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Researchers from Pennsylvania State University recently found that along the Alleghany River,

mussels in that water, shellfish, are actually starting to show strontium, non radioactive

strontium, in their shells.

These researchers have realized that the reason this chemical is being found in the shells

of these molluscs is because it was present in the fracking waste water that was dumped

upstream in the Alleghany River from where these mussels were found.

What this means, according to the researchers is that not only have these dangerous fracking

chemicals made their way into the food chain, but now, because it takes a very long time

for mollusc shells to develop and each time it adds a new layer, there's bioaccumulation.

Meaning, it's not just flushing out of their system.

There is bioaccumulation of fracking chemicals in the food chain here in the United States.

That is a dangerous thought.

It's a scary thought, but unfortunately, that is the new reality in which we are living.

You want to make things even worse?

How about this?

How about the fact that we still don't know all of the chemicals that are in each individual

company's fracking water?

We don't know what they're using.

We don't know what chemicals they're pumping into the Earth, because according to them,

thanks to Dick Cheney's Halliburton Loophole, it's a trade secret.

We can't know because if they tell us then their competitors might find out and start

using that same chemical cocktail as well.

They're pumping these deadly toxins because, yes, we do know there are cancer causing chemicals

in there.

We know there's diesel fuel.

We know there's other heavy metals that can cause severe endocrine disruption in human


The strontium alone, by the way, that they're currently finding in the molluscs, can actually

adversely affect bone growth in our children, basically turning them into osteoporosis,

having young people.

But hey, at least we're getting more natural gas out of it, right?

At least these fracking companies are pulling in a major profit from all of this, yeah?


They're poisoning the food chain, starting at the bottom.

That's the thing.

When you find something, any of these chemicals in the bottom of the food chain, like shellfish,

molluscs, things like that, it makes its way up, because those get eaten by other marine


The fish, the marine mammals, and so on and so up the food chain until eventually it's

going to reach human beings.

Then what?

Honestly, then what do we do, when we start eating seafood or land mammals, whatever it

is, even vegetables, because this stuff goes into the ground water?

What happens when that stuff starts bio-accumulating in our own bodies, once it starts building

up for years?

I can tell you what's going to happen, because we've seen what happens.

We saw it with DuPont, with their C8 chemical that's used in Teflon.

We've seen it with Monsanto's Roundup, and we're going to see it again with these fracking


We're going to see cancers.

We're going to see neurological disorders.

We're going to see all kinds of life altering illnesses, diseases and conditions that we

can place squarely on the fracking companies for pouring their waste water into our rivers,

streams and aquifers.

We've now been given the warning that this is, in fact, happening and that it is affecting

marine life.

But, unfortunately, we don't have a government with enough courage to stand up to these companies,

to tell them to stop poisoning us.

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M1 Finance - What Happens When You Add, Remove, Re-balance, Change % In Your Stock Portfolio - Duration: 11:58.

hello everyone and thanks for tuning into the financial investor channel my

name is Brent and today we're going to be discussing m1 finance what happens

when you add remove rebalance or change the target percent in your m1 finance

portfolio to say 1 percent or zero percent or even a higher percentage you

know what what do you have to do inside the portfolio so if you are brand new to

my channel I do make stock market personal finance and real estate

investment videos weekly so consider subscribing for future

videos let's go ahead and get into it so right off the bat what do you got to do

to add a brand new stock to your portfolio

well once you have m1 finance up you have to go ahead and select edit from

this point you can go ahead and select add and you have a bunch of choices here

thousands of choices as far as stocks you can even add different funds you can

go ahead and add different other funds that you've already created here your

PI's you can add expert PI's you can have stocks you have on your watch list

which I have none so in this example we're gonna go ahead and say you know

what I want to add Microsoft to my portfolio I go ahead and select

Microsoft select add and now it's added in my portfolio I'm gonna go ahead and

hit save but it doesn't allow me to save because it says each of my slices must

have at least one percent allocation so I'm okay you know I go ahead and punch

in one percent I hit save again but I have actual I'm you know I'm sitting

currently over a hundred percent so in order to add a new stock to your

portfolio you have to say I give Microsoft five percent I have to take

away five percent from any you know from a specific position or a number of

positions for here for example I'm gonna go ahead and just take down Abby from 6%

down to 1% this would give me a total of a hundred percent and I could go ahead

and select save and it would it would add Microsoft into my portfolio by added

into my portfolio Microsoft would be sitting right here you know were ever in

my portfolio but it would be worth nothing it would just it would

be blink right now now the next time on the next trading day it would allocate

cash into Microsoft first because the actual percentage of equity in that in

that stock would be zero in comparison to its target percent of five percent so

in how it became close to any other sock as far as equity at the target

percentage all the new funds going into the account would more than likely

target Microsoft from that point forward so that is what happens or you know

that's how you go ahead and add a new stock to your portfolio now let's say

we've lost confidence in a specific stock here we can go ahead we want to go

ahead and remove AT&T in order to do this I would go ahead and select edit I

would go down to AT&T which is currently allocated at a target percentage of 1

and I would go ahead and select it down to 0 I would then go ahead and say hey

where do I want to stick the rest of that 1% go up to a B select it at 7% and

I go ahead and select save at this point m1 finance would see that my target

weight for AT&T is currently 0% this does cause a trigger to sell the funds

received from the specific cell would then be automatically reinvested back

into the portfolio as long as the automatic investing function is turned

on to the account then you can check this underneath your funding you have

three options here you have the auto invest if your cash exceeds 10 dollars

or more m1 finance will automatically invest your entire cash balance every

week I put $10 into the account this allows my previous week's dividends

because I get paid out dividends every single week plus my $10 to go into the

account basically averaging down all my socks every single Monday Plus unable to

add the previous week's dividends back into the account really fast rolling it

you know dripping it basically a little bit different but I'm able to lower cost

lower my unit cost and increase my yield on costs now if you don't want to have

your cash reinvested automatically you can go ahead and select don't auto

invest my cash so now we've covered what happens when you want you know how to

add a stock to your m1 finance portfolio we've covered how to room

the stock for your m1 finance portfolio basically setting it to zero so what

happens if you want to rebalance so right now you have a number of stocks

here that are all set to actual and target so the actual numbers on the top

which is the current equity percent of value of the specific stock in

comparison to your overall portfolio so here this portfolio has seven thousand

three hundred and five dollars and twenty three cents of equity in it

this specific stock is three hundred and fifty eight dollars and sixty cents if I

were to go ahead and bust out my handy-dandy calculator and go three

fifty three point six divided by the total of the account which is seven

three oh five point two three multiply that by hundred that would give me a

four point eight four percent actual percentage which is exactly what it says

here four point eight percent so that is how the actual is kind of getting that

number now my target for Altria is one percent so unless Altria equity falls

below that one percent m1 finance will never target it so going back to

rebalancing rebalancing would change it would basically if we go ahead and

select it it'll actually tell us what it does it sells off you're overweight

slices bringing your pie back down to you know bringing your pie back to its

targets so m1 finance will sell you're overweight equity positions in

comparison to its target and I'll reallocate that money buying you're

underweight slices so here it would automatically target Altria it would

sell off three point eight percent of the equity within this stock it would

sell off four point five percent of AT&T it would sell off one three point seven

percent of Avery and it would allocate those percentages back across all these

other stocks here to match them to their target percent so it would buy it would

actually sell off Blackstone point nine percent of Blackstone sell it off it

would put in point three percent in the a B point six percent in the Cisco point

seven percent of the JPMorgan two percent of the point two percent of

Lockheed and so on so that is rebalancing do I do you rebalancing no

not really I've had other investors asked me in my

Facebook group and other Facebook as well and in the comment section hey

how often do you rebalance I don't like rebalancing I like having strong stocks

I don't like to punish my losers so in this example I like having losers in my

portfolio I have a mixture right now if if you were to pause the video I have

nine positive and nine negative that allows me to no I don't want to punish

my my winners I want to go ahead and let them continue to rise but my new money

it just goes ahead had lets me buy these stocks at a discount lowering my unit

cost average increase in my unit and caught my yield on cost and just

allowing me to kind of build up my dividend portfolio I have a number of

stocks here all of these you may recognize Kimberly Clark avi Stanley

Black & Decker jwp Carrie caterpillar Walmart AT&T ultra and Avery so very

strong stocks there you know very well known companies so I don't like three

balance I like to just let my winners be let my losers be these are just sale

that allow me to kind of buy in a little bit cheaper and that is basically it

now why what happens when you change your percentages down to say 1% so I've

kind of lost confidence in a few stocks or and I don't really feel like

investing in them over the next I still want to keep them my portfolio so I

don't want to sell them off so they're not at 0% but at the same time I don't

really want to allocate any new money into these and these would be AT&T let's

go see if I can go ahead and bump these up to the top okay so all trio and AT&T

are basically I don't I can Alost confidence in these over the kind of

short term so I don't want to allocate any new

money into these and at the same time I don't want to sell them off so I don't

want to let them just kind of settle into the account let them simmer on a

very low setting so I went to get I went ahead and change these to 1% now the

actual of my portfolio is four point eight and five point five so unless

there's enough cash or equity in this portfolio where the Altria at AT&T

become one percent you know point nine percent of the total portfolio m1

finance will never I get to use with new cash and that

it'll just let them sit in the account as a target percentage of 1% and because

these are 1% they don't take up much my portfolio I could actually have a

hundred stocks within this pie allocated with 1% but I don't want to do that I

like to have a little bit smaller portfolio I like to kind of keep in

control of what stocks are in here so just if you have lost confidence in a

specific stock you want to let it simmer on like a low setting you go ahead and

knock it down below its actual equity that way your new funds no longer go

into these or if you're looking to add a brand new strong stock into your

portfolio so in my example I recently added a V into my portfolio it was

sitting with very strong financials I had a 4% yield right now you know this

week has been awesome stocks went down hard this week

that was a great buying opportunity for a V I was able to nab this thing at a

discount it has a very nice current yield of 4% and some change 4.0% 4.0 4%

dividend yield p/e ratio may be slightly you know some would say this is high at

23.5 but forward p/e is currently at about a 12 or 13 which is excellent for

this portfolio it's coming off as highs here of let's see where was its highs

for the year let's go ahead and look here so maybe about ninety eight dollars

and some change so it is down here right now at ninety three dollars so it has

came off its highs for the past couple months so actually it did hit a hundred

and six dollars and 23 cents so a V right now great dividend yield they

increase their dividend by 10 percent but anyways we're going off topic as far

as the whole main point of this video is covering buying selling rebalancing and

why you would change percentages in your portfolio down to 1% or if you want to

add more stock so here Apple for example I bumped it up to 7% because it was a 6%

under my portfolio but I want to go ahead and continue averaging up in this

position so I went ahead and allocated 7% to Apple so future funds will go into

there even though it's positive it actually an you know actual

percentage is down in comparison to his target so that is basically all I wanted

to cover in this video if you have any comments questions anything you would

like to write to me let me know in the comment section below I always

appreciate your guys's comment so let me know hopefully you guys have enjoyed it

if you are brand new to the channel I do make stock market personal finance real

estate investment videos weekly so consider subscribers for future

videos again if you did like the video hit the thumbs up button below I highly

appreciate it and that is it for this video you guys thank you guys for tuning

in I will see you next time have a great day bye


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Learn the alphabet | Letter O | How to write | Fine Motor Skills | Pevan and Sarah - Duration: 1:44.

Hello there Cubs, are you ready to get your finger out? Oh what are we gonna do

today? The letter 'O' it's the easiest letter of

all, it's just a circle. So remember to start at the top and round you go. Oh

it's an 'O'. Should we try a lowercase one? It's the same but smaller. Let's try

together, round you go, and there's our lowercase 'o'. 'O' sometimes makes an 'o'

sound like in octopus or in Olympics, it can also make an 'O' sound like in ocean.

Well done, that's the letter 'O' all of these words start with 'O'. Okay Cubs get

your finger out and let's try a capital 'O'

Let's try another one. And now we can try a lowercase 'o' and one more. Wonderful!

Well done finger, oh you were terrific!

Finger says: See ya!

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Bremsenschloss -- Brake lock - Duration: 2:18.

Hello girls and boys, I'm Eddie and welcome to a new video!

Finally my package arrived and What is inside?

It is the scooter or motorcycle lock inside. How it works?

Pretty easy

This lock is given over the handlebars and here is the brake lever

sandwiched and then it is here with locked the key and then can

no one drive away because I'm on the one side have a combination brake and

how that works I show you now.

Here at the scooter you can see that Lock and this is here on the brake lever

mounted, then given over the handlebars and locked.

And with that the brake is activated by You can not do this button

pull down and it is locked, in front and

Rear brake are activated by the combination brake and thus is a

Theft very difficult. People that is a cool anti-theft device and I have 15 00:02:07,880 --> 00:02:10,880 only one thing left to say, as always,


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10 tough male dogs names











Namesoftheworld .net, the web with all the names in the world: baby names, pet names, business names and boat names.

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