kind

of seasoning you like anyway I'd like to thank you guys for stopping by hippie

BBQ and watching my corn chowder recipe video.

How to make corn chowder with potatoes and bacon

For more infomation >> Corn Chowder Recipe - Creamy Corn Chowder With Potatoes and Bacon - Corn Soup - Duration: 6:35.


Goal Lakshya Target - Best Video on Target Setting - Motivational video in hindi - Duration: 2:52.

World Best Motivational Videos for Students

For more infomation >> Goal Lakshya Target - Best Video on Target Setting - Motivational video in hindi - Duration: 2:52.


Hướng Dẫn Cách Mod Skin Liên Quân Mobile || Mod FULL Skin Có Hiệu Ứng Đẹp Nhất Mùa 9 - Duration: 26:25.


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