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- So just when we have the opportunity to meet some really cool, interesting people,

usually that involves just Google employees in general and so we have three right here.

And we wanted to ask three questions.

The first question is: What's your best advice for getting a job at Google?

So just finished presenting along side the Google team and had a lot of fun looking back

at what we've done in the past and what's worked, what hasn't worked and also what the

plans are for, where am I going, right?

The future and what kind of goals we want to set as well.

That's what I did.

And then they basically showed the similar recap but also in a bigger picture and all

the new things that they have as far as recommendations, so that is really really cool.

So there is a ton of take aways and that's usually how these quarterly business reviews

work and again it's not common that we actually fly out to meet anybody but for the bigger

clients that we have we certainly do 'cause I think that relationship is gonna be super


Sorry, I'm looking at the directions at the same time.

If we could buy a spot and have an office, it would like be really rad to buy something

like that.

Because just think of the opportunities that we would have, for like murals on the wall.

And all these different things.

Oh, what a dream.

So, the interesting thing with this client, is that we've been working together for three


I've been the main point of contact, since day one cause KlientBoost

is only three years.

And throughout that time we've, without my knowledge, have had other people and other

agencies kinda knock on the door and want to earn my client's business, which I get,

it's completely normal.

And, so, my client is giving them access to the account, and, so every time that happens,

you're like, hey, ya know, I want to know what's going on, 'cause, it puts me in a spot

where I'm like, are they not happy, they haven't given me feedback, so, how do I react to something

like this?

And then one time, there's a really well known marketing guy named Perry Marshall and he

was hired to audit the actual account that I was doing work on and what had happened

was, the client flew them out, he had a team like, did a review, look at that river by

the way.

Did a review, and all that stuff and they found nothing, there is nothing they could

do better.

In fact, they were just praising what has been done so far.

And, so, I think they paid Perry and team a decent amount of money to figure that out.

And, so, but the moral of the story is that you're never immune to that.

There's always competition, even, no matter how good you do it, and so you always wanna

be knowing that your client's are opportunistic and wanna know more, and get outside perspective,

which is completely okay, just keep everybody in the loop and you know get that feedback.

And I've withstood like potentially, six different opportunities of people and companies trying

to poach this specific client and unsuccessfully so far.

So, I'm happy, but of course, moving forward, I just wanna know that I'll also want to have

a better relationship with that client.

So that we can talk about things, or, if feedback is needed then I'll take it and adjust from

that but that has to happen first.

So, that's what happened.

And, again, like I said you're never immune to that.

So you want to prepare as much as you can.

So, just when we have the opportunity to meet some really cool, interesting people usually

that involves just Google employees in general.

And so we have three right here.

And we wanted to ask three questions.

The first question is: What's your best advice for getting a job at Google?

- Be yourself and be creative.

I think that's probably the best advice that anyone, that you can do. Going into an interview.

- Yeah, cool.

- I might be bias, but--

- You did actually get hired.

- Yeah, well twice.

- Yeah.

- You got hired twice!

No, I think like connections is all that matters.

- Yeah.

- My personal story is I didn't even hit the GPA requirements for an internship like that.

I didn't figure out until later but they bypassed the standard process and just got me an interview.

And I was like, okay, that's what I've learned I have no idea on the application process.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Meet the people.

- So you had your foot in the door because of the connection you had and then magic happened.

- Kyle is a great intern to us.

- Nice!

- Well that was for this time, yeah, but the first time was Anton.

- So, what's like the best thing about working at Google?

Like, it can be a small tiny thing, what's the first thing that came to mind?

- The best thing is working with cool companies that are doing cool things.

Like, you guys, you guys.

- Such a butt kissing answer.

- It's the right, that's the reason I do what I do.

It's cool to meet fun people all around the country and to help them grow their business.

- That's why I stay here.

- For me, it's like, I get bored really easily.

I just don't have much patience for anything.

I'm sure Kurt's learned that.

So I like that we can be, kind of, working with a lot of people, kind of like going off

what you said.

Like, one day you're doing, like membership.

The next day you're doing like a political campaign.

The next day you're doing, helping build pass converse.

So you get to do a lot of different stuff and it keeps your job very interesting.

- That's cool.

- I agree.

So more of the same.

They always talk about something like 15 to 20% of the searches that happen on Google

every day never been typed in before.

There's like totally new stuff and it's definitely what it feels like, right?

It's just like everyday you get maybe like 20% is just--

- Completely new.

- What on earth?

Completely new, how do you we even think about solving that?

That keeps it going.

- So, you just made me think of something, does the 20% rule still apply to the time

you spend at Google?

Well, like you're asked to do something completely different to figure out something that could

be of value?

Is that something that still gets practiced?

- It's 120%.

- Yeah.

- 120%.

- So it's like if you wanna do something else.

- So it's not 80/20.

- You can do your job, and then you can do another job for 20% of the time.

- That's so kind.

- From five to seven p.m.

- Got it, got it, okay.

- But you can still do it.

If you want to.

- If you do a good job with like keeping your core job back to the 40, 50 hour a week.

And then that gets, if you want to especially if you want to move to a different world or

a different game you kinda have to.

- You're like dressing for the job before you have it, or in a sense, right?

- Yeah, you're just helping out, learning.

Maybe you don't like it and you don't want to do it.

It's a cool.

I think it's like the 20% thing used to be an actual policy and now it's just more, if

you wanna help some other team do what they do 'cause you love what they do.

You could ask them and they'll probably say yes.

- Yeah.

That's cool.

And the last question: What is the worst part about working at Google?

- You work with our products all the time and you probably know how frequently they


- Yeah.

- They change, like three times a month.

Our interface changes, our features change.

The company is very much the same way so you have to be willing to cope with change on

a regular basis, which can be hard.

But it also opens up a lot of opportunity if you can handle it.

So you're never comfortable.

And that's hard, but I think it's a good thing.

It's good to be uncomfortable.

And to be excited about what's going on.

Even if you're uncomfortable.

- Cool.

John, what do you think?

- Couldn't agree more.

That's sort of the upside, right, is that you have that 20% that's always new.

It's always exciting.

The downside is sometimes, like, every so often 100% comes around and it's new.

- And you're like, whoa wasn't ready for this.

- Get reordered and new products and that kind of thing.

Like Kurt said he just, you never get comfortable but that's probably healthy.

- See, I like personally, this is a personal thing the scale I think gets too big, for

me, like I always worked at small companies and even when I was, when I started at Google

like our office is 150 people and it feels like it's own little silo.

But then, when I went to California for the summer, that's the reason I left 'cause it

was so overwhelming for me, it was too big.

I didn't want to start at something so huge.

Just wasn't my personal.

- Is there anything you've, in Mountain View, that you like see that they give you don't

get in like D.C.?

Like the snacks, or the slide?

- It gets better, the offices get better with scale.

Just like everything else in life.

So they have, and I think that the weather helps.

Like we could have more outdoor stuff.

But there's not much outdoor stuff in D.C.

'Cause the weather's not great most of the time.

So you know, I think that, that's what I miss most, is like, the outdoor campus and just

like being able to eat lunch outside.

- [Johnathan] That's cool.

I've been there a few times, yeah.

Awesome, well thank you guys.

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Blake Griffin Is All About The Music - Duration: 6:46.

(rock music)

(beeping) - Music by Blake!


(beeping) (spitting)



(beeping) What's up Los Angeles?

Los Angeles!

(beeping) (yelling)

I hate myself, this is so--



(playful music)

- Hey, Blake.

Oh. - Hey, what's up man?

- Sit, sit, sit, I thought. - You sure?

- Yeah. - Hey, what's up?

How are you?

- Just a little confused.

I thought when they said Blake,

I thought it was Blake Shelton.

It's fine.

This is less exciting, but it's cool.

- Yeah, it's--

Well, I--

- I was super excited.

I came in just for this, and now I have a ball hog.

- Yeah, well everybody has their style, you know?

- Yeah.

- So, I'm sure you heard the news.

I'm retiring, and I'm now doing music.

- You retired from basketball?

- No, no, no, I retired from comedy,

and now I'm doing music.

- When did you start doing comedy?

- Well, I started doing comedy to change the world.

Did that.

Now I want to do music to change the world,

and I figured you could be the guy that could help me

do music and also just find my groove.

- I've been in the music business long enough

to know what it takes to be a star.

You need talent,


work ethic.

All of these things

Blake has none of.

- I was just hoping to make a big song that

changed the world and then maybe ride off into the sunset,

like I did with comedy.

- You want to be a one-hit wonder?

(snaps) - Yes!

I like that.

That's good.

I like that.

- And you really have no musical talent whatsoever.

- No.

No, I don't.

I'd love just a little bit of help.

- Is that why you're dressed like this?

- Yes.

Actually, traditionally a lot of great musicians

have dressed like this.

Steven Tyler, Lenny Kravitz,


Ed Sheeran, Drake.

- You're just naming any

random artist that comes to your head.

- Stevie Wonder.

- That's probably the only ring

you've ever worn in your life.

- Wow, okay.

That's hurtful.

- Why don't you sing?

- Three, two, three, two.

♪ I'm in love with the shape of you ♪

(claps) (mumbles)

♪ Last night you were in my room ♪

I'm in love with your.

(vocalizes) - That's enough.

That's enough.

- Do you have any hit songs

anywhere that I could just get my hands on?

- No, I don't.

I don't have any hit songs.

- Scoots.


- Please don't touch me. - Scootie, Scootie.

- Don't touch me. - It's me.

- Don't. - It's me.

- I really am feeling very uncomfortable.

- Scootie.

You don't have any hit songs on that laptop?

- No.

- Right now, we're being like this,

and I need us to be like this.

- Don't do that. - You know what I mean?

I need you and me to be-- - Don't.

(slap) Don't do that.

This has been great.

- It has been great.

- My day is ruined.

I'm gonna go now. - I don't know.

- Take care.

Good luck to you.

- I actually don't need you, man.

- You need a lot more than me, buddy.

- God, I didn't know he could hear me.

I don't need you.

- Still hear you!

(groovy keyboard music) (beatboxing)

That was beautiful first of all.

- Thank you. - I think the reason

I came to you, because,

first of all, I'm a comedy guy.

You're a comedy guy.

You happen to be very good at music.

- That mic's not on, okay?

- I know but it's a musical thing.


- Okay, so.

Well, thank you, and I'd be glad to help, you know.

First thing we gotta do is figure out your thing, you know.

- Right.

- Who are you talking to?

- Hm?

- It's just us here.

- If you play something-

if you play a popular song, I can just go.

I go to karaoke and my friends are like,

"Blake, dude."

- I do old school.

Earth, Wind, and Fire?

- Beautiful.

That's the name of the song?

- No, that's the name of the group.

- Yep.

A three and-

- Okay. - Okay, you go.

- I'm bringing it over here.

(groovy keyboard music)

(laughs) Earth.

Alright, you know what, I don't know that song.

- No, you don't, at all. - I thought I knew that song.

I thought. - That wasn't--

What I would love to do now is just freestyle.

- Yes.

- Try it? - You freestyle rap?

- Yeah. - Oh, that'd be dope!

- Right. - Let's hit one.

- Right now?

- Yeah.

- Oh no, I'd have to go write it and write it down.

- That's not freestyle.

That's regular rap.

- Well, tomato tomato.

- That's not how that's used.

- Gimme a beat like (beatboxes).

Lead it like a (beatboxes)


- Yeah, me, my boy, Craig, Rob, Benson.

You know what, that's stupid.

- Yeah, yeah. - I should write it down.

- Too hard, too hard, too hard.

Move your mouth back a little bit.

No, no, close your mouth like you're blowing.

Don't move your fingers.

Just blow.

(flute plays note)




(guitar strumming) - I'm a basketball man.

- Do you know any chords?

- Yeah, you know what? (guitar hits ground)

(strums guitar)

(guitar colliding with floor) - Blake!

What are you,

what are you doing?

Why do you wanna do this so bad?

- I wanna change the world, man.

- You wanna change the world.

That's very generic.

How do you wanna change the world?

What are you talking about?

- I'm just saying music is something very important to me.

It's not just something I do for show.

- What do you wanna change about the world?

- I wanna change bad things.

- What bad things?

- Traffic.

- Call me when you

know what you wanna do.

- Let me ask you.

So, you'll help when I figure it out?

- Think about it.

- I've been thinking about it.

Doubters will come into your lives,

but one man can change the world.

- [Man] The mic's not on!

[Relaxing Music]

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FBI Director Confirms That Trump Limited FBI's Kavanaugh Investigation - Duration: 3:34.

During testimony in the Senate on Wednesday of this week FBI Director Christopher Wray

confirmed to the Senate under the penalty of perjury that the White House did in fact

hinder the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh.

Christopher Wray, director of the FBI confirmed that Donald Trump did in fact hamstring this

investigation and did not allow them to do certain things, to talk to certain people

and to basically carry out an uninfluenced, unbiased investigation to see if Brett Kavanaugh

was in fact the monster that multiple women have claimed him to be.

The reason this matters, obviously, one we know that this investigation was a complete


Two, the White House had come out a few days after the investigation was announced, after

all the news broke that they were not allowing them to do certain things.

They said, "No, no, no.

We're not interfering at all.

We have not told them anything.

We're not doing any of that."

So now we know that the White House was absolutely lying about those claims.

Number three, we know that Brett Kavanaugh is not fit to be serving on any court in this

country, let alone the US Supreme Court.

This investigation was basically over before it even started.

They didn't talk to the victims, they didn't talk to the witnesses, they didn't talk to

anyone that could have given them any information that could have proven that Kavanaugh was

lying about his past.

Because they didn't want to.

The White House didn't want to do that.

They couldn't take such a major loss ahead of the midterms because that would have inevitably

caused the blue wave to become a blue tsunami in likely both the House and the Senate.

So they bury the investigation, they tie their hands, they do not let them do what they have

to do.

We end up with Brett Kavanaugh in the US Supreme Court.

But don't worry because Christopher Wray says, "No, no, no, no.

I mean, we were still able to carry out a pretty decent investigation.

You know, this is kind of common because judicial investigations are a little bit different

than a real FBI investigation."

That's a lie.

That's an absolute lie.

Silver lining though, folks.

Because now that we know, because Wray told us in the Senate, it's on record now.

Now that we know that this investigation was a farce, that they were not allowed to do

everything they were supposed to do that leaves the door open for an investigation later on

down the road.

Now it may have to happen once Donald Trump gets out of office, it may be able to happen

if the Democrats can take back the House and the Senate.

But the bottom line is that eventually it is going to happen.

So Brett Kavanaugh can smile and smirk and shake hands with his newfound buddies on the

Supreme Court all he wants.

The fact of the matter is with all of the evidence mounting up against him, with all

of the evidence that these investigations were completely fake it's unlikely that that

man is going to be sitting on the US Supreme Court for the rest of his life.

Two, three years tops is my best guess.

Based on some of the other investigations going on there is a good possibility this

man may not even be on the Supreme Court by the end of this year.

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Psychic CONFIRMS Logo = Life Plan with Numerology - Duration: 6:26.

Hey everybody this is Jeremiah Craig

and a couple weeks ago I went to visit a psychic.

It was for a Break Room Balladeer episode.

I interviewed Bernadette Gold

and if you haven't seen that Break Room Balladeer episode

yet, you totally got to check it out

because it is one of my best yet.

So go check that out.

I got the link in the description

and let me know what you think about it.

After the business interview

we got into my first psychic reading

and Bernadette used numerology.

I looked at your numerology

Can you explain what that is? So Numerology is based on.

You can either do it based on your full name like every letter

has a certain number every number has a frequency

if you look throughout the universe

everything is based on numbers.

So I'm really tied into numerology

based on your birthday the day you were born.

You have a certain set of numbers

that comes up you have what's called a composite number.

For you it's 31 right.

And those two numbers- because everything in numerology

is broken down to that single digit.

Those two numbers make up your challenges in life

so you have to overcome these things

and get really good at these things

to get to your life path

which is you add those two numbers together

to get your life path numerology.

So number one is about creativity & manifestation.

Then you have the three which is expression & sensitivity

which is perfect that you're a musician.

It's perfect right.

But those are also the places where the three and the one

is also the energy where you have to be careful

because gone into the negative.

Like if you're not working it in the positive

and you're still trying to find yourself

which means in your early years you would've been have problems

sort of feeling like you fit in with everybody.

You know just this- it brings about an energy

where you are more sensitive you feel things at a deeper level

you see things differently than everybody else

so it doesn't always go along with the crowd.

You can make friends with anybody

but do you feel like you belong totally separate question right.

Which brings about with your own self-expression

and even with

Your music is going to bring about life experience

because of the challenges of that 3 number

and being super sensitive which I would call you an empath

because you have that number right.

You pick up on anyone's emotions even if they say hey I'm fine.

You can feel the underriding energy

going: no you're not fine

tell me what's really going on, right.

You have that ability. You tie that to the one

which is the number of creativity & manifestation

you can have what you want if you fully focus there right.

Like just put all of your attention somewhere

and you can move mountains

and as long as you have the process to get there.

Yeah and you can be successful.

I think it's really interesting

that the three being expression and sensitivity

and the one being creativity and manifestation

are both things that I have been focusing on

and showcasing for the past 10 years or so.

I mean it can be argued that I'm creative.

I make songs every month. I write as much as I can.

I produce a lot of content

and that is also a form of expression for me

so I feel like I've been doing that for a very long time

and it's sort of validating I guess it validates me

and what I'm doing but also numerology in a sense.

So that was just the first part.

But the life path number is where it got interesting for me

especially afterwards when I thought about it later.

So here's the life path.

Number part

So your life path number just based on your birthday

is a 4 which is stability in process, right.

Which means if you want to have success in life

if you want to feel good about everything you do in life.

It has to follow a certain level of process like you know

I need to steps sort of lined up

and I have to follow those steps.

Not to say that you're good at it.

I'm not saying that you are or you aren't.

I'm just saying that's where your strength is

4 is a sacred number like in indigenous beliefs

4 is a sacred number.

We have the four directions right.

The Four Seasons, 4 is a number of strength too

Driving back home, I thought about this stability & process

a little bit more

and I realized that I already have thought about stability

and process in my own life

and I show it off in my own logo.

Like if you just look at my guitar

it is the Celtic double spiral which is the symbol for balance

and it's also a compass needle.

So this is basically the stability and process

right here manifested in my logo

because balance right here can also mean stability

and the direction here of the compass needle

can also mean process. direction...

You know I'm following these steps to get to an end result.

It's all the same I've already been showcasing in my logo.

For almost a decade.

And I had no idea of the connection until I left.

Stability and process equals balance and direction.

It just blew my mind that I have been focusing on that.

Since I started and I had no idea

that it equaled My Life Path Number. super interesting.

So I just wanted to share that in this little video

and I hope everybody has a great day. Peace everybody.

Thanks for watching.

And I also checked to see who else

numerology lines up and yours.

Thirty one four exactly: Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney,

Will Rodgers, Dolly Parton. Wow.

Now there are some big names like 31 4

that are, you know, in entertainment industry.

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Press Asks Kid Rock if Sessions Should be Fire – His Answer Blows Them ALL AWAY - Duration: 1:12.

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McCaskill Spots a Camera at Her Town Hall, What Happens Next Leaves Everyone STUNNED - Duration: 1:49.

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WOW !! TRICKS to take The best PHOTOS with your smartphone - Duration: 10:13.

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'Outlander' Cast Answer U.S. History Trivia 🇺🇸 | MTV News - Duration: 2:20.

- [Interviewer] This is all about U.S trivia.

- We love games.

- [Interviewer] Oh, you love games?

- We're rubbish at them, but we love them.

- 'Merica!

(patriotic music)

- [Interviewer] Alright, are you ready?

- Yeah, come on, hit us.

- [Interviewer] Okay, what year

was the Declaration of Independence signed?

- 18 (mumbling)


- I have no idea.


- Anyone? (laughing)

- He just said it!

- Yeah, that is actually-- - 1776.

- [Interviewer] Yeah, great job.

- He did say it, I hope you picked that up.

- Going to work, 1764.

- Ahh okay, so we got that, it's a point, right?

- [Interviewer] Yeah.

Can you name the first three U.S presidents, in order?

- George Washington. - George Washington.

- Donald Trump.


- (laughing)

- Richard Duncan, done.


- Abraham Lincoln.


- I don't know very much. - George Washington.

- No idea. - We have Washington.

- [Interviewer] John Adams.

- Oh yes, John Adams, also a beer.

- [Interviewer] Thomas Jefferson.

- Thomas Jefferson, not a beer.

- [Interviewer] No one's seen Hamilton, here?

- No. - No.

But we want to see Hamilton.

- Because it's a bargain at $10,000 a ticket.

- [Interviewer] Alright, we're gonna see how many U.S states

you can name in 10 seconds.

We're gonna start over here with Sam, and go down the line.

- New York.


- Oh, you go, you go.

- Connecticut. (ding)

- Alabama. (ding)

- Texas. (ding)

- Oh my God, I'm really bad at this, you go.

- Ohio. (ding)

- Arkansas. (ding)

- California. (ding)

- I'm just gonna watch.

- Montana. (ding)

- Alaska. (ding)

- Oh, Missouri. (ding)

- North Dakota. (ding)

- Connecticut. (buzz)

- You said that. - New Mexico.


- Uh, California. (buzz)

- South Dakota. (ding)

Lousiana, Georgia, Florida. (dinging)

- Missouri, Yosemite, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana,


- I think that's more than 10, we've won.

[Interviewer] You're killing it, you won.

- They did it.

- [Interviewer] Can you sing the national anthem?

- Yes.

♪ America ♪ - Can we sing it?

♪ America ♪

- Is that, isn't it

♪ Oh say can you see ♪

♪ By the dawn's early light ♪

♪ One's path yee take ♪

- You should do the Superbowl.

♪ By the (mumbling) ♪

- Something like that?

- Wow, who are you?

This is a hidden talent, why didn't you say this before?

(patriotic music)

(upbeat pop music)

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How to delete and remove OneDrive from Windows 10 - Duration: 0:51.

First, Click the Start button, type in appwiz.cpl, and press Enter

Double click Microsoft OneDrive to uninstall it

All done!

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THE BOWSETTE BEYBLADE! - BEYBLADE BURST CHO-Z TURBO クッパ姫 - ベイブレードバースト - Duration: 5:16.

For more infomation >> THE BOWSETTE BEYBLADE! - BEYBLADE BURST CHO-Z TURBO クッパ姫 - ベイブレードバースト - Duration: 5:16.


Learn Shapes | Square | How to draw | Fine Motor Skills | Pevan and Sarah - Duration: 1:26.

Hello there Cubs, are you ready to get your finger out? There it is. I'd like to

try a shape that's called a square. Would you like to try a square with me? It has

four corners and four sides, do you want to give it a go?

Start at the top. There's one square, did you draw a square as well? Let's try

again. Well done, that looked like a great square. Let's keep practicing, fingers out.

How are your squares going? Should we try one more?

Well done everyone, great squares. Now this next one, it's for

you you can keep it. Here it comes,

try and catch it. Sid you catch the square? Well done everyone!

Thanks finger. Finger says: See ya!

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Bill's Sexcapades Come Back To Bite The Clintons — Investigation Looming - Duration: 4:10.

For more infomation >> Bill's Sexcapades Come Back To Bite The Clintons — Investigation Looming - Duration: 4:10.


Top Republican Dropped A Bombshell About Replacing Brett Kavanaugh - Duration: 3:22.

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حظك اليوم الجمعة 12-10-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 6:14.

Friday 12/10/2018



Succeed in the implementation of what everyone said it is impossible to investigate and increase your confidence in your potential and plans to continue to do outstanding work


Stay in the face of anyone trying to weaken your relationship with your partner or lover until you live a healthy emotional life



The more you try to organize your business, your things and your way of life, something that hinders it, but this day will be the beginning of achieving this through organization


Today is appropriate to resolve the issues that have aroused great controversy with the lover or partner through peaceful dialogue using the mind away from emotion



Today, some dreams are turning into real realities, and they are beginning to prepare to adapt to the new reality and improve many things, life and work for the better


A state of emotional stability after the balance between mind and heart lives without looking at daydreams, and pleasant news is needed to hear it



You find that all the indicators that surround you confirm the changing difficult conditions that you experienced and the existence of new opportunities to improve your financial and professional status


You may live a state of emotional emotions contradictory due to lack of confidence in the surroundings, which makes you move away from everyone and reconsider your relationship with who you love



You may have a difficult and important test for your ability to face difficulties and your personality for the influence of others and you will succeed, thanks to your strong will


Your emotional state in the tide and you are in a loss, focus a little and refer to your previous optimistic situation, your partner or lover need you



Will succeed in taking the necessary measures to put everything in its rightful place, thereby alleviating the effects of the recent loss


Balance the time necessary for your work and the needs of your lover or lover to keep the flame of love glowing


Born in this tower On a day like this

the artist Mohamed Soliman

And the artist Tariq al-Desouki

And the artist Alexander the Manasseh

And the artist Abdul Jawad Metwally

And the artist Yasmin Niazi

And the artist Essam Mohammed


Dramatic changes can occur in your physical and practical situation that extend your life with vital optimism and continued success


You have the desire to seduce the lover or partner as a kind of renewal and play with more than one paper and discover that the trump card is honesty



A happy and unexpected event increases your responsibility and your professional duties and puts you on a new path of success and progress toward one of your goals


Be a partner or lover need your sympathy and compassion do not get away from this day and forgive him for the mistake he made unintentionally to make your day happy and quiet

Sagittarius tower


You may have a problem today at the professional level and find two options to solve them bitter, use your intelligence and wisdom to turn that bitterness into the sweetness of success


May pass today unusual emotional events where love and hatred, rebellion and imbalance, and love and loss and looking for something unusual



In front of you a sensitive subject needs to be resolved and to make a quick and proper decision, avoid emotion and reactions


Positive development in your emotional relationship with your lover or partner and a serious dialogue about securing a better future



Do not believe the promises of some friends to solve the problem of the intractable process you have faced for some time and relied on yourself to solve and will succeed


Positive and effective changes occur in your relationship with your partner or lover and you find new conditions to improve your life



Today you may be under psychological pressure to carry out your dreams and ambition to reach wealth and seek the rush of quick profit through a material adventure that is not guaranteed results, be careful


Let cry over the past you miss, and look optimistically to your present and future relationship with the other party, and open your heart to love

For more infomation >> حظك اليوم الجمعة 12-10-2018 فى التوقعات اليومية للابراج بقلم عالمة الفلك د. نيفين ابو شالة - Duration: 6:14.




Flash fire, I'm coming for ya.

You're gonna feel me like the summer, like the sun in your eyes.

Hold tight, another minute.

Another hour baby Imma show you you can rely on me,

I'll give you all you need.

In a smoke cloud, tryna find ground.

in the place where we belong.

We don't have to dream to make it beautiful, baby everything we do is beautiful.

We can Iight a fire, watch it everglow.

We won't burn out, we won't burn out.

We won't burn out, we won't burn out.

We won't burn out, we won't burn out.

Won't take a million dollars,

for us to have the kind of life you only see in a dream.

Wake up, cause now you're in it.

I wanna show you all the magic in the air

and tonight it's free. It'll be all you need.

In a smoke cloud, tryin' to find ground.

In a place where we belong.

We don't have to dream to make it beautiful, baby everything we do is beautiful.

We can Iight a fire, watch it everglow.

We won't burn out, we won't burn out.

We won't burn out, we won't burn out.

We won't burn out, we won't burn out.

We won't burn out, we won't burn out.





Körperverletzung im Straßenverkehr nicht ohne Folgen für den Führerschein! - Duration: 2:18.

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Primeira pesquisa do segundo turno mostra Bolsonaro oito pontos na frente de Haddad - Duration: 4:09.

For more infomation >> Primeira pesquisa do segundo turno mostra Bolsonaro oito pontos na frente de Haddad - Duration: 4:09.


Dragon Age: Origins - Episode 14 (TV Series) - Duration: 50:44.

(RECAP) I cannot go home.

Why not?

It doesn't matter now.

(RECAP)I told you before

how Arl Eamon raised me, right? That my mother was a serving girl at the castle

and he took me in.

(RECAP) Eamon is gravely ill.

So these are our visitors. The ones you

told me about, mother.

Yes, Connor.

The demon in Connor needs to be destroyed.

But killing the demon would mean killing the-

Unless, you intend to enter The Fade.

(RECAP) Where is Arl Eamon?

Upstairs in his room.

I think the demon has been keeping him alive.

Who will go into The Fade?

Morrigan is going.

(RECAP) One soul I already possess, I do not need another.

I wish only... to talk.

Do you take me for a fool? I know

better than to bargain with your kind!

If you wish a battle, you will have it.

TEAGAN: So it is over. Connor is his old self. He does not seem to remember anything, which

is a blessing. I suppose we will need to send him to The Circle of Magi's tower for...

training. Once the war is over. It's so hard to think of the boy as a mage, of

all things. Eamon has much to mourn and rebuild, should he recover. But at least

he could be thankful that both his son and wife are safe.

ISOLDE: I owe you my deepest thanks. I had nearly... I can scarcely believe Connor is the boy

he once was.

TEAGAN: There is still the matter of Jowan. His poisoning Eamon began this

whole mess, yet he lives. I must decide what becomes of him. We will hold him for

Eamon to decide his fate. If he doesn't recover, Jowan's fate is

sealed. What do you think?

ELISSA: Why do you want my opinion?

TEAGAN: You spoke with him, have you

not? You know what he has done better than I do, even.

ELISSA: Would you find him useful?

TEAGAN: I would not trust him, but I would not presume to tell my brother what to do.

ELISSA: Do whatever you want with him.

TEAGAN: Very well. I shall have the mage

imprisoned again, for now. But our task is not done yet. Whatever the demon did

to my brother, it seems to have spared his life, but he remains comatose. We

cannot wake him.

ISOLDE: The Urn! The Urn of Sacred Ashes will save Eamon!

ELISSA: Isn't there some other way to heal him? What about magic?

TEAGAN: It has been tried, and we will

continue trying. Perhaps the demon's absence will make a

difference. However, the relic is another option.

ISOLDE: My husband funded the research of a scholar in Denerim. A Brother Genitivi.

He has been studying the inscriptions on Andraste's birth rock. When Eamon

fell ill, I sent the knights to speak to Genetivi. I hoped that he had finally

discovered the location of The Urn of Sacred Ashes itself. They were unable to

locate Genetivi. In desperation, I sent more knights in search of the brother, or

some glue of The Urn's location.

ELISSA: I will see if I can find this relic.

TEAGAN: No one else can. Even if I wish to do it myself, I cannot abandon Redcliffe to its own

devices. Perhaps you could seek out the brother's home in Denerim and see if

any clues remain on his whereabouts. It is the only place to begin the search, I

think. I must go to the hall and begin rebuilding.

I wish you luck and may The Maker go with you.

CONNOR: You... You're the one who saved me.

ELISSA: Actually, it was Morrigan.

CONNOR: Then... I guess I owe her thanks. Father always said to

remember to thank people who do nice things for you. I hope father gets better soon.

He will... won't he?

OWEN: My Valena returned! She told me of your daring rescue, I can't begin to tell

you how grateful I am!

Take this. A reward for your deed. It's

dwarven made and should serve you well.

ELISSA: I don't need a reward, keep it.

OWEN: That's even kinder of you. Thank you again. I'm forever in your debt.

VALENA: Thank you, My Lady. I'd never have been able to return to my father if it wasn't for you.

ALISTAIR: Now that we're back at the camp, I want to talk about what happened. At Redcliffe.

ELISSA: I think it turned out quite well, don't you?

ALISTAIR: I just wanted to thank you. You

went out of your way to save the Arl's family and you did it. Even though it

would have been easier not to. There's been so much death and destruction, it...

well it... it makes me feel good but at least we were able to save something, no

matter how small. I owed the Arl that much.

ELISSA: You're welcome.

ALISTAIR: This... this is my mother's

amulet. It has to be. But why isn't it broken? Where did you find it?

ELISSA: I found it in Redcliffe Castle, in the study.

ALISTAIR: Oh? The Arl's study? Then he must have

found the amulet after I threw it at the wall... and he repaired it and kept it.

I don't understand, why would he do that?

ELISSA: Perhaps you mean more to him than you think.

ALISTAIR: I... guess you could be right. We

never really talked that much, and then the way I left... Thank you, I mean it. I

thought I'd lost this to my own stupidity. I'll need to talk to him about

this, if he recovers from his - when he recovers, that is. I wish I'd had this a

long time ago. Did you remember me mentioning it? Wow! I'm more used to

people not really listening when I go on about things.

ELISSA: Of course I remembered...

You're special to me.

ALISTAIR: Is this the part when the music starts and we begin

dancing, because I'm game! (laughs)

Where's the minstrels?!

STEN: You called?

ELISSA: Do you find Ferelden very strange?

STEN: To put it lightly... No one has a

place here. Your farmers wish to be merchants, the

merchants dream of being nobles, and the nobles become warriors. No one is content

to be who they are.

ELISSA: Don't the Qunari ever want to change their lot in life?

STEN: What does that accomplish? The farmer who buys a shop is

never a merchant, he is always a farmer turned merchant. He carries his old life

with him as a turtle carries its shell.

ELISSA: He might be happier.

STEN: Happiness is fragile. Nothing can be built upon it that will last. Only duty endures.

ELISSA: You don't think happiness is important?

STEN: You can learn to find it in doing your duty, in serving your people. There is no

need to search for it. Shall we move on?

ELISSA: Is there anything you like about Ferelden?

STEN: There is... interesting food here. You have a thing... it doesn't have a word

in the Qunari tongue. Little baked things, like bread... but sweet and crumbly.

ELISSA: The only thing you like about Ferelden is sweets?

STEN: It is a human land like any other.

Not as hostile as some, perhaps. Those little baked things, however. We have none

of those in my homeland. This should be remedied.

ELISSA: You sound a bit homesick.

STEN: Perhaps.

It's strange to be in a crowd and hear a language that is not your own.

To see faces that are and aren't like yours. I miss the smells of Seheron. Tea

and incense and the sea. Ferelden smells of wet dogs.

ELISSA: Dogs don't smell that bad.

STEN: Skunks don't mind the smell of others skunks, either.

OGHREN: Whatcha need?

ELISSA: Are you sure you're fine with what happened with Branca?

OGHREN: (sarcastically) Oh sure, I'm fine with it.

I mean, she was a real firebrand between the sheets but a bit soft in the skull,

you know what I mean? Explains why she left, anyway.

ELISSA: Well I imagine she wasn't that crazy when she left.

OGHREN: Oh, you don't know her! She was cracked like a glass

floor. Before she was a Paragon, I mean. After that, she really fell apart. I mean,

she leaves me and flits about with that water tart Hespith. What she got that I

don't? Just a thought of the two of them together, kissing and licking, and...

intertwined on the floor of the Deep Roads... I'm, uh... I'm just gonna just go

back to the tent for a moment. Excuse me.

LELIANA: Something I can help with?

ELISSA: I heard that, in Orlais, minstrels are often spies.

LELIANA: Where did you hear this?

ELISSA: I... read it in a history book.

LELIANA: And did you not think that

this could be historical fact, and no longer true? (laughs)

Not all minstrels are spies.

Most are just singers and storytellers, but some of them are... are what we call


ELISSA: I thought minstrels were bards.

LELIANA: Many use the two words "minstrel" and "bard"

interchangeably, but do so in Orlais would cause misunderstanding. Bards are

minstrels and more; spies as you say. Some say there is a bard order, but I don't

think this is true. Many bards work alone or in small groups, doing the bidding of

a patron who pays for their services. If there is an organization behind it all,

no one knows who they are.

ELISSA: Patron? What sort of patron?

LELIANA: Nobles mostly.

In Orlais, there is much rivalry amongst the highborn. They fight over land,

influence, and the favor of the Empress. But they could not do this openly

because it is impolite, and in public there were smiling faces and pretend to

be civil. In secret, they plot and scheme to destroy each other.

It is a game completely meaningless to anyone but its players.

ELISSA: You seem to know quite a bit about these bards...

LELIANA: Hah, and I should, shouldn't I? After having spent

most of my adult life as one. You've guessed as much, I'm sure. But does it

really matter what I was? What's past is past.

ELISSA: But why were you living as a cloistered sister in rural Ferelden?

LELIANA: I... found myself in Ferelden, and sheltered from bad weather in the Chantry.

And when the storm passed, I just... did not want to leave. I like to say The Maker brought me here.

ALISTAIR: I'm wondering something, I'd like to know your thoughts about some of our...

travelling companions. Do you mind if I ask?

ELISSA: Go ahead, I don't mind.

ALISTAIR: How about Oghren? You must have an opinion on the smell, at the very least.

ELISSA: He is a bit much, isn't he?

ALISTAIR: Well, let's just say that I'm not so surprised he's not

married any longer. How he lifts his sword is a bit of a mystery, though I

suppose the point is that he does lift it. And so long as we can point him in

the right direction, he charges too. He has gusto, I'll give him that.

Zevran, the elf. You can't... trust him, can you? Do you believe his so-called vow?

ELISSA: Maybe... we'll see.

ALISTAIR: That's a lot to put on a "maybe," isn't it? He's an assassin.

The Crows aren't known for giving up. Maybe he's just biding his time.

ELISSA: If he tries anything, then he'll die.

ALISTAIR: Well at least you're considering the possibility.

He just seems... shifty to me. What about Sten. The way he looks at me

with those eyes, creepy. And he's so quiet for someone so big.

ELISSA: I agree. The Qunari are unsettling.

ALISTAIR: Yet he doesn't seem quite so bad as the Chantry tells us. According

to them, his philosophy is vile and evil. Yet he seems so reasonable... and yet he

killed all those people. He doesn't even deny it.

Doesn't that bother you?

ELISSA: He seems to regret what he did.

ALISTAIR: I'm not so sure that his regret

means the same as it would for us. The Qunari sense of honour is... is a bit hard

to grasp. For me anyway.

What about Leliana? Is she crazy? Or do

you really believe in her vision?

ELISSA: I believe... that she believes in her vision.

ALISTAIR: That's one way to put it. I don't know what to make of her. If you look at

her when she doesn't see you, she just looks so... so sad. I almost feel guilty

taking her away from her life.

ELISSA: It was her choice.

ALISTAIR: Yes, I know. Still, I feel badly for her.

Morrigan. Do you trust her? Think about it,

maybe Flemeth sent her with us for some other reason than she said.

ELISSA: You really don't like each other, do you?

ALISTAIR: Well aside from the fact that she's a complete and utter bitch!

No, I don't like her at all. Why? Do you?

ELISSA: I like her just fine.

ALISTAIR: (sarcastically) Great. I am thrilled beyond words. No, really.

Enough. I think my curiosity is sated. Let's get back to it, shall we?

WYNNE: Have you heard much about the Grey Wardens of old?

ELISSA: Only what I've heard in the old tales.

WYNNE: It was said that watching the Wardens ride in on their white Griffins

was enough to rouse a weary heart, and put the dance back in the step of an old

man. The Grey Wardens were powerful, feared and respected, but they also

inspired the common people. I remember a tale that was told to me, many years ago.

The Blight had ravaged the land for months, and the armies of the great kings

had amassed for one last stand. As the sun burst through the clouds that boiled

and churned in the dark sky above, it illuminated a vast seething horde of

Darkspawn, with the Archdemon at its head. And it was then, when courage seemed to

fail, and all lost to death and despair, that the Grey Wardens came. They arrived

with the beating of wings like mighty war drums, and stood before the armies of men.

ELISSA: And what happened then?

WYNNE: The Grey Wardens, grim and fearless, marched forth.

Ever between the men and the encroaching Darkspawn. They formed a shield of their

own bodies, and held that line until the Archdemon was dead, and the last

Darkspawn lay trampled in the dirt. And then, demanding neither reward nor

recognition for their sacrifice, the Grey Wardens departed. When the clouds finally

rolled back, and the sun shone full upon the blighted ground, the great kings knew

that they had lost no men. And none of their blood had been spilled.

ELISSA: Nonsense. Both sides always take losses.

WYNNE: This is a tale about no battle the Grey Wardens have fought, and yet about them all.

They have always defended us from

the Darkspawn, taking losses so we do not have to. People may have forgotten over

the centuries, but nothing has changed. This knowledge has been blessing and

burden to Grey Wardens past, and now it shall be your blessing. And your burden.

STEN: You are not quite as callow as I thought. That is... unexpected.

ELISSA: What is that supposed to mean?

STEN: Callow? It is a word in your tongue. It means "without feathers," as a

new hatched bird.

ELISSA: (annoyed) I know what the word means!

STEN: Then why ask?

ELISSA: I meant... Why did you think I was "callow?"

STEN: You probably give most people that impression. You'll get

over it, eventually.

ELISSA: So will you tell me now why you were caged?

STEN: I caged myself.

A weak mind is a deadly foe, as you are no doubt aware.

ELISSA: Are you saying you put yourself in that cage?

STEN: I know that my failures were my own. I told you before

that I was sent here. I was not sent alone. I came to your lands with seven of

the Beresaad, my brothers, to seek answers about The Blight. We made our way

across the Ferelden countryside without incident, seeing nothing of the threat

we were sent to observe. Until the night we camped by Lake Calenhad. They came

from everywhere - the earth beneath our feet, the air above us, our own shadows

harbored the Darkspawn. I saw the last of the creatures cut down. Too late. I fell.

ELISSA: That sounds like what happened to me at Ostagar.

STEN: I heard the stories of Ostagar.

Your kith stood their ground when others fled. No one can do more than that, I

don't know how long I lay on the battlefied among the dead, nor do I know how

the farmers found me. I only know that when I woke I was no longer among my

brothers. And my sword was gone from my hand.

ELISSA: What did you do?

STEN: I searched for it.

And when that failed I asked my rescuers what had become of it.

ELISSA: Did the farmers know where it was?

STEN: They said they found me with nothing.

ELISSA: Did you believe them?

STEN: I did.

I knew they didn't have the blade, they had no reason to lie to me.

I panicked. Unthinking, I struck them down.

ELISSA: You panicked over a lost blade?

STEN: That sword was made for my hand alone. I have carried it from the day I was set into

the Beresaad. I was to die wielding it for my people, Even if I could cross

Ferelden and Tevinter, unarmed and alone, to bring my report to the Arishok, I

would be slain on sight by the Antaam. They would know me as soulless, a

deserter. No soldier would cast aside his blade while he drew breath.

ELISSA: How can your people possibly think that way?

STEN: We know who we are, and what we are meant to be.

ELISSA: So that's it? You aren't going to do anything about it?

STEN: What would you have me

do? It could be anywhere by now.

ELISSA: Where did you fight the Darkspawn?

STEN: Near Lake Calenhad.

ELISSA: Don't worry. We'll find it.

STEN: Perhaps those words are empty but, thank you all the same.

OGHREN: There you are. Wanted to talk to you.

ELISSA: What about?

OGHREN: You and I, we've... you know how sometimes you spend time with... people, and things. hmm...

ELISSA: Yeah, take your time.

OGHREN: I was thinking, I do know some people out here on the surface. A

person, actually. A girl I knew and Orzammar. Bbefore I left, obviously.

ELISSA: Who is she?

OGHREN: Her name's Felsi. She and I were, heh, "friends"

after Branka left for the Deep Roads. I'm sure she's forgiven me by now,

thought maybe I'd track her down. See how she's been living.

ELISSA: hmm... What do you mean you were "friends."

OGHREN: Oh, we "coiled the old rope," if you know what I mean.

"Oiled the mineshaft."

"Rubbed the foreman's elbow." (laughs).

ELISSA: You're just making those up, aren't you?

OGHREN: Should I show you? (laughs)

All right, don't kill me!

Anyway, she left for the surface a year back, and I haven't seen her since.

ELISSA: Why did she leave?

OGHREN: (defensively) What?! Why are you asking me? I didn't do anything!

Last I heard, she was gonna live

with her mother on the surface, near some lake. Cleanbad Lake, was it?

Aw sod it, I don't remember.

ELISSA: Clean bad?

You mean Lake Calenhad? We can go there.

OGHREN: No, no. I think it was Cleanbad. I remember because I thought,

"Yeah, that's right. Dirty good, clean bad.

OGHREN: (laughs) ELISSA: (laughs)

OGHREN: But thanks for offering to take us there. You're a

good friend, Warden.

SCAVENGER: Back off! I was here first!

ELISSA: You haven't seen a sword lying around here, have you?

SCAVENGER: Why? You looking to buy one?

ELISSA: No. But my very large, angry friend he is.

SCAVENGER: Oh, is he?

Heh, well... that's... see, I'd like to sell you one, but I don't... have any myself.

I got part of a glove the wolves didn't chew too badly, though. I think it was a glove, anyway.

I know, don't say it, I got cheated. I knew the guy who was here before me, he

sold me this spot. Said he found giants and all kind of crazy valuables. He

didn't mentioned that he'd taken everything but the bones and the dirt

already. His name's Faryn. Squirrelly little bastard, if you ask me. Which you

didn't, but I said it anyway.

ELISSA: He sold you this spot? Does he own this land?

SCAVENGER: No, no. That's some freeholder or other. He just sold me the looting rights. I'm not

building a house here or nothing. He was going to Orzammar, he said. I imagine he's

gotten there by now. If you find him, tell him I sent you.

It'll scare the piss out of him! Hah!

OGHREN: There she is!

I'm gonna go talk to her. Look, you gotta back me up here, got it?

ELISSA: Of course.

OGHREN: Heh, heh. Thanks Warden.

ELISSA: Maybe I should go talk to her first.

OGHREN: Find out how much she misses old Oghren, or who I have to kill, and then I'll go

sweep her off her feet. That's me, mister charm.

FELSI: What can I get for you? And don't say mead, we ran out of that a week ago.

And don't say rum either, ran out the day before yesterday.

And don't say brandy.

ELISSA: When did you run out of brandy?

FELSI, Oh, we haven't yet. it's

just terrible. We got it from a shady Orlesian trader and I think it might

really be turpentine.

INNKEEPER: Felsi! I need tables clean, girl!

FELSI: I've got a customer!

ELISSA: Your name's Felsi?

FELSI: Aye, who wants to know?

ELISSA: You don't happen to know a fellow

named Oghren, do you?

FELSI: Ugh, did you have to bring his name up? I just ate!

ELISSA: hmm... What happened between you two?

FELSI: What happened?! Is that a serious question?

Have you met Oghren? He got drunk, drunker than usual even, took off his

pants and challenged a roast nug to a wrestling match at my father's funeral.

He lost, by the way. The roast got him in an arm lock, he sat there crying for

half an hour before someone pulled it off him.

ELISSA: How did he lose to a piece of meat?

FELSI: It was a sodding good roast.

INNKEEPER: Felsi! What in Andraste's name are you doing?!

The tables, girl!

FELSI: All right!

I've got to get back to work.

OGHREN: Well, what did she say?

ELISSA: She hasn't exactly forgiven you for the... "nug incident."

OGHREN: Ahh, that fight was rigged!

Anyway, the guard said it wasn't worth

pressing charges. So, she's no call to hold a grudge. Did she say anything else?

ELISSA: (patronizingly) Go get her.

OGHREN: Just be ready to pry off when she throws herself at me, we don't want

to make a scene here. Well, don't pry her off me too soon. I mean, a little scene's all right.

Are you sure you're not a bake?r

'cause you got a sodding nice set of buns!

FELSI: Well, look what the nug dragged in.

I should have known you were in the neighborhood, by the stench. What are you doing here?

OGHREN: Just trying to kick back with a pint. Fighting Darkspawn's a lot of

sodding work, you know?

FELSI: *You're* fighting Darkspawn?

OGHREN: Well, someone's got to do it,

you know? Can't leave a Blight to the humans, they'll

just muck it all up.

FELSI: Psh. The whole surface to choose from and you just

happened to come to my tavern?

OGHREN: Ehh... well...

ELISSA: (whispering to Oghren) Tell her it's fate.

OGHREN: What?! Oh right!

It's fate, Felsi, what can I say?

FELSI: Fate? The Ancestors must have a sense of humor, then.

OGHREN: Sure they do! heh. You've had a good look at Lady Helmi, haven't you? If her

face isn't a joke the Ancestors are playing, I'm up bronto's behind.

FELSI: So, Lady Helmi must be a Paragon of Beauty, then.

ELISSA: (whispering to Oghren) Tell her you've been thinking of her.

OGHREN: I've been thinking about you, Felsi.

FELSI: (annoyed) What do you want, Oghren? (sighs)

OGHREN: Nothing. Just thought I'd see how you were doing, is all. Well maybe that

and "grease up the bronto," if you know what I mean.

FELSI: Well, you've seen me. You'll have to go back to Orzammar for the bronto.

ELISSA: Admit it, Oghren is much more fun than the men around here.

FELSI: If by fun you mean,

more likely to light farts on fire, yes.

OGHREN: Oh well, it's been fun Felsi, but I better go.

FELSI: W-wait! You're leaving? You just got here. I haven't called you a shaft rat yet.

OGHREN: Oh, you can't keep the Archdemon waiting. You hurt its feelings it might

just turn the whole Blight around and go home. Nobody wants that.

FELSI: Well, you don't need to fight it right now, do you? I mean you could have a pint first. You could

call me a surly bronto. I could tell you that you smell like nug droppings.

OGHREN: I'll tell you what, I got some things I got to do, but I'll come back for that pint when

things are settled, you frigid deep stalker.

FELSI: Fine. But you better not keep me

waiting, you worthless copper-plated sword caste.

OGHREN: Wouldn't dream of it.

OGHREN: (chuckles) I still got it.

ELISSA: Wait, that was a success? Are you sure?

OGHREN: Weren't you watching? She could

barely restrain herself! Might as well rest up while I can. You ready to go?

ELISSA: Let's go.

IRVING: Welcome back, friend. You'll be glad to learn that The Circle is well on

its way to recover.y

ELISSA: Dagna, of Orzammar, wishes to study magic.

IRVING: Orzammar?

Indeed, you have piqued my curiosity. It is common knowledge that dwarves lack the... "aptitude"

for spellcraft. She will never be able to weave the

simplest magic, no matter how hard she tries.

ELISSA: All she wants us to study the theory of magic.

IRVING: Fascinating. I suppose The Circle should be flattered.

ELISSA: She is willing to give up caste and clan for this.

IRVING: I see... If she is willing to

sacrifice so much for this, then we should feel honored.

Tell Dagna, of Orzammar, that this path will not be easy, but if she chooses it, then she is

welcome here at The Circle. She will live and study with the Tranquil, and perhaps

the apprentices, when it is appropriate.

ELISSA: Thank you, First Enchanter.

IRVING: Ah, if only The Circle was in better shape. I fear she may be disappointed when she arrives.

ELISSA: I think she'll be very interested in what happened.

IRVING: This will be interesting.

She could tell us much about our dwarven neighbors. Yes... the more I think about it,

the more I like the idea. I shall take this as an indication that perhaps

things are starting to look up for The Circle. Thank you.

ELISSA: Forgive me, but I must take my leave.

IRVING: I wish you well. Know you will always be welcome here.

FARYN: Step right- Maker's Breath!

Oh, beg your pardon friend. You uh... startled me a bit.

ELISSA: We'd like to have a word with you.

FARYN: Oh, a... word? With me?

STEN: Where is my sword!

FARYN: I, uh... I don't know what you mean, ser.

ELISSA: I'd give it to him if I were you, Faryn.

FARYN: I... I don't have it. I swear by Andraste's knickers. I sold it on the way here.

ELISSA: Who did you sell it to?

FARYN: A dwarf near Redcliffe. Dwyn, I think his name was.

ELISSA: Wait, Dwyn? I know him.

FARYN: He's the one who has the sword, I promise you. Said he was a collector.

STEN: We'll see.

DAGNA: Hello, how can I- Oh! It's you! And it's been... well, quite a while. Enough time to

get to The Circle and back, I hope. Oh, please tell me what they said.

ELISSA: First Enchanter Irving accepted you for study.

DAGNA: Ancestors, bless you! I can't believe it!

There hasn'teven been a dwarven observer in The Circle since Ureldin in the thirteenth

century! Uh... I-I-I need to pack! No, my parents would get suspicious...

I need to go! Is there anything I should bring? Books? Tuition?

ELISSA: Nohing. The mages need every ally they can get.

DAGNA: Then I should go before my parents come looking

for me. If you ever go to the circle again, maybe I'll see you there.

OGHREN: Ehhh, come on!

Who ate the cabbage?!

STEN: Why ask me?

OGHREN: I guess you thought we could all share in the bounty.

STEN: Ahh....

OGHREN: Oh, stand up to it, you giant ass! You birthed a cloud to be proud!

STEN: (chuckles)

OGHREN: Oh, ho. I hope you thought of a name. Whew!

DWYN: Ugh. Some fight. Reminds me why I left Orzammar in the first place.

ELISSA: Thank you for helping with the battle.

DWYN: Hey, anything for Redcliffe, right? Whatever. First thing I'm

gonna do is get some sleep... for about a week. Go celebrate or

whatever it is you're gonna do. You won, right ?You're a hero, or... something.

ELISSA: I'm looking for the Qunari sword you bought.

DWYN: Now, why would you be interested in that?

STEN: It's mine.

DWYN: Ughhh. You know, Faryn didn't mention that giant he took

it from was alive.

ELISSA: Name your price.

DWYN: Six sovereigns.

ELISSA: Two sovereigns, take it or leave it.

DWYN: Good enough. It's in my strongbox, here's

the key. Now, why don't you leave me alone.

STEN: Strange. I had almost forgotten it - completion. Are you sure you are a Grey

Warden? I think you must be an ashkaari to find a single lost blade in a country

at war.

ELISSA: What will you do now?

STEN: My sword is in my hand again, I should put it to use.

And I could deliver a much more satisfying answer to the Arishock's

question if The Blight were ended. Don't you agree?

ELISSA: So you're staying then?

STEN: I am one of the Beresaad.

I have never abandoned the field with a battle unmet.

ELISSA: I'm glad to have you, Sten.

STEN: Yes, it isn't every Grey Warden who has her own Beresaad. I will see you reach

the Archdemon. Lead the way.

STEN: Yes, it is good to have my sword at my side again. I call her Asala, the soul. My

soul. She is forged from rare blue steel and has served me faithfully for many years.

Yes. You understand what it is like to have a

weapon that is part of you. Few others do.

ALISTAIR: Something on your mind?

ELISSA: If you were raised in the Chantry, have you never...

ALISTAIR: Never...? Never what? Had a good pair of shoes?

ELISSA: You know what I mean!

ALISTAIR: I'm not sure I do... Have I never... seen a basilisk? Ate jellied ham? Have I never

licked a lamppost in winter?

ELISSA: Now you're making fun of me.

ALISTAIR: Make fun of you, dear lady? Perish the thought!

ALISTAIR: Well, tell me. Have you ever licked a lamppost in winter?

ELISSA: (chuckles) No, I've never "licked a lamppost in winter."


I hear it's quite painful. I remember one of the younger initiates did it on a

dare once, and there was pointing and laughing. Oh, the humanity!

I myself have also never done "it"... that. Not that I haven't thought about it, of course.

But, you know...

ELISSA: You've never... had the opportunity.

ALISTAIR: Well, living in the Chantry is not exactly a life for rambunctious

boys. They taught me to be a gentleman, especially in the presence of beautiful

women, such as yourself. That's not so bad, is it?

ELISSA: You think I'm beautiful?

ALISTAIR: I... did I say beautiful? Do you have any particular

opinion on my saying that?

ELISSA: I might like hearing it... from you.

ALISTAIR: Then I'll have to think of something more provocative next time, won't I?

Until then, we should get underway, no? I have many tearful nights in my tent to contemplate, after all.

ELISSA: So, life in The Wilds must have been very lonely.

MORRIGAN: At times, perhaps. A world full of

people and buildings and things was all very foreign to me. If I wished

companionship I ran with the wolves and flew with the birds. If I spoke, 'twas to

the trees.

ELISSA: But you eventually left?

MORRIGAN: Such simple pleasures will only enthrall for

so long. I recall the first time I crept beyond the edge of The Wilds. I did so in

animal form, remaining in the shadows and watching these strange townsfolk from

afar. I happened upon a noblewoman by her carriage, adorned in sparkling garments

the likes of which I had never before seen. I was dazzled! This to me seemed

what true wealth and beauty must be. I snuck up behind her and stole a hand

mirror from the carriage. It was encrusted in gold and crystalline

gemstones, and I hugged it to my chest with delight, as I sped back to The Wilds.

ELISSA: I can't imagine Flemeth was pleased.

MORRIGAN: She... was not. Flemeth was furious with me!

I was a child and had not yet come into my full power and I had risked discovery

for the sake of a pretty bauble. To teach me a lesson, Flemeth took the mirror and

smashed it upon the ground. I was heartbroken.

ELISSA: But you were just a child.

MORRIGAN: And a foolish one! Flemeth was right to break me of my fascination.

Beauty and love are fleeting and have no meaning. Survival has meaning. Power has

meaning. Without those lessons I would not be here today, as difficult as they

might have been.

ELISSA: But you don't need to live that way any longer.


I am still an apostate mage, even if I have left The Wilds. The Darkspawn are yet

undefeated, no there is much that remains. To return to your original question,

perhaps my time in The Wilds was indeed lonely, but such was how it had to be. I

find myself at times wondering what might have become of the girl with the

beautiful golden mirror, but such fantasies have no place amidst reality.

SHALE: It doesn't have better things to do?

ELISSA: Are those crystals in your skin?

SHALE: I like to think of them as "accessories."

ELLISA: Hah, but what did they do?

SHALE: I suspect that it is an

art that was practiced when golems were more commonplace. My former master

collected whatever lore he could find on the subject. He searched far and wide to

collect what crystals he could and then, added them. It is not an unpleasant


ELISSA: So they're decoration? \

SHALE: As I understand it, the crystals allow me to...

alter the flow of magic around me. Wilhelm had hoped to turn me into a

battery of mana, something he could tap at will.

ELISSA: Did he succeed?

SHALE: Not really.

Although now that I think of it, these attempts may be what caused my...

"disruption." Some of the crystals increase the presence of mana, some absorb or

reflect spells. There are various kinds. All I can promise is that, should it ever

find one of these crystals, I can likely tell it the function and what it would

do if... added to me. I don't get to wear clothing and other adornments like the

rest of you creatures, after all. That answers its question,

I assume? Unless it has more?

ELISSA: No, no more questions.

SHALE: Better to save them for the

next random stranger it decides to interrogate.

ALISTAIR: You know, maybe this isn't the best time to be thinking about this, but I've

something to ask you. Chances are we'll be heading to Denerim soon,

and when we're there I wonder if we might be able to... look someone up.

ELISSA: You have a friend outside the Grey Wardens?

ALISTAIR: I'm not talking about a friend,

exactly. Snd no, it's not that sort of friend either. The thing is, I have a

sister. A half-sister. I told you about my mother, right? She was a servant at

Redcliffe castle and she had a daughter. Only, I never knew about her. I don't

think she knew about me, either. They kept my birth a secret, after all. But, after I

became a Grey Warden, I did some checking. And well... I found out she's

still alive, in Denerim.

ELISSA: Have you contacted her?

ALISTAIR: No. I thought about writing her, but I

never did. And then we were called down to Ostagar and I never got the chance.

She's the only real family I have left, the only family not all so mixed up in

the whole royal thing. I've just been thinking that... maybe it's time I went to

see her. With The Blight coming and everything, I don't know if I'll ever get

another chance to see her. Maybe I can help her, warn her about the danger, I don't know.

ELISSA: What are you expecting she'll do?

ALISTAIR: I'm not sure... I don't know anything about

her, except her name and where she lives. Her name is Goldanna, and I think she

remarried but still lives just outside the Alienage. If we're in the area

then... well, it's worth a look.

KYLON: Good to see you back.

ELISSA: Need any more help?

KYLON: I've got complaints in the Gnawed Noble Tavern that some mercenaries have "invaded."

Nothing violent has happened, the

cell swords are probably just disturbing the nobles of rarefied conversation. Just

drum the louts out of there, the barkeep doesn't mind some blood, or sport as she

called it. Captain said Denerim won't miss a few dead mercenaries, do what your will.

And good luck.

EDWINA: You here from Kylon? Those are the Crimson Oar louts right there.

CRIMSON OAR LEADER: What are you looking at? We're the Crimson Oars!

ELISSA: The Crimson Oars?

CRIMSON OAR LEADER: You haven't heard of us?

We're mercenaries from all over the world. We have won many battles, and

tonight we drink before the next!

ELISSA: And you drink here? The docks has much better bars.

CRIMSON OAR LEAADER: We happen to like the Ale better here. The wine too. Less vomit on the

floor! So long as we're paying, they're serving! Ha Ha!

ELISSA: Wouldn't you prefer a bar with... more women? *Friendly ones*

CRIMSON OAR LEADER: Ha Ha! You may have a point!

Bar woman! You and your women are too old and shriveled! Too many damn clothes!

Tight, boys?! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oars, we go to the docks!

Let's find us some wenches!

EDWINA: Good job clearing those louts out.

KYLON: Edwina sends her thanks for getting rid of the Crimson Oars. Mind you, she's

disappointed there was no fighting. Here's payment, you've helped out a great deal.

ALISTAIR: That's... my sister's house. I'm almost sure of it. This is, yes, this is the right

address. She could be inside. Could we go and see?

ELISSA: Yes. Let's do that.

ALISTAIR: Will she even know who I am? Does she even know I exist?

My sister. That sounds very strange. Sister. Siiis -terrrrr.

hmm, know I'm babbling. Maybe we should go. Let's go.

L-let's just go.

ALISTAIR: Uhh, hello?

GOLDANNA: Aye, you have linens to wash? I charge three bits on a bundle, you

won't find better. And don't trust what that Natalia woman tells you, either.

She's foreign and she'll rob you blind.

ALISTAIR: I'm... not here to have any wash done. My

name's Alistair. I'm, well this may sound sort of strange, but are you Goldanna?

If so, I suppose... I'm your brother.

GOLDANNA: My what?!

I am Goldanna, yes. How do you

know my name? What kind of tomfoolery are you folk up to?

ELISSA: He's telling the truth, listen to him.

ALISTAIR: Look. Our mother, she worked as a servant

in Redcliffe castle a long time ago before she died. Do you know about that?


GOLDANNA: You! I knew it!

They told me you was dead! They told me the babe was dead

along with mother, but I knew they was lying!

ALISTAIR: They told you I was dead?! Who?

Who told you that?

GOLDANNA: Them's was at the castle! I told him the babe was the king's and

they said he was dead. Gave me a coin to shut my mouth, and sent me on my way! I

knew it!

ALISTAIR: I'm sorry, I... didn't know that. The babe didn't die... I'm him. I'm your brother.

GOLDANNA: Huh! For all the good it does me. You killed mother, you did! And I've had to scrape by

all this time! That coin didn't last long, and when I went back they ran me off!

ELISSA: Well, that's hardly Alistair''s fault, is it?

GOLDANNA: And who in The Maker's name are you?

Some tart? Following after his riches, I expect.


Don't speak to her that way, she's my friend and a Grey Warden, just like me.

GOLDANNA: Oh, I see! A prince, and a Grey Warden too. Well Who am I to think poorly of someone

so high and mighty compared to me. I don't know you, boy!

Your royal father forced himself on my mother and took her away from me. And

what do I got to show for it? Nothing!

They tricked me good! I should have told everyone! I got five mouths to feed, and unless you can help with that I

got less than no use for you!

ALISTAIR: I... I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.

ELISSA: Goldanna, Alistair came here hoping to find his family.

GOLDANNA: Well, he found it. And what good is

that to me? None, that's what. Unless he can see to it that

his family lives as it should!

ALISTAIR: I suppose maybe I could give her some money, for my

nieces and nephews. Fifteen sovereigns, maybe? Would you let me give her that?

ELISSA: (hesitantly) Y-yes, go ahead if you like.

ALISTAIR: Then, here. Goldanna, take this money. I know it's not much, but-

GOLDANNA: You, a prince, marching in here with your fancy armor and such, and this is all you

got to offer?! You must think I'm very stupid!

ALISTAIR: No,wait! I don't think that at all!

I want to help, if I can!

GOLDANNA: You want to help? You go to whatever high and mighty folks

you run with, and you tell them you've got nephews and nieces that aren't

living as they've a right to! You do that!

ELISSA: It looks like all she wants is your money.

ALISTAIR: Yes, it really seems that way, doesn't it? I wasn't expecting my sister

to be so... I'm starting to wonder why I came.

GOLDANNA: I don't know why you came, either. Or

what you expected to find, but it isn't here. Now get out of my house, the both of you.

ELISSA: Let's leave. Now.

ALISTAIR: I agree. let's get out of here.

ALISTAIR: Well... that was, not what I expected to put it lightly. I'm sorry I gave her any

money at all. This is the family I've been wondering about all my life? That

gold-digging harridan? I can't believe it! I guess I was expecting her to accept me

without question. Isn't that what family is supposed to do? I I feel like a

complete idiot.

ELISSA: You don't need her, you have others who care for you.

ALISTAIR: Such as?

The only person who ever cared about me was Duncan, and he's gone.

ELISSA: I care about you.

ALISTAIR: I ... thank you, I'm glad you came with me.

Let's just go, I don't want to talk about this anymore.

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