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Speak people, all quiet with you?

I'm Douglas Tonelli and today's theme is Halloween.

Guys, I'm going to teach you today how do

a bouquet of dark roses.

I'll call them dark roses because I found this image on the internet ...

The roses in this image, so you can see were made

with artificial flowers and I do not know exactly what they used to

make the eyes but I'll show you how to make the roses in

EVE and the eyes we will do with biscuit

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The bill of material is listed below in the description

And it connects there, step by step.

And so people, to start we will cut the molds

three times this format here and five times this format

but before we start riding the rose We're going to model the petals.

For this I am using an iron here take care when doing this, not to

get burned Just warm up one side here

You are going to stretch a little to give a deformed

It will look more or less like this.

Are you seeing?

Be careful not to tear up, staff.

And now with the small petals the same process

Take more care because you will keep your hand closest there.

And this first stage of modeling, guys It's just to take that smooth look out of the EVA

Now we need to make a slight twist at the tips of the petals.

So it only heats the ends.

Just make this move here for her. create a lightweight

move out.

And we will do the same process in these larger ones here.

It only heats the tip ...

Guys, they're going to stay that way here.

And remembering that for every rose we go You need three of them here with four petals.

And the belt of those unitary petals here.

For each rose we will also need of the cerebrum

which is this mold here, in the case of this rose Purple I'm going to wear black.

So this one is even easier, folks.

Just put it there and it's going to light crowd

you do not even have to model.

I am using EVA of a millimeter and a half but you can use one millimeter, one millimeter

and a half and up to two millimeters.

More than this I think it will be very coarse to pink.

And now the sheets, folks. I'm going to do it in black too, for that purple one.

And it's the same as the petals, look.

It warmed, and gave a deformed one.

An important tip here on the sheet, folks.

This cockpit here, look It's important you also warm it up.

and to soften a little bit.

So to ride a rose We're going to need basically four

sheets, a cephalal, five petals of this here, unitary.

And three of those here, composed.

I'm doing the process on this black here. because I'm going to ride a black and purple one

For you to understand how the process...

Okay, everybody.

I finished modeling.

Here we have three of this part here of the petals

five of that minor, a cephalic I'm going to do in dark purple

and four leaves.

Ah, guys, I made the mark here with a graphite

just to give a slight relief.

People, we're going to ride the rose now. and I passed contact glue on them

I'll show you how.

On the small petals I only spent that part

more or less a finger on this bottom both front and back.

You see that petal smaller is the same size of this compound petal.

The difference is that she has no brains here, beauty?

Then you will pass glue more or less at that same time ...

In freight and back ...

And in one of them you will only pass in front will not go past.

So here, look, in front and behind In this one, I passed glue in front and back

In this one, I just passed glue in the front.

First we need, with the toothpick BBQ bound the middle here.

Drill a hole in all of them This is just to facilitate the assembly, beauty


We're not going to use the barbecue stick with rod

We're going to use wire. I'll show you how.

First a petal of this small and will join one end to the other leaving a

little hole in the middle where we're going to stick the stick.

Now we'll get another one from this one. and give a hug here, look.

You need to leave this gap here which is where the eye will enter

If you close, and leave a button closed as is conventionally made the rose of

EVE you can not put your eye in there,


Now if you want you can remove the toothpick.

We are going to put these other three frills forming

a kind of triangle.

Hugging here too, look.


Two ...


To facilitate, if you want you can enter the toothpick again.

And now we will put the petals.

First we will put the petals that are glued on both sides.

First you start with one.

Here's a personal tip, first paste two petals perpendicular

Hugs her, because she's glued contact information.

And now you go over those others, see

Paste these here.

No problem if it gets a little dented not here

The next petals will cover.

And now you're going to get the other petal that also has glue on both sides.

And you will put it interspersed, see?

This petal here has to cover the amendment of the two here.

And you will make the same move First glue two ...

And now glue the others over here.

And to finish the last compound petal.

And you will do exactly the same process only this one here, look

You'll glue all four together at once.

Okay, people.

The rose will look more or less like this.

Obviously you're going to fix it. if you think the petals are very

glued together you can set it here until you warm up a little

with dryer, a flat iron or even iron


And it will look like this, look.

And we have the perfect hole here to put the eye.

You can already remove the rose from the toothpick.

Spend some glue here and glue the cephalad there.

And to make the stem we will need a piece of wire more or less 50 centimeters.

You will fold in the middle.

And with the help of pliers you will cheer.

It has to be more or less this way here, folks.

Try to make him straight.

You will spend a little bit of contact glue over here

and paste on top of a piece of EVA or two inches.

We're gonna wire that wire, guys.

And now with a pair of scissors, just cut the burrs on here

but not so close to the point of the wire appear there, folks.

I passed some contact glue on the core of the rose from the inside.

And I passed some contact glue about two centimeters here.

And just enter here.

And the personal sheets, remembering that they are two pairs

I already passed contact glue here, look.

I spent here about five centimeters away from the rose.

And I'll paste interspersed, look.

If this pair I pasted to the side of here this other pair down here, also more

or less than five centimeters away I will glue forming a kind of cross.

And if you did everything right, she'll be very similar to mine.

And now guys, I'm going to put this purple here To make sure you're going to get everything right.

but this time I'm going to ride here.

Just for you to remember all the steps, beauty?

And here folks.

We have ready the purple rose, the black rose.

You can do it in another shade of purple. as I already did and I'll show you.

And now we're going to have our eyes done to finish here is our rose.

For the eyes, folks. I'm going to use a biscuit ball here that

I did it previously and it already dried up.

And I'll paste here in the middle with glue contact.

It's going to stay that way here ...

Same thing in this black.

And now I'm going to do the drawing of the eyes.

To draw here I'll use a pen of fabric paint but you can use any

kind of paint, no problem.

I'm going to make a bigger circle in eye color that I want

in case the eye here will be brown.

And for this black rose here, I decided to do it the green eye.

And after the first coat of paint dries just do that little black ball here in the middle.

Here, folks.

And this one, people.

I did in a darker purple shade. and painted the eye with blue.

You do it there, as many roses as you want I made a ship with nine roses here

three of each color.

And now we're going to set up the vazo and I'm going explain to you quickly the model of

mount the vessel.

But it's very simple.

You do it any way you want.

I'm using these simpler plant.

I'll put it here A half styrofoam ball.

Fix it, she's here.

And I'll organize my roses here.

You can leave all of them, turning and looking to a specific side.

And after you've arranged all the roses here as you want.

You'll get pebbles

and you will put it down here to give the finish.

Oops, I'm back!

So, did you like the result?

No one comes to comment here Afraid huh?

Every time I put a video facing this darker side

there is always someone who comments that fear.

The only video here of the channel that I admit which is really a bit disturbing

It's the frist blade video I'll leave the link here in the description

and an image for you to see what I am Speaking.

Anyway, guys.

The ideas and techniques that I bring here you.

They are so that you can work and modify them as you have willed.

These roses for example.

You can make them more terrifying by adding teeth

made with biscuit.

Or you can simply make normal roses.

The technique you already know now just stick your hand in the dough.

Just do not forget that regardless of the shape you do.Place social networks and

mark me I really want to see, enjoy and comment.

And you who are new here and not yet has signed up.

Take a spin on the canal.

Do the following, click the playlist watch the videos in the playlist if you like

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And you who are my inscribed delight with fate activated

Run it on my Instagram, follow me on the because I have posted photos and I give spoiler

if any future videos here of the channel, beauty?

So that's it, guys.

Thank you for watching me. a kiss

and until the next video.

For more infomation >> DIY Halloween Roses. - Duration: 11:54.


Anthony Ramos on Bringing Broadway to Everyone | MTV News - Duration: 4:40.

- I hope that in being in Hamilton, having done Hamilton,

now having done A Star Is Born, I hope that there's somebody

that looks like me or someone that grew up where I grew up

in the projects or in the hood or wherever

that can see that and be like,

oh, if he can do it, I can do it.

(keyboard clacking)

I didn't grew up seeing shows, I couldn't afford it.

I barely grew up going to the movies, honestly.

I would watch movies on DVD, I'd get the bootlegs

from the dude selling it on the street.

I just kept chasing it, I just kept chasing it,

I kept chasing the music.

The music was always so accessible to me.

Music is something that I just couldn't get away from it,

and then it led me to the acting, it led me to the,

I started writing songs, I started writing my first script.

I just hope that me being, in me doing this stuff,

I hope some kid is like oh, well, yo, if he can do it,

like Lin did it, so I was like, oh if he can do it,

I can give it a shot.

If John Leguizamo can do it, you know what I'm saying?

I think we can do a better job about bringing the art

to the communities as opposed to like,

let's bring Broadway to Bushwick.

Let's bring Broadway to the Bronx, Pelham Bay.

Let's do, even if it's 15, 20 minute performance,

something, bring it to the schools.

And I think Hamilton's trying to do that with EduHam

and they have the Educate, I think it's once a month,

I think it's still once a month on a Wednesday,

matinee full of students come from the public school system.

I think they all pay like $10 to come see the show.

Let's find ways to get even more young people

in the theater, let's find ways to get people

who are lower income into the theater.

If I could give my younger self any advice,

I'd say, I'd tell him, slow down,

like, you're good exactly where you need to be.

Don't rush, don't rush, just be where you are.

Just be right where you are.

'Cause where you are right now, the more present you are

where you are is going to make you that much more prepared

for where you're going, so just be where you are.

I think there's this thing right,

where you're like in your mind, you're like,

if only I could just get here

I wouldn't have to go through this anymore.

If only I could just be older, if only I could,

if only, if only, right.

If only I moved out of my mom's house.

You know, I moved out of my mom's house when I was 14.

We try to run in life, and we try to just run

and run and run.

It's like if I could get the next job,

if I could get the next gig, if I can get,

if I can get, and then we're just never present.

It's okay that you're struggling right now.

Just struggle, be where you are

and learn everything you need to know.

'Cause if you're there, you're gonna learn everything

you need to know in your struggle right now

and it's gonna make you prepared

for when you get what you want.

Or when you don't get what you want

but when you get what you need.

And I was always like, if I could only, if I could just...

It was tough growing up, single parent, two siblings

and eating rice and beans and chicken every day, thank God.

It was full belly, but it's like if I could go back,

man, I would just tell that kid yo, just eat up

all your rice and beans 'cause you know what, as an adult,

all I want is rice and beans now all the time.

Damn, I want some rice and beans right now.

I'm in LA.

Damn, I really want some rice and beans and chicken.

I had a moment I was doing In the Heights

and my brother was sitting in the second row.

I was singing about this breeze off the Hudson

and just when you think you're sick of living here,

the memory floods in.

The morning lights off the fire escapes,

the nights in Bennett Park blasting Big Pun tapes.

I'm 'a miss this place.

You know, I'm singing these words,

my brother's in the second row.

And my brother starts sinking into his seat.

He's sinking and sinking and sinking and I'm like yo,

is he crying?

Yo, my man was in his bag, he was all in his bucket.

Singing about home in this musical, center stage

on one of the biggest stages in all of the nation

and your brother's in the second row with his Yankee hat on

bawling, crying and sinking in the seat.

It's like, those are the moments where you're like,

yeah, that's why I do it.

(upbeat music)

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How Old Is Yungjacki ? 🤣💦 Hello My Baby Hello My Honey Hello My Ragtime Gal - Duration: 0:22.

How Old Is Yungjacki ? 🤣💦 Hello My Baby Hello My Honey Hello My Ragtime Gal

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Irgendwann ist Zahltag − Joyce Meyer − Mit Jesus den Alltag meistern - Duration: 28:38.

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朗読 聖霊の御言葉「全能者のため息」主イエスはいつまでもあなたのそばにいる - Duration: 16:06.

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Essential SEO Strategy #1 of 5: Mobile - Duration: 6:07.

As we all know mobile usage is growing it is a large

percentage of the search traffic out there, over 50% at this point in time and

Growing, so as we continue to see that

Change there's a lot of changes going on with the search engines to make mobile

a priority

Back in March, Google announced

The mobile first index and up to this point

the indexing has been primarily focused on desktop content. That is now starting to change and so

Starting earlier this year, they started rolling out the mobile first index and it's kind of a transition process. There are

Starting to index mobile content first and desktop content

Second, and that has some pretty significant implications.

One of your questions might be, "well what if I don't have a mobile-friendly site"

Well at this point I hope everybody has a mobile-friendly site

It doesn't mean that they won't crawl the site and index your content, but it is being indexed with a mobile first Perspective

Which essentially means that

How you organize your content how you prioritize your content is going to be taken in them into account first


How you organize and prioritize your content on a desktop device

This may also change your linking strategy

So one of the big things in SEO is inbound links and on page links between different pages of your site

Well as you prioritize your mobile content

You may not have as much content on your mobile device as you do on your desktop device and as a result

the number of links decreases so

that can impact

Certain types of

Authority that may be coming from third-party sites. So for example,

If you are a Content site and you have

Some inbound links from other content generators - Let's say a newspaper or a high authority

News organization coming into your site and on our mobile site

They've removed that link to your site - that could have a very significant impact on

The authority of your site and how it ranks

So some mobile essentials

Really focus on page speed. Google formally announced making Page Speed a part of the algorithm over a year ago

We've really spent a lot of time as a company talking to our clients about improving their page speed and we certainly want to get

Our sites faster and faster particularly on mobile devices. So there's a couple of tools that you guys can use to

Get insights

Google has a free tool there's another one called Pingdom

If you guys request the slides at the end of this presentation

Everything that I'm talking about has links through it so you can link to the content and go to these resources directly

But this is a good way to get a visualization of what is going on with your site

Remember PageSpeed is at a moment in time

So at that particular moment, if you take a snapshot of a page, it's at that particular moment in time

And you may need to do multiple timings over time to do that

Google Analytics has a page timing tool inside the

Analytics console we can show you how to how to use that

But it'll give you some insight as to which pages are loading quickly and which ones are loading slowly

It's not a perfect tool, but it will give you some insight as to where you might have some

some problems

All right, so

Where's my information priority?

So what our desktop sites as we make images bigger and content bigger

We're getting a lot more scroll, but there's still a lot of data

It says hey if it's not visible, it's not getting clicked on as much that's really really

True on the mobile device as well

Even though people are used to scrolling or swiping up and down on their mobile devices

if the information isn't readily available in that visible screen and the page goes on and on and on they're more likely to abandon.

So here's a couple of examples

from... I like steak... and

So I just picked this as an example where you can see three different

implementations of

Some mobile sites. In the one I have circled over here gray is Amazon because Amazon

Probably does the best job right now of presenting all the essential information that a customer needs to make a buying decision

above the fold or

in the visible screen

So moving on to a homebuilder example, we work with both Home Builders and retailers. Here's an example from

David Weekley Homes, and if you go to their site they will show

Some information in the visible screen that's really relevant and that includes community name,

location, directions, breadcrumbs,

Images and pricing. Those are the most important things that they show above the fold.

For more infomation >> Essential SEO Strategy #1 of 5: Mobile - Duration: 6:07.


2 Disturbing TRUE Uber Horror Stories Reaction - Duration: 14:32.

2 Disturbing TRUE Uber Horror Stories Reaction

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Life After ECT Podcast (coming 2019!) - Duration: 3:07.

Welcome to the life after ECT podcast

Here I cover relevant issues surrounding

Electroconvulsive therapy that you won't hear from doctors or mainstream media as well as the many issues facing those living life after


My name is Jane and I'm a childhood psychiatric and electroshock survivor. I

was misdiagnosed

bipolar at age eleven and

Subsequently placed on massive drug cocktails that destroyed my health and exacerbated my symptoms

At age 17 when I didn't improve I was told I was treatment resistant and the ECT was a good option for me. I

Was told many things about ECT that it was safer

The doctors don't know how it worked, but that it was very effective and could be life-saving

That serious side effects were rare and that it didn't cause brain damage

Over the next few years

ECT slowly destroyed me emotionally mentally and

Eventually damaged my brain permanently

My new cognitive problems were never acknowledged by doctors any

Attempt to bring attention to these terrifying changes were met with ECT doesn't do that. I

was never offered any testing to investigate these symptoms nor was I offered rehab I

Was impaired in every way imaginable and could barely take care of myself

My social skills were wrecked and I was dealing with catastrophic health problems caused by all the psychiatric drugs I had been on

All of which left me dangerously isolated

The denial anything was wrong from my doctors left me confused ashamed and deeply suicidal for over five years

Over a decade and hundreds of research hours later

I learned a lot about the system that robbed me of my childhood in my future and

Continues to destroy the lives of desperate people today

My experiences the experiences of others and all other relevant issues surrounding ECT will be the focus of this show and coming months

You can find more of my work as well as resources and survivor projects on my website

life after ECT com and my youtube channel and social media at life after ECT you

Can contact me via my website

Just look for the little envelope on the right side of any page

It opens up a contact form and you can easily send me a message

Thank you for tuning into the life after ECT podcast. More is coming soon

For more infomation >> Life After ECT Podcast (coming 2019!) - Duration: 3:07.


Slow Motion Action Video | Bowie The Ragdoll Cat - Duration: 2:25.

For more infomation >> Slow Motion Action Video | Bowie The Ragdoll Cat - Duration: 2:25.


একজন লোকের সাথে ভীষণ তর্ক | জাকির নায়েকের | Ask Dr Zakir Naik [Bangla] - Duration: 6:56.

AK Computer Network

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