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Former Winners Of Bigg Boss And Their Shocking Current Profession

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১০০ টাকার জিনিস দিয়ে আপনি ৯ ১০ ইঞ্চি লম্বা করে নিতে পারবেন কোনো সমস্যা হবে না । - Duration: 4:29.

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For more infomation >> ১০০ টাকার জিনিস দিয়ে আপনি ৯ ১০ ইঞ্চি লম্বা করে নিতে পারবেন কোনো সমস্যা হবে না । - Duration: 4:29.


Hub grease up and mount the boss free sprocket - Duration: 27:27.

Hi YouTube Hi everyone Hello Welcome to Animal Land. I made a mistake

As for what failed, I removed the sprocket last time

I forgot to take a movie to remove the bearing afterwards

I noticed that I was not editing

yeah yeah! It was that kind of feeling

I will do the front side suddenly.Since the structure is basically the same, remove the front side

After that, edit with the video of the rear side

Please take a look, Let's get started

The way is the same as Rear

Hold one side like this

Turn the other bolt

It was 17 mm

With this, this side has come off

Completely remove

There are two washers. I will put it here

Next time I will unlock (I removed it now) It should be easy to disengage

Because there is no lock, it can easily come off

It will come off

I got off, I just got out of the way It is getting like this

Do you understand? It is the part which is the rail through which the bearing passes

Brown grease is attached

I will put this in a box

This black part

Here is written SHIMANO JAPAN.I can not get out of here

Do you understand, bearings are visible inside

In the case of the rear it looks slightly different. This is a cup.You can check it later on the video

I will remove it.

OK, I will lift it as it is

OK, it was out

Since there is a possibility that the bearing falls, I will work on the box

OK, please look.Such a stick appeared

It is a rail of a bearing

This will be like this

Grease is pretty dizzy

I will check the current grease condition

Let's touch it.

It does not seem to be solidified

This grease is still in use

Grease is no better in this color

Wash off dirty grease

I have to remove the bearings first Remove the bearing with tweezers

I got out

Grease is attached, especially cracks and scratches do not appear to be absent

I do not know until washing and checking

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 It is 10pieces.

There were nine bearings on the rear

I got 10pieces. I will wash the bearings that I took earlier.



It is like this, 10pieces

Is beautiful

It is intact

I'll lay it next to you Remove the opposite bearing

OK, 10other side was also taken

I will also clean other parts

After cleaning this

I forgot to shoot a movie I forgot to switch the video camera

I have taken a picture from where I attach a bearing

I did not notice until I started editing things I could not shoot.

What is that?

Well that sort of thing It seems that it happens occasionally

It is common to take a picture again as soon as you forget to switch

It is the first time I realized that I completely forgot to shoot and started editing

Honestly, it is a state of pale face

It became beautiful.

Here also

This is so dirty

Can I do it?

Cover with waste so as not to scatter around

It is amazing.

It can be awesome. This is amazing

Grease is solidified like a plate It's hard, it's not soft

It looks like there are no scratches inside, Good

Can you see it, it became beautiful

There is also video on the rear side for moving images from here.

So, the front desk will do it fast forward

OK, it is the end after locking Please watch the video on the rear side

OK, I'll add grease here

The one with this side screw is the gear side

A sprocket will be installed.So, the stick enters from this side

So I will put grease on this side.Then turn the inside out and grease on the other side


Grease as many as before removing condition

It is gathering firmly

It seems like it's OK

I also add a lot of grease to BB

It is the same feeling

Since the amount of grease was small at the time of BB's animation,

I was told that my friend who is familiar with maintenance got more grease

I thought that it was

Actually watching various videos

I was greasing as much as it overflowed

All the parts that I do not need actually come out, so I feel that it is okay

That is why There is no need to overdo it

I think there is a moderate amount OK, I arranged the bearings like this

Make it Zoom

I put the bearings at the grease

Grease also on this

It seems that you can put it quite solidly Why?

Because there is a saucer here, I will add as much as to stay here

Because the gap between the bearing and the saucer is wide

So, I guess that is not enough.

I do not see grease entering the saucer.

I will push it in this state and try

I turned a lot.

There are parts that are not greased yet

It is about this level It seems that it is not enough yet though it actually went so much


Grease also here

Please let me know if it is overdone Then I will remove it

Maybe this is OK

I saw some other videos Pretty damaging it.

This still does not protrude

I am worried that it will not protrude

It would be enough if only this included

This may be about exactly

OK, hold it so that it will not come out

Place it in the opposite direction

If this is the case the bearing will not fall

Ah! , I forgot to add one place

I have to put it here as well.I am not painting inside here

Grease was also applied between the bearings of the bearings, so they painted similarly

OK, next time I also add plenty of grease to this side

Place a bearing.It is safe because it will not fall below

OK All the bearings got on

Grease on this

Since grease will not be visible for a while if it covers

It is better to attach it at ease It is safe for me to be filled a lot

I saw the situation when I opened it so it was so amazing that this is OK

Grease also here

Since grease was thoroughly solid I will wear it.

Turn a lot of screws and insert

This is troublesome It's pretty long.

I think that it will protrude this time

It protruded a lot

This amount is just proof that it was too much

There is no problem

Wipe off

If this tightening is loose it will rattle

Tightening this too hard will not turn

We will make fine adjustments

And close the lock

Rock is here

I will install it like this

I will lock it.

Turn it around while tightening here I will do this later

First of all check the rotation state

Sounds good I will try to loosen it a little more

Loose is lightly turning

It is Good if there is no play at this time

I will find a subtle place

Here it is.Tighten here firmly

I will lock it when I can make adjustments This thin tool is necessary when locking

I use a thin wrench like this

And, I will tighten here with a wrench

Tightened OK

I will check again here

While checking I will check if it is rough


I will check if there is backlash

It is fatal if you are stiff here

It looks good

It is turning with a good feeling

How nice

I will retighten only once more

Okay, that's it.

I will install a sprocket

I should make the camera wide, it was already

I will put on sprocket

Let's play gloves when handling sprocket


I bought Shimano's sprocket

It is a type of boss free

It is different from cassette sprocket It's boss free.

Even if it says that it is different from the cassette, it looks like a single cassette

Boss-free here is screws and it's all about tightening

It is the same as I just removed a while ago

I wonder if it is not so sharp, I will bring grease so I will bring it with my bare hands

gee, it hurts when you touch it with bare hands

I will only glove on one side

Grease here, here, here (screws) Attach here

Grease here

I always attach it to such a rotating part

You do not have to attach a lot here like a bearing

A little is fine.


To fit in

Just turn

I do not idle so tighten by hand

The end

Also, tighten strongly with this boss-free bracket

Please fasten here tightly

(Even if you do your best here, if you ride it will rotate further and will tighten)

It is OK, like this

I caught it, it is completion.

It is done.

Completion 

It sounds good


All we have to do is attach it to the frame


Is it wearing on the frame

If you attach it like this

The chain is still old.

Since I do not want to attach a new sprocket to the extended chain, I will not install it now

I will attach it to the frame after changing the chain

So leave it as it is

After all, both greased up.

I think that both feel good.

On the rear side

Grease up and

I exchanged this sprocket It is beautiful and it is shiny

The hub is also going to feel good to grease up

It used to be a little while ago but I heard from now

Please wear it and I'm looking forward to riding.

I think that this will end with this time

Those who seemed to be interesting this time movie thumbs up please

Those who have not subscribed to your channel nice to meet you Please


In Animal Land, various other videos such as this and such delivery are surely watching Please do it

For more infomation >> Hub grease up and mount the boss free sprocket - Duration: 27:27.


Həbib Nurməhəmmədov (Khabib) və Konor Makqreqor (McGregor) arasında döyüşdən dərhal sonra - Duration: 1:16.

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Torta nutella e pavesini bimby per TM5 e TM31 - Duration: 5:48.

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GGMM D6 Amazon Echo Dot Speaker Review - Duration: 5:35.

Hello, my name's Mark, welcome to my channel. Today we're going to take a look at this

D6 speaker. This is a little add-on for the Amazon Echo Fot second-generation.

I really like these little Dots, you can just pop them around and get Alexa

wherever you go but the one thing about them that's not great is the sound

quality of the speaker it's not very loud "excuse me I am right here!" so we're

going to give it a bit of an upgrade today with this D6 it's available in two

colors I have the white, it's also available in black. You get a little user guide

thank you card and the main unit itself

so the tops come off and this is how we put the Dot on, I'll show you that in a

second. The actual unit looks really good is got a slight cloth texture around the

side which is plastic on the top and bottom there's a connector that goes

into your Echo Dots and it goes into the power and the aux port and that's how

you're gonna get power to this and the power and aux are on the bottom of this

there's also a small power switch on the front so setup is dead easy, I've removed

the top as you can see that just pops off undo your Echo plug it in, top goes

back on and there's a, keep rotating it around and you rotate it back, there's a

locking symbol: locks/unlocks. Once it's in it looks great the dots just fits in

nicely whether it's black or the white version I really like the whites and

black I think they contrast really nicely you simply just plug in the power

on the bottom

At first you might be a bit confused wondering why nothing's happening because normally

at this stage the Dot would start lighting up and that's because there's a little button

you need to press that in order to activate a power to the Dot. So now press

the button you can see the Dot is firing up and we're gonna do some tests now

some comparisons to see which you think sounds better the Dot on its own or the

dot with this speaker


there is another advantage to using this shell and that's because it makes your

Dot portable so at the moment you can see it's plugged in playing music

carries on play music there's a battery built into this meaning you can take

this out and about if you want to use the alexa function so your still needs

to be on Wi-Fi but this is great for if you're in the garden getting over some

work maybe you're on a listen to some podcasts you can ask Alexa all the same

stuff and it'll work straight out of this speaker. Alexa what's the weather

like today? "It's 14 degrees Celsius" so for all this isn't gonna win any awards

for amazing sound quality it lacks bass for me I'd like to hear a

little bit more oomph but I have to say overall the style is really nice I think

it looks great it's a nice little addition for the Dot if you've already

got a Dot this is a great way of making this a little bit more portable with the

battery you can take it outside of course the other option would be to buy

yourself second Bluetooth speaker that doesn't integrate the Dot in this way

and you just pair them up or use the aux port but while that might be cheaper you

might get a better sound from that you wouldn't have the ability to then take

this out and about unless the speaker somehow could power the Dot. If you want

to learn more about this products I will put links in the description below if

you found this short overview useful please consider hitting the subscribe

button and the notification button thanks for watching

I'll see you next time

For more infomation >> GGMM D6 Amazon Echo Dot Speaker Review - Duration: 5:35.


Peugeot 508 SW First Edition Revealed - 2018 PARIS MOTOR SHOW - Duration: 3:05.

Peugeot 508 SW First Edition Revealed - 2018 PARIS MOTOR SHOW

Peugeot 508 SW First Edition Revealed - 2018 PARIS MOTOR SHOW

Peugeot 508 SW First Edition Revealed - 2018 PARIS MOTOR SHOW

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