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(What?) Taco! I need you to respond. ;-;

I can't- The echo is hurting me D:

I need help. S-so are we gonna draw or no?


Do you want to do a challenge?~

Cuz I'm bored

And we just started recording without a plan because we thought we could do something. So :/

What am I doing? D: Help me chirren ;-; NEVER

You lost me

I'm gonna make her have a warm skin tone

Do you want to color it as well?

Drawing an eyebrow. No just so I can get a better idea

It's also worth noting that I prepared so much on making a video and that I tried making one and it failed

Last-minute resorts on a Friday night at 10:00 p.m. I

Had all I've had like a month to do this cuz I planned on making one for October 6 and

Making it and finishing it off with it. But unless I start editing in 2 hours get it


I take for everyone on board and please here at my house and

I could help teach you to edit because you want me to shuttle and I've learned to edit


they're still kind of I am that immature person that is fine with my family if

That's okay. Like I can be serious if I need to but when I'm with people like you who never take anything seriously

I choose not to take anything seriously

Depending on the person I'm with I pretty much changed my attitude from serious not serious. Absolutely hilarious


Have to work hard

Smart is the one thing I can't fake because I have to be in all the honors classes

So those friends in those classes that I don't have in any other class or the ones I have to fake it for

Pretending to be smart for the fear then you will lose them

Die you're pretty much dime

Yeah when you're at the point that you don't care anymore

Just take a break

Your acting career is it needs a break? You just need to take a moment and appreciate the fact you're alive and

Continuing later. I

Don't know why is it like a continuing later like you're gonna continue acting weird later just take a break from it, you know

This makeup actually I thought it would

And even though we're doing about a commentary now, I worry I'm gonna edit a lot of it out space

Also, isn't it so much easier to commentate when someone's with you

When I'm not with someone that's like commentating is the actual hardest thing that was ever minute

Something I can't

do but when you're here, I have someone to talk to and it's just easier and

especially because it's actually you and you're easy to talk to for me because you're you

Okay, I can't

I'm just drew one. I

honestly, I couldn't stand to draw two for this because I knew I haven't done ID in a while like just eyes and then

like actually colored it or not it so I

Just decided to get my it's gonna be fun

Yay mile

What are you doing I haven't looked

And you worked you turn around

You're blocking yours, but I'm not mucking mine. Oh my god

Just color it from now on

You want to know what I find easier actually?

Sketching in black which I didn't even spend time

I just kind of want what I'm too lazy enough do actual

line art for an eye because I mean I've stopped doing line art so when it's realistic or something, so


I'm just gonna leave the makeup. Is that foreign? I think I think that's a little heavy

Nobody cares let's just forget me. Yeah

I'm you will be say you soon my child

Why is this light

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They Thought They Could Stop Him.. (2018-2019) - Duration: 10:32.

For more infomation >> They Thought They Could Stop Him.. (2018-2019) - Duration: 10:32.


דבר אלוהים | 'שתי ההתגלמויות משלימות את משמעותה של ההתגלמות' - Duration: 27:27.

For more infomation >> דבר אלוהים | 'שתי ההתגלמויות משלימות את משמעותה של ההתגלמות' - Duration: 27:27.




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How to Analyze a Dream of a Teacher with Search & Discovery Piercing Grandmas Nose - Duration: 13:42.

Hi guys, okay, I've got a little I found another place where I was like

I've been kind of journaling a little bit since 2014 and what is that?

That's four years I had to figure it out on my fingers yeah four years

So, this is from 2014 November 16th of 2014 and I put I had a strange dream

My grandma will came to me that my grandma's name was Mabel will

She had a hole through the bridge of her nose


Kind of forgotten about this dream there was a slight

Boozing. She handed me a straight

piece of jewelry I

Take off the clasp and put the jewelry through her nose and then secure it

When she was alive my dad and grandpa would not let her get her ears pierced because she was diabetic

It was fun to see grandma with her piercing through grandma's piercing was through her nose. I


What the meaning was?

So looked up piercing dreams on the Internet the nose represents

Curiosity related to issues that may be going on. I just found that so interesting because my grandma was a teacher

Well, actually she was a special education teacher and it sounds like I think my dad had said she was the first or second in

the state of Iowa and

so she was very a very curious person and

Sometimes when I was a little kid and

She was talking about wanting to get her ears pierced

it was like it was kind of like my dad and my grandpa I

am sure they were trying to be as well intended as they could but they were

Like shaming her and bullying it was kind of like that piling on

related to the information when she kept saying she wanted to get her ears pierced and

My dad grandpa would tell her no and my grandma at that time was she was probably my age

she could have been a little younger but I'm gonna say she was my age and

they kept telling her no because that's the information that was out that anybody who

was diabetic

Piercings were nasty. That's what they were putting out. They were nasty. And anybody who was diabetic

could not have piercings and

but even at the time though - it was sort of



You know

You know, they just put out this information that people with piercings were nasty and things like that, you know

and so even though I

did have my ears pierced and so did my sister, you know, so it was one of those things that

we did get to have our ears pierced and I

even took the initiative myself to put in second piercings myself when I was in probably in the

Eleventh grade or so?

I don't think that I don't know if you can still see him or not because I had him for a long time and

then I

Don't know if they're open or not anymore because I haven't put earrings in in such a long time

What but I

Don't know if you can see him or not

But anyway, I put the second one in myself because I wanted him double pierced

My mom told me no

So I went ahead and did it myself and then somehow oh my hair was long

So I hit him so she couldn't see I hit him and she I fell I hit him for like two years

Two years or more than that. Actually, I don't think she ever knew

So she didn't pay that close of attention to my ears, I guess

I mean because she's like no teeth one on each side is enough

And so I just took the second set of earrings myself because I wanted to have two

And I didn't see anything wrong with it

I didn't think people were nasty because like everybody in high school had peers sings and you know, and that was the same thing

I even thought with tattoos. I mean they've just disseminated this information for a long long time

About people who had body artwork or anything, you know, it's it's sad

It's just sad and to think that my grandma and I kind of remember her

You know watching and feeling sad for her because it's like my dad and my grandpa it's like the piling on you know

when I and when I say piling on it's like

It's like the football player who's at the bottom and then they just pile on and pile on and it's like no

You're gonna make yourself sick. You're gonna get sick and you're gonna get diseases from it if they use dirty

If they use dirty equipment, you're more susceptible because you're diabetic

you're more susceptible to all kinds of things and that's

That's what she was being told and sometimes it kind of looked like she was possibly crying

That's just kind of what it seemed like maybe she was crying a little bit

We're holding back the tears

that's what it kind of seemed like she was a strong woman and kind of put on a front her own self at times and


But it's strange to think of the bridge of the nose. You know, when you hear people talk about sleeping under the bridge

What does it really mean?

Well, we have a bridge of our nose. We all of us sleep under the bridge if you think about it

We sleep under the bridge, you know

there's people they say who sleep under the bridge of a bridge a bridge bridge we drive over and

You know and so I went out there there was other bridge oh the bridge on his ship

People sleep under the bridge of a ship

there's all kinds of

critical thinking

What defines what type of bridge we sleep under

you know you and you just say a bridge we all assume a bridge you drive over and

that's kind of why I thought it was funny like with the Adam bridges and

If you take and slow his name down

a dam

Bridges, so if you build a levee you can build a dam which becomes a bridge as well


Yeah, it's just kind of a play on words a word play on words

And so this was from November 16th 2014. I

Don't always remember my dreams

But when I do, I write them down a lot of times what I have more of this is like just profound

Thoughts more than anything maybe they are dreams, but I wake up and

Hear them coming into my head, I don't know

maybe they would be dreams, but I tend to wake up and then I want to write them down or

I'm a little bit lazy. Sometimes I might lay in bed and

Not go write them down and then I forget what I was thinking about so


But what but a lot of times I do a lot of times write things down

You know and a lot of times I do remember later, you know

So even if I didn't remember it earlier that day, I will remember a little bit later. So I don't know what it is

It's almost it's kind of like a waterfall of

has been let open and

Oh, there was an email talking talking about that that I received earlier about

People talking because when it's about women who are afraid to talk or speak out

kind of become pioneers for others and

I mean that and that was for me. It's been hard

it's been four years that this has been going on and I mean

I was just plugging along with my crochet crochet videos. I did not want to talk to anybody

You know, I mean, but well I shouldn't. Yeah, that's probably how it is. I would have generic conversations with people

I did not want to talk on camera

I didn't want to share any of my thoughts with anybody because I was so afraid

So afraid of what everybody was going to say

Mostly my family. Those are the ones they're the who have been the most judgmental and critical

On me my family the people who are closest to me have been the most judgmental and critical not all of them

But the ones who are closest to me have been

But I'll say my sister has been really really good and my daughter has been really really good neither one of them have judged me

Yeah, but they're the very few

Not judged me in all of this and I think I might have at least one cousin who hasn't judged me at least one

And she and she's been I don't even think she probably knows mostly. What's at what it was when she probably doesn't care but

She had told me what she had told me was

she said she dealt with the stuff earlier and I did have some conversations with her on Facebook when I had my facebook and

She said she had to deal with the things earlier. And so some of these these terms that have been coming up

she said she didn't know what the words would be called or at but

She shared with me about things that had happened to her as well

By the same family members, but she was strong and she was able to

work through it and not listen to them because

They would do this thing this gaslighting. I mean that there are our whole family

I think that's why I mean, I don't know how that happens but our whole

family has been exposed to gas lighting and that's basically what it is is it's

Piling on and the gas lighting someone it is so heavy. I mean, I don't I

Mean when you hear people talk about religion and you talk about NP and they say they're good Christian people

That I mean that that's fine to say that

But when you privately shame and blame and then Gaslight your family

There that is an illness itself. That's but I mean I can put that back on

The men in our family and a lot of the men

And I'm not saying all of them did it because they didn't but you know immediately the ones that I think of as my dad

and my mom both did it they did it to other people in our family and they did it to me and

Then they try to get like my husband to do it too, you know or just say, oh well something's wrong with her

Something's wrong with her and and that even goes into

Some of those chapters in the Bible, too

You know when you have people

Experiencing certain things and then and then they say, oh, it's the demons they're possessed. It's the demons

But but the thing I think about like right now we're experiencing that 2000 year event or whatever when they talk about

the plant planetary alignment that the Bible is a calendar kind of similar to the Mayan calendar and that

Sounds that sounds reasonable to me. That sounds that sounds really reasonable that the Bible is a calendar

And so if that's true, and there's some magnetic forces at play here

then some people are more sensitive to things than others, you know, either it's either it's magnetic forces of the planetary alignments or

There's something else going on and it's man-made and my thinking is the electromagnetic frequencies, you know

Whether whether they're man-made or whether they're planetary alignment magnetic frequencies

something's been going on for the past four years that

you know that that just


It does stuff to your brain and it makes it hurt. You know, it makes your body hurt

it it it just does stuff that is really painful and

You know, that's why I think it's funny when people talk of that. So that's another topic though

yeah, I'll just kind of stick with this one as as it is, so I don't know what I'm going to name this video, but

Yeah, maybe I'll call it under the bridge. That might be a good name under the bridge

What is the meaning of under the bridge?

Yeah, what is the meaning of under the bridge that might be a good title this video. So, okay. I'll see you guys soon and

Yeah, I

Have a lot to say now. I do I have a lot to say it's kind of like the dam has been opened

So I have a lot to say

Under the bridge from under the bridge. Yeah from under the bridge. That's where we are from under the bridge. We all have a bridge

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James Woods Strips Booker of 'Spartacus' Title, Hands It to Rightful Owner - Duration: 3:32.

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Lindsey Graham Throws the Gloves Off and Promises to FIGHT the Democrats - Duration: 3:28.

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2 way staircase || Minecraft Bedrock - Duration: 3:48.

This is an awesome design for a two-way staircase

Hey everyone I am the redstoner and I'm back with another redstone tutorial and in this one I'm gonna show you how to make this awesome

Two-way staircase as you can see when we flick the lever

it just goes into the ground revealing another staircase that goes down and

When you flick it again. It is just a simple staircase going upwards

So let's crack on

.for this fantastic build you're gonna need

seven sticky pistons

Three stairs three redstone repeaters three redstone torches one lever

Nine bits of redstone dust and just bring half a stack

I mean just bring a stack of building blocks and you're gonna start off

With a 8 by 4 area. So let's start building. First of all you wanna layout your pistons for that

go ahead and skip one block and on the second block on the side of the second block place a block over here and

And two sticky pistons facing this way

With a sticky piston facing upwards on their face like that break that block come to the side of this

Top sticky piston and place two more sticky pistons facing this way and

another one facing upwards like that then place stairs on their faces and

Come out one two three blocks and place a sticky piston facing this way

with a stair on it's face

like this the opposite of this

break, those three blocks and

Those are all of your sticky pistons laid out. Now let's get into the actual redstone

Just create a L-shape over here

Skip one block place a block over here a block over here a block over here and a block up like that

Then go ahead and place a block over here and a block over here

place your lever on the face of this block and

a redstone repeater coming out of that block going into this block with a torch and

A block on top of it then go ahead and place some redstone dust over here

A block over here and a block over here

Redstone dust and redstone dust

Then go ahead and place a redstone repeater set

Not a redstone repeater a test piece of redstone dust over there and a redstone repeater set to zero tix going into this block

then go ahead and place a piece of redstone dust over there a piece of redstone dust over there and a piece of it's and

Test over here

then go ahead and place a


Going into a block and another block off like that

Go ahead and place a piece of redstone dust over there and a torch on top of this block

Then come to this side and place

redstone torch over here

Then go ahead and

Flick your needle and you're gonna see that your whole build is working properly

So guys, thanks for watching

If you liked the video

Please smash that thumbs up button, and if you want to support me and get notified of all my future uploads

subscribe to my channel and if you have any stations you can tweet me my career is in the description or

You can comment down in the comment section down below, but I hope you enjoyed. Thanks watching

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