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"BIGG BOSS 12" Latest News | Today Full Episode Review | By Dabangg Singh | 12th Oct 2018

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Ringa Ringa Roses | Nursery Rhymes songs | Kids Songs | Baby Rhymes by Farmees - Duration: 41:19.

Shout and play 'Ringa Ringa Roses'

Ringa Ringa Roses

A pocket full of poses

A - tishoo

A - tishoo

We all fall down

Ringa Ringa Roses

A pocket full of poses

A - tishoo

A - tishoo

We all fall down

Ringa Ringa Roses

A pocket full of poses

A - tishoo

A - tishoo

We all fall down

Ringa Ringa Roses

A pocket full of poses

A - tishoo

A - tishoo

We all fall down

Wasn't that fun?

Lets do it again sometime!

Good Bye!

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Downside of NOT Teaching Kids to Clean or Have Chores - Duration: 6:46.

What is the downside of kids not learning how to do household chores?

That's an excellent question, and we're going to talk about that today.

Hi there, I'm Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner.

This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question,

and I get to help you find an answer.

Today's show is brought to us by

And that is a resource hub for parents, and house cleaners, and homeowners,

and aunts and uncles, and everybody that's involved in raising kids.

There's a whole bunch of stuff on there, resources, charts, job charts, cleaning routines, downloadable

tips, downloadable checklists, there's a whole bunch of stuff that will teach you how to

clean and help your kids learns how to clean.

Alright, this question comes from a homeowner who wants to know what is the downside of

kids not learning how to clean.

Alright, there are two schools of thought, and the first school of thought is that everyone

lives in this house, it's everyone's responsibility to keep it up.

The other school of thought is, I want my kids to be kids, I don't want them to have

to clean and worry about the tough stuff of life, I will just give them everything, and

they'll figure it out when they're old.


It's probably pretty clear which side I'm on, but, let's talk about the first one first.

The first one is, it's everybody's responsibility.

I agree with that perspective for this reason.

If you teach your child when they're young that there is more important things in life

then video games and waking up first thing in the morning and just screwing around on

electronics, and games, and whatever.

But you actually teach them choirs, and you teach them cleaning, and you teach them how

to pick up and tidy up after themselves.

You teach them how to do a load of laundry and how to put their dishes in the sink and

turn the dishwasher on after they've loaded the dishwasher.

These are life skills that they will take into adulthood, and if they have those skills

as adults they are able to turn around and teach their own children.

One of the most frightening things that I see right now is the result of this group.

This group is like, "I don't want my kids to have to do choirs, tidy up, and I'm the

mom, and I'll do it all and then they will appreciate me."

Guess what?

They don't appreciate you.

All they do is they focus on their video games, and they become entitled, and they expect

everything to be given to them, and they don't expect to ever do anything for themselves.

I've seen grown adult children that do not know how to do a load of laundry by themselves,

and they expect someone else to come over and take care of them.

Now, they may not even have the money to pay those people to come take care of them, they

just expect it, so there's this entitlement belief, like, "Oh, the world is just going

to give me, and I don't have to do anything."

I have seen adults, senior adults, that have 40 year old children that are living back

at home with them because the kids can't do for themselves.

Now they have children of their own that are now living with grandma and grandpa because

they have never been taught because the kid, the adult child, did not know how to teach

the children.

This group of thinking, like, "Well, I want my kids just to be kids."

Guess what?

Your kids are going to be kids anyway, but you might as well teach them some life skills

that will serve them when they go off to college, and they're in a dorm room that has ants and

bed bugs.

Teach them how to keep those areas clean so that they don't have to fight with that stuff.

The worst thing in the world is for a college kid to have lice, and they don't know how

they got it, they don't know how to get rid of it, they don't know how to get rid of bead

bugs, and they're living this life of misery because they've never been taught how to be clean.

That's bad.

But if you teach your kid from a very young age that we all live in this space, and we

are all responsible for keeping it up, those are the skills they grow up with.

So, what are the downsides of not teaching a kid?

The downside is, the kid goes out into the real world, and it can be at any age, but

whether they're going to school, whether they're living on their own, they are missing a whole

chunk of life skills.

They don't know about responsibility.

They don't know about that they have to carry their own weight.

They don't know that there are daily things they need to do, just in the vein of maintenance.

But if you're going to teach your child anyway, things like taking a shower, making your bed,

picking up your toys, hanging up your clothes, you might as well go for broke.

Teach them how to do a load of laundry.

Teach them how to clean out a toilet.

You can teach a kid from toddler age.

Every time you come in and you're getting ready to use the toilet look inside the toilet

and if you see a ring you are in charge of the toilet rings in this house.

There's a little toilet brush right here, and you scrub it out, here's how you do it.

From a very young age, four, five, years old.

Kids can pull out the little brush, and they can get rid of the toilet rings, and they

do it every time they go to the toilet, they check for toilet rings.

And they'll be so proud of themselves when they find one, and they're able to clean it up.

But these are skills, it doesn't cost anything for you to teach them, but it costs you a

lot if you don't.

Then, when you have adults that don't know how to clean up after themselves, they live

in a life of misery and hording and chaos and it's not a harmonic place to be.

There's a huge downside of raising a group of entitled children that don't have any household

cleaning skills, and I'm not just saying that because my passion is household cleaning.

I'm saying that because I want your kids to be responsible adults.

They deserve that.

They deserve a parent who loves them enough to teach them chores, and household work and

how to tidy up after themselves, and how to take their plates to the kitchen sink, and

how to put stuff in the dishwasher, and how to empty the dishwasher and where the stuff goes.

They deserve to go to the grocery store with you and they need to learn about budgeting,

they need to learn about grocery shopping.

They need the basic skills of life, and if you're their parent you get to teach them

these things.

Don't worry about child labor laws and are you overextending your child and taking away

from their childhood.

No, you're raising your child and that's what it means.

It means teaching them and being their mentor so that when they go out into the real world

they have all the skills they need.

Alright, that's my two cents for today, and until we meet again,

leave the world a cleaner place then when you found it.

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(FREE) Moneybagg Yo Type Beat 2018 x Quavo x Offset "ON GOD" | Free Type Beat 2018 - Duration: 2:59.

(FREE) Moneybagg Yo Type Beat 2018 x Quavo x Offset "ON GOD" | Free Type Beat 2018

For more infomation >> (FREE) Moneybagg Yo Type Beat 2018 x Quavo x Offset "ON GOD" | Free Type Beat 2018 - Duration: 2:59.


Stock Market Pullback - Oct 11, 2018 S&P -2.06%, DOW -2.13%, NAS -1.25%, RUS -1.91%, EEM -.99% - Duration: 12:49.

hello everyone and thanks for tuning into the financial investor channel my

name is Brent and today we're gonna be going over the stock market pullback

that took place on the October 11th 2018 it was a Thursday you know five downs

consecutive here in the S&P 500 you'd regret it over the four main indexes

take a look at the emerging markets the S&P 500 as a whole the world market

current futures are positive so Friday depending on earnings you know those

financials there's gonna be five financials reporting JP Morgan Wells

Fargo Citibank I believe will go over these here in just a minute

and I believe depending on how these earnings you know revenue is gonna be

playing a huge part as the dollar gets stronger as the yields continue to rise

and it becomes more attractive to lock in your investments in a low risk

investment you know for the long term you know over the next three ten years

it becomes much less of a risk and also with rates going higher in tariffs you

know there's so many things out here in the market that are kind of affecting it

here and there so SMP 500 sold off another 2.06 percent today down over 5%

in two days five-day change down 5.97 here today up

still 2.05 my portfolio I'll tell you right now my Roth IRA is completely gone

in the negative right now which is kind of funny over two days Dow Jones here

down an additional two point one three percent again over five percent here

within just last two days down five point nine one percent this one I saw so

many people on Facebook if I had over to my facebook and just take a look at some

of the comments that I was getting from what was a some business group was doing

like a live watching the Dow Dow the Dow Jones fall you know broke 500 broke 5 20

30 oh we're gonna be hitting 600 you know it's a stock market crash nobody

out there you can really tell the mindset of these people they don't own

anything besides me 401k they probably don't even know what fun they're

investing than their 401k they've never invested in an individual stock

and it's kind of you know crazy to see these comments of people about anyways

the Dow Jones the main highlight of today as it was bleeding off you know

it's only tracking 30 stocks so it's really funny that people tracked this

one over the S&P 500 or some of these other ones of the hole so on to the

Nasdaq Nasdaq sold off one point two five percent not as much as the other

ones this is due to Wednesday already having taken a hit of four point zero

zero eight percent down five day change six point nine eight percent basically

half of its gains for the year completely gone in just a matter of you

know two days here today still positive six point one seven the Russell 2000

lost an additional one point nine one percent today

you know it's beginning the bottom out I think this is the bottom and output it

period going into earnings we're gonna be seeing financials retail then tech

and so on so we're gonna see a lot of earnings here and that's gonna be

playing a huge part so Russell down one point two nine down over the five days

six point one nine your today it's still positive up six point point six for

emerging markets took about a one percent loss today down point nine nine

this one's already been hammered here today you can see down nearly seventeen

percent so pretty interesting there I know a lot of people in the past we're

moving out of the US in into some emerging market funds you can see here

this is the S&P 500 as a whole today during the day Google Microsoft Facebook

Twitter they were all in the positive towards the end of the day they began to

sell off a little bit I know the video lost an additional four percent Amazon

here you can see an additional two percent a lot of these companies here

just continue to you know trend up and down I put a limit by on Apple at $2 or

two hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents I believe to buy some shares it

did not trigger it almost fell to that point you know to my buy point it was

somewhere within that range you didn't quite hit there it was almost there and

it miss it and then it bounced back up to 217 so I was pretty unfortunate that

I didn't get what I wanted but hopefully tomorrow Apple tanks a little bit and I

can pick up some more shares so here's the s the world this is the world

view as a whole you can see Canada Mexico Colombia Brazil United Kingdom

and so on the only one that sort of was in the semi green today was over in

China Alibaba Pok and popping back up 2.6 1jd

over there up three point three nines percent be do up one point nine three so

while most of the you know world was in the red today China which is already

down over fifty percent just within the last few years is sort of catching a

break now so I believe going into Friday we're gonna start to see some sort of

recovery pad you can see stock features are currently positive sp500 of one

point eleven percent the Nasdaq up one point four four percent the Dow Jones up

one point twelve percent very positive right now we're gonna see how much of a

gain we're gonna be able to get over the last few days you know this is just a

bicyclist you know my kid he's three he's learning to ride his bike right now

without those training wheels he's fell off his bike he got back up picked

himself back up that's what the markets doing right now you know he fell over

he's getting stabilized you know he's kind of stabilizing himself and he's

gonna chug along a little bit further and he may fall over in the next couple

days or weeks but he'll eventually you know chug along so that's what the

markets do they always recover over time so most active here in the after-hours

look at this most active after-hours how much of this is green all of it it's

green comcast General Electric Ford Apple Wells Fargo AT&T Microsoft micron

Cisco you know and so on every single stock here within the list is positive

so Friday do I believe we're gonna be doing you know started off pretty strong

in the morning yes I believe Friday morning we're gonna be starting off

pretty strong oil you know went down an additional two point seven six percent

today basically Wednesday and Thursday were mirrors down five percent over just

the last two days here today still up twenty four point four eight dollar

catching a little bit stronger this is what's court of effect and you know

there's all sorts of things affecting us that dollars strengthening rates are

getting higher money is more expensive to hold you know debt

it's more expensive to hold tariffs are kind of going on and hitting some of

these you know affected some of these international stocks and national stocks

people are beginning to do layoffs and so on there's just a lot of little

things here and there like little pieces that are sort of dominoes and with one

kind of folds over to kind of top off some other ones over and you know some

of deaths I got to restain it up silver well it did sell off yesterday hit you

know it looked more attractive today went up 1.7 1% here today it's still

down 14.51 if you're gonna go out there and buy silver instead of buying the

trust go out there and just buy physical silver we have gold shares here gold

continue to be positive and Wednesday and then caught a huge bid on Thursday

up 2.5 2% bonds kind of interesting you know a bit of a buyback throughout the

day as people were trying to lock in the field of around 3.2 3.25 within that

range bonds are currently down around 3.1 to actually we can take a look here

3.13 has where that 10-year sitting 30 years

at a 3.31 so you know this you know yesterday was that 3.22 up at 3.27

that's why we had you know better you know there's little indicators here and

there but you know nobody knows exactly why you know Trump is blaming the Fed

raising the rate so high I think it's actually good to have these rates high

you know it's so inexpensive to go out there and get a loan and borrow money

you know people are going head over heels and just debt going out there

getting car loans I work at a financial institution I work at a credit union our

most common loan is car loans and you know our mortgages you know they do what

they do people weren't refinancing anymore because they're you've already

got a great 3 4 % rate versus the 4.5 5% rate they're gonna get and that's what

rates are at nearly you know five and a 5 and 5.3 1/5 it's really a six percent

depending on your you know credit score so we're gonna start payday loans but

Friday earnings we have First Republic is going and

reporting their earnings pre-market they're expected to hit a dollar 21

we're gonna see where this one hits you know FRC's not one that I normally you

know track myself Citigroup is also doing before market opens at 161 69 JP

Morgan this is one I recently added to my portfolio they're expected to release

earnings before the market opens they're expected around a 2.25 I believe they're

gonna beat it Wells Fargo expecting a dollar 17 PNC expecting 272 so I believe

tomorrow we're gonna see some financials maybe not do so well you know I I don't

see walls Fargo maybe meat in it we'll see JP Morgan I think they're gonna be

doing well so the financials will help the market

on top of the already kind of bottomed out you know we've sunk sunk sunk and

now we're gonna be kind of bottoming out investors are going to be looking to

looking for deals the financials may be able to catch something you know as

they're moving positive I put out a article here earlier talking about the

Dow Jones this is my set order so I set my okay so I set my order on Apple at $2

and two hundred and twelve dollars and 45 cents and it had actually hit two

hundred and twelve dollars and 32 cents but I must have like missed it by just a

hair or something and of course it had gone back over to 17 so where was my

article we're talking about oh here it is okay so next earnings season is about

to begin and it's going to be an important one

the main focus going into earnings here towards the end of the year is all the

companies they're gonna be reporting they have to report that their revenue

is rising they need to have revenue you know right isn't enough that it's going

to be able to support they're tightening debt and margins

you know rates are getting higher debt is more expensive if you have any sort

of long-term debt that's going to be hurting you over the long turn

especially if your liabilities are high comparison to your assets that's going

to be turn you up so Dow Jones Report earnings on Thursday they had a rise of

8% in their revenue which drove in you know drive by strong demand and surging

premium ticket sales so while fuel costs are more expensive

you know oil has been rising throughout the last several months Dow Jones was

still able to pump up their revenue by a percent that drove them up today three

point three percent so we're gonna see how Friday turns out but I believe it's

going to be going good you know we already see stock futures here in the

positive so I think early morning we're gonna be doing very well and depending

on how financials go they may be able to help support the market even higher so

that is all I wanted to cover in today's video

S&P 500 down to point zero six Dow Jones two point one three Nasdaq down one

point two five Russell 2000 down one point nine one in the emerging markets

down point nine nine so that is it for this video I hope you guys did enjoy if

you guys did like the recap give it a thumbs up if there's anything you guys

would like to leave me know let me know in the comment section below

go ahead and drop me a comment I always reply to your guys's comments and that

is it for today thank you guys for tuning in if you have not yet subscribed

hit the bell hit the subscribe button then hit the notification bell if you

want to be some notified of my future videos so it's late I may have had too

much caffeine today so that is it for this video you guys thanks for tuning in

I will see you next time have a good day bye

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Vedu Theda 2018 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Latest Action Full Movie 2018 - Duration: 2:09:36.


For more infomation >> Vedu Theda 2018 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Latest Action Full Movie 2018 - Duration: 2:09:36.


Online appointment service - Duration: 7:34.

I recently read the story of a barbershop working in the city of Brest (Belarus) and heard from its creator that they use the online recording service I recently read the story of a barbershop working in the city of Brest (Belarus) and heard from its creator that they use the online recording service And true on the main page of his website there is a button "Record online" (yellow). Going through this button, you can select the desired service, the desired master and the time of the procedure. Signing up to a (barber) hairdresser over the Internet is my dream! Because I do not like to waste time on phone calls, and then (when I'm calling you) accept or not accept the available dates and time offered by the master (I can't figure out right away what time on which day I have). I want to first see the entire range of free time from the master, and then choose from what is (as in the store). I hope our hair salons and beauty salons will also like it (if they, of course, think about their clients and their profits). So, the organization of such a record of customers via the Internet is not only attracting additional customers (those who want to use all the advantages of the Internet). This is very useful for the salon and for tracking the quality of the work of its masters (as indicated in the revelations of the creator of the barbershop in Brest, source: The YClients system is both a CRM system (customer base management), SMS customer alerts, and customer loyalty programs. And even your own mobile application for each beauty salon! I looked at the statistics of - it is impressive and growing all the time. So barbershops and beauty salons are actively using this service. Moreover, this online recording service and CRM systems can be used not only by hairdressers, barbershops and beauty salons. But also any services in the sphere of services and entertainment: car services, medical institutions (dentistry, private clinics), fitness centers, quest rooms - anything that would be useful for recording a client via the Internet. And soon there will be no salon that does not use the same or similar service. Service is only 5 years old. For such a period, he has not yet embraced all the beauty salons and, all the more, other enterprises in the service sector (he began with beauty salons). But soon capture. Representative offices of already exist in Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Astrakhan, Kursk, Ussuriysk, Tver, Saratov, Samara, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Nakhodka. This list lacks many large cities and many small ones. If you want to incorporate local service businesses into this modern service, you can participate in the franchise. Details of the franchise read here:, or you can find the link "Franchise YCLIENTS" in the section "Knowledge Base" on the website Of course, in the regions, people are not so willing to use the Internet to write anywhere. But the matter is quietly shifting. In our city, some people have already mastered the entry to the doctors in the municipal clinics. Some beauty salons and the local private medical clinic already had their own sites (moreover, with good attendance). The only thing that these sites do not have is just online recordings. Just you can offer them a service How much it will cost salons and clinics. Depending on the number of employees from 700 to 3600 rubles per month. For any small beauty salon, 700 rubles per month is not such a large amount (it pays for itself with one female haircut per month). And even the amount of 3,600 rubles a month is a small amount. Our local medical center spends huge amounts on bulk advertising in a local newspaper, where on one strip only he hangs out the schedule of doctors reception (it costs 20 thousand rubles a week, that is 80 thousand rubles a month). But not everyone reads the newspaper today. And sometimes it is impossible to reach the center itself (there are obviously not enough two contact numbers for recording to several dozens of doctors; and recently they also installed a third one - which confirms a large flow of people who want to enroll). In other words, local business is already ripe for a full-fledged online recording via the Internet, and not just the content of business card pages. If I had a lot of free time, I would take up a similar franchise business (at least for the pleasure of sitting at the monitor and choosing which salon and which master I will go to next time). The essence of business is very simple - to go and connect local businesses to (of course, you also need to help them set up this system correctly for their needs). For this, each franchisee will receive 70% of the subscription fee of connected salons (services). As I understood, the cost of entry into this business for the franchisee is only 70 thousand rubles (this is considered to be the annual payment for technical support). According to on its website, these costs are paid off by connecting 4-5 salons for a year. In our small town (94 thousand inhabitants) there are 41 beauty salons (including regular hairdressing salons), 32 auto services, 12 car washes and 3 medical centers. Of these, you can certainly find 4-5 advanced services that will pay for all your expenses. All others will bring you annual profits. In this case, no office is not necessary. And you can do without employees (for a start). Take your laptop, go to the director of a beauty salon - and clearly show him all the advantages of recording via the Internet and specifically the service Not forgetting to tell him what benefits (in numbers) he will receive. Perhaps they have been waiting for you for so long (as is usually the case in the provinces, because the technical base on the ground is very far behind the Moscow capabilities). And you just need to appear on the threshold - and they are already your customers.

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PLAYLIST TIPS 101 🎦 Subscriber conversion machines... - Duration: 8:52.

so let's start off with a little bit of trivia what do you think the most

important element of a YouTube channel is outside of the initial configuration

because the initial configuration is very important but what's the most

important aspect after that well the answer is playlists playlists are the

most important part of a channel structure they're also determining

whether the videos are searchable how many people will actually watch your

videos and if you're going to convert them to subscribers they help guide you

on the growth of your channel and they also help break up a channels appearance

to either be appealing or monotonous so they have multiple functions they're

incredibly important but guess what they're the most overlooked part of a

channel most of the channels that fail have something in common and that is

they underestimated or underdeveloped their playlist structures there are some

myths about playlists such as when you upload a video make sure you create a

new playlist or when you have a video and multiple playlists put that video in

four or five different playlists to get more views that is a very bad set of

tips you never create a playlist just for the sake of creating a playlist and

you never load one video across multiple playlists because should you earn the

viewership of somebody and they're watching your playlists as soon as they

see the same video twice chances are they won't watch any more of your

playlist because they figure that they've seen everything

it's a impression that the channel is spamming content because there's not

enough so when you create a playlist you do it with a sense of purpose you're

doing it to dictate the growth of the channel and you're doing it to help

people stay engaged with your channel so we talked about playlists I want to give

you one more piece of trivia how powerful is Stacy's playlist and what's

the real potential well I'll give you an idea how powerful it is there is

basically only one channel that beats Stacy's views on playlists and that's

Katie katie has 867 views on her full face looks playlist and Stacy has just

about 650 or so 639 so Stacy has 169 subscribers katie has almost 16,000

subscribers the Stacy's managed to pull in 639 views which most people will say

immediately who cares about that Jason I mean what does that matter

639 views is nothing that's not the point

when someone enters into a playlist they will be watching all the videos in

sequence so if you can get 639 views on this particular playlist which means

they're actually watching the playlist there's the chance to get 639 views

across all of your videos if they decide to hang in there now not everyone's

going to watch every video but the potential viewership of 639 views on a

playlist for example with 28 videos it's just under eighteen thousand views so

the playlist generates that many views now if they're willing to watch that

many videos don't you think they're willing to subscribe what happens if

they get halfway through and realized wow there's a lot of videos here there's

a chance they'll subscribe so they can come back later so videos in a playlist

have a much higher likelihood to earn the subscription than the video itself

because what happens when I watch a video on summers channel by clicking on

the actual video well I'm gonna get fire opal for example but guess what after

this fire opal video it's gonna do a competitor's fire opal video it's gonna

go to lippy lovers next it's not gonna go to the next video in her playlist but

if she has the proper playlist structure and they watch fire opal inside of the

playlist then they end up watching all of her videos a good example of that is

with want to be balanced now the playlist structure for the wanna be

balanced Channel which you should probably check

this is crystal Escobar's channel you can see that her playlist structure is

rather rather involved I mean she has emojis she has all caps she has the

first three to five words in the description are caps and then another

aspect if you look at it I'll show you is that she has some buzzword aspects

and let me show you real quick what I mean

she has fashion family holidays and seasons now you're not allowed to tag

you cannot use tags but you can create a tagline you have to be very very careful

if YouTube thinks you're putting tags in your description you'll get a channel

termination and a gmail account suspension that they do not play games

with that so if you look at this structure right here I'm showing you

something that you can emulate and if you do your structures this way your

playlist becomes more it's much more searchable now this playlist was created

just a few days ago it's our it's already earned six views which doesn't

seem like a lot but it's six with the potential of four videos you know it's

it's a start it's better than nothing right we created this video let this

play this literally two days ago so it's already getting people that just click

on it and watch all the videos the other thing that's important to realize is

play the subscription you can have links to your Facebook group so why wouldn't

you put that in so on the bottom of the list you can put two Facebook group link

I wouldn't put it up any higher because what's more important is the description

itself and the search ability aspects but it's nice to have the Facebook group

link in there anyway people don't put their or your website whatever it is

you're trying wherever you're trying to direct your traffic why are you not

putting it in every possible place you never know where you're gonna get your

next lead so you need to assume that anything that could be used as a lead is

critical so this is the important part of playlists and when you click on a

playlist guess what they're caught within the structure because it's gonna

play every one of these videos it's not gonna do what it did over here where it

sends someone to Somers competitor or Somers friend or whatever it's gonna

take someone away from Somers channel to watch somebody else's channel whether

they're competitors or friends it doesn't matter it's just summer loses

the viewer and who knows if they might say oh I

like all these videos I'm gonna subscribe to lippy lovers and they

started off with summer so you really want to try to keep them in your channel

and the best way to do that is with a playlist so playlist structures are

incredibly important when you enter into this playlist it's gonna play all the

videos and a lot of people enjoy this now this is one of the more popular ways

to watch a video because people are interested in you therefore they want to

watch what you have to say about multiple things and this is a much

better way to earn loyalty so don't forget playlist structures and like I

said earlier do not create playlists for the sake of creating a playlist that is

a bad that's a bad idea and do not take a video and put it in multiple playlists

because if somebody sees that video over and over again they're gonna think that

they've reached the end of a playlist they're gonna think that you don't have

enough content they may even figure out that you're trying to spam a video it's

not worth it to get a few extra views at the cost of the overall potential

viewership getting one more view on a video because of a playlist is a silly

way to get views when you consider that if they watch all of the videos you'll

get multiple views and the potentials much higher when you're talking about a

potential viewership on a channel of a playlist like Stacy's at seventeen

thousand eight hundred ninety-two potential views you don't really care

about getting one view on a particular video that's silly so be careful the

type of advice you follow when it comes to playlists and remember a playlist

needs to have a minimum of eight videos to be considered a healthy playlist it's

okay if you don't do that right away you have to build your playlist somehow

right but when you have a playlist you want to be able to hit the show more

button and have at least two more videos pop up at least look at this 16 more

videos it just tells you right there this one I look at something like this I

look at all these videos I'll never watch all these I'll just better

subscribe that way I can come back later that's that that's the critical part of

earning subscribers is having enough content to merit their subscription

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Hada Bhoda | হাঁদা ভোঁদা | Daker Chhap - ডাকের ছাপ | Bangla Cartoon Video - Duration: 7:22.

Bocha, isn't the new post office very good?

Yes, Bhonda.

Come on, finish the work quickly. - Okay.

Bhonda, I'll stamp the letters as quickly as possible.

Bhonda, you've a customer.

O god!

I'm finished.

What's this? Handa, why did you jump on me all of a sudden?

Don't you've any sense? - No.

Bhonda, you've become like this after working hard here at the post office.

I'll get the post box near you.

Here you go.

Handa, pick it up.

I'll put in some letters in the letter box.

I'm suffocating.

Remove it from my face. Stop doing this.

Now I'll act as the post-master.

Do you want postage stamps? - No. I don't have money.

Don't worry, Bhonda.

I'll give you stamps free of cots.

No. No. This is not right.

This is not right. Let me warn you.

Hey! Hey!

What are you doing, Handa?

Stop doing this. Stop it.

Bhonda, the stamp marks will take you abroad...

...and again send you back.

O god!

I hope you won't complain uncle.

Let me clean my face first and then I'll teach you a lesson.

What about the competition you participated in?

Nothing special. I won the third prize.

Great! That's good news.

You're very lucky.

When will you get the cheque? Did they tell you?

They said that I'll get the cheque by post tomorrow morning.

Let's see.

Oh! It means uncle will get a cheque tomorrow morning.

I've got a great idea.

I'll drop the letter in the letter box now.

What's that letter you're posting, Bhonda?

You ruined everything at the post office yesterday.

You physically abused me.

I've written the details to uncle.

What are you saying, Bhonda?

Give me the letter right now.

How can I give it to you now?

I've already dropped it in the letter box.

Take it from uncle when it's delivered tomorrow morning.

There's no other option now.

He's right.

If uncle finds out about my mischief he'll beat me black and blue.

Yes, Handa. You're trapped now.

Now you'll learn a lesson for teasing me.

This seems to be Bhonda's letter.

I'll hide it before uncle gets it.

I must do something about it.

What are you doing here?

No... I mean... I was...

Okay. Listen to me. Is there any letter for me?

Letter? No, there's no letter... no...

The letter has still not arrived. Hey! What are you hiding behind your back?

No... I mean... I'm speaking the truth, uncle.

There's nothing in my hands.

There was some rubbish here which I...

Rubbish and here?

No... no... show me.

Show it to me.

Show it to me.

What's this?

This is a cheque.

It's my cheque.

How dare you tear my cheque? - No... no.

Uncle, I mean... Run! Let me run.

I don't know how long will it take to get the cheque again.

Scoundrel! Wait. I say, wait.

No. No. I'm speaking the truth.

I know nothing about the cheque.

Bocha, it was a fake letter.

You can see what Handa did out of fear.

Let's make a new post office.

Handa will never dare to come there.

"Handa Bhonda"

"Naughty. Fatty."

"Naughty. Fatty."

"Naughty Handa."

"Fatty Bhonda."

"They push and knock down."

"Naughty Handa. Fatty Bhonda."

"Naughty Handa. Fatty Bhonda."

"Handa Bhonda"

"Handa Bhonda"

"There comes Handa and Bhonda."

"There comes Handa and Bhonda."

"They'll wake everybody from sleep."

"From sleep."

"Uncle is always with them."


"Uncle is always with them."

"He's always angry."

"We want that naughty fellow Handa."


"They'll wake everybody from sleep."

"From sleep."


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