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(RECAP) Something happened to me at the tower. I engaged a very powerful demon. I no

longer had the strength to keep my heart beating, and then I sensed a presence. I

felt life and warmth. You see, I am supposed to be dead. It is the spirit that is

keeping me in this world.

(RECAP)I told you before how Arl Eamon raised me, right?

That my mother was a serving girl at the castle and he took me in? The reason he

did that, was because my father was King Maric.

(RECAP) My name is Teagan, Bann of

Rainesfere, brother to the Arl. You're here to see my brother? Unfortunately that might

be a problem. Eamon is gravely ill. No one has heard

from the castle in days. Evil... things surged from the castle. Decomposing

corpses returning to life with a hunger for human flesh.

Alistair, I hate to ask but I desperately need the help of you and your friends.

Of course we'll help.

(RECAP) We are victorious!

With the makers favor the blow we delivered today is enough

for me to enter the castle and seek out your Arl. Now, we've no time to waste. Meet

me at the mill, we can talk further there.

BELLA: I admit, for a while I don't think either of us would survive. It's good to see you did.

ELISSA: It's good to see you too.

BELLA: Good luck to you then.

VILLAGER 1: What the Darkspawn look like? Worse than those things we fought? No no no wait, I don't want to know.

VILLAGER 2: We lost many good folk to those creatures, but now it's over. Time to remember all the

good the maker provided us.

ALISTAIR: At your service.

ELISSA: Why did you keep your birthright a secret?

ALISTAIR: You... never asked?

ELISSA: I'm hurt that you didn't trust me.

ALISTAIR: No! Please don't think that!

It's not that I didn't trust you, it's... please let me try to explain.

The thing is, I'm used to not telling anyone who didn't already know. It was

always a secret, even Duncan was the only Grey Warden who knew. And then, after the

battle, when I should have told you... I don't know, it seemed like it was too

late by then. How do you just tell someone that?

ELISSA: I guess I can understand that.

ALISTAIR: I... I should have told you, anyway. It was important for you to know. I guess

part of me liked you not knowing.

ELISSA: Why? What happens when people find out?

ALISTAIR: They treat me differently. I become the bastard Prince to them, instead of just...

Alastair. I know that must sound stupid to you, but

I hate that it shaped my entire life. I never wanted it, and I certainly don't

want to be king. The very idea of it terrifies me.

ELISSA: It doesn't sound stupid at all.

ALISTAIR: For all the good it does me. My blood seems

certain to haunt me no matter what I do. I guess I should be thankful that Arl

Eamon is far more likely to inherit the throne... if he's alright. Oh, I hope he's all

right. For what it's worth, I'm sorry for not telling you sooner. I... I guess I was

just hoping that you would like me for who I am. It was a dumb thing to do.

ELISSA: Don't worry about it Alistair, no harm done.

ALISTAIR: I guess it's kind of a relief that you know now.

WYNNE: What's on your mind?

ELISSA: I was just thinking about being a Grey Warden...

WYNNE: Is something troubling you?

ELISSA: I don't know, it's just... difficult sometimes.

WYNNE: You are one of the

two surviving Grey Wardens in Ferelden. You defend all of us, and much rests on

your shoulders. It may not mean much to you, but thank you. For having the courage

to continue to fight.

ELISSA: I will be ready when the time comes.

WYNNE: And that gives me hope.

OGHREN: Whatcha need?

ELISSA: What is it like to be a warrior in Orzammar?

OGHREN: You get a sword or an

axe and are told to go out and defend your city. It's the best thing in the

world. That is, until you try to live in the city you saved.

ELISSA: What do you mean?

OGHREN: I mean, they train you to kill, teach you to harness your rage at the first noise

you hear, then try to set a hundred sodding rules about it! Like those

Provings, heh. Ancestors show their favor through the strongest arm, right? So why

so many rules saying how to fight and when you win and not to bloody kill?!

Killing's what swords are for!

ELISSA: Why didn't they give you blunted weapons?

OGHREN: You can kill with blunted weapons, Warden. Well, ha, maybe you can't.

Ugh, this makes me cranky!

Don't you have any other inane questions?

ELISSA: Actually, let's talk more some other time.

OGHREN: Aye, alright then.

ZEVRAN: Here I am.

ELISSA: Tell me a little about Antiva.

ZEVRAN: Oh, you wish to know about Anitva, do you?

The only way to truly appreciate it would be to go there. It is a warm

place, not cold and harsh like this Ferelden. In Antiva it rains often, but

the flowers are always in bloom, or so the saying goes.

ELISSA: Don't you want to go back?

ZEVRAN: (sighs) It's not really a matter of wanting to go back, I cannot go. At least

not yet. I hail from the glorious Antiva City, home to the royal palace.

It is a glittering gem amidst the sand, my Antiva City. Do you come from someplace comparable?

ELISSA: I was born in Highever, in the north.

ZEVRAN: Oh? I have never seen that place.

I am sure it has its charms... and its dogs. (laughs).

Hmm, you know what is most odd? We speak of my homeland, and for all its wine and its

dark-haired beauties and the lillo flutes of the minstrels... I miss the

leather the most.

ELISSA: Ahh, is that some kind of euphemism?

ZEVRAN: (laughs) It may as well be, but not this

once, no. I mean the smell! For years I lived in a tiny apartment near Aniva

City's leather making district, in a building where The Crows stored their

youngest recruits, packed in like crates. I grew accustomed to the stench,

even though the humans complained of it constantly. To this day the smell of

fresh leather is what reminds me most of home, more than anything else.

ELISSA: You sound like you've been away from home forever.

ZEVRAN: Oh not so long, I know. It is my first

time away from Anitva, however, and the thought of never returning makes me

think of it constantly. Before I left, I was tempted to spend what little coin I

possessed on leather boots I spotted in a store window. Finest Antivan leather,

perfect craftsmanship. Ah, but I was a fool to leave them. I thought, "Ah Zevran,

you can buy them when you return as a reward for a job well done!" More the fool I, no?

ELISSA: The job being killing me, right?


And now, here I am. One simply never knows what is to come next. How could I have

suspected I would end up defeated by a beautiful Grey Warden. A woman who then

spares my life. I could not.

ELISSA:: Ah, now you're flattering me.

ZEVRAN: I say you are beautiful because it is true. Should I not?

ELISSA: You should not.

ZEVRAN: As you wish, I apologize.

Now, if it is all the same to you, I'd prefer not to speak more of Antiva.

It makes me wistful and hungry for a proper meal.

LELIANA: Something I can help with?

ELISSA: What do you know of this place?

LELIANA: Redcliffe? I know little of it except that it is

the domain of the Arl of Redcliffe. Redcliffe... I wonder how the name came to be.

Is the clay here red? There are places in this world where the clay is a bright,

strange red. And often, in the legends of such places it is the red of blood. The

blood of a thousand men slaughtered in battle, or that of an innocent unjustly

slain. It stains the land that it may never be forgotten. Perhaps Redcliffe has

one such tale, but I do not know it.

ELISSA: Why did you decide to come to Ferelden?

LELIANA: My mother was from Denerim, and I consider myself a Fereldan. Mother

served an Orlesian noblewoman, who lived here when Orlais ruled. When Orlais was

defeated, and the common folk began to resent the presence of any Orlesian, the

lady returned to Orlais. She took my mother with her. I was born in Orlais, and did not

set foot in Ferelden until much later. Mother was always telling me stories of

her homeland, I think she missed it.

ELISSA: Was she not happy in Orlais?

LELIANA: She wasn't unhappy, we had a good life, and she liked Orlais well enough. I loved it though.

Val Royeaux was so vibrant, colorful. Mother died when I was very young. Lady

Cecilie let me stay with her, I had no one else.

She was quite old then, and she had me study music and dance to entertain her.

It is unfair that I have more memories of Cecilie than my mother.

ELISSA: Do you remember nothing of your mother?

LELIANA: Strangely, the only thing I really

remember of mother was her scent. She kept dried flowers in her closet,

amongst her clothes. Small white Ferelden wildflowers, with a sweet fragrance.

Mother called them Andraste's Grace. They were very rare in Orlais, but enough

about that. Let us move on.

TOMAS: So we won the battle? If this is what war is like, with so many people hurt and

dying, I don't want to think about while fighting the Darkspawn will be like!

Bann Teagan or Arl Eamon will be calling for volunteers soon, won't they? They'll

need an army to fight in the south now. I'll go when they... call me, I guess. I'm

going to... get drunk first, though. If you'll excuse me.

DOOMSAYER: The end is upon us! The

dead rise! And foul magic spreads across the land! Repent your sins before

death! Beg for The Maker's divine forgiveness!

ELISSA: Please calm down, you're hysterical!

DOOMSAYER: I... I don't mean to. I just need to tell

everyone. They need to know, they need to repent before... before it's too late! I was

too late for my wife. She died... so horribly, and she she was not repentant. I

need... I need to help everyone, to prepare.

ELISSA: I'm so sorry, perhaps I could help you.

DOOMSAYER: There is no help for me! I just... miss my wife so much.

This is all so horrible! I I think I just need to sit down, I need to collect myself.

SER PERTH: Ah, it is sad to think of how much death there has been here. But we have saved

the village beyond all expectations, you have done well my friend .I will remain

here to guard the village and receive any fellow Knights as they continue to

return, at least until the castle is retaken.

TEAGAN: Odd how quiet the castle looks

from here, you would think there was nobody inside at all. But I shouldn't

delay things further. I had a plan, to enter the castle after the village was

secure. There is a secret passage here in the mill, accessible only to my family.

ELISSA: Why didn't you enter the castle in the first place?

TEAGAN: I had no idea what lurked in

the castle, and I couldn't abandon the people of the village!

What if-

Makers Breath!

ISOLDE: Teagan! Thank The Maker you yet live!

TEAGAN: Isolde?! You're alive!

How did you... what has happened?!

ISOLDE: I do not have much time to explain, I slipped away

from the castle as soon as I saw the battle was over, and I must return

quickly. And I... need you to return with me, Teagan. Alone.

ELISSA: We will need... more of an explanation than that.

ISOLDE: What?! Who is this woman, Teagan?

ALISTAIR: (sighs) You remember me Lady Isolde, don't you?

ISOLDE: Alistair? Of all the - Why are you here?

TEAGAN: They are Grey Wardens, Isolde, I owe them my life.

ISOLDE: Pardon me, I... I would exchange

pleasantries but... considering the circumstances.

ALISTAIR: Please, Lady Isolde. We had

no idea anyone was even alive within the castle. We must have some answers.

ISOLDE: I know you need more of an explanation but I... I don't know what is safe to tell. Teagan,

there was a terrible evil within the castle. The dead waken and... and hunt the living!

The mage responsible was caught, but still it continues! And I think... Connor is

going mad. We have survived but, he won't flee the castle.

He has seen so much death. You must help him, Teagan! You are his uncle, you could reason

with him! I do not know what else to do!

ELISSA: Arl Eamon, is he still alive?

ISOLDE: He is... He is being... kept alive, so far. Thank The Maker.

TEAGAN: Kept alive? Kept alive by what?

ISOLDE: Something the mage unleashed. So far it allows Eamon, Connor, and myself to live.

The others were not so fortunate. it killed so many, and turned their

bodies into walking nightmares! Once it was done with the castle, it struck the

village. It wants us to live, but I do don't know why! It allowed me to come for

you Teagan because I begged, because... I said Connor needed help!

ELISSA: Do you think this evil could be some kind of demon?

ISOLDE: I... I do not know.

Oh Maker's mercy! Could it truly be a demon?! I can't let it hurt my Connor! You must

come back with me, Teagan! P-please!

ELISSA: Tell me about this mage you mentioned.

ISOLDE: He is an... infiltrator, I think. One of the castle staff. We discovered he was poisoning my

husband, that is why Eamon fell ill.

TEAGAN: Eamon was poisoned?!

ISOLDE: He claims an agent of Teyrn

Loghain's hired him. He may be lying however, I cannot say.

ELISSA: So, why must Teagan go alone?

ISOLDE: For Connor's sake! I promised I would return quickly, and only

with Teagan! Teagan, I know you could order your men to follow me when I return to

the castle. I beg you not to! For Connor's sake!

ELISSA: You aren't telling us everything.

ISOLDE: I?! I beg your pardon!? That's a rather impertinent accusation!

ELISSA: Not if it's true.

ISOLDE: An evil I cannot fathom holds my son and husband hostage, I came for help! What

more do you want from me?! Teagan, I do not have much time! What if it thinks I'm

betraying it?! It could kill Connor! Please come back with me! Must I beg?!

TEAGAN: The king is dead, and we need my brother now more than ever. I will return to the

castle with you Isolde.

ISOLDE: Oh! Thank The Maker! Bless you, Teagan! Bless you!

ELLISSA: This is a mistake, you're going to get yourself killed.

TEAGAN: I cannot let Isolde

return alone. Perhaps I can help Connor or Eamon, perhaps this is really a trap.

But this is my family, I must try. I have no illusions of

dealing with this evil alone. You, on the other hand, have proven quite formidable.

Isolde, can you excuse us for a moment? We must confer in private before I

return to the castle with you.

ISOLDE: Please do not take too long, I will be by the bridge.

TEGAN: Here's what I propose -

I go in with Isolde, and you enter the

castle using the secret passage. My signet ring unlocks the door.

Perhaps I will... distract whatever evil is inside and increase your chances of

getting in unnoticed.

What do you say?

ELISSA: What exactly am I supposed to do in there?

TEAGAN: I wish I knew. I don't know any more about this evil force than

Isolde seems to. Ser Perth and his men can watch for danger at the castle entrance.

If you can open the gates from within, they can move in and help you. I don't

think there's anyone else who can help you. If you choose not to go, then it's up

to me to do what I can. Here is my signet ring, it will open the

lock on the door in the mill. Whatever you do, Eamon is the priority here. If you

have to, just get him out of there. Isolde, me, and anyone else -

we are expendable.

ELISSA: I don't believe that. I will rescue you all, I promise.

TEAGAN: You're a good woman. The Maker smiled on me indeed when he sent you to Redcliffe. But I

can't delay no longer, allow me to bid you farewell... and good luck.

MORRIGAN: A tunnel! That went under the entire lake!? Who would build such a thing?

JOWAN: Hello?! Who's there?! Is there anyone alive out there?

Wait... you don't look like the Arlessa's guards. Are you from outside the castle?

ELISSA: Are you the mage Lady Isolde mentioned?

JOWAN: You've spoken to her?! Then you know what I did.

ELISSA: She said you poisoned the Arl.

JOWAN: I'm not proud of my deed, poisoning Arl Eamon was what I was hired to do. Lady Isolde

had no idea when she took me in to tutor her son, of course.

ELISSA: Hmm, what about all the walking corpses?

JOWAN: I... I know it looks suspicious, but I'm not responsible for

the creatures and the killings and the castle! I was already imprisoned when all

that began! At first, Lady Isolde came here with her men demanding that I

reverse what I'd done. I thought she met my poisoning of the Arl! That's the first

I heard about the walking corpses. She thought I'd summoned a demon to torment

her family and destroy Redcliffe. She... had me tortured. There was nothing I could do

or say that would appease her. So... they left me to rot.

ELISSA: Why did you poison Arl Eamon?

JOWAN: I was instructed to by Teyrn Loghain. I was told that Arl Eamon was a

threat to Ferelden, that if I dealt with him Loghain would settle matters with The

Circle. You see, I'm a Maleficar; a blood mage.

MORRIGAN: You, a blood mage?! Truly? I would never have guessed!

ALISTAIR: A blood mage! Well that isn't good.

WYNNE: Ah, I thought you looked familiar. I had thought you... dead, hunted down by

the Templars.

JOWAN: I guess you might have been told that, I was in hiding when I was

caught. But instead of killing me, Loghain made me an offer.

But he's abandoned me here, hasn't he!? Everything's fallen apart and I'm

responsible! I have to make it right somehow, I have to!

ELISSA: So Teyrn Loghain himself hired you?

JOWAN: Yes. When the Templars caught me they brought

me to Denerim to await execution. Eventually someone came to see me, alone.

It was the Teyrn. I'd seen paintings of him, so I knew. I thought he'd have me

executed right there, but he said I could make up for my crime. He said I will be

helping the country!

ELISSA: Why is Arl Eamon a threat, exactly?

JOWAN: He only said that Arl Eamon was dangerous to the nation. Why wouldn't I believe Teyrn Loghain?

Connor had started to show... signs. Lady Isolde was terrified The Circle of

Magi I would take him away for training.

ALISTAIR: Connor, a mage?! I can't believe it!

JOWAN: She sought an apostate, a mage outside The Circle, to teach her son in secret so

he could learn to hide his talent. Her husband had no idea.

ELISSA: Arl Eamon had no idea of his son's abilities?

JOWAN: No, she was adamant that he never find out. She said

that he'd do the right thing, even if it meant losing their son, and that

infuriated her.

ELISSA: Perhaps her son is responsible for what happened.

JOWAN: I thought that too. Connor has little knowledge of magic, but

he may have done something to tear open The Veil. With the Veil to the Fade torn,

spirits and demons could infiltrate the castle. Powerful ones could kill and

create those walking corpses.

ELISSA: Did you teach Connor?

JOWAN: Some. But he's still very

young, He can barely cast a minor spell, never mind something more powerful. At

least not intentionally. Like I said, he may have torn The Veil accidentally. If

he's involved in this at all... I really don't know.

ELISSA: I see. I think I understand.

JOWAN: I never meant for it to end like this, I swear. Let me help you fix this.

MORRIGAN: I say this boy could still be of use to us. But if not, then let him go. Why keep him

prisoner here?

ALISTAIR: Hey, hey! Let's not forget he's a blood mage! You can't just set a

blood mage free!

MORRIGAN: Better to slay him?! Better to punish him for his choices?!

Is this Alistair who speaks, or the Templar?!

ALISTAIR: I'd say it's common sense. We don't even know the whole story yet.

WYNNE: Jowan has good intentions but, a blood mage! I... I find it difficult to trust his words.

ALISTAIR: I don't know, he is a blood mage, but this is an unusual situation.

JOWAN: Give me a chance, please.

ELISSA: So how will you make things right?

JOWAN: I'd... well I'd tried to save anyone still up there. There must be

something I can do!

ELISSA: That's commendable, if it's true.

JOWAN: I'm glad you think so. So what now?

ELISSA: I'm letting you out of your cell, don't try anything.

JOWAN: You're letting me out?

And what then?

ELISSA: You come with me, that's what.

JOWAN: I'm... not sure that's a good

idea. I'd like to help out but, I'm not so sure I want to follow you into danger exactly.

ELISSA: Then help. Just... don't make things worse.

JOWAN: I won't, I promise. I will find a way to fix this somehow.

[Cage Opening]

VALENA (Hysterically) Ahh! Please, don't hurt me!

ELISSA: Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you.

VALENA: I, I'm sorry. I'm so frightened! These monsters are everywhere! My, my

name's Valena, the Arlessa's maid. Is she... all right?

What happened to everyone?

ELISSA: Valena?! The smith's daughter?

VALENA: You know my father?! I

want to go back to the village! Is there a way out of here?!

ELISSA: There is a tunnel leading out in the dungeon.

VALENA: But the monsters!

ELISSA: I've killed most of them, it's safe.

VALENA: I'll find my way. I can run fast and I know the castle! Thank you!

SER PERTH: You have opened the gates, that is good. My men and I are eager to see our Arl

again. Shall we enter the main hall together? It must be held if we are to

regain control of the castle.

ELISSA: Yes, let's go to the hall together.

SER PERTH: Excellent.

Let us go now then, and see what awaits us there.

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice) So these are our visitors? The ones you told me about, mother?

ISOLDE: (nervously) Y-yes, Connor.

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice) And this is the one who defeated my soldiers? The ones I sent to

reclaim my village.

ISOLDE: Y-yes.

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice) And now it's staring at me! What is it, mother? I can't

see it well enough.

ISOLDE: This... this is a woman, Connor. Just as I am.

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice) You lie! This woman is nothing at all like you! Why, just look at her! Half your age,

and pretty too. I'm surprised you don't order her executed in a fit of jealousy.

ISOLDE: Connor! I beg you, don't hurt anyone!

CONNOR: (normal voice) Ma- mother?! W-what's happening?! Where am I?!

ISOLDE: Oh thank The Maker! Connor! Connor, can you hear me?!

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice) Get away from me, fool woman! You

are beginning to bore me!

SER PERTH: Maker's Breath! What has happened here?!

ISOLDE: Grey Warden,

please don't hurt my son. He is not responsible for what he does.

ELISSA: So he is the evil force you spoke of...

ISOLDE: (sobbing) No! Don't say that!

MORRIGAN: So... the boy has become an Abomination and sundered The Veil.

ISOLDE: Connor didn't mean to do this. It was that mage, the one who poisoned Eamon. He

started all this! He summoned this demon! Connor was just trying to help his father.

MORRIGAN: And made a deal with the demon to do so? Foolish child.

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice) It was a fair deal!

Father is alive, just as I wanted. Now it's my turn to sit on the throne and

send out armies to conquer the world. Nobody tells me what to do anymore!

TEAGAN: (comedic voice) Nobody tells him what to do! Nobody! (laughs)

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice) Quiet Uncle! I warned you what

happen if you kept shouting, didn't I?Yes, I did!

But let's keep things civil. This woman will have the audience she seeks. Tell us,

woman, what have you come here for?

ELISSA: I came here to help, if I could.

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice) To help me? To

help father? To help yourself? Which?

ELISSA: To help the people you've terrorized.

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice)I was just having fun! Everyone else had fun too!

Are you having fun, Uncle?

TEAGAN: (comedic voice) Marmalade!

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice) You see (laughs), we're having fun!

I think you're just trying to spoil things. What do you think, mother? I think it's threatening me!

ISOLDE: I... I don't think...

POSSESSED CONNOR: (Demonic voice) Of course you don't! Ever since you sent the knights away,

you do nothing but deprive me of my fun! Frankly, it's getting dull.

I crave excitement! And action! This woman spoiled my sport, by saving that stupid

village! And now, she'll repay me.

ISOLDE: Teagan! Oh, Teagan! Are you alright?

TEAGAN: I am... better now, I think.

My mind is my own again.

ISOLDE: Blessed Andraste!

I would never forgiven myself had you died, not after I brought you here.

The fool I am! Please, Connor's not responsible for this! There must be some

way we can save him!

ELISSA: You knew about this all along.

ISOLDE: Yes. I didn't tell you because

I believed we could help him. I still do.

JOWAN: I'm sorry My Lady, but Connor has become

an Abomination. He's no longer your son.

ISOLDE: (screaming ) You!

You did this to Connor!

JOWAN: I didn't! I didn't summon any demon, I told you! Please, if you'll let me help....

ISODLE: (screaming) Help?!

You betrayed me!

I brought you here to help my son,

and in return you poisoned my husband?!

TEAGAN: This is the mage you spoke of? Didn't you

say he was in the dungeon?

ISOLDE: He was. I assumed the creatures had killed him by

now. He must have been set free.

ELLISSA: I thought he'd be useful, seeing as he helped start this.

ISOLDE: Useful?! After everything he did he should be executed! Without him, none of

this would have happened!

TEAGANL Your secrecy made his actions possible, Isolde.


JOWAN: I know what you must think of me, My Lady. I took advantage of your fear. I'm sorry, I

never knew it would come to this.

TEAGAN: Well, I shan't turn away his help, not yet. And if

Connor is truly an Abomination -

ISOLDE: He's not always the demon, you saw. Connor is still

inside him and, sometimes he breaks through. Please, I just want to protect him.

TEAGAN: Isn't that what started this? You hired the mage to teach Connor in secret,

to protect him.

ISOLDE: If they discovered Connor had magic then... they'd take him away! I

thought if he learned just enough to hide it, then -

ELISSA: So you had no idea the man you hired was an assassin?

ISOLDE: None! I trusted Loghain, why wouldn't I?

How could I have suspected the mage he sent would be a murderer?

TEAGAN: And Eamon knew

nothing of your plans? Do you not realize what you've done, Isolde?

ISOLDE: Eamon would only demand we do the right thing! I was not going to lose my son!

Not to... to magic!

ELISSA: And now you may lose him anyway, and so much more.

ISOLDE: No! No, please! There must

be another way! There must be something we can do!

ELISSA: Where is Connor now? Why did he run?

TEAGAN: I think he ran upstairs, to the family quarters.

ISOLDE: Violence... scares him. I know that sounds strange. He may have run up to his

room or -

ELISSA: Or he might be waiting in ambush.

ISOLDE: I don't know. The fighting may have

scared Connor into... coming out again, and so he ran.

TEAGAN: So you're saying he may be vulnerable?

ISOLDE: I... perhaps. Is there... is there no other way?!

ELISSA: Where is Arl Eamon?

ISOLDE: Upstairs in his room. I think the demon has been keeping him


TEAGAN: So, if we destroy the demon, then-

ISOLDE: Then my husband may perish, yes.

ELISSA: Jowan, what can you add to this discussion?

JOWAN: The demon in Connor needs to

be destroyed. Killing Connor is the easiest way to do that, certainly. But

there is another way. A mage could confront the demon in The Fade, without

hurting Connor himself.

TEAGAN: What do you mean? Is the demon not within Connor?

JOWAN: Not physically. The demon approached Connor in The Fade while he dreamt, and controls

him from there. We can use the connection between them to find the demon.

ISOLDE: You can enter The Fade then, and kill the demon without hurting my boy?

JOWAN: No, but I can

enable another mage to do so. It normally requires lyrium and several mages, but I

have... blood magic.

ELISSA: Blood magic is forbidden, it's not an option.

ISOLDE: If there's a way, I must know it! Please tell us what you mean, Jowan.

JOWAN: Lyrium provides the power for the ritual, but I can take that power

from someone's life energy. This ritual requires a lot of it however, all of it

in fact.

TEAGAN: So... someone must die, someone must be sacrificed.

JOWAN: Yes. And then we send

another mage into The Fade. I can't enter because I'm doing the

ritual. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything, it's not much of an option.

ELISSA: Is there no other method?

JOWAN: The power has to come from somewhere, and that means

either lyrium... or blood.

ISOLDE: Then let it be my blood. I will be the sacrifice.

TEAGAN: What?!

Isolde, are you mad?! Eamon would never allow this!

ISOLDE: Either someone kills my son

to destroy that thing inside him, or I give my life so my son can live. To me the answer is clear.

ALISTAIR: Blood magic... How can more evil be of any help here?! Two wrongs

don't make a right!

WYNNE: Can we even trust this Jowan to do as he

promises? Give him access to such power, and who knows what he shall do. I am uneasy.

MORRIGAN: It does seem like a sensible choice, with a willing participant.

ISOLDE: Connor is blameless in this. He should not have to pay the price.

TEAGANL It... it's up to you, my

friend. You know more about such things than I do, and it's your companion going

into The Fade. The decision is yours.

ELISSA: There must be another way to enter The Fade.

ALISTAIR: You can find lyrium and more mages at The Circle of Magi, if they would even do it.

ELISSA: The Circle Tower is not far from here, and they owe me.

WYNNE: Indeed. It should

not be difficult to get what is needed, provided we have the time.

ISOLDE: But what will

happen here? Connor will not remain passive forever.

ELISSA: I will take that chance.

TEAGAN: Very well. I will keep Jowan here as a precaution. He says he wants to help, so

he will keep an eye on Conor with us. Go to the

Tower quickly then, the longer you are away the greater the chances of disaster.

WYNNE: hmmm, that was interesting. And draining.

ELISSA: What was that? Did you summon the spirit?

WYNNE: I called forth the spirit that sustains me, so that it could lend us aid. I did

not realize it would take this much out of me. It seemed a good idea at the time,

if a little rash. I think it may have weakened the spirit a little.

ELISSA: So you could kill yourself doing this?

WYNNE: Well, eh, that's certainly conceivable. I suppose I

shouldn't be using that particular trick to entertain children at parties.

ELISSA: I don't want you exerting yourself.

WYNNE:I promise I'll be careful. And thank you, your

concern is touching.

IRVING: Welcome back, friend. You'll be glad to learn that The Circle is well on its way

to recovery.

ELISSA: Can the circle go to Redcliffe to save a possessed child?

IRVING: The child is possessed? But... killing the demon would mean killing the-

Unless, you intend to enter The Fade. Yes! Yes it can be done with a group of mages. I shall

gather what mages I can and we shall leave promptly. A life is at stake!

IRVING: Ah, there you are. We have brought lyrium and begun

preparations for the ritual. We can start anytime.

ELISSA: So only one person can go through?

IRVING: Yes. We haven't sufficient lyrium at present to send more than one mage

into The Fade.

ELISSA: Do you have any last minute advice?

IRVING: It truly depends on

the manner of demon. It sounds like a spirit of greed and desire, one of the

more powerful in hierarchy. It will likely engage you in dialogue, and tempt

you with an offer. Avoid it. Making deals with demons never turns out well.

ELISSA: Let's do this now.

ALISTAIR: I'm glad we decided to take this route, this is really the best option.

IRVING: Very well. Who will go into the fade?

ELISSA: Morrigan is going.

IRVING: Then let us begin, forthwith.

ARL EAMON: Is that you Connor?! I can hear you! I'm coming!

Is anyone out there?! Hello?!

Blessed art thou, who exists in the sight of The Maker.

CONNOR: Father! Where are you?!

ARL EAMON: You there! Have you seen my son?

I can... I can hear him, but I cannot find him.

This blasted fog has me turning in circles.

MORRIGAN: This is the fade. Your kind

cannot navigate it any more than you could navigate a dream.

ARL EAMON: I don't understand. Where is my Connor?!

MORRIGAN: I will find him for you since I foolishly gave my

word that I would. Leave me to it.

ARL EAMON: No. No! You're trying to lead me astray, I

do not believe you! Connor! Connor where are you?!

ARl EAMON: Cure this blasted dark! Why can I see nothing?!

CONNOR: Who are you? Are you the one that made father ill? Tell me now!

MORRIGAN: Shoo! Run along and play, or whatever.

CONNOR: No! You're here to hurt father, I know it!

I won't let you!


CONNOR: You! You're the one making father sick! I'll help him, you can't stop me!

ARL EAMON: Connor?! Is that you?!

CONNOR: Why do you keep hurting me? Why are you trying to stop me?!

MORRIGAN: Enough of these games, give me what I want!

CONNOR: Trespasser! I will drive you out!

CONNOR: Get out of here! You have to get out! I'll stop you! I will!

CONNOR: Father wanders, seeking me. Trapped within my web. All is as it should be.

Why must you interfere?

MORRIGAN: Why do you speak through illusions?

Come, let us converse.

CONNOR: No, it is time for you to go now.

Do not persist, or things will go very badly for you.

DESIRE DEMON: Very well, no more illusions. now we meet face to face. You see my true form, and

stand in my domain. It is here I am most powerful, and yet I have no wish to

engage your power. Nor should you be so eager to engage mine. Perhaps we should

converse instead?

MORRIGAN: I will not become an Abomination no matter what you try!

DESIRE DEMON: One soul I already possess, I do not need another. You need not fear me on that

account. I wish only... to talk.

MORRIGAN: Do you take me for a fool?! I know better than to

bargain with your kind!

DESIRE DEMON: Alas, that is sad. Very well then,

if you wish a battle you will have it. Let us see if your power matches your

boldness, creature.

For more infomation >> Dragon Age: Origins - Episode 13 (TV Series) - Duration: 51:49.


Así celebró Carmen Salinas sus 79 años | Suelta La Sopa | Entretenimiento - Duration: 0:31.

For more infomation >> Así celebró Carmen Salinas sus 79 años | Suelta La Sopa | Entretenimiento - Duration: 0:31.


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