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"BIGG BOSS 12" Latest News | Today Episode Review | By Dabangg Singh | 11th Oct 2018

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APPRENDRE L'ITALIEN : MON EXPÉRIENCE (en italien sous-titré) - Duration: 9:29.

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Nokia 3.1 Plus Unboxing and hands-on review: it's solid - Duration: 8:21.

hey Sri Hari from mr. phone and since I'm tired of writing intros to a load of

videos and since you've already seen the unboxing this is the Nokia 3.1 plus it

looks gorgeous but how good is it really so this video is going to be a first

impressions on the all-new Nokia 3.1 plus so without any further ado let's

jump into this but obviously before that if you haven't subscribed to the channel

I don't know what you're doing if you're watching this video and you have to

subscribe to this channel and hit the bell I can write next to it because

you'll get notified for all the videos that we put out there okay so this is

probably not how I should start my first impressions but I was in of how it looks

as soon as I took it out of the wrapper and if you if my hand gestures with any

suggestion during the unboxing I was really flattered by how it looks yes

it's definitely not glass or metal or the back doesn't reflect light into

weird patterns but I think it is one of the most classiest looking classiest and

minimal looking designs that I've seen this year the matte finish bag accented

by those shiny metal accents on the camera and the fingerprint scanner

somehow seems like a rare beauty these days the feel in hand is also very good

the soft touch plastic obviously feels extremely grippy in hand and I assure

you this bag will be quite difficult to crack the matte finish on the back

although will capture a lot of smudges so that is something you'll have to

worry about but the rest of it looks fine to me the volume rocker and the

power button are both on the right side of the phone and are quite clicky the

bottom is also symmetrical which is again very rare to see these days but

again when you know design you know design and I'm gonna say this right now

among all the glass and metal phones this year I think the Nokia 3.1 plus is

among the top 5 best-looking phones for me this year period there is play on the

Nokia 3.1 this is a 6 inch 720p plus display with that modern 18 by 9 aspect

ratio and no not thank you now the display itself doesn't look bad on first

look but yes one thing I noticed right off the bat and obviously because I'm a

review and that's how I judge my displays

the display looks fine from the front but as soon as you tilt it the color

shift is very very unappealing and that's generally the case with

economical LCD panels but yes the color shift here is bad enough for me to be

disappointed with it the rest of it looks fine the brightness also looks

pretty good and obviously I'll test it out for the full review but till then

these are my first impressions about that display now we come to the software

the nogi 3.1 plus like all Nokia phones this year runs stock Android under the

Android one program this is the sweetest mug that any tech enthusiast can ask for

on a phone the clean stock Android is one of the least taxing operating

systems that your phone can run and with the budget processor inside stock

Android is the best choice for it with the Android one you can get a blow to a

free phone out of the box and it's just complete control of what apps you want

to keep and what apps you want to delete the camera app is Nokia's own but the

rest of it is clean stock Android which means that you get a smooth vanilla

experience now for the people who are not fans of stock Android and find it

boring this might not be the phone but for the people who love that minimal

clean Android look here it is now talking about performance the Nokia 3.1

plus comes with a Helio p22 chipset inside of it is an octa-core chipset

from mediatek now this is clocked at 2 gigahertz and it's obviously a

competitor to the snapdragon 450 that you'll find in lot of devices in this

price range now the chipset is definitely not the

most powerful available but you'll have to wait for the full review to

understand how it actually performs in real life now for the limited time I had

with the device the UI seems smooth and I didn't find any drops yet the surfing

is also pretty smooth and it feels very snappy

I haven't installed a lot of apps on it so once we do that in our testing period

for the full review we might be able to help you better for much fun now

everything seems fine but please do wait for the full review until you make your

buying decision and if you want to know as soon as that video drops subscribe to

the channel and hit the bell I can write next to it now coming to the cameras at

the back we see a dual camera setup with a flash at the bottom so the dual camera

setup is a 13 megapixel F 2.2 aperture plus a 5 megapixel F 2.4 aperture for

probably depths singing and the bouquet effect then you

see basically the front camera is an 8 megapixel F 2.2 sensor now here are some

pictures that we took off this phone and the first thing that we see is that it

does have a lot of trouble focusing of all the pictures that we took very few

really came out of well focus the dole also looks to be slightly on the warmer

side which is not my cup of tea although the picture that you see here is indeed

of my cup of tea now obviously for this price I would have wanted a better

selfie camera than a back camera because at this price when someone buys a phone

I'm pretty sure they're not buying this phone to do a lot of photography so what

they might be doing with the phone will probably be taking a lot of video calls

or taking a lot of selfies with their friends and I think for all those

reasons I would have wanted a much better selfie camera than the back

camera but to here the selfie camera seems to be lacking a bit still we are

going to test it out completely in a detailed way we are also going to

compare it to other phones that's how we do things administer phone but then we

come out with our find results for this phone take a look at these camera

samples and see for yourself what you think of the camera quality let us know

in the comments what you think the camera quality of the phone is compared

to other phones in its price range and if it is worthy of the price tag and the


so now finally we come to the battery and the battery inside this Nokia 3.1

plus is a 3500 mAh battery now the 3500 mAh is quite a large size

and it you won't feel that 3500 mAh sighs looking at how thin this phone is

so I think build quality as we talked about in the first section has been

nailed on the Nokia 3.1 plus and you're getting a very good looking a very slim

phone with such a huge battery inside now we obviously haven't tested how the

battery life performance and obviously we wait for that in the full review but

looking at the fact that you get a lower resolution a slightly lower resolution

display stock Android app are efficient chipset and this huge battery inside I

think you should be easily looking at a day or at least a day and a half off

battery life of casual use on the Nokia 3.1 plus and it comes with a micro USB

port at the bottom obviously no fast charging but at this price I don't think

you can really complain about that so with that we come to an end of this

first impressions and unboxing of the Nokia 3.1 plus I think it's a solid

phone the Android one branding is love the Nokia design has been amazing on

this the cameras and the processor is something we would want to definitely

test out in very detailed form so wait for that full review I would advise you

to not make a buying decision until you see the full review from mister phone

and if you don't want to know when that video drop subscribe to the channel and

hit them a like and so that you'll know as soon as that we do drops on the

channel so I guess that's it for this one thank you so much for watching let

us know if you have any feedbacks in the comment section below but till then this

is Sreehari from mr. phone with this gorgeous looking Nokia 3.1 plus and I'll

catch you in the next one

For more infomation >> Nokia 3.1 Plus Unboxing and hands-on review: it's solid - Duration: 8:21.


Anxious About Cleaning? How to Make Stress Your Friend - Duration: 11:14.

What do you do as a business owner if you're anxious all the time?

That's a great question, and we're going to talk about that today.

Hi there.

I'm Angela Brown, and this is Ask A House Cleaner.

This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question,

and I get to help you find an answer.

Today's show is brought to us by

and there's a bunch of resources on there

for business owners and business owners that are expanding.

If you're a small cleaning company and you're starting to grow your business, and that's

what's causing you to be anxious and a little bit frustrated, there's a bunch of stuff on

there on management, on hiring people, on expanding your business, on profit and loss.

There's a bunch of stuff that will help you grow your cleaning business.

All right, on to today's show, which is from an entrepreneur, a small business owner that

has a cleaning service, and she says, "I'm anxious all the time.

I'm okay.

I'm not super stressed out, but I'm just anxious, and I'm wondering, does that anxious feeling

ever go away?"

All right.

That's a trick question, and my answer to you is the anxiousness is not the problem.

How you manage the anxiousness is what we're going to talk about, because it's good to

be a little bit anxious about your business.

If you woke up every day, and there wasn't some kind of a little bit of feeling of tension

inside your body about your business, then you're probably either just running on easy

street, or you're probably not doing enough to keep your business afloat.

It's great if you have all of your ducks in a row, and you've expanded, and you're at

a place of just kicking back and doing nothing, but that's very rare for this type of business.

This is a business where there is always stuff going on.

There are always employee challenges.

There are always customer challenges, and instead of always being super stressed out

about it, a little bit of tension is a good thing.

It lets you know you're in the game, you're doing all the things correctly.

I have a riding lawnmower, and I love it.

It's so much fun, but the blades do not turn without a certain amount of tension on the bands.

The bands go around the big deck, and they hook up to the blades.

If there's not a certain amount of tension, the blades don't turn.

When I get in my car, I have to step on the accelerator.

If I didn't step on the accelerator, the car would just sit there, right?

It wouldn't go anywhere, so there has to be a little bit of oomph to make your business go.

It's the same with tension.

If you wake up in the night, and things are racing through your mind, and you're like,

wait, I could fix this in my business, that's good.

That's the sign of being an entrepreneur.

We don't want it to be so consuming that it eats up all of your sleep, but if you wake

up every morning excited to go to work because you have a solution to a challenge or a problem

that you've been working on, that's good, and so how do you manage that tension?

How do you manage the anxiety, because if it's super stressed out, and it's paralyzing

you, that's a different problem.

How we can overcome some of this is very first and foremost, we want to take care of you.

If you are the boss, you are the glue that holds your whole company together.

So we want to take care of you first.

And that comes along with eating right, and sleeping, and exercising.

Those are three things that you cannot outsource.

You cannot pay anyone else to sleep for you.

The amount of sleep that you get is yours and yours alone.

You're 100% responsible for it.

You're 100% responsible for the benefits that you get from the sleep that you get.

There are people that have an alarm clock to wake them up in the morning, and there

are people now ... You can even do this on the iPhone, that has a going to bed alarm

at night, so it reminds you, hey, it's time for you to shut everything down and go to sleep.

You can set an alarm to go to bed at night.

You can set an alarm to get up in the morning, and so you have this window, like you're giving

yourself permission in advance that these are the hours you're going to sleep.

This is yours alone.

Everyone has to sleep.

Only you get to benefit from it, so if you only sleep two or three hours a night, you're

not doing anybody any favors.

We wear our lack of sleep like a badge of honor, like, oh, I only got two hours of sleep

last night.

Okay, that's not cool, right?

That creates more tension, and you make poor decisions, and you have bad judgment when

you're tired.

You want to make sure you get plenty of sleep.

The other one is exercise.

You say, "Well, I'm a house cleaner.

I exercise all the time."

Yeah, you do, and there's lots of movement in the course of a day, but there are other

things that happen in your head that you don't get

unless you actually trigger the endorphin release.

A lot of times that's going to come from doing aerobics, from jumping on a mini trampoline,

from throwing on a pair of walking shoes, and getting out, and going power walking,

or from actually jogging.

Unless you actually release that energy, you can't get the endorphins.

Otherwise, you just wore yourself out, and at the end of a day, you're just exhausted, right?

To combat the exhaustion, believe it or not, throw on a pair of shoes and go outside for a walk.

Once you get the blood circulating through your whole body, and you release those endorphins,

it's a natural drug, and it's absolutely free.

All you got to do is you got to put the time in, because you can pay for a personal trainer,

but you cannot pay for the benefits of good health unless you actually do the work.

That is something no one can give you.

You cannot buy it, and then the other one is eating.

What are you eating?

What are you consuming?

Do you realize, and this is a very interesting thought, but do you realize that how you feel

is directly linked to what you eat?

I'm not trying to be ugly.

I'm not trying to judge.

What I'm saying is this.

If you had a really expensive car, and it only ran on premium fuel, and you went out

and you poured water from your garden hose in it, do you think it would run at optimal


The answer is no, it would not, and so you as a person are so far more valuable than

your car will ever be, and yet we throw all kinds of stuff into our bodies that do not

belong, and then you feel like crap, and you wonder why.

Guess what?

That's why.

You got to pay attention because as a business owner, you're your company's biggest asset.

How you feel, and the fuel that you're running off of, is directly related to what you consume,

and so my suggestion is, stop the sugary sodas.

I'm not knocking any particular soft drink company, but there are a lot of drinks out

there, and there are high energy, high power drinks, and there are mango king drinks that

will give you extra energy, and a little five hour energies that will give you extra energy

and all these things.

What happens after a while of consuming all these things, you can adrenal fatigue.

Your body stops responding to the way it did if you ever just took one, and then if you

take one, you get this jolt, and you're like, oh, wow.

That was amazing.

I should do it again, and you do it over, and over, and over again until it stops working

like it did.

All these signals that you send to your brain, like, hey, keep me going, start to break down,

and your immune system starts to break down.

There was one girl that was on five Five-Hour energies a day.

She said, "My adrenal glands are shot.

I have no energy, and I am exhausted all of the time."

Stop, whatever you're doing, stop.

Obviously, it is not working, right?

It's not working, thus you feel so tired.

My suggestion is, choose healthy choices.

You can get a banana spinach smoothie, and you can get so much more energy from it than

you can a sugary soda that is full of caffeine that after a while is going to deplete your

reserves, and it's going to break your system down.

I'm not saying a soda here and there is a bad thing.

I'm just saying it's not going to serve you for the long term, so again, your health,

it's something that no one can give you.

You are 100% responsible for your own health, and if you get sick, it completely takes you

out of the business, and your business goes away.

You're not able to work if you are sick, and so your sleep, your eating, and your exercise

is paramount to how you feel.

If you're anxious, and if you have tension in your business, and if you're frustrated,

if you have anxiety, you have control over all of that.

You might even consider something like meditation, or yoga, something that slows your system

down and it helps you reframe your state of mind.

You may consider a mantra.

A mantra is a little saying that you say to yourself 100 times a day, and it helps you

calm yourself down.

I don't know what the way is that you're going to do it, but you may even consider hypnosis.

There are just so many different opportunities to control the anxiety that you have naturally,

and I'm not talking about getting medicated, and drugs, and all that.

I think a lot of that stuff has a purpose, but I think it's highly overrated, and I think

when you are heavily medicated, you are not as effective.

My suggestion is go natural, go as natural as you possibly can.

Get your sleep, exercise, eat healthy, and it's amazing what will happen.

It will take about six weeks to completely clear your system of all the garbage that

you've been putting in it for many years, and after it starts to get out of your system,

your eyes will start to get clearer, and you'll start to have more energy, and you'll start

to sleep less at night.

When you wake up in the morning, you'll wake up like, oh, hey, I get to go to work today,

instead of, ugh, is it already morning again?

I'm telling you, a little tension is okay.

A little anxiousness, it's okay.

That's part of growing a business.

It's part of the competitive spirit.

It's part of moving forward.

It's like stepping on the accelerator in your car, right?

It's what keeps you going.

If you didn't have deadlines, and commitments, and jobs, and responsibilities to your family,

and your kids, and your employees, there's no reason to go to business.

There's no motivation.

That's what keeps you going, so don't be afraid of a little anxiousness, but if it's absolutely

consuming you, and it's paralyzing you, maybe looking at these other three things, the eating,

the sleeping, and the exercise, would completely help you reframe what's going on in your personal life.

Realize not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, or a business owner.

You might be in the wrong line of work.

You just might be in the wrong line of work.

I've known lots of house cleaners that wake up one day and they're like, what am I doing?

I don't even like house cleaning.

I'm not good at it, and it's super stressful.

I'm going to go get a nine to five job, and they bolt, and they have never been happier.

This is not a business for everyone, so give yourself a little bit of time, and give yourself

some patience, but be good to yourself, because if you're going to be in this business long-term,

you and your health are going to be the foundation that keeps it all together.

All right.

That's it for today.

Until we meet again,

leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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Red Has Fallen into Youtube (TURN ON CC) - Duration: 2:58.

Challenger Approaching

Hello Everybody, This is Red (Or known as Red_Wolf12312)

He Likes Memes, Jellyfish jam and other things...

He'll be Joining Our Roblox Videos from now sometimes.

Red Says:Yup. Red the Wolf?

What do you Like Red?

Red Says: I like Default dance, Jellyfish jam and memes. I like Br (me?) He is my Best YT Friend!

So See you later Youtube and see you in the next video!!!!

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Gạo nếp gạo tẻ tập 69 - tóm tắt - Duration: 1:51.

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Zayn - Pillowtalk (8D AUDIO) | Lyrics - Duration: 3:31.

lyrics in video

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Stock Market Correction - Oct 10, 2018 S&P -3.29%, DOW -3.15%, NAS -4.08%, RUS -2.86%, EEM -2.92% - Duration: 13:56.

hello everyone and thanks for tuning into the financial investor channel my

name is Brent and today we're going to be covering the stock market pullback

that took place today on October 10th 2018 I like to make these videos so

whatever the stock market sells off more than like a percent and a half or two

percent of the market or all the indexes at a time when it happens to one Index

it's not too bad what do what happens to all of them it's you know across the

market we're gonna take a look at the four main indexes that we track plus

take a look at the overseas markets I see Asia's bleeding out as well so last

time we had up a bit of a pullback in the market was back in March as far as

when I was tracking March 22nd 2018 S&P had up a bit of a pullback at 2.5 to

doubt Jones 2.93 Nasdaq 2.4 3 now today S&P 500 sold off

3.2 9% continued to sell off into the after-hours or currently looking at

futures down hope very good amount here today at four point one nine percent Dow

Jones sold off three point one five percent today five day change down four

point five eight your today still positive three point five six percent

the Nasdaq blood off the mostest you know today aztec sell off lots of

textile off i know my buddy so holding onto amazon in the video you know his

portfolio blood out quite a bit five-day change imagine you know down seven point

five one percent basically they lost half of the year to date in just five

days so your today up seven point five one percent this is the loser for today

the nasdaq gives a loser and we have the russell 2000 down two point eight six

percent five-day change down set five point seven four here today up 2.6

percent now we have the emerging markets that is emm i believe yeah am Emerging

Markets Index this sold off as well down two point nine seven percent today I

know a lot of people 2.92 there that we're actually transitioning some of

their funds out of the u.s. it's kind of moving into you know some

we're talking about Brazil some we're talking about Australian Canadian and

such so kind of interest you know you guys staying within the US sector are

you guys looking at China Asia or not it's the same thing basically but

Australia all the different you the EU the European markets and such but where

are you moving your money are you saying here in the markets in the US or you're

trying to go elsewhere so stock futures currently down S&P 500 down nearly four

percent in the after I was in comparison to it stopping right around T three

point two nine the Nasdaq continued to bleed off down five point two seven

percent so just tack on another two percent onto here on to the Nasdaq here

so they basically lost six percent in a day if you guys own any of the inverted

indexes I know a lot of people were buying these today I was I was following

them on Facebook you know people saying hey you know taking a couple my wins

here and balancing my portfolio off you know they put in just some amount into

these leveraged funds such as SP Xu is the inverted SP 500 triple leveraged

that went up nine point five nine percent the s Dow it's the inverted Dow

Jones it went up nine point one nine percent and the s QQQ I know some people

bought this one made some very nice gains this one went up thirteen point

zero seven percent on the day and continued to trend up an additional 4%

in the after-hours so very good gains there you know on some of these invested

I was watching those they were making some good moves those are the inverted

indexes there so Dow Jones here continue to bleed off a little bit more in the

after-hours and the Nasdaq so those are the markets currently Japan everywhere

and you know Asia got hit pretty hard arab got pretty hit pretty hard England

got hit pretty hard so a bit of a sell-off here we're gonna take a look at

that right here so here is the S&P 500 not a lot of green out there my only

single sock that was positive today was Tehran components take your stumble t

AIT went up very you know very ver miniscule that we can

see General Mills over there chugging along it didn't even faze it today up

1.5 percent we got a read over here VTR was positive we can see Cebu not sure

financial diversified investments went positive so a couple dollar tree

positive one point six five percent interests in there so a couple of

interesting stocks out there if you guys haven't used five in visit before great

website to kind of give you a general idea of the S&P 500 also has a free

screen or on there as well but taking a look at the world view we can see that

across the world not only to the US markets you know fall hard here we had

Brazil down hard Colombia down hard China where's China China's on the right

here ala ali baba nearly a 6% sell-off as people were picking that up because

they believe that it had bottomed out and it was a great idea to buy it

another one is JD JD down here four point five percent in a day so a very

huge sell-off across the markets I think that's completely fine you know we've

been kind of training high interest rates are rising yield curve flattening

out our ten-year in our thirty-year are almost right on point

I believe our tenure hit a peak of around three point two seven percent

today before there was a huge bond buyback in the after hours if you take a

look at the bond market you'll see there's a huge by him on the bonds and

that's what caused the bonds to kind of pull back there and the after I was in

kind of you know the stock market continue to bleed off after that but a

square look at this most active actor out after our squares square down ten

point two six percent fire and that's only half a percent AMG sold off nearly

three percent in the after-hours apple sold off an additional one percent I

know I hold Apple mainly within my IRA I was down a good five percent in that so

I'm back down in that portfolio last 5% of the 40 percent I was up on the year

within a day so it's kinda interesting Facebook Wells Fargo not too big there

but I think Ernie season's going to be coming

and kind of testing the waters it's not gonna matter like the earnings per share

is not gonna matter because that's easy to kind of fudge but people are really

gonna be looking at the revenue seeing if the you know the dollar is strong

right now dollar only felt a very short amount today point two one down the

dollar is actually very strong oil is very strong expensive the yields are

high so it's getting more expensive to carry debt a lot of these companies out

there that don't have a whole lot of cash on hand that are relying on that

debt that kind of build them up and kind of continue trending them forward

they're gonna look at a very hard time I know we're looking at one stock I don't

know where I cover this at but I remember one company we were looking at

I had looked at it I think I think it was Colgate their assets and their

liabilities who were right on par like 18 billion dollars of assets 18 billion

dollars of liabilities that's gonna hurt them and the long run in comparison to

say an apple company which has a whole bunch of cash on hand very little debt

long-term debt they're just continuing to choke and build their services sector

very strong you know money after money it's growing to the double digits every

quarter and they just released a new line of products so there's companies

out there you're really gonna have to take a look at their financials don't be

investing in companies that are not profitable they're not cash flowing

they're not growing their net income they're not growing their revenue that's

why every week when I release my my five stocks to buy going ex-dividend next

week I always make sure that my five stocks have positive revenue net income

free cash flow now if you take a look at their balance sheets and they're just

bleeding out money you know they're not very profitable in comparison to their

assets the liabilities that's a pretty good red flag but

initially my initial my initial scan picks up stocks that I believe have

strong financials on the front end and it's not until you really look at their

earnings and their balance sheet that you kind of tell you know I don't see

this company really doing well in the future as the dollar remains strong and

continues to get stronger interest rates get higher money gets more expensive

debt gets more expensive now silver I believe yeah silver went down here down

point five 9% gold actually caught a very nice

little gain here 0.26 again I saw a lot of people kind of thinking gold is gonna

be bottoming out sever is gonna be bothering me now right under this $14

range and under 113 dollars for gold so this could be a pretty good time to kind

of you know not leverage yourself but balance your portfolio off a little bit

bonds also sold off a little bit here down point zero six percent you can see

a huge buy into the bond market here in the after-hours so I believe this took

place here about around 10:00 11:00 a.m. you can see that the bonds had trended

off and kind of sold off here and then kind of got either bought or picked up

you can see as of this point right here he got started to get some movement huge

huge movement here I'd have to look at my market Pro to see whether this is

positive or negative but I believe it's positive and believe people just bought

into the bonds is they're trying to lock in that rate where the bonds were at

right now if you bought in to the bar market you're getting that nearly three

point two five yield which is an amazing starting yield and it's very low risk in

comparison to a lot of the stock market right now we're getting into it that you

know the volatility if we take a look at back up these videos a lot of the

volatility that took place back in 2017 it all happened right around August

October November so we're gonna continue to see a little bit of volatility going

into the end of the year and especially around midterms depending on how the

market you know how the election you know the midterms take place we're gonna

see a little bit more volatility just within the next couple weeks and months

so tenure last yield this is showing three point two two but due to the

sell-off and such it actually hit near three point two seven I believe it has

came back down to around 3.15 three point one seven 3.17 3.15 so who knows

how the market will go right now we've already take a look here at the

stock futures everything's currently down but who knows what will take place

in the after-hours you know the feds been you know they've been raising their

rates are kind of taken training wheels off letting the market

go as it is you know start the feds not going to be there to buy up bonds just

you know pump up the market you know they're not gonna try and you know some

people say it's rigging or controlling but I mean that's what's been been kind

of going on the Fed has been helping the market stay hardly kind of recover but

now they're kind of pulling back they're pulling back the assistance that they've

had within the market they're pulling off those training wheels so right now

it's just like a kid going on a bike without his training wheels he's got to

fall off a couple times have to use his foot a couple times to kind of stabilize

that's we're gonna be taking place over the next few weeks and then eventually

he's gonna ride on that bike and just kind of pedal forward and the markets

will continue back on their trajectory going positive I believe over the next

three to six months we're gonna see the markets kind of be back where you know

where they were at or higher so that is my prediction for the future right now

you know it's looking very incentivize to go into bonds but at the same time

you know a big bond sell-off could cause not a huge loss I mean what's a loss

here of point zero six percent in a day if you have a hundred thousand dollars

you lost what 60 or six hundred somewhere around there very little in

comparison to the total return they'd be making off that yield so a hundred

thousand dollars minus point zero six percent that's $60 so not a huge loss

there at all so that is it for this video again

wanted to do this video covering the stock market we had a bit of a pullback

I wanted to make a historical reference saying that we've hey we've lost another

near 3% across all the indexes here SP 3.29 Dow Jones 3.15 Nasdaq 4.08

emerging markets 2.93 and the Russell 2000 2.86 so that is it for this video I

hope you guys have enjoyed it if there's any questions let me know in the comment

section below remember to check out fenves this is a great video if you're

looking for some stocks that are doing well in the day always head over the

fences calm take a look at the ESPY you can even take a look at the full market

here this is an amazing like visual you're like hey what stocks could be

possibly trending up right now where I kind of you know escape the mess so that

is it thanks you guys if you have any questions drop me a comment if you liked

the video give it a thumbs up and this is all for the historical reference of

the corrections and kind of pull back so thanks for tuning in I will see you next

time have a great day bye

For more infomation >> Stock Market Correction - Oct 10, 2018 S&P -3.29%, DOW -3.15%, NAS -4.08%, RUS -2.86%, EEM -2.92% - Duration: 13:56.


2019 Porsche 911 RSR GT Racer Prototype - Duration: 3:05.

2019 Porsche 911 RSR GT Racer Prototype

2019 Porsche 911 RSR GT Racer Prototype

2019 Porsche 911 RSR GT Racer Prototype

2019 Porsche 911 RSR GT Racer Prototype

For more infomation >> 2019 Porsche 911 RSR GT Racer Prototype - Duration: 3:05.


당신이 매일 꿀과 계피를 먹으면 어떻게 될까요? - Duration: 5:27.

For more infomation >> 당신이 매일 꿀과 계피를 먹으면 어떻게 될까요? - Duration: 5:27.


Kana Mamar Gapper Jhuli | Postmaster | পোস্টমাস্টার | Bangla Cartoon Video - Duration: 6:24.

So, all of you've come?

Yes, all of us are here.

Take out the stories from your kitty and narrate the stories to us.

Kana Mama has nothing except his stories to offer you.

Listen to me.

Once upon a time there was a King...

No uncle, no more stories of kings and demons.

Why? What happened?

Do you know that Titli knows many stories of animals and birds?

Tell us stories of birds and animals today.

Okay. I'll tell you such stories.

But never forget these stories.

Listen to me.

(Post master - By Rabindranath Tagore.)

There was a small post office in the village of Olapur.

There was no one except a post-master.

The postman used to come in the morning.

Deliver the letters and take the letters to be delivered in the distant lands.

The postmaster had recently joined from Kolkata.

There was a young girl to take care of him.

Her name was Ratan.

One day the new postmaster called Ratan.

Did you call me, sir?

Yes, Ratan. Where's your mother?

I don't have a mother. She's dead.

What about your father? - He's also no more.

Ratan, how was your previous master?

He scolded me a lot.

What about me? - You're very good.

You don't scold me at all.

Why are you dressed in dirty clothes?

I didn't get time to wash them. I will wash them tomorrow.

Who is she, master? - She's my younger sister.

She's very talented.

She can sing, she's educated.

Can you read and write? - No.

Do you want to learn? - Will you teach me?

Take this. One paise.

Get a slate and chalk from a shop quickly. - Okay, sir.

Ratan started studying regularly in morning and evening.

That's good. I'll teach you a new lesson tomorrow.

But a mishap happened that night.


Ratan, give him a quinine in the morning and evening.

If his condition deteriorates inform me.

Ratan took care of the postmaster and cured him.

One day he called Ratan and told her...

Ratan, I'm going away tomorrow.

Where are you going? - I'm going home.

When will you come back? - Never.

Will you take me with you?

No! That's not possible.

A new postmaster will replace me tomorrow.

You can be tension free.

I've understood everything.

I want to say something.

I was teaching the girl named Ratan who works here.

I couldn't finish the lessons.

Finish the lesson if you can.

Okay. Goodbye.

Ratan, keep the money.


Ratan, keep the money.

It'll be enough to run your expenses for few days.

Brother, I beg of you not to worry about me.

Bye, brother.

Ratan went away.

The postmaster watched her for some time...

...and then proceeded towards the river banks.

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