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Youtube daily Oct 6 2018

I LET A ROBOT PICK OUT MY CLOTHES EACH DAY! I had SOOO much fun doing this. INSPORA is such a fun way to decide what to wear.

what is up you guys welcome back to my channel so today's video we are going to

be doing something a little bit different than I usually do we are going

to be filming a robot picks out my outfits for a week I don't think I have

ever really done a video like this so I'm really happy that this amazing

company contacted me and one to partner with me on this video you guys are

probably like what you partnered with someone I did yes but this company is um

so cool and is something that I truly believe is something that everybody

needs to know about so the company is called in spora and it is a personal

stylist that you can chat with so basically what it is is this really cool

facebook messenger that you can actually create outfits with with your own

clothes so hello so basically how it works is

that you go on to facebook Messenger click in spora

and you type in what to where she will be like okay so what what are you doing

it has a bunch of different options of what you're doing and then different

activities that you could be doing the and then it also says okay do you want

to wear a shirt you want or dress a skirt and leggings jeans skinny jeans

okay hi so I just wanted to come on here and say that I totally forgot to say

when I was filming this that boy yo also has a both the thing while you're

setting up she asked you questions about your wardrobe or what kind of colors of

things you have and different clothing items you have so this the your wardrobe

on the app is customized to what your wardrobe is in your life so she isn't

picking out outfits and clothing items that you don't have which is really

awesome and you don't have to take pictures everything there for everything

it's a really cool system you guys will just have to check it out to see okay so

yeah I've gotta mention that so yeah I

haven't used this a lot lately because I really want to save my initial reaction

what I really think and if it really does pick out my kind of style up to

this video because I just I think that would be more realistic but basically on

to the actual video concept so what I'm gonna be doing is going through a whole

week and my school life so Monday through Friday because the weekends is

part not doing anything and I am going to have and spory I'll pick out my

outfits for you guys and see if I actually like I am NOT going to change

them not gonna wear anything different I'm going to pick my favorite outfit out

of the three and wear that I guess we should just get on with the vlog so

here's that footage hi good morning it is Monday morning and it is currently 7

a.m. Monday the 24th of September and I have to get dressed because my hair

makeup is all done so I'm gonna go to my messenger Facebook a messenger on my

phone and I am going to tap this and ask what to wear and I wanna wear leggings

today because honestly leggings what shirt I'll just say a t-shirt and then

I'll say what she's doing right I want my sneakers I kept they only three I

think I know this is like such a basic outfit but like it's fine

so this is our inspiration this is what we're gonna go for we're gonna go for a

black top puffy jacket okay I'm gonna get dressed and then I will show you

guys what happens next okay I'm all dressed I'm gonna show you

my outfit but be warned my room is so messy right now because we just went and

got like all the stuff for my room so room two are coming soon but it's really

a mess and there's a bunch of clothes just ignore that please just stay

focused on this so this isn't out but I tried my best okay okay so in the

picture she's wearing just a plain black t-shirt but I'm sorry I just can't do

that I just feel like that would be really boring so instead I'm wearing a

black t-shirt that just has friends on it because this is like plain but it has

a little jazz to it and also in her picture she is wearing a big puffy like

jacket that's purple this is the closest thing I have honestly because I don't

a big puffy jacket like that so this will just have to do and then these

black leggings and then I don't have the shoes like her but these are kind of

like them I guess I'll to show you guys around

this is all from I got this IFIF did this this mean my mom got for my

birthday off of Amazon these are little lemons and my shoes are

obviously adidas uh yeah so this is all fat number one really actually gonna

like it this is something I would definitely wear just totally my style so


okay you guys so now I look at the outfit hmm

I can be cute okay today is picture day so if I do like kind of modify it that's

why so yes okay okay so here is my outfit and all the coat but it's fine

so this shirt is from brandy melville is just Malibu and his fellows from Amazon

my pants from H&M and my shoes are ideas again because this is what anyway all

the time and this is my hair just crawl the gun cuz I picture day

that's what I wanna do with it I'll see you guys later and for hey guys it is

day 3 anyway I am all ready for school and and I have to get dressed cause


I can do something like that everyone do this thing and I will update you guys

Nick anyway my phone just turned out weird so I need my outfit on here it is

it is basically like the second picture to this shirt I really just cut this

shirt like about five minutes ago but that's nice

this necklace is from its Somersworth necklace this is from brandy melville my

pants I actually flipped it even though they look exactly like the branding

level ones that I also own but yeah and then these are just converse and my hair

is up so yeah I'm you need to go to school so yeah see ya hey guys it's that

time in the morning where I pick out my outfit stop here what to wear let's go I

do not want to do anything today I do know I do my hair and now I do my makeup

so let's I'll find something I'll be right back

so here is my outfit this shirt I actually drifted these pants a perfect

one and the shoes I'm going to wear is just 30 months oily if are my of course

my Cheetos so yes that's my outfit and I'll see you guys later okay hi so a

little bit of change of plans everything is the same except I'm wearing this

shirt now this shirt is from trying it's go run things have a good day I just

can't stand the other one okay I'm so sorry but this saw is red in it so it

counts and then I'll probably wear a sweatshirt today but anyway okay

bye for real

okay y'all so here is the outfit of for Friday so I don't have a green

sweatshirt so I have this blue one from brandy melville and I like it also I'm

wearing a shirt that and swear I didn't pick out it's just this it's from Ronnie

memo okay so my belt wasn't also in the picture but like I

can't I always have to worry about okay this is from Amazon oh by the way my

necklace is these Somersworth necklace my pants are from Zara these are my

favorite pants in the world and I my shoes are ideas of course and my hair is

just pulled back into a clip so yeah that's my oh no TV of the day okay I'll

see you guys in a bit hi hi everyone so it is currently a Sunday of the week I

filmed this video though so I wanted to come on here and kind of explain my

experience within spore yeah and conclude this video basically but first

as you guys saw all the outfits were definitely my style I do have to say

though there were some days where I would pick out the outfit and none of

the outfits would be my style it was just wasn't me and so I couldn't

I didn't want to wear them I don't know if that's like cheating to this

challenge but like I want o wear outfits that I know I would like but other than

that they were all perfect and they all perfect it was really fun it was a lot

easier than trying to pick out an outfit by yourself because usually it takes me

like 30 minutes to pick out an outfit and this whole week has taken me about

five to ten minutes which is really really nice and yeah all the outfits

were super super comfortable sadly this week I was not feeling very experimental

and I was very lazy all week I didn't do much to my hair like wear a lot of

makeup so that's why I didn't wear like crazy pants or something like that but I

hope you guys understand sometimes I just have those weeks for you're just

like no mm-hmm I'm sorry so yes I love this idea I'm definitely going to be

using this a lot more - I'm gonna go check it out I have a link in the

description and if you guys need any more details go

look in the description and I hope this video was interesting to you guys and if

you guys want more challenges like this let me know give me ideas if I don't

know what to do but yeah I love you guys so so much and do not forget you know

stuff on serum buzz bye you guys

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What's up guys it's Everything Kodi back with another video

so many of you are looking for a build with lot of different add-ons

and lot of different sources for content then you might want to check the Simply life build kodi

I've also tested on my fire TV and two other fire sticks the build works great

You will enjoy this kodi build on your amazon fire stick or nvidia shield or android tv box

now I'm gonna give you guys an overview of what it has to offer

offer if you like it I can show you how you can get it installed on your device.

Now if you haven't already go ahead and hit the subscribe button

and make sure you click the little bell icon right next to subscribe so you don't miss any of my posts

so let's go ahead and jump into the overview of the build.

Now once you install it the first section you're gonna run into is the movies section

so you have the widget here at the top

you can scroll through find a movie and tv shows you like.

Don't forget to subscribe and click the bell icon to stay informed.

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Hello guys, this is Kodi best build back with you again with another video

I wish you doing well and having a great time with your friends with your family or anyone

so in this video, I'm gonna show you how to install a great build working well and

amazing for kodi krypton

But first don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the social media links as you can see right here down

So let's start to install this amazing build the kodi word built from the luxury wizard

Press right here on settings then

Press on the system settings as you can see

Right here scroll down to add-ons and

Then allow the change to install from unknown sources, press on it and here press on

Yes, as you can see and press back

So here press on file manager

So the here get profile directory in add source if your kodi is new for sure you will get only

Profile directory in add source, if you used to install builds, you will get your list of files right here

So press on add source

Press on none

Right here. Just

Copy and paste the source to not miss anything press on ok

So here press, ok, press


Back one more time to the home page and here scroll down to add-ons click on it

And then you got this little box, but you got some updates

Let's do all the updates

So right here

we got everything done right without any problem and then press right here in this little box as you can see and

here click on install from zip file

So right here choose your file and then you get program plug-in program luxury wizard click on it

So the wizard is gonna be added and install it to your kodi and

Then you can install the kodi world build into your box

So right here my dear friends you get the luxury wizard install it so now press back

Right here get this message popping up you got some news you get the pipe Pole account

So just press on dismiss and press on continue right here

So you can press on the build menu or just you can ignore and press on add-ons and open the wizard

So here gap builds you get maintenance get YouTube hell you get save data and contact and settings

press on builds

So here we got one build for kodi 18 you got the blue magic

As you can see right here

And you get the cody word build right here for kodi 18 or for kodi krypton sorry

So right here we got the county word

with real liberal version and the kodi world would

Non real divert version. So if you want to use real debride

Press on the first one. If you didn't use it, press and the second one

So let's go and install the first one

So here got the fresh install and the standard install the fresh install as I told you too many times

you use it when you got a lot of damage it files you get a lot of add-ons to your

kodi, but useless add-ons the old version of

Exodus or placenta or

whatever do a fresh install to get everything new to your box or

And to your kodi so right here the standard install if you don't have anything in stone yet to your kodi

Do a standard install and install this amazing

Build you can watch movies. You can watch a lot of things 4k movies and HD movies

movies for kids

So press on the standard installed


It's your first time you're gonna install a build

So press on. Yes right here. Yes install it

As you can see press on it

So right here we got the download process going

So do not press on cancel or press on this empty space right here if you do that

the download process is gonna be canceled and you have to wait a

Long to get

Everything right? So you have to restart the download land

You will get a lot of problems

So just be patient and wait until the download process is done and then first close Cody and restart the game

So right here guys you get the download process done and now it's installing your files into your kodi

so just be patient and wait drink your cup of coffee or

Eat a banana or do whatever

Just do not press on cancel or press right here on this empty space if you do that

You got to restart the download from zero, so

Be careful about

The source when you type the source when I showed you the source, just pause the video and get it, right

If you don't get it

Right, you will get a problem and you won't be able to install this wizard to get the build

So that's it

So right here guys you got everything done right

without any problem now press on first close Cody and

Restart it again to get this amazing build into your box

So don't forget to press on like and share the video with your friends. Leave me your comment in the comment section

So if you didn't join my facebook group

So it's time to do that

go to the description and you get the you will get the group or go to the section about about my channel and

You will get the link

So here my dear friends we are in the end of the video

press on subscribe and

Click on the bell icon to get notified every time I post a new video

don't forget also to check my videos in the community so that way you gonna be

notified about any video

I posted to my community or if you missed any video you will get it on videos

Thanks for watching me and see you tomorrow for another

Codable don't forget to Like share subscribe to my channel and leave me your comment in the comment sections

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Bolo no Pote 💕💕 Aprenda Recheios e Muito Mais - Duration: 0:22.

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Blue Penguin (the world's smallest penguin) - 4:1 - Nature Meets Paper - Duration: 7:03.

welcome to season four of nature meets paper

what's going on everybody my name is Brandon I'm a marine biologist and an

artist welcome to nature meets paper the place

where we go on an adventure to discover the world of marine biology I love

sharing my passion of the ocean and it's creatures with you through art nature

meets paper is a place where I share my experiences with aquatic animals with

you through stories science and art it is a place for everyone who loves nature

adventure and discovering something new in this season we're gonna be

discovering the animals from New Zealand from Hawaii and my home state of

Washington but today we're gonna focus on the blue penguin are you ready let's

dive in the little blue penguins have a range from Australia to New Zealand

they live along patches and colonies in the southern and eastern coasts of

Australia as well as the coast of New Zealand they live on land

during the night and spend most of the day foraging in the water they leave the

land before dawn and return after dark blue penguins are so small that they

don't dive very deep on average they dive up to 2 meters for roughly 21

seconds but have been recorded at depths of 20 meters for a total dive time of 60

seconds in Australia the blue penguin is most commonly known as the fairy penguin

because of its size in New Zealand they are known as the little blue penguin

or just blue penguins they get this name from the blue coloured feathers on

their back blue penguins are the smallest penguin species

they grow to 13 inches tall and 17 inches long it is important to remember

that these numbers are averages individuals can be larger or smaller

depending on the subspecies and environmental conditions let's discover

what the blue penguin looks like the head and back of the penguin are covered

in blue to slate blue feathers the blue can intensify or fade depending on

light conditions bright sunlight brings out the best blues starting at the chin

the feathers turn a slate grey color and turn white near the neck all the way

down to the feet blue penguins have light pink webbed feet with souls of

black like humans they have different colored eyes they can have blue slate

which is kind of a dark almost black color or even hazel eyes like all

penguins their wings have been modified into flippers these are the primary

sources of propulsion through the water penguins are elegant and move easily

through the water this is not the case on land let's just say they do

their best on land

penguins can run jump and even climb up rocky shores if they need to it may not

be the most graceful way of transportation but it does the job

what do blue penguins eat and how are they doing it blue penguins eat clupeoids

cephalopods crustaceans and the occasional jellyfish that is a bunch of

jargon that doesn't really help you know what they eat let me help you out

clupeoids are a group of ray-finned fish including sardines anchovy herring

and Spratt these are incredibly important feeding fish that are also

used by humans cephalopods are animals like octopus squid and Nautilus

crustaceans are animals like crabs shrimps Lobster and krill they have a

hard exoskeleton in several segments I hope this helps you imagine what the

blue penguin eats how are they doing I use the IUCN Red

List to track how animal populations are doing you can do the same online as a

group the population of blue penguin is listed as Least Concern some populations

are facing some pressure with human interaction and habitat loss but there

is evidence that populations have increased by 18 percent as of 2016 there

is a large effort to help protect the blue penguins there are even large

ecotourism opportunities to see these penguins the more we can get people

aware of what is in our world the more they will care about our world this

brings me to my personal story segment of the video this is not my experience

it is one of my sisters she's allowed me to use her stories and photos as

reference for this season she went to New Zealand southern island for a month

of backpacking with her class there she got to explore the island and learn

about its history and surprising connection to Hawaiian culture she was

able to visit a penguin colony that was managed by a group of people she was

lucky enough to see baby blue penguins and a few adults

while on a hike she got to experience a blue penguin in the wild swimming and

trying to get back on land it was a bit clumsy but it did it eventually my

sister really enjoyed her trip to New Zealand and would love to go back if you

get the opportunity to go keep your eye out for the little blue penguin thank

you for letting me tell your story and use your photos

I hope the painting turns out how are you imagined maybe a little different as

far as this adventure goes I will call it finished

thank you so much for watching this video if you like this content click

subscribe and ring the notification bell so that you can be notified when I post

new videos I do my best to post every new content every single weekend but

sometimes life gets in the way all of my art has either glitter pearlescent paint

or glass bead gel medium this way it plays with the light in interesting ways

and gives my art more life I sell my art in the forms of originals and prints so

if one of my pieces speaks to your soul you can own it just contact me I post

regularly on my facebook Instagram and Twitter thanks again for watching

I've been Brandon and I'll see you in our next adventure

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9 Quick Dinners to Lose Weight|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:51.

9 Quick Dinners to Lose Weight

For your metabolism to stay active, it's important to eat a meal at night.

Therefore, dinner is necessary, always with healthy choices that helps you reach your goals.

A habitual problem from following a diet is not having time to think about what to make.

Therefore, here you can find some examples of quick dinners to help you lose weight, in a way that won't have you waste too much time thinking about how to make it, while you stick to your diet.

The Importance of Dinner while Dieting.

Being on a diet doesn't mean skipping meals or limiting yourself to plates based on vegetables and protein.

In fact, this is a very common error in people that are dieting to lose weight quickly, such as doing a "miracle diets.".

To follow a healthy diet that enables you lose weight progressively and with stable results, it's recommended to follow a balanced diet and increase the amount of meals you eat to five per day.

This way, you eat more on a regular basis with smaller quantities.

Therefore, maintaining a proper energy level is a must to correctly follow your diet.

This way, you'll avoid feeling hungry and anxious, which could cause you to eat uncontrollably.

Ultimately, eating dinner provides you the right amount of calories you need throughout the day.

Additionally, it prepares you for the hours of fasting when you are asleep. Therefore, it allows your body to rest better and consume the proper amount of energy while maintaining vital functions during sleep.

Thus, eating a good dinner is a must when following a balanced diet to lose weight.

  Getting your body used to not eating dinner will make you burn less calories during rest.

 This means your metabolism will be less efficient, since your body will burn less calories, making it more difficult to lose weight.

How should a balanced meal that promotes weight loss be like?.

To make a dinner that's good for a weight loss diet, you can combine foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as rice, oats, or pasta, with others like vegetables and leafy greens.

This way, you will get a good amount of energy with several essential nutrients, like vitamins and mineral salts.

Adding meat, fish or dairy to your dinners will also provide lots of protein.

Likewise, you can also get these nutrients from products such as legumes or tofu, which is especially important if you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Ultimately, the perfect meal for dinner should be made up of half vegetables, a quarter in foods that are rich in protein, and a quarter in foods that are rich in carbohydrates.

 This way, you will get the right amount of all necessary nutrients that are important for your body.

It's highly recommended to use cooking methods that require very little oil.

 Some examples are the following:.

Grilling En papillote Baking Stir-fries in a wok.

These types of cooking are simple and will help you make delicious dishes.

Ideas for Quick Dinners to Lose Weight.

To conclude, are some examples of dinner dishes that can give you some ideas to make and create meals.

Of course, you can change them however you'd like to fit your taste.

Dinner 1:.

Arugula salad with tomato Grilled chicken breast 2 slices of whole grain bread Fat-free yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Dinner 2:.

Julienne soup with noodles Mackerel with vegetables en papillote Fat-free yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Dinner 3:.

Green zucchini puree with potatoes Turkey and cheese sandwich Fat-free yogurt with muesli.

Dinner 4:.

Midsummer lentil salad: red peppers, green peppers, chives, sweet corn, and cucumbers Eggplant omelet Fat-free yogurt and tea.

Dinner 5:.

Seasoned white asparagus Baked angler-fish with potatoes and onions Fat-free yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Dinner 6:.

Fresh spinach salad Whole grain pasta spirals with tuna and shrimp Fruit salad.

Dinner 7:.

Potato salad, grated carrots and bean sprouts Turkey skewer with pineapple Fat-free yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Dinner 8:.

Vegetable barbecue: eggplant, peppers, onions, and wild asparagus Baked hake en papillote with aromatic herbs and 1 small potato Fat-free yogurt with muesli.

Dinner 9:.

Swiss chard with salted garbanzos Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and shrimp Fruit salad.

As you can see, among other things, adding teas or fruit for dessert will help you feel full from your dinner and lets you control your food consumption while you're eating.

For more infomation >> 9 Quick Dinners to Lose Weight|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:51.


5 Natural Deodorants to Fight Body Odor|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:00.

5 Natural Deodorants to Fight Body Odor

Before trying out any of these natural deodorants, you should see a medical specialist to make sure that there isn't a more serious problem that's causing your body odor.

Body odor often causes problems in our everyday life and it can also be a symptom signalling that there's a problem in our body.

We should always be alert to the possible causes and treatments of this problem.

Below, we'll take a closer look at body odor and learn about 7 natural deodorants to fight it.

Reasons behind to body odor Some people associate body odor with sweat (or excessive sweating).

However, our sweat doesn't naturally give off an unpleasant smell.

Foul odor usually originates from anaerobic bacteria that multiply, mainly in cases where the body doesn't have enough oxygen.

Diet plays a key role in preventing foul body odors.

When we follow an imbalanced diet, we force our body to eliminate the toxins.

There are the situations in which our sweat, urine and stool can give off strong and unpleasant odors.

In addition, the following causes might also be linked to body odor: Menopause High levels of stress Diabetes Internal parasites (intestinal worms, tapeworms, etc.) Kidney diseases Yeast infection 5 natural deodorants: solutions for body odor that you can find at home The first thing that we should do in the case of body odor is consult a trusted medical professional.

As we've mentioned earlier, some diseases may cause certain parts of the body to give off strong smells.

In light of this, before trying out any natural deodorant, making sure the odor's origin isn't a disease is essential.

After undergoing the necessary medical tests to make sure there isn't a bigger problem, we can go ahead and try some natural, economic solutions to treat body odor.

Below, here are some tips to use in your everyday.

Add detox foods to your diet and "cleanse" your body Considering our fast-paced lifestyles, it's easy to neglect our diet.

However, in order to fight off body odor, following a balanced diet and avoiding excess is crucial.

We also should add foods rich in chlorophyll to our diet, such as leafy greens and algeas spirulina and chlorella, in order to eliminate toxinsfrom our body.

You should consult your doctor before making any kind of changes to your diet or before adding supplements.

We'd also like to recommend our reads to seek out the help of a nutritionist to help structure a balanced diet.

Natural deodorants: sage tea to prevent excess sweating Sage contains thermoregulatory and relaxing properties, which can help us relieve stress and prevent excessive sweating.

This tea also boasts diuretic benefits, which helps cleanse the body.

Ingredients 5 sage leaves 1 cup of water (250 ml) Preparation For a lovely cup of tea, you'll need 5 sage leaves for every cup of water.

You should prepare 1 liter of the tea and drink it throughout the day (hot or cold), which will require you to calculate the measurements for the ingredients.

All you need to do is boil all the ingredients together in a pot for 5 minutes and cool before drinking.

Enjoy a relaxing black tea bath When it comes to relaxing, not many things can top a warm bath after a long day at work.

This black tea bath is a great idea for preventing body odor while enjoying a moment of relax.

Ingredients 4 black tea bags (2 tablespoons, 20 g) 8 cups of water (2 liters) Preparation In a pot, boil all of the ingredients together and leave to cool for 5 minutes.

After, add the tea mixture to your bath, previously filled with warm water.

Lastly, all you need to do is enjoy the blissful aromatic bath for 20 or 30 minutes.

Homemade mint and rosemary deodorant This is one of the natural, classic grandma-remedies that really work.

It's a natural, economic deodorant and it's great for freshening up the body.

Ingredients 5 rosemary springs 5 leaves of peppermint or spearmint 1 cup of water (250 ml) Preparation Bring the water to a boil and add the rosemary and mint leaves.

Leave it to cool until it reaches room temperature.

After, strain the infusion and leave it in a jar with a lid.

For best results, apply the natural deodorant directly onto your armpits after bathing and dry the area well.

Apple cider vinegar to ward off bad odors Apple cider vinegar isn't only a great dressing for our salads. Its antiseptic properties help us fight off unpleasant odors, balance our body pH and eliminate bacteria.

In order to make natural deodorants with apple cider vinegar, we should always dilute it with an equal amount of water.

If we want to prepare a half liter, we should use a cup of apple cider vinegar (250 ml) and another cup of water.

We can use the deodorant on our feet, hands or as a spray for our armpits.

For more infomation >> 5 Natural Deodorants to Fight Body Odor|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:00.


The Punkt MP02 phone comes with 4G LTE modem, GPS, Android 8.1, 1,280 mAh battery and more - Duration: 2:35.

Punkt, a designer consumer electronics business has announced the MP02 a

basic phone running a heavily stripped-down version of Android 8.1

the MP02 is meant to be used for phone calls SMS texting and a few basic apps

like a calendar and clock pricing is set at $350 which is a steep cost to ask for

such a simple phone the punkt MP02 is a unique device the case is constructed

from black polycarbonate covered in high durability coating the phone features a

backlit physical keypad and bears an IP 52 rating which means it should be

fairly splash resistant it uses a 2 inch 3 2o x 240 TFT transflective display

covered with Gorilla Glass 3 that punk it claims is sunlight-readable

the phone is run by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 and two gigabytes of

lpddr3 RAM which should be more than adequate to glide through the heavily

modified version of Android 8.1 onboard powering everything is a 1280 mah ion battery

the MP02 will also have SMS capability with predictive text contact

storage uh notes app a calendar a clock with the timer stopwatch and alarm clock

a calculator and the ability to act as a hotspot thanks to its 4G LTE modem and

802.11 b/g and Wi-Fi card messaging and storage are all secured via a suite of

Blackberry encryption tools interestingly there's a GPS module

gyroscope and compass built into the device though there don't seem to be any

onboard apps that can use these sensors there's also not an app store to

download new apps so the inclusion of these sensors is curious

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