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Youtube daily Oct 7 2018

Hey, what's up you guys, it's me Poly and welcome back to my channel

And today I'm gonna be reacting to your comments, you know, like few days ago. I uploaded my video

"Hey guys"

I uploaded that video and all of you guys commented on that video and today i'm gonna be responding to those comments. So

Let's start. Okay. So from Nohely CC, I think she's new here

He said no intended nada. Para rezian acabo de virtus videos the react see own

Image star on I think it means you know, we're gonna translate that no translator. Alright hashtag

Mierda, no entiendo means it does not understand

It does not understand the video pero

But recently Riskin and acaba de virtus videos my videos

Cabo means

KOB, you know like the cob the cob the - - -

Yeah, my videos and may reaction AG

Likes it. So Noah. Thank you so much for the comment. I really appreciate that next. All right

from Army

Hashtag Miata. Yes. It's been months now and you still still don't forget the hashtag. Mierda. It's it means a lot to me

So you guys hashtag me or then I come spill everybody

from you you


All I you you Allah from Shan mean Oh

Babel Vesta will Vesta. I think it means my babe baby, baby. Don't hurt me

From clapping penguin. Hey Paul job Bernard, I could never forget you brother

I hope you can forgive me for how I treated you when we were last spoke if you can even remember me, it's checked

It's Jack L. Aka just listen productions. I miss you a lot. I love you, bro. Yeah, remember Jack?

it's actually one of the person who helped me to get through all of my

Financial problems, you know, he helped me a lot and I really appreciate this guy

Jack I still remember you I

Am sorry for everything that I've that I've said or that have done to you. I

I hope you could forgive me as well and

Yeah, don't worry I am not really mad at you I actually hate myself for doing that and

I'm sorry for that from Baruch


Homeless bad lane Franco poly don't worry. We'll love you. And if you need time take your time, that's all right

I wish you luck in your new business and in everything that you want to achieve

Thank you so much Lizbeth. If you want me to call this method just call us Beth. I love you as well. And

Actually, I need a lot of time. Bye. I just keep you know, working and working and working to actually achieve my goals

But I want to prioritize this channel as well. I still want to upload keep uploading because you know, what's the point of this?

What's the point of my microphone my computer if I'm not gonna be uploading? You know I'm saying

I love you guys, and I still want to spend my time with you because you guys are my happiness right now

So yeah, I love you so much. I will I will do my best and also it's bad

I want to say thank you for supporting me you know, like for wishing me good luck in my new business and

Yeah, I just want to say thank you so much

I actually remember this guy like it's been years since you know, he or she watched my videos

I asked you to start as positive. I actually remember you, so, don't you dare?

I actually remember you those names. I love you so much

Like us always for staying in this channel thinking so much for supporting me. I love you so much

I asked you to start as Paula Paula Polly jab

Did I say jab I'm gonna shit in my pants right now. Yeah, so you're talking about weekends with Paul dev or

Shit I forgot oh, yeah, he's talking about dear Polly. Yes. I remember it

Yeah, I guess I will start that. Hey, what's up guys to me pulled in welcome back to

Dear Polly. I don't have a question

So yeah, maybe our next week or this week I'll try to ask you guys questions

I'll try to you know, just follow me on Twitter and Instagram I'll

Ask something in there. So maybe I can start. Yeah. Yeah from ice-t-- an underrated

Artist BAE. I miss you know I missed you as well

You are actually one of the devs who stayed in this channel for so long and I really appreciate you guys

So yeah, I stand underrated arts. I don't know actually your name so

I just want to say thank you finger as well. I love you and I miss you from Dino brand

Oh, I love you Oh, Dino. I love you too from nerdy nerdy


Everything will be all right someday, huh? Thank you so much for saying that. It really means a lot

I'm also hoping that everything is gonna be alright someday, you know, I still have a lot of dreams

I still want to you know, like wake up in the morning and you can see son sunset and you know in autumn

You know leaves falling down, you know birds flying can see racoon outside

right from our let Aguilar

Oh, yeah, you're also one of the depths of staying in style for so long you guys I still remember you guys hola

Hi, our lads are you doing I hope you're doing fine. I love you, and I miss you

From Kaka Paula buenas Dias this guy I actually do lose this guy ass

You know, he's I think it's just trolling me. I don't know like whenever I upload something

He just commented like a smiley face or a smiley

I don't know and I'm just surprised that he said Holloway this dear so yeah caca good day

Oh, wait - das from gully girl

He's just actually one of the devs sustaining in this channel for solo from the league girl

It's nice to see you back. And if you're having a bad time with YouTube and you feel like you're being pressured

Let's take a break. I love Polly. I love you Polly and we'll be here for you always

Going get a girl

Friend from Shay Hamid. Oh my god. It's been too long

Alright guys, that's it for this video. I just want to say thank you for supporting me until the end until now

I really appreciate all your messages and our group chat of the comments that I've been getting lately

all the support and

Yeah, I'm really sorry if I took so long if I took a lot of time to get back

I'll do my best right now to get back to you and keep uploading video. So

Yeah, so yeah, I'll see you guys next time. Take care so much for watching. Yeah. Bye


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Warum ist durchhalten so schwer? (1) − Joyce Meyer − Mit Jesus den Alltag meistern - Duration: 25:49.

For more infomation >> Warum ist durchhalten so schwer? (1) − Joyce Meyer − Mit Jesus den Alltag meistern - Duration: 25:49.



Hey friends, welcome to this new video

We're going to a castle in Northern Ireland

It's gonna be amazing

I'm going in a team building outing with the company I work for: HubSpot

Loads of activities planned

We're gonna go hiking

And then we'll visit some caves

And another activity is a "Gorge Walk"

I guess it's like hiking in a... Lake?

I don't know exactly what a gorge is

But we'll see together

I'm looking forward!

But right now, I'm super tired

Because we're the champions of the world

It was the Football world cup yesterday

I'll show you some footage from last night

And then we'll drive to Northern Ireland

Let's go!

We are the champions, we are the champions

Go les bleus, go les bleus

The one who doesn't jump isn't French

To be honest, streets are quieter this morning

We've just arrived in the castle

So beautiful! I'll show you!

We've just finished eating

We're now going to the caves

And they're gonna be gorgeous

And then that's the very long hike

Looking forward! I've been told there's an amazing view at the end

Let's go

We're out of the caves

And we're going for the big hike

It seems very long, but the bus got us closer

So it's gonna be a bit easier

So on our way!

It's a bit depressing 'cause we're seeing the goal of the hike, from afar

We have to go until there

It seems so high and tough

But we're gonna do it!

Guys please, it's too hard, I'm dying

Finally we are on the top of the stairs

Welcome to day 2 at Code Castle!

Today, we're gonna do the Gorge Walk

I still have no idea what a Gorge is

I don't know what to expect

But we're gonna wear swimsuits and helmets

So it should be fucking epic

Let's go!

We're back to the castle

After the Gorge Walk

It was super unique! We truly climbed a waterfall

I didn't know I would do that some day

I didn't even know that was a thing

It was incredible and gorgeous

There were moments we had to go fully into the water

I loved it so much

But... I fell on my hand at some point

It hurts a lot, and it's been hurting for a while now

I hope I didn't break anything

If you want any updates on this, follow me on Twitter and I'll tell you if I broke it or not

But I hope you liked this vlog

We're slowly heading back to Dublin now

Don't hesitate to comment or like this video if you liked it

It truly makes a difference

Thanks so much for watching

See you in the next one!

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