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Two cases this Fall may require The Supreme Court to step in and decided whether states

can execute murderers suffering from mental illness, and who no longer, allegedly, no

longer remember their crimes.

Joining me to talk about this is Mollye Barrows Legal Journalist for The Trial Lawyer Magazine.

Look, the case that's going up involves Vernon Madison.


Okay, so Vernon Madison he's been locked up for more than 33 years.

Mobile Alabama is where he killed Julius Schulte.

And so, The Supreme Court is going to hear whether or not we should go ahead and carry

out the execution because Vernon says well I don't remember everything.


I would imagine that the family of Julius Schulte says we don't really care-

If he remembers.

... whether you remember or not.

You killed my father.

You killed my husband.


What's your take?


Just because you don't remember doesn't mean he's not dead, or we don't remember.

Right, exactly.

Yes, he was convicted in 1985 of killing the man that you just said.

He was an Alabama police officer.

He had a number of appeals for a variety of reasons.

There were a couple of different issues with the sentencing itself, so he appealed it in


That appeal was upheld.

During that time he had a series of strokes.

His health continued to deteriorate, and now he's got a form of dementia.

And although he knows that he is being executed for murdering someone he has no other memories

of the crime.

He can't even recite the alphabet.

His attorneys are saying it's cruel and unusual punishment to kill a man who basically you're

not gonna get any retribution for his crime because he doesn't even remember what he did.

Well, okay.

But let's talk about retribution.

First of all, it's more than retribution, isn't it?

The death penalty also surrounds the idea of deterrence.


I mean that's one of the things that they're arguing in Mobile, and they're arguing in

Alabama is look we don't really care whether he remembers exactly the horrible thing that

he did.

He's lived for 33 years longer than the victim.

That's the argument.

You're right.

We don't really care whether he doesn't know all the details.

We're not even sold on the idea that he doesn't remember.

And so, I mean it's kind of ... And plus they raised the issue, look, if the laws were right

he wouldn't have lived for 33 years.

We would've killed him two years after he killed Julius Schulte.

These are the arguments that are surfacing.

They always come up, don't they?


With every single on of these cases it comes up for The Supreme Court dealing with the

death penalty.

They've got another case coming up in November, which is similar in nature although this particular

inmate isn't claiming dementia.

He's basically saying I've got this other series of health problems, which include these

blood filled blisters, if you will.

I know it's gross, but he's saying if you strap me to the gurney I'm gonna suffocate

on my own blood.

Long story short, these are aging inmates that are on death row.

It creates a variety of reasons, which all go to either cruel and unusual punishment,

in the minds of a defense attorney, or as you were saying there's still some value for


But they're saying there isn't any value in retribution because the deterrent factor is

gone when they're medically disabled, or somehow physically disabled.

Well, but the deterrent to the public, you see.


We know that Madison lived for 33 years after he killed Julius Schulte whose family had

to live through that.


And now Julius is dead, and this guy's lived another 33 years.

These are the arguments coming out of the court right now.

This is what The Supreme Court is gonna hear.

Now The Supreme Court has already heard two earlier decisions.


Give me a run down on the decision.

How do they impact?

Well, basically the bottom line is The Supreme Court says you can't kill anyone who is mentally

disabled, who isn't aware of what they've done.

In these particular cases there is some level of awareness.


At least for Vernon Madison.

Russell Bucklew is not even saying that he didn't kill the person.

He's just saying that he's protesting the method by how they're gonna do it.


He actually offered them up, hey will you kill me by the gas chamber instead?

The appeals court said no you didn't really show us that, that's gonna be any better for

you then the lethal injection.

He's saying, look I know you're gonna-

Kill me.

... execute me.


I'd rather go by gas chamber than I would lethal injection.

So, I don't suffocate in my own blood is his argument.

But it is interesting because if you go back to the deterrent question and I think that's

why, the point of this particular article that I read in The Atlantic anyway, was bringing

it up because the appeals process takes so long you end up having these murderers have

more value and attention in the court system than the victims themselves.

It's the same issues that come up, and is it really a deterrent to sit on death row

for 30 years.


Whatever the reason is.

Right, right.

Whatever technicality you find to appeal on.

And let's face it-

A prediction.

Case number one that you described-


Vernon Madison loses.

It looks like it's going in that direction.

You're right.

I really feel he loses.

I think case number two probably they're gonna give this guy some kind of choice maybe that

could be determined as cruel and unusual.

I think he has got a better shot than case number one.

We got just a couple of minutes.


The bottom line to this argument coming out of Mobile is that it's irrelevant.

It's irrelevant whether the person remembers all the details, or not.

It doesn't make any difference.


What's your take on that?

If it's irrelevant?

I think the whole issue of the death penalty really, to a great extent is irrelevant.

If it's about deterrent then we need to come up with a system that makes it more of a deterrent

because if you're a person committing a crime (A) like you said earlier, they may not necessarily

think they're gonna get caught, and if they are caught then they have this whole legal

system that basically values the murderer over the victim because they put so many resources

into helping with appeals, and this, that, and the other, and in some cases it may be

warranted and justified.


It's a tough one.

Mollye, thanks for joining me.

Remember my predictions.

Number one-

I remember it.

I don't believe he's gonna make it.

I think you're right.

Number two you got some possibilities there.

Thanks, Pap.

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How I learned Digital art +Beginner tips +Motivation for drawing! - Duration: 21:38.

Hello! My name is Skarpantre (not my actual name) and Imake comedy videos using art as visuals.

They usually contain drawings and animations. 2D and 3D.

I know what you're thinking! Skarpantre?

What a weird name...

ut just like every other artist, my art skill...

Wasn't like this when I started.

Here, let me show you one of my first videos

So my second one

And now my latest

Can you guess how much time passed between the two?

5 years? 10 years?

or... or maybe even


Aww stop it! UwU

Only 2 years! Using free software only.

Yes. Even for this background!

How did I do that?

And how could you do the same?

Well, stay tuned! Because this is the story of my art journey.

And art tips that I wish I knew earlier.

If you're a beginner artist or someone who wants to learn digital art sometime-

This video is for you because I'll be covering a lot of things.

If you don't want to hear the entire story,

Skip there when I start the art tips!

So let's begin, shall we?

There was this dark tunnel... And light at the end!

Then a doctor appeared!

No that's too far! Kindergarten!

Ever since my parents introduced me to crayons

I've been drawing so much... like... like.

This much

My parents got rid of them because they took up too much space

But even as a kid, I agreed.

I wish I could show you any of these drawings but

maybe it's for the best because they looked something like this.

Moving on. Primary and middle school.

I wasn't great at art. I was just okay.

In most of my classes there was just a single art kid

and then the rest of the class who didn't really draw at all.

So I was there!

But I wasn't drawing much anyway.

Mostly just caricatures of the teachers I didn't like.

If you didn't do that, you had no childhood amirite?

only 90s kids remember. I'm joking.

I wasn't sketching back then, nor I was any good

but I really liked thoose 3D shapes we learned from maths.

I found it funny how many kids couldn't see that they are meant to be 3D

So I drew some shapes and the kids were like



Now can you draw me?

And since this was math class

I drew stuff like theese using the lines of the booket.

This one was more like pixelart, but this one was more 3 dimensional

If you have a few pages of a math booklet, you should totally try this :D

But moving on

High school... IS COOL YEAH!

Now this is where it gets interesting

It was a few years after Facebook got popular.

I know, remember Facebook?

It's the site that made you start using twitter, because your parents kept tagging you in the most awkward family photoes

and think every boy, girl or anime icon you talk to is your crush.

I was in an art group on that site for all kinds of art:

drawing, painting, digital art, even tattoos and sculpting

People posted some incredible stuff there, even those hyperrealistic ones where

it was sometimes really hard to decide if it's a picture or a painting.

Everything was welcome there!

except thoose weird deviantart sonic and shrek fetish drwaings.

So it was quite a big group!

But then I saw something a lot.

When someone posted mediocre art,

Which was waaay above my level at the time.

Well... they got rekt!

Valid criticism is great because they know what they should focus on to improve

if it's delievered in a respectful way

but half the time they got more than one comments like

"ew why are you even in the group"

"maybe art isn't for you"

"you such *ou suck *you suck"

"delete facebook from your computer" or "just quit"

Seeing that just made me not really want to get into art at all.

And I didn't.

because I knew my current skill wasn't nearly as good as those who got those comments

Now I grew a thicker skin, but for beginner artists that can easily make someone quit

or not start at all, like me.

Give criticism to anyone

but In my opinion you should encourage beginners and give them tips to do better

instead of trying to convince them that you're better than them and they will never be as good as you.


My diagnosis

You suck at drawing!

Oookay, but..

Can I do anything about it?


Well I can give you one tip.

Don't call yourself an artist

until you can paint the Mona Lisa with closed eyes, only from memory.

Oh, and don't even think of digital painting

Ha ha ha

Digital art isn't real art

Back in my days I had 7 jobs and raised 5 kids by your age.

You lazy millenials.

Why doesn't anyone want to be my friend?

But when I was 15 or 16

That's ..when my art phase happened.

It's not a phase mom.

I watched a lot of tutorials on youtube, mostly from this guy called Markcrilley

Shoutout to you if you watched his videos too!

Watching thoose videos made me think drawing is actually way easier than I thought

because he makes it look easy.

But it's not!

I bought a Drawing tips book, got myself all the different pencils I needed

Aaaaaaand I skipped practicing the basic shapes and anatomy and shading and stuff

Because how boring they are?!

So I just ended up drawing things only from refrences.

I wasn't tracing, but

I couldn't come up with my own ideas.

plus I couldn't even draw anything correctly without looking at refrences.

I'm not saying refrences are bad

Even the best artists use refrences!

feel free to correct me, but I don't know any artists who cand draw a motherboard with all it's tiny components

Only from memory.

Art is all about inspection

And you cannot draw something if you don't know how does it look like.

But I just couldn't draw anything on my own!

I was basically just tracing... without tracing...

If that makes sense

So after a few weeks, I quit

I was just a phase mom... Moving on!

I.T. school!

In that school we had a lot of freetime because we didn't get homework

Like... at all!

Okay... we had like 10 time a year, but.

I KNOW RIGHT?! That was awesome!

I kinda started feeling bad about gaming and stuff

because I wanted to do something meaningful in my freetime

So I was looking for a hobby

I'm not saying gaming can't get you anywhere, like...

I'm not sure if you know Ninja

Or Esports in general.

Ikr, esports? like...

nerds play videogames?! Who's interested in watching that?!

I just wanna watch REAL sport tournaments!

Like chess!

I can hit snooze 1 more time... it's not even 6:00

So I tried a few hobbies that aren't expensive or I already have the equipment for them

and guess what. I gave up on them

but do you know what's in common with hobbies?

You always have to start learning the very basics

and practice them until you get used to them.

Because if you aren't good at the basics,

Then you will have to come back to learn them again!

Because you might be doing something completely wrong

Since you skipped the tutorial stage.

Also that you don't need the most expensive gear to start

and to get skilled at them!

Photography is an example if you don't know the basics

like angles, the lighting and ratios

it doesn't matter how much your camera costs,

you won't make better pictures

It's also very true for drawing.

THIS is all you really need to start and it is enough to become a master!

Also time... a lot of time

Another very important thing to keep in mind-

You don't naturally be good at anything for the first try.

Your first digital drawing?

It will be bad! Just like everyone else's was.

Sure some people might be talented, but-

Quoting someone...

Talent can be taken as a multiplier

But... anything multiplied by zero

Is still zero

So you can only get good at something

if you practice it enough!

Take it like a skill level as in Skyrim. You get Experience Points anytime you do it!

But back to the story

I was interested in 3 things:

Computers, comedy and art

Kind of*

It was a long time since I drew anything on paper

and I didn't know anything about digital art

or even that drawing tablets exist.

With all that experience and knowlede. I started my channel!

And this is basically where I started digital art

I was using a mouse

And since I knew from school that Gimp was a free drawing software, I used that.

Without knowing how to use it.

Now. Drawing with a mouse is a terrible idea for 2 reasons.

1. It sucks to draw with.


your lines are going to be very wavy and inconsistent

except if you use a vectorgraphic drawing software like Inkscape where you basically just edit your lines

It's very time consuming and it's more like editing than drawing really.


It's unergonomic and unhealthy for your hands if you draw a lot.

So if you're drawing with a mouse a lot-

You can get carpal tunnels way easier than if you were drawing with a tablet

Kids! If you want to convince your parents to buy you a drawing tablet

Now you know what to say.

At first I didn't care about the quality of my art in my videos,

my main goal was to make them funny and to tell jokes visually.

But after quite a few videos I realised that I just can't get better at drawing.

My lines are still choppy, and anytime I watched a tutorial

they just draw a single line and it's like.. perfection.


And even their coloring is better for some reason... why is mine worse?

Okay, now grab your sticky notes because I'm going to start giving art tips!

One major mistake I think every beginner does first, is this.

I just used the paint bucket to color

But there's a problem!

There are white or transparent pixels left there and it looks very ugly.

Now. How could I fix that?

Well. Draw lineart on one layer and then make another layer under it,

then use the paintbucket

And now you can just draw over the edges to fill thoose gaps without ruining the lineart.

Also some programs like FireAlpaca has this expand feature that basically expands your paint bucket reach by 1 to 3 pixels

So that is done!

Use a lot of layers, but don't get lost and ESPECIALLY watch out not to draw on the wrong layer.

But my lines were still terrible.

At this point I really wanted to get a drawing tablet, but

they are so expensive.

So after getting my first paycheck I bought this Wacom Intuos Draw Small.

While it was shipping, I was worried that it might be too small.

And I wouldn't be able to draw with it normally.

But the medium one was way too expensive.

Like over half my monthly paycheck expensive.

So yeah. I got the tablet and look at it!

It's not yellowish-white

or void-black or sparkly-grey

like most computer gadgets used to be but it's colorful yay.

I'm GONNA DO THIS. I'll finally be an artist now.

But my lines didn't get that much better.

This is the first video I made with my tablet.

You can tell the lines are better but they aren't very good.

I was thinking-

Still, why is that when TheOdd1sOut and every artist I see drawing draws a single line and it's so smooth and perfect.


Why are my lines not like theirs? What am I doing wrong?

Is it that I have the small tablet?

Probably, because my lines with a normal pencil are smooth.

Why did I even buy this.

Then I heard that you should draw lines quickly

so I tried.

It didn't solve my problem, but it's a great tip and it is true.

to draw straight lines instead of wavy lines, you have to draw quickly

and smash 'Ctrl+Z' until you draw the line you wanted

Then YouTube randomly recommended me videos by LeslieLu Marie

where she was using this pretty cool drawing software called FireAlpaca

So I tried it and I loved it!

Because my art got suddenly better?!

mostly because of one feature.

Gimp probably has this too, maybe I just didn't know about it.

I'm sure most drawing softwares do aswell have the stabilizer -or correction- feature!

It basically just draws the line slightly behind your cursor so it can make it smoother

Depending on how strong your setting is.

But it doesn't work well with a mouse so you need a tablet to use it (It actually works now!!)

So use it!

That's how we went from this to this!

It's way simpler than I thought!

After that I got very motivated so I just kept drawing more.

I got a few tips from other artists and I still watched a lot of tutorials.

But by the way

It is the same tablet I'm using up to this day

See? You don't need a fancy display tablet to get good at it.

Sure it must make it easier and better, but if you can't draw with something like this,

then you won't suddenly be a better artist with this.

After that I had a very hard time finding my own artstyle

because I've seen artists with all their cool and unique styles

while I was just drawing lines and coloring them.

But that's what a style is!

It's the way you draw, it's something that you'll grow into,

like a signature.

On the way I tried new things

New brushes, new software for my videos

Currently I'm using Audacity, Levelator, HitFilm Express, Blender, FireAlpaca and sometimes Gimp

but I should be using Krita because of how powerful it is.

These are all free to use and powerful software so I can absolutely recommend trying them!

After drawing a lot (~1 year), my nib got worn out so I had to replace it

I'm just saying this because a lot of people doesn't know that your tablet

probably came with 3 replacable nibs and a nib puller.

So there you go, don't waste them because nibs are quite expensive actually!

Okay.. not TOO expensive, but

after you see the price tag on that 5 tiny bit of plastic...


A single nib can last up to one year actually

Just don't press too hard on your tablet and try not to scribble too much

I ran into a lot of tablet driver issues which are very common.

I haven't heard of anyone who didn't have tablet driver issues of some kind.

For me it's like

while I'm drawing, sometimes I notice that the stabilizer stopped working.

But Kristi has a great video on how to fix many driver problems

Link below

If nothing works, restart your PC AFTER you saved everything

It's very important.

If still nothing, then delete and reinstall the driver.

And VERY important!

if you buy a new tablet, be sure to delete every previous tablet driver before you install the new one.

Or it just won't work. (Until you delete the previous ones and then install the new tablet's driver ofc, it won't destroy your new tablet if you don't do it like this)

So yeah! Once I got good enough at drawing,

A great artist

seriously, check out her art, it's unbeliveable.

She told me that my drawings are good enough, I should move on to color theory to get good at coloring

because it is very important

And she was right, it's super important to know how to color

That video (Link below) taught me not to use oversaturated colors for everything

But mostly for the important things in a drawing because they catch your attention!

Saturation is easy to understand

if you look at this color selection window, This is line the hue selection

After we picked a hue,

in this window if you pick a color you want, you can increase brightness by going up

and you can increase the saturation if you go to the right

so saturation is basically how strong a color is.

If I only use saturated colors for a scene then look how crowded and weird it looks like.

So I started using this range of colors a lot

which I rarely touched before

Also I learned NOT to shade with black or white.

Except if you're going for a very specific style,

but most of the time, shading with black and white is just ugly.

But instead shade with a brighter or darker version of another color.

Like, if you look at white things

-No, not me..- Like snow!

you might think shadows can only be gray, but

Look at how blue those shadows are!

So here I'm just using a clipping layer with a very dark blue on this white here.

I lower the opacity so it isn't that dark

And look at how more natural that looks like over this one with jusut a grey shading

It's also very true for plants.

They are green.

but actually they have way more yellow in them than you'd think first

And it isn't just true for realism,

It's also true for cartoony styles, like...

I painted this grass behind me with a little bit of yellow so it looks... better

All of this did improve my art a lot

but I still felt like I'm just mediocre.

By the way you probably noticed that I'm really into drawing vehicles like cars and starships

the way I draw my vehicles is almost like 3D modelling, but drawn in 2D.

The best tip I can give for that is practice drawing cubes, rectangles and basic shapes from all angles.

And NOT only like this.

This is fine too but this is an ortographic view of a cube.

Here all of the sides look equal

But this is not how a cube looks like.

The best way to understand this is to look at a cube.


Here in Blender I'm switching between ortographic and perspectivic view.

If we take a screenshot of the perspectivic view and trace over the lines of the cube.

See the difference?

It's even more obivious on the larger scale You can definately see that this is how it'd look like in real life.

And this... doesn't really look alright


In order to draw objects accurately,

learn how to use vanishing points and perspective grids

Always start with something somple first.

if you start out with something super complicated for the first time, you'll realise that you can't do it.

And it's not because you're bad at it,

it's just that you didn't progress enough to get to that level.

Just like you can't fly a plane with a driving licence even if you're a good driver.

Shortly after that we get to this drawing.

Which is actually made about half a year earlier than this video you're watching

Lately I got the hang of using 3D for my videos

I learned CAD at my IT school

I'm pretty sure that helped me a lot with understanding the 3D environment and modelling.

Even though CAD software and Blender are soooo different.

I realised how all of this really needs a certain kind of mentality of not giving up and constantly trying to improve

You should really be proud of what you draw

but also look at it from the eye of a critic

so you can notice what you could spend more time on to get better at.

If you don't quite feel like that is you,

You can grow into it if you really want to

Like I did, I was such a quitter at anything I did

Is it the perspective? Is it the colors?

The ratios? I didn't practice characters or vehicles enough?

These are questions even the best artists ask to themselves.

And if you make mistakes or fail

Who cares? You can try again as many times as you want

Art is a never ending study of observing everything around you to see the details and experimenting with new things.

The next time you go out for a walk,

Take a closer look at the cracks of a stone!

So the next time you draw stone, you'll have a better understanding of it!

It's hard.

No one said it's going to be easy

But that is what makes it special if you don't give up.

So step out of your comfort zone, study everything and draw them!

If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like

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you can find it in the description if you're interested

but you have a lot of resources to study from anyway, there's the internet now

you don't have to buy books and visit masters to learn from them.

If I said something wrong let me know and I'll add them to the pinned comment.

So check it out.

Thank you so much to ReedFlower, she helped me a lot with this script and without her critic, this video would've been a diseaster.

Her videos are fantastic, so check out her channel if you haven't already!

Sorry I couldn't make a papercraft series for this video

but I just really wanted to get it out because it's been too long since I uploaded.

Except for the boxhead of Pinely!

I know many of you are here from his video so thank you so much!

His videos aren't family friendly but if you don't mind that, his videos are amazing

It's like comedy but with characters and skits!

It's a crime he only has 17.000* subs

Thank you so much for watching and have an easy day!

For more infomation >> How I learned Digital art +Beginner tips +Motivation for drawing! - Duration: 21:38.


Review + Sorteo | ADC Bodyguard de Evolution Airsoft - Duration: 15:40.

Wassup Enestesio!

Wassup Tomás

As fast you're coming and you're already late

Traffic was horrible

What an excuse

Take a sit...

Look at the orchard!


Good Paprika

I have to explain you something...

What is it?

Do you remember that dumbass...

...we met at the field...

...bouncing around like an idiot...

...with the plastic gun?



The carbontech dickhead.

I just bought something...

(What is it?)

...that will trip your balls.


I'm awaiting the delivery guy.

Let's wait for him.

10 mikes.

We'll wait here by the orchard.

(fat snoring)

It was taking you so long...

Not "pronto", it has taken you a week to deliver.


I was here waiting.

Look! It finally arrived.

Let's take a look, shall we?

What do you say?

In perfect Italian: "Scusami la tardanza pero la autostrada era muy muy concurrida."


"Questa replica..."

" mi amichi di ADC."

"Recensito di recente dal mio amico Cristiano"

"Buon amico, buon amico,"

"Chao amici!"

He's leaving through the back door.

What's this?

Check this out

Imported from Italy

Look at this beauty

Not cheap plastic

Not plastic, full metal!

Good stuff

I just had an idea!

Let's do like in the old times!

And crawl our asses around

Let's go!


(Tío la vara intensifies)

(da hood intensifies)

(tactical rednecks)

Hey Tomás! What if...

...take the gun now...

...and chrono test it.

We should put a battery on and see how it shoots.

Let's check it out.

We are going semi-auto.


Pew, pew, pew.

Not bad.

Autonomic (yes, he said autonomic)

Short bursts


That's how I like it (winding hi-cap magazine)

Tested with a 7'4v Lipo battery

(Hold it a little bit longer)

Ok, boys. What do you think about the scooter?

A dumbnut on wheels.


Now, seriously. What do you guys think about the gun?

I think it's very good

I'm not into short rifles, tho.

We are talking about an Evolution Airsoft AEG...

...with ADC licensed trademarks.

ADC is an Italian real firearm manufacturer...

...where ADC stands for...

...Armi Dallera Custom, exactly.

It's fully licensed, right?


I think so.

The stainless steel pieces like...

...the flash hider...

...looks like it's made by ADC itself.

And later adapted to the airsoft gun... adapting the barrel thread.

But it's still stainless steel and looks handcrafted by ADC.

Also, all of the markings... the body...


...and trigger guard...

...are made according ADC specifications.

These are laser engraved markings.

In this case, they are so, because ADC makes theirs like that.

It's not that they've done it for airsoft.

They use laser engravings in their firearms.

So this is an exact replica of what they'd done on their guns.

Just to make it clear.

This is like a real one.

It's full metal, very heavy.

A lot.

For it's size, a lot.

Do you like that?


It's another plus to the sturdiness of the gun.

Shake it up, Rubén.

It's just the stock.

It has no slack.

It's a rock.

The buffer tube comes with a cover.

So water or dirt doesn't come in.

It's not the average cover.

This is heavy duty.

It's not easy to open.

It has a vertical screw...

...and the cover is made of steel.

You have to take out the stock first.

It's quite big.

Easily less than a cm.

It's about 7 or 8 mm

We are talking here...

Water won't penetrate, your battery will stay in.

Not the average cover.

Something important is that the Allen key is included.

So you can open it.

Imagine going to the field without your key...

...and nobody has one.

We talked this before...

...Evolution manufactures a product...

...which is always game ready.

You can take it out of the box and play.

We never had the surprise of...

...finding the gun overpowered...

...or that it lacks something to play.

If you have your battery with you tamiya plug... can go to the field and start playing.

You can use the hicap magazine...

...which not everybody enjoys...

...but there you have it.

It comes...

...Lipo ready.

And Nimh batteries as well.

Take it out of the box...

...chrono test, and play.

And you can be confident that there will be no surprises.

No mechanical failures...

It is factory tested.

With a quality certificate signed by the operator.

In this case...

...greetings to Cristiano...

Cristiano you're the best.

The gun is perfect!

Very smooth.

We don't know who you are but we know you're a wonderful person.

Ay mi madre el bicho!

320 FPS!

About the externals...

...the bolt catch is fully working.

Rock solid.

Spam time.

Do it. DO IT.

It's the noise... and the power.

Finishing on the externals... have this iron sights here.

Very good sights.

Stainless steel.

Troy Industries inspired.

They're very cool, work perfectly.

Very easy to aim with.

Very easy to aim with.

Talking about smooth, Héctor...

...we found the selector switch was maybe...

...a little loose.

For our taste...

...the selector switch is too easy to operate.

To say something, but it's something...

...personal of every shooter.

We like them to operate a little harder.

It's just to prevent possible involuntary switches.

Let's talk through the internals.

We have a metallic gearbox here.


Reinforced piston.

Ball bearings...

...7mm ball bearings.

What you see in the list above.

Another proof that these guns won't fail.

Also has a metal hop-up chamber.

Not your average lateral regulation.

It has this tiny wheel.

I prefer this.

It's one of the upgrades from the other series we have seen before.

This one has the metal hop-up.

I find it very appropriate.

Another plus on quality.

What else?

Does it have the quick motor change cover?


You missed there!

I was asking!

It's the average cover on the bottom of the grip.

Some people didn't like it.

Yeah, there were some people that didn't like it...

...they said it was weak...

Now they can't complain.

It's not a big deal.

You have to choose.

Put on a scale and decide.

What I liked the most...

...was the sound...

...Hearing the BBs crackling out of the barrel.

I don't know if it's because of the flash hider.

Short barrelled AEG tend to do that sound... a "CLACK".

And also the shooting was very smooth.

It was about 20m (65ft)

If it's like the other Evolution AEGs...

... I believe it can do 35m (114ft).


It's not that powerful to arrive to 50m (164ft)... in the previous review...

It's shooting at 320fps...

The other ones where a little more powerful.


They were a little bit tighter.

But, the hop chamber was different.

We always say that 350fps is a limit, not a goal...

Exactly, not a goal.

There are people obsessed with achieving 350fps.

That's not necessary.

What you need is good compression,

a hop that actually works...

so that the BBs fly properly.

It also comes with a spare M120 spring.

It comes with two different springs.

But in this case it wasn't necessary.

For the requirements here in Spain, it was perfect.

Perfect to play with.

I wouldn't use the spare one.

It can be just this particular model.

The other two were shooting at higher power.

So, time to raffle?

OK, let's do it.

This one's more expensive.

It's a pity since we love the markings.

We got it some kind of a fondness here.

Before making the video we talked about doing something different.

The way of raffling it.

You will have to answer a question...

...Luiska is about to ask.

The question is:

What kind of ammunition is Instructor EVO using in this video?

What makes a difference?

If you answer correctly in the comments section...

(You will have to look close)'ll enter the contest.

This gun is between 370 to 380€.

More or less.


I have never seen one before.

Me neither.

It can be kind of a new model-

So if you answer correctly... will enter the contest.

Also, share the video... and subscribe.

It helps a lot.

Do you want to add something?

Remember the question:

What kind of ammunition is Instructor EVO carrying on his vest?

Very easy.

Answer in the comment section...

...and tell us what you think.

"We liked it!"

"you suck"


Not whatever!

We are very sensitive.

Everything with respect.

Be constructive.

So, greetings to everyone.

Thanks for watching.Hope you liked it.

Hope you liked it.

See you in the next video.

Did you see that?

I did a transition.

Never recorded before.

Random redneck shit talking.

Fast & Furious 8

I wanted to push you out of the chair...

...but you would stomp the tree.

Don't look at me.

What are we going to do with your moustache?

We can't he put it on after he arrives?

It keeps falling.

I'm waiting the delivery guy.

How long will take him?

10 minutes

Just perfect.

Snoring like Snorlax.

Just on time.

Has he arrived yet?

Damm it.

What happened?

Fucking moustache, man.

It won't stick.

Two numbnuts.



Questo good pepperoni. (Italian gestures)

Tutto italiano.

I'll give a plate o pasta.

I lost the moustache!

Glop, glop, glop, glop.

For more infomation >> Review + Sorteo | ADC Bodyguard de Evolution Airsoft - Duration: 15:40.


قصة امرأة عمران | #قصص_القرآن - Duration: 43:31.

For more infomation >> قصة امرأة عمران | #قصص_القرآن - Duration: 43:31.


(A Secret Way) SAMSUNG 8.0 FRP BYPASS, Without Pc - Android Unlock - Duration: 7:02.

Hello guys today I will show you a new method for bypassed any Samsung maxi FRP hope

This method only for Android for your ashram for this method no need any laptop or computer

So guys how to wipe us Android over your Fergie. Look follow my video step by step

First of all, you need why revolution and there to start?

Now follow my finger now, I am trying to Tran where this gentle breaths quickly three time in home

but when show the screen then you need to

Type like L follow my finger

quickly type this

Now double click in talkback setting

Firstly now again, press on button three time Fortran off birth assistant

Now scroll down and click help and feedback click get started to the SSS

Now take you to blink

When open YouTube then

Saved our now logging I complete

And Trump's and privacy policy

Not just home

Gorgeous bar

Type in boo w w dot f RP


So you can download from description link

Now I'm clicking downloading for train and click finally download

Download is start now go bookmarks

The cancel go ashtray

And down a stream not

Downloading process

Download complete now installing

For setting

And allow this unknown source now click install

Installing now open


Here just keep it

Click Google Account

Google Account Manager then allow skip ad

Wait Google Account Manager is downloading when download complete then click settings and

Turn on it

Suspect and install

Installing done

Quiet it is loading. So just keep it

Click no tents


login here

Yes, it's done. Click through dot

Click dollar sign in


Skip ad

In click login

Pop is working now put here any gmail account?

Who is account is ID us? What you know now I am trying my gmail account

Trying to log in

Click Next

Now I am putting my password

And finally click sign in

It is loading so wait

No tensley


Now there and sign in loading. Yes. Our logging is successful now back

Left now

Okay, now I am pick my Start menu click start and next

Hopefully mark and next well, wow. It's working account headed click Next

Don't restore now set up your phone and say trying to set up first for what is loading

So as our by plus is done if you have any problem then please comment and if you like my video then

Click like and don't forget to subscribe my channel. Thank you so much

For more infomation >> (A Secret Way) SAMSUNG 8.0 FRP BYPASS, Without Pc - Android Unlock - Duration: 7:02.


What Causes FIBROMYALGIA? - Duration: 10:42.

hey you! it's me, Evie :) why is that so loud all right a little chitchat you guys so

grab your coffee tea whatever it is you're drinking or munching on I might

have a little chitchat first I gotta tell you something okay I know I can

ramble on for a long time I read every comment with what color is this is it

blue or purple it's blue right I went through shopping I found this one and I

found a pink one that a huge fan of pink but sometimes I like it and I found this

one like oh cool got one for me got one for me except my

pink why don't have the cool colored hood only this one does well I I wash

them we got home they showing it tonight I'm like look we can match

he says hon that's purple like that it's not purple and then he had to remind me

you remember of her colorblind I'm technically colorblind a contrast with I

swear on everything that disses below so please comment below and let me know

what you think we have over 200 videos here and I really I'm really surprised

we haven't made a video yet on what causes favor Belgium and although

there's no set thing for sure on what causes fibromyalgia one thing they claim

for sure is trauma childhood trauma and trauma could

be physical emotional mental as a child as an adult it could be a bad infection

as well that causes five amalga so I'm going to talk about that and it makes me

think more about detoxing and stuff to help

I have detox before to help it's not a cure but it does help okay I even did a

little search see what it can an infection or injury trigger fiber male

juh in fact no soul cause is suspected in simplest terms fibro is believed to

be a change in the central nervous system that heightens pain perception

this change can brought be brought by genetics emotional stress or

the new study concludes physical trauma or infection as I was just saying in

speaking of genes I've just done the video on that and there isn't an actual

gene that says fibromyalgia but there are certain things that can lead to that

like say inflammation okay they'd be a gene that comes up for

inflammation that could be lupus that could be this that and the other right

like there's no Pacific one that says 5ml juh right I wanted to talk on this a

little bit and I think this is why I get confused with seeing 5 ml just all in

your head not in terms of it's made up but meaning

that a mental trauma has happened is how I can see it or it's just far away from

me not to get all pissed off too but I kind of wanted I wanted to make this

video to ask you guys kind of like a poll but you gotta come and down below

with it ok have you gone through childhood trauma was a physical

emotional was it a bad infection yeah do you know if something that you

can think of that may have started this and if so what but only if you feel like

sharing please please please don't feel you have to share okay I'm an I'm on

here to talk with you all by choice cuz I don't want you to feel alone but don't

you ever feel obligated that you have to share because I'm sharing with you

because I want to okay I'm gonna skim through this cuz

this could be a five hour video easy I don't know exactly where fibromyalgia

came from I was always a sick child as my mom said so I'm gonna try to give you

just like the sidelines um the highlights okay when I was born I

had I had a twin at birth she passed away well she wasn't fully developed and

then later on in life I my mom was a single mom of three as I've told you

guys before I was given full vaccines after one of the vaccines I became very

ill said I became like really deadly ill I

was pretty much deaf into the age of five mom said it took seven says your

surgeries I was also in the hospital three or four times with pneumonia I

don't remember anything big I had a couple surgeries like when I messed up

my knee there wasn't really any other thing until I later when I was 18 I

started these weird pains and that would be the first first video I ever made

here after that I started finally seeing a doctor and I'd had these awful pains

before bed and wake up it would be better so we started getting tested for

it though because I wasn't understanding it until right after I had Gracie she

was about six months old is when it hit me so hard it was December 18 2011 was

when the pain never went away so I believe it was giving birth that

physical trauma that really hit hit it hard for me and that's where all these

symptoms really set in when I was a child I remember briefly of my my father

but it didn't work out my mom was a wonderful mom but she did make some

awful mistakes and but she was awesome mom she started having babies when she

was 16 so considering oh that she went through and understanding some of her

life she did an awesome job she's at the best she could possibly do and I have a

couple of brothers a couple of stepsisters and my brothers we all have

different dads so I got to my oldest brother he

wouldn't call him a dad because he was not there for him whatsoever

my other brother he has a relationship with his father they tend not to get

along so it's too much or so well when they're around one another but he was

able to go see him every weekend and I used to go with them

because I didn't know my father until I didn't really know him until I was about

10 and I that was for all the moving that we did that's the reason why we did

all the moving I didn't know this but later on I found out it was to kind of

keep away from my father he was looking for me but um he had to clean up himself

so mom was trying to keep me away from all that but once I found out that he

was trying to see me I was awfully excited and I kind of resented him mom

growing up I did see some awful things I've seen my mom get hurt every night

before bed by this boyfriend not by not by my father not by my brother's

father's it was a boyfriend and that stuff is awful and I know you

know that could probably play a big effect and then I remember I remember

quite a bit of stuff from childhood that I remember some stuff that wasn't so

great and it was scary

but sad it seems these days that it's harder to hear of a good regular

non-dramatic childhood isn't it I'm sure it depends on where you live and who you

talk to you too so yeah I think it more has to do with like I showed you with

the jeans my jeans along with those adverse reactions and then and then

giving birth to Gracie all those things that played a big part of it however

Melda happened but you know look like most of you know I have some kind of

autoimmune disease it could be that and not far from l.joe who's to say so it's

like one big journey trying to figure it all out but this is how we can do it

talking with one another figuring it all out at least ways to help it so I really

love talking to you guys we can just just talking to one another we can we

can find some answers and we could find some relief hopefully one day find a

cure so so please can't forget to comment below and if you're new here I'd

love for you subscribe join us loony fans I put out weekly videos it's been

easier since the kids just started back at school to do some recording for you

guys so I am excited about that I'm not excited about these school sicknesses

though alright you guys so please if you're willing this year's tell in the

comments I'd appreciate that and um read the other comments kind of

see what happens here okay it'd be really interesting to find out what kind

of stuff you've been through you know what could have maybe played a role in

being diagnosed with fibromyalgia alright you guys I hope you're doing

alright if not hang in there and you ever need to email me talk with me

everything's in the description bar down below I love talking with you guys you

guys really a part of the family I will see

you in the next video yes

For more infomation >> What Causes FIBROMYALGIA? - Duration: 10:42.


Al Sharpton LASHES OUT at Kavanaugh Supporters With His Most Vile Comment Yet - Duration: 1:56.

For more infomation >> Al Sharpton LASHES OUT at Kavanaugh Supporters With His Most Vile Comment Yet - Duration: 1:56.


Shrieking Protesters Chase Graham To His Car – He Smiles, Turns And DESTROYS Them - Duration: 4:43.

For more infomation >> Shrieking Protesters Chase Graham To His Car – He Smiles, Turns And DESTROYS Them - Duration: 4:43.


Baba Ghanoush Recipe: A Delicious Way to Eat Eggplant|HFE♪ - Duration: 7:26.

Baba Ghanoush Recipe: A Delicious Way to Eat Eggplant

Baba ghanoush comes in as many varieties as you can dream up, as long as you respect the basic flavors and pick others that will go well with them.

Today you're going to see two very tasty baba ghanoush recipes.

If you've never had it before, you'll see how delicious and original it is to prepare eggplant.

Likewise, you can benefit from all of the health benefits it has to offer.

It's easy too — perfect for people who wait until the last minute.

Middle Eastern baba ghanoush.


3 cloves of garlic 3 eggplants 1/2 teaspoon of cumin (2 g) 1/2 cup of tahini (120 ml) 3 tablespoons of lemon juice (45 ml) 1/2 teaspoon of red pepper (2 g) Olive oil Salt.


Wash the eggplants thoroughly and cut them into pieces.

Next, boil them in a pot with water and a pinch of salt.

If you're in a hurry, you can bake them until the skin turns black.

Once soft, put them through a masher.

If you baked them, remove the skin first.

Press the puree to remove some of the cooking water.

This will help remove any bitterness.

Now add the cumin, salt, garlic cloves, and tahini.

Tahini is sesame paste and it's used in all kinds of Middle Eastern dishes.

It has a delicious flavor and texture.

Then, add the pepper and lemon juice and mix well.

Gradually add the olive oil as you stir.

Lastly, add more seasoning if you like, and then serve.

Baba ghanoush with potatoes.

Now we'll show you how to make a variation of the prior recipe by adding potatoes to the eggplant puree.

It will give the baba ghanoush a different texture and flavor.


2 potatoes 1 eggplant 8 green beans 1 onion 1/4 cup of cream cheese (60 ml) Olive oil Salt 1/2 teaspoon of sweet pepper (2 g).


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Wash and peel the green beans and potatoes, then boil with a bit of salt.

(Save the peels if you like to make broth later.) Once cooked, remove from the water and cut into pieces.

Peel and dice the onion.

Sauté in a pan with a bit of olive oil, and remove from heat just before they begin to brown.

Now, peel the eggplant and cut into thick slices.

Place onto a cooking sheet covered in parchment paper.

Season with salt and sweet pepper, and bake for 25 minutes.

Afterwards, blend eggplant, potatoes, green beans, and onion.

Also add the cream cheese and half cup of water to give it a better texture.

To enhance the flavor, use the potato cooking water.

Now blend everything together until it's smooth.

To finish.

Once your baba ghanoush is ready, it's time to serve.

Transfer it to a bowl and garnish with some fresh parsley and raw or lightly toasted sesame seeds. .

For more infomation >> Baba Ghanoush Recipe: A Delicious Way to Eat Eggplant|HFE♪ - Duration: 7:26.


White House Refuses To Be Politically Correct with New Counterterrorism Strategy - Duration: 4:04.

For more infomation >> White House Refuses To Be Politically Correct with New Counterterrorism Strategy - Duration: 4:04.


8 Ways to Use Old Tires|HFE♪ - Duration: 10:24.

8 Ways to Use Old Tires

Old tires can be used to create different decorative pieces for the home.

Do you want to try? Discover 8 interesting ideas.

Old tires are items that have a lot of potential.

It all depends on your ingenuity and ability to imagine what they could become.

Tires are made of a resistant material (elastic polymer) more commonly known as "rubber.

" Therefore, although they might be worn out and not usable for vehicles anymore, old tires can still be useful for other things.

Rubber is a material that can be natural or synthetic. The natural one is that which is extracted from Hevea trees, originally in South America, or that is obtained from the latex of plants.

The synthetic rubber is derived from petroleum.

Due to its elasticity and impermeability, it's a very utilized element in industry.

In fact, upon recognizing its versatility and durability, they've begun to recycle it and use it as raw material for many other products.

Could it be used again for the home? Of course it can! Actually, it has more than one use.

With the goal to reduce pollution that's caused when they're not used for vehicles, there are hundreds of ideas out there to reuse them at home.

The Best Ideas to Utilize Old Tires.

In reality, there are many methods to recycle old tires.

 The most common way is to grind it up, cut it, and tear the pieces in order to make it into:.

Highways Rugs Synthetic grass Playgrounds Running tracks Protective pads for boats.

However, considering the fact that many people already have some of these in their homes, there's another series of ideas that you could enjoy as well, without having to tear and grind up the tires.

Ready to put them to practice? Bring your creativity to the next level!.


Do you want something fun at home without spending too much money? An interesting idea consists of converting these old tires into swings for children.

Buy a rope in whatever color you'd like and paint the tires with spray paint.

Then, put then in the backyard on a thick tree so that it's sufficiently resistant and safe.

As an additional measure, we recommend that you cover the interior with a fabric so that when you sit on it, it doesn't directly touch your skin.


For the kids that are too small for the swing, you can carry out a different creative idea for them to play in.

What do you think about a sandbox?.

This sandbox is very easy to make. All you have to do is wash, dry, and paint the old tires whatever you'd like. Then, fill them with sand and put it in the shade.

Surely this sandbox will become your child's favorite spot.


Because of their shapes and sizes, old tires are excellent pieces to decorate the outsides of gardens.

 Above all, because they're very durable, water doesn't damage them and they're perfect for cultivating various species of plants.

Take some spray paint of your favorite colors and paint your newplanters.

If you want, leave them their original color and plant things inside them.

Mirror Frame.

An old tire from a car isn't the best option for a pretty mirror.

 However, the thin tires from a bicycle could easily be used for this interesting craft.

Simply wash and try the tire.

Then, you can use a layer of transparent varnish so that the blackness of the tire shines.

You can also spray paint it gold, bronze, or any other color.

You should then look for a mirror that fits inside it, attach it, and it's done.

To attach them well, you can add various dots of industrial glue to the inside of the tire.

Pet Bed.

Spending lots of money isn't necessary to have a great bed for your pet. Old tires offer the perfect shape to make a welcoming and beautiful bed. To make it, all you need to do is fill the inside of the tire with a pillow.

Decorate it however you'd like.

Trash Can.

Joining together various old tires can make a nice trash can.

 Of course, its looks may vary depending on your level of creativity.

The basic idea consists of stacking three tires, one on top of the other, in a way that leaves a deep bin.

Then, to make it easier to take out the trash, place a trash bag on the inside.

Outdoor Coffee Table.

This decoration made with old tires is very stylish.

Certainly, many people reuse this material to make their furniture and tables prettier for their garden or terrace. .

Put one tire on top of the other and paint them as you please.

Then, put a top on it (made of plastic, wood, or any other material you want) to complete your table.

Outdoor Sofas.

To enjoy family reunions in your garden or outdoor space, you can make some comfy couches with old recycled tires.

Join together various pieces, depending on the amount of sofas that you want to make. Generally, you would use two for each one.

Paint them however you'd like and fill them with pillows.

As you may have noticed, old tires are not garbage.

There are many ways to convert them into useful and decorative objects. Get excited to make your very own creations!.

For more infomation >> 8 Ways to Use Old Tires|HFE♪ - Duration: 10:24.


Theresa may dancing queen | British PM Theresa May dances on to stage for major conference speech - Duration: 2:12.

For more infomation >> Theresa may dancing queen | British PM Theresa May dances on to stage for major conference speech - Duration: 2:12.


Last Summer Season's Kushtia Gorai River | Last Light At The Bank Of Gorai River | Fun_Entertainment - Duration: 2:53.

Kushtia is a district in the Khulna administrative

division of western Bangladesh.

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Use Taskkill Command To Force Quit Unresponsive Task/Process/Program/App From Command Prompt - Duration: 3:16.

We can use the taskkill commands to force quit an unresponsive processes in

Windows. For example I am trying to start Google Chrome from here. I tried

several times but Chrome is not responding at all.

Then I opened task manager. In task manager application tab we

don't see any running chrome instance. Then I clicked on process tab and I found

a chrome process here. I tried to end the process several times. But the process

remains completely unresponsive.

So the only way left is restarting my computer. As I don't want to restart my

computer so I decided to use taskkill command. To use taskkill command first

of all definitely we need to open CMD. To open CMD we will hit windows+r

buttons. Then we need to write CMD and hit enter.

Okay CMD is now started. Now first of all we will see the list of tasks

running on this computer currently. We'll use tasklist command. Remember CMD

commands are not case-sensitive. So you can use either small letters or

capital letters. No problem. Now hit enter. Now we can see list of tasks or

processes. Let's find where is the chrome process. So here is the chrome process.

And name of the image or task is chrome.exe. Note image, process or task all of

these are actually same thing. You can use either of these names to indicate a

process. Now we will try to kill the task using taskkill command. Therefore we will

write taskskill slash IM chrome.exe slash F. Here IM means image and the F

stands for force. It means we are attempting to force kill the process

using image name or process name. Hit enter. And we see we successfully force

closed to the process. If we want we can use PIDs to kill a process too. In order

to kill a process using PID we need to use this command.. taskkill

/PID then we need to give the PID of the process we want to kill. Let's

say we wanna kill this I iTunesHelper process. So we will use this PID 2408 /

F and then hit enter again. Now we see we successfully killed the process using PID.

Okay let's open the chrome again and this time we see the program is opening

smoothly. That means we successfully killed an unresponsive process and force

closed the parent app. One last thing. We can run this taskkill and tasklist

commands in PowerShell too. In Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP we use CMD or command

prompt. But in Windows 10 CMD is deprecated. So we

need to use PowerShell instead of CMD. Just open PowerShell and use the same

commands. You should be able to use tasklistl and taskkill commands to force

quit and unresponsive task or process from you PowerShell too. Thanks again for

watching my video. Take care. Peace.

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