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This Will Leave You Speechless! (See This Before it is Deleted 2018-2019) - Duration: 28:36.

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Anti-Kavanaugh Protester Came Clean On Live TV, Revealed Who She's Really Working For - Duration: 6:54.

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As His Confirmation Moves Closer, Democrats Launch a New THREAT Against Kavanaugh - Duration: 1:55.

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How to Track Sent Emails on Gmail Using Chrome || Shubham Yadav Ethical Hacker || - Duration: 5:54.

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Benefits of Having a Pet at Home|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:37.

Benefits of Having a Pet at Home

Having a pet is one of the experiences that every child remembers as an adult.

Animals teach great lessons to children, in addition to filling them with an unconditional love that is hard to find.

Having a pet at home is very useful for the development of children,the bond that is created between the family and the pet promotes love and responsibility.

Also, they constitute a safety factor and are great company for all members of the family.

What are the benefits of having a pet at home?.

Teach children about responsibility.

Keep in mind that having a pet involves time and responsibility, as it practically becomes a member of the family.

The responsibility for their care and nutrition can not fall entirely on either the parents or the children.

Therefore, parents should teach children everything related to the care of the pet.

 For example, when going to bathe the pet, parents should do so with the help of their children so that they can observe and realize how delicate the care should be that is provided.

The goal of this, is that children can do it in the future, without the help of parents.

Likewise, children can be entrusted with simple tasks such as feeding. However, parents should remind them or ask if the pet was already fed.

This should be done until the day comes when they themselves remember to feed the pet at the required times.

They make children acquire new knowledge and learning.

Depending on the pet that the family has, children will gain knowledge about the animal.

 For example, if they have a pet turtle, they will learn about what types of turtles exist, what they feed on, what their natural habitat is, how long they live and how their reproduction is.

By growing up with a pet, children can learn that animals also suffer from illness, feel cold and hunger, as well as humans.

In addition, they can learn the different stages of evolution (birth, reproduction and death).

They contribute to the health of children.

Growing up with dogs, cats or animals that have hair, children can generate an immune response against the pathogens that cause allergies and asthma. The presence of pets helps lower blood pressure and promotes good heart health.

Animals make our lives healthier.

This is because when we caress them, our body begins to secrete endorphins, neurotransmitters that reduce stress, anxiety and sadness.

They contribute to the good emotional development of children.

The company that the pet gives to children makes them have a good attitude and self-esteem, improves their self-confidence and makes them feel more secure.

With a pet, children learn to be empathic, being able to recognize if their animal is happy, tired, sad or calm.

They also learn the importance of respecting others, caring, caressing and sharing.

In addition, children are able to create fantasies where their pet is the essential part of the story, which makes them happy.

Additionally, this stimulates their creativity.

Comfort children.

Sometimes, we want to be silent and drain all our sorrows.

In those moments, pets usually comfort us by granting their unconditional love and their company in silence. When we feel alone, pets are a great support.

Their company and support gives us the strength to face isolation and loneliness.

Help all members of the family to be in shape.

If the family has decided to adopt an animal that likes to be in motion, such as a dog, it will help everyone to be in shape because they will have to play with it, take it for a walk and run everywhere.

Help strengthen the family bond.

When the pet is included in the activities carried out by the family, this becomes the main attraction.

This gives rise to special moments and, therefore, to beautiful family memories with the animal, at that time, the most special of all.

Pets best suited for families.

Having a pet is a very important decision, which can not be taken lightly.

 When choosing a pet, it is necessary to take into account: the time that is available to give them, the character of the animal and, depending on the age of the children, how appropriate it can be for their development and coexistence at home.

The most common types of pets are:. Dogs.

The most recommended breeds are: beagle, boxer, collie, saint bernard, poodle, schnauzer, among others.

Cats Birds Turtles Fishes Rabbits Hamsters.


If you choose a dog as a pet, keep in mind that each time you get home, there will be a loving being waiting for you with great joy and happiness.

However, no matter which pet you choose, it will give you an unforgettable experience. They will love you so much, that they will become another member of the family.

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4 Things You Can Do With Old Perfume Bottles|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:26.

4 Things You Can Do With Old Perfume Bottles

Here are some wonderful ideas to bring back to life the old perfume bottles you're no longer using.

They're really original; take a look!.

If you've been a perfume addict for years, you probably have a ton of perfume bottles laying around.

They're usually rather pretty and come inall shapes and sizes.

If this is you, here are some ideas of what you can do with them, because even if you've never thought about it before, they can actually be reused and made into beautiful house decorations.

Plus, there's nothing more satisfying than turning something old into something new— especially if you do it with your own two hands!.

Ideas for turning perfume bottles into practical, pretty decorations.

All you have to do is let your imagination fly.

However, don't worry about not having any ideas.

You'll definitely like the ones in this article.

Remember that if you reuse your perfume bottles, you'll not only be making your home prettier, you'll also be recycling something you're no longer using.

Likewise, it's a fun activity to do with children or by yourself.

Flower vase.

One of the simplest ways to reuse perfume bottles is by transforming them into little flower vases.

This is how to do it:.

Decide which bottle you're going to use.

Take the top off, along with the sprayer.

Place matching flowers in it, making sure they can fit in the bottle.

Add water to keep them fresh longer.

Optionally, you can use dried flowers so that they'll last as long as you like.


If your perfume bottles allow it, you could also make little decorative terrariums with stones, sand, and miniature plants.

The easiest way to do this is by using artificial flowers.

That way you won't have to worry about taking care of them.

However, you could add water if you like and make it an underwater terrarium. There are all kinds of ways to do it.

Come up with something that fits your home!.

Diy home freshener.

If you're one of those people who likes their home to always smell nice and fresh, then make use of your old perfume bottles by creating a room freshener, mikado style.

It will naturally and continually let off a beautiful aroma.

All it takes is:.

Alcohol Water Essential oil of your choice Reed or bamboo sticks.

The process is quite simple.

First, add two parts alcohol to one part water to your bottle, then add a few drops of essential oil.

You could also add a few small pieces of lemon or orange peel.

If you like an herbal scent better, try lavender, rosemary, thyme, or mint.

Finally, add the reeds. If you don't have any (they are usually sold with air fresheners at the store), you can use wooden skewers from the grill and cut them to size.

Once they're in the liquid, the wood will absorb it and spread the fragrance throughout the space.

Remember to flip the sticks from time to time to revive the scent.

Perfume bottles as decoration.

Since perfume bottles are so attractive, you could use them as decoration, depending on their size, shape, and brand.

If you want to give yours a new, beautiful life, here are some easy ideas:.

Fill them with colored water.

Use food coloring or dilute your favorite color paint.

Paint the exterior to give them a personal touch.

Fill them with sequins, glitter, or pearls.

Hot glue little pom poms to the outside.

Crisscross different colors, textures, and patterns of ribbons.

You can choose the look that goes best with your personal style and your room, unless you like an eclectic look where things don't match.

Just look inside and use your imagination! Make your old perfume bottles into true works of art.

For more infomation >> 4 Things You Can Do With Old Perfume Bottles|HFE♪ - Duration: 8:26.


דרך החיים | 'מהותו של המשיח היא ציות לרצון האב שבשמיים' - Duration: 33:16.

For more infomation >> דרך החיים | 'מהותו של המשיח היא ציות לרצון האב שבשמיים' - Duration: 33:16.


Fall GRWM! 💄🍁 Zeta's Place ♡ - Duration: 7:32.

Hey guys, it's Zeta. So today I'm gonna be doing a fall get ready with me!

And if you haven't seen my face before, you should definitely click that subscribe button to join the #LivvySquad

Yay, I'm so excited cause someone actually commented #LivvySquad shout out to them because

that means that they're actually like a true fan like that's just

Before we start this video, I just wanna say this video is also a collab

with someone I've already collab with before... MayaTheFirst!!

Go check out her channel and her Instagram account. She just hit 700 subscribers, like today she definitely

deserves it, so please go check out her channel and her Instagram account.

They'll be up here on the screen or you can just click on the I in the top right corner and go to her channel.

after this video.... lol :)

And also here are this week's shout outs go subscribe to them and check them out.

The link will be down below in the big description box and congrats

on getting a shoutout. And if you would like a shoutout in my next video,, then tap the notification

Bell and comment down below if

You have any pets and if you do what they are. And that shoutout question was pretty much just an excuse

For me to show you guys my dog!!

She's falling asleep.

So now further ado, let's just get on with my fall get ready with me.

So first, I'm gonna be starting out with my collab meet your matte velvet foundation.

And I'm also gonna be trying out this Beauty Blender that I got in a pack for two dollars off of

So I'm kind of scared how it's gonna work. I'm not the best at foundation. I've only done it like two times.

Hey that actually worked pretty well, I'm actually kind of impressed with it. Done with my foundation.

So next I'm gonna be using my Tarte shaped tape

Concealer. if you're wondering my shade is light.

So I'm gonna be testing out this mini Beauty Blender that also came in the same package.

I only do one at a time because once I do both of them and once I'm done blending this one

This is like old crusty. It's

Really hard and stiff. I don't really like it. Yeah, this is super hard.

Okay, guys, I'm gonna convert to my pink mini Beauty Blender cuz it's much softer.

Okay, now I'm gonna be using my tart setting powder. This one

I'm still getting used to because it's really loose if I dump it over it's all gonna spill out like...

Next I'm going to be filling in my eyebrows with this all-natural brow pen by Palladio.

Next I'm gonna be doing a little bit of blush and this is also in the brand Paladino, so it's all natural

Okay now for my eye shadow,

This is where I can get very festive for fall. and I'm gonna be using my eye shadow blender by face secrets.

I'm gonna go with the color frolic which is right there. Let's hope this looks fall-like.

Okay, this is how it looks. I love this so much. Next I'm gonna be doing my eyeliner. Sooooo

You know me, you know

I'm not the best eyeliner. I have done eyeliner a lot. But only one time I've actually been happy with it.

I usually always mess up but.....


Didn't notice the name of this eyeliner

It's kind of um

Not appropriate

Don't know if you can read that but it's

Not very appropriate...But it's my Tarte so

Okay, I'm so nervous. I'm actually gonna do this. I'm not going to fail, I can do this.

Jeez this is very thick.

I actually really like it, it's just really thick. This is where it gets even harder, I have to do it exactly like the first eye.

Okay, oh

Oh my god, it's so dark. Oh my god, this looks so weird. I don't know if I like it or not.

it's not that bad though, because I didn't mess up but it's just like...

really dark I

I don't know what to think about it. Next I'm gonna do mascara.

This is gonna look like way too much makeup. And my mascaras by Clinique. It's literally my favorite that I've ever had before.

Am I the only one who looks really weird while putting on mascara? Like, sometimes I go like.... *makes stupid face*

Lastly, lipstick. I usually use like this really natural color.

It's kind of like a tinted lip balm. But for fall, I'm gonna use a little bit of a darker color.

Yeah, I don't really have a fall-like color. I also have this one. I guess that would do better.

I Did not really plan this video I'm just like winging it, if you haven't noticed yet.

It looks better on camera than in person. In person

It just looks like really wrinkly. Also a makeup life hack if your lipstick is too glossy

All you have to do is put some blush on it.

Change of plans. I'm using my

Reduva Minerals....

I Don't know what that is, but and the color is acai berry.

See? And it makes it a little bit less glossy, and more matte.

Okay, so this is how it turned out I'm like super happy with this. I can't believe how like fall it looks.

Okay guys, so I'm on a call with Maya.

It's gonna be awesome. So I hope you guys enjoyed seeing me do this makeup look for fall.

Comment down below if you're excited for fall, because like :O

Well actually, fall is already here but it's still like 90 degrees outside, sooo...

But anyways, give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and I'll see you guys the next one. Bye!!

For more infomation >> Fall GRWM! 💄🍁 Zeta's Place ♡ - Duration: 7:32.


All Machines WEAPONS With BLOOD | Kick The Buddy Gameplay Part1 - Duration: 8:32.

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