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Remove hardware from the box KL1465.

Use the abrasive paper to emery a surface and paint the box with white acrylic paint C0200.

Apply a stencil adhesive CAD9721 onto the stencil K238 and fix it to surface.

Apply texture paste Classic 704444.

Remove the stencil.

Dry it.

Paint all surfaces of the box with brown acrylic paint C7585.

Paint the top of the box with white acrylic paint C0200.

Paint all brown surfaces with Metallic gold paint 0C111.

After drying apply acrylic varnish Glossy KADL1 or 3219.

Apply Patina Antique Powder c702 and C715 onto surfaces and dry it.

Apply Patina Antique Powder c702 and C715 onto the borders of the top of the box and dry it.

Wet the cotton disk with remover for patina 29739, rub down the relief to remove excesses of patina.

Remove excesses of patina from the borders of the top of the box by remover for patina 29739.

Cut out the image of rice paper RP770 according to the top of the box.

Apply glue for decoupage CGLUE or Cplus onto the surface and onto the image of the rice paper.

After drying apply acrylic varnish Glossy KADL1 or 3219.

Paint over unnecessary images with white C0200 and beige C0650 paints.

So we don't see the paper joints.

After drying apply acrylic varnish Glossy KADL1 or 3219.

Apply a stencil adhesive CAD9721 onto the stencil sab28 and fix it to surface.

Apply texture paste Classic 704444.

Remove the stencil.

After drying apply acrylic varnish Glossy KADL1 or 3219.

Apply Patina Antique Powder c702 and C715 onto the borders and onto the snowflakes. Dry it.

Apply Metallic Wax paste KD13 onto the borders and onto the snowflakes.

Fix decorative box handle KOV21.

Apply Red glitter glue KON005 onto the snowflake on the New Year's tree.

Apply Wight Pearl glitter glue KON001 onto the other snowflakes.

Thank You!

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Senator Hirono LASHES OUT After Kavanaugh Confirmation With Her Most Unhinged Statement Yet - Duration: 2:19.

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DIARIO DI UNA COLONIA DI FORMICHE | Messor barbarus #2 - Duration: 7:07.

It 'a bit that I don't bring on the channel updates on my colony of

Messor barbarus and many are asking me what happened to it!

Quiet, the colony is fine and is in excellent shape!

It is a very common species among ant keepers

due to its eating habits and the presence of

large red-headed major workers

These ants are pretty calm

and simple enough to keep since they don't require particularly

complex care, but anyway,

they aren't to be underestimated since they are able to dig without too much problems

almost all the materials

and this is the reason why I had to transfer them to two different setups

in a matter of weeks.

But let's start from the beginning,

after about 3 months the colony has filled all the rooms

of the first formicarium that I have provided,

at the point they begin ti dig to have more available space.

To overcome this problem I built a larger formicarium

and induced them to transfer using the classic method

of intense light.

I connect the anthills with a tube, after which I point the lamp

right on the chambers.

Many species of ants are photophobic and consequently

exposing them to light will give the impression that the formicarium has been

compromised and no longer safe.

It did not take much time, some of the workers have crossed the tube

and started to explore the new space in a very casual way

When one of them finally finds the entrance to the formicarium

didn't take long time before the message of a place more suited

to their needs return to the colony.

At this point the workers begin to move offspring and seeds.

It can be said that the move has officially begun.

The major workers of this species are unmistakable

and specialized in the shattering of the seeds

their large jaws allow them to break and chew

seeds to make them edible to most of the colony

Chewing them, they create a sort of yellowish compound

that is commonly called

"the bread of ants" by antkeepers

With amazement I notice that there are many more than I expected

Actually it is also a bit of time that I can no longer see

the queen although I am sure it is still alive

because there are many eggs

Unfortunately, overpopulation did not allow me to recognize it anymore

as it is always protected and covered by

the workers who take care of her.

Finally, at some point here it is!

His Majesty decided to move into the new space,

accompanied by his escort.

Now that most of the workers and the most important member of the colony

are finally inside the new setup I can detach the tube

from the old setup and recover the few workers left

behind with tweezers.

This move was simple and fast enough,

took about 3 hours but as I anticipated,

the colony has moved 2 times.

Within this setup they resided for about

2 weeks, then the situation became unsustainable.

They literally modified and dug the interior,

depositing the gasbeton debris on the walls

and made the barrier of the outworld almost ineffective.

Fortunately there were no escapes even if

we missed very little!

I don't have many videos about this second move,

because honestly caught me a bit aback

but fortunately I had another formicarium ready for another colony

When keeping ants, especially species capable of digging

even the hardest materials, it is always better to be

ready for this kind of emergencies.

Examining the old formicarium after the move

I realized that I had made some mistakes during the construction

in particular I had left some walls with small protrusions

that the ants used to detach the material.

This allowed him to start digging almost

a few days after the move.

Well, using the gasbeton I can not stop them from digging,

so the solution is to leave an external margin more big,

even several centimeters.

In this way I will have more time available to prepare

a further setup.

In this new setup it seems that they are at

ease and the situation is quite calm,

probably also because the temperatures have dropped and this

has caused a slowdown of all their activities.

Soon it will be time to hibernate the colonies, for Messor barbarus

a temperature of about 15 ° C is enough

to make sure that these ants slow down their metabolism.

They have more space than before

and have closed some of the rooms

using cotton, unraveling it from the tube and the cap

that closes the secondary entrance.

Given that in Italy, this species is found

only in some areas of Liguria and Tuscany, I know

that many antkeepers have bought queens from some sales site.

Often some queens of this species

have a reddish tinge on the gastrer

and in some sites where you can buy ants,

these so-called two-color queens are sold at a higher price,

even several tens of € compared to others

with the excuse of rarity.

Well it is not true,

the two-color queens of Messor barbarus are no longer rare

and the color of the gastrer has no relation

on the color of the workers.

This is just a small example to make you understand

how many dishonest sellers take advantage

of ignorance on the argumet to increase prices and sales.

It seemed right to me to make this small note,

as I often see exorbitant and unjustified prices

for extremely common or easy to find species

As usual if you liked the video leave me your like

or subscribe to the channel, instead if you have some questions about this species

I invite you to let me know with a comment!

Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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শাকিব খানের নোলক ছবি ছিনতাইয়ের পর ফেরত পেল পরিচালক! shakib khan nolok movie controversy | otv bangla - Duration: 4:24.

shakib khan nolok movie controversy

shakib khan nolok movie

nolok movie

nolok movie controversy

otv bangla

nolok movie song

shakib khan bobby nolok movie

nolok movie release

rashed raha

shakib khan nolok movie trailer

nolok movie teaser

shakib khan nolok movie controversy

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10 Famous Historic Figures Who Suffered Horrifying Diseases ✔ - Duration: 12:37.

10 Famous Historic Figures Who Suffered Horrifying Diseases

Sometimes, history is gross.

Really gross.

Especially where diseases are concerned.

We've all heard of the nasty stuff the past could serve up for our ancestors.

What we might not know is just how many famous historic figures got walloped with these awful


From the utterly weird to the utterly terrifying to the simply disgusting, it turns out being

famous in Ye Olde Times was nothing more than one long string of disgusting incidents, one

after the other.


Edgar Allan Poe Died of Rabies.

The death of Edgar Allan Poe in 1849 has long been a freaky source of mystery.

After vanishing for nearly a week after leaving his home in Richmond, Virginia, the poet finally

turned up lying in a gutter in Baltimore, wearing someone else's clothes and nearly


Poe then spent four days suffering extreme hallucinations, before spiraling into madness

and dying.

At the time, the cause of his death (and the circumstances surrounding it) were considered

a total mystery.

We still don't know for absolute certain what killed him, as that would require DNA


But in 1996, Dr. R. Michael Benitez was participating in a conference where medical practitioners

were given an anonymous patient and a list of symptoms and asked to diagnose them.

Unbeknownst to him, Benitez was given Poe.

The specialist doctor took one look at the 'anonymous patient's' file and declared

it "a clear case of rabies."

In the 19th century, rabies was extremely common.

It now seems likely Poe was bitten by a rabid animal and succumbed to the horrifying disease

before he could tell anyone.

While the theory isn't one hundred percent watertight – Poe showed no signs of hydrophobia,

which is a common symptom of rabies – it may well be the closest we ever get to solving

this aptly ghoulish mystery.


Beethoven was Born with Syphilis.

One of our favorite pieces of trivia is that Beethoven, the legendary composer who wrote

some of the best music in history, was deaf.

From the mid-1790s, he was affected by a buzzing noise in his ears.

By the age of 30 he was losing his hearing badly.

Many of his greatest works were written after that time.

One tidbit often gets left out of this story.

A few years back, the University of Maryland's annual Historical Clinicopathological Conference

decided to look into what might have caused Beethoven's deafness.

Although the passage of time has made it impossible to say for certain, they did come up with

one candidate they thought extremely likely: syphilis.

One symptom of syphilis can be deafness, and syphilis was way common in Beethoven's time.

It's thought his father had it, which may go some way toward explaining how Beethoven

got infected.

Like HIV, syphilis can be passed from mother to child in the womb.

If Beethoven's dad had infected his mom, it's almost certain that's where the composer's

ear-destroying STI came from.


Tutankhamun Looked Like an Inbred Yokel.

Today, it's widely known that inbreeding is a bad idea.

Aside from being totally gross, getting jiggy with your sister can result in a child suffering

truly awful disabilities.

In Ancient Egypt, though, they hadn't quite figured that out yet.

Royals thought inbreeding would help keep their line pure.

Instead, it resulted in pharaohs who looked like inbred yokels.

One of whom was the legendary Tutankhamun.

King Tut came from a long line of inbreds and boy did it show.

In the words of the Wall Street Journal, King Tut had "anterior incisors and an overbite

(buck teeth), a cleft palate, curvature of the spine (scoliosis), a club foot and a grossly

elongated head (dolichocephaly).

He also had feminine breasts and hips, as did several of his male predecessors.

Almost certainly, there were other undetected defects of vital organs."

In other words, this ancient king looked less like some great and powerful ruler, and more

like the sort of guy you might see looking for work as an extra in the remake of Deliverance.


Samuel Johnson Probably Had Tourette Syndrome.

Samuel Johnson was one of the wittiest writers of his time.

A coarse, vulgar beast of a man, he palled around with guys like Johnathon Swift, while

redefining what the English language was capable of.

He was also pretty odd.

Contemporary accounts report that he liked to make weird-ass noises while sitting in

polite company, and had a compulsive habit of rubbing his knee while talking.

On the streets, he was prone to gesticulating wildly at nothing.

Do those symptoms sound familiar?

They might.

Although Dr. Johnson's tics caused hilarity at the time, modern doctors have posthumously

diagnosed him with Tourette Syndrome.

While the most-commonly depicted form involves shouting out swear words, plenty of sufferers

are simply stuck making nervous twitches and involuntary noises.

Dr. Johnson was evidently one-such sufferer.

He used to cluck like a hen, shake his head wildly and whistle uncontrollably.

It got so bad in later life that gangs of children used to follow him down the street,

pointing and laughing.



Lovecraft's Weird Cold Aversion.

Horror maestro H.P.

Lovecraft was one peculiar dude.

For one thing, he was a lifelong anti-Semite who managed to absently-mindedly marry a Jewish


For another, he was obsessed with the dangers of interbreeding, in a way that went beyond

bog-standard racism and into a pathological fear.

But perhaps weirdest of all might be his strange aversion to the cold.

If the temperature ever dropped too low, Lovecraft was apt to collapse into a dead faint from

which he couldn't be woken until warmed up again.

Interestingly, we have absolutely no idea what caused this.

It seemed to come on in the writer's adulthood and wasn't triggered by any one thing.

Some have linked it to his frequent migraines, while others have suggested it was psychological.

Lovecraft himself seemed to link it to the cancer that eventually killed him.

At any rate, it made him develop an extreme paranoia about the cold, a paranoia that filtered

through into some of his stories like the gruesome Cool Air.


Darwin's Whole Life was One Big Puke-a-thon.

About a year after his long voyage on the Beagle, Charles Darwin developed a bizarre

condition that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

About three hours after eating, he would get extreme abdominal pains, followed by hideous


Moments later, he would expel everything in a great big vomit-a-thon that left him utterly


At some points in his life, the condition got so bad that he was basically rendered

an invalid.

The freakiest part of all?

We still don't know what caused it.

Although all Darwin's friends thought he was a hypochondriac, modern doctors have subsequently

diagnosed him with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS).

The problem is we're still not sure what really causes it.

While Darwin could get an accurate diagnosis if he was alive today, even in 2016 his doctors

likely couldn't do a lot to help.

Was it maybe related to his time at sea?

Who the heck knows?


Julius Caesar Had Endless Strokes.

You may have heard before that Julius Caesar had epilepsy.

Certainly that's what people have thought for centuries.

When you take into account his symptoms – such as collapsing into fits – it definitely

sounds plausible.

But a recent study from 2015 has another idea.

According to the authors, there's a good chance Caesar suffered a catastrophic series

of mini-strokes.

The technical name for these is a series of Transient Ischemic Attacks, but it amounts

to the same thing.

Rather than suffering the same illness as people like Graham Greene and Ian Curtis,

the ruler of Rome may well have had a series of debilitating strokes.

If that's the case, it's perhaps lucky for Caesar's posterity that he got assassinated

when he did.

A proper stroke could have left him utterly incapacitated and at the mercy of his enemies;

a far worse fate than the quick, brutal stabbing that ultimately felled him.


Lenin's Brain was Turning to Stone.

When he finally died, infamous revolutionary Vladimir Lenin was only 53 years old.

His death came on the tail-end of a series of strokes, and shortly after, he was placed

in Stalin's personal care.

At the time, nobody knew what the heck was wrong with him.

First Russian doctors suspected mental exhaustion.

Then lead poisoning.

Finally, they just rolled with syphilis on the basis that seemingly everybody in the

olden days had the dreaded French disease.

It wasn't until they performed an autopsy on the dead Communist that they uncovered

the horrifying truth.

Lenin's brain had been slowly turning to stone.

The technical name for his condition was cerebrovascular atherosclerosis, and it's creepy as hell.

Basically, calcium deposits built up in his cerebral arteries to the point they became

nearly solid.

When the morticians tapped the affected areas with tweezers, they made a sound like stone.

Creepily, this wasn't a case of 1920s man running up against something he didn't understand

and being helpless in the face of it.

Even today, someone with Lenin's condition would be unlikely to live much longer than

he did.


Akhenaten Probably Suffered a Hormone Disorder.

The Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten likely came from the same line that later produced the

yokel-like Tutankhamun.

With that in mind, you'd probably expect to find that he had some weird stuff going


And you'd be right: Akhenaten suffered the same elongated head as his more-famous descendant.

But Akhenaten also had some strange gripes that were all his own.

In 2009, professor of dermatology and an expert on visual diagnosis at the Yale University

School of Medicine, Irwin Braverman, came up with his own theory.

Akhenaten was probably suffering a hormone disorder that made his male body look like

it belonged to a woman.

In ancient drawings, Akhenaten is often depicted as having wide hips, a narrow waist and feminine


Yet we know for a fact that the ancient ruler was male.

Seems like somebody's made a mistake, until you realize the pharaoh's genetic defects

caused by inbreeding could have left him with an extreme hormone imbalance.

Specifically, overproduction of the enzyme aromatase could have caused his body to be

flooded with estrogen from an early age.

That would explain how a guy who is meant to be male could wind up looking so spectacularly

female in ancient engravings.

However, since we've yet to find Akhenaten's mummy, we still can't say for certain that

this is the case.


King Herod Had Some of the Nastiest Ailments in History.

Herod the Great was an overachieving king who, among other things, built the largest

artificial harbor in the Mediterranean.

Today, though, he's mainly remembered for ordering the Slaughter of the Innocents in

an attempt to kill baby Jesus – something many now think never actually happened.

Apparently, God didn't get the memo.

When it came time to shove Herod off this mortal coil, He did it in the nastiest way


According to the ancient writer Flavius Josephus (who lived about 100 years after Herod died),

the king "had a fever, though not a raging fever, an intolerable itching of the whole

skin, continuous pains in the intestines, tumors of the feet as in dropsy, inflamation

of the abdomen, and gangrene of the privy parts."

He also suffered convulsions of the limbs and had foul, fetid breath that could strip


But the real awful bit is contained in those last five words: gangrene of the privy parts.

Herod's junk was so awash with bacteria that it literally began dying while it was

still attached to him.

Today, we know this disease as Fournier's Gangrene, and it's basically one of the

most-painful, disgusting ways you can possibly die.

Except this isn't what actually killed Herod, but was likely a final – and extremely painful

– complication.

In fact, it's now thought that chronic kidney disease did the Biblical king in.

Maybe so, but it's the image of his decaying wang falling apart as its flesh is eaten away

that's really gonna stick with us.

For more infomation >> 10 Famous Historic Figures Who Suffered Horrifying Diseases ✔ - Duration: 12:37.


10 Mysterious Noises That Science Can't Explain ✔ - Duration: 9:32.

10 Mysterious Noises That Science Can't Explain

Some sounds just can't be explained.

No matter how much we analyze, test or scrutinize, there are just no answers forthcoming.

While the following sounds all have theories surrounding them, the lack of conclusive proof

has made them baffling, bizarre mysteries that have fascinated both scientists and laymen.


Slow Down

On May 19, 1997, a weird sound known as the "slow down" was detected by the United

States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

To this day, the source has not been determined — theories exist, but none are conclusive.

It's referred to as the slow down because every seven minutes the frequency of the sound

literally does slow down.

The slow down was recorded on the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array,

and its amplitude was sufficient to have been heard on three sensors at a range of nearly

2,000 km.

The best theory seems to be that the sound is Arctic ice slowly moving over land, but

while this sounds somewhat similar to the slow down it doesn't offer conclusive proof

for this unsolved mystery.



"EVP," or "Electronic Voice Phenomenon," is the paranormal pseudoscience of capturing

the disembodied voices of the spirit world.

Paranormal investigators claim that they've recorded words and conversations during the

course of their research.

EVPs are usually captured on audiotape or digital recordings, but they can also be caught

on video.

These voices aren't present during the time of recording, and are only uncovered and heard

as the audiotape or recording is played back.

EVPs vary from one another.

Some are just single words, phrases or sentences, while others are whole conversations involving

multiple voices.

While some believe these strange sounds are words, others believe that these sounds are

unintentional and can be attributed to natural phenomena.

One theory is known as apophenia, which is the concept of finding patterns or meaning

in otherwise useless data.

Another possible explanation is pareidolia, which means the brain is translating an illusion

into something of significance.



Submarine crews in the Arctic and Atlantic have reported hearing strange noises similar

to the sound a frog makes while submerged.

Nicknamed the "Quacker" by Soviet crews, these sounds manifested only when the submarines

would pass certain areas.

It was discovered during the Cold War thanks to new technology made to pick up suspicious

signals emerging from the depths of the ocean.

Since the Americans and Russians took great pains to hide their submarines from each other,

it was assumed the noise was coming from some type of hidden submarine detection technology.

However, the evidence showed otherwise.

The truly bizarre thing about the quacker was that the sound would actually react to

the submarines.

It would avoid the submarines, move and circle around them, and elude sonar.

It was concluded that the origin of the quacker couldn't be another vessel as the speed

of the quacker was around 200 km/h.

These sounds faded in the 1980s, and while theories ranging from unidentified marine

animals to aliens to secret military technology have been proposed, none have offered a solid



Planetary Sound

Do you know that planets make sounds?

It's unusual to think that they can, let alone have these sounds register since space

is a vacuum that sound can't travel through.

Radio waves, however, can travel through space, and spacecraft roaming the universe compile

information on radio emissions that their instruments pick up.

Some of these emissions are "sounds" that planets and moons emit, such as whistling

helium or howls.

Recordings of planetary sound are then altered into sound waves to render them audible to

the human ear.

While their source is usually known, they're nevertheless bizarre and eerie.


The Unknown Howl

Some sounds are so unknown they don't even have an official name attached to them.

That's the case with a series of mysterious sounds coming out of northern Canada.

These weird howls have been captured on video and uploaded on YouTube, where they've accumulated

over half a million views.

Allegedly the sounds are coming from an unknown source emanating from deep within a forest

near the tiny town of Conklin, Alberta.

This video evidence was followed by another playing the same kind of sound, but from a

different location — The Pas, Manitoba.

These sounds have elicited significant controversy and a diversity of opinion.

Some have stated that it sounds like music, while others believe the origins might be

extraterrestrial and some have gone as far as stating that it's the very sound of Hell


With no plausible answer in sight, more video evidence has appeared, with new sources coming

from such diverse locations as Glasgow, Chicago and Denmark.



Loud, unexplained and seemingly random sounds have been coming from large bodies of water

around the world, from the Great Lakes in America to the Yellow River in India.

These strange sounds have been officially termed "mistpouffers," and have been described

by witnesses as sounding like thunder.

However, there are usually no storms in range when these booms occur.

Mistpouffers are incredible powerful.

The sound generated by them can produce shockwaves that are felt miles away.

Multiple theories have been put forward, including pent up gas, underwater caves collapsing,

meteorites and rapidly rising air.

But extensive research has yet to produce a credible answer as to what these sounds

are and why they occur.


One World Trade Center

A mysterious, eerie sound has been causing consternation for residents near the site

of the former World Trade Center and the current home of the new One World Trade Center.

The noise sounds like a buzzing with a slight melancholy to it, almost like a faint wailing.

This unsettling sound appears to come from the building itself, and it's noticeable

enough to have been heard by pedestrians so it's not simply an isolated incident witnessed

by a few folks with sensitive ears.

The initial theory was that the sound was created by a wind vacuum within the then empty

structure, since it was first heard during Hurricane Sandy.

But the sound hasn't ceased, even though the building is complete and the hurricane

is now an afterthought.

So what it?

The spirits of the deceased?

As of now, the mystery remains.



Like the "slow down," the low frequency sound known as the "bloop" was picked

up by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 1997.

The unidentified bloop contained such a high amplitude that it was detected by multiple

sensors over a range of 5,000 km, a testament to how loud it is.

This sound originated from about 1,750 kilometers west of Chile, a remote location with no land

and an ocean depth of about 4,300 meters.

The bloop's nature and characteristics are comparable to sounds made by marine animals,

but even blue whales, the largest living creatures on the planet, can't produce a sound equal

to the bloop.

While nothing has been conclusively proven, the most likely theory is that the bloop was

caused by a massive icequake.


The Hum

Strange, unexplained low humming sounds have been reported throughout the world, although

the source of this low frequency noise can't be found or explained.

At times it appears the hum is connected to natural phenomena such as active volcanoes,

but this theory isn't enough to explain all cases.

What makes the hum weird and spooky is that some people can pick up on it while others

hear nothing at all.

There have also been reports of the hum being noisier indoors, and attempts to block the

sound with earplugs seem to be ineffective as the hum travels through the body like vibrations.

Furthermore, the hum seems to intensify at night, further complicating attempts to explain



The Wow!


Dr. Jerry Ehman first detected the "Wow!" signal on August 15, 1977 while working on

the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project in Ohio State University.

SETI had working for decades in the hopes of receiving some type of extraterrestrial


The one minute and 12 second signal was only detected once and never replicated, and was

called "Wow" because that's what Dr. Ehman wrote on the printout of the signal.

Dr. Ehman was initially skeptical of the source, believing it to be an Earth signal reflected

off of space debris.

But the more he looked into it, the more difficult it became to explain.

The signal was about 30 times louder than anything around it, and unlike natural radio

frequencies the wow signal was not distributed in various ranges — it was at the very specific

frequency of 1420 MHz.

This signal is only used by astronomers, since it's the natural frequency of hydrogen atoms

in space.

We use it to map out the universe, so the fact that we received the signal suggests

that an intelligent life form may be doing the same thing on their end.

It's theorized that its origin is extraterrestrial, but there's no solid proof of this hypothesis.

The only thing we know for sure is that the signal came from the constellation Sagittarius.

For more infomation >> 10 Mysterious Noises That Science Can't Explain ✔ - Duration: 9:32.


NEW SONGS 2018 ! HAKAN AKKUS - I CANT BE ! ENGLISH SONGS 2018 - Duration: 4:46.


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Sociologia della SHIP: perché esistono i PAIRING? ☘ Celeste - Duration: 14:50.

For more infomation >> Sociologia della SHIP: perché esistono i PAIRING? ☘ Celeste - Duration: 14:50.


SPIDER-MAN PS4 MR NEGATIVE BOSS FIGHT Gameplay Part 16 - Pete - Duration: 41:16.

I thought we gonna be able to do it like quietly and stuff, but obviously not

Hey, what's going on YouTube, this is Pete coming back with another awesome video for you and today of course, we're going to continue our

awesome journey with spider-man

This is gonna be our walkthrough gameplay part

16 and we're gonna basically continue where we left off last time

We'll be trying to fight off the demons who stole the devil's breath

it's pretty significant that we take this packet back from them because otherwise

they can destroy New York City and God knows what more but before we start I'd like you to subscribe to my channel if you

are new and also hit this notification Bell button as hard as you possibly can and

Once you do that we can jump in right to the game

Oh and one more thing guys, like always I'm gonna put everything in the card section on the top here

So go and have a look. If you haven't missed the previous part of me playing spider-man

You know, maybe maybe watch that first before watching this part. I don't know up to you. Everything is in the in the playlist

From the first to the last part. So yeah without further ado. Let's jump in rights to this one guys

Yuri, tell me you've got a lead on Martin Lee's location we have footage from a guy at a coffee shop looks like he hopped

Into a black sedan after the crash black sedan great

Let me finish

We have a partial plate and one of my patrol guys just found a matching plate

Black sedan in a parking lot near Canal and Hudson. You're a good cop hurry. I'm on my way



Is this working? Dr. Michaels? How are you calling borrowed want to Sables radios to us?

the most release points for Devil's breath

Airports bus terminals the train stations it'll spread like wildfire from there why the hell is Oscorp developing a bioweapon in the city?

Shouldn't this be an Archie Bunker?

Devil's breath is personal for Norman. It's been his obsession for decades the project brings every state and federal regulation on the books

But he doesn't care if the city finds out you can just reelection design. I never mind reelection

Hate crimes. Why are you telling me all this aren't you just as culpable as Norman? Yes


But Lee's actions have been a wake-up call

We've ignored the project's risk for too long. I trust you spider-man. You're the only one trying to do the right thing

Please protect the city from our mistakes

Okay, guys you heard the man I

Also just spotted that we have a new equipment. So I wanted to quickly double-check. What do we have? Maybe something that we could use?

Mm-hmm. Wait a second. Is that something that we all? Oh

Shoot. I didn't even realize guys that these equipments. I just see now we can actually upgrade those

Anyways, right we are watching task clone people's team feel about our special relationship

Let's just say if they ever found out how much info I feed you a cell in Rikers would be the least of my problems

I don't want to put you at risk if it's easier to cut off communication

How would that the city meets us working together now more than ever screw sable? It's business as usual

That's why you're the best Yuri. Nothing shakes you

Damn, right?

Forgot about bug guys


Menu from my first real date with MJ. I say awesome awesome

Okay guys so

Don't go to that mission let's let's do this because this is a rather important Oh a

rather important to my brothers and sisters

Because if they will get this thing man, this is going to be crazy

I don't know what that is

When the swing is so cool on this game I'm telling you


So guys I've been thinking what game you'd like me to play after we finish spider-man

I mean I'm planning on to get into this

Overkill's The Walking Dead, but I'll be open for suggestions

I'm gonna try to do mix of

Everything you know because I've been playing on in like spider-man for the last month or so

just because I wanted to finish this game for you guys, but

I've been thinking maybe we could do like different days different games or something. So I was really eager to play the Myst survival and

There's like other games. There's this new space game like moon game and also,

you know, I should probably make some more videos on seven days to die and

Normal sky as well, you know because I just actually before I start recording I noticed there is a new update to the game

So I'll be I'll be eager to try that out

Let me know guys if you are, you know, if you want anything like this, you know, if you want different games and stuff

Devil's breath is gone

Mmm, what are you up to now MJ?

Hmm are we gonna play with MJ now?

Another sneaky mission. I'm not good with those sneaky situations, you know


I'm Xander said the demons are looking for something at GCT

But what could they possibly need here should probably call Peter and let him know what I'm doing?

Yeah scratch that you'd probably just tell me to go home and change myself on your laptop

Just check things out quick and let him know what I find

What do you mean you should totally let him know where you are

MJ seriously like

Why are you playing superhero seriously? Oh

There you go speak another devil normal Skylar's and 1.63 installed

Nice I just want to say guys

I'm really grateful for all of you who liking and commenting on my videos sharing the videos on your like Facebook pages and you know

Sharing video with your friends and stuff. I'm really really grateful. We now have

144 subscribers, so by the time I record this video, so I really wanted to thank you all guys, you know, seriously support is

Massive and already really. Thanks for all this what you guys doing it pushes

It pushes me forward, you know to do more games for you guys to do more videos and everything. I'm really motivated

Man I don't know what the heck I'll go upstairs -

Most have bugs. Okay. Okay. We just have to like

Go into those

Yeah boys gasp. Oh

That looks like this place

I'll scope this place. Okay? Okay. Okay, so

We got to check all these Oscar of this place

And plays the same thing. Oh

Man that's some clever stuff right there. Well, there's something here guys

Mr. Lee this will be easier for everyone if you remain calm and do as I say


No, oh

My god they got him dying

But this is exactly MJ why you should not go on your own exploring and stuff like that man

And look at that, they got all these hostages and stuff and that's some crazy



So your Osborne's office, I would like to speak to Mary Osborne calling the man he is looking for

What do you want, I want you at Grand Central Terminal in 30 minutes by yourself

There'll be more blood on your hands

Illya filthy son of a gun I'm telling you man. We're gonna get you. Oh

Man he got the devil breath loaded man into that thing

Doesn't look too good

Wear your best suit. I got it

Well, I'm on my way are you hurt no, I'm fine just hurry going as fast as I can

I'll explain later. Listen Lee's going to release the devil's breath. You've gotta get out of there. He's not gonna do it until norman

Osborn gets here. Wait, this must have been Lee's plan all along

Make Norman responsible by forcing him to release The Devil's breath himself sort of makes sense in a twisted psychotic way

Okay, I'm here coming into the terminal now anything I should be on the lookout for?


Looks like he's got some drones patrolling guess he's prepared for you. Don't worry. I'm in the ventilation system

Can you see a safe exit point?

It's not west corner on my way

All right guys, here we go

Here we go

How are we still gonna play the drums will spot me

See that tablet, I'm walking at that controls the drones. Thank you good stag. Yes, if you can distract them

Can I stand I need to stand how do I stand

They're not gonna take me without a fight


Vanya listen, I'm a reporter. I have a direct line to mayor Osborne. I can help make sure he arrives on time how


Let him go he says it. Oh jesus. What acid autumn was a car Ossipon?

to me

Don't do me like don't you talk don't forget my songs with up

Oh shoot mmm

I'm sure you got some serious stones. You know that doing all this. There we go

Get to cover what do you mean get some cobbler? Yeah. Okay. I got this

Yeah, good job now, let's get you out of here about The Devil's breath I'll come back for it. No, we're partners remember

Can we argue later if we don't help those people they could die. So could you I can't let that happen. No

No, I got myself into this. I'm getting myself. What do you mean? You got yourself into this?

Seriously I don't like this let's start taking him out quietly

There's still two cloth that did it grab him

See if you can break up that grub I'm gonna try and separate them

Take him. Okay that kind of works


Come on come on

That's it that's it nice and easy guys nice and easy no


Not exactly what do you mean I thought something might happen but not like this why didn't you tell me I thought we were partners

Hey Partners, trust each other Peter. What do you mean? I trust you. Yeah when I'm sitting at home behind a laptop

Oh, come on. Can we please get back to saving the city here?

Yeah, okay

What is more of them to you bush Gus


Maybe that'll work not too far

We kind of I don't know

This is gonna be crazy

Didn't work

Come on get em Spidey, come on

Okay, so we've got this guy here

There we go now with that one now, we've got a 1 that are here

That's two of those

No, this doesn't work

Okay, we gotta get closer I suppose

let's get closer when I had these missions I

Really really really faded them

All requests takedown can I

That's not bad we're just pointing who do we want and spider-man to take down

There we go now work oh

Shit you got like two minutes


They don't react to it

What the hell do we do

We're just going here

Keep him busy. I'll take care of the Devas. You know what you're doing. No

That's never stopped me before okay

What do you see I see four wires two blue ones one yellow pill, okay

Looks like the blue is connected to the battery and yellow to a fan

Red one has a little exclamation mark. Okay, you'll want to detach the wires from the battery first

Trace the wires to the other end and unplug them from there. Okay?

Unplug the wires from the battery

Now how the hell do I know

Disconnect the battery wires

How oh

Shit we don't have much time dude. I don't know what to do

Let's try this again, this is crazy. I don't know how to do it because there was there was no indication like press whatever

There's nothing there, you know


To the battery and yellow to a fan red one has a little exclamation mark

Okay, unplug the wires from the battery how

Okay, the battery wires the cops

Is that one okay


Let's get these people out of here I could use a little Spidey help you ready?

Right, okay. I'll clear a path try to do it quietly will do. Yep Roger that

Baby I

Gotta be careful or the hostages will get hurt

Why is Lee so I help anti terrorising, New York

Like I say you shouldn't die that night woman tutorial, ooh shit Jeannie whoopee

Come on go out of here guys go out go out go out

Let's go already taking the hostages like this

He was right. I'm starting to miss him

Okay now

Let's get these guys from here

How many


That's another one there's gonna be quite a few here guys, so we're just gonna have to try to

Get them all

Here we go

Is that all of them on this floor yes, I believe so


Let's go

On here so there's a guard there there is a guard here

We wanted to catch them like, you know

But we can get the fucking there we go

Let's get on another poll Oh flippin hell they know this

Hell I thought we're gonna be able to do it like quietly about obviously not

We got to be careful guys


Shit Oh

Did you know grant central has the largest basement in New York City crazy, right

Like they used to go to New York gumption for you

Anyway, I could talk trivia all day

But I got to stuff your wing out of a box from destroying the city time to wrap this up


Shit these are like

What the hell they are

Where you are

Ready I can't find you man. I hear you. Are you crazy?

All you crazy taboos car

He's escaped - to use the train can't let him get away

Train platform is open that must be where Lee is

There we go good night's

All right, let's go to that train man, this is so fence please get away

Oh you crazy SIA busca

Finally oh, this is gonna be a five man. Oh

You please

Why are you doing this paying off an old debt? Oh

Man he feeds of them feeds of their energy or something

Oh shit, hold up. Oh

You're crazy oh

I can't even touch it man. What do I do?

Before he recovers what the hell

She's getting tired all your crazy

Time to get close and finish this

Oh you crazy

All your crazy Devils come


You're sick, let me help you

This dude is crazy


Shit oh shit. He's mixing it up

He's mixing it up man that's not good because I don't know what he's gonna do

Are you crazy

How much more man this is crazy

There we go, we finally got him and

wolf the hell

No breaks, no problem. Yeah

And they'll break some problem a

That totally worked last time urine we still doing construction on 42nd first

Wow, what the hell guys this is crazy next up prison

What kind of prison would have even take this guy you're not I mean I

Am worried what it tends fight that was you know

Seriously that was crazy

They're gonna have to build a special prison for this guy, you know

Yeah, something like this that would do



This is Mary Jane Watson. Please leave a detailed message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can

Oh, hey, it's me. Let me know when you want to talk

Texting isn't talking

No, no, not that kind of over

Please say no. Please say no

Okay, okay

And not, okay

What is there to figure out yeah exactly that's what I would say and I'll never understand women man

She's just playing with it, you know, I think she's just playing with him

Maybe yeah, she's totally played with her. Like she's totally messing with your head man

That's what she does. She's just taking you out

All right guys this was pretty tense yeah

How do you feel how do I feel how much time do you have?

Not much heroics for you means paperwork for me, but I just wanted to say good job

Thanks. URI. I kind of needed that

It's awesome, so we got some skill point guys, so I was thinking

Let's use it

What do we have here this cost a three?

And this cost what's one?


This cost what. What is this? All right, it's just some abortion situation

Yeah, I mean, let's do let 's do this

And then what is this I have some crazy man that's a crazy Ibuka right there

And this is two points so we can get this but we can get maybe

that one and

Then we can get something like that

Yeah, I'll be good let's get that and then so we can get the other one

Cool. Awesome. All right guys, I think what we're gonna do is we're gonna call it the day here. That was pretty awesome episode

I hope you guys enjoyed this

If he has do me a favor and smash this like button and share this video with your friends

And I will see you guys in

Next video Pete out. Peace

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