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hello it's kinoshita yuka



i bought "world's furikake" from ganso-tsukudani Shinbashi Tamakiya

that we are going to eat it with 1 huge bowl of rice

"world's furikake"...

so all the world use the furikake - Seasoning -

so let's see what inside the box...


looks at this, it's so colorful

there is in the inside...

Italian tomatoes

green curry


hot salsa

Olive Anchovies

bacon and eggs

the bacon and eggs looks so tasty

and what is this ?

aaah !


Mabo tofu

chicken curry

and Tom yum goong

there is 10 kind in the box, and 12 packs of seasoning

eating the rice and traveling around the world with this furikake is really an amazing thing

we will travel the world with this seasoning

and because i really like to travel, this is the best furikake

i bought 2 boxes

what makes it 24 packs

if you look and the ingredients here, you will notice that they used only a natural ingredients, and this is good


let's start eating


Jaaan, Italian tomatoes


i really want to visit italy

let's go today

it's impossible

from the inside...

this is how it looks like

it's so moist

and the smell of the hamburger steak is strong

tomato sauce with hamburger steak

hay, looks so tasty

the amount inside the pack is less than i thought


this goes so well with the rice

rich with the tomato flavor

and because of the onion in it, the taste is stronger


this goes so well with rice

the taste is so rich and strong

i thought at first that the amount is small but it needs plenty of rice

next, green curry

this and the italian one are 2 packs

this is what it looks like, and the smell is like the authentic green curry

there is some Bamboo shoots as well

that's right, they use Bamboo shoots to make the green curry



this is like the real green curry

it's spicy a little bit, and the texture is like the flakes

recently i'm so addicted to we bare bears

isn't so cute ?

i like a lot this anime

and the opening of this anime is so exciting

i want to be a bear

and this seasoning goes with the miso soup as well

even that we are eating a green curry seasoning

next, Maharaja, i think it's from india

aah, the smell of the curry is everywhere

with Carrots and Parsley

and it's so fluffy


the indian taste spreads in the mouth


spicy and tasty

next, chicken curry

there are plenty of curry type seasoning

because if you say rice, you will say curry

hay, this is how it looks like

there are plenty of ingredients...

Chicken, carrot, mushroom

because it's curry, you want to use the spoon



notable taste and yummy

and because of the mushroom and the fried chicken the taste is so Japanese

next, hot salsa

aaah, the smell of the spices is so strong


with the taste of the salsa

and it's spicy as well

and i can feel some kind of sour taste

i need to balance the amount of the rice with the seasoning, or will not be able to eat all of this 10 packs

next, Olive Anchovies

the smell of the fish is strong

the smell of the Anchovies


the taste of the Anchovies is super strong

strong and yummy taste

next, Tom yum goong

Tom yum goong is one of the 3 world's soups

ah, the smell is so refreshing

there is some shrimps as well

it's like the smell of the real Tom yum goong


the flavors are so various and the taste of the lemon is refreshing

next, Mabo tofu

the peas aroma is so good as well

mmmm, the taste of the mabo tofu is thick, spicy and hot

next, bacon and eggs

bacon and eggs are different items, but it goes together


it's bacon meat with eggs

the taste of the bacon with the light taste of the eggs

next, chinese zhàcài

there are plenty of chinese seasonings here

there are 10 packs, but it doesn't mean 10 countries

jaan, this is really the zhàcài

and the smell also is the smell of the zhàcài


this zhàcài is spicy and hot a little bit

with a notable and spicy flavor

this is only what left

and because there are 2 packs of the green curry and i ate just one before, i'm going to use it as the last one


green curry

the last bite, itadakimasu



the world's furikake was so tasty

and the variety was good as well

i bought 2 boxes but i ate only one

i thought at first that the amount is small but because the taste was so rich and strong, this made it goes so well with the rice

and it's so much fun to try the different kinds of seasoning from around the world

and because it was so tasty, why you don't try this as well ?

i'll put the url of it in the description feild

if there's anything You want me to do

please tell me in a comment Section below

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bye bye

all rights reserved. copyright © 2018 Kinoshita Yuka

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I think we have fewer points than we deserve, and today is clear evidence, but the dynamics are like that.

The team is competitive and progressively better, it competes against rivals of the highest level

It is true that we had certain moments of doubt or lack of continuity.

We need to realize opportunities, when we have chances we do not transform them into goals,

because either a defense arrives, because the goalkeeper is good or because we do not hit,

but as I said before, the team is very competitive.

I could say that at this stage of competition, the team is more competitive than last season.

It is clear that we have very few goals, but I am satisfied with the work of the strikers and the whole team

It is a pity we could not transform the chances we had

but anyway, we have drawn against a great team that comes from scoring 4 goals

to Tottenham in the rival field

they did not practically do any occasion of goal, or very few, the shot was out of the area,

in a situation in which we could have been more intense

and well, it's a pity because we made merits to have added the three points.

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Molvi Ki Bachi K Sath zeyadati - A Man rape with little girl

Molvi Ki Bachi K Sath zeyadati - A Man rape with little girl

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Stolen Facebook Account hacker could be sold at the dark web! Monetization 2018 - Duration: 9:04.

Facebook is on a major attack on September 25, 2018 and close to 50 million users

accounts were stolen.

Stolen accounts of illegal data and products 3-12 in the dark web where it is located

US dollar price specified.

Calculates digital currency bitcoin and bitcoin sold with cash.

Total of stolen data value can be 150-600 million dollars

being expressed.

The high value of the stolen accounts the reason is, all kinds of users

Photo, correspondence, Messenger calls and Fecebook linked to other

a combination of account information submission.

Experts know that the stolen information is personal and this information is fake by criminals

Creating accounts or Facebook users blackmail


Also receiver of high figures of data other cyber criminals to find this area

and similar in the coming days concern that attacks may increase

It is.

Details of the event and to be protected what should we do to the experts.

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Then let's start now.

Large legal trade sites such as product provider security on the dark web

according to the Dream Market The source where it is served is quite reassuring.

Facebook, by who made the attack and the center has not yet been determined

explaining accounts from dark web did not give any information about the sale.

Facebook's Vice President Guy Rosen he said,, I understand the details

We work hard for you, more information we will announce it when we own olduğ


Facebook officials on Tuesday, September 25 a wide range of attacks


According to the description of cyber attackers, s "Eyesight vulnerabilities

discovering a digital key stole access tokens.

To prevent logins from being logged and that their weaknesses have been eliminated.

more than 50 million whether the account information is captured

and for what purpose if used the questions are severely

created fear.

One of the most comprehensive security cases it is thought

attack against all users various types of password security

measures should take Bitdefender Turkey Flame Akkoyunlu Director of Operations,

Facebook users online safety warnings.

90 million Facebook users, September 28 When he wants to enter the site on Friday morning

seeing that it was closed suffered astonishment.

Users can then Facebook officials they predict that they were both affected by this attack

50 million, similar to last year 40 million accounts that are affected by a problem

by resetting your session the data leaked.

According to the description, Security vulnerabilities in the View property

unidentified hacker leaking into the system or hacker group stolen access tokens,

without key access to the accounts they want easily

it leads.

So far the investigation, the user log in

hacker a hacker or a technology researcher

it offers information that it is not.

This should account for at least 50 million users information of an unknown person, group

or may have been stolen by the institution and uncontrolled countless malicious processes

indicates that it can be used.

Facebook, this section of the attack Feature of turning off security vulnerabilities

temporarily disabled.

But Facebook officials attacked detailed study of

and the subject of law enforcement officers related to the information given about the

the fear of users does not.

ASIL DANGER IN MESSENGER According to Statista data, Facebook Messenger

Largest in the world with 1.3 billion users second instant messaging platform.

With this attack from any device to the system hackers who can access, but also automatically

no end-to-end encryption system the largest messaging platform in Messenger

also reaches the conversation history.

People who found their accounts closed secret feature between

non-keeping users, attack therefore it is thought to be more affected.

The attack includes Messenger, private messages via chat screen

sent photos, group conversations, place notifications and many other specials

meaning that information may be in dangerous hands It is coming.

Sensitive to a single photo or message even people sharing on the internet

while changing the life of this situation expected to create big problems.

Other than individual use, companies the situation seems dangerous.

Facebook and Messenger a user using as support and communication platform

companies to take measures as soon as possible and to notify users


Chang Chi-yuan, a young hacker with a chicken, On September 28, Facebook

that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, will hack his account and live moments

It announced.

Previously directed to some other companies his attacks were successful,

Chi-yuan's Zuckerberg account his attempt was fortunately luckily

It resulted.

Nevertheless, this is even the founder of the platform hacking attempts to escape

is showing.


'Data breach in Facebook then, Internet users in Turkey

almost all of them have a Facebook account emergency alert

we hear it. gere

Bitdefender statements contained in Turkey Director of Operations Alev Akkoyunlu and Facebook

the same password as the password all mail and account passwords

stresses the need.

Akkoyunlu, despite all measures from institutions weakness

practices and removing unnecessary applications from devices


Facebook passwords must be changed immediately and where the numbers and letters are

Alpha-numerical passwords difficult to break should be selected.

Selected new password, previously on Facebook or any email address or

No used in social media platform should not be the same as the password.

You can also search for passwords for security should be changed again.

Two-factor authentication feature must be activated on all platforms.

Always use the login password next to, via mobile phones or mails

with a second verification password additional protection should be provided.

Facebook user information to applications should not be entered.

Facebook account by logging in

a data leak on Facebook, a large number of accounts in these applications

Leaves risk.

Therefore, another introduction to applications method should be selected.

Applications should be kept secret.

No matter how much precautions are taken, security vulnerabilities users

more applications a cautious attitude and unnecessary

use of applications It should be avoided.

After you have provided this information, We have come to the end.

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