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Youtube daily Oct 7 2018

- Welcome back to Sports Show, I'm Kenny Mayne.

We're gonna take you live

to a previously unscheduled press conference

where Pistons forward Blake Griffin is addressing the media.

Nobody's quite sure what this regards,

but I've a pretty solid guess.

- I'd like to formally announce

my retirement

from the world of comedy.

- Okay, I was--

--I wasn't even close.

- Ultimately, I really wanted to spend

more time focusing on what was important to me,

the career that I should be really paying attention to.

- Blake, don't say music, don't do it.

- My music. - Seriously?

- To clarify, I will continue to play basketball,

otherwise the basketball people will stop paying me.

No more questions.

- So, you've just watched breaking news

out of what was - See? I'm serious.

clearly a storage unit.

Blake Griffin's still playing basketball, I guess,

but, also claims to carry a tune.

This is really stupid.

- I can't get out of my- - Fuck off, Blake Griffin.

(letters impacting)

- [Reporter] Keegan, so what do you think

about the fact that Blake's done with comedy?

- Yeah, I don't really follow his career.

- [Reporter] Derek, what do you think

about Blake leaving comedy?

- What's he goin' do?

- [Reporter] He's going into music.

(Derek chuckling) He's actually said

he was gonna go into music too,

what do you think about that?

- Oh see, now it's time for me to go.

- [Reporter] Why is it time for you to go?

You don't think he could sing?

- Nah, I don't want to hear him sing.

- [Reporter] Would you have any advice for him?

If you had to give him any advice on his music career,

what would that be? - I guess make it quick.

Do us all a favor.

- Tryna do? - Well first he did comedy,

but then he said - I heard somethin about that.

- What'd you hear? - That he wasn't funny.

- There's, like, so many day-jobs you could have,

like so many that you could get.

I mean, gardening, the service industry.

- The only future he had was in basketball,

buy hey, give it a try.

- [Reporter] You think he'll be going

to hip hop, country, some other shit?

What genre do you wanna hear from him?

- It's a new genre called silence.

- Um, Blake Griffin, advice for you, just don't.

- Thank you. - Is that the door?

Pardon me, oh that's a door. (onlookers laughing)

(letters impacting)

(gentle piano music)

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How To Make The Fudgiest Brownies EVER | Delish Insanely Easy - Duration: 5:23.

- Brownies are good, the end.

I'm gonna show you how to make delicious,

best brownies ever, they're super fudgy, it's so good.

This recipe has two different types of chocolate in it.

We've got chocolate chips and cocoa powder,

which makes it extra, extra chocolaty.

I'm just gonna mix our dry ingredients.

We've got flour, not a ton

because we want these guys fudgy, not cakey.

We've got unsweetened cocoa powder.

We have our salt.

And, I'm gonna give that a quick whisk.

Looks good.

So, in order to incorporate the chocolate into our brownie,

we're going to melt the chocolate chips

over a double boiler.

We need a bowl that is not too small

or it'll touch the water below it.

We don't any water touching the bowl

because then it becomes a direct heat

instead of an indirect heat.

And, indirect is what we're looking for.

And, we're adding two sticks of butter.

And, chocolate chips.

We're using semi-sweet chocolate chips here,

but you can use whatever kind of chocolate you like.

I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate,

so sometimes I like to chop up a bar

of like 75% chocolate, and throw it in here instead.

It's totally up to you.

Milk chocolate works great too.

So, once this is completely melted,

both the butter and the chocolate,

it'll be good to take off the heat.

Look at that, it's already starting to melt.

Takes no time.

And, I'm just gonna dry off the bottom of the bowl

because enemy number one of melted chocolate is water.

And then, because I melted this in a sorta small bowl,

I'm gonna transfer it to a bigger one.

And, to this bowl we're gonna add our sugars.

Plain white granulated sugar.

And, a bit of brown sugar as well.

Now we're just mixing her up.

(chill music)

Next step is adding our eggs.

There are five, which is kind of a lot

for a brownie recipe but since we're going for fudgy,

it's cool to have a little bit more of a wetter batter.

Egg number one.

Since this batter has no chemical leavener in it,

that's no baking soda or baking powder,

we are using the eggs as a leavener

to integrate a little bit of air in,

so the brownie has at least a little bit of lift.

And, four.


So, all the eggs are integrated.

Now, all that's left is some vanilla, two teaspoons worth.

Grabbing a spatula so we can fold in our dry ingredients.

Is this one too big?

I think it might be too big.

I'll use this one.

Wet ingredients looking good, smelling good.

Now, I'm gonna add about, well I'll just add all of it.

There's not too much dry.

And, give it a fold.

On a square pizza pie I like the corner piece.

On a brownie I like a side piece.

But, camerawoman Chelsea likes a corner piece.

And, will protect the corner pieces at all cost.

Last, but now least, if you're a chocolate freak like me,

you might wanna add more chocolate chips.

I highly encourage this.

So, we have a 9 by 13 pan.

We've got it parchment lined, important.

And, we're ready to pour our batter in.

(jazzy music)

We've got our oven preheated to 350,

and ready to pop these guys in.

These'll be in here for like 30 to 35 minutes.

Just check with a toothpick in the center,

and if it comes out clean then it's done.

These are pretty fudgy so there might be a couple crumbs,

but mostly clean.

Ready? - [Woman] Um hm.

We're ready.

I'm taking her out.

And, it smells so good.

So, I've got a little toothpick here.

I'm just gonna give it a little poke.

We're clean, we're good.

Now, all we have to do is let it cool for a few minutes.

And, then I'll slide this out and cut it into squares.

(jazzy music)

So, that is how you make the best,

most fudgy brownies of all time.

They've got that beautiful like papery top.

And then, just super fudgy on the inside.

And, of course, extra chocolate because why not.

Can I eat it now?

- [Woman] Yes.

- Yes.

Mm, bliss.

So good.

(chill music)

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How NFL Teams Make Money - Duration: 6:23.

The NFL has been a staple in American sports since 1920

Even after the President condemned the NFL

Your San Fransisco quarterback, I'm sure no body ever heard of him

NFL owners don't want to pick them up because they don't want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump, you believe that

Then there were the TV ratings that took a nosedive in 2016 and 2017

But it's still proving to be a big success for all 32 NFL teams and their owners

28 NFL teams are valued over $2 billion

So how is it that these teams are worth so much?

To answer that you have to look at how hard it is to start your own franchise

The last time an NFL franchise was started was back in 2002

It's rare to start a new NFL team but when it happens owners have to pay something known as a franchise fee

Some NFL teams have been around since the National Football League started in 1920

Back then the franchise fee was about 100 bucks

By 1960, the Dallas Cowboys had to pay a million dollars to enter

And in 2002 the Houston Texans, which are the newest team to join the league, paid $700 million

Some NFL teams are still owned by the same families who started their franchise nearly a century ago

The Chicago Bears were founded for $100 in 1920 by George Halas and as of 2018 the team is still in the family

It's owned by his 95 year old daughter Virginia McCaskey and it's now worth an estimated $2.9 billion

And let's say you want to buy your own NFL team, most recent sales have been in the billion dollar range

The Buffalo Bills went for $1.4 billion and in 2018 the Carolina Panthers were sold for a record $2.2 billion

So what kind of return are team's getting back from their billion-dollar investment?

There's only one team we definitely know what they're making every year and that's the Green Bay Packers

The Packers are non profit corporation, the only one in the league, so we have access to their annual filings

They made $454.9 million in 2017

The other 31 teams are privately owned but Forbes releases the valuation for all 32 teams across the league each year

The values are based around each NFL team stadium along with revenue of historical transactions

non NFL events held at the stadiums as well as purchase and investment offers for each team

In 2017 Forbes said the Dallas Cowboys generated $864 million in revenue

the New England Patriots made $593 million and the New York Giants made $493 million

But a lot of that income isn't generated by the team itself, it actually comes directly from the NFL

For the 2017/2018 season the NFL generated a revenue share of over 8 billion dollars from TV deals

merchandising, and licensing deals

That's known as the national revenue and no matter how well or how bad your team does

teams split the national revenue evenly thirty-two ways

Meaning teams around the league received more than $255 million from the NFL in 2018

But that's just one way a team generates income

There's also something called local revenue, that's everything a team generates itself

For the 2017/2018 season the local revenue for the Packers made up about 43% of the team's total revenue

Ticket sales and stadium attendance are part of the local revenue

Not only do NFL teams make money on game day but they can also make money from non NFL events

by renting out the stadiums for concerts, live events, and tours

The Green Bay Packers spent more than $370 million to upgrade Lambeau Field including adding thousands of seats to the stadium

Since renovations began back in 2010, the Packers have seen ticket sales jump from $48 million to $71 million

But game attendance isn't the only source of revenue for teams

There are also a lot of corporate sponsors

Some teams like the Philadelphia Eagles have over 40 corporate sponsors

In the 2017/2018 season the NFL sponsorship revenue totaled more than 1.3 billion dollars

These sponsorship deals range from putting company logos on practice jerseys, renting out retail space and stadiums

to landing the sole naming rights to NFL stadiums themselves

The New York Giants and New York Jets share a stadium called MetLife Stadium

And the asking price for the naming rights?

Well according to the New York Times that deal's worth an estimated $19 million a year for 25 years

Which remains one the highest naming rights deals in the NFL

Teams may be generating hundreds of millions of dollars each year but there are a lot of expenses that come with it

Of the $454.9 million that Green Bay Packers made in the 2017 and 2018 season

More than $420 million dollars went to expenses

Most of it went to player costs which made up $212.7 million that year

Stadium upkeep, marketing, team costs, and general administrative costs totaled $208 million

So after all the bills are paid, the Green Bay Packers are left with an operating the income of $38.5 million

The Cowboys Patriots and Giants have huge expenses that eat up a large chunk of yearly revenue too

The Cowboys' operating income is $365 million

The Patriots is $235 million and the Giants is $149 million

But not every NFL team is rolling in cash

Some NFL teams find themselves strapped for money with large overhead costs for their teams

Just take the Detroit Lions, the team had a total revenue of $361 million in 2017

But according to Forbes, the team had an operating income of $4.1 million

Another issue weighing down on the NFL, a drop in popularity among up-and-coming sports fans and players

In the wake of the concussion debate, more than 67,000 fewer high schoolers are playing football today than in 2009

But that controversy isn't affecting the NFL's bottom line

It's still seeing revenue growth

From the 2016 season to the 2017 season the NFL's national revenue grows nearly 5%

The NFL is also seeing a boost in television ratings this season too

In September the top 15 most watched TV shows were all NFL games

Our Thursday night game, our first game on Fox and Amazon and NFL Network was up 8% last night

You know, in '07, 22 of the top hundred programs were NFL games

Then ten years later in '17, 72 of the top shows were NFL games

So despite all the controversy it may be a while before NFL teams take a hit

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Pakistan vs Australia 2018 Highlights 1st Test day 1|Pakistan dominates Australia - Duration: 2:08.

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Coin Roll Hunting Nickels! - Duration: 7:16.

let's go ahead and knock out this box and nickels and tell you what I found at the Coinstar

hey everyone its rob with rob finds treasure and when I was

picking up my half dollars my grocery store Bank today as well as grabbing

these this box and nickels of the Chase Bank in the same parking lot I decided

to go ahead and check the Coinstar and look like nothing was in there but I put

my hand in and up against the rim was a 1990 British 5 pence

it's been sitting in a coin jar for a while look at all those coin dings we'll

take it it's a freebie and we take Fornes and then nothing special but we

also found in 1976 d not sure how that made it through the coin start machine

and got discarded but we'll take it free copper on top of that we got this box of

nickels this Bank has been pretty good to me overall I didn't hunt it the last

couple of nickel hunts because I decided to try other nickel banks but the lead

teller there knows me she asked for I was the last couple weeks said I was

just taking a break she had a box almost ready for me

because she knows I always come in right around 1 or 2 on Wednesdays I already

popped it open as normal make sure it was circulated it is the rules are a

little bit this place cuz the box is a little bit bowed off to correct that but

definitely got circulated nickels and I haven't checked all the Enders but I

took a peek in didn't see anything really worthwhile on the top of my head

but with nickels it's more about what's inside the rolls and what's on the end

as you guys know you only can see 100 ends and there is 2,000 nickels in here

so not much visibility on what's in the box till you get into it let me go ahead

and get these rolls straightened out then we'll start the hunt rule number 3

got our first 40s nickel of the box 1941 philadelphia and that goes along with

the 2009 d that's fine more rule number eight second forties nickel in the box

1948 philadelphia well number 14 gonna have our third 40s

nickel right here this one's a 1949 Philadelphia and we do also have two

from the 50s but I thought I would take this time to go ahead and let you know

about that last 55 D / s nickel originally I thought it was a d / s

number one but when I went online and did a little more research I checked for

all of the dye markers dye markers can be scratches or imperfections in the rim

things like that and this nickel right here best illustrated a deal D / s

number four of the Wexler's airs and varieties and so I checked all of the

dye markers and all three die markers line up on this nickel so I know without

a shadow of a doubt it is a 1955 d d / s number 4 so what does that mean yeah

Boober s anything less than number one the most sought-after air they don't

hold a lot of value if they're circulated and what I mean by that is if

they're graded at below almost uncirculated so in my estimation this is

probably an 8 to 10 dollar coin at best either way though it's still another air

or variety for my book and we're happy just thought I'd give you an update on

that one and I'll get back to the hunt now

roll number 32 and I know without a shadow of a doubt that's an oldie it's

not with the delete in this clip 1948 Philadelphia 147 and I was ready to cash

in this box with only 440 spines pretty good amount of 50s but I was thinking

man this box is kind of a dud I laid out the 47th roll something catches my eye

on the back the rim looks different look at this I can barely read 5 cents we

definitely got a buffalo nickel here for sure

no mintmark three legs pretty worn but I think I can

get a date on that I think I can get a date let me take a look at it under the

microscope and be right back alright guys I'm

trying to hold steady here it's better seen under my macro lens but you can

clearly see 1925 I had to put a little bit of Nick a date

on it for a split second because I couldn't see all there was was a dark

spot in the middle and I couldn't see if it was a 25 26 28 I couldn't tell and I

knew I had all three of those years for Philadelphia Mint so I didn't mind

putting a little nikka date on it to see it there's no there's not a lot of value

in it figured I'd just make sure I knew what it was anyway

25 Philadelphia and you know what at the end of the day when you put just a

little bit on it doesn't look that bad you can in certain lights you can't even

barely see it we got a buffalo nickel I'm pretty happy

with that three rolls to go this roll to hunt maybe there's something else rule

50 guys I'm only bringing you in because uh we might have a silver figured I'd

film it regardless last roll of the box holy cow it's not a silver it's a 54 d

I've checked it under the microscope well well thought it might have been a

silver for a second figured I'd bring in lye for it alright let me get back to

the hunt and then a wrap-up alright that box that Nicholas honey I thought it'd

get a silver war nickels but I didn't still got 409s and we ended up with a

beautiful 1970s not full steps that would be nice but still clean fields

looks pretty good we got a 1925 Buffalo the best of the three years I thought it

was it's a three dollar nickel and g4 it's been nikka dated but now it's

damaged so it'll be worth about a instead of three bucks we took a few

dollars off it was worth it to see what it was got a forty one here a couple of

48 and a 49 to 52 to 53 a crazy 54 a 55 d it's not a D / s of any sort of 57 to

58 and 359 s so the usual fines for a nickel box that's what you want a lot of

early Jefferson's happy with 409 s happy with a nice 1970s but more importantly

whenever you find a war nickel or Buffalo in a nickel box it makes it all

worth it hopefully was worth it for you to watch the video if it was I'd

appreciate it thumbs up and now as always everyone happy hunting

and thanks for watching

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The #1 Best Physical Exercise For a Flat Stomach | How Plank Will Reduce Your Belly & Get In Shape - Duration: 3:17.

The #1 Best Physical Exercise For a Flat Stomach | How Plank Will Reduce Your Belly & Get In Shape

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The SECRET TRUTH Of ANCIENT Spiritual MASTERS! Reaching Higher Consciousness (LIFE CHANGING Video!) - Duration: 10:36.

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The Affordable And Carbon-Positive CORE 9 House With A Low Embodied Energy - Duration: 2:53.

The Affordable And Carbon-Positive CORE 9 House With A Low Embodied Energy

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How To Transfer Data Between iPhone XS and Computer-iOS 12! [2018] - Duration: 4:15.

Today's video is brought to you by Tenorshare.

They have this product iCarefone which can be your alternative to iTunes.

This will help you take control of your important data, make your data management more convenient

and help you to organize and share files across devices.

So, if you're interested, let's begin with the step-by-step tutorial!

Before proceeding, please understand that this is a third party software

and it needs to access all your data to make your work flow better and convenient.

So if you're okay with this, then only you should proceed.

And with that being said, you can find the software download links down in the description below.

You've got Windows as well as Mac version.

And you can download their free trial before buying it.

So, once you download the software, follow on-screen instructions to install it.

Now let's launch the software.

So, this is how it's gonna look when you launch it.

You need to connect your iPhone and it's gonna change the interface completely.

Whatever you see here are the shortcuts to all the major features this software provides.

So let's see these features individually.

First tab you have here is MANAGE.

Here you can manage all the media and files of your iPhone.

You've got Photos,

Then Music, including Ringtones,

My favourite part,

Then Videos,





And your Messages.

You can Import, Export or Delete your media for all these categories from this section.

So it's a complete media and document management for your iPhone.

Just for a demo, let's export few Photos.

First, select the Photos.

And then hit Export.

As simple as that.

You can do this for all these categories.

Now the second tab you have is BACKUP & RESTORE.

The best part of this feature is, you can select the type of media to be backed up

and select the backup location.

So let's backup this iPhone.

Now again the best part of this feature is, you can select the particular media from your Backup File

and export it to your Computer.

This is really amazing if you want to export selected data from your Backup File.

And on the other hand, you can restore the selective data back to your iPhone

using this same feature.

Really Amazing!

Now you've got final tab, MORE TOOLS.

Here first you have this iOS system repair tool.

This will fix the issues like you're stuck on Apple Logo, recovery mode loop or black screen

and all the other stuff where you're unable to boot your device.

This feature has got the Advanced Mode also.

But use this only if Standard Mode doesn't work.

Because this is gonna wipe your iPhone completely and you'll loose all your data.

So, Be aware of that!

And now there these few transfer tools which are really handy if you wanna keep your data

in sync with iTunes.

This first tool will help you transfer your device media to iTunes.

You can transfer your Music, Movies, Videos, Audiobooks etc.

This second feature will help you to transfer your iTunes media to your iPhone.

So, whatever media is there in your iTunes, that will be synced back to iPhone.

Now last but not the least, this feature will export all your device Photos to your computer

with a single click.

My favourite feature!

So, basically this is a very software and if you're looking for any iTunes alternative,

you can definitely give it a try.

All the downloads link are down in the description.

And this brings me to end of the video.

If you found this video helpful, do share it with your friends and loved ones

and do let me know your thoughts down in the comments section below.

I'll see you next week with a new tutorial.

Till then, take good care of yourself.

This is your friend Vikas, signing off,

Thank you so much for watching!

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(FREE) Moneybagg Yo Type Beat 2018 x Key Glock x Young Dolph "SUPER" | Free Type Beat 2018 Major - Duration: 4:18.

(FREE) Moneybagg Yo Type Beat 2018 x Key Glock x Young Dolph "SUPER" | Free Type Beat 2018 Major

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Open Your Eyes Because Life Always Guides Us|HFE♪ - Duration: 7:35.

Open Your Eyes Because Life Always Guides Us

The fact that we always repeat the same patterns in our relationships is a clear example of how life always guides us until we learn our lesson.

Many times, we feel like we're lost.

 Perhaps it's because we don't feel that life always guides us.

Open your eyes to what's around you.

However, there are many circumstances where we are blind. For example, we've all had a crush on someone where we can only see the good in them.

Where were the negatives? Because this person isn't perfect, and they have their flaws.

This is all pushed to the way back of your mind.

There are many circumstances where the solution is right in front of us, but we can't see it because we have our eyes closed.

Today we will shine light on some of these situations.

We Blame Others Instead of Taking Responsibility.

This is one of the most harmful attitudes.

However, we often internalize it in such a way that it makes it difficult to see some circumstances from a different perspective.

We believe that the blame for whatever happens to us falls onto everyone else. This includes blaming others for how we feel.

How ironic!.

Think about someone that gets in an argument with someone else because of a difference in opinions.

This person blames the other and may even tell them that they ruined their day.

In the end, they spend the whole rest of the day angry.

The problem isn't in the problem, much less the other person.

We all feel like we have the right to share our opinions and get angry if the other person doesn't agree.

However, blaming the other person is a mistake.

We think that we wouldn't act the same way if it happened to us.

 This situation of a difference in opinions could have been solved in a calmer way and without yelling.

We all have good and bad days.

Depending on which it is, the same situation could end in one way or another.

Does it have anything to do with the other person? Absolutely.

Our mood and our own circumstances are at play.

Life Always Guides Us, Repeating the Same Patterns.

There's a way that life always guides us and time and time again, it repeats the same patterns, in different situations and with different people, so that we open our eyes.

Isn't it strange that someone had 4 partners in a row that were unfaithful to them? Isn't it interesting that the same situation has been repeated in a family generation after generation? This isn't just a coincidence….

When the same pattern is repeated, we have to stop ourselves and analyze what is happening so that it doesn't happen again.

It isn't good for us to blame anyone, as we know, because the responsibility is ours.

There is something, an attitude that provokes us and attracts us to the same situations over and over again.

Maybe we're afraid of being alone and so we go with the first person that wants to be with us? Perhaps it's selfishness that has been passed down for generations?.

Stopping and analyzing all of this helps us to understand why we feel like we're in an endless loop that doesn't seem to have an end.

Opening Your Eyes Could Hurt.

In many cases, opening your eyes is something that could happen late.

 It's when we look into our past that we realize that life guides us, but we often ignore this.

This could hurt us, making us think that we've lost valuable time.

However, as the saying goes, "better late than never.".

Also, it's important to warn you that opening your eyes at the important moment can hurt, a lot.

Be aware that the person that we are with may not do us any good, and that we can be with them blindly.

Realizing this can be revealing, but also heartbreaking.

Many people choose to live their lives with their eyes closed, feeling sorry for themselves and the circumstances they're in, and always blaming someone close to them for what's happening.

However, life always guides us.

We have to be prepared to discover and interpret its signs.

But, to do that, we have to put the blame, victimization, and blindness aside.

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Earn Free Bitcoin Through Your Mobile - EARN 100$+ Per Month Without Investment in Urdu/Hindi - Duration: 7:39.

Earn Free Bitcoin Through Your Mobile - EARN 100$+ Per Month Without Investment in Urdu/Hindi

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Melania Goes Military with Gorgeous Outfit for 2nd Day of Africa Visit - Duration: 4:11.

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Easy And Cool DIY Halloween Decor Ideas - DIY HALLOWEEN with PUMPKIN 5 Minute Crafts - Duration: 2:29.

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Easily Increase Your Aweber Affiliate Program Earnings - Duration: 5:23.

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One year out of Youtube + Plan with me: October 🍂✨~ Ada Frost - Duration: 8:18.


this is so weeeird (!)

has been a lot since I put myself in front of the camera

so ...

this is like ,

a little bit strange for me

It has been almost 1 year that we don't see each other

and the truth is that

time has never ever passed

as fast as it has did this time .

If you notice something different

in the location, it is because

I'm not at my home

I've moved to another house a couple

of months ago or so

because in my house ,

forgive the redundancy ,

we are doing reforms so I had to come here

momentarily , a couple of months

until we can come back to my original home .

For all those who don't know me, my name is Ada Frost

and I'm a polymath artist ,

what means

that I do a lot of art related things .

As it has been soo much since we see each other

today I wanted to show you


a different video

I wanted to show you

like a kind of summary of

what I've learned during this year

that I've been out of youtube

and meanwhile

I'm gonna show you

how I've decored my bullet journal of this month

For more infomation >> One year out of Youtube + Plan with me: October 🍂✨~ Ada Frost - Duration: 8:18.


First Alert Weather - Duration: 2:00.

For more infomation >> First Alert Weather - Duration: 2:00.


Simontive 6 Episode 40 - Duration: 2:31.

Title: Simontive 6 Episode 40 The Final Episode?

Yi: Oh no Marfnagle has disappeared. I must be able to defeat him.

Green Pig: This is very important, and we have all the tanks. Prepare to lose right now.

Simon: That will never happen since I have an ally here that might be able to make you lose. It's an anti-Chinese plush invisible air.

Yi's Twin: That is not good. We must be able to stop it. Go tanks. We lost. Save PDROD.

Erik Wamboldt: Yes, it's supposed to be called Peoples' and Dogs' Republic of Dogland.

Simon: I am here. You must lose right now since you have no defenses. Marfnagle is a loser by quitting.

Teddy Churchill: We support the Republic of Dogland.

Governor FBI: I agree with that.

Blue Sheep: Hi, make sure to check out Mr. Dinosaur's Adventure. It is just featured on Mr. Dinosaur. *ba*

Mr. Dinosaur: It features me, and this is the end of the main part of Simontive 6. There is still more episodes of Simontive 6 that you will enjoy.

Yi: Fine I surrender, but I can come back. I can send in a new group to succeed us.

Mr. Dinosaur: Fine you will deal with that later.

Erik Wamboldt: We will never give up right now. We must still have a following for everyone that is pro cat.

Yi: That is not a good idea. Cats can attack you.

Green Pig: Fine, we must be able to raise a new group. This will be our command group. We will build this area up.

Airport Rabbit: Next.

Title: Simontive 6 will take a one week break. There will be still be more Simontive. Make sure to check out Mr. Dinosaur's Adventure!

For more infomation >> Simontive 6 Episode 40 - Duration: 2:31.


Go Vacation | Wii | #19 (Gameplay) - Tênis e Corrida de Cavalo - Duration: 30:46.

For more infomation >> Go Vacation | Wii | #19 (Gameplay) - Tênis e Corrida de Cavalo - Duration: 30:46.


5 Home Remedies to Treat Stiffness in Your Hands|HFE♪ - Duration: 10:26.

5 Home Remedies to Treat Stiffness in Your Hands

Although these remedies could be a huge help to alleviate stiffness in your hands, it's very important that you complement them with other healthy habits that help calm your pain.

Stiffness in your hands is a condition that arises from the fatigue that occurs in your joints over time.

It usually comes about as a product of arthritis, an inflammatory problem that is characterized by the progressive wearing away of the cartilage that joins one bone with another.

It can also appear as a consequence of sedentariness, nutrient deficiencies or trauma from an accident.

This ailment can appear in a mild form, but can also be so severe that the affected person feels incapable of doing many of their daily duties.

Fortunately, there are various natural remedies that, because of their properties, reduce its severity to calm pain and reestablish your hand movement.

Keep reading because we're going to share in detail the 5 best remedies so that you don't hesitate to try them the next time you have this problem.

Take note!. Willow Bark.

Willow bark tea is an anti-inflammatory remedy and antioxidant that can improve your circulation to reduce the stiffness and tension in your hands.

Consuming it every day relaxes your joints and can help prevent cartilage deterioration, which protects your joints.


1 teaspoon of willow bark (5 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Add the willow bark to a cup of boiling water.

Cover it and let it cool down for 10 minutes.

Strait it with a strainer and throw out the rest of the willow bark.

Method of Consumption.

Drink one cup of this tea per day, preferably mid-morning.

Note: Avoid this drink if you're allergic to aspirin or if you're taking blood thinners.

Celery Seeds.

The diuretic properties in celery seeds help eliminate the liquids your body retains, a factor related to pain and stiffness in your hands.

Their essential nutrients regulate the levels of electrolytes and help control inflammatory processes.


1 teaspoon of celery seeds (5 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Add the celery seeds to a cup of boiling water and cover it.

Let it sit for 10 minutes and filter it with a strainer.

Method of Consumption.

Drink two or tree cups of this tea per day.

Apple Vinegar and Salt.

Apple vinegar and salt baths are an external remedy that can help reduce inflammation that causes stiffness in your hands and wrists.

Applying it relaxes your muscles, improves circulation and calms feelings of tension.


2 tablespoons of apple vinegar (30 ml) 1 tablespoon of salt (15 g) 2 cups of water (500 ml).


Pour the apple vinegar and salt in a bowl.

Heat the water and, without bringing it to a boil, add it hot on top of the vinegar and salt.

Stir it all so that it's mixed well.

Method of Application.

Test the temperature and submerge your hands for 10 or 15 minutes.

Move your hands as if you were grabbing and releasing a ball.

Repeat this at least 3 times a week.

Fenugreek Seeds.

Fenugreek seeds contain essential fatty acids, vitamin E and amino acids that help strengthen your joints to prevent and treat stiffness.

These nutrients, as well as their anti-inflammatory effects, calm the difficulty from moving your hand and prevent inflammation.


1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds (5 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml).


Add the fenugreek seeds to a cup of boiling water.

Cover it and let it cool for a few hours.

After the few hours have passed, when it's cold, filter it with a strainer.

Method of Consumption.

Drink the tea mid-morning and, if it's necessary, repeat it in the afternoon.

Drink it for at least 2 months.

Honey and Cinnamon.

The anti-inflammatory remedy of honey and cinnamon helps combat the symptoms of arthritis, including tension and stiffness in your hands.

Their antioxidant properties protect your joints from deterioration caused by free radicals, particularly those that speed up the aging process.


1 tablespoon of honey (25 g) 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (2 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml) (optional).


Combine the honey with the ground cinnamon until you have a uniform paste.

Method of Consumption.

Drink it in the morning before breakfast, alone or diluted in a cup of water.

Repeat this remedy every day until your symptom is relieved.

So you feel stiffness in your hands and can't move them very well? Don't hesitate, try these natural remedies as a compliment to your routine and treatments to alleviate your ailment.

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