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A New York city councilman is trying to rain in some of the corruption happening in his

city by closing what he's calling the Kushner Loophole, and that is a loophole that actually

allows landlords in New York City, much like Kushner Companies, to file false paperwork

with the city and then basically have the city never follow up when they find out at

the paperwork has been filed falsely.

Now, this is exactly what Jared Kushner and Kushner Companies had been accused of and

actually fined for in recent weeks back in March and April of this year.

Massive AP report came out and showed that Jared Kushner and his company were actually

illegally filing false paperwork with the city to show that they had no rent controlled

tenants, when in fact the buildings they owned had plenty of them.

Those people, most of them, got kicked out of their apartments, some illegally had their

rents increased, all so that Jared Kushner could get them out of the building, flip it,

and turn a very quick profit.

And, because of the way the laws in the New York City work with regards to the housing

and landlords and paperwork and all of that, there was no followup when Kushner originally

filed this false paperwork.

Had there been followup, we wouldn't have needed the massive associated press report

telling us just how corrupt this guy was.

So New York City Councilman comes out and says, "We're gonna fix this.

I'm gonna introduce a bill that would actually put an end to this, and if we find out that

you are filing false paperwork, not only are we gonna look into the building that the false

paperwork was filed for, we are going to audit every single holding that you, or your company,


And that is exactly what needs to happen, because this was not the only time that Kushner

Companies did this.

We know that there were other apartment buildings that they purchased in New York City where

they would have construction workers coming in and out of people's apartments at all times

of day without knocking.

All construction workers were given a key to everyone's apartment.

They were doing that to harass the tenants to get them to move out so that they could

renovate the apartments and sell them for more money.

Jared Kushner is about as corrupt as they come.

He, and his companies, and his family have pulled out every possible dirty trick in the

books in order to make more money in New York City real estate.

Now, hopefully, if this bill passes, if this law from the councilman does go into effect,

it's gonna stop Jared Kushner and all the Jared Kushner acolytes in New York City from

being able to harass their tenants and illegally kick them out of their buildings by finally

providing a little oversight to the New York Housing situation.

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What's up guys it's Everything Kodi back with another video

so many of you are looking for a build with lot of different add-ons

and lot of different sources for content then you might want to check the slamious build kodi

I've also tested on my fire TV and two other fire sticks the build works great

You will enjoy this kodi build on your amazon fire stick or nvidia shield or android tv box

now I'm gonna give you guys an overview of what it has to offer

offer if you like it I can show you how you can get it installed on your device.

Now if you haven't already go ahead and hit the subscribe button

and make sure you click the little bell icon right next to subscribe so you don't miss any of my posts

so let's go ahead and jump into the overview of the build.

Now once you install it the first section you're gonna run into is the movies section

so you have the widget here at the top

you can scroll through find a movie and tv shows you like.

Don't forget to subscribe and click the bell icon to stay informed.

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Hello guys, this is Kodi best build back with you again with another video

Wish you doing well and having a great time with your friends with your family or anyone

So today we're gonna install and reveal the new update of the Xenon Kodi build

From the chef kodi wizard, but first don't forget to subscribe to my channel

And join me in the social media links as you can see right here down in the video

so if you get a build and you wanna back to the normal skin of kodi just

Press on settings always any bill got a settings section press on it

So right here we get the interface as you can see right here click on it and then you get skin and press-on

Skin and back to is estuary is the normal and the default skin of kodi

So here if you want to change any color

to any other color of your kodi to green go

Purple so right here

You got the homepage of kodi. So to install the Xenon kodi build press right here on settings and

then press on the system settings and scroll down to add ons right here as you can see and

Then press on

hello to install the

Sources from the announcer says if you want to install any source or link from the end now sources you can

Install it when you allow

right here to install from unknown sources, so press back and

Then press on file manager right here

So if you used to install builds and you got a previous build or whatever you will get a lot of files

so if you don't it's your first time you will only

gap right here

Profile directory as you can see you will get profile directory this one and you will get add source right here

so double press on add source, press none and

kill P

From my website the source and paste it right here. So be careful about the source

It's really important. If you missed any word, you won't be able to get it pressed. Okay?

Here you can name it digs


Press on. Okay

So here we got it added to your files, press back to the home page of your kodi

Not the home page of your device. So right here scroll down to add-ons click on it and

Here press on this little box in the top right here and

Then press on install from zip file

So here scroll down to the dig spray press on it and

Then you get a wizard

So right here, press to install the chief Cody wizard click on it

So it's gonna be installed to your Kodi krypton

without any single problem and

Then you can install new the new update of the Xenon Kodi build

So right here guys got the wizard install it and now press on program add-ons right here

We will get the chief

Cody wizard installed it prasada

So right here we got Dilts

Down you got maintenance. You got Internet tolls got save data and got settings press on builds

So here we got the Xenon Cody build you got the version

Seven point three point seven point six

So right here got the second server as you can see and down. We got Black Label


And we got the G boogie cody bill

So right here press onto the decks

Xenon cody bill. So if you got a previous build already installed it to your cody

press on the fresh install to delete everything and you get everything new for

for this amazing build

Right here the standard install if you don't have anything installed yet do a standard install so I'm gonna fresh

Install my cody to delete the cody world bill and replace it with the Zenon Cody


As you can see it's cleaning and cleaning all your files and folders to get

The Xenon files to your kodi

So right here guys you get the download process going

do not press on anything press on cancel or press right here in this empty space if you do that you got to

Restart everything from zero

so just be patient and wait and hold on until the download process is done then you can

Install this build and enjoy it into your device

So right here guys you get the download process done and now it's installing your files into your device

So do not press on cancel

Or press on this empty space just be patient and wait until everything is done, right?

Then first close cody and enjoy this build

Sora here got everything done right without any problem. Press now on first clothes Cody and

Restarted again to enjoy the Xenon Cody will install it to your box

don't forget to press like

And share the video with your friends with your family

If you got any issues using this build just put it in the comment section. I'm gonna replay you and help you

thanks for your support guys and see you right now or see you right now on the

reveal steps

So here my dear friends we are in the end of the video

press on subscribe and

Click on the bell icon to get notified every time I post a new video

don't forget also to check my videos in the community so that way you're gonna be

notified about any video

I posted to my community or if you missed any video you will get it on videos

Thanks for watching me and see you tomorrow for another

Codable don't forget to Like share subscribe to my channel and leave me your comment in the comment sections

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Hamster who ate pear for the first time is too cute【Funny & cute hamster make your feel at ease】 - Duration: 2:19.

Cheese Jr. Come here

Today he eats pear for the first time ❤

Is this a pear of rumors…

That's impossible

How about this one?

That's good.


This is…

Chewy and

delicious ❤

Like it!

Yum Yum




It's all mine


Yum Yum

Sometimes licking is a recommended way to eat ❤




I want to have it in my hand





OK, return home

After all, let's return from here ♪



Sorry to trampled



See you

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Máy Cày Chiến Binh Mini/Và Những Bác Tài Nhí/Độc Đáo Dị Biệt/No.5 - Duration: 5:01.

Hello all friends .!

Introduce to you Video .. Plow machine for children

Video .. Mini War Machine / And The Uncle / Unique Account / No.5

Unique and attractive video. Please see

Thank you for your interest in the channel .. Best regards!

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welcome to my channel! - Duration: 1:24.

Hi! My name is c l o (google translate w a t) .... wait a minute

That's wrong

c l o

Sigh... clo....I guess that's better (no it wasn't).... This is my first ever video on this channel

this video isn't going to be much other than me saying hi. I'm clo

and this is my first ever video since I have

no crack videos or unhelpful guide videos ready to upload

I'm just testing the waters with my video editor since

my computer can't handle the editor. And so it crashes once in a while :(

Hopefully this video goes well IG. Thanks for watching.

Hopefully this channel doesn't die and you guys can stay with me for a long time


Oh Wait!

That reminds me I have terrible dry humor, in comparison to others so whoops.


Anyways, bye for real this time

Since this was supposed to be a quick 30 second intro or something. Bye!

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