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Latest Tech Updates 2018

Metro Pass

Google Launch

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Facebook Updates

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Jack Uses Too Much Numbing Cream - Will & Grace (Episode Highlight) - Duration: 3:17.

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Jeep Wrangler JK Diablosport inTune i3 Tuner (2007-2015) Review & Install - Duration: 4:47.

Hey, guys.

Today, I'm here with the Diablosport inTune i3 Tuner, fitting all 2007 to 2015 JK Wranglers.

This is going to be a perfect option if you're looking to maximize the performance out of

your JK, if you're looking adjust for your wheel and tire size as well as your gear ratio,

and read and clear trouble codes.

This is going to have a number of different features to diagnose, tune, and calibrate

your JK that I will dive into in just a minute.

At the moment, this is going to be roughly $380, which is not a bad price for a tuner

and this is going to be the upgraded version of the i2 Tuner that does not have all of

the functionality or features that this one does.

Install's going to be a really easy one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter

because this is plug and play so let's just jump over to the Jeep and I'll show you how

this thing works.

So before you take your tuner to your Jeep, I would recommend with this and all tuners

that you have the most updated version of the software installed.

All you have to do is plug the cable into the bottom portion of your tuner and then

you can take the ODBII connector and attach it to your ODBII.

So after we plug in our tuner and it turns on, this will be our first prompt.

This is just letting you know that this will increase your performance and your fuel economy

but to never use this while you're operating your vehicle.

So this is just agreeing to those terms, so we can hit yes.

And then you have your three settings.

So you have your first option that says tune your vehicle and then you have your second

option that says scan your vehicle.

So if you do get a trouble code or a check engine pops up, you can go into your scan

tool and you can show all of your trouble codes.

If it's not anything major, if you don't want to keep it there, and you'll also be able

to clear those trouble codes to get them out of the way.

So after your vehicle is tuned and you want to gather some data on your horsepower and

torque gains, you can go into your data logging feature and data log for different periods

of times.

So once you hit data logging, you can press record to record real-time data of what's

going on with your Jeep at that moment when you're driving and you can restore to default


So after you're in settings, you have a couple options that come up.

Your first option is your WiFi configuration.

So if you're on the go and you need to update your tuner, this does have WiFi connectivity

that you can do that and tune your tuner right there and then.

So with the WiFi connectivity, you can update your tuner on the go, but if you want to download

the software on your PC or Mac, this is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X for Mac.

Next option is for Analog Input Setup.

This is where you add new parameters.

So if you're adjusting to your wheel and tire size, if you're adjusting your gear ratio,

if you need to adjust your idle time, your battery voltage, you can add, modify, and

delete your parameters or restore back to your factory parameters in this section.

Then you have your sound and display which is basic.

You can adjust the brightness of your tuner and adjust the volume.

You also have advanced options so this is also a part of the WiFi connectability where

you can check for updates and you can access Diablo's tech support menu which will have

some troubleshooting options.

So then you can go into your tune option.

You're going to have a couple of different options when you open this screen.

You're going to have an easy tune and an advanced tune option to where you can either use the

preloaded tunes and the Dyno-tested performance programs, or you can go into the advanced

options and you can set up a custom program for yourself.

So that's what's going to give you the max amount of horsepower and torque depending

on what you're doing.

If you're crawling, if you're racing, if you're doing anything with your Jeep that you want

a tune on it, you can access that there.

So with the tuning, this will also be 50 state smog legal, so this will pass all of your

emissions tests and you won't have to worry about that.

So that wraps it up for my review and install.

If you have an '07 to '15 JK and you're looking to gain the max performance out of it, you

can check out the Diablo inTune i3 Tuner right here at

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Wedding Plans - Chicago Med (Deleted Scene) - Duration: 0:42.

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Rockstar Baby! - I wanna be in a band - Duration: 1:25.

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I love music!

Music loves me…YEAH!

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Fishing in Thailand for Monsterfish! Record Arampia, Siamese carp and Catfish (English subtitels)! - Duration: 25:59.

i'am fishing for 15 minutes and look what a fantastic redtail catfish

Hello everybody welcome in this new video from Dwfishingteam

Finally, Finally here is my fishvideo from Asia.

you've waited for this a long time, I am travelling for three months now

I have visited Laos, Combodia and Vietnam.

Now I' am fishing in Thailand

I'am fishing in a lake with a lot off big fish. Probably not smaller than 20 pounds.

As you can see are my rods in and the Delkims are on

Enjoy the movie!

*Thai conversations*


That was a epic fight from about 50 minutes

Never been so tired after catching a fish

120 lb ! never had such an epic fight like this. Amazing!



What a fish!

two little fishflavour pellets did the job

such a small bait, but it works

more than 50 minutes of fighting

i'm so tired, but it is totally worth it

you really have to feed the fish constantely

especially today, it's 33 degree

you have to keep them hungry

so feed them every 10-15 minutes with some pellets

at every spot you fish

the fishes will stay at your spot

and you will catch them!

I'am feeding at 3 spots, but fish with two rods

so after every bite, I will switch the spot to have more oppertunity to catch another fish

now it's time to feed some dead fish

looks delecious, right?

break the fish in pieces

to have more attraction of the flavours

I am trying to catch the predators:

snakehead, aligator gar and arampia

we try to catch on dead fish

still not catch them yet

But we still have one and a half day so it will be fine

Come on!

Hello, what's this?

you were screaming mr. Delkim?

Let's try it, the line is become slack

the second redtail, a beautifull one

16 kg

a bit smaller than the last one

love this!

you guys probably thinking:

that lazy boy with his bite alarms

but it isn't so relaxing as you think!

it's really intense, never expected this before

but every 10 minutes you are feeding...

observating and look were you can find the fish

because the arampia and aligator gars

are juming often out of the water

and some water waves made by the carps

you really have to see everything to catch more fish

feed a lot, cast the rod in again, and switch the pellets

they are only stay on your hair for 45 minutes

so it's not a relaxing activity

I've hooked a arampia

I placed it very close to the bank

and two minutes later I received the bite

Did you saw it?

keep low!

He was breathing at the surface

and that's the moment to lose the fish

because he will jump out of the water and he maybe will damage his self

so the first bite I lost

Cast the bait back again

and only 15 minutes later, the same fish bite again


The fish is so close..

Fuckk no!

He's off!

It's a big shame, I've hooked a really big arampia

around 150 centimeter

I know because he was very close, you can see it on the film

He was huge

So I did nothing wrong

Just kept my line on tension

But he went under the waterplants, gives one big powershot

and loses the hook

it's a shame

usually one of the three arampia's be landed

and a bite of a arampia during the day isn't so normal

mostly this will be in the morning of evening

so it's a good sign. Maybe I get another bite of them.

Only three of the 12 spots will be fished every day

such a good rule

because the fishes won't avoid a spot because the know there are always anglers

you are creating rest on the different spots

the fishes won't be suspiciously,

and will catch them more often....

I am fighting again,

check this bended rod. It's a siamese carp again

It's hard film and fight together

when he's doing an attack and swim off

Hope he's ready now

There he is

Look at this: enjoyings!

I am power off the cam for a moment

20 kg Siamese carp

Love it!

Check this huge mouth

I will release him

One last shot

anddd he's gone


The guides here carrying carefully for the fish

This is the net we land redtail catfish

and Siamese carp

so the fish will always stay above the water, and would never damage.

and with this net you can catch snakehead, aligator gar and arampia

It's a kind of cradle

Nothing will happened with the fish

Look what we have here:

Hookpellets to fish with

this is the weigh-car

the hook to mount the net with

when you catch a really big one, you can weight it over here

great solution, only not so mobile

a fish touched the line

It even happends in Thailand

the conformation of eating fish at your spot

that's my spot

guys, it's unbelievable

the bait was only 10 minutes in the water

and the pellet is eaten again

but i prefer to catch a arampia at this moment

In this lake, there are also some Indian carps

looks a bit yellow coloured, a specie I also wanna catch

So maybe it's the fish I am fighting with now

Look at this: another redtail

around 17 kg

such a brute head

so nice!

see you later my friend

The air is getting darker and darker

probably it's gonna thunder soon

But no worries, I have shelter and a fantastic meal

great service, love it!

the weather is totally changed

but I still get bites

another carp again

24 kg

looks a bit albino coulered

good job!

It's almost the end of day one

Catched lots of Siamese carp

Almost no time to do other things

Now I'am fishing with both rods for Arapaima

because I want to catch a Arapaima

The weather is changing and that can improve the catches.

tomorrow i'll be back at 6:30 to catch a Arapaima

lost it

this is insane

I saw a Arapaima 2 meters out of the side swimming

I put my bait in and within 5 minutes it was taken

but unfortunately I lost the fish

and this is left off the bait

too bad

people only fishes at three spots

this is the next spot

you can see how close to my spot

so it's not so smart to fish also here

the neighboor at the other side of the lake 's got a fish

yes, he's fighting

so every day they are changing the spots to mislead the fishes

they don't know were are people fishing

so there's there isn't to much line pressure

also a good idea is fishing with slack lines

they are not so stupid anymore

this is how it works

meanwhile it's raining

now i'm fishing with two deadbaits

instead of the pellets

so it's time for arampia

*skip 30 seconds, dubbel used fragment, sorry

It is time to go home

the last hour, after sunset was the best one

I received three more bites of arampia, but lost them all

soo bad!

the rods are out

the rodpod is covered

and it's time to leave, unfortunately, see you

goodmorning guys, day 2 it's 6 o clock,

just woke up

the vieuw from my hostel, not bad at all

17th floor

and when you zoom

that's the mountain were the magic happends

about 9 km away from here

the reason why i rented a motorbike

so let's start fish day 2

let's go

this is the motorbike I am using

the lake is located in the middle of nowhere

this is the closest 'city'

taxi drivers don't even know were it is

so I need it badly

great solution: time countig traffic lights. You exactly know how you've to check facebook

when you've more money to spend then this pour student/backpacker

you can book this resort

it's so luxery and good looking

palm threes everywhere


koi - and arampiapools,



so beautiful

however, I don't have enough money to use it

soo this is the pool. No koicarps inside but

arampia's from about two meters

let's feed them

I am back for 15 minutes at a new spot

doing faster like home

this resort also developed their own rigs

those are the carp rigs

this one for predators, such a big hook

there we go again

catching 40 pounders whole the day

and there he's going again, crazyhouse

action, action!

95 lbs, my second biggest fish this trip

around 41, 42 kg

so happy with it

what an animal!

Look this this huge head


today i'm really wanna catch an arampia, so I already have cut these fishes

Again an arampia at the other side of the rod

so much power

I feel he will breath at the surface

so I put the top of my rod under water, otherwise you'll lose it

lost them four times, but now finally he's mine

175 cm, 200 pound


the same size as I am

I hard fight of 30 minutes

lost it almost a couple of times

the last day, the last two hours, he's finally mine

amazing experience!

so, so nice

I'am so happy!

most exciting 30 minutes of me live

the last 120 minutes of my fishing day and it happened!

After 2 minutes I saw it is an arapaima

It would be my last change to catch one

It was a nice fight

But after all the boys catch the Arapaima with the cage.

1,75 meter just as long as me 200 lb

really great and that we a small fish

unfortunately ca'nt take a picture

but we can make screenshots

I'am so happy!

The last fish of my fishing trip

45lb retailcatfish

It was fantastic catch 15 fish in 2 days

a lot different species

and this is the last one

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The fish trip is at his end

I have caught 15 fish

had a several times a new record

Do you also want to fish here?

Go to Jurrassic Mountain and fishing

It's quite expensive but it is more than worth it

day of my life!

The facilities are good you have a cottage, Wi-Fi, power and airconditioning

Did you like the movie? But your thump up and subscribe! here ------------------------------>

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*UPDATE* Nintendo 3DS Emulator Citra for PHONES! - Duration: 17:03.

Good day guys Austin here

and in this once today

We are taking a close look at 3DS games playing on our Android devices and phones now

I released a video a few days back covering Citra now brilliant on Android

That is absolutely groundbreaking and something I didn't expect at the time. All the news is brand new

It was new to me and I was pretty much playing catch-up on that day to try and find as much information to give to

You as possible straight from the horse's mouth. Now. There are lots of myths there's lots of videos

There's lots of misinformation that is gathering around the internet right now as people get on this type train now

It is great. And it is awesome. It is completely legitimate. It is open there and people can in fact do this

but again, there is so much misinformation and people


casting rumors and all kinds of stuff

What I want to do in this video is bring you up to date with some of the enhancements that are coming through with Citra

Some of the feedback that you guys have been given and answering many of the questions that you guys have been asking

Now if you haven't seen my previous video I will implore you to do so it does cover a lot of the stuff

Which I'm not gonna cover in this video

but what I want to do is bring you completely up to date is where we're at right now and

Some of the exciting stuff which is happening

Right in the future. So without further ado. Let's get stuck in

So first off I want to concentrate on and update you guys to give you

Up-to-date information as to what the hell has been going on Wilbur out right now and what to expect in the near future

But first off let's take you back

So the Citra team seen what was going on on YouTube

There's a huge buzz the world has errupted in Opera as people can now play

3ds titles on the Android phone it is completely legitimate. It's not a scam. There's no weird stuff going on

It's all aboveboard. It's all completely legal and you can now

100% play 3ds on your Android but there is lots of caveats to go along with that

So the Citra team seen what was going on and it was released as we talked about in the previous video

syn chin ving now as part of the fork they

Contacted him and they are more than happy to say that he is joining the core

Citra team

They will be working towards an official polish set report to Android in the near future

the current app or apk is

Working off an old build of sitri is still needs lots of tinkering to get it up to its full functionality

So think of that build as more of a teaser as to what is about to be unleashed more of a demo

Let's say so with all this in mind I can tell you now that the cat is well and truly out of the bag

Everybody knows that Citra or free DS games can be played on Android devices and it is very fruitful

The future is very bright. In fact, the Citra team have known about this for some time because

Secretly they've been working on himself for some time now

This isn't a story of they did it first and yet we've been working on this for ages

It has that sleeping out there to the general public for ages. It's just that nobody's actually picked up on it and

Well, it's so nice Indian ving doing the hard work himself

Which is actually proven to everybody else over than the Citra team that this is now actually something that can happen

Now that the Citra team are seen it public is now made sure this will come to fruition

even faster now if you was to go on to their Citra team and their developers get hubs their

Repositories all that kind of stuff. You'll actually see cold working along these lines for a long time

They have denied that it has been working and that they are working on it and all that kind of stuff

Not to keep it under wraps not to keep this secret like some I don't know Underground emulator that only special people can use

But because they didn't want to give people false. Hope at this stage. They know that this journey will be a long one

It's a lot support such a high end

Handheld device over to an Android phone even if you have got the latest one out there

It does take a hell of a lot of resources

which to be honest hasn't really been seen in the emulation scene of - now now with

Sinchon VIN and his breakthroughs that he implemented all on his old

Into the official Citra builds and then having the officials Citra themselves working together

Now means that they can push forward the development of this even faster. They did have this on the sidelines

This was been a work in progress for a long time

Development wasn't really pushing forward because they were concentrating more on the PCs out of things

now that this has blown up all over the internet and they've seen the kind of

Feedback that people are getting and the hunger that they have for playing this on the mobile phones

We have now sped up that development cycle and so we can see this even faster

It means that straight from the horse's mouth

This will probably be available within the next month or two

the D first release of this will be

groundbreaking a lot better than what you've just seen on the previous build that demo build was working on an older version of

Sitri, a lot of the enhancements compatibility and performance tweaks that are in the more later builds of sitri

Haven't been implemented into that one

Firstly then. Let's take a look at the compatibility

one of the biggest features that one of the new builds will bring along is

What we call we've been doing this on a PC for a while the user folder now in older versions of sitri

He needed what was known as the user folder at to play some games. What this is is basically your all file from your 3ds

imported into the emulator

now they can't put this in a standard because a lot of the assets that are in that user folder are actually

protected or under copyright from Nintendo

so some of the fonts some of the assets that I used in order to make the games run are actually included in there and

Because they are property of Nintendo. They can't include it because like I said, this is a completely legal emulator

So sharing anything that's owned by anybody else isn't right

but they do show you on the website how to

Sort all that kind of stuff out yourself if that's the way you want to go

But with their more recent bills, they've actually got around this by using or trading off some of the more open source

assets such as

License free fonts and all that kind of stuff implemented into that user folder. So yet it's not 100%

from the original Nintendo 3ds

But it is fully compatible

And unless you were looking really really closely you would never ever notice

So that wasn't included in the original one

So when you went to load up some of the games they would just crash

Because it was looking for that user folder for those fonts for those assets

Which meant that when it couldn't find it the game just stopped and that meant that many of the games that are playable on

Citra weren't playable in that version

Another issue and probably the biggest one which you'll notice when you're launching and you do get the games to work is the actual speed

in which they run out so the original 3d s were in anywhere between

20 to 60 frames per second with depending on what game you're running now

With the way that this game is being emulated. You're probably getting about

50% of that at best even on the highest end mobile phones now

This is mostly down to the bottleneck of the CPU

It's got nothing to do with the graphics drivers or what render and processes

It uses is all being bottlenecked at this moment by the CPU now on the PC

We the exact same problem. It was to do with the CPU JIT

That is what they come up with as a solution to solve this problem

And the problem is that that hasn't yet been implemented over to the Android version of this port

But good news is that it does know about people are working on it

And this is the biggest reason why this build was released to the public by the Citra team themselves

They wanted to get this worked on

Solved and pushed out. So it's ready to go straight out the box now as of yet would not use any cpu JIT

it's running completely without and

With that what's basically happening is it's as you play through the game. He's taking the cold or the game information

It's reading it is processing. It is pushing it out reading it processing and pushing it out reading process

Push it out that's happening over and over again

countless times per second

and with that comes processor power and much of that information doesn't actually need to be used because

It's either already done it or it's just useless information. That doesn't need to process in the first place

Now what CPU JIT was it actually learns of that process?

So if you doesn't need to do it, it doesn't do it. And if it has done it already. It just pushes it out

So it doesn't need to process it every time

which means that yeah from time to time you make out a little stutter here and there as it does something you

But in most cases you'll find that it just runs

over and over again and you won't even notice it it runs games full speed due to the

Implementation of this now. Like I said in this build it's not implemented

It hasn't been able to be translated into the Android version and that is what they've been working on for

Example if I was to load up my version of the PC one as you can see now

You'll see at the top here

We've got emulation tab configure and if it was to go over to the debug tab

And you'll see under miscellaneous. We've got enable CPU G a standard

This will come ticked and there's no reason to untape this at all

It won't help won't do anything other than actually slow your game down

This is one of the biggest breakthroughs that came through when they first started made in the actual Citra emulator on the pc

So if I was to disable this right now

I'm running this on an 87 100k an i7 over cut to five big Hertz my PC

can run this pretty well even with this disabled but

Let's see how well it does run

So I'm gonna load up Super Mario 3d Land and as you can see at the bottom of the screen, we are currently burning

85% so running around 50 frames per second. This is a 60 frame per second game. So that is on an

8700 2k overclock to 5 gigahertz if you were to translate that onto even the fastest mobile phone

Processor the knock-on performance would be times. I can't even do Karel board in a match, but you get my point this

System can't run this without CPU J

If you were to run it on a mobile phone the hit would be astronomical as you are seeing

While playing it on that field

So the sooner they get this CPU JIT saw it the sooner you will see the kind of performance that you want

Now as of yet the build that beggar released first likely won't include this kind of CPU jet performance

They are working on this tirelessly and they have been for some time

That's one of the biggest reasons why they never actually released this to the public yet

They wanted to get that bright now it will take some time

they are on about maybe even a year before we see this implemented to the kind of standard which we would expect and

Even then the phones may not be able to handle it yet. They may be able to run it at full speed

But with the processing power that's enabled even through the JIT

You may still see slowed down due to the throttling of the amount of information as being processed through your CPU

Rest assured that it is being worked on and they do know about this

So the great thing is that this isn't something that they need to learn or something like that

It's actually something that they know about it's just a case of actually building it to push it out

So you guys can reap the rewards just like everybody else. So that is the biggest entrance for now in terms of speed

When it comes to the sound obviously through that emulator now there is no sound whatsoever

And that's probably a good thing. You see when you have low speeds on these games running through Citra

It's not very well optimized for sound even on the PC version. So if you've got

Fluctuating frames per second all that kind of stuff you get a lot of crackling you get a lot of warping and it's just not

A good experience all round

Once the speed is somewhere up to par then the sound probably will be enabled so you guys don't get deafened so

Yeah, it's older. It's all being worked on and hopefully now this has brought and shined some light onto the reasons

Why would not see in the performance and the emulator working to its full potential?

It's all known about people know exactly what to do. It's just a case of making the magic happen

so to summarize all this then it is being worked on people know what the problems are and it is pushing forward as

fast as people can handle and

Cinch in ving is now part of the Citra team. So it means that the open source has triumphs again. Yep

He did make a fork. He did branch off from it, but he's been brought back into the fold

People are now working together and it's just blown this completely open

So people are striding forward as you can see

People know all the problems people can see what needs to be done is just a case of implementing it all

So this magic can happen

Hopefully from me making this kind of video and you guys know about this it could bring more public awareness

It could bring more people into the fold

Developers out there it want to get involved who think they could aid this kind of cause go over to the Citra

Discord go over to the Citra website ask about it employ your help

They are greatly needed on it. If you are no good at that kind of stuff to try and contribute towards their patreon

I'll put link in description down below funds all go towards making this magic happen

It's completely voluntary

In terms of you donating and of course the work that they do all the funds go towards the development

It's not them sitting on a beach somewhere and living it up

These are all volunteers putting in their spare time to make this magic happen. So you guys actually get a free emulator

Nothing of this will ever be paid if you see scams on websites asking you to put in your details

Asking you to pay for certain files folders all that kind of stuff do not do it

That is not what Citra is about and this not what this community is about over there. They are completely aboveboard

Completely doing this legitimately. They don't want to side on any dodgy dealings or anything like that

They just want to make you

Play your games as you were intended for the love of gaming in general, and I love that kind of stuff. So, thank you

So much to the Citra teams

Thank you so much for your help making this video bring you this kind of public awareness to you guys. Look at their Twitter

I'll put links in description down below fill up also on there

they are go do a public statement reiterating a lot of the subjects that I've covered here and

Well, you guys can get involved and talk to them. Also, I'll put links to everything that I've covered in the description as always

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glorious day

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IMF also downgraded Korea's economic growth rate. Next year will continue adversity. - Duration: 5:25.

IMF also downgraded Korea's economic growth rate. Next year will continue adversity. (Translated by

While domestic institutions have lowered Korea's economic growth this year and next, the IMF has also lowered it to 2.8 percent, below 3 percent.

It is expected to fall further next year, to 2.6%.

The main reason is that the world economy itself is slowing down due to heightened tensions caused by trade wars and capital outflows due to interest rate differentials.

It is predicted that Korea will continue to suffer from these two influences.

Countries with high exports, such as Korea, are said to have a significant impact if protectionism in the United States or China is strong.

Also, anxiety is increasing because the difference between the interest rate with the US is increasing and it is predicted that it will expand further in the future.

This view is almost identical to other institutions.

The Bank of Korea is currently forecasting a rate of 2.9%, but it is believed that other agencies will also downgrade.

The growth rate for next year is expected to be 2.5% ~ 2.7%, and it is expected that the Bank of Korea will also lower this rate.

Article Source:

Korea's reaction

He said he wanted to save the country's economy for the lost nine years.

The people have chosen you to save the economy. I did not choose to live in North Korea.

Hanging on the throat ... Hang in the press ..

It is time for the people to judge.

I do not know how to do it

Is 2.6% growth really possible?

Look at the unemployment rate, which stood at 370,000 on average, without any great policies. 2.6% is not too hot ...

Whether the economy of the country breaks down or the prices of their apartments have doubled, how much do they like it?

Still, Kim Jong Eun is recovering his approval rating in Seoul. Kim Jong Eun is elected in any area.

It's getting harder next year ... people who raise interest rates are ... what are they doing ...?

You said that in the second half, it will be better. President?

What about the rate hike?

When we come to this news, the future is uneasy. I am afraid that their children will endure a rough world.

Apart from the real estate bubble economy, it is minus.

Jobs of young people who are the hope of the country must be created

Do you eat and drink? .... The economy will be depressed from next year. Get ready ....

The minimum wage is 52 hours a week.

Is it important to eat and live? Is the nuclear issue more important? It is more important to eat and live right now.

The general public already knows that next year will become more difficult.

Comment from: Working women 0dZu

Editing impressions (Japanese editor's thoughts)

In previous reports, it was revealed that Samsung Electronics made the best profit in the past quarter and continues to drive the Korean economy.

That is boosting Korea's economic growth rate significantly. Others are petrochemicals.

Other major industries have been slowing exports as the institutions pointed out that they were fueled by the US-China trade war.

Even though it is not growing, it is decreasing its market share thanks to the remarkable Chugoku company.

Most of the voices that revile the Moon Jae-in regime, but it will not be helped already.

Regardless of the income-driven policy, no matter what the minimum wage increase is, if it can not produce a result, it will have to be criticized.

However, there is no medium - and long - term policy, so there is no sign of recovery.

The supporters say that they have to wait till now for the time being until they come out, but it seems like there is no such long term policy.

It is difficult for the Republic of Korea to excel, as the IMF predicts that the global economy itself will slow down as it is.

In addition, Japan is forecast to continue its low growth rate of 1.1 percent this year and 0.9 percent next year.

It is said that no country is suffering because there is no growth engine.

Thank you for watching.

I would appreciate your evaluation of the video if you do not mind.

It is fortunate that you can give me a favorable rating, bad value, and no specifications.

In addition, please register in channel if you are ok.

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NEW Clash of Clans TH10 Base 2018 | Town Hall 10 TROPHY/FARMING Base | Anti QueenWalk - Duration: 10:28.

NEW Clash of Clans TH10 Base 2018 | Town Hall 10 TROPHY/FARMING Base | Anti QueenWalk

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102 m2 Stenbygatan House in A Quiet And Peaceful Environment | Beautiful Small House Design - Duration: 2:07.

102 m2 Stenbygatan House in A Quiet And Peaceful Environment

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Chuyện kỳ bí từ một cây sao. Chuyện Tâm Linh - Duration: 16:56.

For more infomation >> Chuyện kỳ bí từ một cây sao. Chuyện Tâm Linh - Duration: 16:56.


(FREE) Lil Baby Type Beat 2018 x Gunna x Lil Uzi Vert x Wheezy "CHANGE UP" | Free Type Beat 2018 - Duration: 2:56.

(FREE) Lil Baby Type Beat 2018 x Gunna x Lil Uzi Vert x Wheezy "CHANGE UP" | Free Type Beat 2018

For more infomation >> (FREE) Lil Baby Type Beat 2018 x Gunna x Lil Uzi Vert x Wheezy "CHANGE UP" | Free Type Beat 2018 - Duration: 2:56.


Stop Back Acne Now | Best Home Remedies For Back Acne - Duration: 3:31.

home remedies for back acne acne is always irritating and painful skin

problem however the problem can be much worse if you suffer from back acne acne

on your back can make it difficult for you to sleep and slow the healing

process people usually choose to ignore it because they think others cannot see

their acne often acne scars can leave women choosing against backless dresses

and men avoiding activities like swimming that would mean they had to

take off their shirt this may be causes for your back acne like other acne back

acne can causes for countless factors typically sebum which is oiled from

oversea bakas glass helps to improve our skin's softness however when the release

of sebum becomes excessive or deficient it both results in acne back acne is a

result of too much sweating and respiration it is more likely to happen

if you do not let your back skin breathe especially after exercise however there

are some of the possible causes of back acne such as hormonal disorders at the

sebum production cosmetics or head products adverse effects of drugs not

having proper nutritional diet here are some useful home remedies for back acne

using natural and simple ingredients that are available in kitchen lemon

juice lemon juice can exfoliate dead cells efficiently it can also give you a

helping and eliminating Brucie's because of its anti swellin agents directions

take a lemon and cut into two halves and rub them on your infected skin repeat

this process for two to three times per week until you are satisfied with the

results of the cider vinegar I will say the vinegar is one of the best natural

treatments for all types of acne including your back acne it is rich

source of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and also

helps to balance the pH level of the skin which is important to keep your

skin free of any kind of problem dilute one tablespoon

of apple vinegar with one cup of water apply the solution on affected area let

leave for 10 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water repeat this process two

to three times a day borax borax is considered a natural anti

acne agent do too powerful antimicrobial agent helps to eliminate bacteria and

other toxins on the skin it works as anti inflammatory agent which helps in

reducing pain and inflammation associated with backache name direction

put 1/2 teaspoon of borax in a bowl mix 1 teaspoon of glycerin and little water

to form paste apply the paste on your back where you have acne allow it to dry

and rinse your skin with warm water and splash the area with cool water and pat

dry repeat this process twice a day conclusion by following above home

remedies you can get rid of back acne by using inexpensive ingredients thank you

for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos

For more infomation >> Stop Back Acne Now | Best Home Remedies For Back Acne - Duration: 3:31.


Last of His Tribe "IF" the loneliest man alive? - Duration: 6:04.

Most of us live or work in a big city, we are subjected to a constant stream of noise

and organized chaos.

We toil away dreaming of the few weeks we get each year to relax and do what we wish.

Maybe you're an adventurous type and choose to go on exciting getaways or just enjoying

relaxing on the beach.

The peace and quiet and getting away from the rat race being your idea of heaven.

The idea of being alone, spending time in solitude, seeming to be very appealing, but

can this go too far?

From books and movies like I am legend and omega man being alone may not be all, it's

cracked up to be.

One man who has firsthand experience of being totally alone makes for a sad story.

Let's take a look at the story of the last surviving member of an Amazon tribe.

Welcome to if…………………………………………

This is the loneliest man on the planet, a video of the last surviving member of an Amazon


This older man thought to be in his mid-fifties has been alone in the rainforests of Brazil

for the past twenty-two years.

Unlike us who often dream of escaping the people we have to deal with on daily basis,

he had no choice after his friends, family and entire tribe were murdered.

This short video clip was released by the Brazilian government showing the last member

of a tribe living in solitude in the remote forests of the Amazon.

The North West state of Rondonia is a heavily deforested area, under constant threat from

logging companies and farmers looking to clear forest to make more grazing land for their


Because of this 4000 hectares has been set aside for this man.

The government preventing anyone from entering or having contact with this last surviving

tribe member.

There is a constant threat to this man and his patch of forest even though under Brazilian

law all indigenous peoples have a right to land.

To keep protecting this area they need to show proof of life, and it is very important

that they provide this as local government is under constant pressure from agribusinesses

wanting to expand their territory.

Groups such as survival international work to protect this man and other tribes who are

constantly pressured, run off of their land and like in this man case murdered.

The uncontacted man is believed to be the only survivor of an unknown tribe, this after

his group of the six last remaining tribe members were attacked and killed by farmers

in 1995.

This tribe lived in such isolation that the name or language they spoke was never known.

The local media christened this man "the hole Indian" this due to the pits he digs,

these are thought to be how he traps animals.

These holes are not the only things the man leaves for us to find and learn about the

way he lives.

There is often a trail of straw huts, handcrafted tools, arrows, and torches.

This primitive lifestyle would seem to be something he is well adapted to with those

monitoring him saying he is in good health surviving by hunting and farming a few crops

such as papaya and corn.

The group which monitor the man has a policy of non-contact with the isolated peoples they


The man has also made it clear that he does not want to be contacted, having fired arrows

at people who have approached him.

This being fully understandable after years of violent interactions with the outside world,

people from a world you don't know would be seen as a threat.

The man has seen the worst of our world when his tribe was decimated during the 1970s and

80s, these unique people being wiped out all for a road to be built in the area they lived.

This road causing a rise in demand for land for business purposes in the area, this demand

still present Today, with farmers and illegal loggers always wanting to grab more land.

He could also find himself confronted by "pistoleros", who are essentially guns-for-hire, patrolling

the area for cattle ranchers, intimidating people and some claim committing murder and


They warn groups they are going to attack by placing bullet casings around an area they

are soon going to visit.

These guns for hire are working through the Amazon clearing out more and more native peoples

and with the rainforest being home to more uncontacted tribes than anywhere else in the

world, who knows who will be the next "loneliest man in the world"?

After hearing this story may be the next time you're feeling a little stressed by those

around you, spare a thought for this man.

Did you know about this man, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be completely


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below?

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